4 Kingdoms

Chapter 8 - The Liberation of Salsorme


Tue 26 July 1588

  • Army leaves Yen for the mainland

Tue 9 August 1588 : Sun 7 Aug full moon

  • Morris arrives back in Salsorme

Wed 17 August 1588

  • A planning meeting with Gorondel
  • An immediate change of plans

Thur 18 Aug 1588 : Sun 21 Aug new moon

  • Planing the "Liberation of Salsorme"
  • Synopsis of the "Planned sequence of events"

Thur 1 Sept 1588

  • On the boats, last minute planing the "Liberation of Salsorme"
  • Who's who in Salsorme and the mechanism for calling a Riparlef
  • Who's where in the Party, and where they fit into the plan
  • A timely intervention by Woden, the Clerical Triumvirate sits
  • Farlas and Willan deliver stirring speeches
  • Transfer to small boats and sneak into the sea docks
  • The plan to get the super halen into the gate house
  • Landing at the sea docks
  • The evening, the search for Nalin

Fri 2 Sept 1588

  • Modo's nocturnal ramblings, the death of the Archon Epsi... or not!
  • Farlas and Baccus go to Granistel
  • Unfortunate events in Granistel, Themorem won't leave
  • Farlas and Modo attempt to leave Granistel, one of the all time great chase scenes
  • At the Warehouse
  • Wem and Baccus
  • On the way to Kimba's "house", Sharell streaks
  • The super halen get in to Salurtef
  • Events inside Salurtef, the death of Kirt closely followed by Cattawop then Uspin!
  • Getting in to Kimba's House
  • The army gets in to Salsorme, the super halen hang on.... just!
  • Uspin's transformation and its effect on Willan
  • Inside Kimba's house, Biron is found, Temlin is lost, Weggit dies, treasure is accrued
  • Getting out of Kimba's house, Brutzch and a woman are left in a shrubbery
  • Cherch, Khalon and Rissingfast do a good job at the sea docks
  • Events in front of Salurtef
  • The new plan for the morning and its revised version
  • Unfolding events around Salsorme, Nalin visits the Dwarfs
  • Early afternoon in the square of Ardeniss, and related negotiations
  • The Riparlef
  • In the evening, Connel's occupying force surrenders
  • Events directly relating to the Quest

Sat 3 Sept 1588

  • Temlin and Brutzch are alive and on the verge of well

Sun 4 Sept 1588 : Mon 5 full moon

  • Mopping up
  • Suspicions about Brutzch

Wed 7 Sept 1588

  • Ub woz 'ere
  • Sorting out accommodation and citizenship
  • Post liberation politicking, the early rounds
  • The arrival of Gorondel

Thur 8 Sept 1588

  • Post liberation politicking, continues
  • Caspar imparts some Quest related information
  • Internal Party politicking
  • Other events

Fri 9 Sept 1588

  • The banquet for Gorondel

Sat 10 Sept 1588

  • Post liberation Riparlef, new Archons are elected
  • Temlin is told of the "Inner Quest"

Sun 11 Sept 1588

  • Plans for "Questor's"
  • Other events

Mon 12 Sept 1588

  • General plans
  • Hortense visits Vianar

Tue 13 Sept 1588

  • Going west
  • Plans for leaving Salsorme
  • Other events

Thur 15 Sept 1588

  • We all slip out of Salsorme without much fuss.



Tue 26 July 1588

(W/R 231 + 232)

A Army leaves Yen for the mainland

A The Party and the Army abandon Yen.

A Kirt protests vehemently. The Arpollin is aware of the situation. The army here has no long term claims on the islands, they are only to liberate them from the yoke of Connel's tyranny. The Arpollin's troops will be sailing with us along with five halen from Tereh. Kirt is still perturbed.

A The Party is heading for the mainland. Three hundred League troops are coming to Yen to take over the fort. They will find a number of princes and troops already there. The local civilian population is rather upset by all of this.

A There is a philosophical discussion about loaves of bread; the size of women's brains; changing the oil, etc. Nalin is dying for a fight. Lejak is being bullied by the crew and Party personnel so Willan comforts him. Willan attempts to teach Lejak how to use a sword. Lejak peels some potatoes.

Tue 9 August 1588 : Sun 7 Aug full moon

(W/R 231)

A Morris arrives back in Salsorme

A Morris arrives back in Salsorme.

Wed 17 August 1588

(W/R 233)

A A planning meeting with Gorondel

B An immediate change of plans

A A ship flying the flag of the Golden Falcon meets the Rilotar. It is transporting a delegation led by Gorondel, the Archon Achas of Salsorme. They have come a long way out of their way to meet the Party which means they have not reached Uspin's meeting place. Couron is being negative.

A The Party board Gorondel's ship. They squabble about the last plaice and potatoes, not chips. [?! - Ed] The Party is ordered under Gorondel's command. Nalin grumbles about this. They have beef stew for lunch. [It's beginning to be obvious that the person playing the Party's cook is writing the record! - Ed]

A Gorondel wants Farlas and his colonels; Modo, Nalin, Willan, Lenkoff and the other one [Almenonn - Ed] to see him at 12.30 with the princes. In fact, all the leaders of the army.

A At the meeting Gorondel has colonelish types with him in the saloon. Farlas is ticked off for being late. Modo mentions the bracelet. The army will consist of 24 halen in Farlas' force; 10 halen, five each, from the Arpollin and Tereh plus five halen from Uspin. The total of almost 40 halen should be enough.

A There have been border incidents between Ruistor and Van Connel and the taxes in Salsorme were raised two weeks ago. King Telanir has told King Connel that this is excessive and he would declare war if they were raised further. King Telanir raised his standard and marched a week ago, he expects to hit Connel this month. Telanir is heading for the centre to regain lost territories. Gorondel has a force north of Salsorme, he has to take Salsorme and return it to it's rightful rulers under the King.

A Gorondel's force will move as soon as possible to Salsorme and Farlas' force will move at the same time to capture Salsorme and defeat Nelden [The Archon Amnis - Ed]. It would be preferable to occupy Salsorme from the sea but a fleet is blocking the way, Farlas' force will have to go to Salmarik, a small fishing port fourteen miles south of Salsorme. From there they will move north to converge in a pincer movement.

A Neither Gorondel nor Nelden want a seige to develop so an open battle is likely. Nelden will try to combat one force at a time so our timing is important.

A A schedule for the march is handed over.

A Allowing Nelden's force to escape by sea is no problem as the liberation of the city is the most important objective. Gorondel's loyalty is to the city, and through it to the king. Civilian casualties are unlikely as Nelden will not let himself be seiged up with a hostile civilian population.

A The pincer movement will keep Nelden guessing and joining the two forces before hand will be a bit lengthy and difficult. The pincer movement will be the fastest and most confusing for the enemy.

A The picket force outside Salsorme harbour will probably rejoin Nelden's force once the situation clears. If we had found the bracelet Oceanus might have brought some sea elves to scuttle Nelden's ships.

A It will take two to three weeks to get to Uspin plus the fourteen mile march to Salsorme should mean that we get there mid September.

B It later transpires that Uspin sends seven boats making the total force 1,400 men.

B Hot information from Willan is that Caspar has arranged a gap in the sea defences on 1st September for twelve hours. He has also detailed four area in the town for us to take. This seems a much more effective way of liberating Salsorme. The population of the city will be on the side of the incoming army. The population number around 20,000 and the influx of soldiers will add about 1,200.

Thur 18 Aug 1588 : Sun 21 Aug new moon

(W/R 240 + 239) [1/11/1992]

A Re-planing the "Liberation of Salsorme"

B Synopsis of the "Planned sequence of events"

A Modo, Nalin, Farlas, Willan, Cattawop (to take minutes), Almenonn, Lenkoff, leaders of the three princely forces, Couron (as political leader of Arpollin's troops), Hortense, General Holmir of the forces of the League of Los Nystel and Cazar the seori commander and message bearer, all attend the lengthy planning meeting which goes on for hours.

A A change of plan is considered in the light of the new information from Cazar. We may have additional forces and Nelden may know of "Plan A" as there is a force marching south from Salsorme at the moment.

A On 1 September sea-defences will be opened by naval Salsorme loyalists, we can sail through the gap, land, and march on the city. We need to send a small party in first to soften them up and incite a popular uprising... and banish Connel's forces - a piece of piss.

A There is some discussion on the function of a Riparlef, Farlas and Willan will be expected to speak. Lenkoff is anxious that Farlas and Willan should not be absent from the battle when making speeches but Farlas glosses over this.

A We wonder how many are going to opposed to us. There are four thousand men in the Salsorme defenses of which about two thousand are reportedly heading south.

A It will take about half a day to get through the gap in the sea defenses. Farlas will make a stirring speech. Willan, Modo, Lenkoff and Almenonn approve on varying grounds. Couron is concerned about the quality of our information. Hortense asks about escape routes and expresses some concern over the "all or nothing" nature of the exercise.

A We are all agreed [The text is obviously deceptive! - Ed]

B Planned Sequence of Events

End of August
Day and Night Disturbances designed to draw Kimba's troops out of Granurtef and onto the streets.
Thursday 1 September
During the day Gap in Connel's sea defenses opened - various captains.
Midday Super taks arrive sea docks - Winged Arrow
Early evening Winged Arrow forces land down river
Midnight Routes to targets cleared - Haspant (Hosarnos should cooperate).
Over night Army moves towards Salsorme
Friday 2 September
Small hours Move towards targets - Haspant to guide Winged Arrow
Small hours Secretly release Themorem from Granistel - Winged Arrow
Dawn Sea docks interference set up - Emmet
Dawn Salurtef taken and opened, Flag raised - Winged Arrow
Dawn Relieve Kimba of gold and take artifact to dwarves - Winged Arrow
Early Morning Troops land at sea docks? - Winged Arrow
Early Morning Isolate Governor's residence - Winged Arrow
Morning Seige of Granurtef - Winged Arrow
Morning Storming of Salhradin and Salmassin - Jungon.
Morning Secure sea docks road - Winged Arrow
Morning Secure Ardeniss - Winged Arrow
Midday Arm popular uprising - Dwarfs.
Midday Raise flag at ShoIripe and ring Lotsilt to summon the Riparlef - ­Winged Arrow
Early afternoon Appoint Archons as required and declare Martial Law under new Archon Achas (Farlas) - Riparlef
Afternoon Popular uprising against Connel - Everyone
Evening Raise Free Salsorme flag at Sholripe and hand control back to Riparlef - Winged Arrow

A We think that someone may have taken a keys to Granistel from Lucius' possessions, unfortunately no one can find it! It may be that Modo gave them to the Salsorme thieves guild. Everyone is reminded not to mention our connection with Caspar.

Thur 1 Sept 1588

(W/R 240 - 248)

A On the boats, last minute planing the "Liberation of Salsorme"

B Who's who in Salsorme and the mechanism for calling a Riparlef

C Who's where in the Party, and where they fit into the plan

D A timely intervention by Woden, the Clerical Triumvirate sits

E Farlas and Willan deliver stirring speeches

F Transfer to small boats and sneak into the sea docks

G The plan to get the super halen into the gate house

H Landing at the sea docks

I The evening, the search for Nalin

A We think that there will be a seori of troops in the Salurtef and three or four seori in Granurtef [or is that the number of troops we are sending against them? - Ed] , Salsorme is a big place! [about the size of the City of London and West End combined, apparently - Ed]

B Key Salsorme bigwigs are:

Bedoun Mac Gent, the Archon Epsi
he is 100% behind Connel
Gorondel, the Archon Achas
leader of Telanir's troops, should support us
Nelden, the Archon Amnis
we are trying to restore our credibility with him!
Sornel of Salsorme
a big decision maker and supporter of Amnis power (see preceding).

B In order to have martial law declared the Chairman of the Riparlef, the Archon Epsi and Archon Achas (hopefully Farlas by then) and one other must be in favour. In an emergency, if the Archon Epsi is dead (as he may well be) Sornel and the Chairman of the Riparlef can agree to appoint a new Archon Epsi and inform the Riparlef for confirm of the new appointment.

B To call a Riparlef the bell (Lotsilt) must be rung by the bell warden which is a position held by a priest of the Lodrell church, at the request of the Seart Larm - a nominal post appointed by the Archon Epsi. The process is overseen by the Lodrell church as Lotsilt is in the Lodrell temple. The Archon Epsi must direct this process with a genuine willingness as Lodrell is sticky about thing like this. [And everything else! - Ed]

A Cazar is but a humble messenger, he can give opinions but not advice. Modo suggests that we should make the martial law permanent. [probably as the first step to bleeding the place of all it's wealth! - Ed] If the Archon Epsi cannot be persuaded to call a Riparlef he will have to be removed. When talk inevitably moves to the subject of assassination, Cazar finds an excuse to leave the room, the princes look overwhelmed. There is a suggestion [probably from Modo - Ed] that Modo takes over the post of Archon Epsi following the "removal" of Bedoun. It is also pointed out that Temlin is probably eligible to be the Seart Larm.

A Once the Riparlef is called we should be in a position to let the populous choose their representatives from a selection of our puppets!

A Modo is prepared to give odds or 5,000 to 1 against the plan working, Hortense takes him up.

C Who is where and where do they fit into the plans?

In Salsorme
On the Ship - Team A
On the Ship - Team B
Jorkim Mac Lethil
On the Ship - Others
Temlin (runner)
Lejak (runner)
Narlon the Younger

[Coffchomi was meant to go to the gate house and Calhassan, as usual, with Modo to Kimba's house. Due to a PCU they went to the wrong places. As the record develops it is clear that this switch was from the beginning and not part way through (as was thought at the time). So it is a genuine game time error in the confusion and not a rupture in the space time continuum. This note is so long because it was my PCU!! - Ed]

A The last minute planning resolves as follows:

A We will arrive about midday. Farlas, Modo and Baccus will release Themorem in the small hours of the morning and let him off to organise things. Modo and Baccus will then join up with the "A" Team to break in to Kimba's heavily fortified house (six towers, three dogs, guards and servants) to nick the goblet and as much gold as they can carry. Farlas will join the "B" Team in taking the gate at the Salurtef. Lejak and Temlin will act as runners keeping the two fronts informed.

D Woden wants to be re-sworn in to the Party as a pre-condition of helping in the Salsorme events. As a result of this request a meeting of the Inner Group of "Quest" members is called. Modo reckons that Woden has an attitude problem and is asking for too much at the wrong time. Nalin doesn't want a druid but Woden's skills will be useful. Farlas thinks it is not fair to ask Woden to help without giving something in return, he thinks Woden should be given another chance. Willan makes some judicious comments about the need for Woden to prove his worth and suggests a probationary period.

D The decision of the Inner Group is that Woden should be permitted to come along and participate in Party actions; but he should have no pre-requisites about membership. This does not satisfy Woden and the Clerical Triumvirate Arbitration Panel is convened. The ranking clerics out of those present are Christian - Angelica; Farah - Calhassan; Essini - Yossilana; Woden is the examinant and Coffchomi is the Record Keeper.

(Yossilarna) What are Woden's reasons for rejoining the Party?

Recent auguries emphasise the importance of the Quest.

(Yossilarna) Why is the Party most appropriate?

They are the only people doing anything about the aims of the Quest.

(Yossilarna) How did he reach this conclusion?

He has faith in the skills and abilities of Party members. He does not know of any other individuals pursuing Quest related aims.

(Yossilarna) Are there any other reasons?

The long term importance of the Party aim.

(Yossilarna) Anything else?

He is a long term adventurer. If the Quest was not happening he would still wish to be part of a party even if this one did not exist.

(Angelica) Are there any individuals in the past who may affect future relations?

