People and Places


Living People

A top
A Fisher 14 Jun 87 Sole proprietor of a plaice called the Dolphin and Halibut Fehermes
Abrogan sourve Faskin 19 Sep 89 Land holder to north-west of Ruistor who detained Nylas Ruistor
Abu Ali 6 Jun 89 Mason at the Hramin temple in Aziban Azilhar
Achet-Leff-Achet 4 Jun 89 Merchant, father of Tannios and one time friend of Ibn Azilhar
Achxmilys, Lord 2 Jun 89 Westron lord who runs the Fair of Dig'hradan Azilhar
Adam Ant 17 Jul 87 Impersonated by Modo, but frilly shirt did not fit Fehermes
Agaff 5 Jun 80 A female sage in the village of Tislesp Kirk
Aidanalon 20 Nov 85 Companion of Dori, mentioned in his will Ruistor
Ain lyn Falc   Saved the life of Maroofia
Ain Aphshamaz 4 Jun 89 Guest at Altân's luncheon, interested in military strategy Azilhar
Allepa 3 Jun 89 wife of the merchant Hakim Azilhar
Almenonn 1587 Seorafen of king's infantry in army of Winged arrow Fehermes
Altân 2 Jun 89 Kaliph in Aziban, contact of Earpolin Azilhar
Amalor 15 Sep 85 Fighter cleric pirate Fehermes
Annar Hasaldin 5 Jun 80 Leader of the church troops of Kirk Kirk
Annoa 29 Dec 88 Half elven daughter of Balsbi Ruistor
Arinthor 31 Dec 87 Translator for the Party Northlands
Arion 22 Oct 86 Friend of Nironellia in Echharte Ruistor
Aronin   See Cheis Ruistor
Arpollin   See Clanortil Fehermes
Arron 29 Dec 88 Servant and bodyguard at the store in Ertlelm Ruistor
Aryon 6 Jun 87 Supportive guard captain on Fehr Fehermes
Asma 6 Jun 89 Ibn's daughter Azilhar
Astor 10 Aug 80 High Druid of Sturville Kirk
Athol 4 Feb 85 Magician encountered in Condulous in the company of Trosahn Meresvale
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Babran lyn Falc (1588) Assisted in investigation of the old Tower Zeim Falc
Badr-al-Dujja 2 Jun 89 Azilharian princess and member of Ub's group when he journeyed to Azilhar Zeim Falc
Balasnal tyr Thrune   Leader of Hamher rinjal, the Thrune academy at Talserrin Ruistor
Balman 8 Jun 80 Ranger friend (Druid) of Marius Tellman, aka Terrant the assassin (?!) Kirk
Bal Redim mac Calhan 5 Apr 86 Son of Calhan, a bit of a plonker Ruistor
Balsbi 26 Dec 88 Tanner at Halpar Ruistor
Balthar lyn Falc (1588) Steward of Zeim Falc Zeim Falc
Banchek mac Uspin   From Babouda Fehermes
Banir mac Eel   Watch commander, briefly considered for Archon epsi, favoured by Dwarfs Salsorme
3 Sep 86 Bounty hunter colleague of Kreeban Ruistor
Baramus lyn Falc   Patrol Leader from Zeim Falc Zeim Falc
Barnal mac Roblen   Roblen's youngest surviving son, moved away from Talserrin Ruistor
Barrida 2 Jun 89 Aziban merchant, contact of Earpolin Azilhar
Barrin   Xenophobic Inn-keeper of the Shark's Jaw, daughter named Careen Fehermes
Bedoun mac Gent   Pre-liberation Archon epsi Salsorme
Beg 12 Jul 85 A boy from Cerone Connel
Begarel 29/22/85 Conservative merchant, nominated Hal Connu for Archon epsi, stood for Archon hchafe Salsorme
Belal mac Roblen   Roblen's second son, keeper of the farm Ruistor
Belar the Stump   Dwarfen smith at Ertlelm in Pelektorn Ruistor
Belchar 12 Sep 87 Friend of Lucius who negotiates with Sahuagin! Fehermes
Bellidarn mac Roblen   Eldest son, purveyor of goat products in Lehrbahn market, from Talserrin Ruistor
Bellot mac Bellidarn   Elder twin of Belric, second son of Bellidarn Ruistor
Belric mac Bellidarn   Younger twin of Bellot, third son of Bellidarn Ruistor
Benelon 1 Dec 86 Ex Pirchor Neyes, father of Golichor, Son-in-law of Nelden (?) [The W/R is deliberately obscure on the relationship between Benelon and Golichor and Nelden in that it never makes a named reference to Nelden when referring to Benelon, Golichor and Porilbyn. When I have time I will look into it more carefully - Ed] Fehermes
Benoral 1 Apr 86 Son of Mandos Ruistor
Berrek lyn Falc (1589) Jouster at Goltorn Spring Fayre Goltorn
Bevil 12 Sep 87 Seorafen in the League force Salsorme
Bhadiat Al Jamal 4 Jun 89 Guest at Altân's luncheon Azilhar
Blane   A captain met on Tabag Fehermes
Blane 26 Dec 88 Assistant to the Factor of Pelektorn (Nalin) Ruistor
Boffin 30 Dec 86 Son of Tarataff Ruistor
Bonrah, Lord of 4 Sep 81 Father of Orlando Meresvale
Botam 3 Apr 86 Son of Nelsyn Ruistor
Bow 30 Dec 86 Daughter of Tarataff Ruistor
Brenan lyn Falc (1588) Gilthon's Impeck at Zeim Falc Zeim Falc
Bryn 7 May 1590 Necromancer who researched the Party ('The Chalan'). AKA The Spear Guy, Ren mac Serron, Vent mac Essil. Follower of Neslam. Salsorme
Bulgan 20 Oct 86 Connel's governor of the Fehermes in 1586 Fehermes
Buuna Bhutros 2 Jun 89 Hramin priest in Aziban who sells information Azilhar
C top
Caerlig 5 Apr 86 Pimp and bouncer in Lehrbahn [and ex-Party member? - Ed] Ruistor
Cal 2 Oct 87 Combatant for Connel at Battle of Berem Fehermes
Calhan 5 Apr 86 Thegn near Lehrbahn, father of three sons including Bal redim Ruistor
Carachel   Emissary to Uspin (according to Sharell) Fehermes
Caran   Wife of Felanar, employer of Jarina Fehermes
Carioc mac Talon 4 Jun 87 Visionary from Okeh Fehermes
Carok lyn Falc (1588) Elegar's father, at Zeim Falc Zeim Falc
Carparron   General who pushed back border with Gorondel Ruistor
Carrath   A merchant from Talserrin Ruistor
Carrillion, Earl 10 Mar 85 14th master of Castle Shadon Meresvale
Casker Ragson 1 Jun 80 Merchant met in Kirk Kirk
Caspar 6 Oct 85 Sharell's "uncle". Archon ripeh of Salsorme from 1589 Salsorme
Cattell 4 Apr 89 Seed and produce merchant, not from Goltorn Ruistor
Cavaron 29 Dec 88 Mayor of Ertlelm Ruistor
Cazar   Seorafen, member of resistance Salsorme
Celeada 1 Apr 89 Connel's Queen, formerly princess of Taroncom Connel
Chak'zaal 9 Jun 89 Achet's wife, Tannios's mother Azilhar
Cheis   Demel a Ronin of Corton Ruistor
Chellyrole 14 Jun 87 Daughter of Uspin, wife of Roninil Fehermes
Cheskon   Aretha's father, noble of Ruistor, lands next to Ub Ruistor
Chira 21 Oct 86 Old woman assistant to Nironellia Ruistor
Chi'tay 20 Jun 87 League representative on Neyes Fehermes
Cicarian 19 Nov 88 Father of the kidnapped Hearer Ruistor
Cilla Black 18 Jun 97 Nothing to do with Derryad, allegedly Fehermes
Clanortil 1 Dec 86 A Prince - Pirchor Arpollin Fehermes
Cledira 29 Sep 80 Beautiful female member of Green Council at Sturville Kirk
Clegg 28 Mar 89 Second in ferret racing at Goltorn Spring Fayre 89 Ruistor
Colfax 1 Apr 86 Adviser to Mandos Ruistor
Compo 28 Mar 89 Winner of ferret racing at Goltorn Spring Fayre 89 Ruistor
Connel van Hune 17 Jul 85 Druidic King of Connel Connel
Connelor 4 Nov 85 Elven fighter, magic user leader of a group of adventurers Salsorme
Corcarin form Anendil 25 Sep 89 "Temple builder, the left hand of the friend in need" Ruistor
Cordleham, Baron of   See Nils  
Cosh 14 May 86 Thief in Zeim shrell Ruistor
Crane, Captain 18 Oct 86 Captain of ship taking small group to Echharte Salsorme
D top
Danro 8 Aug 80 Ginger haired ranger friend of Marius Kirk
Darrius mac Torrog 14 Jun 89 Brave servant of Isiil Ôome Ruistor
Darrius Olmein 3 Jun 80 A major merchant in Kirk - The guildmaster Kirk
Dawood As'Samak 11 Jun 89 Assistant Hramin examiner in Aziban Azilhar
Dawood Hassal 20 Jul 89 Associate of Ellias Azilhar
Declan 20 Nov 88 A junior Essini priest in Talserrin Ruistor
Deldross 5 Apr 86 Aide to Bal redim Ruistor
Dellias loldern Essini 17 Jul 85 High Priest of Essini at Soreston Connel
Dellon 8 Apr 89 Sick brother of Anton Ruistor
Dennis 21 Feb 89 Circus owner Salsorme
Dereldem   Minister of the King of Ruistor Ruistor
Derryad 12 Jun 87 Cousin of Arpollin Fehermes
Diesfuro, Thegn of 21 Mar 86 Leader of Thegndom neighbouring Lehrbahn Ruistor
Dolgol tyr Thrune 25 Sep 89 Thrune Representative to the construction of Taran's Farah church. Ruistor
Donal nem Lehr 25 Apr 86 A representative of the League of los Nystel Ruistor
Dorenlith 27 Dec 88 Human in charge of the high tops mines Ruistor
Dorillwrath   Serving girl at "Floppy Goat" known as "Rilly", rogered by Iz Ruistor
Dornal   A cloth merchant from Talserrin Ruistor
Draan 23 Aug 85 Captain of Idrin's guard Fehermes
Drenike 4 Nov 85 Magician (Cleric) leader of a rival party of adventurers Salsorme
Drellin 14 Aug 85 Hlynam trader from Connelberg Connel
Dreskil 21 Aug 80 Leader of the village of Asman Kirk
Duri 1 Jun 87 A leader of Connel troops at the battle of Malanak Fehermes
E top
Earodin mac Thicko 12 Jun 87 A rodent with Maenog Fehermes
Earpolin sorv Tamlich   Lord of Tamlich, exiled King of Van lies Ruistor
Ektar   Second in command of Willan's troops Salsorme
Elbrane MacIlbarak 2 May 89 League representative on the Azilhar trading mission Salsorme
Elegar (1588) Librarian at Zeim Falc, not a knight Zeim Falc
Elin 2 Jan 89 Druidess from Hansol Ruistor
Ellias 16 Jun 89 Adventurer employed by Nader Azilhar
Emmental   Whenslidayle's uncle Ruistor
Emmet     Salsorme
Ennovar 29 Sep 87 Halonafen in League troops in army of Winged arrow Fehermes
