4 Kingdoms

Chapter 7 - Where the Hell is Helno Rota?


Thur 3 March 1588

  • Farlas, Willan and Gilthon are debriefed by King Telanir and his council
  • Shopping and other goings on in Rimdies
  • Guerin and Raff are banged up

Fri 4 March 1588 new moon

  • The day after the night before
  • Attempts to secure the release of Guerin and Raff
  • Luncheon discussion with Jannan Pol

Sat 5 March 1588

  • The trial of Raff and Guerin
  • The sentence of the court is applied
  • Modo rushes back towards Rimdies, but not fast enough!
  • Farlas and Willan meet King Telanir to discuss the military situation and Trohsan
  • Plans to return to the Fehermes; Farlas recruits Sliarnos

Sun 6 March 1588

  • At the rendezvous village; Cattawop is taken on as cook
  • The Party split up

Sat 12 March to Mon 21 March 1588
: Fri 18 Mar full moon

  • Events in Salsorme
  • Caspar mentions a book to Farlas
  • Incomprehensible guff

Tue 22 March 1588

  • Those in Salsorme leave for Ice Bay and meet Bort on the boat

Thur 24 March 1588

  • Gilthon's sword is stolen and returned

Fri 25 March 1588

  • Raff does something unwise, Gilthon over reacts, Raff looses his temper, Gilthon kills him!
  • Guerin duels with Gilthon
  • Sliarnos changes her name
  • Guerin leaves with Franklin
  • An emergency meeting
  • Raff's funeral
  • Other events

Fri 1 April 1588 new moon

  • The Salsorme group arrive at Ice Bay

Sat 2 April to Wed 6 April 1588

  • A couple of ships turn up at Ice Bay during an uneventful week

Thur 7 April 1588

  • The overland group arrive at Ice Bay, there is tension over the death of Raff
  • Concerns over Gilthon's life expectancy at the hands of Modo
  • At an acrimonious Party meeting the Clerical Triumvirate Arbitration Panel is formed
  • The history of "Gilthon's" sword
  • Farlas immediately ignores recent decisions and arbitrates between Gilthon and Modo
  • Temlin is the Party's emissary on Tereh.

Sun 10 April 1588

  • The Party leave for the Fehermes

Sun 1 May 1588: Fri 29 Apr new moon

  • Events when the Party arrive on Yen

Early May 1588

  • Planning on Yen
  • Important people go to Babouda, or is it Sohan? and arrive on Tereh
  • Farlas meets Taranavar on Tereh
  • Research on Tereh
  • Farlas meets Jorkin and Uspin
  • Farlas goes to Berem and meets General Holmir

Mid May 1588 : Fri 13 May full moon

  • Modo, Calhassan and Gilthon go to Tabag to look for a missing agent of the Arpollin
  • Other events

Late May 1588

  • Planning on Tereh

Fri 27 May 1588 new moon

  • The Party leave Tereh

Tue 31 May 1588

  • The Party pass through Cheff

Mon 6 June 1588

  • The Party return to Yen
  • Temlin continues his work on the scroll
  • Belthazar and Coffchomi are reportedly on their way back to Yen
  • What's behind the fireplace in the hall of castle Malanak?
  • Money for debts

Tue 7 June 1588

  • What else is behind the fireplace?

Wed 8 June 1588

  • Reinforcements arrive and are nearly attacked
  • Bhurt and the message about Helnorota
  • Time out of phase
  • Other events

Thur 9 June 1588

  • Army discussions
  • Groups are formed, one for Berem, the other to investigate Helnorota
  • They set sail
  • Other events

Fri 10 June 1588 : Sat 11 June full moon

  • Travelling, Horan comes round and is abusive

Thur 16 June 1588

  • The small group arrive on Cheff and get ratted

Fri 17 June 1588

  • A causal start to investigations on Cheff
  • An unfortunate incident on the way to a secret meeting with Oceanus
  • Discussions with Oceanus about Helnorota and Sepia's Cloak
  • Sorak arrives
  • Brutzch briefly duels with Sorak, before running away
  • Different interpretations of honour threaten to split the Party for the umpteenth time!
  • On the way back to town, Brutzch is shot at

Sat 18 June 1588

  • Events back in town on Cheff

Mon 20 June 1588

  • The small group arrive in Garand to search for traces of Helnorota
  • They get information about a "Blonde man"
  • On Yen, Temlin makes a breakthrough with the scroll
  • Main Party discussions on the way to Berem

Tue 21 June 1588

  • Coffchomi and Belthazar are released and sent to Salsorme

Fri 24 June 1588

  • A group of the main Party, led by Willan are dropped off on Tabag
  • They make enquiries and find out about the death of Careen
  • Lejak meets Willan
  • The small group arrive on Tabag

Sat 25 June 1588 new moon

  • Enquiries continue on Tabag; the two groups meet up

Sun 26 June 1588

  • The main Party arrive on Tereh; Farlas meets Jorkin and Uspin again

Mon 27 June 1588

  • Willan, Bort, Oleg, Cattawop, Kirt, Weggit, Bhurt and Lejak leave Tabag for Cheff

Tue 28 June 1588

  • Farlas resumes negotiations with Jorkin and Uspin

Wed 29 June 1588

  • An enhanced force sail from Tereh for Tabag
  • Willan's group arrive on Cheff
  • The force pick up the Tabag stragglers and head for Sohan

Thur 30 June 1588

  • The force arrive at Sohan, Farlas will take a ship to look for Willan
  • On Cheff, Willan and his group get down to research

Fri 1 July 1588

  • On the journey to Cheff the morality question threatens to break out yet again
  • Investigations continue on Cheff
  • Farlas and Willan review the situation
  • The morality question evokes a heated debate covering honour and legalities
  • Farlas makes an autocratic decision to make a totally pointless trip to Babouda

Early July 1588

  • Maurice' efforts in Lehrbahn, including meetings with Rallink
  • Maurice gets to sleep in a feather bed
  • A list of characters currently thought to be alive

Thur 4 July 1588

  • Coffchomi and Belthazar arrive at Salsorme

Fri 5 July 1588

  • The Party arrive on Babouda and instigate enquiries

Tue 12 July 1588: Sat 9 July full moon

  • Maurice sets off from Lehrbahn on the return journey to Salsorme

Thur 14 July 1588

  • Franklin and Guerin arrive at Kirk, Franklin causes a bit of a stir

Fri 15 July 1588

  • Franklin and Guerin find Marius Tellman at Jollwater Bridge

Sat 16 July 1588

  • Investigations continue on Babouda
  • A small group is formed to continue the investigations
  • The rest prepare to return to Yen
  • After discussion and with some reservations, the Party agree to let Woden travel with them

Mon 18 July 1588

  • The small group on Babouda continue enquiries and meet Banchek
  • Complicated negotiations over passage with either Banchek or Jorkim
  • Investigations continue
  • Guerin gets some money from the bank in Kirk and goes to see his parents

Tue 19 July 1588

  • Investigations into Helnorota and Sepia's Cloak continue on Babouda
  • Pansal Mac Derin joins up with the group
  • Deliberations over Banchek or Jorkim are resolved, by the toss of a coin! Then changed!!

Wed 20 July 1588

  • Investigations on Babouda continue to get nowhere

Thur 21 July 1588

  • Attempts are made to find Zorostin

Fri 22 July 1588

  • Jarina arrives on Babouda with Caran
  • Oleg reviews the time line of Helnorota's death
  • Belthazar and Coffchomi arrive on Yen
  • The Party realise they are hideously late

Sun 24 July 1588 new moon

  • Guerin wins in the tournament in Kirk



Thur 3 March 1588

(W/R 208 - 210) [2/4/1992]

A Farlas, Willan and Gilthon are debriefed by King Telanir and his council

B Shopping and other goings on in Rimdies

C Guerin and Raff are banged up

A Farlas, Willan and Gilthon have a meeting with King Telanir. Also present are Gorondel, the ex-military commander of Salsorme [Archon Achas - Ed]; Tamarin, an old guy who Farlas knows, he is not a knight; Janan Pol and Pourkin, two knights of the Golden Falcon; Lethil Mac Goranror, a representative of the League of Los Nystel; Earpollin Sorve Tamlich, a noble who we later discover is the exiled king of Van Lies; a Thrune cleric [Trascor - the chief cleric of Thrune in Rimdies? - Ed] and an eighth man who neither Farlas nor Gilthon recognise.

A Farlas is a bit wobbly on etiquette. He bows to the king and acknowledges his royal majesty, court flunkies prompt him to say the correct things. Farlas is not making a very good job of it, then there is a crisis over chairs - Farlas sits on the wrong one! He gets up quickly, removes his sword and lays it before the king. Gilthon starts his etiquette session then it is Willan's turn. Willan copies Farlas and Gilthon in removing his sword and laying it before the king. He then correctly guesses which end of the line to stand.

A All three of them are now standing in front of the king and his left and right hand advisors. Gilthon takes a chair and places it to the rear of Farlas', Willan does the same. Farlas can now sit down. Telanir speaks a bit pompously about Connel and makes cryptic comments about peace between nations. He wants an account of Farlas' actions over the past year.

C Elsewhere Guerin and Raff are on a long pub crawl. Sharell, Couron, Oleg and Hrald have left the frock shop and are thinking of going up to the castle. Couron has ordered purple and gold, not short, whilst Sharell dithered over sequins.

A Meanwhile back in the castle, there is a slight pause whilst Farlas collects his thoughts. The council is waiting expectantly, shuffling bits of paper. Farlas recalls that the two months before the Ice Bay landing (in May) were all preparation.

A Farlas starts to deliver his report but immediately the royal flunkies start coughing. Farlas realises he has forgotten to address Telanir as "Your Royal Majesty" so he starts again. In very flower language he gives an executive summary of the fact that we took Yen and Berem and then headed to the Northlands on Quest related business. [Kate transcribed the actual words spoken, however she did not understand many of them having only just joined the campaign and the overall use of the transcription is debateable - Ed]

A King Telanir asks Farlas to tell him what he knows about the fall of Chler, Farlas admits that he did not know that Chler had fallen. Telanir seems pleased that he is ahead of the game in this at least. Telanir says that Chler has fallen to [Pirchor U'hrighthing] [I doubt that is what he really said (Uspin is the Pirchor Virinechil) - Ed] and asks what we know about him. Farlas reports that we were unable to make contact with him as our representatives were intercepted.

A Telanir speculates that we have no knowledge of the seizure of Yandis either. Farlas tells him that he is correct. Telanir asks Farlas for his opinion on the character and beliefs of Pirchor Fehr to which Farlas replies that he could easily follow the rebellious path of Pirchor Virinechil. Telanir asks if an alliance between the two is likely, Farlas thinks that it is as it would be expedient to King Connel. Telanir wants to know if an alliance between the three Pirchor's who supported us would be effective. Farlas suggests that a combined force of the three would command great respect as they have each been involved in a rebellion which resulted in the taking of a fort.

A Pourkin places his left hand face down on the table and speaks to Farlas. He asks if the three Pirchor are resolute and capable of rebellion. Farlas fudges slightly and mentions the fate of the family of Malinil.

A Telanir asks if Connel will be able to restore his rule to the Islands. Farlas reckons that one more defeat will make his position untenable. Trascor Tyr Thrune chips in a question about the effectiveness the current governor of the Fehermes. Farlas says that he is able and commands greater respect than his predecessor. At this point Tamarin shifts in his seat. Telanir places his right hand on the table and asks that Farlas return to the Fehermes and kick ass. He instructs Farlas to speak to Janan Pol about any assistance that might be required.

A Pourkin puts his hand on the table and informs Farlas that Lyndham Falc [The head of the Knights - currently King Telanir - Ed] requests Farlas to seek an audience with him in two days.

A The King motions towards the swords before him indicating that the audience is over.

A Farlas, in a blinding flash of inspiration, finds that he is totally coherent with the etiquette of leaving. They leave in reverse order of entry. Finally Farlas takes his sword, bows, gives effusive thanks for the audience and advice imparted and leaves.

A Farlas feels well grilled and shouts at Gilthon for not telling him about the fall of Chler. Gilthon admits that he had heard a rumour but had not investigated it. Farlas is well cross and embarrassed, in fact he is frothing! (there is a terrible smell of socks in the room). They chat about Benelon and the taking of Islands (Yandis) and what probably had happened. It would seem that Uspin took Chler on 4th October, two days after Farlas took Berem. Yandis and the outlying Islands were taken at the same time. There follows a general recap of events and a discussion with Janan Pol which is more relaxed but still requires plenty of protocol.

B Oleg has been given a lime green neckerchief and Hrald gets a purple one. There is some disagreement about their exact significance. Oleg and Hrald decide Couron is irrelevant.

C Guerin and Raff have been arrested for unruly behaviour.

B Oleg and Hrald go for a drink in the "Falcon's Rest". They get heavily into singing and drinking and are asked to leave. They go and find a pub in the dock area which is much friendlier and have a good time. They eventually fall asleep behind some packing cases on the docks, out cold and broke but fulfilled.

B Gilthon sends out Nalin to find Couron and Sharell and is told to meet Farlas in a village two days later. Because he is a Dwarf Nalin is treated badly by the nobility but the merchants are okay. The Riff Raff are generally cowed but malevolent. Nalin is not phased

B Gilthon meets up with Couron and Sharell and talks shopping trip. Nalin hasn't found Guerin and Raff yet [not surprising as he's meant to be looking for Couron and Sharell - Ed]. Gilthon is on the trail of Oleg and Hrald. Nalin deduces that Guerin and Raff have been arrested so he heads back to the "Falcon's Rest" for reinforcements. Nalin and Gilthon discuss their quarry (Couron is Gilthon's cousin) [better get that confirmed by a third party - Ed], Nalin asks Gilthon to enquire after the missing ones at the jail.