He had a dispute with Farlas over the distribution of loot, Woden lost the duel however Farlas gave over the disputed item anyway. It is now clear between them both.

(Angelica) Does Woden hold animosity towards anyone?

He has none to Farlas and none to any other member of the Party. He is aware that there is prejudice against him but feels this is directed at his vocation rather than at him personally. If he felt that someone had a serious dislike of him he would not try to join the Party. The person he trusts least is his own son.

(Calhassan) What is his family history of Druidism?

Son of the Devil and a Beltane priestess, brought up within Druidic inclinations towards nature.

(Calhassan) What is Woden's opinion of King Connel?

King Connel is in league with Woden's fellow Druids and also with the enemy of Druids. He has less of Woden's respect than some.

(Calhassan) Re side of or for Connel [? - Ed]. It has a bearing on the Parties position. What is Woden's personal position?

Woden can understand such feelings and he is content to be excluded from such meetings. He knows that some of his old Druid colleagues are involved with Connel although he himself is not involved. He understands exclusion from decision making.

(Yossilarna) Are you close to your son? If he left would you leave, assuming you had joined?

He is not as close to his son as he would like to be. He would not automatically leave if Brutzch left but might leave if Brutzch was rejected by the Party.

(Yossilarna) If Brutzch was to die would Woden avenge the death of his son?

That would depend on the cause of death. Woden holds no illusions about the dangers of being in the Party.

(Yossilarna) What conditions are there to his joining the Party?

Other than being made a member of the Party; there are three:

All are Party made, they do not originate from Woden. Woden wants to be back in the Party as he was before, taking part in the Quest with the same status as everyone else. Perhaps he may need new developments in Party organisation explained.

(Yossilarna) Why did he leave before?

He had an augury. He did not desert the Party in a crisis, he waited until the end of an operation and then called the augury. His most recent auguries emphasise the importance of the Quest.

(Angelica) Are there any past incidents where Woden has helped the Party?

Woden joined the Party at about the time of the death of Offa. He took part in actions south of Van Connel, battles etc.

(Calhassan) How would he react to the possibility of the Party needing to chop down trees?

It would depend on the reason. Pure aggression wouldn't wash. Some trees are sacred, some also vegetarians or non-killers. Dead wood is OK.

D At the end of the examination of Woden other witnesses are grilled. The Clerical Triumvirate then delivers the verdict that Woden should be permitted to join the Party.

A There is more fine tuning of the plan.

A The Salurtef is to be taken and opened/held, only need to wait for troops' reinforcements. Open the gate a bit before dawn to allow a halen of Dwarfs in under cover of darkness.

A Get the troops landed at the sea docks in small boats (from the ships) - a dozen or so will hold a seori. We get the whole of the super halen in plus the first group of three to release Themorem.

A The army need to scout ahead and neutralise the outpost, also any cavalry and any forces outside the town.

A Once we take the gate and the army is in we must revert to military structure. A couple of halen will hold Salurtef. We will then take Granurtef, or at least lay siege to it.

A The small boat force will arrive at dawn, although the docks are busy twenty four hours a day. The main force will also arrive at dawn.

A The small boat force is Cherch and a halen with Guerin [who is not listed on the ship or in Salsorme - Ed] and a halen, they are to secure the sea docks. If serious resistance is encountered they are to attempt a retreat using their knowledge of Salsorme to melt in to little groups to make trouble elsewhere whilst joining up with the two forces attacking the gates.

A Khalon and a halen; Kirt and a halen commanded by Rissingfast

[When it arrived in Salsorme the small boat force was a halen of Dwarfs commanded by Khalon and two halen of Salsorme Irregulars commanded by Cherch and Rissingfast. Kirt went with the gate party - Ed]

A When trouble starts barrack troops will be depleted trying to stop town troubles.

A There is a lot of auguring and entrail reading.

E Willan delivers a stirring exhortation to his men. Farlas delivers the following speech employing an outstanding, vigorous, red in the face impression of Sir Larry doing his Henry V!

E Farlas delivers a speech to the people on the ships:

We've fought Connel twice already and given him a good hiding. Well, third time pays for all as they say, and this is the big one. After this Salsorme will be free and we can return to our normal lives.

Yes lad's, we're heading for Salsorme to finally put Connel back in his place and restore the order of things. You know the drill by now. Your commanders are going off to open the doors for you, but we'll be back to keep an eye on you before the real fun starts. After that we'll get the townspeople on our side - they've been waiting for the chance to get rid of the tyrant Connel, and you'll all be heroes in the city.

It's a tall order but we've done it before - I know I can count on you.

Are you all ready?

(Resounding cries of "Yes" from all around!)

Thank you

F A halen of Dwarfs and two halen of Salsormers go up river in little boats. Fog is cast.

A Nalin has an Elixir of Health; Willan a Clairvoyance potion; Woden has a green peppery one and one which is red fruity and oily; Brutzch has a pink one! There is lots of Audible Glamour available. The green peppery potion will apparently make lies sound truthful.

A Another discussion of tactics covers the possibility of casting a "Haunting" to panic and unsettle the enemy or causing a diversion by raising a portcullis which will get them to move around, or calling a snap inspection in the confusion with the help of the truth potion. OR Hortense casts a haunting whilst Farlas wreaks havoc running about invisibly employing his sword and Sharell magically gropes people.

A It is agreed that haunting is probably best, but this in no way causes the discussion to end! It goes on to cover variables on trap doors, drawbridges and the utilisation of spikes, but these are all excruciatingly complicated. Farlas could always blast them all with extreme violence [always a good fall back option - Ed]. How about nobbling the wall guards?

A The town walls are about fifteen feet high. We could put two or three invisible people up who could drop three rope ladders for the rest of an invisible force to climb. One side has one ladder the other two. The first three to take up a ladder each. Thought - when does a ladder become visible when carried by an invisible person? [that old chestnut again - Ed] Three people up on the wall (visible) take out two guards each, set up rope ladders and others climb up. One person to guard and hold each ladder at all times. The remainder are to open the door or fight off opposition. The objective is to remain secret for as long as possible.

A If we aim at one wall Farlas can "Sleep" the guards so that the invisible's can avoid attacking (and becoming visible). Someone realises that the crenellations will be too big to hang the rope ladders from! We decide on a "Rope Trick" to get seventeen people up on to the wall.

GThe Plan To Get The Super Halen In To The Gate House.

G Farlas invisibly climbs the wall and "Sleeps" the two guards. A "Rope Trick" is cast by a person on the ground (Hortense?). A "Silence" spell is also cast. We go up the rope on to the wall in the following order: (Farlas), Willan, Holmir, Couron, Uspin, Gilthon, Kirt, Whenslidayle, Jorkim, Hortense, Yossilana, Angelica, Belthazar, Bolger, Cattawop,Coffchomi Calhassan, Modo (?). Bazron will be hauled up on a different rope. Farlas, Willan, Uspin, Gilthon, Kirt, Jorkim and Bazron (!) can use a bow, Holmir can crossbow, Couron whipsand Coffchomi lassoes.

G Once up we take out the first floor and secure the ground floor using a stinking object as necessary. We then take the roof and secure the gate house. We open the gates when the army is nearby.

G A Dragon warrior is available once we are on the roof.

[There is a slightly honed and fleshed out version of the final plan on W/R 246 - it is substantially the same as the plan itemised above - Ed]

F The crews and forces are instructed to be quiet and all lights are put out. The super halen are in an advance party and are separated from the army. Almenonn is in charge of the boats. Cherch and Khalon to organise their bit. The Salsorme party also split off.

F In Farlas' boat are most of the gate house party. If either boat drowns the remainder of the party is to continue to the gate house.

F There follows a very atmospheric and sneaky sail, under cargoes of cabbages, tropical fruit and veg, and bluefish [lucky bastards! - Ed]. We dock at midday. The guards prod their swords through the various cargoes. Our armour is stowed at the stern [it says "flat end" in the record - Ed] of the boats. It is not hidden in compartments. The boat has to dock much further up the wharf than intended. The first plan to get the party to the warehouse won't work now. The plan to stir up Connel's troops is working well, too well in fact - this will add to our movement difficulties.

F Bazron eats cabbages. Only Yossilana, Coffchomi and Bazron himself can hear this. [One (amongst many) of the truly great nonsensical one liners in the record - Ed]

F The super halen is split between two boats. In one boat Kirt and Lejak are passing as sailors with Uspin as a passenger. Farlas is invisible and Willan, Holmir, Couron, Jorkim, Hortense, Yossilana, Angelica, Belthazar, Cattawop, Coffchomi and Bazron are liabilities. In the other boat Brutzch, Grayam, Weggit, Whenslidayle and Baccus are passing as sailors with Woden as a passenger. Modo is invisible and Nalin is a lone hero [What? - Ed]. The rest, Gilthon, Bolger, Temlin, Calhassan and Sharell are the liabilities.

H We arrive at the wharf, all the sailor substitutes get changed, there are some unsuccessful non-hides. A message is passed from boat one to boat two. Uspin and Woden sit about passenger like.

H Four soldiers are making their way towards the boats. They start to board and the liabilities try to hide. Bazron, Coffchomi, Couron and many others blow it! Kirt acts very sailor like. A Connel soldier seems to be alerted by something, he alerts the others and they start a search. Farlas "Sleeps" the leader..... three sailors and a bystander on the wharf! Uspin threatens the nervous guard. It is very smelly. Farlas casts another "Sleep" spell and gets the remaining two guards..... and Jorkim and a sailor!! It is all over in a few seconds.

H The captain of one of the boats has kept the harbour master talking. The first mate talks to Uspin, getting twitchy. Four "sailors" hastily get in to the guards uniforms and are told to get off the boat. Are we running out of time? We need harbour clearance, Farlas tries another spell.

H The four mock guards carry it off. The harbour master tries to save face and hands over the clearance. The four mock guards go off in the direction of the second boat but do not board it. Uspin realises that the four mock guards could get clearance for boat two and shouts to the harbour master. It is a broad hint that is really aimed at the mock guards.

H The mock guards walk past boat two, the harbour master scampers up behind them squeaking about this. Farlas invisibly tries to get to the lead mock guard to help him out. They start to check out boat two, the other sailors are falling over laughing. The captain of boat two realises what has happened and button holes the harbour master. Baccus realises that these are not soldiers and tells Whenslidayle. No one else twigs. Sharell is covered up with extra cabbages by a mock guard. Farlas has reached boat two and is hovering in case he is needed.

H The search is rapidly concluded, the harbour master has not noticed a thing. The mock guards are [running] to get out of their uniforms. The first mate of boat two concocts a story to excuse the mock guards to the harbour master. The clearance papers are handed over and the harbour master wanders back off of the wharf.

H Unloading begins. Uspin organises the first mate of boat two to get carters and carts loaded round the fugitives. Nalin's axe and Nalin [and Nalin's stone - Ed] slip over the side. The bottom is HORRIBLE, it has certainly never been dredged. Nalin looks for a way out through the wharf supports.

H Brutzch and Woden are spotted crashing in to the warehouse. Twelve people need to be carted. A Connel soldier goes over the side, are the town guards to be kept? - They will be missed. They are taken unconscious to the warehouse. [It seems to be implicit in the preceding paragraph that a fight took place after Brutzch and Woden were noticed - Ed]

I It is getting near to dusk. Nalin is trying to find his way to the warehouse or the dock area from the Deep. Most of the warehouse doors are locked. Nalin pushes one open with impatience, it is a grain warehouse.

I Farlas goes for a kip so Willan is in charge. Everyone who should be, except Nalin, is in the warehouse either kipping or guarding.

I Nalin hears noises, he is in an alley getting his bearings. He is covered with sludge and grain. Someone sees him and quickly changes direction!

I Modo goes off to search for the slime monster (Nalin). [GPN - Modo fails both his search and scan rolls, this is about a likely as the end of the world] He cannot find anything.

I Baccus wants to search, he is told he will be kicked if he causes a ruckus or is discovered. Jorkim also wants to go.

I Nalin sees two Connel soldiers approaching. He walks away but is not very stealthy and the soldiers notice something odd. Nalin scampers off and the soldiers miss him. Nalin gets his axe out. He gets to the warehouse without further incident, coincidentally followed by Modo and Baccus. Jorkim is missing now!

I Cattawop organises food and a wash for Nalin, who is unclear as to the need for a wash. More guarding and kipping and Jorkim returns and starts guarding.

Fri 2 Sept 1588

(W/R 248 - 273)

A Modo's nocturnal ramblings, the death of the Archon Epsi... or not!

B Farlas and Baccus go to Granistel

C Unfortunate events in Granistel, Themorem won't leave

D Farlas and Modo attempt to leave Granistel, one of the all time great chase scenes

E At the Warehouse

F Wem and Baccus

G On the way to Kimba's "house", Sharell streaks

H The super halen get in to Salurtef

I Events inside Salurtef, the death of Kirt closely followed by Cattawop then Uspin!

J Getting in to Kimba's House

K The army gets in to Salsorme, the super halen hang on.... just!

L Uspin's transformation and its effect on Willan

M Inside Kimba's house, Biron is found, Temlin is lost, Weggit dies, treasure is accrued

N Getting out of Kimba's house, Brutzch and a woman are left in a shrubbery

O Cherch, Khalon and Rissingfast do a good job at the sea docks

P Events in front of Salurtef

Q The new plan for the morning and its revised version

R Unfolding events around Salsorme, Nalin visits the Dwarfs

S Early afternoon in the square of Ardeniss, and related negotiations

T The Riparlef

U In the evening, Connel's occupying force surrenders

V Events directly relating to the Quest

A Salsorme has no curfew as such however it is not possible to mill about after dark without attracting attention. Modo has copped off again.

E We wonder where Rustbulj lives, and where is Morris? Guerin is now called Guerin Sinselsin (edge of law). Uspin catches and skins several rats for the dogs.

A Modo returns with a mug from a pub and a cunning plan. Impossible to get in to [........ - Ed]. We realise that Modo has wrongly interpreted the vision or asked the wrong question. Where does the Archon Epsi live and what does he look like? Modo goes off to find him anyway.

A Modo gets to a posh bit of town and identifies the house he considers to be that of the Archon Epsi. He gets in and opens a creaky door, there is a male snore on the other side. People in the next room are awake and being snuggly. Modo examines doors, rooms and drawers and decides that it is not the Archon Epsi's house after all.

B Farlas is woken at 2 a.m. There is still no sign of Modo. The Themorem rescue mission is organised except that there is still no sign of Modo. Farlas and Baccus are guided whilst visible to the prison tower. They follow a variegated route and have shadowy outriders to keep the coast clear. Farlas makes a noise which two guards appear to hear. They approach and Farlas dodges. The lanterns are put out and the others are chased. Baccus is spotted. They split up, one guard follows each of them. The guard chasing Farlas dithers but the one after Buccus is pursuing. The guide tries to climb a wall. Baccus speeds up. The guard following Farlas decides to turn back, so Farlas follows him. Baccus shoots across a street. Farlas avoids his guide, gets visible and comes up behind the guide. The guide attacks and attracts the guards ahead! There is a fight in which a guard and the guide go down. The guide is not dead and wants to struggle back with Farlas.

B Baccus is on his own now. He runs madly being caught up.

B Farlas and the guide struggle back to the last outpost and discuss the situation.

B Baccus is pulling away, but it's neck and neck. He speeds up even more.

B Farlas impresses the guides but not with the dead guard.

B Baccus dashes round a corner straight in to the front square of Granistel, there are loads of soldiers. Baccus collides with one who fortunately misses him. Baccus dives down an alleyway leaving the hubub behind him. he is now lost in the merchant's quarter.

