4 Kingdoms

Chapter 9 - The Return or Norgraze


Thur 15 Sept 1588

  • Journeying
  • Dreagh's journey

Fri 16 Sept 1588

  • In Revdolin, Cherch meets Ub and Rustbulj

Mon 19 Sept 1588 new moon

  • Ub travels to Tamtiris

Tue 20 Sept 1588

  • Farlas and group arrive late in Tamtiris and meet with Ub

Wed 21 Sept 1588

  • Rustbulj shows us tapestries
  • Rustbulj interprets the rhyme
  • Negotiations with Ub over the running of "Questor's"
  • Negotiations with Ub over Mengros, Dran and the Quest
  • Kneebone and Herra recount their past encounter with Trosahn
  • Plans to move on

Thur 22 Sept 1588

  • We set off for Rimtiris

Sun 25 Sept 1588

  • In Rimtiris, Abubaca arrives
  • Cheskon's troops arrive, Abubaca leaves - so do we

Sun 2 Oct 1588

  • Arrival at Zeim Falc
  • Introductions

Mon 3 Oct 1588 full moon

  • More introductions
  • The library at Zeim Falc
  • Other events

Tue 4 Oct 1588

  • Willan and Taran scout the woods
  • The library at Zeim Falc

Wed 5 Oct 1588

  • Willan and Taran continue scouting the woods
  • In Zeim Falc

Thur 6 Oct 1588

  • Various research in Zeim Falc
  • Willan, Taran, Hortense and Holmir go to the wood
  • Juleau, Abubaca, Coffchomi and Dreagh tour the villages

Fri 7 Oct 1588

  • Research
  • Juleau, Abubaca, Coffchomi and Dreagh tour local villages
  • Willan, Taran, Hortense and Holmir go to the wood
  • Other events

Sat 8 Oct 1588

  • Research
  • Willan, Taran, Hortense and Holmir at the wood
  • Juleau, Abubaca, Coffchomi and Dreagh return to Zeim Falc

Sun 9 Oct 1588

  • Research
  • Nalin, Willan, Taran, Holmir, Hortense and Nobla go orc hunting
  • Other events

Mon 10 Oct 1588

  • Research
  • Orc hunting
  • Other events

Tue 11 Oct 1588

  • Research
  • The orc hunters return

Wed 12 Oct 1588

  • Research
  • General goings on at Zeim Falc

Thur 13 Oct 1588

  • Research
  • Interrogating the orc
  • General goings on at Zeim Falc

Fri 14 Oct 1588

  • Research
  • Review of current knowledge

Sat 15 Oct 1588

  • Research
  • General goings on at Zeim Falc
  • News of events in the environs
  • Two groups are formed

Sun 16 Oct 1588

  • A quiet day

Mon 17 Oct 1588 new moon

  • A group goes to the Urek tower
  • A group goes to the evil wood and have trouble getting in
  • Trouble with spiders
  • The altar in the clearing, the death of Maurice
  • Leaving the wood, the death of Hortense

Tue 18 Oct 1588

  • The group at the Urek tower
  • The nasty wood group walk back

Wed 19 Oct 1588

  • Research
  • The group capture the Urek tower
  • The group at the tower search, find a ring and move on
  • Plans at Zeim Falc, three groups are formed
  • Other events

Thur 20 Oct 1588

  • Group One go to the burial ground
  • Group Two head off after Farlas and meet some of the Farlas group coming back
  • Group Three find a dud crossroad
  • The Farlas group arrive at the orc caves from the Urek tower

Fri 21 Oct 1588

  • Group Three find another dud crossroad
  • Group Three think they have arrived at the burial ground
  • The Farlas plan scout the orc camp and make a plan!
  • Other events

Sat 22 Oct 1588

  • Group Three find the real thing and have trouble with a rock and a tree
  • Group One finds a cemetery and has trouble with dead bodies
  • Farlas Group has trouble with orcs and find a scroll, wand, and loadsamoney

Sun 23 Oct 1588

  • Group Three is rescued
  • Farlas Group have trouble with green slime, brown slime, cold mould, black pudding and
  • semi transparent jelly
  • Group One has more trouble with dead bodies

Mon 24 Oct 1588

  • A quiet day travelling

Tue 25 Oct 1588

  • Willan's group returns to Zeim Falc
  • Farlas' group burns down the Uruk tower

Wed 26 Oct 1588

  • Research
  • Plans are made
  • Grim Grimson the Grim and Carl Berg arrive
  • Other events

Thur 27 Oct 1588

  • The knights are to watch the tower
  • We go to the tree

Fri 28 Oct 1588

  • At the tree, Willan finds the brooch and Abubaca burns the tree down
  • We attempt to reduce the power of evil
  • We set off for the forest

