Adventures in the Four Kingdoms

Can our heroes survive another year in the Lagoin speaking lands of the Four Kingdoms?... Will their new found positions of wealth and glory just mean they have even more enemies?... When will Willan finally win a fight without being cut down in the first few seconds?... What does "writing on ground and wall snakes key" mean?... What is Trosham up to and who really killed the princess?... And just where are the five, mysterious but much sought after pieces of that evil artefact
"the Star of the Seven Firmaments"?

In the ten years of their quest, the adventurers have killed dragons, rescued princesses, besieged castles, fought wars and braved darkness and danger on three continents. Kings, wizards, thieves and ladies of dubious virtue are amongst their allies; demonists, necromancers and assassins amongst their enemies. They have visited Hell to rescue a dead comrade, been royally rewarded and cruelly punished for their activities and have drunk enough magic potions to float King Connel's flagship.

And they have found one piece of the Star.

Questors Chronicle