B Farlas makes his way through the ruckus in the merchant's quarter.

A Modo becomes aware of the ruckus (from the mysterious place where he is). He stealthily backs through a door (dressage) [what? - Ed]. More of same [what? - Ed].

C It is about 2.30 a.m. when Farlas arrives at Granistel tower (the prison), apart from the confused guards there is no one around. The guards start to close the door which is the entrance in to Granistel. Farlas waits for the hubub to die down and approaches the closed doorway. There are guards outside and on the wall, and inside by the look of things. Farlas moves to a quiet bit of wall and climbs up.

C Meanwhile Modo has broken in to a building. He is sneaking around listening for information. There are corridors everywhere. He sees a door ajar, through it he can see the back of a soldier. He can also hear that a conversation is going on in an inner room. Unfortunately the 'jar is not big enough to squeeze through, Modo puts his head round the door and sees a second soldier at a desk. Modo waits but the guards show no signs of leaving. One of the guards is handed something and turns to leave the room, Modo ducks out of the way and the guard carries on out of the main door.

C Suddenly the mark drops and Modo realises that he has been here before at his majesties pleasure. He heads confidently to the door to the jail downstairs. Someone comes out of the room and goes to the next one.

[GPN - There is a sudden suspicion that Baccus has been captured]

C Modo tries to open the door to the downstairs jail but it is locked. [How quaint - Ed] From past experience Modo knows that the is kept by a Sergeant or Commander, he heads back to the room he was looking in before. He can hear talk of a dead body and the search for the killer. Modo finds an empty room and opens a drawer in the nearest desk, it contains paper, wax and a dagger. Another drawer contains items that look as if they have been confiscated from prisoners.

C The top of Farlas' wall is now empty as Farlas has fallen off! He moves round to the town wall of Granistel and finds another heavily guarded doorway The arrow slits are too small to get through. Farlas has been trying to get in for half an hour.

C Modo is still looking for keys.

F Baccus has been found by a stranger and taken to a better place to hide. He is put in a coffin and asked questions by Wem about what is going on.

C Modo knocks on the door to the 'jar room. He is told to come in but Modo groans painfully to entice the soldier outside. The soldier moves towards the door testily. Modo focuses his attention on the keys on the soldiers belt, and his chances of removing them. He succeeds magnificently [how? - Ed] and rushes back to the jail door. The first key he tries opens the door! He leaps through and locks the door behind him at about the same time as the loss of the keys is discovered. Modo doesn't hang about, he heads for the dank, dark, deep, dark bits of the dungeons.

C Farlas has sidled up to the door of Granistel. Two people approach it in a hurry. Farlas readies himself and leaps through the door as the two people are let in. He bumps in to one of them in his haste to get through but the guy does not notice! Farlas gets inside the building to discover that one of the officers is upset about some missing keys and other strange goings on. Farlas suspects Modo! A soldier is posted in the corridor, Farlas prowls the corridor hoping to follow the guards through the jail door when they go through.

C As Modo goes down the stairs, there are two guards inside who seem to have heard the door but are startled and suspicious that no one has come down yet. They are coming up the stairs and Modo cannot pass them. [GPN - Due to a geographical misunderstanding] Modo draws his daggers and leaps at the throat of a guard. He then attacks the second one who parries.

C Farlas hears the sounds of combat below and the sergeant is getting his keys out.

C Modo is still fighting, more guards belt down the stairs with Farlas following. Modo downs the second guard who lies whimpering. The sergeant and two oiks are bearing down on Modo. The sergeant attacks Modo and a guard in the corridor raises the alarm. Farlas thinks about spiking the door shut but doesn't actually do anything. Modo and the sergeant are in combat. Farlas "Sleeps" three guards including the injured one whilst Modo does a sterling job not being killed by the sergeant. A guard from the corridor walks in to Farlas and shouts "Sir, Sir, there's someone down here we can't see". Farlas thoroughly slices the sergeant and fells him however he carries on issuing orders and shouts for the guard to go for help. Farlas goes for the guard whilst Modo kills the sergeant. Reinforcements are coming down the stairs.

D Modo belts upstairs using his body as a missile, gets in to the corridor and heads for the exit. He is being chased by soldiers and two more soldiers are blocking his path. The door is locked and Farlas has been given the keys. Modo dives through another door as a means to escape, it is the officers mess. Modo slams the door behind him. Unfortunately the room is not as empty as it looked and another guard on his way to the other door into the room is about to catch Modo. Modo stops abruptly to avoid being grabbed then rushes between two guards, smashing one out of the way. he reaches the door ahead and dashes out into a corridor. He dives into what turns out to be a kitchen with five doors, grabs a meat cleaver and hurls it behind him. Modo hits a pursuer with the cleaver and heads through the opposite door into the pantry. The bloody thing has no other way out so Modo darts back out into the kitchen and hurls himself to the right. Modo sees nine guards in the kitchen and more are coming in!

C Farlas has been left in the dungeon with three sleeping guards and two who are dead or unconscious. Farlas looks at the cells, there are ten - all seem to be occupied. He works out which one Themorem is in and opens the door. Farlas is still invisible and the man inside, who certainly looks like Themorem, seems confused by the door opening itself! Farlas closes the door and appears. "Argh! Who the hell are you?" says the prisoner.

C Farlas introduces himself and explains the invasion plan and Themorem's role in this. Themorem points out that he considers his position is now compromised by such a violent escape involving a murder. Besides, Farlas may be an imposter trying to frame Themorem. Themorem asks if someone else important could be released. Why is it necessary for Themorem to be released by Farlas' army? Themorem is rather startled and puzzled by Farlas' plan. However the plan is academic as Themorem feels it would be inappropriate to "escape" from a murdered sergeant and support Farlas in a Riparlef. He warns Farlas that the murder of the sergeant will not be popular. Themorem offers to write messages for his friends for Farlas to carry but Farlas will still need a strong speaker for his side in the Riparlef.

C The Archon Epsi or the Governor could arrange for the release of Themorem before the Riparlef but this is very unlikely. Themorem advises Farlas that, for the purpose of the Riparlef, he should dissociate himself from the murder.

C Farlas takes the missives and locks Themorem back in his cell. He opens another door and starts to try to leave.

D Some of the guards facing Modo are shouting "'E killed sergeant Varak". Modo is grabbed by a soldier but wrenches himself free and dodges round another. He is hemmed in and has to head right, towards a sack of flour. There are now over a dozen soldiers in the kitchen which has a fireplace replete with fire at the "wrong" end of the room. Modo heads for the fireplace. He is grabbed by two soldiers whilst his attention is distracted by a third. Modo employs the "champagne cork" escape routine however he trips whilst executing the manoeuvre and fails to "pop" - he is caught!! The soldiers lug Modo towards the cells.

D Farlas is in the process of leaving when four guards come down the stairs carrying a limp Modo. The corporal asks who has the keys. The guy who Farlas released has retreated back in to his cell. The soldiers dump Modo in a cell and lock him in. Then there's a lot of shouting, the four guards are still there as is Farlas who is farting around. The guards discuss what is going on. Farlas tries to "Sleep" some of them. He swipes a guard with his sword, the guard is now alert and armed. Farlas stabs him again and kills him before he can raise the alarm.

D Modo cottons on and hears the keys at his cell door. Modo makes a reflex slash at the door which Farlas manages to dodge. [what was it that Modo "cottoned on" to, obviously not what Farlas was doing! - Ed] Modo gets out of his cell and sees one dead and three sleeping guards. Farlas whispers to him to let him know that he is around. Modo slashes at the whisper and gets Farlas in the right leg! This time he really does cotton on! Meanwhile, Modo's erstwhile cell mate is trying to get out alone and is unlocking the door.

D All the prisoners are released and start to make a ruckus. Themorem will not leave, Modo want's to knock him out. Themorem tries to explain his objections to being released in such a violent fashion, Modo incredulously wonders what planet Themorem is from and makes up a story to explain the death of sergeant Varak. Themorem is still wary, Modo's temper reaches the end of it's legendarily short fuse and he tries physical force on Themorem.

D Themorem crashes to the ground, bellowing. Farlas is keeping well out of it! Modo tries to bash Themorem on the head to knock him out.... but misses. Themorem, not used to resolving differences in this manner, misses Modo initially but a creditable scuffle come fist fight develops in the cell!

D The prisoners have armed themselves and are streaming up the stairs. The scuffle between Modo and Themorem continues. Soon Modo gives up and furiously storms from the cell. Farlas casts a "Sleep" spell, both Modo and Themorem crumple to the ground!

D There is increasing commotion upstairs. Farlas wakes up Modo and renders him invisible, then he also makes Themorem invisible. They struggle upstairs with Themorem, a pitched battle is going on in the corridor. The prisoners are backed up against a door and a lot of hacking is going on.

D Farlas decides that the prisoners are going to be defeated, there is no way past the battle so they return Themorem to his cell, lie him down comfortably and make him visible again - leaving the door open. By the time they leave Themorem's cell the guards are shoving the prisoners back down the stairs again. It looks as if three or four prisoners have been killed, the remainder are locked up.

D Farlas runs up the empty stairs and bumps in to the guard at the top of the stairs causing the alarm to be raised yet again! Modo gets past without incident. Farlas dashes past a corridor guard and tries the outer door, it is unlocked! Farlas opens the door and rushes out. The corridor guard notices the door open and moves forward straight into the path of the onrushing Modo who cannot avoid crashing in to him. The guard manages to grab Modo. By this time Farlas is out and out of earshot and heading for the darkest corner as quickly as possible.

D Modo shouts "look behind you!" [GPN - An excellent non-attack] This does not distract the guard sufficiently for Modo to wriggle free so Modo kicks him in the nuts causing himself to become visible again and the guard to double over. The net effect is that Modo hits the ground running. He dashes out of the door and heads towards a darkened area. He briefly catches his breath and moves towards the gate.

D Farlas gets out of the outside door and turns round just in time to see Modo belting straight for the apparent gap which is, in fact, filled by the invisible Farlas. There is a collision followed by recriminations which luckily are short enough to avoid the use of Modo's dagger as guards are screaming everywhere. Farlas and Modo separate and agree to meet back at the warehouse.

E Farlas arrives back at the warehouse at 4.30 a.m. after about forty minutes travelling. Modo arrives about twenty minutes later. A round or five of recriminations are slung back and forth.

E Farlas has a quick look at the missives from Themorem, they appear to be positive and refer to the plans for the Riparlef. Farlas passes them to the leader of the resistance for delivery.

E It is now about an hour before dawn. Modo is hustled off to "do in" the Archon Epsi. He finds the streets full of people looking for a halfling mass murderer!

E "Things could have gone a lot better." said Farlas.

E We march on a bit.

E Useless.

[The last two lines are such a classy bit of record keeping that the sarcastic comment "excellent record" appears in brackets in the written record itself! - Ed] [I assume it was a sarcastic comment!! - Ed]

F Wem and Baccus talk. Wem wants corroboration of Baccus' story. Wem tells Baccus that a halfling has single handedly killed masses of guards. They take a barrow loaded with four coffins and trundle towards the north gate as there are guards there who need coffins! Baccus thinks that Wem can raise a good number of Salsormers for the cause if he can be convinced that the army is real.

G The group on their way to Kimba's house have become embroiled in a melee, partly caused by Sharell streaking naked to cause a distraction. Sharell lays in [in the violent impending death sense - Ed] to the seven lucky guards confronting them. Nalin axes the leader of the soldiers with such massive force that his leg is completely severed and ends up some way away! [it says "halfway to the river" in the record but I think, even for Nalin, this may be a slight exaggeration - Ed]. Nalin follows this magnificence by fumbling his axe and hitting himself. During the continuing hack and slay Sharell contributes a "Cold hand" to the soldier who is protecting her from "rape" by the rest of our group! Unfortunately her efforts were proved unnecessary as at the same moment Nalin's axe carves it's thirsty way through a varied collection of the very same soldiers internal organs thus reducing his threat to nil. Temlin lobs in a "Magic missile", Woden withdraws from the combat and Nalin's insatiable axe further slakes it's thirst and ruins another uniform and the contents thereof. Brutzch fells a soldier as well. The remaining soldiers leg it. Three of the fallen soldiers are not dead and Calhassan attempts to first aid them.

A Modo finds the house of Bedoun Mac Gent [not "bent Geddon mac" as it says in the record - Ed]. As Modo is watching the place three people leave. Modo displays a rare moment of caution and does not take the very first opportunity to kill the person he believes to be Bedoun (one of the people who left the house) as he wants to be sure that he's got the right person. Once he is happy that the middle person is at least someone important he picks his moment and stabs him twice in the back, with two daggers. Modo thinks he is a double agent. He has no time to consider this and buggers off rapidly.

A Modo does not know who he has stabbed. [so much for "being sure" - Ed] One of the guards has spotted Modo as he doubles back, but not the man in the middle. The man is wearing a twelve point jockstrap on an eleven point willy [! - Ed] but Modo hits him again, in the guts - the man falls over. Modo flees again and a guard gives chase, the second guard tends to the fallen man.

H Angelica has vanished on her way to the gate. The group is cross but not too bothered. This means that there are sixteen people heading for the gate with at least three guides. Moving stealthily is a joke. Kirt fell over in the street but no one noticed. Yossilana erupted from an alleyway and distracted the guards from someone else. Belthazar tripped up a guard. Cattawop and Coffchomi crashed in to each other and apologised and no one noticed! Bazron was mercifully covered for by his guide. We reach the vicinity of the gate safely [!!!! - Ed]

H It is misty. Hortense casts a "Spider climb" on Farlas. It takes Farlas about ten minutes to identify the best place to arrive (in the middle where the guards cross) He climbs the wall and arrives on top between converging guards. He "Sleeps" them perfectly and they both slump.

H Hortense now casts her "Rope trick". Farlas is covering the top whilst Hortense climbs the rope and heads in to the compartment. Willan bounds up behind her followed quickly by Holmir and Couron.... until she falls off! Farlas moves to the side of the wall when Willan gets to the top. Uspin parries Couron and sets off up the rope followed by Gilthon, Kirt, Whenslidayle and Jorkim. They all get on to the wall, it turns out that Uspin did not climb the rope as it is magic, he climbed up the wall. Hortense took ages to get up. Yossilana and Belthazar are up on the wall as well now. Bolger cocks his climb up badly and a guards notices something. Farlas dithers.

H The rope we are climbing is about one hundred feet away from the guards tower, the continuing mist is at least providing some cover. The alert guard has notified a second guard of his concern and the have noticed Farlas being unstealthy. One of the guards calls out a strange name, Farlas gambles that it is the name of the dead guard and bluffs an answer..... successfully!

H Cattawop has heard a noise and tries to get those members of the group still to climb the rope (her, Couron, Bazron and Coffchomi) to stay on the ground and be quiet. However a philosophical discussion ensues.

H On the wall, Farlas clumps about in the manner of a heavy guard and imitates the patrol route. Bolger eventually makes it up the rope. Cattawop slowly makes her way up followed by Couron and Coffchomi with slightly less caution. Bazron is hauled up by some hefty warriors. Hortense leaves the rope dangling in mid-air.

H There is some disagreement about whether to kill the sleeped guards. Farlas has moved off. Cattawop stills the wind and thickens the fog by the gate house. The rest catch up with Farlas at the door. It is stout. Hortense blasts the door open and Farlas and Willan burst through it. The guards on the other side are very alerted........

G On the way to Kimba's house, Brutzch, Weggit and Grayam have uniforms on. The group of soldiers have definitely buggered off. Sharell wants to wear a jacket. They make their way to Kimba's house. Sharell wants to feed a dead guard to the dogs.

