Players and Characters

Players and Guests

Current Players

Jonathan Cardy (JC) First session to date
Martin Clark (MC) Very early to date, mostly as Gamesmaster
Richard Hodson (RH) First session to date with short break near start
Tony Glasper (TG) Very early to date
Andy Leach (AL) Before the first session to date
Simon Lewry (SL) Fairly early to date, Editor of e-Record
Edmund Lewry (EL) One of only two recruits since about 1986, played first session end of 2004. Son of SL.


Nigel Barnett (NB) One session, fairly early
Gerry Cobb (GC) Most of the first year
Caroline Hodson (CH) Earlyish to 2003
Martin Fowler (MF) Original Gamesmaster, followed by occasional NPC appearances and a return for one scenario as surprise, celebrity guest Gamesmaster.
Neil Gravestock (NG) Short period near the beginning
Jeremy ? (J) Briefly in early middle, friend of GW
Keith ? (K) Second session only
John Hugh Kohler (JK) First few sessions
Kate MacDonald (KM) One of only two recruits since about 1986, played early 90's, left to marry David Marsh
One Other (OO) A few early sessions [Not his real name! - Ed]
Barbara Savage (BS) A few memorable appearances as Miella
Geoffrey Warlock (GW) Short period in early middle. [It is his real name! - Ed]

Guest Players

Nicky Boyce (NB) Played potential recruits at one session at Tulse Hill
David Marsh (DM) Occasional consultant Gamesmaster and various NPC's during the first decade.

Active or retired characters

A top
Abubacâ Jamil Gûl-Reza Khan 25 Sep 88 Bedouin like alchemist/magician from Azilhar, Rez's brother SL
Angelica tyr Christos 20 Mar 88 Christian Cleric, follower of Rustbulj TG
Archamon   see Willan SL
Aretha syg Cheskon, The Lady 25 Sep 88 Minor noble women abducted by Abubacâ SL
Arion 18 Feb 85 to 12 Jul 85 Halfling thief, companion of Athol OO
B top
Baccus mac Githâ 13 Jul 87 Rare Hulon citizen of Salsorme, guitarist JC
Badr-al-Dujja 2 Jun 89 Member of Ub's trip to Azilhar MC
Barft 16 Feb 87 to 28 Oct 88 Owl, used to travel with Hortense, now with Gillinaran at Zeim Falc JC
Bazron 4 Sep 80 Dwarfen fighter hired by Nalin, prefers to work single handed AL
Belar 6 May 86 to 3 Jun 86 Thrune cleric introduced by Calhan TG
Beleglach 25 Sep 89 One of "The Three". "Great Leaping Flame" - See Ralpere; Beleglach TG
Belthazar tyr Farah 27 Mar 87 Hippy tart Farah cleric TG
Beowald 20 Sep 80 to 4 Nov 80 Saxon fighter henchman of Charteris GC
Bhurt 8 Jun 88 to 22 Juy 1588 Fehermaean spiv RH
Biron 2 Sep 88 to 21 Sep 88 Salsorme lawyer, discovered in dungeon in Kimba's house KM
Borin 14 Oct 86 to 2 July 2588 Literally! Well educated dwarf with a penchant for oratory RH
Bort 14 Mar 88 to 22 Juy 1588 Sharell's brother CH
Brutzch mac Woden 6 May 86 to 27 Jun 86,
13 Nov 86
Bruiser, son of Woden JC
C top
Caerlig 1 Jun 80 to 22 Jun 80 A thief whom Marius Tellman tells us not to trust! [See also - People] JK
Calhassan tyr Farah 5 Sep 85 to 21 Apr 86,