B Janan Pol invites Farlas to lunch with Couron and Janan Pol's female friend. Couron and Sharell are staying at the "Golden Braid", Farlas goes to see them. Couron shows off her knowledge of court etiquette and asks about the audience with the King. Couron admits a relationship to Uspin, the Pirchor Virinechil. Couron is pleased that Chler has fallen. Sharell claims knowledge of Uspin (no doubt spurious), she knew Carachel the emissary to Uspin (Lyle). Farlas tells Couron of the lunch invite. Sharell has hysterics as she has not been asked. It is agreed that she can go as Couron's lady in waiting. They will wear their new frocks to the lunch.

C Gilthon heads off to the jail where he finds Guerin and Raff charged with being drunk and disorderly and under suspicion of assault and robbery. Drunk and disorderly is a minor offence however the assault and robbery charges could prove troublesome. Gilthon is not popular with the jailer who has been to knight school and is a poncy fast stream executive training scheme type. Revolting snoring and other vulgar noises are coming from the cells. The Northmen are not there. It is very late at night when Gilthon heads back to the castle and goes to bed.

B Farlas informs Nalin of the luncheon invitation from Janan Pol. Couron is a boring old "Ladyship" whilst Sharell is a "My Lady".

Fri 4 March 1588 new moon

(W/R 210 - 212)

A The day after the night before

B Attempts to secure the release of Guerin and Raff

C Luncheon discussion with Janan Pol

A The next morning Gilthon struggles through courtly etiquette to wake Farlas and impart news of the jailbirds. Breakfast is a mug of ale and some venison. A raw egg is broken into the ale for those with hangovers. Gilthon tells Farlas the story so far, Farlas is not impressed. "You and me both, Sire" quoth Gilthon.

[The story - Gilthon, being a self important tight fisted git, would only allow Guerin and Raff a paultry sum of money for their day off in the town after months of hard soldiering. Despite embarrassing Gilthon into giving them some more (a scheme that involved the local bakers shop and the fountain in the town square) the money ran out at that difficult stage in any pub crawl where you are drunk enough to desperately need something to drink but not so drunk that you are unable to do anything about it. The resolution to the problem allegedly involved mugging a granny in a back alley. Even were this to be true, morally Gilthon is the guilty party. - Ed]

B Farlas denies ever getting drunk or getting locked up for it and is not at all keen to push for the release of Raff and Guerin if this would jeopardise the position. Gilthon points out that Guerin and Raff are disreputable commoners who would not be above threatening to reveal the identity of the Winged Arrow if they were not rescued. Farlas is flustered but has an idea, he realises it won't work so he'll have to do something. Gilthon plans to get Raff and Guerin released and moved to the rendezvous village. It will need to be done soon.

A Raff wakes up in the cell and feels like he licked the entire town. Raff and Guerin start shouting for their breakfast.

A Elsewhere Oleg and Hrald wake up robbed, hungery and lost. They decide to look for the castle as they know Farlas was there. They set off up hill to try to get their bearings. Hortense is trying to find them and eventually catches up with them about mid-afternoon. Oleg asks for food. Hortense finds Oleg and Hrald a room in the Fish Head Inn, then goes back to base and leaves a message saying she has taken them in hand and will escort them to the village. Couron and Sharell display a vague curiosity about the whereabouts of their shopping companions.

B Modo is told about Raff. He is unconcerned about the alleged crimes but thinks Raff was stupid to get caught!

C At the lunch with Janan Pol his date, the Lady Relega, soon gets a grip on the conversation which ranges around frock talk, recipes, problems with servants, riding, embroidery and segregated hunting. Couron and Sharell are enthusiastic participants. After the meal the women go off and find out about Relega and her connections however fighting and bloodlines turn out to be first class conversation stoppers.

C The chaps retire for cigars and port and talk military aid and politics. King Telanir wants to help Connel in the Fehermes[?! - AL]. Farlas has heard that Fehermaean Cavalry are particularly weak and with the loss of three forts much help will be needed. Janan Pol says that strength in the Fehermes would assist Telanir's aims. However any troops committed may be required on the mainland and would be subject to recall.

C Farlas says that such commanders would know where their loyalties lie. The conversation goes on for some time. Connel has not inflicted enough damage on his enemies, but has had enviable success in the defence of Salsorme.

C Forces of the church of Amnis made a long march but were repelled long before they reached their target. Farlas gets elaborated detail about how the Salsorme victory was brought about. The Amnis army came round the pass we cleared, went north east and east and down into Ruistor where they were hacked to pieces by Connel's forces including the Druids. This was a humiliating defeat for the Amnis army as it was twice the size of the Connel force. It was a foolish precipitous move, they would have done better biding their time. The power of the Amnis church in Salsorme has been greatly weakened by this.

C Farlas enquires about Estravan and Argavan the two assassin Knights. One of the names is recognised although the are not familiar to Janan Pol. Farlas explain the circumstances and everyone is stunned. Farlas puts forward the theory that they were possessed. They were buried at sea. This news has come as a real bombshell for Janan Pol who feels compelled to cut short the discourse to make a report.

B Farlas enquires after the fate of Guerin and Raff, the possibilities are varied and nasty. Farlas considers coming clean and admitting that he knows the miscreants in prison however he opts for the hypothetical approach which is immediately seen through but accepted. Farlas is not very good at this sort of thing but the authorities play along. It turns out that if Guerin and Raff were working for the Fehermaean army, their superior officer could petition for a military court rather than the more severe civil one, but this postulation is unlikely.

B One major stumbling block is that the Fehermaean army is not recognised!

A Raff and Guerin regain consciousness and talk wistfully of liquid and freedom. [Does this mean that they were beaten unconcious when shouting for their breakfast? - AL]

B Farlas seems resigned to accepting the ruling of the civil court, he keeps on waffling though. Couron is asked for her opinion and is wholly unsympathetic. Sharell enquires whether nobbling the judge would work, officially or unofficially. Farlas suggests a character reference be given in court, this results in a bout of laughter and the ludicrous suggestion gets no further. Flailing half-heartedly for a way to get the miscreants out of the nick undamaged [Nice to see everyone has assumed they are guilty! - Ed] Sharell again suggests perverting the course of justice. Couron screeches for attention and demands realism. She suggests we cut the hypothetical and get real, persuade the old lady not to press charges.

B This looks like a real lawsuit. How about talking to witnesses? Lawyers? The trial is due the next morning where the City will bring the case to be tried by the Lodrell church. The prosecution puts it's case and the defense replies then a judgement is made. It will be a minor case handled by a petty magistrate.

B Sharell goes to see the villains. [From named individuals to miscreants to villains in three paragraphs! - Ed] They are known [imfamous - Ed]in the prison. Sharell is searched curiously: she squeaks. Raff and Guerin are squatting in the straw, Raff asks for a drink. Sharell asks for their story and berates them for their drunkenness and reveals that they nearly killed an old lady. Raff and Guerin are gobsmacked, Guerin thought that he kicked a sack about. They tell a highly coloured story biased against Gilthon. There is a slight problem whether they started or merely participated in a fight. There are many gaps in their memory but they are not happy about the charges.

B Sharell reports back to Farlas, retelling a gentrified version of the story. They are worried that Modo might try to rescue Raff. Nalin has apparently gone to fetch him. Farlas enquires delicately about interceding on behalf of Raff and Guerin. Couron can't understand why Farlas does not just storm the jail!

B The debate turns to how much Raff and Guerin are worth to the Party. Is the old woman hypothetical? Farlas tends towards being a character witness for Raff and Guerin on account of their steadfast value etc. Couron is getting implicational. How about asking someone learned in the law? It will be expensive. The argument circulates for some time, eventually Nalin is deputed (in his absence) to look after all legal expenses.

B A legal expert is found and suggests that the likely outcomes are that Raff and Guerin will be fined, possibly branded and thrown out of town. How to mount a defense? Is there a defense to be mounted? Farlas is floundering and does not know what he wants, he is curiously worried about being known to associate with riff raff.

Sat 5 March 1588

(W/R 212 -214)

A The trial of Raff and Guerin

B The sentence of the court is applied

C Modo rushes back towards Rimdies, but not fast enough!

D Farlas and Willan meet King Telanir to discuss the military situation and Trosahn

E Plans to return to the Fehermes; Farlas recruits Sliarnos

A Prison fills up a bit overnight.

C Modo thunders towards Rimdies with Nalin.

A Cue trial. Annexe to Lodrell temple. The scene, triangular courtroom with the judge sat at the apex, two other people are present. The prosecution and defense are included there is a chap in decorative robes between them and an ordinary Lodrell garbed bloke in the centre. There are three bells in front of the judge and a small table in the centre. When everyone is inside the judge rings the left hand bell. The prosecution - a soldier from the town guard - states the cities view that Raff and Guerin committed assault with intent to rob while drunk and that they were involved in pub fights during the evening. The judge rings the left hand bell again and the old woman enters and recites her tale [a very speedy recovery! - AL], she is not questioned. The prosecution asks for another person and a soldier approaches with some paper which he hands to the Lodrell guy in the centre. He takes it and shows it to the judge and puts it back on the table. The guy in the fancy frock is standing in front of the prosecution. The judge keeps ringing the left hand bell and the same soldier appears on another four occasions with four new pieces of paper which end up on the table after being seen by the judge. Eventually the bell is rung and nothing happens. The judge rings the right hand bell.

A It would seem to be the turn of Guerin and Raff to speak. Raff starts the defence, he admits drunkenness and claims he knows nothing about an old lady. The guy in the fancy frock is still standing at the prosecution side. Raff remembers a fight but says that the part of himself and Guerin has been greatly exaggerated. Farlas looks for someone with whom to make enquiries but no one is near enough. All the belongings of Raff and Guerin are on the table. Raff tries the old lost in a foreign city, ignorant of procedures and etiquette line supplemented by the one about being travellers in a city for the first time in ages. He trumps this by falling to his knees sobbing, a guard picks him up.

A The right hand bell is rung again and Guerin speaks. He remembers the fight and apologises saying they were only out for a good time.

A The right hand bell is rung again and Raff calls on Farlas to comment. Farlas is prevented from taking the stand so Guerin introduces him. Farlas is now allowed to speak. He says that he was not a witness and so cannot comment on the alleged events. He goes on to give character references and mentions their part in recent battles. The right hand bell is rung again and no more witnesses are called.

A The guy in the fancy frock is now in the centre. The judge hands down a sixty gold piece fine and decrees that Raff and Guerin should be flung out of the town as highly undesirable. Raff appeals against this character slur. The judge rings the right hand bell - nothing happens. He then rings the left hand bell followed by the middle bell, as nothing further is said two soldiers escort Guerin and Raff out. Farlas follows. Everyone retires from the courtroom.

B Guerin asks the guard what is happening. The guard says "Yer out mate", Guerin asks if they are still undesirable, "Yup". Their possessions are returned and the miscreants are escorted to the south town gate. Farlas is unable to find anything to say that will mollify the guards and Raff and Guerin are taken into the guard house. They find branding irons at the ready and are not happy. However due to the attendance of a dozen armed guards they are unable to initiate evasive action and are both branded on the left hand side of the face. They are marched to the gate and thrown out with their possessions thrown after them.

B To say that Raff and Guerin are fuming mad would be an extreme understatement. Raff swears that he will "get" Gilthon, Guerin is going the get the brander! [GPN - Their charismae plummeteth] Guerin's sack of gold is gone but the change is there Guerin claims thirty gold pieces from Raff.

B Farlas is at the gate looking perplexed. He comes out and checks on the wounds. Raff argues with Farlas about Gilthon's culpability. Both agree that the old lady slur is false. A plan is made to rendezvous in a village.

C Nalin and Modo meet Raff and Guerin half way to Rimdies. There is a dissection of the trial. It would seem that Farlas did not know enough about procedure and could have stopped the branding.

D Fresh from the court Farlas goes to an audience with King Telanir. This one is about the military situation and Rustbulj and Willan are there. Farlas is attending in his capacity of leader of the Party [He's not the leader! - Ed], he is escorted in to Telanir's presence but now Knows the form. Telanir asks Farlas to report on relevant detail since his last report ( which was before the Party went to Hell and the Fehermes). Telanir asks about Qhivon, Tarsober and Casamon's ghost, Willan recounts his dreams. There is mention of tasks concerning the Tower at Gran Fordir amongst other obscure things. Farlas mentions the attack by the two rogue knights, Telanir is very disturbed by this. The two knights were Argavan and Estravan who were loyal but disappeared after killing several knights [GPN - "The five shall be one"] whilst stationed with the overlord of Laosin. The conversation contains references to "The Five". Telanir sent the most senior knight, Taranavar Lyn Falc, to investigate. He followed a trail of shocking murder, brutality and mayhem across to the Fehermes.

[I am leaving out Kate's many references to being confused and making the best sense I can of the record at this point - Ed]

D Taranavar was worried and perplexed, he does not approve of Telanir as king of Ruistor. [I guess this is a reference to when we met Taranavar in the Fehermes, Telanir is leader of the knights of the Golden Falcon as well as being King of Ruistor - Ed] There is much puzzlement about "The Five". There have been dealings with Sahuagin in Salsorme. Taranavar is a very sound knight and is to be trusted. [At this point (towards the bottom of Page 213b in the written record) the record becomes a series of disjointed words covering events in Hell and the Northlands - ending with..... - Ed] Rustbulj reveals new research saying the monster attacking in the snow was a Gorgomeira. Telanir feels the number five is significant and mentions that the Lady Trosahn is an adviser to Connel.