G Kimba's "house" turns out to be a large enclosed estate with a small castle in the middle. The wall is about twelve feet high and spiked on the top. We can hear dogs inside somewhere. Brutzch goes around the outside and we move into atrophy mode considering various ways to get in.

G Eventually Grayam, Weggit and Brutzch bang on the door. "Message for Kimba from Kalik. Urgent" Weggit bluffs the guard. [who's Kalik - Ed] The guard informs him that Kimba is not there as he went off with Kalik two hours ago. He is probably at Granistel. Brutzch is trying to be clever. Weggit starts a rumour that Kimba has disappeared. Brutzch is sent away but the jobsworth on the gate won't let them in. Three of the group are skulking round the corner and Brutzch joins them. Nalin gets Brutzch to climb the wall and listen for dogs. Brutzch does not hear or see any. He can see a light from what he assumes is the guard house on the other side of the gate which they are trying to bluff their way through. Brutzch is not being very stealthy which may be the reason that some dogs are now approaching. Brutzch gets over the wall with some damage.

G People are alerted. Temlin "Knocks" the door, it bursts open inwards and they go crashing through......

F Wem and Baccus have reached the vicinity of the gate. Nothing is happening to they wait. Wem says he will wait until dawn.

A Modo is making his way to Kimba's house.

H Angelica is....[GPN - Much talking in the kitchen, who knows what has happened? We don't?]

I The SALURTEF GROUP is Farlas, Willan, Holmir, Couron, Uspin, Gilthon, Kirt, Whenslidayle, Jorkim, Hortense, Yossilana, Belthazar, Bolger, Cattawop, Bazron and Coffchomi [or Calhassan depending which bit of the record you are at! - Ed]

J The KIMBA GROUP is Nalin, Sharell, Calhassan [or Coffchomi, see above - Ed], Temlin, Weggit, Grayam, Brutzch and Woden. Modo is hoping to join them.



I Many guards face Willan and Farlas, too many, about twenty four. The room has loads of murder holes, two trap doors with co-ordinating rope ladders, doors and stairs.

I Willan gets bashed, Couron can't get through the door because Willan is in the way. Willan manages to move slightly to the side whilst attacking a foe. Couron manages to squeeze through the door and avoid getting hit.

I Arrows rain down on the queue of people waiting to get in to the tower. Yossilana and Gilthon are slightly hurt. Cattawop manages to parry an arrow.

I There is great confusion and shuffling in the queue and much blockage. Holmir and Bazron have got in to the tower. Couron has hit a guard and forced him back. Holmir deals a savage blow butchering an opponent. Bazron eases forward into position allowing Uspin to get in to the tower.

I Kirt stays at the door to protect the queue with his shield. Bolger manages to drop his crossbow over the wall! Kirt's bravery results in him getting pincushioned with arrows, Calhassan is hit as well.

I Unusually Willan is still on his feet. Gilthon and Whenslidayle get in to the tower. Uspin is bounding about inside. Holmir has gone completely mental and dispatched a second guard with one blow [GPN - a triple critical!!]. The usual sort of melee situation develops [For the blow by blow description see W/R 254 et seq. - Ed], the Party are parrying stupendously well. Kirt and other people waiting to get in to the tower are still being seriously arrowed.

I Farlas is moving towards the door which the guards are coming through. Willan is slowly wading forwards as Bazron points out the leader of the guards. Willan kills him.

I Many opposing guards have been dispatched by the time Gilthon's leg is smashed and he goes down. He continues to be attacked on the floor and manages to parry. Calhassan starts to close the door to the tower and sees people thundering towards him. He gets the door shut and bolted in time to stop them getting in. Willan and Holmir are effecting great carnage on the enemy, who are Connel troops, ably supported by everyone else. Gilthon drags a guard down and Hortense fires in some "Magic missiles". Bazron's arm is disabled. [Isn't it always? - Ed]

I Willan kills his last opponent and breaches a breach. He charges towards the far door where Farlas is being pushed back. Unfortunately he fails to see a guard moving in behind him and gets a whack. Bolger spots another door being opened as Whenslidayle collapses.

I Belthazar starts healing, much curing is going on. Calhassan is assesses Gilthon's leg wound and cures it. Belthazar is having little success with Bazron so Calhassan cures him next. Meanwhile the rest of the fighters (plus support) continue to wreak havoc and receive some havoc in return. Some of the Party are gradually moving towards the far door. Bolger manages to fight his way to the door he saw being unbolted and is able to keep it shut.

I Hortense tries to first aid Whenslidayle but manages to damage him more, luckily Belthazar is able to sort this out promptly and stops the bleeding.

I Farlas has been isolated by the far door which he manages to shut, but not bolt.

I Enemy soldiers are starting to come down ladders from above. General melee continues whilst Calhassan cures Whenslidayle. Uspin refuses first aid from Belthazar and first aids himself. There is much hitting and sustaining of injury, even Willan is damaged. Curing is being done apace. Kirt crumples to the floor, it looks a bit terminal! Farlas gets the door bolted.

I As soon as they can Calhassan and Belthazar make their way through the fighting towards Kirt. Jorkim is furious as Belthazar was first aiding him and he wants to get back into the fight. Gilthon has to stop the bleeding in his own head wound. Jorkim gets on and first aids himself. Cattawop has to discard her meat cleaver as the blade has dulled, she finds a handy short sword.

I Hortense is casting more "Magic missiles" as Calhassan reaches Kirt just in time to save his life.

I The enemy are falling back towards the door by Farlas. Hortense announces her intention to "Fireball" it. Farlas shoved back into a corner.

I Almost all the enemy are at the river door. Jorkim and Kirt [he perked up quickly! - Ed] are running after them attempting a pincer movement. Holmir's right arm is damaged to the extent that he drops his sword.

I The river door is opened as Bolger crashes to the ground. Belthazar has not been able to attract Calhassan's attention so she comes and takes him to Holmir. Gilthon finds an arrow slit where he can cover the outside of the river door.

I The enemy start withdrawing from the room. Farlas wants them to be allowed to go. Gilthon is scoring hits with his arrows.

I Party members have not withdrawn from combat, Farlas gets cross and repeats his order to let the enemy withdraw from the room. The remaining Party combatants reluctantly stop fighting and the rest of the enemy soldiers leave the room. The bodies of the fallen are stacked up. Holmir, Bolger and Jorkim all have disabled arms.

K Our army have arrived and are skirmishing.

I Bazron smashes open a trap door, Farlas sticks his head through and immediately accrues a collection of three crossbow bolts. Farlas falls through the trap door, Willan plunges down after him. Hortense is shagged and cannot provide arcane support. Bazron hurries down the ladder followed by Cattawop, who is attempting to use her shield to cover her and Bazron. There are about fifteen enemy soldiers down there.

I A standard melee situation develops [fully recorded on W/R 255b et seq. - Ed]. Farlas starts fiddling with his pockets. Kirt is on his way down the ladder when Farlas lets off a "Dragon Tooth" - crushing the tooth under foot whilst saying the name of the Dragon (Barbara Cartland) [! - Ed]. Kirt's leg is hit and injured whilst he is descending the ladder, Couron is next down. Barbara [the Dragon Warrior - Ed] gets off to a slow start.

I Gilthon jumps down the ladder whilst Uspin spikes the other trap door and Barbara takes a breather! This seems to help and [s]he improves.

I Our fighters at the bottom of the ladder are getting panned. Farlas is badly injured and goes invisible to get back up the ladder. Couron looses the use of her shield arm and her shield clatters to the floor. Cattawop, Willan and Barbara stage a bit of a come back but Gilthon takes a hugh wallop and falls, immobile, to the ground. Kirt has first aided himself and has rejoined the melee and Uspin is on his way down the ladder.

I At the bottom, Uspin partially patches up Couron and she struggles up the ladder. Kirt, Bazron, Cattawop and Barbara are making some headway. Uspin establishes that Gilthon is not dead yet and tries to help him. Willan fumbles badly and his opponent takes the opportunity to hit him. A few seconds later Willan's opponents sword breaks but Tarsober won't let Willan hit an unarmed opponent. [Somebody's going to have to explain the facts of life to that bloody sword!! - Ed] Bazron goes over to help Barbara fight the enemy leader.

I Calhassan is trying to do a lot in a short space of time and is unable to cure Couron. He does manage to stop her dying though! Gilthon is still unconscious after Willan bogs up a first aid attempt.

I Eventually we whittle the enemy soldiers down to two, who surrender. Barbara does not seem to grasp the concept and keeps on attacking them. Willan attacks Barbara as his Act of Contrition [? - Ed]. Farlas rushes down the ladder to get Barbara under control. Uspin cures a wound that Willan picked up ages ago. Calhassan is mopping up Kirt, he fails to cure him and Kirt dies.

I Most of the group are badly wounded. Gilthon and Bolger are unconscious and Couron is touch and go. Unaccountably Cattawop, who was in the thick of the fight, is still bouncy and fit although tired. Calhassan lays hands on Willan who has the worst wound.

I There is a quick discussion on whether to "Web", "Stinking Cloud" or Barbara the neighbouring room. Barbara is sent down to take the first attack. [S]He gets three crossbow bolts straight away. There are fifteen more enemy soldiers ranged along the walls, all with crossbows. Farlas sneaks down invisibly.

I Barbara engages whilst Farlas sneaks across the floor. Willan gets down the ladder whilst Hortense waves her cloak to draw fire. Farlas and Willan also engage and a standard melee situation develops [fully recorded on W/R 256b et seq. - Ed]. Bazron creeps down the ladder followed closely by Cattawop who immediately gets hit and bleeds.

I Cattawop is hit again and cries out for help as Bazron sustains a bad wound on his left leg. In the ongoing melee Willan lands one of his occasional complete severance hits and the leg of a Connel soldier flies across the room. Farlas moves stealthily across the room to try to help Cattawop.

I Uspin jumps down the ladder getting hit in the arm by a crossbow bolt on the way. Barbara suddenly disappears into a heap of dust. Cattawop first aids herself and is slowly hauling herself up the ladder when a crossbow bolt thunks into her and she crashes to the ground, dead! [Oh no! Who's going to do the cooking now? - Ed]

I The melee ebbs and flows, Uspin takes a hit in his abdomen and goes down. Couron falls to the ground as she correctly considers this to be a better tactic than being killed outright. Bazron gets a magnificent kill but is also bleeding himself. Uspin is very quiet.

[The following paragraph is a verbatim transcription of one of those inspired passages that crop up from time to time. This one is courtesy of Kate - Ed]

I Whack, whackety whack. Parry. Hit. Swish. Kuron [sic] fails to shine at First Aid, Willan whacks. Willan challenges Basran's [sic] opponent to turn and face him like the reactionary fascist capitalist lackey that he is. He does so.

[Nice one. The fate of the reactionary fascist capitalist lackey is not recorded, although he dies by implication - Ed]

I Bazron stops his bleeding with first aid, Couron goes to help Uspin who says "Leave me alone you stupid woman, I'm alright" and bleeds to death.

I There are only four soldiers left huddling around the mechanism to the portcullis, they have crossbows. Willan and Farlas leap at them, Couron and Bazron stay by the ladder. Willan is missed by two crossbow bolts. Farlas savages an opponent and Willan wallops another. The Connel troops are trying to rally themselves. Farlas downs one and another drops his shield but doesn't surrender. Bazron sits down and watches Couron scamper into the fray. Farlas kills the sergeant and the one remaining soldier surrenders.

L Willan tries an obscure magic thing on Uspin's body with Tarsober and Qhivon. Willan collapses over Uspin's body but Uspin's eyes open. Farlas starts to raise the portcullis as Calhassan hurries down the stairs an ministers to Willan. Bazron joins him and wounds are tended.

L Willan is now unconscious and extremely weak but Calhassan says he is stable. Tarsober is returned to Qhivon. Hortense will act heroic and raise the drawbridge. Bazron recriminates Farlas for not using the wand.

I Various inane suggestions are made for honouring the dead - Kirt and Cattawop. (By god Hortense is a droner, on and on). The prisoner is retained so he cannot give information about our true strength. [Do we have any strength left!? - Ed] Uspin has revived properly but has undergone a radical change in character. We speculate that his corruption is so great that he may now accept magic and even possibly cleanliness.



J A standard melee situation has developed. Nalin attacked viciously but to no avail. Weggit is getting bashed about and Sharell is waving her arms. The gateway to the estate is blocked.

J Coffchomi expertly lasso's his opponent and strangle, drags and even hangs him! Temlin warns everyone that some dogs are bounding towards us.

[GPN - There is confusion over whether Coffchomi or Calhassan is present. It is decided that it is Coffchomi although it was not meant to be] [See Ed's note after original list - Ed]

J Woden causes four of the soldiers to glow violet. Nalin kills someone and Grayam fumbles. Nalin growls at the dogs, Woden fails to "Entangle" things. Brutzch makes such a severe hash of his attacking manoeuvre that he hacks up his own right arm! Grayam and Weggit act in the manner of a Co-Op meat slicer on corned beef. Nalin scares off the first dog.

J Whack, whack. Brutzch falls and looks unconscious. Grayam cures himself. Nalin kills the second dog. Reinforcement guards arrive, Weggit tops one. Woden and Grayam tend Brutzch and are surprised to find that he's alive. Nalin kills the third dog. Brutzch is nearly dead. Nalin hands over his Elixir of Health, it fails to cure any of Brutzch's wounds but his dandruff is gone. Grayam first aids Brutzch.

J All the enemy are dead. We are in a bad state. Woden is weeping over Grayam in gratitude, Grayam can hardly stand. Weggit is okayish and Nalin is fine. Temlin and Sharell are still twittering and Brutzch is still unconscious.

J Sharell suggests a "Tenser's Floating Disc" and Coffchomi remembers that he can cast "Cure Light Wounds", he had forgotten as he considers that if one sustains a wound one is meant to have it and causing it to heal magically is against the law of Amnis. There should still be a tak of Kimba's soldiers knocking about.

J They spot some movement on the walls. There is not much cover where the group is standing. They wonder where Modo is. Kimba's "house" has a double gate, an iron bound door, a portcullis and three ferocious dogs. There are five towers around a central courtyard, they seem to be living quarters and none have a flat top. The walls can be patrolled and it looks as if you can probably gain entry into the towers from them. The walls are about fifteen feet high.

J Planning ensues so Woden nips off to the gate house to see if he can scavenge some food. He finds something illicit under a table and starts ingesting. Someone knocks at the gate. Woden lets Modo in and shuts the gate behind him. Modo shares some of whatever it is that Woden is smoking and the rest of the group ask if he knows the original plan. Nalin takes the illicit substance and crushes it into the ground, spitting on it.

J A plan is swiftly formulated. Temlin and Sharell want to do a risk analysis - grease is the word. Brutzch is now totally clear of all signs of disease. Modo offers Woden something to snort up his nose, he does so. It is Tellis-nuka, an upper, about 8% addictive. Woden is stimulated very much!

J Sharell "Fogs" the top of the wall where the gate is, to the right of the gate house. Brutzch is in no fit state and will stay in the gate house with Grayam. Modo, Nalin, Sharell, Temlin, Woden and Weggit go up the wall. There is a flurry of arrows. Woden's head is, metaphysically, so far above the top of the wall that he is sent back to the gate house. Sharell and Temlin retreat behind the rest. Weggit and Temlin are hit by arrows. Modo falls off the wall into the slavering jaws of a dog. Nalin tells the dog to go home and it runs off! Modo falls off the wall again. Weggit is hit by another arrow and Modo scuttles up the wall.