9 May 87
Personal Physician to Modo SL
Calligula 1 Jun 80 to 12 Jun 80 Evil Christian Elvish cleric, Apparently killed by Lucius but then sent to Sturville JC
Caroline 16 Feb 86 to 6 May 1586 Sloane Wizardess RH
Charteris 3 Jun 80 to 4 Nov 80 Friend of Calligula, exiled by the bishop of Kirk GC
Chemos tyr Thrune 19 Sep 86 Son of Paltis and Grenadine SL
Cherch 6 Apr 87 Halonafen, leader of the sea docks raid at liberation of Salsorme in 1588 JC
Clatrina dun Ressig 30 Nov 88 to 16 Jan 1589 Female from Ur-Hannar, Captain of Ub's guard RH
Coffchomi tyr Amnis 6 May 86 Robust but ageing Amnis cleric SL
Comte du Plat 24 Apr 89 Stately and aged emissary of Salsorme JC
Coralyn 30 Sep 85 to 30 May 86 Female fighter MC
Couron syg Arpollin 7 Sep 87 Cousin of Arpollin, Envoy to Salsorme TG
D top
Dran 1 Jun 80 to 20 Sep 80 Skilled fighter, devoted friend and bodyguard of Ub, gorilla RH
Dreagh mac Brillin 7 Sep 88 Jobsworth TG
E top
F top
Fabius mac Chemos 3 Nov 88 to 3 Apr 1590 A poor traveller RH
Farlas lyn Falc 20 Sep 80 to 12 Jul 85,
16 Feb 86
Confused Elf -aka. Gilinar Gizan ("The Winged Arrow"), Margrave of Terelgem, Knight of the Golden Falcon (Warden of Tamtiris, Warden of Dachar and Dasfur), possibly others - wouldn't you be confused? RH
Franklin Fitzgerald Moore 22 Jan 86 to 15 Jul 1588 Big Black Bloke RH
G top
Garstang 13 Nov 86 to 11 Apr 87 Tall bloke GW
Giganticus 11 Nov 88 Small circus performer, former catapultist in Van Lies JC
Gilinar Gizan   The Winged Arrow - Farlas RH
Gilthon lyn Falc 24 Jun 87 Knight of the Golden Falcon, from Meresvale - Younger son of the Elorian family JC
Gonjon Bren 28 Jan 89 Mage from Kirk TG
Grayam mac Hodar 2 Mar 87 Member of Modo's bodyguard SL
Grenadine gul Paltis 19 Sep 86 Wife of Paltis, Mother of Chemos SL
Grim Grimson the Grim 26 Oct 88 Northlander, Ex-Thorgrim of Thunar SL
Grot See Trendel. MC
Guerin Balsaan "Sinselin" 4 Nov 80 Fighter, "The edge of law" AL
Gunnar Ragnarsson 29 Mar 89 Northlander by name who just "joins in" during the Goltorn Spring Fayre 89 AL
H top
Harry the Hawk 6 Jun 89 Avian companion of Vesquer JC
Herra mac Helm 25 Apr 86 to 8 Feb 87,
11 Feb 89 to 19 Sep 1589
Earthy miscreant CH
Hoho Hairfoot XVI 28 Mar 89 Leader of Salsorme Halfling community, alleged League luminary SL
Holmir lyn Farrin 22 Jun 87 Ex-General of League forces in Fehermes SL
Horan mac Talon 14 Oct 86 Slightly gaudy Hulon Thief from Salsorme docklands, hates water SL
H'Spir Salit tyr Essini 30 Mar 89 Womanising Essini priest JC
Hrald Bjornson 26 Dec 87 to 22 Jul 1588 Northlander KM
I top
Isiil Oômé 1 Nov 88 3rd incarnation of Mig, sometimes wears Essini robes JC
Iz 3 Nov 88 to 11 Feb 1589 Private Investigator in Lehrbahn CH
J top
Ja'hin-nur 2 Nov 1588 to 2 Nov 1588 Mysterious female fighter encountered in the Silver Void CH
Jarrys mac Sorrin 26 Jan 89 Christian priest AL
Jorkim mac Lethil 8 Aug 88 to 3 Apr 1589 Kalsket's nephew RH