D Trosahn is attempting to restore a three dimensional pentacle in the south. The number five is cropping up far more often these days in conjunction with evil. Caspar's role is mentioned. Taranavar is to be briefed by Farlas to guide Farlas' next steps and also investigate all the connections. However Taranavar must stay neutral. Rallink is to be found and must speak to Taranavar and Telanir. Rallink (Essini), Marius Tellman (Christian) and Gilla (Farah) are the three to be brought together.

D Willan suggests looking at the locations of outbreaks of the Five as a possible five sided area. Three locations are known but two are still obscure. More knights are to be dispatched to investigate all of this. Farlas is to be under the authority of the head of the knights in Salsorme. Taranavar will act as the link between Farlas and Telanir.

D Maurice is to go to Rallink in Lehr Bahn, Sharell and Rustbulj will go to Salsorme. A message from Farlas to Gilla will be delivered via Rustbulj, covering nookie and political chit-chat. Farlas decides to make a secret visit to her in Salsorme. Telanir promises and additional 7 cavalry and 8 infantry halen for the army.

E The rest of the Party are to meet in the village where Raff and Guerin have gone and head up to join the troops in Ice Bay and sort out supplies and sail. Farlas will sail invisibly from Salsorme. Sharell and Weggit will go up to Ice Bay [From Salsorme - Ed]. Meet in Yen, if it is fallen carry on to Babouda or Berem. If Berem is fallen the Party will take it back! Drop in on the Pirchor Ichel on route. Couron will go to the Pirchor Virinechil [Uspin - Ed] in the north on Chler.

E Farlas wants a new spiritual adviser and holds interviews. A pushy, frumpy Essini priestess of indeterminate age wearing white robes gets the job. She is called Sliarnos.

Sun 6 March 1588

(W/R 214)

A At the rendezvous village; Cattawop is taken on as cook

B The Party split up

A At the rendezvous village Franklin has re-emerged. He is hungry.

A Hortense suggests sending the bits of Denconnu and Kalsket back to Rallink in the Essini church in Lehrbahn.

A All the Party are congregating in the village.

A A woman called Cattawop arrives and enquires about a post as cook. She is allowed to join the Party on condition that she successfully cook a meal. Gilthon makes lengthy and very dull enquiries about a falcon. Willan is delegated to get a boar for Cattawop to cook. Farlas gets some alcohol with Rustbulj. The meal is a success, although it cost 30 crowns [GPN - 300].

A Gilthon is briefed about who is going where. He tells Farlas that Telanir must know about the tower at Gran Fordir and the possible security risk therein. Gilthon suggests that Rallink should also be told that the probable subverting that is going on is connected to the evil artifact.

B The Party goes their separate ways with Calhassan, Modo, Sharell, Rustbulj and Farlas returning to Salsorme.

Sat 12 March to Mon 21 March 1588 : Fri 18 Mar full moon

(W/R 214 - 216)

A Events in Salsorme

B Caspar mentions a book to Farlas

C Incomprehensible guff

A Calhassan, Modo, Sharell, Rustbulj and Farlas (now invisible) enter Salsorme through the north gate. Gilla has a headache but Farlas ignores this and has his wicked way with her and tells her everything.

A Rustbulj visits his church.

A Sharell visits Caspar and ingenuously tells him all.

A Modo goes to find Weggit.

A Meanwhile Baccus sings his new song. [! - Ed]

A Sharell reports back from Caspar about his failure with the Amnis forces. He is now in deep shit but Sharell glosses over this. Sharell's brother, Bort, is staying at the "Fox and Thing" and insists that she return home. Sharell does not want to do that. As a compromise Bort is adamant that she is not left behind by Farlas.

A Modo finds Weggit and promotes him for self-confidence.

A Caspar can provide no men or money although information is a vague possibility. He says that the Amnis attack was rubbish.

A Rustbulj introduces a female Christian cleric called ?? [The record is explicit on this point (it's Belthazar) - Ed], she is from Marius Tellman. Couron requested a Christian to spread the word on the islands.

C Taranovar [who is in Lehrbahn(?) - Ed] is asked after.

C How many men are to get to the islands?

A Sharell has two things to accompany her through the wilderness from Modo [What are they? - AL]. She decides not to visit her home and sends a message instead. She has a message from Caspar to Farlas, they are to meet him at Rustbulj's for an information swap.

B When the meeting takes place Caspar congratulates Farlas on his successes and regrets that he cannot give any help. Caspar has had talks with Rustbulj about the plan and reveals that a book he acquired some years ago may be of interest to Farlas. The only problem is that Caspar sold the book and is not able to disclose who he sold it to for political reasons. The book had an ornate embossed cover and come with a scroll. Caspar took a copy of the scroll and a rubbing of the cover so that he might investigate their antecedents.

B Caspar hands over the papers [verbatim transcription of part of W/R 216b follows - Ed] 5 - pointed stars, a glyph on the rubbing. The scroll connects the embossed drawing in the text. Red stone set in cover. The glyph means * Gran Fordir, [Caspar - Ed] Couldn't open book. Sold book very advantageously, Translation clinched direction of sale. Scholar working for Caspar told to stop when enough found. Sharell suggests hunting scholar out. Temlin is the one and Farlas knows him!

A [Back to normal transcription - Ed] Another Christian cleric turns up to see Farlas. She is called Angelica who offers her services to the Party with Rustbulj's recommendation.

A Sharell is worried about being carried off by her brother, Bort.

Tue 22 March 1588

(W/R 216)

A Those in Salsorme leave for Ice Bay and meet Bort on the boat

A Modo, Weggit, Farlas, Sharell, Angelica [and Calhassan I should think - Ed] leave Salsorme bound for Ice Bay. On boarding the boat they meet Bort! He wants to get Sharell back to her wedding, Sharell does not want to go. Farlas invites Bort to come on the Ice Bay trip. Bort says he will be in trouble if he does not bring Sharell back so he accepts the invitation to Ice Bay.

Thur 24 March 1588

(W/R 215)

A Gilthon's sword is stolen and returned

A [On the journey from the village to Ice Bay - Ed] Gilthon reports the theft of his sword to Nalin and Hortense. It is returned.

Fri 25 March 1588

(W/R 215 - 216)

A Raff does something unwise, Gilthon over reacts, Raff looses his temper, Gilthon kills him!

B Guerin duels with Gilthon

C Sliarnos changes her name

D Guerin leaves with Franklin

E An emergency meeting

F Raff's funeral

G Other events

A In the middle of the night Gilthon shouts "Thief, Thief!" and whacks a shadowy figure. Hortense awakes and whams a "Magic Missile" into the fray. She realises that Gilthon is fighting Raff and calls out. Gilthon backs off but Raff lunges at him so Gilthon starts fighting back. Willan appeals for calm but Guerin goes in after Gilthon. Raff grapples Gilthon round the waist and then pins him to the floor as Guerin gently floats up into the air (courtesy of Hortense). Willan grabs Raff round the neck and Raff ceases resistance. Nalin tries to get hold of Gilthon but fails, however they have at least been parted.

A As soon as Willan lets go of Raff to ask him what is going on, Raff lunges for Gilthon again and grabs him. Hortense finds herself being "Tickled" (courtesy of Franklin) but manages to keep Guerin in the air. Gilthon nearly hacks Raff's arm off with his sword [Raff is unarmed - Ed] so Raff gives up. Gilthon steps back and cleans his sword, Nalin instructs him to put it down and he does. Hortense lowers Guerin.

A Raff's arm is broken and Sliarnos tries to first aid it but fails. Willan helps but to no avail. The bleeding is severe and as Raff passes away he says "Gilthon, I'll get you for this!". When Guerin gets down he challenges Gilthon to a duel at dawn.

B At dawn Gilthon's second, Couron, confers with Guerin's second, Bazron. Willan and Hortense have a vigorous consultation which seems to go on for ever.

G Elsewhere, Sharell is riding magnificently towards Ice Bay.

C Apparently Sliarnos is now called Yossilana.

B Willan is maintaining strict impartiality and taking his role very seriously. The seconds escort the duellists to the field carrying long swords. It has been agreed that the duel should be to first blood with normal armour and long swords. If Guerin looses he will leave the Party. If Gilthon looses he will wait for Farlas' judgement and they will both actively avoid each other. Willan calls a meeting of Party members for early afternoon.

B Gilthon wears his normal armour which is chain on arms and legs with plate on abdomen, chest and head. [Not leaving much to chance - Ed] Guerin's normal armour is studded leather and the cloak of which apparently only Gilthon is unaware of it's unusual properties. They thwack about, roughly equal. Clash, swish, clatter, food is forgotten, porridge drops from spoons. It's all very exciting. The spectators munch on Cattawop's "Duel Breakfast Specials". Some more soldiers get interested. [In the breakfasts? - Ed] Hit, wallop, miss - armour is beginning to show its superiority over leather. Gilthon finally gets a hit through which slashes Guerin's left arm badly. Guerin stops and, maintaining a dignified silence, leaves. Gilthon offers him breakfast but is ignored. Some officers from the army congratulate Gilthon and there is a post-mortem on the duel.

D Franklin, Bazron and a Farah cleric from the army dash after Guerin who is dripping with blood. Bazron and the Farah cleric come back, Bazron collects the rest of Guerin's kit and heads off again. Franklin stays away with Guerin. Bazron returns again with the Farah cleric and then leaves with a soldier. A while later Bazron comes back by himself. Guerin, Franklin and the soldier do not return.

E Nalin, Bazron, Cattawop, Oleg, Hrald, Yossilana, Willan, Hortense, Gilthon and Couron attend a meeting later to discuss the unfortunate events and how to avoid them in future. It was suggested that Party members should strive to co-operate and not allow themselves to be divided by petty differences. An example should be set to inspire the whole army. Willan and Nalin will try to deal with differences before they develop into punch-ups. Cattawop enquires about the mysterious objectives - there is a sudden fracas between Hortense and Willan. Hortense maintains that the Party has no leader however Willan counters by saying that Hortense's independent actions have caused trouble. [A fine example of striving to co-operate and not allow themselves to be divided by petty differences! - Ed] Gilthon chips in and says that he holds no grudges and hopes everyone feels no grudges against him. [Otherwise he will continue his recent trend of murdering or forcing out of the Party anyone who does? - Ed] Willan talks to Gilthon and Hortense is asked to leave but she refuses. Gilthon wants Hortense and Willan to be reconciled. Willan calls in Nalin and then offers to forgive Hortense, they shake on it and agree to behave in a fitting manner in future. Farlas will have to be told.

E Gilthon tells Nalin that the duel was not of his doing and it is not his fault that Guerin is banished from the Party. Gilthon says that he wouldn't object if Guerin returned to the Party if the matter was clearly closed. Willan brings up the subject that Raff was the Captain of Modo's bodyguard and Farlas may feel that recompense is necessary. Gilthon feels sure he can buy Modo a slave as recompense. Willan warns Gilthon that his knightly status is making him big headed. Gilthon reflects on this and retracts his statement.

E It is stated that all the Party are equals. Willan considers the event closed and that discussion need not be reopened. Nalin refuses to shake hands with Gilthon. Any slight that Raff gave Gilthon has been more than recompensed by his death.

F Raff's body is burned in the manner of Thrune and Yossilana says something religious.

G Hortense makes friendly overtures to Cattawop, but Cattawop is cool, not especially wanting interference in her kitchen. Hortense shuffles off.

Fri 1 April 1588 new moon

(W/R 216 - 217)

A The Salsorme group arrive at Ice Bay

A Modo, Weggit, Farlas, Sharell, Bort and Angelica [and Calhassan - Ed] arrive at Ice Bay to see a family of fishermen and no one else! Bort wants a library or at least a book. He gets a choice of Delia Smith or The Bible.

Sat 2 April to Wed 6 April 1588

(W/R 217)

A A couple of ships turn up at Ice Bay during an uneventful week

A A couple of ships turn up during an uneventful week.

Thur 7 April 1588

(W/R 217 - 218)

A The overland group arrive at Ice Bay, there is tension over the death of Raff

B Concerns over Gilthon's life expectancy at the hands of Modo

C At an acrimonious Party meeting the Clerical Triumvirate Arbitration Panel is formed

D The history of "Gilthon's" sword

E Farlas immediately ignores recent decisions and arbitrates between Gilthon and Modo

F Temlin is the Party's emissary on Tereh

A The Party arrive and Willan has to report to Farlas. There is obviously some tension and Nalin wants a private chat with Farlas. Everyone wants to talk to Farlas in private. Willan and Nalin are to go first but Nalin feels he will not be able to be impartial, so Willan, Farlas, Modo and Nalin confer. Willan does the talking and explains the death of Raff, the duel and the banishment of Guerin from the Party. Farlas feels that Raff's theft was childish and the protection of Gilthon's pack was sensible. However he is stunned to hear of Hortense's "Magic Missiles" and is generally gobsmacked. Modo is apologised to and comments that "Well, it solves a problem really.", so Raff is not much bemoaned.

B However another larger problem has arisen instead. Modo wants to consider his position and suggests that if further fatalities are to be avoided he had better not run across Gilthon or Hortense. Farlas asks him not to be precipitate.

A Gilthon and Hortense are the next to go to see Farlas who asks for a full account. Gilthon says it was "A little bit unfortunate", Farlas is not impressed by Gilthon's understatement. Gilthon feels the matter would have been more serious had it gone the other way. Farlas mentions that it's a good thing Modo is not within earshot. The sword Raff tried to nab was a gift from the King of Meresvale. The "Magic missiles" were intended to drive off an army "oik", but it was Raff instead. Gilthon calls Raff a "peasant-like thing" when expressing his view on Raff's fighting tactics. Gilthon maintains that he kept backing away and pulling off his strength. Raff could have stopped but didn't. Regarding the duel Gilthon states that yielding his sword was not an option. Farlas asks Gilthon if he was trained in using the flat of his sword and points out that Raff was unarmed although intent on hurting Gilthon. Without a weapon Raff caused only bruising. Farlas cannot understand Raff's motives. [He wants to try being one of the down trodden masses - Ed]

A Farlas feels the two stories have little discrepancy. He notes the controversy between Hortense and Willan and that Gilthon got them to shake hands. Farlas agrees that tension in the Party would lead to dissention and words.