J Modo climbs over the parapet into a guard who attacks him. Modo is too quick and dodges about, neither of them is getting anywhere. Weggit falls off the wall but lands on his feet and starts to climb up again. This time when he falls off he knocks himself unconscious! Luckily Coffchomi is able to bring him back to consciousness.

J Modo gets fed up and hits the guard as Weggit reaches the top of the wall on his third attempt. Temlin casts "Spider Climb" on Nalin who is acting very strangely. Modo in a moment of predictable normality, hurls the guard off the top of the wall and attaches a rope to the wall.

J Nalin and Modo rush off to the inside gate house at top speed. [a bit of a disparity there! - Ed] They arrive to be faced by one scared soldier. Whack, whackety, whack. Dead soldier. The door is open and there is another soldier inside.

J Temlin climbs up the wall and finds another guard at the top. Coffchomi climbs up the rope to discover Temlin in the thick of a fight with the guard. Modo has at the guard to make room for Coffchomi to get up on to the wall. Nalin kills the sergeant in the doorway and the other guard runs off.

J On top of the wall, Temlin shows some leadership and assumes command of the operation. Temlin is wrong about where they are, there doesn't appear to be a way out of the gate house at ground level. Modo re-assumes command, Temlin giggles nervously. However when Modo threatens to imprison him with Hortense he whimpers. Weggit will defend the gate house.

J Nalin leads the way to the next tower from the gate house. The doorway is blocked by a substantial looking door. It is unlocked! There is a trap door in the floor inside.

M Beneath the trap door is a dungeon room containing a man and an unconscious woman. The man says his name is Biron he is a lawyer and claims to have been involved in the plan to let the Winged Arrow in to the town. Despite being incarcerated with a lawyer, the woman is still barely alive. Coffchomi tends to her, cleaning off some of the lice. He reckons she needs time and food to recover and leaves her.

M Nalin, Modo and Biron dash across the wall through bow fire to the next tower. The door is locked! Temlin lurks under cover of the dungeon tower. Modo starts to climb up the tower whilst Temlin prepares a "Knock" spell to open the door. The stupid git repeats Modo's plan to Nalin for confirmation - trouble is Temlin and Nalin are at opposite ends of the wall and they have to shout, so now everyone in the castle knows what Modo is doing!

M Modo looks through the eves of the tower roof, he can hear scuttly, crawly things in the top room and returns to the door. There is the sound of a crossbow breaking upstairs. Through the door [which Temlin "Knocked" (or Modo picked)? - Ed] is a circular room with a curtained off bit and a door to a tall tower staircase.

M Modo looks through the door and finds a ten to fifteen foot long corridor with further doors whilst Nalin finds a bed behind the curtain. The group now briefly splits in to five, the spaced out Woden, injured Grayam and nearly dead Brutzch in the outer gate house; Weggit in the inner gate house; Temlin and Coffchomi in the dungeon tower; Modo in the corridor searching for secret doors and Nalin with Biron going up the tower stairs.

M Nalin advances on the crossbowmen, Biron is pincushioned. having shot their bolts, the crossbowmen run away and lock the door. This delays Nalin slightly and blunts his axe imperceptibly and gives Temlin time to join them in the tower. The stairwell goes up and down. As usual no one can agree on which way to go.

M We discover that Biron specialises in the land and criminal courts and that his father was a Lodrell priest. This informs the discussion on which way to go no end. Temlin pulls out a forked twig and does a little twirl, there are goblets all over the place. Up the stairs is an identical room with a door back to the other tower. The first door opens, the second requires the ministrations of Nalin. We enter a nice room with comfy furniture and a fruit bowl with fruit. There is a good view over the town and we can see the flag on the gate house. Temlin finds a lot of goblinsets. [a joke from the W/R - Ed]

M Nalin smashes a door down and moves in to a master bedroom with chests and a fireplace. Modo miraculously appears at the side of a chest without anyone seeing him move! The first chest contains clothes, the second chest is locked but it is no match for Modo. Once opened [and presumably before - Ed] the chest contains more clothes, pornographic books and paintings, some military texts. There is a picture of Kimba in a military pose on the wall.

M Modo pockets a commendation from King Connel and a porno book. Biron puts on a set of Kimba's armour, it is nicely decorated brigantine for the chest and abdomen with soft leather covering the legs and arms and a helm.

M Temlin has found some wine and is getting stuck in. The group find another locked door which easily breaks. Inside is an empty room with boarded up windows and some holes in the ceiling. Spiders attack. Nalin is bitten but squashes the spider that got him, it comes back and gets splatted. Biron dances round a second spider and the group flees.

M Temlin is detached from the wine and poured down the stairs. At the bottom, below ground level is a seldom used store room containing barrels and crates, some of barrels hold pretty dodgy home brew. [GPN - Tone is finding it much easier than usual to play Temlin]

M Through a locked door is a thirty foot corridor. Modo unlocks the door at the far end and the group see a square room with bones on the floor. Nalin enters the room and the bones form up into skeletons which attack. Honours between Nalin, Modo and Biron are fairly even In the ensuing fight although Coffchomi looses is vision and has to retire.

M Modo finds a secret door and opens it. He finds a corridor which doubles back. Modo decides to map it but can't be bothered and throws the paper away. The corridor turns right and comes to a door. Nalin notices a gelatinous cube is stationed between them and the door. Nalin goes to find something to burn it with and returns with some lanterns. The cube moves forwards and people run away whilst the cube burns.

M Coffchomi says there are some guards in a room in the courtyard. Nalin goes to shut the main door. No one knows what has happened to Temlin, Coffchomi remembers stepping over him! The fire has melted some of the gelatinous cube, there is a silly argument over the wastefulness of using another lantern. Nalin goes up to drop a second lantern on the cube and it surges towards him. Nalin sploshes through the remains mumbling something about it being all in a days work. Everyone passes the jelly bean [! - Ed] speculating on what monster they will meet next. They reach another door ten feet round a right hand corner. Modo wants to open it. After a while he says he thinks it is a secret door on the other side as it opens that way. Modo cannot get it open, it looks as if it has not been opened for decades. Nalin is going to hack it down but gives it a shove first. Coffchomi says it is not magic.

M Nalin hacks at the door, something is standing against the other side and needs to be pushed away. They get through into a big room about thirty feet by twenty. Once in the room the group can see that a bookcase was against the door which was bolted. The room appears to be a study and contains a desk and more bookcases and papers. It looks as if it has been used recently. There is a door in the left hand wall.

M Modo rifles a desk whilst Nalin machine guns a chain [possible confusion over available technology - or pun on "rifles"! - Ed]. The books are on a variety of subjects and are in a number of languages. Some of the texts are military records. It is Kimba's study! The group find some watch rotas and similar.

M Nalin opens a door, there is an armoured man with a candle and two chests. The man sees Nalin and dashes off, Nalin rushes after the man, Modo rushes to the chests. The man had dashed into another room but is not there when Nalin arrives. Nalin vanishes, Modo declines to follow him speculating that Nalin can look after himself and the rest of us would only get in his way. Modo concentrates on a chest, it is locked. Modo checks the other chest, it has a dubious lock with a mechanism. Modo tries to disable the mechanism, it isn't a real lock and Modo realises that he has activated the mechanism. Modo thinks that if he removes his pick the mechanism will "go off" so he talks Biron into holding the pick whilst he goes and looks at the other chest.

M Biron jiggles a bit and the trunk goes off with an unpleasant smell. Modo is out of the door before you can blink, Biron is not far behind with Coffchomi bringing up the rear. They have lost Nalin. They find themselves in the study. Modo speculates that Nalin is trying to get one up on him by being dead again! Biron retreats and tries wrenching lamps. Modo wants to go back as he thinks the goblet for the Dwarfs is in one of the chests.

M The room smells yucky and tar like. Modo opens the door and runs back. The smoke in the room containing the chests has cleared although it smells funny. Coffchomi is feeling a bit strange after inhaling some of the smoke. Modo examines the exploding chest and finds a second keyhole that he didn't see before. Now it is plain sailing and he unlocks the chest almost at once.

M Modo is bugged, he goes to look at the other trunk and searches for another lock. Biron hears someone coming, a light comes down the corridor. Modo tells Biron to chuck a knife at anyone who comes in, unless we know them. Biron points out that he knows very few of the Party. Modo says chuck the knife anyway. They cannot see anyone as the light has gone. Suddenly a ghastly apparition steps in to the room wielding an axe. It's Nalin.

M Modo asks Nalin to open the chest. Nalin want's to know whose house it was before Kimba got it. Biron says it belonged to a reclusive magician who was a hermit and never saw anyone. [In other words - a bog ordinary urban magician - Ed] The design on the old bats clothes were carved into the wall in Kimba's bedroom. Nalin and Modo argue a bit. Nalin wants to open the chest Modo is sitting on. They fight over the egg sandwich. [I don't think we want to know - Ed] Coffchomi opens the lid on the other trunk, takes out a scroll and starts reading it. Modo and Nalin go to examine the chest. It contains a packet which Modo thinks is desmond and four potion bottles: a white potion labelled "Ventriloquism", a brown one, a blue one with silver specks and a grey foaming one (Fly). There is some other stuff. Coffchomi says the scroll contains a powerful "Dispel Magic" spell.

M Modo unlocks the other chest. It contains coins and stuff and a goblet - is it THE goblet?

M Coffchomi takes custody of the two scroll cases [what's the second one? - Ed] and four potions for distribution later. They think Biron has purloined a package and Biron admits to having it. It contains a purple rock, a red rock and a shiny pale blue rock. Coffchomi takes custody of this also. There are some precious metal objects.

M The Dwarfs are getting 25,000. The group try to work out how to make the gold secure and disable the "Teleport" spell. Biron says that three necklaces, four bracelets and some loose change should pay off the Dwarfs. The rest think we should do an audit to make sure.

M Nalin has the goblet. Modo takes about ten pounds in weight of light valuables as does Coffchomi. A casual conversation between Nalin and Modo turns to Nalin's recent spate of deaths. Biron looks scared especially when Modo's brace of mortality is thrown into the discussion!

M They shut the door behind them and call for Temlin. There is no reply so Biron and Nalin search for him. Modo and Coffchomi spot Weggit - he is dead! Nalin and Biron go on to the wall and can see people in the courtyard. Nalin retrieves the unconscious woman from the dungeon tower and speculates that we may have lost control of the gate house because the portcullis is down.

N The group decide to try to enter the gate house through the door from the wall, however they don't get that far as they come under arrow fire. Coffchomi keeps getting shot at as Modo runs off. The group regroup and decide to split up. [!!! - Ed] They get to the door of the gate house and Nalin tries to hack it open. There seems to be furtive scurryings in the yard then arrows fly all over the place. Modo dives for cover.

N Nalin bursts in to the gate house, it is empty. Nalin nearly sees something [! - Ed]. Nalin goes down somewhere on the outside of the wall.



O One halen of Dwarfs under the command of Khalon together with two halen of Salsormers commanded by Cherch and Rissingfast went up river to arrive at dawn.

O Cherch realises that there are about five hundred town guards against their two halen (60 people). They have to wrest the sea docks from the town guard and splinter into taks of trouble makers. Cherch puts a brave face on it and discusses options with Khalon.

O Khalon and his halen will go to reinforce the Dwarfs attacking the (land?) tower. Cherch seconds Rissingfast and his halen which pisses off Khalon. Cherch is anxious that no hint of the plan leaks out via the common soldiery. Cherch is going for Salmassin and Khalon is going for Salhradin. Rissingfast is told the plan and acts brave, noble and proud. He is keen. Cherch gets more cockney [? - Ed]

O There is a discussion over whether the soldiers can be told the whole plan. Cherch is against it but eventually gives in. Rissingfast wants glory in battle but is happy to settle for "bison" tactics.

O There is one tak in each small boat. The oars are creaking in the rowlocks, luckily the wind is blowing out to sea although this may have made them about half an hour late and dawn is now visibly breaking. There are eight to ten boats moving in formation, they get to the tower before they are challenged. "Fishermen. Guild boat race!" cries Cherch in response. The tower guard are unimpressed and the "fishermen" come under arrow and boulder fire.

O As they make for the town wall one of Khalon's boat is hit and five Dwarfs are drowned. Cherches forces reach the docks first. He tries to identify the best place to land to facilitate alley skulking but is not too sure. Cherch wants to avoid landing on a pier. There will be some resistance but hopefully not much and they are Connel troops.

O They make land and there is some fighting but it's all very pedestrian. Although outnumbered Cherches force is well led (by Cherch!) and they bash the enemy and achieve a beach head. They continue having remarkable success and rout the first wave of troops from Granurtef. They head for the side streets. Their local knowledge is limited here as this is near the rich quarter.

O As the whole force move off into side streets they come under arrow fire. Khalon is leading the move through the streets. The next junction is defended but Khalon works around it using side streets. There is a lot of arrow fire.

O Cherch orders the force to split. Taks form up and move off in different directions.



[GPN - these numbers may be wrong. Andy did a sum which is right - the result is in the "Blue Book"]



K Morris and Angelica are waiting for something to happen. There is a faint noise but nothing much happens until the flag of the Winged Arrow is hoisted over Salurtef. There is much cheering and celebration. They notice the flag is upside down. The gate has not opened yet!



K Farlas shouts upstairs for someone to raise the portcullis. Jorkim, Bazron and Farlas do this. Hortense sorts out the drawbridge.

K Roll call......

K The enemy are hammering at the door. Holmir is unable to use his crossbow so Grayam sets about them with short bow arrows. They have shields so the arrows are little more than an inconvenience, however Grayam manages to get a hit.

K The drawbridge is down and Bazron has done fantastically in getting both the inner and outer portcullis up. Holmir helps Jorkim in raising the middle portcullis but it is a struggle.

K There is the sound of Winged Arrow troops thundering across the drawbridge, they are delayed but defenders on the drawbridge. Once across the drawbridge the army is shot at in the outer courtyard. Enemy cavalry is also harrying the army outside of Salsorme. The middle portcullis is finally raised and the troops rush in to the central courtyard

K Enemy troops are still trying to hammer through the door to the battered remnants of the super halen. They can hear combat and Farlas joins the arrow fire at the Connel troops outside. The super halen can hear combat inside the walls - within the curtain wall. Hortense views the scene from above, waiting for the Party troops to make their way to the beleaguered room. Hortense cannot see any of the Winged Arrow troops, she is only able to make out that they are within the walls. Many Connel archers are scurrying into position, Hortense casts "Sleep" and four archers go down, another two are flummoxed.

K The door to the room bursts open and Bazron and Farlas move to defend against the enemy soldiers whilst Hortense casts a second "Sleep" spell on the archers.




K Morris sees troops coming from the Granurtef area.

K Halin's contingent of Salsorme Dwarfs are at the vanguard of the force breaking through the Salurtef. They are followed by the seori commanded by Estwinnich then the rest of Willan's troops. The Dwarfs got a bit over excited which resulted in them being stuck, under arrow fire, in the outer courtyard however when the middle portcullis went up the Dwarfs charged on.

K A full pitched battle ensues with the Dwarfs and Almenonn's troops ending with control of one courtyard or other. Almenonn's forces stay with Estwinniches seori to allow room for another halen to get through.



K A small enemy force has broken through the door and two of the are in hand to hand combat with Farlas and Bazron. The standard of the combat is dire until Farlas gets such a storming blow that he kills his combatant. Couron moves to join the fray and another enemy bounds in. Bazron is beleaguered, Grayam joins in and Farlas aces another one. Farlas goes for a third biggy but there is no one there so he wedges the door shut trapping those that are in, in, and those that are not, out. Grayam is injured but Couron manages to dodge a damaging blow however the gate mechanism is severed and the middle portcullis crashes back to the ground.