Jorkim mac Helime 18 Jul 88 to 22 Jul 1588 Grizzled sea dog, uncle of Jorkim mac Jorkim, first met in Babouda JC
Jorkim mac Jorkim 21 Jul 88 to 22 Jul 1588 Nephew of Jorkim mac Helime, not to be trusted with sharp objects JC
Juleau De Lohngâui 7 Sep 88 to 3 Apr 1589 Acrobat searching for lost husband CH
K top
Karrak mac Kirt 28 Jan 89 Traveller robbed by Trosahn TG
Khulin 8 Sep 88 to 8 Sep 1588 Female Salsorme Dwarf KM
Kneebone nem Joll 20 May 81 to 1 May 86 Lower class Raffles, aka Kneebone the Sly. See also Wirth M'Travers MC
Koran 28 Aug 86 to 13 Nov 86 Hunter, assistant to Silka GW
Kreeban 10 Aug 86 to 24 Aug 1586 Scout (bounty hunter) found in the mountain pass Ruistor GW
L top
Lally 22 Nov 85 to 21 April 1586 One of Offa's wardogs JC
Larn 10 Jun 85 to 24 Oct 85 Berserker from King of Meresvale first encountered 4 Sep 81 NPC
Lejak 24 Jun 88 to 21 Apr 1589 Superhero, alter ego as Willan's squire RH
Lesera 28 Mar 89 to 28 Mar 1589 Rusitor Farah cleric RH
Llewin 5 Nov 80 to 22 Dec 1580 Druid JK
Loj the ferret 30 Oct 85 to 21 Apr 1586 Assists Party thieves in Connelberg, really is a ferret MC
Lucius Nem Joll 4 Jun 80 to 2 Oct 87,
21 Apr 89
Guard of Kirk and Jollwater convoys, killed by stray arrow at Battle of Berem, walked the path, blew it and was wished back to life by accident by Willan TG
Luke 2 Jun 80 to 2 Jun 1580 Thief from Ub's group RH
Lusch 6 May 86 to 27 Jun 86 Lion colleague of Brutzch and Woden JC
Lydia tyr Borealac 1 Jan 86 to 21 May 86 Hippy chick. Formed a commune with Trendel MC
Lyn Farrin 22 Jun 87 Title adopted by Holmir SL
M top
Macar Ar (MacArar mac Arrar)   "One of the Three", means "Noble swordsman". See Willan CH
Marinan mac Leerhn 01 Jun 90 Seafarer adventurer guide. EL
Meskrin tyr Amnis 30 Sep 85 to 29 Nov 85,
14 Oct 86
Human who acts like an Elf, twin brother of Neskrin TG
Modo Greenhill 5 Sep 85 to 21 Apr 86,
2 Mar 87
Halfling Thief, Representative of League Of Los Nystel SL
N top
Nalin Khrudzûk 1 Jun 80 Young dwarf, Current Leader of Party (1588) and Factor of Pelektorn and holder of "Most deaths" record AL
Narlon mac Narlon 8 Jun 88 Leader of Clan Bharazrach's cultural exchange with Dwarf's of Salsorme JC
O top
Obum 3 Nov 88 to 3 Apr 90 Female companion of Fabius, slave with insubstantial clothing allowance RH
Oceanus 18 Nov 80 to 22 Dec 80 Sea elf fighter thief RH
Oleg 10 Jan 88 to 22 Jul 1588 Northlander related to Olweg KM
P top
Pallea 20 May 81 to 12 Jul 85,
16 Feb 86
Even better class of girly, easy - henchouri of Farlas RH
Paltis mac Xestroth 19 Sep 86 Tinker, husband of Grenadine, father of Chemos SL
Pansal mac Derin 19 Jul 88 Informant about Helno Rota on Babouda AL
Paxon 2 Jun 80 to 17 Aug 80 Cleric found in cells in the Lichway NPC
Pinella 2 Jun 80 to 17 Aug 80 Magic user found bound and naked next to an exhausted man NPC
Polly 2 Sep 88 to 31 Oct 88 Iguana, used to belong to Q'Sharl SL