A Farlas asks Hortense for her unequivocal statement that her actions did not have anything to do with her feelings against Modo. Farlas asks Hortense to confirm that she saw Gilthon hit an unidentified thief and that the thief did not fall, so then she cast her spell. Hortense says that that is the truth as she saw it. Willan feels that Hortense has got the order wrong and that the "Magic missile" hit Raff first. A heavy inquest develops. Hortense wants to reiterate her view that in Farlas' absence, someone should be a decision maker in the absence of consensus. Nalin adds that it should be borne in mind that Raff and Guerin were not their normal selves after the branding. Willan is impressed with Couron's actions [Why? - AL].

B Farlas reports to Modo who agrees that people seem to be acting out of their normal character. Modo is concerned that Gilthon, as a knight, should carry on using his sword to fight an unarmed opponent. Farlas reveals that Gilthon's sword, bestowed by the King of Meresvale was previously confiscated from the Party by the King. Irony all round. Raff was killed by the Party's own sword. This is even more of a side issue as the sword was give to Aristides not Gilthon. Modo feels that although the actions of Raff and Guerin were indefensible, Gilthon came out much better than them. He wants to avoid a court case and is prepared to fall back on Farlas as leader, nominally, for a decision. Modo cannot let himself go near to Gilthon. He requires recompense for Raff and will claim back his League wages. Aristides' sword must go to Hortense. [GPN - Lucius had recognised the sword as well]

C A full council meeting is held with the aim of sorting out the leadership question. Farlas announces that he is prepared to comment or arbitrate on the situation regarding Gilthon, Raff and Modo but not until the leadership has been defined. Someone says the bickering occurs whenever "leading figures" are not around. Nalin stays close to Modo, warningly! Farlas says that the Party has never needed an appointed person to resolve disputes in the past. Ad-hoc resolutions have been found and discussion over disputes were not needed. The death of Offa was an exception however a leader would not have changed the outcome as Modo lost control cumulatively.

C A discussion on the leadership situation develops. Some of the main points thrown into the conversation are that Farlas' personal comments do not carry the weight of judgemental authority. In the past there was a core of five or six surrounded by other Party members, now there are twenty or thirty with no clear directions. A leading committee would be better than chaos though an outright leader was not popular. There was overwhelming opposition to the idea of appointing a Lodrell cleric as an arbiter of disputes.

C Hortense suggests Calhassan as an arbitrator but, whilst agreeing that arbitration has become necessary, Calhassan thinks it should be more than one person. Hortense proposes an inner ruling group. Cattawop suggests that arbitrators are chose at the time of a dispute from objective people - the clerics? It was agreed that this suggestion had merit but that the composition of the arbitration group must be decided now so as to avoid partisan appointments when a decision is required. The senior clerics of Essini, Christos and Farah are currently Yossilana, Maurice and Calhassan.

C Willan, obviously anticipating a stitch up says "You are very good at words Hortense, it is a shame you use them so often!" Farlas feels that a role for Willan as the Rallying cry leader-on-the spot is a good idea. Calhassan points out that the person who wields the sword must have inherent authority, since Party members swear allegiance to it.

C The Party thrash round the idea of a clerical triumvirate of resident arbiters against a leader figure as was the case in the past. Most agreed that the development of the Party has made an outright leader no longer viable. Hortense is still stirring it and there are accusations that she is pursuing her own self interest.

C Eventually it is decided that a clerical triumvirate of the three senior clerics available from Christos, Essini and Farah will be set up. In a strong indication that nothing will actually change it is the leading figures who make the final decision!

D Farlas mentions that Gilthon's sword is, in fact, a sword that the king of Meresvale confiscated from Aristides. The important belongings of Aristides went to various Party members. Gilthon displays the sword. Hortense claims the residue of Aristides kit through Offa and renounces any claim to Gilthon. Modo suggests that Hortense is still demonstrating a high degree of self interest.

D The history of the sword is that when Princess Juliana of Meresvale disappeared and was murdered the Party were banished from Meresvale for the crime although they did not do it. Gilthon may have a conflict of loyalty as they were "Banished from the Kingdom, never to return", Gilthon sees no problem as long as those particular Party members don't try to return to Meresvale.

C Farlas reports that King Connel is shipping two hundred men a week to the Fehermes. Couron is agitated, Farlas tells her [W/R = him - Ed] off for pfaffing. Farlas reveals the scroll and rubbing to those who have sworn allegiance to the sword.

F Temlin is the Party's emissary on Tereh.

E Farlas arbitrates on Gilthon and Modo [What happened to the clerical triumvirate? - Ed] and they shake hands. As Modo has lost a bodyguard at the hands of Gilthon, Gilthon will take Raff's position for the duration of the Fehermes campaign. Modo undertakes not to deliberately put Gilthon in any physical harm and not to ask Gilthon to do anything that he would not have asked of Raff. He has no quarrel with Couron whatever and no particular quarrel with Hortense. Weggit is to be captain of the bodyguard and Raff was to be under him, so Gilthon is subordinate to Weggit for the Fehermes campaign. There is to be no overlap to Gilthon's own role. Gilthon agrees that this is okay and that any conflict of interests can be arbitrated on as they arise.

Sun 10 April 1588

(W/R 218 - 219)

A The Party leave for the Fehermes

A The Party embark. Bort must persuade Sharell to go home as she is an emissary of the army. [? - Ed] Bort decides to come with the Party as he is afraid to go home. Turning Christian Farlas mentions a peace plan.

A The Party decide to sail to Uspin with Couron as a representative, accompanied by Farlas. Modo says that the League already have links with Uspin. The main force is to sail to Yen to see if we still hold it. The plan to visit Uspin is scrapped.

A We leave Sorocin [Ice Bay - Ed]

A A message is sent to Guerin asking him to come back.

A Modo is held to his promise not to do in Gilthon. Weggit carries on. There are fifty people to a ship.

Sun 1 May 1588 : Fri 29 Apr new moon

(W/R 219)

A Events when the Party arrive on Yen

A The Party arrive in Yen and things seem to be much as they were left. Almenonn was left in charge with Whenslidayle, [Ulbu], and Brutzch and Uspin. They have returned after seven months.

A Things have been quiet, Connel's ships have been passing eastwards towards Mehrl. Presumably they are going to Syesir the main town. It turns out that Almenonn was aware that there had been a battle on Chler. Uspin, the Pirchor Virinechil, is currently on Tereh.

A Modo wants the League flag run up. Someone ought to go to Fehr, Sharell has been there before. Having left a defensive force on Yen the Party should sail for Tereh via Babouda. Three princes have met. Perhaps there should be a delay before making an offer to Hertok that may be misrepresented. Almenonn negotiated a deal with Maenog swapping Lothar for Baccus. However he declined to swap the governor, castellan and Taroc for Coffchomi and Belthazar so all are still incarcerated.

Early May 1588

(W/R 219 - 220)

A Planning on Yen

B Important people go to Babouda, or is it Sohan? and arrive on Tereh

C Farlas meets Taranavar on Tereh

D Research on Tereh

E Farlas meets Jorkin and Uspin

F Farlas goes to Berem and meets General Holmir

A Farlas rescinds his ban on negotiation. Gilthon gets his clothes back and his lyre although it is in poor repair.

A It would seem that Bort is a bit of a historian and a good reader.

A On Yen Horan is senior to Baccus. There is much deploying, planning and changing of plans going on. It is eventually decided to sail to Babouda to see if the Arpollin is there. If not we will go on to Sohan to find our troops and instruct them to return to Yen.

B The bulk of the army is left on Yen whilst the important people swan off on route to Sohan. Lenkoff has masses of troops on Sohan all fit and tanned and relaxed! Bazron is the only one of the Party not sailing.

B The Arpollin is met and approves the peace plan. Connel is setting up on Mehrl which the Arpollin wants for himself.

C The Party heads to Tereh where Farlas meets with Taranavar. Temlin is also there, he is not at all butch. [? - Ed] Bort wants to be his assistant.

C Farlas gives Taranavar a thorough briefing. He takes a very serious view, and suggests this is far more serious than politics. Farlas justifies himself and the political pfaffing with the valuable information that came out of apparent tangents. Farlas says that he feels there is a guiding hand involved in the Party's actions. Taranavar has been following the trail of blood in the wake of Argavan and Estravan, the assassin knights. Taranavar has deduced a powerful possessing force, he is to return to Connelberg to discuss things with King Connel. Princess Trosahn ordered the replacement of a governor somewhere. Taranavar is also going to Salsorme to speak to Rustbulj.

C Taranavar mentions that there is something special in the phrase "The five shall be one". He agrees to try to discover Trosahn's movements.

D Gilthon reminds Farlas of the need to get research done at the library of the knights. Farlas reports Willan's idea of a hugh geographical pentagon arrangement. The knights going after Farlas is an obvious consideration. Targets have the Order as a common denominator, or other knights, particularly Farlas himself.

D Temlin deciphers a bit more of the scroll.

D Bort will help Temlin.

E During an audience with Uspin and Tereh, Farlas congratulates Uspin on his victory. Diplomatic pleasantries and military chit chat are exchanged. Farlas promotes the peace plan again.

F Farlas and Holmir meet on Berem. Holmir is not having fun. They give various reports on battles and it looks like Connel has over two thousand men at his disposal at the moment. Holmir reports on various alliances and toleration deals going on. Modo is consulted by Farlas about Hoit [Why? - Ed]. There is a very dreary political discussion.

Mid May 1588 : Fri 13 May full moon

(W/R 220 - 221)

A Modo, Calhassan and Gilthon go to Tabag to look for a missing agent of the Arpollin

B Other events

A Modo takes Gilthon on a sanctioned trip to Tabag, Farlas considers that it will be a good experience for Gilthon. Modo is in peasant gear with no weapons other than a dagger. Gilthon has got an armour spell from Hortense. Calhassan goes along as well.

A On the journey Modo explains means and ends and power etc. to Gilthon. He also stresses to Gilthon that it is very important to do exactly what he is told. They are on an information gathering trip there must be no fighting.

A On arrival they find an inn. Modo leaves Gilthon and Calhassan there and goes off to look for an agent of the Arpollin who is two weeks overdue in returning. Modo goes up to the military command with a message from Tereh and insists that it is personal delivery. The junior officer on the door does not believe that Modo is a messenger. Modo heads back to the pub and orders Gilthon to get cleaned up. He gets a mock message from Tereh ready for Pelir. [The local garrison captain? - Ed] Gilthon is to go and ask for him and bring him back to Modo. Gilthon goes to the gate guard and tells him that he has a message for Pelir. It doesn't work and Pelir does not come out on his own. The town guards are looking suspiciously at them. Modo sets up a meeting and they wait. And wait. No one comes.

A ...... Until six soldiers arrive and arrest them. Modo escapes very cleverly and manages to get back to their boat however there are hardly any crew on board. Two soldiers are in pursuit in a row boat and catch up. Modo hurls himself at a clambering soldier and whams him one. The soldier falls. Modo is grabbed from behind and roughed up a little. He is in the process of being taken back when he escapes again on the docks, scarpers and hides.

A Meanwhile, Gilthon and Calhassan are marched off to the castle and locked up alone together. [alone together!!! - Ed] Calhassan advises Gilthon on torture endurance tactics. Pelir arrives with a lantern and demands to know who they are and what they are doing. Gilthon and Calhassan tell the truth and Calhassan explains their search. Pelir demands proof of their identity, a request they are unable to oblige. Pelir is furious as he claims his cover is blown and he storms off. Gilthon and Calhassan stew.

B Far away Cattawop reads some entrails and comes up with "To every pathway is a first stone, though a man with far sight and a long stride can step straight over it" [W/R contains an addition in different handwriting which says "Helnorota" - Ed]

B Temlin discovers that Torlich is a tower on the coast, several weeks south of Salsorme.

A Back on Tabag, Pelir returns. He can't find Modo so he may as well release Gilthon and Calhassan. He has to fine them for the sake of appearances. He wants them out but he wants to see Modo first. They are to meet at the "Shark's Jaw" when the ship is flying the imminent departure flag [Blue Peter - Ed]

A After dusk Modo breaks in to the courtyard of the castle and sneaks about a bit. He investigates some cells in the cellar but is spotted and grabbed. He hangs on to the window ledge until he can get a good grapple then dashes into a room and out another window. Modo heads towards the castle wall as the soldiers crash about looking for him. He makes it over the wall and holes up near the docks. Eventually he sneaks back on to the boat.

A The deck hand on the boat does not know where Gilthon and Calhassan are but he tells Modo that the captain is in a pub called the "Shark's Jaw". Modo heads up there and climbs in through an unshuttered window. It turns out to be the captain's room! The captain attacks Modo while he is lighting a candle. One the misunderstanding is realised apologies are made but the captain does not know where Gilthon and Calhassan are either.

A Modo chucks it in for the night and sleeps in the captain's room. In the morning they head back to the boat and Gilthon and Calhassan arrive shortly after breakfast. There is a joyful reunion over food. They all keep their heads down on the boat for the rest of the day.

A At sunset Gilthon carries Modo to the meeting place pretending that he is a pig in a sack. Pelir is there already and is grumpy, Modo apologises for the hoohah and asks for information about the missing spy. Pelir can't tell Modo much about Helnorota, he calls the inn-keeper over who confirms that Helnorota stayed for one night, paid in advance and left early.

A Modo manages to talk to the inn-keepers daughter who says that Helnorota bought her a present from Cheff, a shell bracelet.