Sat 29 Oct 1588

  • We arrive at Talvaran
  • Initial investigations
  • We find a poem
  • The house with the door which is not a door
  • In the pub we find a belt
  • Further investigations
  • Rat attack
  • The blacksmith has a pentacle
  • The bakery has a hat (which Burana puts on)
  • The hunters shack contains an untouchable shield
  • Night falls

Sun 30 Oct 1588

  • We continue searching Talvaran, the bee keepers - we find a skull
  • We enter the house
  • Events during the first watch
  • Some confusion surrounding butterflies

Mon 31 Oct full moon to Tue 1 Nov 1588

Part One - Talvaran

  • Farlas' Vision
  • Entering the fire place
  • The torture chamber
  • The room at the end of the corridor
  • The secret room
  • Events in Talvaran, the arrival of Polvyr

Part Two - The Bracelet Plane

  • First impressions
  • Events at what was the pub

Part Three - The Belt Plane

  • First impressions
  • Abubaca, Rez, Grim, Carl, Bazron and Belthazar are left behind
  • Events at what was the hunting lodge
  • Resumés and realisations
  • The hole in the ground

Part Four - The Shield Plane

  • First impressions
  • Events in the blizzard
  • Events at what used to be the bakery

Part Five - The Helmet Plane

  • First impressions
  • Into the nothingness
  • Events at the bee keepers

Part Six - The Skull Plane (The Silver Void)

  • First impressions
  • We go down the stair well
  • The Helmet Plane, brief return
  • Down the stair well again, problems with doors and holding hands
  • Through the fifth door
  • The final gateway to Nessemnar, a ruck
  • The Orb of Torlich is removed
  • The ruck on the stairs
  • Back at the top of the stairs, the return of Mig
  • A "lid" appears......and disappears!
  • The return....for some
  • Temlin, Polvyr, Coffchomi, Burana, Gilthon are left behind, Q'Sharl is dead
  • Mig is left behind

Part Seven - Talvaran

  • Reunions
  • Some booty is acquired from the enemy
  • The group stuck at the Nessemnar end of the gate have a kip
  • Other events

Wed 2 Nov 1588

  • An uneventful night, return to Zeim Falc via the tree
  • Events in the gate
  • Ja'hin-nur and T.R. arrive at the gate
  • The journey to the githianki fort
  • Getting in to the fort
  • Searching the githianki fort
  • The encounter with the githianki "high priest" featuring the death of Burana
  • In the bowels of the castle, including barbies featuring Bolger and Nobla
  • Escape from the fort and arriving in Ja'hin-nur's plane

Thur 3 Nov 1588

  • Willan, Taran and Rez travel back to gate to recover Mig and Nylas. Nylas is questioned.
  • Farlas and Holmir travel to the tower to meet Essel.

Fri 4 Nov 1588

  • A quiet day



Thur 15 Sept 1588

(W/R 278)

A Journeying

B Dreagh's journey

A The main group secure a free ride to Tamtiris.

B Dreagh and the people with him go up to Tamfornar and confirm that Ub and Rustbulj had been through but left two to three weeks before. Dreagh heads back to Revdolin, he will go through Sordiran and then back to Tamtiris. He expects to arrive back about the 23rd.

Fri 16 Sept 1588

(W/R 278)

A In Revdolin, Cherch meets Ub and Rustbulj

A Cherch arrives at Revdolin. He finds out that Ub is there with Rustbulj and is keen to meet Ub. He says he has an important message for Ub from Farlas. Cherch hands over letters for Ub and Rustbulj.

A Rustbulj talks to Ub about their conflicting letters of Farlas' intent. Farlas has asked to meet in Tamtiris on 20 September. Ub decides to travel to Tamtiris on the 19th.

Mon 19 Sept 1588 new moon

(W/R 278)

A Ub travels to Tamtiris

A Ub travels to Tamtiris with Dran, [Lacera], Herra, Kneebone, Cherch and a tak of soldiers. Cherch tells Ub the whole story about the liberation of Salsorme.

Tue 20 Sept 1588

(W/R 278)

A Farlas and group arrive late in Tamtiris and meet with Ub

A Farlas and group arrive in Tamtiris in the evening. Cherch meets the party on their way in and rides back to inform Ub of their immanent arrival.

A As Farlas eventually turns up after dinner with Hortense, Nalin, Taran, Willan, Morris and Holmir, they have a long talk about recent events but defer doing business until the following morning.

Wed 21 Sept 1588

(W/R 278 - 279)

A Rustbulj shows us tapestries

B Rustbulj interprets the rhyme

C Negotiations with Ub over the running of "Questor's"

D Negotiations with Ub over Mengros, Dran and the Quest

E Kneebone and Herra recount their past encounter with Trosahn

F Plans to move on

A Rustbulj has five tapestries that are connected to the Quest.

  1. A gold edged tapestry depicting a desert scene featuring a robed figure with horned helmet and boots.
  2. A green edged tapestry featuring a rider carrying a sword.
  3. A red edged tapestry featuring a very old man seated and looking at a skull.
  4. A silver edged tapestry featuring a hooded man.
  5. A black edged tapestry featuring a tall man holding a large black sphere.