Polvyr mac Friel 31 Oct 88 Messenger from Rallink AL
Prince 5 Jun 89 to 3 Apr 90 Inseparable colleague of Fabius, a toad RH
Q top
R top
Ralpere MacBressel 7 Apr 86 to 7 Apr 86,
3 Nov 88
Paladin knight of Essini from Lehrbahn, joined at second application aka. "Beleglach" - "Great Leaping Flame". TG
Rantroarer 4 Jun 80 to 9 Aug 80 Methodist cleric, real name Abel Johnson, converted Nalin from evil RH
Rezaharaamam "Rez" Gûlhrina Mohood M'harir 25 Sep 88 Azilharin thief, Abubacâ's sister SL
Rustbulj (the Corpulent) tyr Christos 2 Nov 80 Christian Bishop of Salsorme MC
S top
San Angmar 28 Mar 81 to 27 Aug 81 Fighter thief NB
Sebell 20 Sep 80 to 31 Oct 80 Druid GC
Sharell 16 Jun 87 to 22 April 89 Better class kind of girly CH
Silka 29 Aug 86 to 13 Nov 86 Female magician GW
Skelly 22 Dec 88 to 10 Jan 1589 Dagur cleric from Pelektorn CH
Sorrig 29 Nov 85 to 29 Nov 85 Female magic user from Mercselm's group NPC
Surredin tyr Thrune 11 Feb 89 Young Thrune priest introduced by Garran and Sorrell ??
T top
T.R. 2 Nov 88 to 2 Nov 88 Even more mysterious companion of Ja'Hin-Nur RH
Taran Ir Anendil 2 Sep 88 Originally thought to mean "First of the friends of the sword" - New improved Uspin, reincarnated as past hero. One of "The Three". Name a corruption of "Taurè-rana" Ir AnEndil meaning approximately "Forest wanderer, the One friend in need" RH
Temlin mac Chemos 7 Jul 86 Bookish translator of Caspar's documents, ex-leader (briefly in Oct 1588) TG
Toncella syg Lamine 1 Jan 86 to 1 Jan 86 Houri ??
Trendel 5 Sep 85 to 21 May 1586 Mercenary from Salabaron, did sterling work at the temple, originally known as Grot the Survivor. Left to form a commune with Lydia. MC
Tressor 10 Apr 86 Forgetful magic user TG
U top
Ub 1 Jun 80 to 4 Jun 80
20 Aug 80 to 20 Sep 80
Dwarfen Sheriff of Kirk, Prominent merchant and Banker, Manager of Questors RH
V top
Varsity Chelwitz 28 Mar 89 Diary secretary to Hoho SL
Vesquer mac Vesquar 24 Apr 89 Scribe to Comte JC
Voronia syg Dallon 1 Jan 86 to 1 Jan 86 Magic User AL
W top
Wem 2 Sep 88 to 7 Sep 88 Coffin bearer KM
Whenslidayle mac Trellik 14 Aug 87 Member of Modo's bodyguard SL
Whyrvan 04 Apr 90 Half Sea-elf acquaintance of Oceanus. EL
Willan mac Selas 12 Jul 85 Sword wielder, big fighter from Paranis - falls over a lot. Aka: Archamon; Aka: Macar Ar "Noble Swordsman" CH
Willowspring 3 Jul 88 to 3 Jul 88 Pardon? A bit Elven CH
Winged Arrow, The   See Farlas and Gilinar Gizan RH
Woden tyr Del 6 May 86 to 27 Jun 86 Impossibly youthful druid, considering he's father of Brutzch JC
X top
Y top
Yossilana 5 Mar 88 Farlas's spiritual adviser originally known as Sliarnos RH
Yougo   See Scannon SL
Z top

Confirmed Dead Characters (DoD)

Aesop mac Aesop 6 Apr 87 to 1 Jun 87 Introduced by Horan, killed by arrow fire during battle of Malanak SL
Algammon lyn Falc 7 Jul 86 to 11 Aug 86 Elven Knight of the Golden Falcon, Killed in fight with giants and other humanoids GW