Erone 4 Sep 87 Halonafen later Seorafen of infantry capturing sea docks road Salsorme
Ershall 16 Jun 87 Thrune cleric on Fehr Fehermes
Essel lyn Falc (1588) Warden (Emnarct) of Zeim Falc Zeim Falc
Estwinnich 4 Sep 87 Seorafen in army of Winged arrow Salsorme
F top
Falbek mac Fin 2 May 89 Merchant on the Azilhar mission Salsorme
Falco, The Lord 13 Jun 86 Calhan's guard captain, husband of Miella Ruistor
Falcon 23 Dec 88 Recently arrived at the Lanar Farm in Halpar Ruistor
Falon 16 Aug 85 Leader (?) of the Salsorme Dwarfs Salsorme
Faranil mac Glynne 30 Mar 89 Steward of Gless Ruistor
Feangol 1 Dec 86 Daughter of Pirchor Malinil Fehermes
Felanar   Merchant on Babouda, married to Caran Fehermes
Fellia 24 Dec 88 Half-dwarf daughter of Starron Balfi and Sharrel Ruistor
Femorem 29 Nov 85 A radical lawyer member of the Riparlef Salsorme
Fergus   Halonafen of part of reserve force at seige of Granurtef Salsorme
Ferrano 29 Dec 88 Miller from Ertlelm, father of Winch Ruistor
Finton 26 Aug 81 Mage imprisoned in the black tower on Tir nan og Meresvale
Fizzler 12 Jun 87 Emissary from Salsorme to Golichor Fehermes
Foam Casson 20 May 81 Missionary from Marius Tellman to Meresvale Meresvale
Forloren mac Prell 19 Jun 87 League representative from Salsorme to Neyes Fehermes
Foros 29 Nov 85 Powerful assistant to Mercselm Salsorme
Franis lyn Falc (1588) A watch commander at Zeim Falc Zeim Falc
Freyda 29 Dec 88 Daughter of Balsbi, half sister to Annoa Ruistor
Fundor 23 Dec 88 Dwarfen smith apprenticed to Belar the Stump Ruistor
G top
Gallish 25 Aug 85 Well informed Hlynam reaper from Waden Fehermes
Garhan   Shepherd of Belal Ruistor
Garran 11 Feb 89 Thrune priest who introduced Surredin Ruistor
Garreg mac Egan 1 Apr 89 Investigating Giana, from Paranis Ruistor
Garrik   Demel of Skopor, Son of the Tanilcor, Thegn of Tamtiris Ruistor
Gereyon (1588) Falconer at Zeim Falc was the Gillinaran Zeim Falc
Gest Ivarsen 31 Dec 87 Yarl of Northland village Northlands
Gherrios 11 Jun 89 Leader of the Hramin sect of Nahammerch in Aziban Azilhar
Gilla   High Priestess of Farah - Abbess of Salsorme, Farlas' main squeeze Salsorme
Gillan mac Nelsyn 5 Apr 86 Son of Nelsyn Ruistor
Gisfolkat 1 Jun 87 One of Rasamon's commanders Fehermes
Gisnak 7 Feb 86 A skilled archer elected to Suraf in Salsorme on 7 Feb 86 Salsorme
Glayde 13 Jul 87 Halonafen druid or door to door purveyor of carpet cleaner Salsorme
Golgol 6 Apr 86 High Priest of Amnis in Lehrbahn Ruistor
Golhof 31 Mar 86 Lord of Zeim mas Ruistor
Golichor   A Prince - Pirchor neyes, grandson of Nelden Fehermes
Gorahan   Seorafen of cavalry storming governors house Salsorme
Goran 4 Apr 89 Seed and produce merchant, not from Goltorn Ruistor
Gordell 14 Jun 87 Advisor to Pirchor Tereh Fehermes
Gorenchem 14 May 87 A Son of Jorkin Fehermes
Gornach mac Searll 8 Apr 85 Castellan of Zeimaures Connel
Gorondel 19 Feb 87 General of Telanir, Pre-Connel Archon achas (Governor) of Salsorme Ruistor
Goroncof 6 Apr 86 Secretary to the League of los Nystel Ruistor
Gorrin   Captain of "Dawn Light", trader in rare products (smuggler) Fehermes
Gottsch 17 Jun 87 Connel's representative to Pirchor Virinechil Fehermes
Graham 31 May 87 Child of Olyon Fehermes
Grain, Lord 1 Jun 80 Proprietor of Castle Domstoss Kirk
Gramass 14 Apr 89 Woden's druidic contact near Goltorn Ruistor
Grennell 16 May 86 Druid in a village near Zeim shrell Ruistor
Grilcheese   Archon epsi during liberation, Archon achas following liberation Salsorme
Grishnak 15 Nov 85 Bastard captain of barge convoy from Rimdies to Lehr sorm Ruistor
Gullin 13 Aug 85 Dwarfen trader in Connelberg Connel
H top
Haddon lyn Falc (Oct 1588) Commander of knights with Yossilana to find Farlas Zeim Falc
Hakim Mustafa 3 Jun 89 Prominent merchant in Aziban Azilhar
Hal Connu   Anti-democrat candidate for Archon epsi supported by Lusquat Salsorme
Hammel (Dec 1585) Captain of the Knight's forces at the Battle of Zeim Crell Zeim crell
Han   Harbour master at Tabag Fehermes
Hanar 27 Dec 88 Dwarf in charge of the high tops mines Ruistor
Hanna 3 Jun 89 Achxmilys' Azilharin wife Azilhar
Hannan lyn Falc (22 Oct 1588) Only one of six knights to survive Gonjol Hills burial ground encounter Zeim Falc
Harit lyn Falc (1588) Essel's deputy at Zeim Falc Zeim Falc
Harpiniel 8 Jun 97 Clanortil's representative on Babouda Fehermes
Harry   Bhurt's contact on Cheff Fehermes
Haspant     Salsorme
Hassam Arslahm 23 Jul 89 Son of Shadallha and Sheikh Karseem Arslahm Azilhar
Hassan As Saraj 13 Jun 89 Noble merchant of Aziban Azilhar
Hatin 4 Jun 89 Young son of Barrida Azilhar
Hearer 19 Nov 88 Daughter of Cicarian, kidnapped Ruistor
Hecavil 21 Jun 80 Dwarfen coordinator of the pentacle Kirk
Heflor   Reclusive wizard, previous occupant of Kimba's house Salsorme
Heinz   See Sarl heinz  
Hellene 21 Aug 87 Wife of Gorenchem, niece of Thegn of Neiblus Fehermes
Henderson lyn Falc (17 Oct 1588) Survived nasty wood trip Zeim Falc
Hengar 15 Apr 89 Merchant in Creanlan selling "The White Lady" by Abyll Connel
Heos-Al-San 6 Jun 89 Merchant in Aziban, said to have profited from demise of Ibn and Achet Azilhar
Hertok 14 Oct 86 A Prince - Pirchor Fehr, brother of Nironellia Fehermes
Hessek 4 Apr 89 Waiting for an injured leftover from Goltorn Spring Fayre Ruistor
Heyerlannin 8 Jun 87 Guide to the Arpollin Fehermes
Hinlen 17 Jul 85 Leader of faction in salt wars of Paranis Connel
Hobart   Chairman of Riparlef Salsorme
Hofgof 20 Nov 85 Companion of Dori, mentioned in his will Ruistor
Holesari mac Langin 14 Apr 85 Essini priest at Zeimaures Connel
Holosane 10 Jun 85 Essini priest at Crell diorn Connel
Homer 3 Jun 80 Agent of Darrius Olmein Kirk
Hormor 21 Jun 80 Hecavil's second in command Kirk
Hosarnos     Salsorme
Hoskins, Lady 24 Nov 85 Wife of Lord Hoskins Ruistor
Hoskins, Lord 17 Nov 85 Lord of area covering Achtherel and Thendir Ruistor
Hronmer 15 Sep 85 Pirate captain Fehermes
Hz'hor-byn 12 Oct 89 Patron of Ja'hin-hur Unknown Other Plane
I top
Ibn Al Darak 3 Jun 89 Prominent merchant in Aziban, one time friend of Achet Azilhar
Ibun Al Sahroof 2 Aug 89 Merchant pitched near Ellias in Dig'hradhan Azilhar
Idrin 23 Aug 85 Head man in Waden Fehermes
Ilgan Tremdaine 3 Jun 80 Curate of cathedral in Kirk Kirk
Illad 2 Mar 87 Army recruiter in Rimdies Ruistor
Illeekor 3 Sep 86 Mentor of Silka Ruistor
Iridisin   Commander of cavalry to capture sea docks road Salsorme
Ironfist 4 Nov 80 outspoken local in Ershal Kirk
Ishtar 4 Apr 89 Tool merchant, not from Goltorn Ruistor
Izcalscyt Hami 3 Apr 89 Kalskett nem Merres' westron name Ruistor
J top
Jaffar 3 Jun 89 Achxmilys' right hand man Azilhar
Jai 20 Jul 89 Thiefly associate of Ellias Azilhar
Jakub Al Hadahd 11 Jun 89 Assistant Hramin examiner in Aziban Azilhar
Janan Pol lyn Falc   A senior knight in Rimdies Rimdies
Jarapann 12 Jun 87 Important merchant on Oreh Fehermes
Jareh 22 Jun 87 Mistress of Hertok, previously known as Jendra Fehermes
Jarina   Helno Rota's servant Fehermes
Jendra 23 Aug 85 Mistress of Idrin and (10 Jun 87) Mistress of Hertok (see Jareh) Fehermes
Jester, The   Trade name of a thief from Cordleham Meresvale
Jev McCaips 28 Mar 89 Winner of rock toss at Goltorn Spring Fayre 89 Ruistor
Jonlac   Sea Court lawyer, stood for Archon hchafe, supported by Themorem Salsorme
Jorkin 1 Dec 86 A Prince - Pirchor tereh Fehermes
Jungon   A leader of the resistance (?) Salsorme
Jurassim 9 Jun 87 Governor replacing Bulgan, owner of the "Crooked sword" Fehermes
K top
Kadir 24 Oct 86 Colleague of Ma bressel and Nestos Ruistor
Kaifos 5 Jun 80 Merchant from Kirk, reward for return of silver cross Kirk
Kalin 15 Sep 85 Magic user leader of the pirates Fehermes
Kalin 25 Jul 87 Leader of the remnants of the pirates on Quemel - Not Kalin the Mage Fehermes
Kalskett nem Merres 3 Apr 89 Accolyte of Trosahn or misunderstook scribe Ruistor
Kaltain mac Ornen 2 May 89 Merchant on the Azilhar mission Salsorme
Kan-Phuchait 4 Jun 89 Guest at Altân's luncheon, trading noble Azilhar
Karash   Leader of the Black Circle orcs, west of Zeim Falc Zeim Falc
Karnok   Sailor from Lehrbahn not noted for his mailability Ruistor
Karseem Arslahm 23 Jul 89 Sheikh of the Oasis of the white palm Azilhar
Karson 12 Jul 85 Theign of Cerone Connel
Katul mac Skioss 6 Apr 89 Leader of the other guys after the painting Ruistor
Kelcin 5 Apr 86 Representative of Tamscorr in Lehrbahn Ruistor
Kelena   Bellidarn's wife, connected to the castle Ruistor
Kelenrill   Bellidarn's sister, has moved away from Talserrin Ruistor
Keli   Bellidarn's daughter Ruistor
Kellorson   A merchant from Talserrin Ruistor
Kelnal 22 Dec 88 Carpenter at Halpar Ruistor
Kered 7 Sep 87 Leader of force guarding Couron in Sardlin Fehermes
Khalon 4 Sep 87 Dwarfen Halonafen in army of Winged arrow Salsorme
Kharouff 4 Jun 89 Guest at Altân's luncheon Azilhar
Khasa   Commander of the reinforcement Salsorme Irregulars at Yen Salsorme