A Rustbulj obtained them from a barrow near Ub's new properties. He had to fight off defending creatures to get them. Silver helmet, sword, skull, eye, sphere (orb). The barrow was certainly evil, but this has been dispelled. There was a tower in the castle with a scroll. Keep a note of the position of the tower. Five coloured candles, the same colours as the edges of the tapestries. There was a room at the bottom of the tower containing maps.

B We show Rustbulj the rhyme. He says that "Beleglach" means "great leaping flame" - Is this Dran's sword? We show him the shield of Farah. The translation of the rhyme may not be accurate.

B The Orb of Torlich is the same size as the one in the tapestry. However there is no obvious similarity between any of the men in the tapestries and the rubbing of Zarl Kruger from the cover of the book.

C Nalin has a chat with Ub about "Questor's", the old Governor's residence in Salsorme. Rustbulj, Dran, Willan and Farlas also attend. Nalin puts forward the proposition that Ub be leased a suite in Questor's in return for covering the upkeep of the establishment. Ub says he will need to cost it out. Ub would also like introductions to important people in Salsorme.

D On a different tack, the subject of the swords is raised. Auguries indicate that the swords are to be used together in the near future, as they were in the past. Ub is not well disposed to the idea of lending us Mengros or Dran with Mengros. After much attempt at persuasion Ub remains unconvinced and does not look as if he will help in this area. Ub does see the seriousness of the destiny of Mengros. Nalin and Willan dangle a few more carrots. They recount the Salsorme story and tell Ub about Beleglach and the other sword. We stress that we have no choice other than to do this. Ub wants something in return. He begins to see the dangers involved but still bears a grudge over Nalin's training by Dran. Ub is concerned by our long term goals.

D In return for lending us Mengros, Ub wants introductions around Salsorme and the Fehermes. He further requires either himself or his nominee to come on the Quest. He also requires that all non Quest related items obtained on the journey be given to him. He also wants more detail before he will accept.

D Nalin talks to Rustbulj. He is concerned that there is ambiguity over the exact time that Mengros (and Dran) will be required to act with Tarsober. What if it is not now? Rustbulj warns Nalin against jumping to conclusions.

D Temlin [where did he come from? - Ed] suggests that the swords commune. This raises the problem of how to get the sword from Dran.

D Is Willan Macarar Archaman? Is Beleglach a person? "Great leaping flame" seems more like the name of an object. The Baron of Cordleham in Meresvale has a sword which is a friend of Tarsober.

D We back down on the need to bring Dran with us on this occasion but reserve the right to call on his services in future.

C Ub wants to go to Salsorme to put some details together. Perhaps we will meet him there when we get back. Rustbulj would like to open a chapel in Questor's. We think that Biron is well placed to handle the legalities of the situation and draft him a letter.

C Are we sending any other messages back to Salsorme? What are we going to do about the troops and messengers?

F It will take a week to travel to the Knights at Zeim Falc. What are we going to do about Dreagh and his troops?

E Kneebone and Herra have had a run in with Trosahn in the area of Kirk last winter. Herra claims that he slept with her naked on the beach. There was smuggling going on and as Constable of Kirk, Ub investigated. Trosahn flew off when she was surrounded. Ub infiltrated her gang and Trosahn was nearly killed by a critical dagger throw to her head. Something invisible administered a healing potion to her. We asked her why she was doing something so apparently mundane (for her) and agreed that we should stay away from each other.

F Cherch and his troops will wait for Dreagh. The other troops will go back with Rustbulj via Revdolin.

Thur 22 Sept 1588

(W/R 280)

A We set off for Rimtiris

A We decide to set off on 22nd September. Dreagh will get to Tamtiris on 23rd. We will either go round the forest to the north, or through Rimtiris, a medium town on the river near Rimdies, or south through the towns of Creanlan and Saralolgin. The southern route is more inhabited, but through Van Connel. We decide to go north to Rimtiris. We will all go via Revdolin and meet the other messengers and Dreagh.

A We see the sceptre, the five sided room and the altar. There is an older tower which is about the same age as the tower at Gran Fordir.

A We carry on to Rimtiris.

Sun 25 Sept 1588

(W/R 280)

A In Rimtiris, Abubaca arrives

B Cheskon's troops arrive, Abubaca leaves - so do we

A We are in Rimtiris. The group is approached by a funny looking foreign chap asking for the Winged Arrow. He is an Azilharin. We show him in, he speaks good lagoin. He meets the Winged Arrow, he is known as "He who travels far and within". He tells us a tall story, he has recently been travelling with Ub and would like to travel with us for reasons of safety. He has two young women and two slaves with him. He says that he left Ub hastily because of the angry father of one of the young women. The other woman, his sister, is also an experienced adventurer. His name is Abubacâ Jamil Gûl-Reza Khan and his sister is Rezaharaamam Gûlhrina Mohood M'harir however she is not offended if referred to as "Rez". The young lady is Aretha Sug Cheskon, recently departed from the stupefying boredom of the life of a young noble woman.