Aristeides Quixoté 20 May 81 to 25 Nov 85 Sexist poseur paladin, Killed storming Dori's mine when heavily outnumbered JC
Asargoth 9 Apr 87 to 9 Jun 87 Original general of the League troops, killed in battle with Slothstosth SL
Athol 18 Feb 85 to 12 Mar 85 Magician, "Magic missiled" by Zorastin OO
Bolger tyr Thrune 2 Jul 88 to 2 Nov 88 Dwarfen Thrune Cleric, "Fireballed" by githianki JC
Breddruen 12 Jul 85 to 3 Apr 86 Elven thief and magic user, victim of mass "Fireball" near Maindees TG
Burana lyn Falc 12 Oct 88 to 2 Nov 88 Knight of the Golden Falcon, In combat with githianki priest in Silver Void JC
Carl Berg 26 Oct 88 to 1 Nov 88 Grim Grimson's squire. Giving birth to butterflies SL
Cattawop 6 Mar 88 to 2 Sep 88 warrior cook, rapidly accumulated wounds in Granistel KM
Chem 20 May 86 to 9 Jun 87 Dagur cleric, Brained by falling masonry CH
DenConnu tyr Essini 18 Jul 85 to 9 Jun 97 Unpopular Essini flautist, Torpedo jellyfish crabbed JC
Dek 20 Aug 85 to 21 Apr 86 Magic User, axed from behind by thief with Turvey MC
Drasmar Feld 20 May 81 to Tue 23 Aug 1587 Illusionist, henchman of Nalin, accidentally trapped in a web spell by Farlas, and then slain by Argavan and Estravan lyn Falc, the knights who were attempted to assassinate Farlas at Tereh. AL
Druerloth 30 Sep 85 to 27 May 86 Female elven druid, toasted by fire Elemental TG
Elsbeth 3 Jun 80 to 4 Jun 80 Friend of Calligula, killed by Dran after she murdered Ub K
Fidella 12 Jul 85 to 26 Aug 85 Rough looking soldier woman from Paranis, cut down and killed by lizard men MC
Fizz 13 Jun 80 to 26 Jun 80 Officious De Ponse Cholmondeley Smythe, Mage, stabbed by assassin JC
Halliponob/Nobby 9 Apr 86 to 20 Aug 86 Big drunk known as Nobby, accosted by a chair SL
Halroddin mac Treskin 14 Sep 85 to 3 Apr 86 Druid, victim of mass "Fireball" near Maindees SL
Heighdhon the Healer 22 Dec 88 to 3 Jan 89 Retired necromancer (then known as Knodei), eaten by a black hole JC
Heurequeque 1 Jun 1590 to 6 Jun 1590 Modo's cook "Fireballed" near Seahaven SL
Hoit 2 Mar 87 to 25 Jul 87 Member of Modo's bodyguard, killed at pirate settlement on Quemel SL
Honest John 20 May 81 to 17 Mar 85 Thief, killed by Rustbulj using Nalin's "Cursed" scroll. RH
Hortense De Ponse Cholmondeley Smythe 20 Sep 80 to 17 Oct 88 Eccentric christian, professional old maid and student of arcane. Poisoned by Spiders and Fungused. JC
Huffi 22 Dec 88 to 3 Jan 89 Dwarfen miner, victim of senseless divine murder following a selfless act SL
Ir'dohn 20 Sep 80 to 27 Sep 80 Elven magic user, turned to stone by a medusa RH
Irnaggis lyn Falc 16 Feb 86 to 30 Sep 87 Knight of the Golden Falcon, killed in heroic frontal attack on a tower at Berem RH
Jesslyn syg Monttra 1 Jan 86 to 3 Apr 86 Farah cleric, victim of mass "Fireball" near Maindees TG
Kalsket 18 Feb 86 to 15 Jan 88 Essini Priest, killed by vampire bats RH