K Farlas nips outside to rally the troops and returns unscathed which is more than you can say for Grayam who has had his left leg hacked by one of the remaining enemy troops in the gate house. Farlas hears people thundering up the stairs. Couron savages an opponent and the soldier fighting Grayam surrenders. His sergeant calls him a whimp.

K It is our troops who are coming up the stairs. The fight in the gate house continues whilst Grayam first aids his leg, then our troops charge through the door and the enemy sergeant orders his man to surrender, as does he.

K We order the surrendered troops to help lift the portcullis - we try to figure out a way to do this!



K The Dwarfs have been cowering but recover. The King's men have been on the receiving end of some bad karma and the troops behind have had to stack up. Willan's "Hulon Irregulars" move in and bail out the King's troops. Horan arrives in triumph.

K Eventually all enemy forces are cleared out of the tower and the army gains control of the area immediately outside of the surrounding walls. Horan's halen of Hulon's are doing remarkably well until Farlas arrives in their midst causing morale to plummet. However they soon recover.

K There are many stand offs and ritual washing-of-hands during the fighting in the area in front of the Salurtef.



P Bazron and Couron move out of the tower to support our fighters on the wall. Bazron successfully rallies them and pushes forward on the north side of the tower. There is a stand off to the south. Bazron chases off the enemy and gains control of the north part of the wall. Those on the south side push forward.

P Morris has popped up but has been chased off by soldiers. Angelica panics. Morris is being fought savagely however one of the enemy troops fumbles his weapon and twists his ankle, the other tries to run off but Morris whops him in time. Angelica runs up Bazron's rope and races Morris to the top of the wall. Clerics to the rescue!

P Angelica and Morris head for the tower to do some curing. They start with unconscious people, Gilthon is revived, Bolger is up on his feet and Jorkim is cured.

P Someone is hit and someone parries - Bazron finds himself alone on the wall!

P In the courtyard they seem to be forced back into the gate..... we could shut it.

P Glayde leaps in to the fray and holds his troops together but hasn't got a clue what's going on! They arn't having a good time and the gate house is still at liberty. Baccus' troops are in the ruck as well. Estwinniches halen has been wiped out, Pirfeltenke's halen is down to it's archers and Halin is dead. Holmir and Couron are engaged in single combat though not against each other.

P The army outside are being harried and shot at. Holmir and Couron are being shot at from the street but by 6.45 am the Salurtef is taken.

P Farlas has a ten minute conference with Gilthon, Morris, Holmir, Almenonn and Hortense whilst Bolger, Bazron, Willan, Angelica, Couron, Belthazar, Grayam, Horan, Jorkim, Uspin and Yossilana rest up.

P The objectives now we have taken the Salurtef are to secure the Salurtef and the immediate area, beseige Granurtef and isolate the sea docks.

P Hortense sends Barft to scout out the sea docks. He cannot see any activity when he gets there.

P Five or six halen have been wiped out on both sides during the Battle of Salurtef. Farlas orders the weakened halens to guard the Salurtef.



[This will be revised again shortly - Ed]

Almenonn and Holmir lead a force south to lay seige to Granurtef. General Holmir's "League" forces are commanded by seorafen Q'Sharl and Bevil. They have five halen with a lot of archers. The troops of Uspin and Arpollin come as infantry support and the halen of Morgan, Fergus and Narlon form the reserve. Narlon takes charge of barricading the main road and southern entry routes to seal off Granurtef.

Q The initial push to the northern side of the city will be by Erone's seori and Iridisin's cavalry supported by two other cavalry units. They will take and secure the sea docks road. Guerin's seori will help.

Q Erone's seori will then move on and support Gorahan's cavalry and the Salsorme Irregulars (under Cherch and Rissingfast) storming the Governor's house.

Q The remaining troops, about 75 infantry and archers, are to hold the Salurtef. They will be backed by two reserve forces who will be available to go elsewhere if necessary.

Q One and a half seori of cavalry and two seori of infantry will eventually converge on the square of Ardeniss. Add cavalry to sea docks area and Granurtef seige.



P The Salurtef courtyard is gradually getting crowded with troops. The remaining Salsorme Irregulars march off first followed by the cavalry commanded by Iridisin. Gilthon arranges protective archer fire from the walls.

P There are still Connel troops in neighbouring buildings so plans are made to storm them out. Bolger goes scavenging among the dead for armour and a helm.



N Sharell and Whenslidayle bicker about leaving the gate house. Woden groans. Whenslidayle goes for a look at the house to see if the others are about, he is pretty noisy and gets attacked by a dog. Whenslidayle hits it and it runs away, he has a look about but can see no-one so he returns to the gate house.

N Sharell hears troops outside the gate. She talks to the delirious Woden and tells him to belt up. She goes to the gate and asks the troops what the password is. The Connel troops shout at her to open up. Sharell runs back into the gate house and gets Whenslidayle to help her move Brutzch, Woden staggers along behind. They dump Brutzch in a shrubbery. The door is being battered down so they all dive into the shrubbery for cover.

N They try to find an easy bit of wall to climb over. There are spikes everywhere, luckily Whenslidayle thinks of chucking his blanket over them. Whenslidayle gets over the wall at his second attempt but manages to injure himself in the process. Woden scrambles over and Sharell has to make a jump for it. She hurts herself but gets over. They make it back to the warehouse okay. Lejak is holding the fort.

N Modo, Nalin, Biron with the unconscious woman dash out of Kimba's house and spot a halen of Connel troops in the grounds. The Connel troops do not see them so they have the opportunity to hide in the undergrowth. However they make rather a lot of noise and are noticed. Modo dashes off and everyone follows him, Biron struggling with the woman. Modo gets to the top of the wall. Biron helps Nalin up and then climbs up himself. The Connel guards are almost upon them so they are forced to leave the woman behind.

N Both Nalin and Biron injure themselves jumping off of the wall. Nalin heads off north east to get to the Dwarfen quarter, Biron is going to the nearest safe house and Modo heads for the main gate.

N It is going to be a sunny day.



E Lejak reports on the sea docks and the raising of the flag of the Winged Arrow over the Salurtef.



F Baccus and Wem discuss plans with the undertakers cart. They head towards the Salurtef to a cloth merchant's establishment. Wem, the bossy, reluctant freedom fighter, tries to get information. He finds out from the locals about the storming of the Salurtef and some rampant Dwarfs, Wem has heard of Willan.

F Wem is convinced that something worthwhile is happening and needs to go and raise some local troops. He intends to come back towards the Salurtef and join the fighting. Baccus goes to the poor area near the tanneries to mobilise the Hulon's.



P Gilthon goes wild in an organisational frenzy and arranges bodies, wounded, armour and weapons. Farlas sends a message out to Lenkoff ordering him to get the troops fanned out and re-deployed.



Q Farlas and Lenkoff are to take the Governor's residence and move on to the square of Ardeniss.

General Holmir and the League forces plus support will lay seige to Granurtef and hold the sea docks.

Almenonn is to hold the gate house.

Nearby buildings are to be cleared before any assault.

R Baccus has stirred up the Hulon's and riots have sprung up all over.



P Uspin has a word with Gilthon who is made castellan of the Salurtef. Bolger has been corpse robbing and checking for unconscious Dwarfs.

P Farlas leads an assault on the surrounding buildings under covering archery. Gilthon and Hortense are prancing about worrying about arrows.

P The Connel troops are formed up and hackable. We fan out and engage. There is an exchange of arrow fire. [GPN - A home decision by the ref.] Under a hail of arrows the southern end of the melee pushes forwards whilst the northern end is pushed back.

P Erone marches out to join the fray. The two halens march down the main road and into Woolworths [That's what it say's - Ed].

P The arching continues but is having little effect at the moment. Some Connel troops to the south rout as they get a bit splatted. Fighting starts in the middle and we are initially successful. Almenonn spots cavalry units backing up the infantry along the main road. Lots of really wild disordering occurs on both sides. This time Connel troops do not rout. More of our troops pour out of the Salurtef.

P The 3rd Salsorme Irregulars go to bolster the south (their left), whilst the 4th Salsorme Irregulars head north [I have a nasty feeling that they were meant to go the same way but someone ordered them "to the left" - Ed] The 3rd Ruistor Foot follow the middle push. The road to the south is blocked again. Some serious splatting of Connel troops occur and they rout again (hopefully chucking down their weapons and gold??... Oh well, maybe not)

P We blatt some Connel troops elsewhere in the ruck and they rout as well. Some of our troops decide to rout a bit to see if it's fun. Meanwhile in the middle we re-order and trample back over the Connel troops. Lots of Connel troops try to get in the way of our routing unit and hit them from behind.

P Some arrows pick off some Connel troops, Glayde is doing well. Things try to order and disorder and not rout. Some of us are squashed from both sides. We are squished. We nearly wipe someone out but they rout off. We have the north and south roads, however it looks as if the Connel cavalry are about to charge.

P Relentless fighting, ebbing and flowing, much crashing of cavalry in the square. It ends with Lenkoff's cavalry charging up the main road.

P At about 8.30 am Modo arrives in a scene of carnage and heads up a road to look about. Bolger has orders to organise stretcher parties [GPN - this will be a long wait]



R Nalin hands over the goblet and twenty pounds of gold and jewels to Falon, who is accompanied by a Dwarf called Khulin. Khulin leaves with Nalin and they walk along making inane conversation. Nalin is a lying bastard. [That's what it says. I should know I wrote the original. (That explains a lot) - Ed] After initially trying to welch on the deal Khulin agrees to arm the populous (3˝ hours ahead of schedule!). Nalin insists that the arming does not take place until midday as he needs time for a bath and some breakfast.



[The next bit is one of those idiosyncratic transcriptions that are worth putting in verbatim. I wrote the original, which is an account of the early stages of a very very rare holy ritual of the Farah church in which a priestess offers up her life to save another. It is the point at which Uspin, now Taran Er Anendil negotiates the ceremony and his preparations for it.. (The conclusion comes later and is a bit unimaginatively written up) I don't think I was entirely on board for the event due to my choice of language and the fact that I wrote every other line from right to left!! - Ed]

L A sneaky person skulks over the back wall of a convent. Taran Er Anendil finds him/herself in the veggi garden. He seeks the mortal dove however the high priestess is on vacation. Taran Er Anendil starts speaking a load of garbage - it seems to work. He has a talk with some clapped out old shag, has a bath (it's catching), gets some new kegs and is returned to the clapped out old shag (Fianna). They do unmentionable things with and olive branch and something occurs.

[Back to what passes for normal - Ed]

R Meanwhile Khulin is joggling about in his armour.

R Baccus pretends he is a commander, this outrages the troops. There is a fight in a pub. We don't do very well - fifteen dead and the rest routed!

R Nalin and Khalon take twenty of the Salsorme Dwarfs and go back to Kimba's house. Nalin and Khalon have a chat.

R In the heat of widget, [I think this means "battle" - Ed] Rissingfast makes many decisions. Skulks off. Cherch also skulks off with [band]

R Lenkoff's cavalry reforms.

R There is some routing of Winged arrow troops. Kimba turns up with some cavalry. There is more fighting.

R The 3rd and 4th Tereh Halen are out and Gorahan is waiting. Kimba declines to charge and holds his position. The 2nd and 3rd Salsorme Irregulars are cowering [but still alive! - Ed]. Erone and Guerin's troops are disordered but the Connel troops are loosing. However they force the Winged Arrow troops back to the square. All except for Prince Uspin's troops who are on a kill, maim, destroy bender.

R The battle has been won. [Can't argue with that! - Ed]

L Taran Er Anendil (Uspin as was) continues his purification at the hands of the Farah priestess Fianna. She wishes to commune with Tarsober. [who caused Uspin to be in this rather awful condition - Ed] Qhivon agrees that Taran must accept a quest on behalf of Farah at some point in the future, in return for Fianna's help. Taran agrees also.

L He is required to hold the two remaining olive branches and swear allegiance to Tarsober and carry out a task to be imparted to him through the Abbess of Salsorme. A jewelled casket containing a dagger is brought in (there is some nervous shuffling of feet by uninitiated Party members). After Taran has been purified he takes the dagger and stabs Fianna in the heart (serious foot shuffling).

L Fianna's dead body is covered by olive leaves and will be committed to the abbey. Fianna has given her life in exchange for that of Willan. Willan is soaked in blood but otherwise okay. He comes round and groans.

[At this point I take over the record again and the tone of the commentary changes a little - Ed]

L There is a stunned silence after Taran tops the bird. Gilthon chucks everyone out - rumours percolate. Willan is rambling and slips in and out of consciousness. Willan eventually asks what happened and Belthazar gives him the lowdown. Willan and Taran have a discussion on whose debt it is. Willan goes outside to the accolation of the crowd.

R The reserve from Farlas' bit of the army are manning the gate house.

L Gilthon orders the troops to get tea, biscuits and roast horse for Willan. Taran Er Anendil reveals his identity to Willan but Willan is not fooled and suggests it is just Uspin following his decennial bath. They confer, awed, stunned, questioning ad nauseam. Uspin's new incarnation as Taran Er Anendil is a dark moody romantic lead with morals and finesse, whereas Uspin merely had grime.

R Gilthon does the rounds with the troops.

[The ordering of the record is major league screwed up at this point - Ed]


[This list is not exhaustive - Taran, Holmir, Grayam, Horan etc. - Ed]

R The local populace are gathering around the gate houses after two seori of Connel, mixed cavalry and infantry, troops come in from the outside. The unarmed populace are giving negative vibes to the Connel troops. Rissingfast will encourage this rabble. Cherch will join in and talks to Rissingfast. Cherch clanks about urging and rabble rousing. The asks where Jungan is as he has a message from the Winged Arrow, the crowd instantly disperse.

R There is an argument about whether Khulin is a woman or not! .. can Dwarfs tell the difference? .. and does it really matter. Nalin is for smashing through the gate [to Kimba's? - Ed] however he changes his mind and agrees to go over the wall.

R There is a tak of soldiers in the street outside. Not much difference there! Nalin scouts around, there are soldiers around but not as many as at the front. Nalin goes for a full frontal, there isn't much cover so it's a bit conspicuous. Nalin suffers a rare moment of indecision, Khulin supports him.

R Nalin and his troops charge, hack a bit, then his troops run away! Khulin steps in to kill, maim and disfigure. Nalin and Khulin fight back to back, Khulin is doing well but Nalin is not. Nalin is hit a couple of times before he gets a hit, however this is parried. Khulin want's to run away but is in so much trouble that she cannot. (Yes, it seems she is a girl after all). The troops wander back and the combat continues. Nalin finally gets in to the groove and starts to enjoy himself. Khulin gets hit again. Nalin really starts to enjoy himself and squashes an enemy. The Dwarfs are back and join in, this is enough to tip the balance and the battle is won. The door is not opened.

R There are some more Connel troops in the distance apparently deciding what to do.

R Khulin knocks on the door and says that Kimba is dying and that we are to be let in.... then they go back to the Dwarfen quarter and head into "The Knotted Beard".

R Temlin finishes the coffee. [A succinct way to indicate that Temlin did not die in Kimba's house, has since been found (or returned) and is being taken care of - Ed]

R Nalin and Khulin give up and head towards the southern end of the square of Ardeniss, It is about 11.30 am. when they arrive. The square is a hive of activity.

R Cherch stops going on at the crowd in order to avoid getting beaten up. The crowd chucks some stones, bottles and stuff at the gate.

S Nalin compliments Khulin on remaining alive during the fight. She (for her gender has been revealed to all and sundry) sputters with indignation and vows never to get hauled into anything like that again. Ever.