A Nalin and Hortense do not want Abubaca to come with the Party, Farlas and Willan are content for them to come along. Taran Er Anendil asks if Abubaca is opposed to the five. It turns out that he has been working against them in Azilhar.

B A squad of Cheskon's troops are in pursuit of Abubaca (and Aretha) so he has to leave town ahead of the Party. Cheskon's troops search the town and ask us where they went and what was said to us, then they slope off to another pub.

B After dusk two of Cheskon's troops sneak into an alleyway to watch our pub. Willan takes them some beers. Later on their second shift is killed and the beer mugs wind up in Willan's back pocket. Those who know him very well are able to detect subtle signs of the presence of Kneebone.

B Cheskon's troops follow us out of town for a day but Willan and Taran loose them by setting a false trail. Abubaca turns up.

Sun 2 Oct 1588

(W/R 280)

A Arrival at Zeim Falc

B Introductions

A The Party arrives at Zeim Falc.

B We present ourselves to the watch commander, Franis Lyn Falc welcomes us. Solcin, an Impeck, also welcomes us. Emnarct is the post of Warden of the castle, the current incumbent is Essel Lyn Falc. Three inspect Solcin and two others, then the Ehallans. Brenan is Gilthon's Impeck. Balthar is the Steward and he tries to organise lodgings. Bolger finds Rahad, the Thrune cleric. Juleau asks Abubaca if he knows anything about Pisartey. Abubaca says Pisartey was travelling with Ub! Solcin arranges for Farlas to have a meeting with Essel

A There is snow on the Rilatin mountains nearby. The sleeping arrangements put the women together, the Dwarfs together, Maurice with Willan and Taran, Q'Sharl with Dreagh and Temlin and Holmir with Coffchomi.

B Essel receives Farlas who tells him about the visit of Maurice to Rallink at the Essini church in Lehrbahn with important portents. Farlas asks others present to recount the situation.

A We think about the two "bad" knights, we think of asking about the knights watching the tower at Gran Fordir. Hortense consults the stars. Willan and Taran keep watch!

Mon 3 Oct 1588 full moon

(W/R 281)

A More introductions

B The library at Zeim Falc

C Other events

C At breakfast Hortense mentions to the Party that she wanted to know where the place we are looking for is. She got the reply "Scorpio is in the descendent quintile" and thinks we should go

directly west towards the mountains.

A Willan, Taran, Maurice and Farlas go to see Essel. Essel introduces them to Thranis. By way of introduction, Farlas waffles on about the tower at Gran Fordir. They have been keeping it under observation, all has been quiet. One event happened though. Met and discussed with Taranavar [Can anyone flesh this out a bit (RH)? - Ed]

A The assassin knights had been to the tower, Maurice tells the story. We ask if there is anything directly due west, or if there has been any trouble spots. Essel does not know of anything on either score. We ask if they have any maps or knowledge of the area. We push our luck a bit and ask if we might have access to the library which might be of great help in finding historic references in particular. This was granted and the librarian, Elegar - who is not a knight, informed.

A We also want to do some scouting around. Thranis has previously worked with Taranavar and may be able to help. They have a conversation with Thranis. Taranavar has returned to the mainland. Farlas mentions "The Five", Kirk, the Fehermes, our trip north etc.

A Elegar turns out to be a bit of a pain. The is very chaotic! His predecessor died in an orcish ambush whilst returning from Lehrbahn. It seems that Essel may have chosen Elegar as the successor. Farlas mentions the "Gate" (ie forces from the "other side").

A Farlas is prepared to discuss our movements with the knights. You can't get in to the castle after dark. We leave the Orb with Nalin. Willan, Farlas and Temlin go to the library.

B The library is a stack, there is no working space. It is two long rooms. Elegar shows a working area, he has a desk in there. Broadly speaking the records are chronological when they arrived

from the same source. However there is some jumbling up in the extensive range.

Tue 4 Oct 1588

(W/R 281)

A Willan and Taran scout the woods

B The library at Zeim Falc

A Willan and Taran are going out scouting. They inform the knights of their likely whereabouts.

B Temlin, Coffchomi, Abubaca and Hortense are researching. Temlin tries to get Hortense in to the library but Essel will not sanction it. Coffchomi casts the runes, Amnis mulls things over. Coffchomi eventually announces that there is information pertaining to gate or passage or they are the same.

B Temlin causes a major league breech of etiquette and abuses the knights hospitality by trying to cast a spell in the library! Farlas has to step in and personally apologise to Essel about Temlin's activities. Gilthon and Farlas research on their own to start with.