Khorus Y'Koff 23 Jul 89 Son of Shadallha and Sheikh Karseem Arslahm Azilhar
Kimba 29 Nov 85 Commander of Connel troops occupying Salsorme Salsorme
Kneel 31 May 87 Child of Olyon Fehermes
Kolyn 26 Dec 85 Captain of the Lehrbahn guard Ruistor
Koros 4 Nov 80 Smuggler living in "haunted" house outside Ershal Kirk
Kostiur 5 Dec 88 Foredwarf of the construction at Questors Salsorme
Kraff 21 Oct 86 Innkeeper of town inn at Echharte Ruistor
Kzar 6 Apr 86 Guildmaster of Merchants in Lehrbahn, power behind the town Ruistor
L top
Ladrad 15 Sep 85 Robed pirate Fehermes
Lale mac Elmac 12 Jul 98 Emissary from Salsorme to Uspin Fehermes
Lebell 3 Jun 87 Merchant of Oreh Fehermes
Ledenill 29 Nov 85 Archon eminchar - seen with Xerxes Salsorme
Lendin 6 Oct 85 Investigator into fate of Dori and Achtherel silver mine Ruistor
Lenhan 8 Mar 86 High Priest of Heslor in Revarlen [But see Yosurn - Ed] Ruistor
Lenkoff   Seorafen of king's cavalry in army of Winged arrow Fehermes
Lessom 3 Feb 87 Lawyer prosecuting Herra Salsorme
Lethil   Administrator of Froggat Ruistor
Lethil mac Gorantor   League representative, conceivably the person noted above Ruistor
Lian lyn Falc (1589) Jouster at Golton Spring Fayre Goltorn
Lofti Noleg 28 Mar 89 Winner of Ferret racing at Golton Spring Fayre 89 Ruistor
Lolcorne 18 Oct 85 Fishing village destoyed by Sahuagin Ruistor
Lomion Hyarm Anendil 25 Sep 89 Elf. "Child of Dusk, the left hand of the friend in need" Ruistor
Lon mac Hess 12 Jun 87 Emissary from Salsorme to Arpollin Fehermes
Lopal 2 Feb 86 Representative of Heslor Salsorme
Loren Fawn 14 Nov 80 Town marshall of Ershal Kirk
Lorscan mac Hemil 12 Jul 85 Scribe to Karson Connel
Lothar 1 Jun 87 Neanderthal hero in the Connel army at Malanak Fehermes
Lusquat 29 Nov 85 Amnis priest. Anti-democrat supporter of Xerxes Salsorme
Lyle     Fehermes
Lyndham Falc   Leader of the Knights of the Golden Falcon (currently King Telanir) Rimdies
Lytella 6 Apr 86 High Priestess of Farah in Lehrbahn Ruistor
M top
Ma Bressel 24 Oct 86 Old lady who lives outside Echharte, acts like she's a witch Ruistor
Mabut 12 Jun 87 Connel's representative on Neyes Fehermes
Maenog tyr Essini 12 Jun 87 Envoy from Jurassim to the Winged arrow Fehermes
Maldig 4 Nov 85 Dwarfen fighter in Drenike's group Salsorme
Mandos 21 Mar 86 Thegn of Thegnlet of Zeim dranell Ruistor
Mannan   Merchant from Connelberg, bought an important book from Caspar Connel
Manson   Archon hchafe pre-liberation Salsorme
Marid 3 Jun 89 Idle rich relative of Achxmilys Azilhar
Maril 23 Jul 87 Commander of Connel troops on Waden Fehermes
Maroofia (1588) Azilharin blacksmith at Zeim Falc Zeim Falc
Marpen   Thegn of Tamscorr Ruistor
Marrig   Deputy Governor of Salsorme prior to liberation Salsorme
Marius Tellman tyr Christos 7 Jun 80 Pastor of Jollwater bridge, evil - according to the Bishop of Kirk Kirk
Marty Springshaw   Lejak's friend on Tabag Fehermes
Masorpin nem Berem 12 Aug 87 Hero of Connel forces Fehermes
Meldar   A merchant from Talserrin Ruistor
Melik 29 Nov 85 Powerful assistant to Mercselm Salsorme
Melkin 5 Apr 87 Supply master for the Fehermes campaign Salsorme
Melna   Belal's daughter Ruistor
Melvin 4 Nov 85 Fighter in Connelor's group Salsorme
Menir 13 Apr 86 A representative of Calhan Ruistor
Mercselm   The Wizard of Salsorme Salsorme
Merrias 19 Feb 87 Irnaggis' squire Salsorme
Mertok 4 Apr 89 Injured leftover from Golton Spring Fayre Ruistor
Miella sug Bressel, The Lady 25 Apr 86 Wife of Falco, Mother of the kiddy gestapo Ruistor
Minda   Belal's wife Ruistor
Minlan   A merchant from Talserrin Ruistor
Mirella tyr Farah 3 Jun 89 Farah priestess in the Fair of Dig'hradhan Azilhar
Monmal 21 Nov 80 A prince who lead a prior assault on the Sahuagin lair near Ershal Kirk
Moralof 17 Nov 85 Head man of Thendir Ruistor
Morgan 11 Mar 85 Companion of Zorastin at Castle Shadon Meresvale
Morgan   Halonafen of part of reserve force at seige of Granurtef Salsorme
Morran 29 Dec 88 Baker at Ertlelm Ruistor
Munkhar 3 Jun 89 Minor thief in Aziban Azilhar
N top
Nabi Saiyer 3 Jun 89 Contact to the Thieves Guild in Aziban Azilhar
Nader 16 Jun 89 Junior priest at the Hramin temple at Aziban Azilhar
Nale 2 Feb 87 Herra's lawyer Salsorme
Naphan 31 May 87 Wife of Olyon Fehermes
Narella 29 Sep 80 Beautiful female member of Green Council at Sturville Kirk
Narlon The Elder 18 Apr 87 Leader of the Clan Bharazrach Ruistor
Narvon 10 Jun 85 Castellan of Crell diorn Connel
Ned, Captain 16 May 90 Captain of the Seaguard Connel
Nedril mac Doulin 3 Sep 85 Our man in Salabaron Connel
Neiblus, Lord (Thegn of) 24 Nov 85 Leader of an army of Ruistor in the battle against Connel, uncle of Hellene (?) Ruistor
Neir 27 Dec 88 Junior acolyte at the temple in Ertlelm Ruistor
Nelden 29 Nov 85 Archon amnis, father of Porilbyn and grandfather by marriage of Golichor, Not on our side Salsorme
Neldor tyr Lodrell 28 Mar 87 Judge in northern Connel selected by Nybore to hear Modo case Connel
Nestos 24 Oct 86 Colleague of Ma bressel and Kadir Ruistor
Nielsan 22 Oct 86 Smuggler in Echharte Ruistor
Nilkin 14 Jun 87 Connel representative to Pirchor Tereh Fehermes
Nils 5 Aug 81 Baron of Cordleham, His sword, Stellor, is "friends" with Tarsober Meresvale
Nin Etan 1 Apr 89 Winner of arm wrestling at Golton Spring Fayre 89 Ruistor
N'kir Achmad 3 Jun 89 Messenger of the Kaliph Altân's Azilhar
Nybore 26 Mar 87 Lodrell priest who Farlas conned into indicting Modo Ruistor
O top
Oakenfoot 31 Aug 81 Druid with the Mandrakes near Leston Meresvale
Odo 2 Jun 80 Leader of a group living in the Lichway Kirk
Ognel   Archon hchafe following liberation, supported by Caspar Salsorme
Olmein   See Darrius Olmein  
Olyon McInnes 31 May 87 Castellan of fort at Malanak Fehermes
Onosam 6 Apr 86 Youngest Lehrbahn councillor, from Guild of Craftsmen Ruistor
Orin 4 Jan 88 One of the group of hecklers, survived the fight with the dragon Northlander
P top
Paris 22 Jun 87 Guest at Hertok's dinner on Fehr Fehermes
Partol mac Torr 2 May 89 Merchant on the Azilhar mission Salsorme
Pattis 6 Apr 86 High Priest of Lodrell in Lehrbahn Ruistor
Pelir   Commander of the Garrison on Tabag Fehermes
Pella   Barmaid at Crooked rat on Waden, gets off with Dek Fehermes
Pella Dec 86 Befriends Herra on Yandis (probably in Waden!) Fehermes
Pelton 20 Jan 86 Tries to hire the Party Salsorme
Penn Gillette 26 Dec 88 Magician usually in tandem with Teller Ruistor
Perial lyn Falc   A senior knight at Zeim Falc Zeim Falc
Peydon   Administrator of Temnel prior to Taran, swept away by Connel Rusitor
Phaskyn tyr Lodril 30 Mar 89 Connel's administrator in Tamtiris in 1589 Connel
Phredd 26 Dec 88 Factor of Pelektorn before Nalin Ruistor
Pillan   Jeweller on Babouda Fehermes
Pirchor Arpollin 1 Dec 86 Clanortil Fehermes
Pirchor Fehr 1 Dec 86 Hertok Fehermes
Pirchor Malinil   See Malinil, only remaining offspring Feangol  
Pirchor Neyes 1 Dec 86 Golichor Fehermes
Pirchor Tereh 1 Dec 86 Jorkin Fehermes
Pirchor Virinechil 1 Dec 86 Uspin Fehermes
Pisartey   Juleau's missing husband Unknown
Porilbyn 12 Jun 87 Daughter of Nelden, wife of Golichor Fehermes
Porter   Archon epsi prior to Bedoun and following liberation Salsorme
Pourkin lyn Falc   A senior knight in Rimdies Rimdies
Psurlarve sorv Revsoom   Baron of Revsoom Ruistor
Q top
R top
R'aad 1 May 89 Ancient H'Ramin priest wanting passage to Azilhar Salsorme
Radinor 2 Jan 89 Old codger from Hansol Ruistor
Rahad tyr Thrune (1588) Thrune cleric at Zeim Falc Zeim Falc
Raline tyr Essini   Chief cleric of Essini in Rimdies Ruistor
28 Jul 85 Leader of Essini church, based in Lehrbahn Ruistor
Ralselig 26 Dec 85 Lieutenant, later Captain, of the guard in Lehrbahn Ruistor
Ramny 26 Jun 80 Powerful magic using hermit near Orlane Kirk
Ranson 2 Jun 80 Boss of Kirk Thieves Guild (1580) Kirk
Rasamon 1 Jun 87 Prominent member of troops in the castle at Malanak Fehermes
Raskin 4 Apr 89 Injured leftover from Golton Spring Fayre Ruistor
Rath 22 Jun 87 League representative on Fehr from Salsorme - See Wrath Fehermes
Redgeren 8 Jun 87 Connel's emissary to Arpollin Fehermes
Reeka mac Sorell 2 Jan 89 Prominant member of Hansol in Goltorn, Son of Sorell mac berg Ruistor
Relega, The Lady   Janan Pol's lunch date Ruistor
Relina 2 Apr 87 Drasmar and Chemos ask for this person at Circir Fehermes
Ren mac Serron (07 May 1590) Rented a warehouse above the Water Demon, thought to be Bryn the Necromancer. Salsorme
Rerietha   Priestess of Farah Salsorme
Rillasan   Halonafen (?) in army of Winged arrow Salsorme
Rilly   Dorillwrath's nickname Ruistor
Risseb 20 Sep 87 Advisor/commander of Arpollin Fehermes
Rissingfast   Halonafen of Salsorme Irregulars in Winged arrow army liberating Salsorme Salsorme
Roadal 18 Oct 85 Head fisherman in Lolcorne Ruistor
Robeal mac Belal   Belal's surviving son Ruistor