R Just before noon, Willan realises what the time is and wants to get to the square of Ardeniss. Agree to send a runner to Farlas.

R Farlas is heading onto the sea road. There are more troops near the Governor's residence and loads inside as well. The Governor's troops seem to be attempting intimidation by numbers and are only fighting if they are attacked.

S The square of Ardeniss is milling, Connel guards are telling town guards where to post themselves. Nalin and Khulin trot from the south end to the north end of the square.

R In a battle on the sea road Guerin's force is wiped out. No they're not just slightly damaged. It's the 4th Salsorme Irregulars who are mashed.

R There is a mexican standoff at the Governor's residence.

S When Nalin and Khulin arrive at the [Surtefarchip (?)] the army of the Winged Arrow is approaching with Farlas at it's head. They are marching purposefully however arrow fire from [Hradinsalchip] badly hits them and Erone's troops become confused. The infantry invade the south side (posh bit) of [Amnidan]

S Farlas meets Nalin on the main road, they discuss the fate of the Dwarfs. The army approach Ardeniss, most of the centre of the square is empty.

S There are some troops at the sides of the square and in front of the temples. Farlas attacks and Biron makes himself conspicuous. Battle is joined. Connel cavalry charges, there is melee in the square resulting in a stand off. Arrow fire is fairly ineffectual although the archers from Tereh hit the Connel troops on the steps.

R At the Governor's residence, a stand off is broken when the Connel troops are reinforced. The Salsorme Irregulars take more casualties and all head back to the square. Farlas' cavalry charges again and Lenkoff moves in but gets badly smashed and disorders into Sholripe. Rillasan attacks and is fairly successful. The troops of Tereh advance and heavily out number the Connel troops near the Amnis temple. The Tereh troops hit cavalry with archery and Connel infantry appear as reinforcements. Farlas' cavalry charge, routing troops who get decimated. Tereh's opponents retreat into the vicinity of the Amnis temple. Tereh talks to the Amnis priests who take their time. The Connel troops seem to be hiding amongst the watching Amnis priests outside the temple. The flag of the Winged Arrow is raised over the Sholripe as Farlas comes in to attack retreating troops again, who rout.

S Biron has sent Wem to find Themorem. Biron is on his way to the Amnis temple for an audience with the Archon Amnis.

S Those Connel troops that were left soon withdraw entirely from the square. Farlas pretends to organise the defense of the square. The troops take up defensive positions on all sides of the square.

S Biron was unable to secure an audience with the Archon Amnis so he sends a message from Hobart (Chairman of the Riparlef). Biron rushes to see Nalin with an important message, on the way he gets a chance to speak to Farlas. Modo has killed Holinir, the champion of the town guard [This may well refer to the death of Sergeant Varak in Granistel - Ed] and is now the number one wanted criminal. Hide Modo!

S It also becomes clear that Bedoun Mac Gent, the pro-Connel Archon Epsi, is not dead as we had hoped. He was stabbed and is in the Amnis temple being nursed by Farah priestesses.

S We need the Seart Larm to be appointed by the Archon Epsi. Meskrin is spotted in the Amnis temple.

R There are still rucks going on around the harbour area and Connel's troops are successfully besieged in Granurtef.

S A message for Farlas arrives during the great clean up. [I think this refers to mass bathing! - Ed] Farlas is a bit surprised. There is a discussion about whether he should come or not as we don't yet hold the road. Nalin says he smells because he certainly did not have a bath.

R The Ruistor 6th cavalry with Uscoff and the Ruistor 6th Foot set off to take the road.

R Willan, Taran, Gilthon and a guide set off by a devious route to the square of Ardeniss.

S Biron drafts a letter to the Archon Amnis which Meskrin may deliver. Wem turns up with Themorem. We think about trying to persuade the Archon Epsi directly.

S Farlas goes to see Bedoun, the Archon Epsi. He does not believe what Farlas tells him. Bedoun creates a message for his colleagues. We arrange to intercept the messenger and hold him discreetly. The message is for Xerxes. Winged Arrow, what should he do? Biron takes the message, he considers forging a reply but can't think of one. If necessary he has a letter in Xerxes hand writing and his old seal.

S Nalin and the messenger go quickly. [? - Ed]

R Uspin's seori will stay together to take the road. Infantry at both ends, cavalry in between.

R The group with Willan are still working through the back streets. They see Nalin on the road, meet up with him and make their way back.

S Consideration is given to using Morris as a scribe, what reply to give, should it be encoded, vague etc.

R There is combat on the sea road.

S Biron drafts the letter and Morris scribes it. Scroll is going in with broken seal. Farlas takes it to Bedoun's second whilst Willan goes to see Bedoun himself. Willan convinces Bedoun to call a Riparlef and he summons the Seart Larm. A priest in black ropes is ushered in.

S Outside the Amnis temple a priest in black robes is seen leaving and heading for the Lodrell church.

R Ronjon and the Ruistor 1st go to the sea road. They encounter resistance and Whenslidayle is sent with a message to Almenonn. A pincer movement between the Ruistor troops and the League forces is set up on the sea road, during its execution the Ruistor 6th are wiped out and Uscoff is killed. The Connel troops are smashed and flee. we gain control of the road.

S At 2 pm the bell tolls. The Riparlef is imminent. People are allowed in to the square. Biron needs to write a speech for Willan and Farlas. The bell goes on.....and on.....and on.....for fifteen minutes. Biron, Willan and Farlas are frantically composing speeches.

S Xerxes and Ledenill arrive in the square. The Archon Epsi is still not on our side and we need his support as three out of four [Archons ? - Ed] are needed to make Farlas Archon Achas.

S Lejak and Sharell hear the bells and go to the square. Caspar and Falon with some Dwarfs. Caspar goes to talk with Themorem. The Archon Amnis is there with some Amnis priests. They have moved across to the Shol Repaf.

S Gradually the Archon Eminchar (Head of Works), Archon Essam (Chief of Finance) and Archon Hchafe (Head of Trade) arrive as does Rombas, leader of the league of Los Nystel. Farlas meets with Caspar and Gilla the High priestess of Farah arrives.

T Willan then Farlas must be made citizens of Salsorme at the start of the Riparlef . This gives them the right to hold office. We try to think of a plan! Hobart is chairing the Riparlef. The Archon Epsi is carried out on a litter, this makes his progress slower and gives us more time to think.

S Modo, Whenslidayle, Grayam and Calhassan make for Ardeniss. Holmir remains in charge. They skulk through the streets but are spotted. Modo makes it to a hiding position where he can oversee events. He spots Farlas' group and can see that plenty of lobbying is going on.

R During Kimba's attack around Granurtef Enovar is killed and the Arpollin's troops are obliterated. They [or is it us? - Ed] have marginally more troops, about six halen in total. They [or is it us? - Ed] stand and reinforce in the open area of the sea docks. The cavalry from Connel breaks away with Kimba. Holmir's cavalry try to intercept them. There are heavy losses all round with Holmir's troops coming off slightly better. They [who? - Ed] retreat back to Granurtef. The action to intercept Kimba's breakout has wiped out the Ruistor 4th cavalry.

S Kimba approaches the square of Ardeniss under escort. The Tereh troops fire on Kimba who is extremely pissed and charges to disperse the troops to the south of the square. The deputy Governor approaches from the north. The 2nd Ruistor move in to escort them to the square.

T Farlas, Willan and Gilthon attempt to talk to Xerxes. Then they find Joe Public grocer Toni to nominate Willan.

T Toni Mac Glasper stands up and proposes that Willan Mac Seles be appointed a citizen of Salsorme. There are cheers from the crowd, Xerxes looks consternated. Hobart restores calm and invites Willan to speak. The crowd are enthusiastic and Willan makes a short speech. Hobart calls for a vote which Willan breezes through. He is give an orange cloth.

T After a polite pause, Willan nominates Farlas for citizenship. This gets a more mixed reception. Xerxes stands and speaks using reasoned arguments and skilled oratory, however he is being badly heckled. Hobart then recognises Gilla who speaks quite well in support of Farlas, saying that it would be the quickest way to bring peace. The crowd listen quietly out of respect for her position. Opinion is still divided so the debate goes on. Biron makes a legally oriented speech during which Modo is denounced, this goes down very well. Kimba makes an emotive speech but is booed. He does not speak well and reacts badly to the barracking.

R Nalin considers the coat of arms of the woman we found in Kimba's prison. He has found out that the reclusive magician who lived there previously was called Heflor.

T Cherch has arrived in the square. Lejak and Sharell have as well. Gilthon sends "chaps" off in mufti to amble about Ardeniss and look for Connel troops.

T Farlas goes to speak to Xerxes with Taran, Willan and Gilthon. Xerxes has a soft creepy voice. Farlas complements him on his speech and would like to answer his points and reassure Xerxes concerns. Farlas is debating well above himself and expresses surprise that such a rich merchant as Xerxes would oppose a League supported candidate. Xerxes does not react. Farlas thanks Xerxes for his advice to Bedoun about the Riparlef. Xerxes agrees that Bedoun acted in the best interests of the town. Farlas, subtly, beating about the bush and in very many more words implies, in a vague, round about kind of way, that Xerxes posh house may be trashed if Farlas looses. Farlas also suggests that replacing Bedoun to relieve him of the obvious stress of the job of Archon Epsi would also prove some measure of household insurance. He mentions that he approves of free trade to benefit all. Xerxes is friendly but does not say much. He sticks to the Connel side.

T On their way to bend the ear of the Archon Hchafe the debating group are met by Marrig, the deputy Governor. He is very sceptical and wants to know what Farlas is after. Marrig thinks that democracy is daft [don't we all? - Ed]. There is a short spirited debate.

T Marrig moves on and talks to Xerxes, clearly in opposition to Farlas' law and order by the people, democracy etc. line.

T The Archon Hchafe is called Manson. As he is the man in charge of trade, Farlas gives him the free trade, benefits for all, increased profits speech. Manson and Farlas chat about law and order and subversives in the system. Manson agrees that balancing ideals against practicalities is very difficult.

T During the conversation between Farlas and Manson, Kimba leaves with his troops to the north and east.

T The Sholripe could hold about four and a half thousand people.

T Manson declines to speak in the debate over Farlas' citizenship. This is interpreted as tacit approval of Rombas, who spoke in favour of Farlas. Themorem delivers an anti-Connel pro-Farlas speech. The crowd are unsurprised. Xerxes and Marrig seemed to anticipate the speech by Themorem and may be cottoning on. No other Archons speak, Manson declining a second time - a very good sign.

T Hobart calls on Willan to make the closing remarks, this startles a lot of people as it is a very unusual move. Willan takes advantage of this opportunity and attacks Kimba during his speech.

T The vote is called. Voters have to raise different colours hankies to indicate support or opposition. Voting starts slow and is going two to one against Farlas, however there is a surge in his support which obviously swings a lot of undecideds and there is a second surge. Farlas is voted in by a short head and is escorted to his citizens seat.

T Bedoun makes a resignation speech and stands down as Archon Epsi. [at least he would if he could stand up in the first place - ha ha! - Ed] This is a stunning and unexpected move. The crowed are silent, the excited pockets of conversation spring up. Xerxes nominates Marrig as the new Archon Epsi and makes a strongly argues case in his support. Huddles of minor influentials have formed, there is obviously a lot of horse trading going on.

T The Party are stuck for a rival candidate. The previous Archon Epsi was a very good man called Porter, but he has been out of the political scene for too long now. He is available and in rehab [? - Ed] but would be difficult to elect at the moment. The other candidate is Grilcheese, a watch commander and seige veteran who is anti Bedoun. He retired in protest over Bedoun's appointment. He is the most politically adept but we do not know if he will support Farlas' party. He did fight against Connel though.

T Biron suggests Banir Mac Eel, another watch commander who is a friend of Manson and a respected soldier. Willan's influence might persuade Banir to vote for Farlas.

T Themorem suggests that Xerxes faction think that Farlas wants to be elected as Archon Epsi and are trying to pre-empt him. Thus wasting their chances.

T Caspar nominates Grilcheese as a neutral candidate. This is a popular move. Willan is nominated by a soldier but steps down making a moving speech in support of Grilcheese. Xerxes faction are agitated. Grilcheese accepts his nomination with a powerful anti-Bedoun speech.

T Gilthon sends runners to get the other army, commanded by Gorondel, into Salsorme.

T A third candidate, Hal Connu, is nominated by a merchant called Begarel. He has connections throughout the different factions and is supported by the Amnis priest, Lusquat - a senior figure against democrats like Caspar and Themorem and against the "grand old man" of democracy. Thrush. Although Thrush has not spoken at a Riparlef for years. Hal Connu is an unknown quantity.

T Coffchomi speaks in favour of candidates whose first loyalty is to the city and not transient factions. Lusquat is not pleased with this intervention.

T When it comes to a vote Grilcheese wins on the first ballot. The Xerxes faction is totally gob smacked. Porter congratulates Grilcheese and also Thrush. The defeat of Marrig is the defeat of the implied vote of confidence in Connel's rule.

T Farlas asks Caspar to intercede with Grilcheese on his behalf. His arguments are that there is a precedent for appointment of new Archon Achas and declaration of Martial Law, that he wants to incite a popular uprising against Connel and then he will hand power back, as he did in the Fehermes.

T Grilcheese requires corroboration. Marrig has a word. Grilcheese talks to Hobart and the Archon Amnis.

T Hobart declares Martial Law. The crowd go wild, as does Xerxes. The Riparlef is dissolved. Sornel and Grilcheese both confirm the decision. The absence of the incumbent Archon Achas is noted. In Gorondel's absence, Farlas is appointed to work with Grilcheese.

T Farlas makes a rousing speech inviting violence against Connel.

U In the early evening Marrig capitulates so as to avoid any major slaughter. Gilthon is nominated to deal with the terms for Connel troops withdrawal. Gilthon tries to get Marrig to agree to at least a year passing before any attempt is made to return. Marrig is unable to promise that but a compromise date of 1st March 1589 is agreed. [The start of the next campaigning season - Ed] The wounded are to go to the Farah abbey for treatment. Prisoners are to be returned. Equipment will not be confiscated from Connel troops.

U Willan opposes the idea of keeping Kimba as a hostage as he will make it more difficult to get into his house. Gilthon suggests dropping the clause for keeping hostages in favour of extending the deadline for non-return of the troops to 1st April 1589 and an immediate evacuation of Granurtef.

U Marrig takes a tough practical soldierly line against the immediate evacuation of Granurtef, or else his troops will not be in control. He offers moving all the Connel troops into Granurtef tomorrow and out of the city completely the following day. This is agreed.

U Grilcheese needs Farlas' troops to keep order in the streets. there are banners up all over the city. Gilthon gets very important.

U Nalin rushes back to Kimba's house and starts a search for the left behind people. He finds the mysterious woman in the dungeon but can find no sign of Brutzch or Temlin. Kimba's batman has never seen the dungeon before. The woman is taken to Gilla and the town prisons are searched for Brutzch and Temlin.

U Gilthon admits to Marrig that Farlas' people have raided Kimba's house and promises a list of the "missing" items. There is some panic about items which may not, in fact, have been nicked. Gilthon is told to shut up. No one asks Biron about returning the armour he took.

U Most of the riots are quelled.

V Morris turns up and shows Farlas a piece of paper. When he went to see Rallink [W/R = Valink - Ed], a book was brought back from the northern lands with curious pagination, odd calculations bringing forth information. He also new that 1st November will be important, near the castle of the knights of the Golden Falcon, in the mountains of Rilatin near Lehr Sorm. Great evil is about to erupt into the world.