A Taran and Willan ride out west in to the hills. They aim to return by night fall on the following day. There are no inhabited villages out west, only a few deserted ones. They cross the Lehr Sorm to Zeim Crell road. They check it for tracks, Willan shows off by identifying that a drover with two guards, two wagons and 20 to 24 cattle passed three days previously!

A Towards the end of the day they approach a wooded area they don't like the look of. They are almost in the foothills to the mountains. They find a hollow to make camp. They set a watch and have an uneventful night.

Wed 5 Oct 1588

(W/R 281)

A Willan and Taran continue scouting the woods

B In Zeim Falc

A The next morning they check out the edge of the wood. The trees look unhealthy. It is a big wood in a valley, they think about scouting into the trees. They look for paths in. They find a path or an animal track, no one has been there for a while. They investigate further. It is very hushed in the woods. They loose the path and search round the edge of the wood for other paths in. They skirt round and climb up to open ground. They see that the wood fills the valley and becomes more of a forest. They look for possible camp sites however they still aim to return to the castle today. They find a poor ledge then head back.

B In Zeim Falc, Nalin is teaching the crossbow to Bolger and Nobla. This amuses the knights.

A When they get back Taran asks about the cattle wagons they had seen the tracks of. The knights confirm that they had seen them. Taran and Willan show off, they tell the rest of the Party about the canyon and the wood.

B In the library, Farlas finds a map of the area that pre-dates the castle (which was built in 1384). it mentions the gate and contains farming techniques.

Thur 6 Oct 1588

(W/R 282)

A Various research in Zeim Falc

B Willan, Taran, Hortense and Holmir go to the wood

C Juleau, Abubaca, Coffchomi and Dreagh tour the villages

A Farlas and Temlin do the main research and Gilthon helps.

B Willan, Taran, Hortense and Holmir head west in the morning on a three or four day trek to the wood. When they get there they can hear water although no one has seen a stream.

C Juleau, Abubaca, Coffchomi and Dreagh set off on a tour round the villages to find information and historical references.

A Maurice establishes that Perial Lyn Falc is a senior knight who might be a good source of information. He tells Gilthon. The oldest person in the castle is Elegar's father, Carok, who is in his late 50's or early 60's. Gilthon talks to Carok.

A There is another Azilharin in the castle! Maroofia is a blacksmith, Abubaca knows him!! Maroofia travelled with Ain Lyn Falc who saved his life.

A Nalin is sparing with some knights on the practice field. He discovers that there has been a recent conflict. A patrol was surprised close to the road. They were attacked by a largish band of orcs and wolves further north than the wood. He is advised to avoid the wood, they tell him even orcs avoid the wood! This is not good news as Willan, Taran, Hortense and Holmir are already there!

A Farlas finds a reference in the library to Nagual, a land lord of about five hundred years ago. We ask Elegar to translate some ancient Lagoin.

Fri 7 Oct 1588

(W/R 282 - 283)

A Research

B Juleau, Abubaca, Coffchomi and Dreagh tour local villages

C Willan, Taran, Hortense and Holmir go to the wood

D Other events

A Between new discoveries and Elegar's work lies an account of the building of the castle including the gate.

B Juleau, Abubaca, Coffchomi and Dreagh go to the villages of Geralin and Feth, both to the north. Feth is an uninspiring village, a collection of houses with a smithy in the middle.

B Abubaca asks to see the village elder or someone conversant with local history. We try to have a conversation about history. They gloss over goblin wars and an orc invasion and generalise that everything bad comes from the mountains. Everyone is a hero. There are rumours of gold in the mountains. Abubaca gives them some beer money.

B The group moves on to the village of Geralin. It is in the middle of a celebration which we establish is the annual feast of Harick. Harick is a "hero", a local village farmer who once helped the knights of the Golden Falcon. There are more people in Geralin than in Feth. Locally they refer to the Rilatin Mountains as the "Diamond Mountains". The people here are more friendly and welcoming. There is music, dancing, food and an enactment of Harick's deeds.

B We ask about ruins and unusual happenings, and about Juleau's husband. There are ruins of old farms about, someone tells us a story about the creepy wood. He knew someone who went to the wood, his name was Storin but he left the village - the trees tried to trap him. It is too late to go back to the castle so we continue with the festivities.

D Meanwhile back at Zeim Falc, Nalin knocks Gilthon out with a single blow causing subdual damage to the head. Nobla takes on Nalin, Nobla gets extracted by Bolger but they start again. Nobla eventually yields to Nalin.

B A villager tells Dreagh about some giant orcs in the hills lurking close to Alin's farm and taking three sheep. The villager should have told the bailiff outside the castle.

C Willan, Taran, Hortense and Holmir go off to the wood. At the edge Barft, Hortense's Owl, takes a look around. Taran finds the tracks of an odd creature. The tracks head towards the wood but do not go in, they veer into the hills to the north.