Robinson lyn Falc (17 Oct 1588) Passed out on nasty wood trip but lived Zeim Falc
Roblen   Bellidarn's father Ruistor
Rombas 30 Sep 85 Leader of the League of los Nystel Salsorme
Roninil mac Jorkin 14 Jun 87 A son of Jorkin Fehermes
Ronjon 1 Jun 87 Cavalry Halonafen in army of Winged arrow Salsorme
Rosan Doygan 3 Nov 80 Agent of Darrius Olmein in Ershal Kirk
Roschman 12 Apr 86 Thief, with Kneebone, the surviving half of the gang of four Ruistor
Roscoff 13 Jul 87 Halonafen in League forces Fehermes
Royce 8 Feb 85 Adviser to the King of Meresvale Meresvale
S top
Sahran G'bia 20 Jul 89 Associate of Ellias Azilhar
Saloom 10 Jun 89 H'Ramin Chief Examiner in Aziban Azilhar
Salraf   Bracelet trader from Yen, in Babouda (July 1588) Fehermes
Sanbarlet 4 Nov 80 Boss of the smugglers in the "haunted" house at Ershal Kirk
Sandos 4 Nov 85 Dagur priest with Connelor Salsorme
Saraban 8 Jun 87 Captain of the guard at Oreh Fehermes
Sarl Heinz 25 Aug 80 Mercenary captain in Kirk Kirk
Saroc mac Mellon 2 May 89 Merchant on the Azilhar mission Salsorme
Sarone 2 Oct 87 Leader of Connel's forces on Berem Fehermes
Sar O'Tawn 19 Jun 80 Astrologer friend of Marius from Kirk Kirk
Scounan   Record keeper at the Thrune church in Talserrin Ruistor
Sedasan 4 Apr 89 Injured leftover from Golton Spring Fayre Ruistor
Selvenic 6 Apr 86 High Priest of Bahn in Lehrbahn Ruistor
Sesiné 22 Jun 87 Sent to Fehr from Syesir to replace Sitoseh Fehermes
Shadallha 23 Jul 89 Wife of Sheikh Karseem Arslahm Azilhar
Sh'alita 2 May 89 Servant to R'aad Salsorme
Sharrel 24 Dec 88 Human wife of Starron Balfi Ruistor
Sheba 29 Dec 88 Wife of Carwyn Ruistor
Sigurd Snakeeyes 18 Nov 80 Captain of the smugglers ship apprehended at Ershal Kirk
Silwar 29 Dec 88 Stable master at Ertlelm Ruistor
Sinni   Hulon servant of Belal Ruistor
Sitoseh 17 Jun 87 Connel's representative to Hertok prior to Sesiné Fehermes
Slartibartfast 1 Jun 80 Original employer of the Party in Kirk Kirk
Sletmar   Merchant friend of Bellidarn in Talserrin Ruistor
Slirin 26 Dec 88 wife of Balsbi the tanner at Halpar Ruistor
Solcin lyn Falc (1588) The annal keeper - An Impeck at Zeim Falc Zeim Falc
Sor Knutsen 10 Jan 88 Healer in Gest's village Northlands
Sorak   Hunting Brutzch for the death of Lobb even as you read this Fehermes
Sorell mac Berg 2 Jan 89 Head of chief family in Hansol, father of Reeka Ruistor
Sornel   Bigwig Salsorme
Sorrell 11 Feb 89 Thrune priest who introduced Surredin Ruistor
Sorren   Pot boy in the "Golden Lion" Salsorme
Spendril 23 Aug 85 Elderly religious man at Waden Fehermes
Spock 19 Sep 85 Merchants representative in Syesir Fehermes
Stanod 6 Jun 80 Kirk resident requiring postal service Kirk
Storc 2 Mar 87 ASalsorme rep. of the League Salsorme
Storin   From Geralin, was freaked out by the wood near Zeim Falc Zeim Falc
Strom mac Paw 1 Apr 89 Archer whose friend Giana disappears Ruistor
Sustin 5 Aug 81 Scholar to Baron Nils Meresvale
T top
Tabas 8 Jun 87 Assistant to Cirhosis Fehermes
Talinn   Harbour master at Garand Fehermes
Talk 18 Apr 87 First dwarf in clan Bharazrach to meet Sturm Ruistor
Tamarin   Elderly advisor to King Telanir Ruistor
Tanilcor   Thegn of Tamtiris, father of Demel Garrik of Skopor Ruistor
Tanlen 21 Mar 86 Thegn over Valhan and Mandos Ruistor
Tannios 4 Jun 89 Son of Achet-leff-Achet Azilhar
Taranavar lyn Falc   Warden (ex ?) of Van connel, most senior knight in order. Tereh
Tarantamer 1 Jun 80 Agent of Casker ragson Kirk
Tarataff 30 Dec 86 Dwarfen tailor at Ertlelm Ruistor
Tarris mac Thun 28 Mar 89 Archer from Chaltimberyl in Van connel Ruistor
Telanir 17 Jul 85 King of Ruistor, Lyndham Falc and supporter of Essini (sort of) Ruistor
Teller 26 Dec 88 Silent magician usually works with Penn gillette Ruistor
Telnor 16 Sep 85 Pirate contact in Waden Fehermes
Telvan Alostar 5 Jun 80 The Bishop of Kirk Kirk
Terrant 20 Jun 80 An assassin, according to Agaff, Balman's true identity Meresvale
Terras   The "Blonde man" - aka Torin Fehermes
Testril 6 Jun 87 Senior priest at court of Golichor Fehermes
Thalliusson   A merchant from Talserrin Ruistor
Themorem   Popular resistance orator Salsorme
Theresa, Lady 5 Aug 81 Wife of Nils Meresvale
Thollis   Merchant friend of Bellidarn in Talserrin Ruistor
Thranis lyn Falc (1588) At Zeim Falc Zeim Falc
Threskin 21 Nov 85 Spokesman of the Sereth-Nemil Ruistor
Thrim 29 Dec 88 Assistant blacksmith at Ertlelm Ruistor
Thrush 29 Nov 85 The "Grand old man" of democracy, well liked Salsorme
Ticklem tyr Amnis 12 Jun 87 Amnis priest with Arpollin on Sohan Fehermes
Timothy the Paladin 1 Jun 80 Popular figure in Kirk, though not seen there Kirk
Tolin 28 Jul 85 Hero in Paranis games, it's Mig Connel
Tolley 21 May 86 Raving loony who knows about the Eagle stone Connel
Tolodin 5 Aug 81 Mage at castle Cordle Meresvale
Tomar 14 Oct 86 Cleric sent to Rustbulj by Marius Tellman Ruistor
Tombar 19 Nov 88 Private investigator in Talserrin Ruistor
Toni mac Glasper   Grocer that nominates Willan for citizenship of Salsorme at Riparlef Salsorme
Torac McCarrow 31 May 87 Leader of the troops in the outer area of the castle at Malanak Fehermes
Torin   The "Blonde man" - aka Terras Fehermes
Trallina MacIz 2 May 89 Merchant on the Azilhar mission Salsorme
Trasalf 12 Jun 87 Sea captain favoured by Arpollin, given to spectacular stunts Fehermes
Triase 5 Aug 81 Daughter of Baron Nils and Lady Theresa Meresvale
Trascor tyr Thrune 26 Mar 87 Chief cleric of Thrune in Rimdies Ruistor
Trosahn 22 Oct 80 Female magician first encountered leading band of ambushing Uruk Hai. Not encountered by name until visit to Condulous on 4 Feb 85 on returning from Porpherio's garden. The Party's historic "Arch enemy" Kirk
Tourne dos Rossni 2 Jun 89 Irascible gallic chef who accompanied Ub on his Azilhar trip. Later a companion of Badr-al-Dujja. Azilhar
Tuliem Reimes 20 Apr 86 Leader of failed Heslor mission to recover the Eagle stone Connel
Turgal   A squire serving Knights of the Golden Falcon in Salsorme Salsorme
U top
Ur 4 Apr 89 Waiting for an injured leftover from Golton Spring Fayre Ruistor
Uspin 1 Dec 86 A Prince - Pirchor Virinechil Fehermes
V top
Valhan 21 Mar 86 Thegn of Thegnlet of Zeim gillet Ruistor
Valronin 29 Mar 89 The Revdolin Strongman Ruistor
Val Mostyn 10 Mar 85 Captain of the guard at Castle Shadon Meresvale
Val Uros 5 Aug 81 Lodrell pastor at castle Cordle Meresvale
Vanon 2 Mar 87 Army recruiter in Rimdies Ruistor
Varranson   A merchant from Talserrin Ruistor
Varsal   A merchant from Talserrin Ruistor
Venes 2 Oct 87 Distinguished combatant at the Battle of Berem Fehermes
Venomen 2 Jun 80 Thief from Odo's group in the Lichway near Kirk Kirk
Vent mac Essil (07 May 1590) Paid the rent on a warehouse above the Water Demon, thought to be Bryn the Necromancer. Salsorme
Vianar   Spamhead who knows everything in the past, the result of casting a spell about the future Salsorme
Vlodrin, Count 17 Jul 85 Wandering noble campaigns against war in Four Kingdoms Connel
W top
Weget 1 Mar 87 A Salsorme rep. of the League Salsorme
Wiffle sorv Aldier   Has lost his lands many times Ruistor
Willisham, Lady 27 Aug 81 Wife of Lord Willisham Meresvale
Willisham, Lord 20 May 81 A convert of Foam Casson Meresvale
Winch 29 Dec 88 Son of Ferrano Ruistor
Wirth M'Travers 1 Jun 90 Spying on the party for King Connel. Claims to be Kneebone. Salsorme
Wizard of Salsorme, The   See Mercselm Salsorme
Wrath 23 Aug 87 Connel rep. on Fehr - A probable error, mistaken ID for Rath above Fehermes
X top
Xerxes 29 Nov 85 Merchant colleague of Bedoun mac Gent, stood for Archon hchafe Salsorme
Y top
Yakub Musaffah 1 Aug 89 Sergeant in Dig'hradhan guard Azilhar
Yanar mac Bellidarn   Bellidarn's eldest son Ruistor
Yehweh 6 Jun 87 Nirieh priest at Oreh Fehermes
Yosurn 5 May 86 High Priest of Heslor in Revarlen [But see Lenhan - Ed] Ruistor
Yourdis 11 Jun 89 Wife of Ibn Azilhar
Yousef 4 Jun 89 Messenger for Barrida Azilhar
Yrchiffon 19 Feb 87 Member of royal family associated with Tamtiris Ruistor
Z top
Zaccharius Ormonde 12 Jun 80 Mayor of Orlane Kirk
Zarentoudie 8 Feb 85 Magician to King of Meresvale, Tutor to Trosahn Meresvale
Zorostin   Fat foreign thief on Babouda Fehermes
Zubeeda 3 Jun 89 Achxmilys daughter Azilhar

Confirmed Stiffs

Alslar 25 Dec 88 to 30 Dec 88 Assistant to Kurodoer at Ertlelm, bludgeoned to death in the woods
Amdor the Magnificent 2 Jun 80 to 2 Jun 80 Magician found in the Lichway
Anton 2 Apr 89 to 4 Apr 89 Heretical Druid brother of Dellon, stabbed
Argavan lyn Falc 23 Aug 87 Kinght of the Golden Falcon, attempted to assassinate Farlas on Tereh
Bannan lyn Falc 22 Oct 88 Kinght of the Golden Falcon, last recorded death at battle of Gonjol Hills burial ground
Bel Nevis 12 Apr 86 Second in command to Vrasig. Murdered in suspicious circumstances, along with his bodyguard Tim. Kneebone suspected but cleared.
