4 Kingdoms

Quest Lore

Over the years, a great deal of intelligence has been gathered about the Star of the Seven Firmaments and the mysterious "Five" who controlled it and who tried to use it to summon the demon Gamlich. Much of this knowledge is in the form of documents of one kind or another, that have been unearthed (often literally) by the heroes.

Poems and Puzzles
In many of the places visited in the search for the Star, information had been left in the form of poem-like puzzles, usually with multiples of five lines and five words to the line. Such clues appear to have been left to aid the forces supporting The Five and use patterns familiar to such creatures. However, the more experienced adventurers are becoming quite adept at solving these conundrums.
Information has also been obtained from other sources in a simlarly cryptic guise. The interpretation of such information is the source of much debate.
The history of the Star and of the Five is interwoven with the history of the Four Kingdoms themselves.
History and Legends
Other adventurers and other scribes have been touched by the Five and have recorded their deeds and thoughts through the ages. Such records rarely survive, but some fragments have been discovered.
Zarl Kruger's Journal
Zarl Kruger himself kept this record of the building of his tower at Granfordir - the only location so far where an actaul peice of the Star has been found.
Guthron's Book
In the distant, desert lands of Azilhar this history of the religion and followers of NahamMerch was retrieved from the tomb of Guthron, apparently a direct descendent of the evil priest himself.
Martek's Research
Also in Azilhar, a land not noted for its literary tradition, came this document left by Martek, a sworn enemy of NahamMerch and his followers. Martek had foreseen that other heroes would come to continue his work and he left information and treasures for them to use in their quest.
Bryn's Records
In the heart of Salsorme, Bryn, a necromancer and follower of Neslahm, spied on the party and recorded their activities and his hideous experiments.