C Barft reports through Hortense that the wood is about half a mile wide and about two miles deep. Barft could see no water in the wood but there were some odd sounds. There is water off to the north. The group head north and can hear water. The tracks stop at the edge of a marshy area and start again on the other side. The marsh is too big for a rope. They try to go round the outside and pick up the tracks again which head into the mountains. Barft flies up towards the mountains for a look. He reports that there is something keeping low to the ground about two hundred yards up ahead. The group decides to move away and let Barft come back to see if the thing is still there. It has moved. They decide to head back to Holmir at "Forward camp". Holmir will go back to the castle with both horses and meet the rest back at "Base camp".

C Willan, Taran and Hortense go off up the mountain. Hortense stumbles on the way and bruises herself. After dark there are some shouting and screaming noises from the wood, Hortense reckons it is an animal. There are skutterings nearby shortly before dawn.

Sat 8 Oct 1588

(W/R 283 - 284)

A Research

B Willan, Taran, Hortense and Holmir at the wood

C Juleau, Abubaca, Coffchomi and Dreagh return to Zeim Falc

B Willan, Taran and Hortense continue on round and the terrain is not too bad. Taran spots some wolf tracks, one wolf has an injured paw. Barft checks around away from the wood while Taran looks for the wolf. Willan and Hortense follow a little while later, but after a time they begin to loose Taran. Eventually they loose the trail completely. Taran eventually treks back the way he came and finds Willan and Hortense, they all go back to the wood whilst Barft checks out the end of the gorge.

B They move further along to check out the "normal forest" at that point. Barft spots orcs in the main forest. They are moving south east. They head back to Base camp to meet up with Holmir. Taran and Hortense both manage to hurt themselves in falls.

A Meanwhile, in the library in Zeim Falc, Farlas and Temlin find a number of references to Nagual covering a two to three hundred year period. He was recorded as a landlord, squire, property owner - and was responsible for building on it.

A There are no military records in the library. Elegar is asked about this who tells us that the military records are the responsibility of the annal keeper, who is currently Solcin, an Impeck. Farlas speaks to him and he lets Farlas (but not Temlin) see than annals. Fortunately they are properly organised into chronological order.

C Juleau, Abubaca, Coffchomi and Dreagh get back. Dreagh talks about dead sheep.

Sun 9 Oct 1588

(W/R 284 - 285)

A Research

B Nalin, Willan, Taran, Holmir, Hortense and Nobla go orc hunting

C Other events

A It would appear that Zeim Falc was originally built to protect people from the west.

A The annals go back to a period pre-dating the construction of the castle. Farlas is particularly interested in the period covering 1050 to 1100.

B Gilthon suggests capturing and interrogating orcs. Willan thinks that all orcs should be exterminated on sight but is eventually persuaded that occasional exceptions must be made for the sake of the greater good.

C Gilthon hits Nalin several times in a fist fight sequel to their ruck of a few days earlier. Nalin wins in the end!

B Nalin, Willan, Taran, Holmir and Hortense go out to find orcs for interrogation. Nobla goes along for the experience. They head towards the back woods, the same way as last time. They skirt round to the north looking for an easy way in, making a camp along the way. They move through some of the small hills, it is slow going but they find an excellent place for a camp. Willan gets the Orb of Torlich back from Nalin. Taran and Willan go off scouting whilst the others set a watch in the camp.

A In the library at Zeim Falc, Farlas finds out that Nagual built a tower about five hundred years ago. A defensible residence in 1096.

A Temlin finds a record of the death of Nagual in 1166. He also finds a record of a murder trial at which Nagual presided. The guilty verdict resulted in the hanging of a local villager. It was recorded as a local event and the village of Talvaran is mentioned.

A Gilthon finds a reference to a map. A map may have been removed from the document. There is a personal record of "The Battle of Two Riders", where the army and battle was. Gilthon asks Elegar where the maps are kept. The battle of two Riders was famous, one of the riders was a knight and the other was a squire.

A The battle, in 1416, was against nasty things. Tactically a rider went off to get help carrying a message.

B During the night Taran. scouting near the woods, sees something in the trees next to a waterfall.

B Back at camp, Nobla is on watch.

B Taran and Willan try to circle round and sneak up on whatever it was that Taran saw. They are not sneaking very successfully. Willan spots the print of a large booted foot. An Uruk Hai attacks them.

B Nobla hears noises in the distance and wakes everyone up. Barft is sent off and he sees a fight.

B Taran gets pushed off the cliff by one of the Urek, he grabs a hold but drops his weapon. Taran starts to climb down the cliff face. The Urek flee, Hortense has gained the top of a nearby hill and casts a "Sleep" spell however the Urek are unaffected. Nobla and Nalin chase after them but do not catch any and have to give up. Nalin retrieves the sword and shield of Taran.

B Barft follows the Urek Hai, they stop after less than a mile. Then they head off northwards. Taran first aids his abdomen. Plans are made to follow the Urek at dawn.