Brin 21 Apr 86 Mercenary with Turvey, killed in combat with Main Party
Calhassin 12 Apr 86 to 19 Apr 86 Thiefly conspirator with Vrasig, Killed by Kneebone
Cannan lyn Falc 22 Oct 88 Kinght of the Golden Falcon, died (with 83.3% of knights) at Gonjol Hills burial ground
Careen Late Jun 1588 Barmaid, daughter of Barrin, murdered by Torin (?) on Tabag
Carwyn 29 Dec 88 to 31 Dec 88 Storekeeper at Ertlelm, killed by Gruston
Cassinar 9 Apr 86 Lehrbahn councillor, poisoned
Chongram 2 Oct 87 Halonafen in army of Winged arrow (?), killed at Battle of Berem
Culderas 31 Oct 88 Enemy at return of Norgraze
Dannal 2 Jan 89 Villager, killed in dragon attack on Reeka's house in Hansol
Dannan lyn Falc 22 Oct 88 Kinght of the Golden Falcon, Hero of Battle of Gonjol Hills burial ground, hacked by undead
Derrun 1588 Administrator of Terilgem prior to Farlas - died during campaign to retake Ruistor borderlands
Donan 24 Jun 80 Elf protecting Orlane from evil, killed by the Party
Enovar 2 Sep 88 Halonafen of League troops, killed in Kimba's attack around Granurtef
Estravan lyn Falc 23 Aug 87 Kinght of the Golden Falcon, attempted to assassinate Farlas on Tereh
Fannan lyn Falc 22 Oct 88 Kinght of the Golden Falcon, first knight to die at battle of Gonjol Hills burial ground
Fianna tyr Farah 2 Sep 88 Sacrificed herself to save Uspin / Taran Ir Anendil
Fili 27 Dec 88 Young dwarfen miner, killed by cave in at high tops mine
Fredd 25 Jun 87 Connel guard in pirate village on Quemel, stabbed in the back by Modo
Gannan lyn Falc 22 Oct 88 Kinght of the Golden Falcon, died seconds after Fannan at Gonjol Hills burial ground
Giana syg Anlees 2 Apr 89 Woman courier abducted from Golton Spring Fayre and strangled
Girvash 31 Oct 88 Enemy at return of Norgraze
Golfascin 19 Apr 86 Another victim of the "Golden Key" putsch in Lehrbahn
Gruston 3 Jan 89 Big fighter thought to be charmed by Tusula, hacked into very very small pieces by Annoa
Guriff <26 Aug 81 Druid. Found dead, silver chained to a rock on Tir nan og
Halin 17 Aug 88 Halonafen of Salsorme Dwarfs. Died in fighting at the Salurtef
Hawk Snorrison 31 Dec 87 to 3 Jan 88 Son of Snorri Sturlusson, killed by a dragon
Hellene Late June 1588 Daughter of Banchek, murdered by Torin (?) on Babouda
Helno Rota c.7 Jun 88 Arpollin's missing spy, tortured and murdered by Torin
Hulyer 24 Jun 80 Elf protecting Orlane from evil, killed by the Party
Ilpollin 2 Oct 87 Halonafen, Killed at Battle of Berem
Iltsir 2 Oct 87 Connel hero, killed by Lucius at the battle of Berem
Janillin 9 Jun 87 Sister of Arpollin, 3rd wife of Uspin, Died of plague
Juliana 4 Sep 81 to 5 Feb 85 Princess of Meresvale, murdered by the Party, allegedly
Kidren 1588 Administrator of Revdirin prior to Lyn Farrin
Kili 27 Dec 88 Young dwarfen miner, killed by cave in at high tops mine
Kurodoer 25 Dec 88 to 4 Jan 89 Ancient dwarfen priestess of Demathon at Ertlelm, only recorded victim of old age!
Lenib 1 Jun 87 to 2 Oct 87 Halonafen (Cavalry ?) in army of Winged arrow, killed at Battle of Berem
Liennen 1588? Demel a Ronin of Tisinsol prior to Farlas (Gilthon) - murdered
Lobb 17 Jun 88 Deaf brother of Sorak, kicked in the head by Brutzch
Malinil <2 Jun 87 Pirchor malinil killed by Connel troops survived by daughter Feangol
Misha Devi 25 Jun 80 to 26 Jun 80 Female cleric of Manca, Magic missiled by Ramny at the "Foaming Mug" inn
Morrison lyn Falc 17 Oct 88 Kinght of the Golden Falcon, Cocooned by giant spider in nasty wood near Zeim Falc
Nelsyn 21 Mar 86-<3 Apr 86 Carpenter, Lehrbahn representative of Calhan, the Thegn of Diesfuro, Murdered
Nilsow 21 Oct 86 to 27 Oct 86 Lodrell cleric at Echharte, killed by Arion after the death of Nironellia
Nironellia 14 Oct 86 to 27 Oct 86 Nirieh priestess, Hertok's sister, killed by Nilsow
Olweg 9 Jan 88 to 10 Jan 88 Female relative of Oleg found guilty of murder in Gest's village, killed in fight against Orin
Orlando 4 Sep 81 to 5 Feb 85 Son of the Lord of Bonrah, lover of Princess Juliana, murdered by the Party, allegedly
Oshkok 12 Apr 86 Leader of the orc tribe wiped out on the road to Alfos
Ottar Odkelson 10 Jan 88 Killed by the dragon in the Northlands
Sen-riterid'n 2 Nov 88 Colleague of Ja'hin-nur on Silver Void
Sharla 24 Dec 88 to 29 Dec 88 Half-dwarf daughter of Starron Balfi, found dead in forest near Ertlelm
Sharon 25 Aug 85 to 8 Sep 85 Merchant in Waden, suffocated by Lucius
Starron Balfi 24 Dec 88 to 30 Dec 88 Dwarfen proprietor of the Halpar inn, Throat cut
Tazzi 27 Dec 88 Experienced dwarfen miner, killed by cave in at high tops mine
Telian 15 May 86 to 3 Jun 86 Watcher of the ice sword, killed by lizard creatures in the temple at Maindees
Thomas 31 May 87 to 31 May 87 Connel guard on top of the tower of the keep at Malanak, "Slept" and killed by Farlas
Tim 12 Apr 86 Bodyguard to Bel Nevis, murdered with him.
Turvey 20 Apr 86 to 21 Apr 86 Priest of Nileise, killed by berserk Coralyn following death of Dek
Ubshkal 2 Aug 87 to 2 Oct 87 Halonafen of Halon accompanying Farlas to Sohan, killed at Battle of Berem
Uscoff 4 Sep 87 to 2 Sep 88 Halonafen of Ruistor 6th, killed in pincer movement taking sea road
Varak 2 Sep 88 Sergeant at Granistel, killed by Modo to improve Farlas's chances of survival
Vrasig 12 Apr 86 to 19 Apr 86 Leader of thiefly conspirators in Lehrbahn, killed by fellow conspirator Roschman
Wardah 4 Jun 89 Warder of the Hramin examiners guardhouse, stabbed (often) by Abubacâ
Williamson lyn Falc 17 Oct 88 Kinght of the Golden Falcon, Eaten by acid, died concurrently with, but separate from, Maurice
Zorastin 11 Mar 85 to 12 Mar 85 Tutor at Castle Shadon, Hacked up by Nalin

Historic and Legendary Figures

Abyll Druidic painter of Rhechtaryl, "The White Lady", the painting with curative powers
Adilah The prophet of the Hramin religion
Alchor Legendary Hlynam reaper known as the Black Hawk, Killed defeating pirates
Amok kith-killer Evil half-orc who features in legends around the world. Known to Bryn and an apparent associate of 'The Five'.
Archaman Legendary sword wielder. Aka: Willan
Arun-al-Cossak Dead Lyrgard worshipper who's living heart contains his soul
Badr Ajjân Azilharin for Nahammerch. One of the Five.
Bael Demonist - nasty. One of the Five.
Bahl Thought to be Bael
Bale Probably Bahl/Bael, implicit possessor of the Orb of torlich
Beleglach Legendary shield wielder, means "Great leaping flame"
Black Hawk, The See Alchor
Bruka lyn Falc Heroic knight killed in battle of Gonjol Hills in 1063
Cairwyn Half-elf princess who assisted Porpherio
Cammon Likely corruption of Casamon, has a nasty evil circle on Yen
Caraban Lyn Falc Knight of the Golden Falcon, met Nagraz in Van connel in 1460's
Casamon His ghost appeared to Willan in a dream - see Riasc orriasamon
The Chalan Perjorative name used by followers of the Five to refer to party (and other heroes).
Chor Fel Legendary owner of knife, statue in Nessemnar. One of the Five.