Sat 3 Sept 1588

(W/R 273)

A Temlin and Brutzch are alive and on the verge of well

A In the early morning a message arrives for Farlas (one of many) from Temlin. He reports that he is alright and staying with a friend. Brutzch walks into the square of Ardeniss spinning a very fishy story about waking up in a pub after being left under Kimba's shrubbery. Nalin and Farlas are unimpressed and want to check Brutzch's story.

A Sharell and Lejak go to look for Temlin and discover him hung over. He escaped from Kimba's tower during a fight. Temlin is warned that he will be required to go with the Party when it moves on.

A Nalin and Cherch go down to the "Roaring Lion" - the pub Brutzch was in. They confirm that he walked in without support and had some fish stew. Sorren, the pot boy, saw most of Brutzch. Nalin will go back in the evening to question him.

Sun 4 Sept 1588 : Mon 5 full moon

(W/R 274)

A Mopping up

B Suspicions about Brutzch

A In the morning Nalin goes to Kimba's house to oversee the departure of the staff. Kimba himself is not there but his things are packed. Should we use Kimba's house as Party Headquarters?

B Scouts are mopping up. Brutzch is staying with Woden. Farlas wants Brutzch fully checked over by the priests. Morris uses the opportunity afforded by the examination to cast "Detect Charm" on Brutzch.

A Farlas attempts to get some sleep.

B Later, Nalin and Cherch get an opportunity to head back to the "Roaring Lion" and speak to Sorren. Sorren is nervous, even after he has been bought a Coke. He didn't see anyone carry Brutzch in and cannot remember seeing him with anyone else. Nalin is still suspicious.

Wed 7 Sept 1588

(W/R 274 - 275)

A Ub woz 'ere

B Sorting out accommodation and citizenship

C Post liberation politicking, the early rounds

D The arrival of Gorondel

A We discover that Ub was in town about a month before. He was on his way to some castles and estates with mines he had picked up the deeds to. Rustbulj went with him. Agreed to show Temlin Morris' document. [Who agreed? - Ed]

B Cherch, Khalon, Belthazar, Dreagh, Temlin, Meskrin, Willan, Farlas, Yossilana, Biron, Wem, Modo and Grayam are incumbent citizens of Salsorme. Farlas appoints Nalin, Bazron, Morris, Hortense, Gilthon, Narlon, Bolger, Rustbulj, Angelica, Sharell, Taran, Jorkim, Calhassan, Holmir, Baccus and Khulin as citizens. Couron is an envoy and not eligible for citizenship.

B We have somehow managed to collar the Governors residence as Party HQ. Biron is sorting out the legal paper work.

C When the Connel army has gone and Gorondel (the pre-Connel Archon Achas) has returned, Farlas will hand back control of the town.

C September the second is declared a holiday.

B The Party gains official title to the Governor's residence.

C The Public Works department want to erect a statue to Farlas at the north end of Ardeniss, one to Willan at Salurtef and one to Nalin (possibly in the Dwarfen quarter).

C Grilcheese stands down as Archon Epsi and Porter replaces him. Grilcheese goes back to being a watch commander.

B We take on servants and guards (and there families) [for the Governor's residence. - Ed] We decide not to wait for Rustbulj to return and go and see Caspar instead.

C Caspar thanks us for our efforts and after a bit of conversation he reminds us about a book. Temlin had the cover, which we deciphered. Caspar sold the book to a merchant in Connelberg called Mannan. He is a book collector. Caspar also passes to the Party a favour owed to him by Mercselm, the wizard of Salsorme! It is up to us to organise the return of the favour with the wizard, Caspar is prepared to introduce a small group of us to him.

C We go on to discuss Gorondel. Porter as Archon Epsi is leading the defense. Caspar asks us to support Grilcheese for Archon Achas, prominent members of the Party have been approached with bribes. The Dwarfs support Banir Mac Eel [a watch commander who Biron suggested at the Riparlef - Ed] for Archon Achas.

C Re-elections for the posts of Archon are imminent. There is a discussion about making Hulon's into town guards and granting them citizenship.

C Farlas goes to talk to Hobart, the Chairman of the Popular Assembly and suggests recognition for someone close to Telanir, King of Ruistor. Hobart wants to go for independence. Martial Law is still in force but will presumably be lifted soon.

C Hortense will introduce Juleau De Lohngâui to the Party tomorrow.

D Gilthon goes out with a cavalry escort under the flags of the Winged Arrow and the Free City of Salsorme, to see Gorondel. Gilthon fills him in about the battle and Riparlef. He wants to talk to Farlas and Almenonn and others, he suggests a discrete personal visit.

D Gorondel decides to enter town with Gilthon. They gather together with troops whose armour is covered by cloaks. A message is sent on to Farlas who summons Almenonn, Lenkoff, Holmir, Willan, Porter and Nalin. Farlas then gets himself into a flap and decides to meet Gorondel on his own..... with Willan and Nalin!

D Gorondel arrives and meets Farlas in the Governor's residence. Farlas explains about his intelligence and why he did not land to the south. They discuss tactics and details. Gorondel asks Farlas what his plans are and Farlas, recognising the involvement of Ruistor in the liberation, tells him that Salsorme wants independence and that he intends to relinquish control and his position as Archon Achas almost immediately. He goes on to mention a mission for the Quest against "The Five".

D At a meal in the evening Gorondel meets Farlas, Gilthon, Willan, Nalin, Lenkoff, Almenonn and Holmir. At the pre-aperitif and nuts they decide to have a banquet for everyone the next day. Gorondel is relaxed and cheerful and they talk military about the battle. Gorondel asks about the Quest, talk turns to mission against evil ("The Five") on behalf of three religions. We suggest that Gorondel get his citizenship back at the Riparlef. Talk turns to politics and everyone gradually retires to bed.

Thur 8 Sept 1588

(W/R 275 + Unnumbered page)

A Post liberation politicking, continues

B Caspar imparts some Quest related information

C Internal Party politicing

D Other events

A At breakfast with Caspar and Grilcheese, Willan is worried about the political mess. Small talk involving Caspar's freaky democratic ideas ensues so Willan says he is leaving. Caspar obviously wants to get Willan's support for Grilcheese as Archon Achas. Willan is reluctant to support Grilcheese directly but would give information to help. Willan does not want to get politically involved. Caspar and Grilcheese thank Willan for his contribution to the recent events and would like to give him a small gift. They hand over a bag containing a silver armband with three panels of work depicting battle, ocean and woodland. Willan thanks them for their hospitality.

B Caspar had talked to Rustbulj who had mentioned prophecies and auguries that are difficult to interpret. A female citizen of Salsorme who was once a priestess of Amnis but no more, has a skill in interpretation of auguries and the like. Once the augury has run it's course she can explain it. Caspar has found this service useful in the past. Vianar, for it is she, attempted to cast a powerful spell of absolute knowledge of the future. As a result she is now unable to think of the future at all for fear of total madness. She knows everything about the past and is a friend of Caspar, he will introduce her.

A Gilthon considers invitations to the banquet and where it should be. The list includes Archons, High priests of major religions, influential people such as Caspar, Themorem, Xerxes, Falon, Grilcheese, League people [Rombas - Ed], judges, merchants, envoys (100 or so in total), military leaders, land owners, widows (3) and troops (3). A Riparlef for the next day will be announced at the banquet.

D Hortense goes to see the woman rescued from Kimba's house (she is a widow). Hortense mentions the story of her rescue.

A In the opinion polls Banir Mac Eel is third in the running for Archon Achas behind Grilcheese and Gorondel.

C Khulin would like to join and is supported by Nalin - she is older than him. Nalin vetoes Dreagh's request and Dreagh appeals to the human members of the Party. He need not have wasted his breath.

C Following her introduction by Hortense, Juleau makes the following speech.

Juleau look to travel. Juleau want to travel with Farlas Party. Juleau look for husband, he bend and he twist and he spring. He very nimble. The Quest? I do request if you ask.

C Biron reveals that it was he who organised our entry into Salsorme and he would like to join the Party. He is accepted. Biron clutches Tarsober but it is shagged out and the test must be postponed.

C Taran Er Anendil means "Friend of the Sword". [Oh dear! - Ed]

C General Holmir and seorafen Q'Sharl O'Mannanak join the Party from the League forces.

C Dreagh the racist human is really a half elf and gets in at his third attempt though still denying his elven blood. [Is this true, or is it just John's peculiar slant on events? - Ed]




[Also Horan, who was leading some Hulon's but I had forgotten about, and Paltis and Grenadine who got a mention earlier for raising their prices three fold, and presumably their son Chemos, also Pallea, Borin, Willowspring and Guerin - Ed]

D Gilthon goes to meet Nelden, the Archon Amnis, near the bridge. There is a lot of uninteresting chatter and verbal sparring. Nelden is a bit of a pillock and does not want to give in. [Two together, surely a recipe for disaster! - Ed] Nelden wants to challenge the Winged Arrow. Nelden says he can go anywhere. Gilthon brags about stuffing Connel at Yen, Berem and Salsorme. Nelden wants to quarry or something but goes away for now.

Fri 9 Sept 1588

(W/R 275 - 276)

A The banquet for Gorondel

A After the banquet Farlas speaks. He announces the Riparlef and that he will be standing down as Archon Achas. He pitches his speech strongly in favour of freedom and democracy but mentions the role of Ruistor in the liberation. There is a minutes silence and the Gorondel speaks about forging victory ties between Ruistor and Salsorme.

A The Wizard of Salsorme has not come to the banquet.

Sat 10 Sept 1588

(W/R 276)

A Post liberation Riparlef, new Archons are elected

B Temlin is told of the "Inner Quest"

A At the Riparlef, Farlas hands back power to Porter, Hobart and the Amnis church. Farlas proposes Gorondel as a citizen of Salsorme. The vote is far from unanimous and someone speaks against saying that he did not do a good job as Archon Achas, he blew it and only wanted the power. There are many abstentions.

A The Riparlef confirms the gift of the Governors residence to the Party. Major business is going on around the elections for the new posts. Xerxes, Ognel, Begarel [the merchant who nominated Hal Connu for Archon Epsi - Ed] and Jonlac (a lawyer in the Sea Court) stand for Archon Hchafe. Begarel is supported by Amnis. Jonlac has dealings with the Fehermes and Themorem supports him. Ognel is supported by Caspar and Xerxes gets support from a few people including Lusquat, the Amnis priest. The League maintain their neutrality.

A In the speeches for and against, Farlas mentions trade with the Fehermes and the need for friendly terms with Uspin, Arpollin and Tereh, he goes on to mention the aid of Ruistor in the liberation. Willan makes a speech in favour of democracy. Bolger rabble rouses for a war against Connel, this is well received.

A When it comes to the vote Begarel takes an early lead, but in the end Ognel gets a small majority. Afterwards Couron speaks with approval for Ognel's new position and is quite diplomatic.

A All the other Archons gradually get elected. The Archon Achas is last. Farlas and Willan are both nominated. Farlas declines his nomination saying that he never intended to hold office, his aim was to free the city and move on to other things. He emphasises freedom, democracy and close links with Ruistor. Willan gracefully declines his nomination, he also speaks in favour of democracy for the city. Banir Mac Eel is nominated. Grilcheese is nominated by someone who draws attention to his support for democracy. Bolger nominates Nalin and threatens those that heckle. Nalin declines. Farlas talks to Gorondel who is nominated by a third party. Farlas makes a brief speech saying he will vote for Gorondel. Porter, the Archon Epsi, supports Grilcheese as does Caspar. Themorem speaks in favour of Gorondel. The traders seem to support Banir and Lusquat certainly does. The official Amnis line is a bit vague but they seem to be leaning towards Grilcheese.

A In the first round of voting Banir is third. [and drops out, leaving Grilcheese and Gorondel - Ed] Lusquat and Banir do not speak in the next round, the trade vote goes for Grilcheese who sweeps to victory. Gorondel looks completely (Gril) cheesed off! Party members drift away and have a party.

A Gorondel talks to Farlas and makes some pointed comments about Farlas' political style. Gorondel is going to withdraw his troops to Ruistor and consider both his own position and that of the kingdom. Nalin talks to Temlin about the assault on Kimba's house and apologises for leaving him.

A Caspar and Grilcheese seek out Willan. Willan asks Grilcheese to intercede with Gorondel but it is considered inappropriate. Messages are penned from Ognel to Ruistor. Caspar complements Farlas on his political skills, especially his support (?!) for links to Ruistor.

A Brutzch offers his services to the Party for errands. We consider the possibilities.

B Temlin receives some wisdom healing from Farah and is told about the "Inner Quest".

Sun 11 Sept 1588

(W/R 277)

A Plans for "Questor's"

B Other events

B Willan decides to give the troops a bonus and free drinks.

A How do we maintain the Governor's residence? We consider offering Ub the chance to build the "Questor's Inn" in the grounds of the Governor's residence in return for administering the building for the Party. Gilthon organises five archers as guards. There is a discussion about servants and slaves. Some Party members are incredulous to the idea of releasing slaves after five years service. (It would be the same, in law, as freeing ,say, a cow). Seven Hulon slaves come with the residence. Three women and four men, Holmir thinks we should breed them! Baccus is asked to talk to the slaves Hulon to Hulon, he reports that five of them would like to be freed, two were bemused by the concept.

B We must get hold of Dran (and Mengros) to complete the Quest. He may be with Rustbulj.

Mon 12 Sept 1588

(W/R 277)

A General plans

B Hortense visits Vianar

A Brutzch and Woden have gone to find Trosahm!

A There is a suggestion that we get Rallink, Marius and Gilla together (possibly in Salsorme) in an attempt to neutralise the Orb of Torlich.

A We find out that the knights were formed in 931.

B Caspar escorts Hortense to Vianar's place with two hundred silver pieces, wine and fruit. Hortense is shown in and recounts Mig's story.

B [Vianar says - Ed] The freezing of Mig was caused by a conflict of interests. Part of Mig has passed beyond. There was conflict in Mig and between Mig and the sword. [Hortense - Ed] recounts "Deeps curse". Vianar screams, such power, so far away! Caspar leads Hortense away. Oh Dear!

Tue 13 Sept 1588

(W/R 277 - 278)

A Going west

B Plans for leaving Salsorme

C Other events

C Nalin searches the Governor's residence. Consider old archives.

A We decide who is to go west,

Find Rustbulj, Dran and Ub - persuade them to go along.

Temlin to be researcher at the castle of the knights (Zeim Falc)

Going West
Staying in Salsorme

[Horan and others - Ed]

B The three estates Revdolin, Sordirin and Tamfornar. Revdolin is twenty miles north of Tamtiris. Sordirin is thirty five miles north east of Farahtynsorm. Tamfornar is forty five miles north north east of Farahtynsorm. Both Tamtiris and Farahtynsorm are about eighty miles from Salsorme.

B Dreagh is to ride to Farahtynsorm (about three days) with a letter. Ask to meet Ub, Rustbulj and Dran in Tamtiris. Cherch is to go to Revdolin with the same message. A meeting is to be arranged for 20 September or as soon after as everyone can make it.

B The Party plans to leave on the 15th. Five Hulon guards are left at "Questor's" together with the house slaves and 4,000 silver pieces, which we estimate is enough for four months. Couron is looking after the money.

B We tell various people stories about what we are doing. We tell Gilla and Caspar about the "Five". We tell others that we are away on important business. Chose not to tell other Party members not a lot [should call this kind of phraseology "Record speak"! - Ed]

Thur 15 Sept 1588

(W/R 278)

A We all slip out of Salsorme without much fuss.

A We all slip out of Salsorme without much fuss.