Mon 10 Oct 1588

(W/R 285, 287, 285)

A Research

B Orc hunting

C Other events

B The rest of the night is quiet. After breakfast Taran picks up the trail of the Urek Hai. The going becomes slightly easier when the group get to an area of open, flat ground. Taran thinks that the Urek have been trying to cover their tracks. Hortense is finding the pace hard to keep and drops back a bit, the group slow down to compensate for this. They come across a road that is a couple of hundred years old.

B Taran and Willan go off in opposite directions. Taran goes off towards the mountains and finds another road into the forest area, Willan soon loses the trail in the other direction.

A In the library at Zeim Falc, Farlas is looking after the death of Nagala in 1166. Temlin is word searching "sign" - sign of signs, lesser sign, greater sign etc. They establish that Nessemnar is "Hell" or a specific version of it.

B The group follow the road for a couple of miles and find a place to camp. Watches are set and it is decided not to have a fire. During the night Hortense sees something to the east and Holmir hears something to the west. The group is woken and quietly prepares for a ruck - there are orcs around. Barft spots about ten.

B Nalin sees them and fires.....He hits Taran who was sneaking up on an opponent who, alerted, fetches him a mighty whack in the abdomen! At the same moment Willan grapples an orc, he immobilises the orc's right arm but gets stabbed by the weapon in its left hand! Nalin and Nobla move in but Nobla gets hit by a crossbow bolt. Then everyone gets hit by crossbow bolts. Taran gets clobbered again and is forced to disengage. He is still being hit by crossbow fire. Holmir moves in to combat whilst Willan ties up his opponent (as the reason for the mission is to capture orcs for interrogation). Willan gives the trussed orc to Nobla. Willan, Holmir and Nalin are engaged in combat everyone else is looking around.

B Taran finds a good tree with Nobla to stash the captive orc. Taran then moves off under cover towards the ruck like movement. Nalin kills a few orcs. Nalin and Holmir both try to grapple the last one but it dodges them and runs away. A few backpacks have been stolen from the camp. The group search the dead orcs and the prisoner, three orcs got away. Holmir as lost a crossbow but Nalin gets another.

B The orcish tribal marking of this group is a black circle (a ring?). The group move off towards home, covering their tracks and setting a false trail. They camp after midnight after setting a watch.

Tue 11 Oct 1588

(W/R 287)

A Research

B The orc hunters return

A In the library at Zeim Falc, Farlas is again looking for Nagala - this time before 1096. Temlin is still looking for signs of signs.

A Gilthon learns about the battle of the Two Riders from Brenan. It was fought close to the castle in the foothills to the north and demonstrates the effect of small groups. [what affect is this? - splitting in to small groups usually seems to bugger us...... maybe that's the effect! Which side won the battle?! - Ed]

A Farlas establishes that Nagual established the village of Talvaran right at the beginning of the second millennium. Temlin finds reference to a pentacle carried on a marker and put over a burial ground at the site of the battle of Gonjol Hills in 1063.

B Willan, Taran, Holmir, Hortense and Nobla head back to Zeim Falc.

Wed 12 Oct 1588

(W/R 287)

A Research

B General goings on at Zeim Falc

A In the library at Zeim Falc, Farlas is looking at the battle of Gonjol Hills. Gilthon asks around about Talvaran and the battle of Gonjol Hills. The battle took place about two or three days ride west south west.

A Farlas establishes that the battle of Gonjol Hills was a famous victory. Fifty knights of the Golden Falcon supported by two hundred and fifty soldiers lead by the Emnarct, Kirklas Lyn Falc, defeated about one thousand orcs and hobgoblins. There were heavy losses on both sides including the hero Bruka Lyn Falc, an unfortunate loss.

A No one has heard of Talvaran.

A A personal diary is found in the library referencing the defacing of the burial ground at Gonjol Hills in 1091.

B Everyone is back in Zeim Falc by the evening.

B Burana is the leader of a patrol of fighters (not knights) that have just returned from the north. He is a bit of a lad, friendly but did not tell us [I feel the need for a word like "much" here - Ed] .

B A patrol is going out to the west based on Willan's report of orcs.

B Thoughts turn to interrogating the orc which has been left some way outside the castle so as not to upset the knights (and others!). Willan and Hortense go back, they meet up with Farlas. They tell him about the orc prisoner and the Urek who got away, the old road and the tribal marking of the orcs. Willan makes an official report to the castle.

B Willan wants to head back to the road. The orc, currently in the care of Nalin (worse luck for the orc), comes round. Nalin Dwarffully resists the temptation to hack it in to very very small pieces and tries to speak to it. They can't communicate - what about "Where's the Nagual tower ?"

Thur 13 Oct 1588

(W/R 288)

A Research

B Interrogating the orc

C General goings on at Zeim Falc

B Maurice, Hortense and Willan go out to Nalin and Taran. Maurice goes to cure Taran. Hortense wants to hypnotise the orc and cast 'Comprehend Languages'. Nalin is to suggest a phrase.