Colamnis Mighty warrior, died whilst killing Zarl kruger at Gran fordir in 403
Coltassin Sereth-Nemil of legend
Dain Dwarf (?) refered to in Dori's silver mine near Achtherel
Dori Dwarfen silver miner near Achtherel, died c.1580
Elian lyn Falc Wounded at a battle at the tower north of Zeim Falc
Ennil Maya The name on the "Crooked Sword" wielded by Jurassim
Eric the cleric Fictional Party member made up by Bazron under torture before Offa shopped him
Essen the Just Author of " Combatting the Undead"
Farch Nohls The green stag
The Five Collective name for ChorFel, ZarlKruger, Bael, Neslam and Nahammerch, the owners/user of the Star Of The Seven Firmaments who planned (plan??) to use it to summon the Demon Gamlich.
Fordich Friend of Elian, died at a battle at the tower north of Zeim Falc
Garesk Overlord of Laosin 1242 to 1247
Gamlic the demon Probably Gamlich the Balrog
Gamlich the Balrog Subject of documents found in Naga's lair and the Claracon
G'Thron High Priest who built the temple of Achkresh c700
Hahmenerch Arrived [in Nessemnar ?] "from seas beyond" "with spoils of Orlanth's deity". Nahammerch one of the Five.
Hannarris Son of Dori, died in 1579
Harick Farmer from Geralin, considered local hero, annual feast in his memory
Herger mac Nerryn Former owner of the druidic painting being couriered by Giana
Iren Sorceress who enslaved the dragon of Hansol
Isfirstemerch "Whispering heart", First wife of Colamnis
Kirin lyn Falc Knight injured in battle of Carask pass (1202), took refuge in Talvaran - We may have found remains
Kirklas lyn Falc Emnarch, commanded forces at battle of Gonjol Hills in 1063
Knodei the Vampire Heighdhon before he was converted by Timothy, not a Vampire but a Necromancer
Mahmood Burras Generic underground "Mr Big" in Azilhar
Martek Author of the "Life of Nahammerch" found under the White palm Oasis
Nagala Probably Nagual
Nagoole From Rallink's book, presumably Nagual/Nagala
Nagraz Demonist, probably mispronunciation of Norgraze
Nagual Landlord in Zeim Falc area during 10th-12th centuries! Died 1166 (Nagala of "gate" fame?)
NahamMerch Woven into the band of the Ansachat hat, means "Moon Heart" (lived <c500). One of the Five.
Na'hamam Nyea The "high keeper of the baths". It's a Hramin thang, Almost certainly Nahammerch. One of the Five
Neslam Father of Nagraz. one of the Five
Norgraze Demonist (Nagraz), killed by Nalin 3 Jan 89
Nyal Weilder of Tarsober, colleague of Riasc, co-defeater of Bael
Oorgusta Black Dragon, steed of Heighdon in his Knodei days
Ophelia Fictional Party member made up by Bazron under torture before Offa shopped him
Pirfeltenke Hulon hero allegedly reincarnated as Mig
Porpherio The magician who designed the enchanted garden in Meresvale
Rayhua Wife of Dori, died in 1575
Rhechtaryl "The White Lady" Druid depicted by Abyll with his infected blood
Riasc Weilder of Mengros featured in the Claracon co-defeater of Bael, died 347
Riasc Orriasamon Appealed to by Casamon in Willan's visions, presumably the same guy as featured in the Claracon
Saran Friend of Elian, died at a battle at the tower north of Zeim Falc
Shadrahymn Fabled Christian armour misuser
Shinob Author of "Setting Bones and Breaks"
Slothstosth Evil guardian
Tenser Author
Torglir Overlord of Laosin 1209 to 1242
Tusula Succubus summoned by Norgraze's, sighting in 1460's, dispelled by Clatrina 3 Jan 89
Zarl Kruger Holder of the tower at Gran fordir, killed by Colamnis in 403. One of the Five


A top
Achtherel 35 or 53 miles up Nystel sorm from Salsorme
Aflos Town 100 miles south of Revarlen
Amnidan Area of Salsorme
Ardeniss Main square in Salsorme
Arhanfarg Forest two miles north west of Tislesp, home of the Abomination
Asman Red jerseyed druidic village near Kirk
Aylop Town on far side of Yen from Malanak
Aziban Port town in Azilhar next to the Fair of Dig'hradhan
Azilhar Hot, desert land
B top
Babouda Island seat of Arpollin in Fehermes
Balsha Small village near Kirk demolished by a black dragon in 1570's
Baran Village near Zeim Falc attacked by Uruk Hai in 1588
Beacon Island Small island in bay at Waden, home of the head man
Bel Corru Dagur monastery that owns Zeim mas and environs
Berem Fort in Fehermes once occupied by Connel
Bigan Red jerseyed village near Kirk
Black Spear, Tower of the Tower of the Necromancer by the village of Fafehel
Bomrar Town in Meresvale
Braglin Near Achtherel
Bresly 12 miles south of Lolcorne
C top
Casamon's Circle "Nasty evil" place near Malanak on Yen
Carask Pass Through Rilatin mountains, sight of battle in 1202
Cerone East of Crell diorn
Cesille A castle at a point of the pentacle from the Window of Arhanfarg's vision
Chaltimberyl Place in Van connel, home of Tarris
Cheff Island group in the Fehermes
Chler Island and Fort in Fehermes once occupied by Connel, taken by Uspin
Circir Island in the Fehermes
Condulous Near the enchanted garden in Meresvale, 20 miles from Demildon
Connelberg Capital of the kingdom of Van connel
Cordleham Town on Nystel joll far to the north of Jollwater bridge
Corton Cheis's Demel in Ruistor
Creanlan Town in Van connel, near Ruistor border 90 miles from Tamtiris
Crell Diorn Castle 40 miles north of Zeimaures
Crelonnen Ford with a small tower between Zeim shrell and Zeim dranell
Cronmier Town by Loch mier
D top
Deislomen Area in the north east of the Thegndom of Diesfuro
Deisthuro Mountainous route from Lehr sorm to Lehrbahn
Demildon Capital of Meresvale
Desus Kingdom that Marius Tellman connects with Gamlich
Diesfuro Thegndom near Lehrbahn
Dim Forest North east of Orlane
Dolcaspin Somewhere in or near Deislomen
Domica Small island north of Cheff
Domstoss In the vicinity of Kirk and Jollwater bridge, castle home of Lord Grain
Dragon's Back At a point of the pentacle from the Window of Arhanfarg's vision, south east of Tislesp
E top
Echharte On coast of Ruistor
Echtefmelch The word above the entry to hell in the north. "Echt" means "valley"
Ershal 30 miles west of Kirk
Ertlelm Dwarfen name of a village in Pelektorn called Halpar by the humans
F top
Fafehel Town in Meresvale containing the Tower of the Black Spear of the Necromancer
Farahtynsorm Town 80 miles from Salsorme on Nystel sorm
Fartirfl Location of court of Golichor
Fehermes Island group off four Kingdoms.
Fehr Island in the Fehermes
Feth Uninspiring village north of Zeim Falc
Froggat District south of Pelektorn
Foreston Village on Salsorme side of large forest towards the mountains bordering Van connel
Four Kingdoms, The Meresvale, Ruistor, Valen and Van connel
Fundein On the Nystel tavron
Funsarn South from Connelberg
Funshrell Hill top town in Deislomen
G top
Garand Small island somewhere between Cheff and Tereh
Garanford In the title of Zarl kruger's record, aka Gran fordir
Geralin Village to north of Zeim Falc
Ghrashik Plains Unusually isolated part of Azilhar
Gless District north of Goltorn owned directly by King Telanir
Goltorn Willan's Barony in Ruistor, down the Nystel tem from Temnel
Gonjol Hills North west of Zeim Falc, site of battle in 1063
Gran Dum The guard tower in the southwest of Lehrbahn
Gran Fordir Tower in Laosin containing fragment of the Star Of The Seven Firmaments
Granistel Prison in Salsorme
Granurtef Castle gatehouse in Salsorme
Gurnal Island in Fehermes where Party are deposited by pirates
H top
Halpar Village in Pelektorn called Ertlelm by the dwarfs
Hamher Rinjal Thrune academy at Talserrin
Hyngr Parhlan Sultanate in Azilhar
Hansol Village in south east Goltorn
Hassop On the Tisinsol border with Illonsor
Holmas Village near Zeim mas
Hradinsalchip A main road in Salsorme (?)
Hylnford Druidic village near Sturville
I top
Ice Bay Sorocin,Troop embarkation point for army of Winged arrow
Ichil Tencke The proper name for Sorocin, meaning Ice Bay
Illin Village near Zeim Falc attacked by Uruk Hai in 1588
Illonsor ISIIL Oômé's Demel in Ruistor used to be administered by Cheis' brother
Ipnar Town 40 miles north of Talserrin, 60 miles south west of Lehrbahn
J top
Janinkir Half of Margravate of Terilgem in Ruistor - Farlas
Jollwater Bridge Inland from Kirk at fork of Nystel Joll
Joll Road The road from Kirk to Jollwater bridge
K top
Kirk Coastal den of iniquity, trade port and centre of leather working
L top
Lanar Farm Near Ertlelm/Halpar
Laosin Area on Van connel border with Meresvale
Lehrbahn Free town in Ruistor bordering Tamscorr, over the mountains from Rimdies
Lehr Sorm Town on bank of Nystel sorm
Leston Village near Willisham being plagued by forest devils
Lichway Underground system near Kirk
Loch Mier Surrounds the island of Tir nan og
Lohrmarhn Small market town west of Kirk
Lolcorn Coastal village 90 miles south of Connelberg
Lyesmir Near the north coast of Mehrl
M top
Maindees Deserted village near the old temple in the Thegnlet of Zeim dranell
Malanak The main town and location of the fort on Yen
Mehrl Island of the Fehermes
Meresvale One of the Four Kingdoms - South West part. Westron speaking
Merridral Town near Loch mier in the south of Meresvale
Merrisaray Castle Up river from Cordleham
N top
Nagala's Gate Entry into Nessemnar in Talvaran
Neyes Island in the Fehermes
Nessemnar aka: Hell
Northlands The lands to the north - cold and snowy
Nyermin Island in the Fehermes containing one of the forts
Nystel Bahn River running through Lehrbahn
Nystel Cur River joining sea at Echharte from Tamduos at the junction with the Nysorm
Nystel Forknin River mentioned in the Claracon
Nystel Joll River running either side of Jollwater bridge
Nystel Kirklas River in Gonjol hills
Nystel Pel Tributary river of the Nystel tyris, runs through Pelektorn
Nystel Soom Tributary river of the Nystel tyris
Nystel Sorm River running through Lehr sorm to Rimdies and on to the sea at Salsorme
Nystel Tavron River running through Crell diorn to Cerone and Connelberg
Nystel Tem River running between Temnel and Goltorn
Nystel Tyris River running through Tamtiris and the Party lands in Ruistor to Salsorme
Nystel Yan River running through Talserrin for travel to Lehrbahn
O top
Okeh Village on Yen destroyed by Sahuagin
Oreh Main town and port on Neyes
Orlane Town in Meresvale
Orlanth The place "beyond the seas" from which Hahmenerch came - but see Other
P top
Paranis Near Cerone
Paransin Where the troop ships moored outside Salsorme
Pelek Largest settlement in Pelektorn
Pelektorn Mountainous area in Ruistor, Nalin is Factor
Pelliskirk Half of Margravate of Terilgem in Ruistor - Farlas
Q top
Quemel Fehermes island home of the pirates and centre of Hlynam growing
Quet, Mount Site of the abandoned Heslor temple in south Van connel containing the Eagle stone
R top
Revarlen Location of the temple to Heslor, well south of Salsorme
Revdirin Holmir's Baronetcy in Ruistor
Revdolin Town (or estate) 20 miles north of Tamtiris
Revelin Druidic village near Creanlan and Salabaron
RevGurnal Main town on Gurnal
Revsoom Barony west of Terilgem - Psurlarve
Rimtiris Town near Rimdies
Rimdies Capital of Ruistor
Rilatin Mountains Mountains by Zeim Falc
Ronsin Village near Torlich, according to the Claracon
Ruestal Home of the records of the Knights of the Golden Falcon, according to Sustin
Ruistor One of the Four Kingdoms - North East
S top
Saalarel Mountainous route from Lehr sorm to Lehrbahn
Saddler Street In Kirk, where Darrius Olmein lives
Salabaron Town near Creanlan
Salhradin Area of Salsorme sea docks (?)