Kirt mac Cheff 10 Apr 87 to 2 Sep 88 Fighter, mortally wounded by Connel soldiers in Granistel - very heroic TG
Lorris 20 May 81-<23 Feb 86 Cleric, ripped to pieces by unidentified strange creature while cursed MC
Losarn 4 Nov 80 to 30 Jun 85 Pacifist cleric. Fireballed by unknown humanoid TG
Maurice tyr Christos 7 Jul 86 to 17 Oct 88 Christian Priest. Squashed by cave. AL
Mig Pattie Nem Orlane 20 May 81 to 30 May 86 Ranger Fighter, reincarnated as Pirfeltenke, currently Isiil OÔMÉ JC
Mistlethrush 14 Oct 86-? Mar 87 A body guard type, killed whilst with the evil Herra - so says Hortense GW
Misursh 16 Feb 86 to 20 Aug 86 Knight of the Golden Falcon, taken prisoner and killed by fire giants in the tower in the pass RH
Neskrin 30 Sep 85 to 23 Nov 85 Twin brother of Meskrin, killed by flying things at the alter in Dori's mine TG
Nobla 4 Sep 87 to 2 Nov 88 Dwarf, Unintentionally fireballed by Ja'hin-nur (just after Bolger's demise) JC
Nylas 3 Nov 88 to 19 Sep 89 Mercenary fighter, Charmed by Tusula, executed by behedding by Farlas JC
Offa Nem Orlane 26 Aug 80 to 21 Apr 86 Ranger - later, Sword wielder, Stabbed by Modo who was protecting Lucius JC
Pintow 20 May 81 to 26 Aug 85 Druid, cut down and killed by lizard men TG
Pipluk 25 Sep 80 to 29 Dec 80 Elven thief from Odo's group (2 Jun 80), Ravaged by wolves whilst weak from trek RH
Pirfeltenke 23 Apr 87 to 15 Feb 88 2nd incarnation of Mig. Became Isiil OÔMÉ JC
Q'Sharl O'Mannanak 2 Sep 88 to 31 Oct 88 Sailor from League forces. Hit from behind in the Silver Void. SL
Raff 2 Mar 87 to 9 Mar 88 Captain of Modo's bodyguard. Hacked to bits by Gilthon when attacking unarmed SL
Rorsgin 30 Sep 85 to 25 Nov 85 Dwarfen thief, Killed in Dori's mine by villagers from Achtherel AL
Scannon mac Furse 30 Sep 85 to 28 May 86 Yougo. Fighter, killed by Cariatid Column following bout of impatience SL
Snorri Sturlusson 2 Aug 87 to 7 Sep 87 Northland hero, Original owner of Fenris, killed rescuing Couron SL
Soros 5 Sep 85 to 5 Sep 85 Fighter, killed by pirates SL
Sturm Giantfella 5 Sep 86 to 9 Jun 87 Dwarfen nutter, killed under Casamon'S Circle JC
Su-Lan 6 May 86 to 25 May 86 Killed by the unknown (but loud) effects of Farlas pressing a button CH
Tenborro syg Sigguis 15 Oct 85 to 3 Apr 86 Female fighter, victim of mass "Fireball" near Maindees TG
Thelworth 4 Sep 80 to 23 Oct 80 Thief hired from Castle Domstoss by Nalin, Killed in orc ambush AL
Toklar 7 Apr 87 to 1 Jun 87 Dwarf supplied to the army by Falon, killed at the battle of Malanak JC
Uspin 16 Feb 86 to 2 Sep 88 Unsanitary ranger, allows himself to bleed to death in same room as Cattawop. Saved by Willan and, as a result, became Taran Ir Anendil RH
Vequar 6 May 86 to 27 May 86 Found dead after wandering off in the Heslor temple JW
Volcas Dagur 30 Sep 85 to 25 Nov 85 Dagur cleric, Killed in Dori's mine by villagers from Achtherel JC
Weggit mac Endra 2 Mar 87 to 2 Sep 88 Modo bodyguard, cause unrecorded - found in Kimba's house SL