A Modo and Gilthon go back to the boat and they set sail. They are not going to Cheff but back to Tereh to report to Farlas.

Late May 1588

(W/R 221)

A Planning on Tereh

A The Tabag away team arrive back at Tereh and Modo reports to Farlas. There is a rumour of sahalogen at Cheff. Farlas wants to furtively firk in the Cheffs openly. [? - Ed] The Arpollin does not want us to disturb things as it is a politically sensitive area. Couron does not want to go to Cheff.

A Sharell, Couron and Angelica are sent to Cheff.

A Sharell's next job will be to take the peace plan to Hertok at Fehr.

A Modo finds out they've [who? -Ed] heard of Trosahn but not Helnorota.

A The Party debate vigorously about Cattawop's entrail reading and the scroll. Farlas reckons that the entrails mean he has started too far away from home and gone too far. He should go back to the start. Cattawop concurs.

Fri 27 May 1588 new moon

(W/R 221)

A The Party leave Tereh

A The Party leave Tereh in the dark of night.

Tue 31 May 1588

(W/R 221)

A The Party pass through Cheff

A The convoy arrives at Cheff and meets up with Sharell. Sharell, Couron and Angelica have failed totally to make any progress.

Mon 6 June 1588

(W/R 221 - 222)

A The Party return to Yen

B Temlin continues his work on the scroll

C Belthazar and Coffchomi are reportedly on their way back to Yen

D What's behind the fireplace in the hall of castle Malanak?

E Money for debts

A The Party return to Yen and tell Chemos that he is to be envoy to the court of Tereh instead of Temlin. Whenslidayle is to go with Chemos, it's his last chance. [What has he done? - Ed] Sharell sets off for Fehr and Chemos goes to Tereh with his rental woman. [Which I think he picked up on a side trip to Babouda which has not been recorded, this trip may be the reason Whenslidayle is on his last chance - Ed]

B Temlin is still poring over the scroll. The Party are based in the Castle Malanak.

C Belthazar and Coffchomi have been swapped for enemy prisoners of war and are now on their way back to Yen [See 21 June - Ed].

D In the castle there are [statues of - Ed] dragons by the fireplace in the hall. Gilthon is remembering odd markings, possibly writing, on the dragons. Temlin thinks it is writing. The plinths say "Brightscale" and "Seasnake" in the lost tongue. They are watery serpents. Temlin starts transcribing. "Seasnake" (on the right) clasps a shark and "Brightscale" clasps a sharks skeleton. The statues are centuries old and have no wings.

D Modo searches the dragons and Willan goes to look for Uspin. Modo sees that "Brightscale"'s jaw will move left to right but is likely to chop off the arm required to move it.

D Lots of divination is going on. Cattawop gets a good entrail reading about secrets and riches.

D Oleg volunteers to stick his arm down the throat and pushes to the right. The dragon statue moves away revealing a hole in the floor. Oleg gets to wear another stone. Modo searches the hole and finds a secret compartment in the floor. There is no mechanism but Hortense finds a glyph. Nalin's knowledge of glyphs proves to be of no help in this case. Oleg has not found a mechanism in the other dragon. The glyph looks like . There is much dithering about the glyph and the scroll.

D Eventually Calhassan "Dispels" the glyph as Hortense and Farlas wouldn't, or couldn't, do it. There is much speculation that the secret compartment will contain six packs of coloured water and a map of the destroyed caves under the castle. The "Dispel Magic" has worked and Modo finds the opening mechanism. He opens the door and finds loads of bags of money, the total haul is eventually calculated at 70,000 silver pieces/crowns. There is a second door below this and it is not magic.

E The Salsorme Irregulars and the Dwarfs have not been paid for six weeks. It costs 140,000 crowns to pay everyone up to date. The 70,000 from the secret compartment plus 70,000 from our treasure ship loot. Options such as Modo recruiting a halen of troops are discussed but Willan does not like the idea. There is enough money to pay the army for another two weeks.

Tue 7 June 1588

(W/R 222)

A What else is behind the fireplace?

A Very early in the morning Modo creeps back to the second entrance in the hole under the statue. Brutzch is already there firking about but he gives up and starts to wander off. Modo says "This is how you do it" and operates a mechanism he spotted in the wall (not the floor where Brutzch was looking). The compartment opens and Modo and Brutzch carry off the contents to check what they are.

A Modo and Brutzch have fifteen fat envelopes made of wax paper. Calhassan says that they are not magical. [The envelopes each contain a measured amount of hlynam - Ed] Modo returns three to the compartment and splits the remaining twelve 50-50 with Brutzch. Modo looks after Brutzches six packets and will sell them for him for 15% commission.

Wed 8 June 1588

(W/R 222 - 223)

A Reinforcements arrive and are nearly attacked

B Bhurt and the message about Helnorota

C Time out of phase

D Other events

A Four boats arrive at Yen. Two are flying the League flag and two are flying an unusual flag which Couron is convinced is an old flag of a bit of Van Connel!

A The troops are put on stand by.

B A note for the Winged Arrow is delivered to Cherch. He passes the message, which concerns Helnorota, to Farlas.

A Couron says that two of the four ships are definitely Connel. Cherch rings the alarm bell as Connel is invading. Gilthon suggests it could be a raid to capture ships and rushes troops on to our ships.

A The flag is not a Connel flag, it is Salsorme! Couron was correct that it is an old flag from somewhere that is now Van Connel - Salsorme!!

A Modo greets the two League and two Salsorme ships. There is one halen of troops on each vessel. The Salsorme Irregulars have two months money for themselves and are commanded by Khasa who sucks up to Willan.

B The person who delivered the message about Helnorota cannot be found.

D Narlon the younger has initiated discussion with Modo concerning the Clan Bharazracrh setting up in business under the auspices of the League. Discussions revolve around franchising arrangements and the supply of raw materials, marketing and other facilities including location within the Fehermes for the foundation of Dwarf Hold.

B Modo finds Bhurt, the messenger, and offers money for information. There is much negotiation over very little money. Bhurt knows someone who has seen Helnorota on Cheff. He will guide Modo to Cheff and introduce him.

C En route to Cheff, Farlas and Hortense concoct a story about Mig to try to appease his troops. Modo is not there as he is connected to a secret mission involving [H P Asini]. To tell Baccus that it is a SECRET mission. [This seems out of context - Ed]

D Later in the day Khasa gets Jorkim to report to Seorafen Willan. Among Salsormer Irregulars Seorafen Willan is a hero, Jorkim is overcome with awe and gets his fingers crushed in manly greetings. Jorkim reports that he is the nephew of Kalsket, and Willan breaks the news of Kalsket's death. Jorkim asks about a will but none was mentioned. Jorkim crawls out.

D Farlas asks Modo to organise the Cheff expedition, he takes Brutzch and Calhassan.

Thur 9 June 1588

(W/R 223)

A Army discussions

B Groups are formed, one for Berem, the other to investigate Helnorota

C They set sail

D Other events

A Very early in the morning a small boat flying the Ruiston flag arrives carrying a personal note for the Winged Arrow. Farlas calls Willan for a meeting about the message.

B Modo briefs Oleg on his role a bodyguard to Horan and Brutzch and explains that Calhassan will look after the three of them on a mission to Cheff. Modo is not going after all but Bhurt and Bort will be joining them.

A Almenonn and Lenkoff are hauled in to the conference with Farlas so Modo knocks on the door as he has become disgruntled about being left out of army discussions. Farlas reads the message which contains lots of mysterious political talk. Farlas has received instructions from Telanir, Modo, Gilthon and Hortense are also told. Cattawop is happy to go along with the ruling of the army commander. The [Big - Ed] Party is to go to Berem immediately to look for Uspin, Jorkin and the Arpollin. One boat is to go containing Farlas, Modo, Willan, Cattawop, Modo's entourage, Hortense, Nalin, Couron, Angelica, Yossilana and a halen of the best soldiers from Erone's troops.

B There are squabbles over the make up of the Small Party. Farlas palms off the bad idea of Kirt going as Party member to Cheff on to Willan. Calhassan and Horan will lead the group. Ektar is to run Willan's troops in his absence.

D Hrald offers to train unused troops. They are to combine the troops to make three seori. Mig's troops with Baccus in charge, Glayde takes Willan's seori as Kirt is off to Cheff [How does this fit in with Ektar? - Ed] and Cherch has the other seori made up of his own halen, Guerin's halen and a halen of assorted survivors.

C The two Party's set sail in similar directions. Cattawop attempts "Weather Working" to increase the wind and succeeds in becalming the main ship. She is mortified.

Fri 10 June 1588 : Sat 11 June full moon

(W/R 223)

A Travelling, Horan comes round and is abusive

A The main boat gets some wind.

A Horan wakes up on the Small Party boat, he is not happy and becomes abusive. [Horan hates sailing to such an extent that he usually has to be tricked, manhandled or, as in this case, knocked unconscious to get him on a ship - Ed]

Thur 16 June 1588

(W/R 223)

A The small group arrive on Cheff and get ratted

A The Small Party arrive on Cheff and Horan is in need of a bed. Bhurt is appalling and won't shut up. They get two not terribly clean rooms at "The Swordfish". Kirt, Bhurt, Bort and Brutzch hit the town whilst Oleg, Horan and Calhassan stay at the inn. Much drink is had by those in town and Bort goes back to bed early. Bhurt however is offered a small glass of something by a local. Bhurt buys a round of the amber liquid (rum) for everyone. Brutzch gets familiar with Kirt and they are tipsy when plates of chilli fish stew arrive. They get increasingly tipsy to the point of incoherence as the evening progresses and although Kirt is struggling to be authoritative they eventually end up doing a rendition of a sea shanty in calypso style!

Fri 17 June 1588

(W/R 224 - 225)

A A causal start to investigations on Cheff

B An unfortunate incident on the way to a secret meeting with Oceanus

C Discussions with Oceanus about Helnorota and Sepia's Cloak

D Sorak arrives

E Brutzch briefly duels with Sorak, before running away

F Different interpretations of honour threaten to split the Party for the umpteenth time!

G On the way back to town, Brutzch is shot at

A In the morning Bhurt comes creeping into the room in the "Swordfish" and wakes up Bort. Bhurt goes to sleep. Soon after they all wake up as Kirt wants an exercise session. Brutzch is having none of it and Bort refuses. Horan is hungary having spent the last week chucking his guts up so Oleg checks out breakfast and they both tuck in. They can hear exercise noises but soon most of them are eating lots of breakfast.

A Bhurt is given five crowns as a payment for his source and heads off to find him. Everyone else goes for a look around. Bort goes book hunting at the Harbour masters office.

A Later there is a kerfuffle about lunch and they end up in the posh "Blue Fish" eating lunch on Kirt. There is a lot of the kind of behaviour that causes embarrassment to anyone with manners. At the end Kirt needs Horan to split the bill for 26 crowns. Oleg stops Bhurt leaving until they are all ready to go and they head down to the beach. Horan has a siesta whilst Harry [for it is he who is the contact - Ed] and Bhurt get drunk on coconut rum, Kirt has some too. Oleg makes sand castles, Brutzch looks for ice cream and Kirt talks about the army.

A After a bit they decide that they should get business out of the way before they get ratted. They give Harry his five crowns and he tells them that Helnorota was in Cheff about two weeks ago. He said he was going south to Tereh. Harry sees him occasionally as they do a bit of business. Helnorota did not go direct to Tereh he took a small boat to Garand. Harry says that Helnorota is about 6'1" weighing about 15 stones, he is tanned with dark hair and is clean shaven. He looks as though he works out doors and travels a lot.

A Kirt is paddling in the sea when he is confronted by a sea elf with a message for Calhassan from Farlas. Reliable members of the Party (not Brutzch) are told about it. Kirt goes to look for Bort and finds him happily reading with the harbour master. Oleg is sent for supplies of fruit and juicy things.

B At about 6.30 pm the Small Party leave for a secret rendezvous, leaving Bhurt and Harry in the pub, taking stuff with them. They trudge through town looking conspicuous. They are following a good path surrounded by rocky terrain with occasional trees, bushes and grass. Horan notices that two people are following them at a distance of thirty to forty metres. Horan gives instructions to rush them. Only Horan can see them although Brutzch thinks he can.

B There is a big chase through the scrub until Horan eventually grapples the slower of the two. Brutzch kills him with a kick to the head then rifles through his pockets. [GPN - They were only followed from some buildings nearer the meeting place than the town] Horan announces that they have a meeting with the sea elf and they move on to the cove where they wade out to meet Oceanus.

C Oceanus is grumpy and grim and suspicious. He says that Farlas says that we might be able to help him in the retrieval of an item of great importance to the sea elves. Sepia's cloak offers them great protection and the sea elves think it is currently on land so they need the assistance of land people. It was lost in a Sahuagin raid two or three months ago. It looks like a bracelet of nine small cowrie shells with gold thread and an aquamarine. The bracelet is acts as a shield which hides things including itself.

C Oceanus says that Helnorota was a friend of the sea elves but that he is now dead, his body was found in the sea north of here four days ago. He had been stabbed.

C Oceanus thinks that the Sahuagin who stole Sepia's cloak probably did so under instruction and have now passed it on as they have no interest in that kind of thing. Oceanus takes Calhassan to one side and admits that he sought the help of Farlas against the counsel of his own people. He will contact us again in due course. Oceanus stresses that we must not tell anyone of the existence of the sea elves.

C Oceanus confirms Harry's description of Helnorota and confirms that he came to Cheff to see Oceanus several weeks ago. He says that he was heading south with news for Arpollin and that he had not been told about the bracelet. When found, Helnorota's body had been in the water for about five or six days and had been tortured. The killing wound was by a blade that was not of Sahuagin design. The body was found to the north although Helnorota had been heading south. It appeared that he had been taken by force.