Salmarik Small fishing port fourteen miles south of Salsorme
Salmassin Area of Salsorme sea docks (?)
Salradin West gateway into Salsorme
Salsorme Sea Port (Pop. 70,000) at mouth of Nystel sorm on Ruistor / Van connel border
Salurtef East gateway into Salsorme
Saralolgin Town in Van connel, near Ruistor border
Sardinin Town near Tamtiris, possibly mis-spelling of Saralolgin
Sardlin A house of the Malinil family on near Lyesmir on Mehrl were Couron was imprisoned
Sartingol A castle monastery at a point of the pentacle from the Window of Arhanfarg's vision
Scrillise Five days boat journey south of Salsorme
Seahaven Fishing village in Van Connel apparently on the site of Ronsin near the Tower of Torlich
Searnan Town on the Ershal to Orlane road
Shadon Castle on edge of wilderness on Meresvale / Van connel border
Shaltimberel Next town from Paranis on Nystel tavron towards Connelberg
Sholripe Area in Ardeniss where Riparlef held
Shol Ripaf Alternative pronunciation of Sholripe (?) or ...
Silasville Village on Meresvale side of border with Van connel
Silver Void Another plane, encountered directly before Nessemnar
Skopor District north of Revsoom owned by the Thegn of Tamtiris, Garrik is Demel
Sohan Island in the Fehermes
Solcit Village near Zeim Falc attacked by Uruk Hai in 1588
Son Bahn Monetary in Valen with library of note
Sor Crell In the mountains bordering Tamscorr
Soreston Essini temple outside Torm cord
Sordiran Estate or town 35 miles north east of Farahtynsorm
Sorocin Ice bay
Sturville Druidic village near Kirk
Sur Bahn Monastery on Nystel bahn
Surtefarchip A Main road in Salsorme (?)
Syesir Largest town on Mehrl
T top
Tabag Island in the Fehermes
Talserrin Town on the Nystel yan 100 miles south of Lehrbahn, location of Hamher rinjal
Talvaran Village in Forest near Zeim Falc containing gate to Nessemnar
Tamduos Free city on Nysorm 60 miles from Salsorme, controlled by The league
Tamfornar Estate or village 45 miles north north east of Farahtynsorm
Tamlich Dukedom in Ruistor
Tamscorr Theigndom bordered by Meresvale, Valen, Sor crell and the Nystel bahn
Tamsalit Near Goltorn
Tamtiris Town on Ruistor / Van connel border. on Nystel tyris
Taroncom Combined by Connel with the kingdom of Van tavtos in 1567
Tereh Island in the Fehermes
Terelhonen Estate north east of Farahtynsorm claimed by Ub
Temnel Taran's Demel in Ruistor, up the Nystel tem from Goltorn
Thendir Village near Achtherel
Thorandeer Wood elf lord of the forest between Salsorme and Van connel; aka. Threygill
Threygill Wood elf lord of the forest between Salsorme and Van connel; aka. Thorandeer
Tir Nan Og Yo-yo island in Loch mier
Tisinsol Farlas's Demel in Ruistor, in trust for Gilthon
Tislesp Walled riverside village off the trade route between Kirk and Jollwater Bridge
Tissal valley Between Orlane and Jollwater bridge
Torknin Mentioned before Torlich on W/R 44 [17 Jul 85]
Torlich A tower on the coast south of Salsorme, site of the final battle between the Knights (Riasc & Nyal) and Gamlich
Torm Cord Town in Connel, Location of the high temple of Essini
U top
Ur-Hannar A little known land over the sea.
Uganni Island of the Fehermes near Yandis
V top
Valen One of the Four Kingdoms - North West
Van Connel One of the Four kingdoms - South East
Van Lies Formerly independent Kingdom now part of southern Van connel since 1575
Van Tavtos Combined by Connel with the kingdom of Taroncom in 1567
W top
Waden Small village port on Yandis
White Palm , The Oasis of the Oasis in the desert about six days travel from Aziban
Willisham Town in Meresvale, presumably home to the Lord noted above
Wooden Shades Dodgy area of Babouda
X top
Y top
Yandis Island in the Fehermes prominent in the Hlynam trade
Yen Island in Fehermes once occupied by Connel
Z top
Zeimaures Fortress of the Overlord of Laosin on Van connel / Meresvale border
Zeim Crell Fortress about 40 miles from Lehrbahn and 180 miles from Lehr sorm
Zeim Dranell Thegnlet within Deislomen
Zeim Falc Castle of Knights of the Golden Falcon in Van connel, built 1384
Zeimfuro Capital of Calhan, 100 miles from Lehrbahn on Nystel bahn
Zeim Gillet Thegnlet within Deislomen
Zeim Mas Thegnlet within Deislomen owned by the Dagur church
Zeim Shrell Castle of Tanlen in Deislomen

Inns, Pubs and Coffee Shops

Blue Fish Posh inn. Cheff
Bridge Travellers pub Waden
Bull Very nice, honest establishment with good food, worth detouring for Talserrin
Bush quiet, smoky inn where Torin stayed Tabag
Captain's Arms Extravagantly expensive, quiet inn Yandis (Waden?)
Chipped Bole Where Temlin stayed when he was emissary to Pirchor Tereh Tereh
Crooked Rat Rough pub Waden
Crossed Swords Where the Party spent their first week in the Record! Kirk
Dolphin and Halibut A Fisher's plaice Tereh
Ermine Coat Posh inn Kirk
Fish 'n' Ship Dockside pub Salsorme
Floppy Goat Respectable inn frequented by Bellidarn. [Actually, the name of the Inn is the Flock of Goats - über-ed] Talserrin
Flying Fish Inn Residence of emissaries to Arpollin Sohan
Foaming Mug Deserted inn where the Party were ambushed Orlane
Fox and Thing Where Sharell's brother stayed Salsorme
Golden Grain Inn where the thieves and assassins were staying Orlane
Golden Key Meeting place of the free thinkers Lehrbahn
Golden Lion Alleged centre of Pelarn cult in early 1580's Kirk
Golden Pike Where the Party stayed on their first visit Jollwater bridge
Grunter's House of ill repute frequented by Herra on the Ub trip Aziban
Gray Partridge Well stocked, unremarkable Inn with very restricted opening times Tir nan og
Green Bottle Upmarket inn where Helno Rota stayed Babouda
Gutted Ferret Hulon drinking den which allowed Baccus to sing! Salsorme
Halpar Inn Expensive but pleasant Inn was run by the dwarf Starron Balfi and his human wife Sharrel Halpar/Ertlelm
Harpoon recommended to Willan by Han Tabag
Hen's Head Outrageously expensive ordinary pub Talserrin
Juicy Mango Private club frequented the Gullin and Drellin Connelberg
Mermaid and Otter Where members of the Small Party worked as a bouncers Lehrbahn
Orange Stallion Unexceptional Inn by the docks HQ for the group investigating Bellidarn Talserrin
Pony's Dead Cover for local underworld Talserrin
Potted Shrimp Where Drasmar and Chemos took Roninil Tereh
Questors Private club, for Party members and guests, on site of old governors residence Salsorme
Rat and Bilge Pump Recommended by the local harbour master to Lucius Fehr
Silver Chalice Extortionately expensive inn used by the League Talserrin
Silverlode Mysteriously burned down in Dori's time Achtherel
Shark's Jaw Dockside pub where Modo met Pelir Tabag
Ship Inn on the nice side of town Kirk
Slumbering Serpent An inn where the Party stayed on first visit Orlane
Steaming Bean Coffee shop frequented by Ellias Aziban
Swinging Gibbet Nondescript inn on Neyes Oreh
Swordfish Dirty dockland pub Cheff
Tall Mountain Where the bouncers are out of control Lehrbahn
There She Blows recommended to Horan by Lejak Tabag
White Squirrel Whenslidayle thinks this is the local gay bar, although he was less diplomatic Talserrin


A top
Algoid Algoid Colony of Algae taking on a humanoid shape.
B top
Bear Bears Big furry mammals, warm skins
Black Pudding Black Puddings Not to be confused with the tame variety at your local chippy
Brown Slime Brown Slime Slimy, Brown, usually found underground
Bugbear Bugbears  
Bullywug Bullywugs Giant frogs
Burbalang Burbalangs Leathery winged creatures
C top
Cariatid column Cariated column Animate masonry (not strictly a "race")
Cyclops Cyclops Don't make good cricketers
D top
Demon Demons Nasty, best avoided especially in the plural
Dendridi Dendrida  
Dire wolf Dire wolves As ridden by Uruk Hai
Djinni Djinn Magical being
Dragon Dragons Like big winged gecko's with nasal impediments
Dragon Warrior Dragon Warriors Combatitive creations of dentists
Dryad Dryads  
Dwarf Dwarfs Long lived, Stumpy, Hairy, Difficult to sex
E top
Eagle Eagles Very big pigeons with a bit of grey matter
Elemental Elementals Noticeably one dimensional
Elf Elves Long lived, limp wristed benders
Ent Ents Tree beings
Essmel Essmel Rulers of Echtefmelch
F top
Feather Feathers !