C There is a discussion about the idea that the bracelet might be on Helnorota's girlfriend at the inn. It is a very common design. If Oceanus could see it he would recognise it, but he can't sense it if it is hidden. We could try a "Detect magic" on the bracelet but it would probably only work if the magic was very strong. The elders of Oceanus' tribe had to some research to establish that the bracelet was on land. Farlas is also looking for it but he felt that as Helnorota is dead, we could take on this task. Oceanus knows of no connection between Helnorota and Sepia's cloak.

D The group see a man carrying a second man walking towards us. Oceanus says it is Sorak. The man closes to a distance of about five metres and lays the body on the ground.

"Oceanus" he says.


"Vouch for these folk?"

Oceanus okays Calhassan and says his colleagues go with him.

Sorak says "They've killed Lobb".

Calhassan explains the circumstances of the death. Apparently Lobb was deaf. Brutzch admits that he did the killing and Sorak announces that he must kill Brutzch as a trial of guilt, Sorak's guilt being for not guarding his brother better. Brutzch is given the option to face Sorak now or be hunted until he, or Sorak is dead.

D Oceanus counsels against interference in islanders customs. Calhassan, who's calling is to prevent death, attempts to parley. Kirt says that the past should be put behind us and we should look to the future and that finding Brutzch would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

E Calhassan cannot physically stop Sorak and Brutzch has to do something. Sorak owes Lobb his life. When asked why he ran away he points out that Lobb and himself were facing six armed foreigners approaching the secret places with apparently evil intent. Sorak is very grim, he is a fit mature man about the same height as Brutzch though not as fat. Brutzch agrees to fight though he suggests it is uncivilised to fight in the dark. Sorak is wearing chain metal armour and carries a small shield.

E Horan lays 8 to 1 against Brutzch winning and Brutzch gives his pouch to Calhassan to hold. Sorak apologises to Oceanus for bloodletting on his beeches. There is some fighting but Brutzch soon breaks and runs. Sorak sighs, wipes his sword and walks off with his cloak and Lobb's body. Brutzch looses sight of him and circles round to see what is happening.

F Oceanus is not impressed, ideas of honour are confused. Calhassan and Oceanus have a theological discussion on life, honour and disposing of same. Bort interrupts with crass theological views on Farah beliefs. Kirt agrees with Oceanus whilst Oleg agrees with Sorak's view. Oceanus says he does not trust the recovery of Sepia's cloak to such as Brutzch. Calhassan says that he does not think that the Small Party are the best people to conduct Oceanus' quest. However Kirt thinks we should take on the quest for Farlas. Oceanus is pleased. Horan will not abandon Brutzch and agrees with Calhassan that we should not take on this quest. Kirt is ill equipped to quest alone. Someone suggests that we should report to Farlas as our mission to find out about Helnorota appears to be at an end to confirm his opinion about the bracelet hunt.

F There is a big discussion and a potential Party split. There is an agreement to differ and an understanding that we must work together out of necessity. A warning is given that we should not associate with Brutzch any longer than necessary.

G Oceanus swims off and the Party return to town. Brutzch joins them on the way and Oleg conspicuously avoids him. As the Party returns they see lights in the window of Sorak's house and two arrows miss Brutzch from the left. There are no further shots.

Sat 18 June 1588

(W/R 225)

A Events back in town on Cheff

A The Small Party arrive back in town at dawn. Horan stays in the open bar to get fed whilst Brutzch and Calhassan go on to the boat. Horan goes to find Bhurt and discovers him very drunk. Oleg collects the baggage and brings it to the boat and the Party depart for Garand. Bhurt is very interested in the mission and avid to know what went on.

A Bhurt admits that he comes from Tereh, Kirt comes from Salorme. Bhurt is being paid on a weekly basis. Horan tells Bhurt a sanitised version [of why we are here? - Ed] Bhurt tells stories about Sahuagin whilst Calhassan lotions Brutzch and cures him. There is lots of shipping. Kirt tries to rebel and tell Bhurt the truth but Horan stops him. By now Bhurt's curiosity is rampant. Horan ticks off Kirt, Bort and Oleg.

Mon 20 June 1588

(W/R 225 - 226)

A The small group arrive in Garand to search for traces of Helnorota

B They get information about a "Blonde man"

C On Yen, Temlin makes a breakthrough with the scroll

D Main Party discussions on the way to Berem

A They arrive in Garand to search for traces of Helnorota. Garand has a small port and village. There are two trading ships and a few fishing boats in the harbour. A few of the village houses are of reasonable quality.

A Horan, Bhurt and Oleg go ashore and head for the pub which turns out to be a small grocers with a bar inside. Rough looking fish workers are lounging around. The harbour master comes over and asks questions and appears to be touting for trade. Bhurt chats to the barman whilst Horan pays a mooring fee. The barman is monosyllabic and Bhurt is getting nowhere so Horan has a go. Horan establishes that they sell fish on the island, Horan purchases a hundred weight of bluefish for eight crowns. He buys two crates of wine as well!

B Talinn, the harbour master is mooching around creaming off boarding fees all over. Talinn is enticed on to the boat and asked about Helnorota and a blond bloke following him. Talinn says the he wanted a boat for Tabag. Helnorota arrived on a boat from Domica, north of Cheff. The blond guy came from Cheff on 2nd May, on route to Tabag. The blond bloke was a bit grumpy.

A This means that, assuming Harry's information is sound, Helnorota came through Garand two months ago on his way to Tabag (possibly to dump the bracelet). He went back to Cheff then left Cheff three weeks ago and failed to arrive at his next destination. Helnorota's body was found ten days ago in the sea north of Cheff. The blonde man came through Garand ten days ago heading for Tabag (on the trail of the Tabag item (bracelet)?). Bhurt is adamant that Harry is okay.

C Meanwhile on Yen, Temlin researches wildly and gets the answer to the scroll. "Lord Zarl Kruger's [W/R 226 "Zarcruger's" - Ed] record of Garanford. Diamond glyph seen next archive." This is the first clue the Party have had to solve The Big One! It is very important! The Party has seen three bits of it - on Garanford [aka. Gran Fordir - Ed], on Yen and one other. Couldn't get past the glyph. The Yen one exploded killing ten soldiers and the Gran Fordir one zapped Nalin.

D On the journey to Berem, Farlas tells the Main Party that he has talked to a sea elf named Oceanus. You can tell sea elves from land elves as they have webbed pointy ears. Nalin knows what a decent chap Oceanus is. Farlas tells some tales of battles against the sahalogen. Nalin still has the ionstone and a chain mail suit from then. The sea elves have lost a bracelet and, as Helnorota is dead, Farlas will ask the Small Party to help find it. It would appear that Modo failed to save Helnorota in his earlier mission. Modo asks what Helnorota must have known to make it worth torturing him to death.

D There is much discussion over the bracelet hunt and Oceanus. Previously, Oceanus would not go with the Party as he wanted to go home (which was to the north). Oceanus knows about a huge colony of evil and sahalogen to the north of Yen. Farlas thinks the bracelet would be useful as Oceanus wants his people to help the land folk and our retrieving the bracelet would help him and ourselves. Farlas thinks the Main Party should drop off some people at Tabag. Modo suggests a dwarf expedition. In the end it is decided that Willan will lead a group of humans including Cattawop, Angelica and Weggit to find the inn-keepers daughter and check out the bracelet.

Tue 21 June 1588

(W/R 232)

A Coffchomi and Belthazar are released and sent to Salsorme

A After eleven months in jail Belthazar and Coffchomi are passing the time considering their first anniversary celebrations when a delegation arrives and they are traded for enemy prisoners. They are returned to Salsorme.

Fri 24 June 1588

(W/R 226 - 227)

A A group of the main Party, led by Willan are dropped off on Tabag

B They make enquiries and find out about the death of Careen

C Lejak meets Willan

D The small group arrive on Tabag

A Willan, Cattawop, Angelica and Weggit are dropped off on Tabag and acquire some rooms at an inn. The Inn-keeper is called Barrin and his daughter is Careen. The group head down to the bar in the early evening. It is fairly empty and they order a variety of blue fish. Cattawop makes in roads in the kitchen and discovers that Careen was brutally murdered two days ago. The group plan to offer their services to Barrin and his wife.

B Willan talks to Barrin who turns out to be a rampant xenophobe who does not approve of heathen foreign priestesses. He is suspicious but Willan tells him the truth and Barrin remembers Helnorota, and Modo's visit; and also a blond foreigner who disappeared. He does not know his name or where he stayed, he was asking questions to other locals. Barrin says that Pelir is in charge of the investigation at the garrison.

B There is much cross muttering about foreigners in the bar. The group go out to look for the harbour master. Willan will talk to him as the official representative of the Winged Arrow. Weggit, Cattawop and Angelica go and find lunch.

B Willan chats to the harbour master who is called Han. There is much praise of ships. [GPN - The harbour master comes from Yorkshire]. The blond man came through about ten days ago on an island hopping cog. Unfortunately Han cannot remember the name of the vessel. Han says there was a murder eight days ago and that two ships left the day after - The Sea-Spray and The Flying Fish. A ship called Dawn Light left the day after them. The Sea Spray went south, the other two north. The Flying Fish has since returned and the captain was not detained so he is probably okay. Dawn Light has occasionally been to Tabag before. Her captain is Gorrin, from a local small island, he is a trader in rare products. He didn't unload or load on his last visit.

B Willan enquires after details of the murder and Han tells him that the victim was severely knifed to death. Han's runner, Lejak - who fancied Careen, talked to the blonde man. Han recommends the "Harpoon" as a place for us to stay.

C Lejak turns up with a beer and is awed by the sight of Willan. Lejak is a whining little urchin who says that the blonde man was called Torin and stayed at the "Bush". Lejak says that Torin spoke like a northern islander and was about the same age as Willan. Cattawop fails to "Divine".

B The group move out of the "Shark's Jaw" to the "Harpoon". Cattawop gets the gossip from the inn cook. Careen was very flighty. Captain Blane is not happy and asks Willan why he is asking questions. Willan tells him and butters him up assuring the captain that they won't cause trouble. Willan is very famous in these parts and he tells some battle tales.

D In the evening the Small Party arrive on Tabag, Bhurt is trying to remember who he knows here. Horan instructs Bhurt to sell the blue fish. Bhurt takes some money to pay the harbour dues and goes in search of information on a blonde man who came through about twelve days ago. He talks to Lejak, Horan warns off staying at the "Shark's Jaw" they are advised to stay at the "There She Blows".

D Bhurt meets Han, it's a clash of the titans! Bhurt can't get rid of the blue fish. Han says that another bunch are asking about the blonde man, he describes Willan's group. Han knows of Helnorota. He tells Bhurt that Willan is staying in the "Harpoon" and gives him directions. They go and check in.

Sat 25 June 1588 new moon

(W/R 227)

A Enquiries continue on Tabag; the two groups meet up

A Willan starts enquiring about the Dawn Light. He soon gets lumbered with Lejak and his friend Marty Springshaw who follow him round adoringly. A patrol found Careen lying in an alley, Anjelica goes and blesses it. Weggit goes to Captain Blane at the garrison and asks exactly what happened. Captain Blane has the same information that the Party has. Torin was on the island for less than twenty four hours and no one knows how he left. Blane tells Weggit that it is more than his job's worth to disclose any more, even assuming that he knew anything else. Weggit reports back.

A The two groups meet up and Bhurt is sent to "The Bush". It is a very smoky, quiet bar. The landlord spits in the glasses to clean them but otherwise seems unaggressive. Bhurt asks about Torin saying that he sold him some blue fish. He bribes the landlord with a crown for information about Torin's whereabouts and anything else he knows. The landlord says that Gorrin, the captain of the Dawn Light, might know something but he has not been around for ages. he tells Bhurt nothing that the Party doesn't already know. The landlord is not interested in bracelets so Bhurt goes to find a merchant and asks after Gorrin. Bhurt cannot find anyone who can offer information about the elusive Gorrin. he considers asking Oceanus about the Dawn Light.

A The Dawn Light went west or north. Willan requisitions the Small Party's boat and gets the blue fish chucked overboard. Oceanus arrives and hears about the Party's prowess. Willan wants to get Bort to read the harbour master's records on Cheff. Horan delegates command of Bort's mission to Kirt - Cheff is ten days sail away.

A They sail back to find Han and enquire about harbour masters. [? - Ed]

A Willan continues to be plagued by adoring urchins.

A Lejak is packed off to get a beer.

A Han seems to know a lot about harbour masters but Willan figures he hasn't got a clue. There seem to be no more avenues, the trail has gone cold. Cattawop manages to "Divine" that the bracelet has gone with Torin to where he comes from.

A Horan, Calhassan, Brutzch and Anjelica will stay on Tabag whilst Willan, Bort, Oleg, Cattawop, Kirt, Weggit and Bhurt go back to Cheff. Lejak somehow manages to wangle his way on board as Willan's squire.

Sun 26 June 1588

(W/R 227)

A The main Party arrive on Tereh; Farlas meets Jorkin and Uspin again

A The Lord High Farlas arrives on Tereh and sweeps into court, hoovering the stairs and dusting the drawing room. Cue the theme from "The Archers". He finds Tereh [Jorkin - Ed] and Uspin and exchanges princely niceties. Farlas does not beat about the bush although there is much diplomacy. Modo and Nalin are also attending the discussion. Farlas asks for support for a battle against Connel on the mainland. Jorkin wants more details and throws cold water on the plan. Splash!

A More fighting plans are revealed, Farlas will link with King Telanir in a strike against Connel on the mainland which telanir will lead. Demonstrating dull political carefulness Jorkin wants to think about it. The suspicion is that Telanir has the liberation of salsorme in mind as an end result.

A Farlas asks if Tereh would assist in raising men for a sea borne seige [of Salsorme? - Ed]. Jorkin wants to confer but Farlas insists that he must leave in three days and intends to sail via Sohan, thence to the meeting place in the environs.

A They agree that Farlas will meet Tereh and Uspin again on the 28th, with questions.

A Farlas confers with Chem, who has opened a brothel. He has garnered news which may or may not be true. There are rumours of battles, of nine armies, of the governors snack-box, of Farlas' death, of a sea-blockade of Salsorme and of a lot of battle preparations. Bad puns.

Mon 27 June 1588

(W/R 227)

A Willan, Bort, Oleg, Cattawop, Kirt, Weggit, Bhurt and Lejak leave Tabag for Cheff

A Willan, Bort, Oleg, Cattawop, Kirt, Weggit, Bhurt and Lejak leave Tabag for Cheff.

Tue 28 June 1588

(W/R 227 - 228)

A Farlas resumes negotiations with Jorkin and Uspin

A Discussions resume between Farlas, Tereh and Uspin. A token garrison will be left on Yen but Farlas only has enough ships for fifteen hundred men. However it would appear that others can be made available.

A The Winged Arrow's advances would leave the Fehermes undefended - is this wise? Possibly not. There follows some very dull political and army talk, counting of numbers and colossal waffle. Then it's back to platitudes and YOKT [GPN - Yoke of Connel Tyranny] and YOKTARTP [GPN - Yoke of Connel Tyranny and Restrictive Trade Policies]. Tereh agrees to support Farlas once again although he will not be specific about the number of men he will commit. Uspin says "Count me in boys!". Modo gives Tereh a message, from Tereh, to take to a general in his forces.

Wed 29 June 1588

(W/R 228)

A An enhanced force sail from Tereh for Tabag

B Willan's group arrive on Cheff

C The force pick up the Tabag stragglers and head for Sohan

A It's all go. Five ships with a halen on each together with Uspin's ship (implying that he will supply five ships as well) set off for Tabag.

B Willan's group arrive on Cheff.

C Towards the end of the day the ships from Tereh arrive at Tabag to find the left behind group of Horan, Calhassan, Brutzch and Anjelica. Modo gets good news. Jorkin mentioned to Farlas that his advisor, Gordell, would organise a force to look after Yen in their absence. Uspin's forces could also take part in order to dilute Tereh's hold on Yen. Some League forces could chip in to make a nicely balanced triumphant triumvirate.

C The Tabag stragglers are picked up and they all head off to Sohan, then on to Cheff.

Thur 30 June 1588

(W/R 228)

A The force arrive at Sohan, Farlas will take a ship to look for Willan

B On Cheff, Willan and his group get down to research

A On arrival on Sohan Uspin's inclusion in the Yen defence force is hinted at. Talked in to one-up-man-ship about garrisons and mobilisation.

A Farlas' ship will go and hunt for Willan, the rest of the army can sail straight to the meeting point. Arpollin and Jorkin have a squabble on the night before Farlas is due to leave. He doesn't know why or how but the Arpollin contributes five ships.

B On Cheff, Willan and his group get down to research. Harry is called in and Bort talks to the harbour master to find out about Torin and Helnorota.

Fri 1 July 1588

(W/R 228 - 229 + 231)

A On the journey to Cheff the morality question threatens to break out yet again

B Investigations continue on Cheff

C Farlas and Willan review the situation

D The morality question evokes a heated debate covering honour and legalities

E Farlas makes an autocratic decision to make a totally pointless trip to Babouda

A On the journey to Cheff there is an urgent discussion whether Farlas should protect Brutzch from his expected assailant. Farlas will not intervene between them. There is lots of argument and debate, Gilthon wants to whisper to Farlas.

A Hortense puts her oar in too. Is it an army or a Party matter? Several people realise that the whole issue has been blown out of all proportion.

B On Cheff, Bhurt reports a little and Bort reports that in April Helnorota left on the Ganandar to Garand whilst Torin left on the Rising Sun bound for Tabag. The Rising Sun was seen here about three weeks ago but Torin was not.

B [As soon as they arrive at Cheff - Ed] Modo checks out the psychopathic killers house. It is boarded up but Modo worms his way in and pokes about. He finds accounts, armour and arms skills evidence. Nothing very valuable. He deduces that two men used to live there running a local business. Modo goes back to town.

B In the evening The Rilotar arrives. Lejak asks about Torin who was from north somewhere and wanted to go south somewhere.

B Lejak hauls the northern stranger to see Willan and impart knowledge about Torin for money. Too many closed questions are asked and nothing is revealed. Willan goes to eat a non-fish meal. The Rilotar arrives again.

C Farlas and Willan meet and review the situation. The blonde man is called Torin and was asking for Helnorota. He got the next boat out after him. As Helnorota was found tortured, Torin probably did it to find out the whereabouts of the bracelet. Torin then murdered the barmaid on Tabag (Modo saw a bracelet on her ages ago and that might be The One) left on the Dawn Light but arrived on the Rising Sun. We are trying to trace Torin. Did he come from Helnorota's place, which was Babouda according to Oceanus, which is north. Do we go there? Time is getting tight.

D Farlas insists that he will not direct anyone to intervene in the Brutzch affair. Modo says he would intervene. In Modo's opinion Farlas is showing poor form in not supporting a member of the Party doing "Party" business under his orders. Farlas says that "Party business" doesn't extent to heinous crimes. Modo suggests that the crime is far from heinous, in fact it is fairly run of the mill for the Party. Nalin agrees with Modo. Oleg is keeping out of it as he thinks the other guy would be pretty scary to fight. Old stories of Party ghastliness are coming out.

D Willan wants the honourable course to be followed. He says it is wrong to intervene as the duel has not concluded it's course and should continue. Face to face preferably, all must follow the honourable course. Brutzch definitely accepted the duel (Brutzch lies about this so Farlas takes up on Oceanus' version, Brutzch now says he waited to be hunted from two metres away, choosing to be hunted rather than duel). The Cheff man's [Sorak - Ed] reasons and his cultural reasons for wanting the duel were correct, but not within Brutzches moral code and by extension, the Party's moral code.

D The legal position is that as Brutzch killed his brother, Sorak has a legal right to challenge Brutzch, on Cheff, conditions laid down. Brutzch accepted then ran away, thereby determining the course of the duel - hunt and kill or be killed. The duel now continues in this format.

D If Farlas did support Brutzch it would be implicit to some of the army that the army would support any army lawbreaker anywhere. However the converse is equally true. Muddy ethics.

E Farlas makes an autocratic decision to make a totally pointless trip to Babouda. It is a five day journey and would only result in three days on the island.

Early July 1588

(W/R 229 - 231)

A Maurice' efforts in Lehrbahn, including meetings with Rallink

B Maurice gets to sleep in a feather bed

C A list of characters currently though to be alive

A In Lehrbahn, Maurice heads to the temple of Essini and is greeted by a junior acolyte. Rallink is unable to see visitors at the moment so Maurice is invited to rallink's home until he is free. The acolyte is at Maurice's disposal for a city tour. Maurice is pampered. There is talk of some notorious pub and tales of olden riots.

B Maurice gets to sleep in a feather bed.

A Rallink and Maurice share a power breakfast on the south terrace. Rallink gets out his "Filofax of Holding". There is much veneration of birds and general pleasantries. Maurice hands over the letter, Rallink will read it later as he has another important matter to deal with. Much vulgar mistreatment of poordarling repulsive children.

A Maurice is at a loose end for the day. He tries proselytising. There are loads of other temples, the one to Bahn being the biggest. Maurice spends the day sightseeing.

A Later Rallink returns. He says the letter was fascinating containing lots of stories. Rallink sends Maurice off after the Orb of Torlich. A secret message is passed from Rallink to Maurice for interest. It says something about a gate. He found a message in a book. The date the gate opened was the 21st of December; after some arithmetic he reached a total of 325. The book had odd pagination and on page 325 this rhyme appeared. [RHYME? - Ed] Much fiveness. Rallink does not know what the five shall be one means. It is all rather useful. After more research by Rallink he thinks the Star of the Seven Firmaments was sundered. The evil at Gran Fordir could be a one fifth part of The Star. Rallink will ponder on this.

A Rallink has been consulting the stars, an event of significance will occur at the end of October of this year. On the first of November, arithmetic makes 320 and on page 320 of the book is the following message. [MESSAGE - Ed] Also a pentagon. The symbols are in different orders. There is also the name Nagoole. Some gate will open on that day to admit a force of evil on the world, probably in north west Van Connel or south west Ruistor, and probably on the other side of the mountains. There is also a specific target of this evil force and it is the Party! Although it might be the Orb, it's hard to be sure.

A Death stalks the Party. How to stop this? Close the gate? Stop the gate from opening? Much ravaging on the way. Could it be a trap, it's all in the same book but very difficult to read.

A Maurice thinks he should get back to the Party as soon as possible. Maurice mentions the Mig problem and a semblance of the Pirfeltenke and how he froze in the sword. Was it the sword? Research will take time. Rallink has a message for Rustbulj.

C At this point the list of characters thought to be alive is as follows:

Party Member Army Member
Angelica Grayam Nobla * Baccus
Bazron * Grenadine Oleg Cherch
Belthazar [Guerin ?] * Pallea Glayde
Bhurt Herra Paltis Holmir
[Bolger ?] [Hoit] Rustbulj * Khalon
Borin Horan Sharell Lejak (?)
Bort Hortense * Temlin *
Brutzch Hrald Weggit
Calhassan Kirt (?) Whenslidayle
Cattawop [Lucius ?] Willan *
Chemos [Meskrin] Willowspring
Coffchomi [Mig ?] * Woden
Couron * Modo * Uspin
Farlas * Maurice * Yossilana
Franklin Nalin *
Gilthon * Nalon

* These characters have sworn on the sword or equivalent.

A After four or five days Rallink emerges from his research with a singed piece of paper showing the picture that Maurice wanted.

Thur 4 July 1588

(W/R 232)

A Coffchomi and Belthazar arrive at Salsorme

A Coffchomi and Belthazar arrive at Salsorme. Coffchomi goes to contemplate in the Amnis church, it is looking shabbier than when he last saw it. He thinks about taking a bath. Belthazar asks after Gilla who gives her a scented letter for Farlas.

A Coffchomi will also go back to Yen and meditates about having a bath. He notices some ships sailing away from Salsorme flying the flag of the Winged Arrow. The Rilotar goes in to reverse.

Fri 5 July 1588

(W/R 231)

A The Party arrive on Babouda and instigate enquiries

A The Party arrive on Babouda. There is no sign of Harpiniel.

A Oleg and Bort go to talk to the harbour master. They pay a five silver piece mooring fee but don't get a look at the books.

A There is a big discussion about refunds of expenses.

A Oleg stays in port and starts drinking after failing to make any headway in enquiries about Torin.

A Couron goes to pull rank on the harbour master and has a much more successful result. Helnorota left on 21st April for Cheff on the Sea Lion. This was the first boat out after the Garandar which has been and gone several times since although it has not been in for a month. It does local trade in the Arpollin's island group. A chap called Terras (who fits the description of Torin) also left on the Sea Lion with Helnorota.

A Bhurt tries around the pubs for information on Terras or Torin. He fails miserably but Terras was asking questions about Helnorota claiming that he had stolen something from him. Although Terras sounded like a local he did not look like one. They still don't know where he is from. Helnorota was hanging around with a servant called Jarina from Mehrl, but she isn't here now. Jarina works as a maidservant for Caran, wife of Felanar the merchant, and probably arrived on one of Felanar's ships, the Rising Star. (Felanar does not own the Rising Sun). The Rising Star goes to Mehrl about once a week. Jarina was last here about three weeks ago.

A Farlas, Bort and Couron go back to the ship and tell Oceanus about the wretched snippets they have gleaned.

A Oleg spends a nice day sightseeing and shopping. He buys a new brooch and socks and a wooden spoon and some fresh ducks for Cattawop.

A Couron has previously been imprisoned on Mehrl and lived there a long time, however she does not know Caran.

Tue 12 July 1588 : Sat 9 July full moon

(W/R 231)

A Maurice sets off from Lehrbahn on the return journey to Salsorme

A Maurice sets off from Lehrbahn on the return journey to Salsorme. The highlights of the journey are Maurice's discussions on ways to count the months on your knuckles and his attempts to convert the entire river boat to Christos.

Thur 14 July 1588

(W/R 232)

A Franklin and Guerin arrive at Kirk, Franklin causes a bit of a stir

A Franklin and Guerin arrive at Kirk. Ub's estates now include Dran Terrace, Katrina Crescent, Luke Lane for the Lurking Lovers, Alros Avenue, Sturm Square and Abubakar (sic) Boulevard. There has been much new development. There is a Res (sic) Road and a Wirth Way as well!

A Guerin wants to stay in Kirk for a few days to see his parents. The old haunts are the same as ever. Guerin shows Franklin around. Franklin causes a stir-ette, this may be because he is a six foot seven inch black chap, or it may be something else! They have a message for Marius Tellman and have not yet lost it. Ub is not in town at the moment but Guerin wants to examine his bank account. He experiences some difficulty so he resorts to name dropping.

Fri 15 July 1588

(W/R 232)

A Franklin and Guerin find Marius Tellman at Jollwater Bridge

A Franklin and Guerin head for Jollwater Bridge with a blue fish convoy. It is far too safe! Marius Tellman is still there and Guerin gets a conversation with him. Guerin hands over the messages. There is much food for thought. All the news is passed on. Guerin tells the story of the duel and of Raff's death, the mugging, the Lodrell trial, etc. Marius does a lot of moralising and tells Guerin that he must still help the quest as he is sworn to it. Marius writes a reference for the bank. Tells the tale of the Trosahn episode.