Flind Flind Gnoll like creatures
G top
Gargoyle Gargoyles Statues that become animated, also found in live action scenarios
Gelatinous Cube Gelatinous Cubes 10 foot square cubes of caustic jelly
Ghost Ghosts Multi racial, a bit flighty
Ghoul Ghouls Multi racial, dead but more corporeal than Ghosts
Giant Giants Big
Githianki Githianki Inhabitants of Silver void
Gnoll Gnoll  
Gnome Gnomes Dwarf, Elf, Halfling cross breed combining most antisocial aspects of each
Goblin Goblins Like Orcs but keep out of our way more
Golem Golems Silicon based life forms, often used as guards
Gorgomeira Gorgomeirae Gorgon, lion and dragon headed creature lovingly referred to as a gorgonzola
Green Slime Green Slime Slimy, Green, usually found underground
H top
Halfling Halfling Slighter than Dwarfs, lovable innocents often misunderstood, gastoromes
Hobgoblin Hobgoblins Turbo Goblins
Human Humans Inheritors of the earth
I top
J top
Jelly Jelly Jelly
K top
Kobold Kobolds Like Goblin's but not as good at avoiding the Party
L top
Lava Child Lava Children Found near lava
Leprechaun Leprechauns Diminutive little people in bright clothes
Lich Liches The turbo nutter bastards of the skeleton world
Lizardman Lizardmen Lizard men
M top
Mandrake Mandrakes Lumpy black humanoid forest dwellers
Marsh Wiggle Marsh Wiggles  
Measel Measels Not what you think - horrible, hairy creature like Hortense
Man Men See Humans
Merman Mermen  
Mould Mould Similar to Slime but not as slimy
Mummy Mummies Your mother wouldn't like them, they don't change their bandages
N top
Nagaa Nagae Snake creatures with Human heads, use spells alot
O top
Ogre Ogres Big, kill you as soon as look at you
Orc Orcs Cannon Fodder
Owl Owls A Flying appendage to Hortense, often changed
P top
Q top
Quickling Quickling Tiny elf-like inhabitants of the Silver void, game for a laugh
R top
Rot grub Rot grubs  
S top
Sahalagin Sahuagin Particularly unpleasant amphibious creatures
Sea Elf Sea Elves Long lived, limp wristed wet benders
Semi-transparent Jelly Semi transparent Jelly Semi transparent jelly
Sereth-Nemil Sareth-Nemal Pale skinned 4' tall humanoids with big black eyes who live underground
Shadow Shadows You would be ill advised to hide in one
Sheep Sheep Domesticated, even stupider than Orcs, better to eat though
Skeleton Skeletons Multi racial, often dead already therefore difficult to kill, keep going with bits missing
Slime Slimes Slimy creature - comes in various dull colours.
Stirge Stirges Enthusiastic aerial members of the blood transfusion service
Svart Svart Kobolds, but blue
T top
Torpedo jellyfish crab Torpedo jellyfish crabs DenConnu has had a unique opportunity to study this race
Tortoise Tortoises Snailesque reptile
Troglodyte Troglodytes Reptilian
Troll Trolls Big. Kill Ogres as soon as look at them
U top
Unicorn Unicorns Like a narwhal but with a different body (sort of horse-like)
Uruk Hai Uruk Hai Mega bastard turbo Orcs
Ur-vile Ur-vile  
V top
Vampire Vampires Blood sucking creatures of the night. Not good at tanning.
W top
Warg Wargs Pale humanoid creatures
Watery serpent Watery serpents Statues around the fireplace in the hall of Castle Malanak
Weasel Weasels  
Whale Whales Inclined to explode in confined spaces
Wight Wights  
Wolf Wolves Very big dogs
Worm Worms If you're lucky it's a harmless small legless elongated creature that lives in the earth
Wyrm Wyrms If not, it's another word for Dragon
X top
Y top
Yuk Yukki Undead with putrid green flesh and fat worms crawling in them
Z top
Zombie Zombies Live dead things
Zorn Zorn Tripedal metal eater


A top
Althing Northland law meeting
Achkresh One of the pre-Hramin pantheon of gods in Azilhar
Amnis God of Time
Ansachat Key items to open gate to Nessemnar
Archon Achas Chief of War in Salsorme
Archon Amnis Leading religious post in Salsorme
Archon Eminchar Head of Works in Salsorme
Archon Epsi Head of Order and Defense of Salsorme
Archon Essam Chief of Finance in Salsorme
Archon Ham Leader of the Popular Assembly of Salsorme
Archon Hchafe Head of Trade in Salsorme
Archon Ripeh Head of foreign affairs for Salsorme
Ault, Court of Land Court in Salsorme
Azilharin Native of Azilhar
B top
Bahn God of Nystel bahn
Bloody Hammer Tribe of Orcs in Meresvale
Brothers of the Pine Druidic order
C top
Carask Pass, The battle of Battle in 1202 near Zeim Falc
Carole God of Tislesp
Christos God with small but arrogant cult who believe, incredibly, that Christos is the "one true God"!
Clan Bharazrach Dwarfen Clan in Ruistor, big on Thrune
Claracon Quest related book about the life of Riasc, copy possibly in Bishop of Kirk's library. The copy of the King of Meresvale describes the combat between the Knights and Gamlich
D top
Dagur God of death and the underworld
Date Defence Association of Tamtiris and Environs
Demathon Dwarfen mountain god in village of Ertlelm
Demel Means "Master" and is then qualified by proffession - Administrative title, a local petty lord
Demel a Dal Master at Court
Demel a Ronin Master of Arms
Demel a Siad Master of Trade
Desmond Colloquial term for Hlynam, an illegal drug grown in the Fehermes
Dig'hradhan, Fair of Trading area outside of Aziban
Druid Rainbow warriors focusing on real problems of nature, shags trees
E top
Eagle Stone Religious artifact of Heslor
Emnarch Castle warden
Essini Goddess of air and ice - clear thought, truth and moral enlightenment
Explitica Defeluis A reptile god found at Orlane see Naga
F top
Farah Goddess of Healing
Fearno Colloquial name for Tarsober, before real name discovered
Fehermaean Native of the Fehermes archepelago.
Fenris Magical wolf skin doublet, Thunar religious artifact - Currently with Nalin (1588)
Five Armies, The battle of Where Dwarfs, men, Elves and Eagles fought Orcs and Wolves
Fora Deity with temple in Merridral
Frere child Northland name for Elves
G top
Gallas Tiris One of Farlas's many honorifics (this one awarded by the Thegn of Tiris)
Gillinaran Title of the Falconer at Zeim Falc
Gonjol Hills, The battle of Battle in 1063 near Zeim Falc
Guerrit Azilharin game of tactics, more abstract than chess
H top
Halen Plural of Halon - but see Seori
Halon Military Unit, three Taks, plural - Halen
Halonafen Commander of a Halon
Hammer of Thunar Magic hammer owned by Snorri Sturlusson
Helm of sound A "spoil of Orlanth's deity" appropriated by Hahmenerch - perhaps
Helm of Styx Helm of breathing in anything
Heslor Southern fire God
Hlynam An illegal drug grown in the Fehermes, colloquially refereed to as Desmond
Holmbang Fight called by the accused in a Northland trial
Hrama The god worshipped by the Hramin
Hramin Evil [First impressions - Ed] Major religion in Azilhar, earth - devout will not wear footwear.
Hulon Indigenous, oppressed and enslaved dark haired inhabitants of the Four kingdoms
I top
Ioun stone Allows you to hold your breath for a long time
J top
Jupiter Astrological body
K top
Kaliph Azilharin lordly title
Knights of the Golden Falcon Four Kingdoms Interpol, formed 931
L top
Lagoin Dominant blonde inhabitants of area approximating the Four kingdoms
Lagoin invasion Of the Four kingdoms, 7 to 800
Lanata Tribe of Goblin's near Orlane
Lay of Colamnis Significant work about the life of Colamnis, original in the Essini temple in Torm cord
League of Los Nystel Merchant guild based in Salsorme, often referred to simply as "The League"
Lodrell God of Law, about as much fun as having your feet toasted
Loldern Essini High priest of Essini (see Dellias)
Lost Tongue Ancient language, little understood now
Lotsilt Bell that summons a Riparlef of Salsorme
Lyrgard Fire god also known as the liar (or "Lyre") god
M top
Manca Fertility god of Orlane
Mars Astrological body
Mengros Tarsober's "twin" Sword (2 handed), can "Call Lightening"
Merchant Guild of Nystel Tavron Merchant Guild of Nystel tavron, interest in salt mines at Paranis
Moon of Kohe Ultra evil artefact recovered from the neck of G'Thron, related to Nahammerch
N top
Naga A reptile god killed by the Party
Nileise River God in Deislomen and Aflos
Nirieh Sea God
Nysorm River God of the Nystel sorm or Nysorm
O top
Orb of Torlich The bowling ball from Hell (literally) - see Torlich (once possessed by Bale ?)
Orlanth (A) god of the land from which Hahmenerch came - but see Places
P top
Pelarn Evil religion
Penguin A long flat piece of wood for more efficient travel on snow
Q top
Qhivon "Hearts awakening", "Enduring power" or "Strength everlasting" depending on who you believe, the scabbard of Tarsober - Currently with Willan (1588)
Quenya High-Elvish tongue
R top
Ragged Cane Tribe of Goblin's on the Joll Road
Rilotar Modo's fast ship on loan from the League
Riparlef "Government" of Salsorme
Ruiston Native of the Kingdom of Ruistor
S top
Salsorme Irregulars Locally recruited detachment of the army of the Winged Arrow
Safess Essmel tower guards in Echtefmelch
Salsormer Resident or native of the city of Salsorme.
Seaguard Captain Ned's ship
Seart Larm The post of the person whose job it is to ask that the Bell Warden ring Lotsilt to summon a Riparlef
Seori Military Unit, greater than a Halon, plural - Seori
Seorafen Commander of a Seori
Sepia's Cloak Important artifact of Sea elves of Fehermes
Sergeant Commander of a Tak
Sheikh Azilharin lordly title, similar to Kaliph (but smaller)
Sheriff Administrator of area in Connel
Star of the Seven Firmaments Best avoided
Stellor Sword wielded by Baron Nils, a "friend" of Tarsober
Sun dverge Northland name for Dwarfs
Suraf Watch commander in Salsorme, there are three
T top
Tak Smallest Military Unit, ten individuals
Tar'Khurt, necklace of Ancient blue Essini artifact buried in a hidden temple to Demathon near Ertlelm
Tasober Spelling of Tarsober in Carioc's poem
Tarsober "Noble light of enduring valiance" Magical sentient long sword, lacks sense of humour
Tellis-nuka An illicit substance. An upper to be snorted, about 8% addictive. Modo can supply.
Tenkelmir Word (Name?) on "freezing" sword at Zeim mas
Terilgem Farlas's Margravate in Ruistor, combines Janinkir and Pelliskirk
Thrune God of Storms
Thunar Northlander equivalent of Thrune. Highest status God in Northlands
Two Riders, The battle of Battle in 1416 near Zeim Falc, Knights v "Nasty things"
U top
Urtefron Sea spirit of Sohan
V top
Vehrghudain Dwarfen god of treasure and mischief
W top
Wailward Wall Warden of the Salurtef, responsible for land allocation within Salsorme  
Westron Inhabitants of part of Meresvale and Kirk and other lands west of Lagoin
Window of Arhanfarg A visionary apparition the Arhanfarg Forest
X top
Y top
Yarl Local leader in Northlands
Z top
Zeim Crell, The Battle of Minor human / orc skirmish at the fag end of 1585
Zoral Banned, outlawed and unmentionable religion (in Salsorme)