A Marius says that there has been a resurgence of power in the Four Kingdoms but it is difficult to do something to counter it. Timothy the Paladin is missing, he has been travelling wildly. Marius has investigators out.

A Marius offers Guerin a quest related job in his service. Guerin is to return to Marius in a fortnight equipped for tasks and adventure.

Sat 16 July 1588

(W/R 231)

A Investigations continue on Babouda

B A small group is formed to continue the investigations

C The rest prepare to return to Yen

D After discussion and with some reservations, the Party agree to let Woden travel with them

A On Babouda, Farlas has an idea to send Lejak out with an important note for Terras and a crown [GPN - stingy] for information on Terras. Lejak gets half a crown.

A Modo enquires about the use of the boat for army or Party [The Rilotar? - Ed]. The boat is to transport the army. The business on Babouda is the Party's. Modo agrees that he can help with breaking and entering.

A At Hortense's suggestion Oleg asks around the ship captains and establishes that Gorrin is a smuggler and that the Dawn Light was seen near Domica early in June. Domica is south of Babouda, Helnorota's body was discovered north of Babouda.

A Cattawop cleans her equipment thoroughly.

B A small group of Oleg, Bhurt, Bort, Chemos and Hrald is formed to undertake the Party business of taking stock and letting Oleg work out exactly what we have found out. The small group is in dire financial straits. There are only 73 crowns left. The Small Party take it all, plus 50 from Hortense and Oceanus will pay it back to the bank at Kirk.

C The rest of the horde are off to Yen and start to evacuate. There is a query over Woden's situation as Farlas is not happy about a druid travelling with the Winged Arrow, as the druids are allied with Connel. We need a Party council.

D Farlas talks to the Party council about Woden's request to come back with the Party. Hortense says that she has been 'forbidden' by Rustbulj from taking Woden along, but she ignores the ban. Woden is interested in Trosahn, but wonders why we are still in the Fehermes when she is not. Woden is worried about his son Brutzch, which seems reasonable. The Party decide to take Woden with them.

Mon 18 July 1588

(W/R 236 - 237 + 232)

A The small group on Babouda continue enquiries and meet Banchek

B Complicated negotiations over passage with either Banchek or Jorkim

C Investigations continue

D Guerin gets some money from the bank in Kirk and goes to see his parents

A Oleg, Bhurt, Bort, Chemos and Hrald are accosted by a man called Banchek Mac Uspin who is breathing vengeance against Torin, known as Terras, who killed, or is suspected of doing so, his daughter. He has heard of Helnorota. Bhurt is told to shut up whilst Oleg tries not to be insensitive. Banchek is from Babouda. His daughter, Hellene, vanished weeks ago. Terras was seen hanging round her.

A An old man called Terek asks Bhurt about bracelets on Cheff. Bort gets him a drink and he explains that a friend of his called Jorkim has a boat. Apparently Jorkim walked out on seeing us foreigners. It turns out that Jorkim's last passenger did a runner leaving behind a pile of Cheff bracelets. Any offers? Bhurt is taken to meet Jorkim.

A Terras was asking about Helnorota which is how Banchek had heard of him. Terras was lurking in the Wooden Shades and left on the Sea Lion on 20th April. Helnorota bought [bracelets - Ed] from a jeweller called Pillan who was burglar shortly afterwards. Helnorota was staying at the "Green Bottle". Hrald is persuaded not to make comments about Careen's death. Banchek is taken off for a walk by Oleg to get him away from Oleg's heathen companions!

B Terek and Bhurt see an old chap on the wharf who mutters something about Connel supporters. Bhurt launches in to "Bhurt agree mode". There is a tale of woe about the bracelet cargo by Salraf the foreigner bracelet trader from Yen! After some political talk Bhurt starts a fine performance about a special client needing a special bracelet. Jorkim instantly shows interest. They look a cargo in a hamper and Bhurt sees Sepia's Cloak, but plays it cool. Complicated deal talk ensues. Jorkim is getting tough about his boat being the only one possible to take the party from island to island. He boasts about how far he's sailed. They repair to a pub.

B Jorkim's boat is called the Sea Elf. There is much trade talk and ferreting from Jorkim about the Party. Desmond? Jorkim is being highly sneaky in negotiations about the special bracelet. He says he has a jeweller friend on Mehrl who could cobble together a bracelet for a discerning client. Bhurt steers Jorkim away from the idea of faking it.

B Jorkim suggests the groups claimed connection to the Winged Arrow is supercilious and patronising. Bhurt gets serious that the bracelet hunt is kosher, despite the Winged Arrow connection. Is Jorkim sceptical? Bort denies that the group are on Winged Arrow business, they are not on their own business. The Winged Arrow is not not in favour. He gets very vague and open ended.

B Oleg, Hrald and Bort meet Jorkim and have a Zen conversation on the properties of snow and hail. Banchek's boat is a cog called the Snail, he is happy to let us come along on it. Jorkim tries to denigrate it. Chemos is rapidly getting through the women of Babouda so he has a grapple with Hrald.

B Jorkim is keen to earn a commission, sells skills. He knows Mehrl. There is a big fight [verbal - Ed] resulting in a lot of hurt feelings. The group agree to let Bhurt run the deal making side of the expedition. Banchek and Jorkim make a deal allowing Banchek to get money by renting his boat out elsewhere whilst Jorkim does the conveying of the group to Torin and the bracelet. Bhurt proposes a new deal of a sixth of the reward for Jorkim's help, instead of a mythical tenth of fifty crowns. Unfortunately Jorkim wants the fifty crown deal. Bhurt tries the personal affront tack but Jorkim makes sure the group hear him say "I'll take the gentleman's first offer".

B Bort checks out the "Green Bottle", it's an up market sort of place. He buys a drink and claims cousinship with the barman. He asks after Helnorota. Meanwhile Bhurt talks Banchek into a 10% partnership.

B Chemos negotiates with Jorkim, but we don't like him and won't take his boat. Chemos and Oleg go to the harbour with Bhurt and Banchek to look at boats. Passage is available although hiring is impossible we must buy it. Bort finds the group and reports. He has spent ten crowns to find out the Jarina and Helnorota story and that the Wooden Shades is a dodgy area. Bhurt heads off to the Wooden Shades.

B Banchek is still muddled. The group will take the Snail and him and pay his overheads. The crews wages are three crowns a week per sailor. passage is one crown per day otherwise. We can't afford it!

C The group put off making a decision. Bhurt asks after Terras in the Wooden Shades. It is an intimidating place. The barman says he is busy.

C Banchek and Bort chat about the jeweller contact he has.

C Chemos has not had a woman all day and is suffering from spontaneous rejection.

C Bhurt comes back but returns to the 'Shades after dark.

C Chemos is desperate.

C Banchek and Bort go to the jeweller.

C Bhurt makes some headway with the barman and discovers that a man called Theskin might be a good source. Bhurt gets a pickled fish sandwich and goes to find Theskin. Someone arrives and there is a nice vague conversation about Torin's stay in Babouda and how we know about it. Bhurt asks Theskin about Helnorota. All is very calm and quiet as Theskin says he will see Bhurt later in the pub we are staying in.

C Banchek and Bort go to see if Pallin is still in the market place. Bort hits the pub whilst Banchek talks to Pallin. He finds out that Helnorota may have bought a Cheff shell bracelet, but it was not of good quality, just ordinary. When he was burgled a gold ruby ring was taken by a little fat foreigner who had been arrested before.

C Theskin is nondescript.

D Guerin turns up at the bank in Kirk brandishing the letter from Marius Tellman. The clerk who gave him a hard time before is stomach churningly abject. Guerin gets his money.

D The tournament in Kirk starts next week. Guerin intends to take part in the hand to hand combat. He goes to see his parents who smother him with fussing but he's missed the tournament after all.

Tue 19 July 1588

(W/R unnumbered (after 237))

A Investigations into Helnorota and Sepia's Cloak continue on Babouda

B Pansal Mac Derin joins up with the group

C Deliberations over Banchek or Jorkim are resolved, by the toss of a coin! Then changed!!

A Banchek goes to see Pillan. The gold ruby ring was stolen at the time when Helnorota was around. There was a little fat foreign man who was in a fight before who may have stolen it. Helnorota had bought an ordinary bracelet.

B Pansal Mac Derin meets Bhurt in a pub. Pansal talks about Helnorota and may have some information about him in exchange for a consideration. He says that helnorota is dead and tells about Jarina.He saw her at the Green Bottle and suspects there may be more to it. Pansal knows about boats and wants to get back to the mainland. Information or items were passing between Helnorota and Jarina. Pansal goes to the Green Bottle to find out more about Helnorota and Jarina.

A Bhurt uses his contact and also tries to find Oceanus. The contact wants money. Bort tries to ask a random guard about the little fat foreigner and gets a very aggressive response. Bort narrowly avoids getting arrested.... but not for long!

A Banchek sees Pillan again. The bracelet was of cheff origin but did not have jewels or pearls in it. Bhurt tells about hiding jewels in a bracelet.

C More deliberations take place concerning the hire of boats. They decide on the Snail based on the toss of a coin. Someone has changed their mind about the boat. Banchek gives fifty crowns to Jorkim, Jorkim also settles 5%.

Wed 20 July 1588

(W/R unnumbered (after 237))

A Investigations on Babouda continue to get nowhere

A Pansal has more information. Helnorota used to leave something for someone to pick up in the Green Bottle. Was Helnorota a smuggler? Wait for Jarina and see what she does when she gets to the island.

A Bhurt's contact gets him some information but he finds out nothing new.

A Jorkim prepares his boat and supplies.

A We find out that the name of the fat guy is Zorostin. Banchek goes to "certain people" and tells them that his name is Zorostin. So what won't go by that name but definitely some guy. [Don't understand - Ed]

Thur 21 July 1588

(W/R unnumbered (after 237))

A Attempts are made to find Zorostin

A The group consider how to flush out Zorostin. Could they send a coded message? They meet Jorkim's nephew, Jorkim [How DO we find them? - Ed] Jarina always stays in the same room at the Green Bottle. Jorkim says he got his bracelets from the foreigner from Yen. He went round the islands with him after picking him up on Sohan when he was taking the bracelets to Cheff with some other stuff, unusual shells and perfume. He left Yen after the Winged Arrow and left [here? - Ed] four days ago talking of going to Mehrl.

A Zorostin came on the same boat as Helnorota and seemed to have a connection with him.

A There is a discussion over whether the group should split up or not.

Fri 22 July 1588

(W/R unnumbered (after 237) - 238 + 234 + 232)

A Jarina arrives on Babouda with Caran

B Oleg reviews the time line of Helnorota's death

C Belthazar and Coffchomi arrive on Yen

D The Party realise they are hideously late

A Jarina turns up. We go to the usual adjoining rooms and keep an eye on her. Bort gets a room at the "Green Bottle". Caran, wife of Felanar, and her maid from Mehrl come here for a shopping trip. Bhurt is thinking of a message for Jarina. Bort talks to her in the street, he says a friend of Helnorota would like to see her. She is likely to stay for a few days.

A Jarina left messages for Helnorota at the bar. Pansal tries to get the messages she left 'for delivery' but fails to convince the bar maid in the "Green Bottle"

A Bhurt uses his contacts. Jarina seems not to know that Helnorota is dead she is still leaving messages.

B A time line of events concerning the disappearance of Helnorota is constructed.

9-14 April
Helnorota left for Garand from Babouda on Garandar
Torin left on Rising Sun
17 April
Coming from Domica, Helnorota passed through Garand on route to Tabag
20 April
Terras left [Garand?] on Sea Lion on route to Cheff
21 April (or before)
Helnorota left Babouda for Cheff with Torin following
28 April
Helnorota meets sea elves at Cheff
2 May
Torin arrived on Garand from Cheff on route to Tabag
6 May
Helnorota is on Tabag with Careen
7 May
Blonde man left Tabag onDawn Light
3 June
Harry saw Helnorota on Cheff, he got a small boat to Garand on route to Cheff
5-9 June
Dawn Light seen at Domica
7 or 8 June
Oceanus thinks Helnorota was killed
13 June
Helnorota found dead in the sea north of Cheff and Babouda
Torin came through Garand on route for Tabag
15 June
Careen killed (maybe as late as 9 July?)

B The Blonde man, Torin and Terras are thought to be the same person.

[W/R 234 contains original time line diagram. W/R 235 contains map of Fehermes with journeys transcribed - Ed]

[And that's the last appearance that this branch of the story makes in the record!! - Ed]

C Belthazar and Coffchomi arrive on Yen. Greetings are exchanged all round. Nobla has been working on the lyrics to his "Liberation Song" for best part of a year now and has developed it to

  Many men land on Yen

Loads of men land on Berem.

with appropriate drum accompaniment.

C Belthazar is pissed off. She complains that they were put in prison on 24th July 1587, not released until 21st June 1588 and didn't arrive in Salsorme until 4th July. This Sunday is the first anniversary of their incarceration. Belthazar hands over the smelly letter to Farlas. [GPN - Tone gets squirted] Tales of Lucius and Hell. Poor baffled Belthazar. Willan's rank is exalted.

D Will Maenog notice that the army is leaving Yen? Should he be killed before hand? What about his spies for Connel?

D They suddenly realise they are in danger of missing the fight altogether. There has been a sudden loss of time control. The Party are hideously late!

D Couron wants to get it off her chest about taking some sort of tower or not. Another thrilling philosophical discussion develops.

Sun 24 July 1588 new moon

(W/R 232)

A Guerin wins in the tournament in Kirk

A In Kirk, rumours that Guerin had missed the tournament prove unfounded. Guerin strolls through to the semi-finals where he thrashes his opponent. He romps through the final and picks up fifty gold pieces. He was imagining his opponent was Gilthon in ecery fight!