C We establish that there are no plans for a patrol to the area of the battle of Gonjol Hills. Farlas speaks to Essel and Harit sorts it out.

C Hortense mentions that she has consulted the stars to find out "Where is our greatest foe?" The answer was "A dark star comes from beyond the three quarter moon" (on 24th Oct, full moon on 31st) - Is the star one of the symbols? Hortense then pushes off back to the orc.

C Harit says he wants to send a patrol out based on report [Which one? - Ed]. He will wait until Sunday or Monday as Baramus is expected back on Saturday (15th). The patrol will have particular objectives.

A In the library, Farlas is looking for references to the tower, 1096, the village of Talvaran and maps of the old road. Farlas is concentration on a specific geographic are. Temlin is concentrating on virtually the same area.

B Back at the orc, Hortense casts her spell. She establishes that the orc leader is called Karash. They live to the west in big caves. There is an encampment of Urek Hai in a tower in the hills to the north. There is a big (number) of Urek and a small (number) of orcs.

B Coffchomi casts the runes. He says we won't get any more information from the orc. We should not waste time, but get on with what we are doing. Hortense should save her effort. At lunch we kill and burn the orc. [Not for lunch - the timing is coincidental, however it gives us something entertaining to watch whilst we are eating! - Ed].

A Temlin finds a reference to Talvaran. Kirin Lyn Falc was wounded in the battle of Carask Pass in 1202 and took refuge in the village of Talvaran.

A Gilthon gets information from Perial. He knows about a well preserved tower about one to two days ride to the north, in the hills. Gilthon and others are upsetting the knights! We are being a bit of a clique.

A In the afternoon Farlas follows up Temlin's lead about Kirin. Carask Pass is a few days to the north of Zeim Falc - the way is pointed.

C Nobla has a grapple with Willan and submits quickly. Harit likes heroic ballads. Nobla sings rowdy songs.

C In the evening Farlas talks about chess. Brenan, the young high flier, likes chess. He plays with Farlas, Brenan is interested in tactics and wins eventually.

A Hortense visits the falconer, Gereyon

C Farlas posts a second official report covering information on orcs and Urek gleaned from the interrogation.

Fri 14 Oct 1588

(W/R 288, 286, 290, 286)

A Research

B Review of current knowledge

A In the library at Zeim Falc, Farlas finds a reference to the hanging of a man at Talvaran in 1112. Willan establishes that the haunted crossroads were the sight of many hangings. In 1400 there was a military encounter at "the old tower" between the knights and some ogres.

A Harit speaks with Farlas. The tower is a place the knights have been seen. They know about the caves to the west. Harit is interested about the number of Urek in the small tower. There is a patrol out to the north which is due back in the next day or so.

B We review what we know so far:

B We plan what we need to do next! [Run that one past me again, I don't understand! - Ed]

A Farlas stays up in the night to pursue the references to the fight against the ogres but could not find anything quickly.

Sat 15 Oct 1588

(W/R 289)

A Research

B General goings on at Zeim Falc

C News of events in the environs

D Two groups are formed

B The Lord Farlas, Winged Arrow, Knight of the Golden Falcon says "I wonder if..er........um.......I dunno, I dunno, I dunno!!"

B Coffchomi casts his runes, but they are suffering from over use and are not very forthcoming.

B Taran and Willan have gone out to the north to try to find the incoming patrol. They are spotted early in the afternoon and are greeted by the leader. They come back to Zeim Falc together. Their trip was not without eventuality [! - Ed] Willan burbles something about the old road and they talk about fighting orcs. The patrol tracked them north. They talk about why we are here and the forces of evil impending.

B Nalin has influence over a local dog but cannot work out why! Nalin tells it to bite Gilthon's leg. The dog runs off and bites Gilthon's leg! Gilthon gets a massive hit on the dog and severely damages its leg. The dog lays down. Nalin tells Gilthon not to touch the dog but Gilthon kills it anyway. Nalin goes off in a huff. Hortense goes to see Nalin who goes off even further.

B Hortense talks to Farlas about Nalin's control (or not) of dogs whilst Belthazar cures Gilthon's leg.

A In the library, Temlin finds a record of a battle at the tower. Elian was wounded but his friends, Saran and Fordich were killed. The occupying force of ogres was wiped out.

B In the evening the patrol return with Willan and Taran. They go to see Burana.

B Everyone gets together for a Party meeting.

C Late in the evening Essel requires Farlas to see him. Farlas takes Willan with him. There are some knights with Essel - Herit, Burana, Solcin and Brenan. Burana reports on the patrol to the north. The villages of Solcit, Ilin and Baran have been attacked by orcs and Urek Hai. The patrol tracked them back and some or all of them are holed up in the old tower, the orcs are in a separate camp.

D Farlas talks about the reasons for the Party being here. Essel initiates plans on taking out the orcs and Urek - both together or one at a time and, if so, in which order? The orc cave complex is apparently well fortified. Discussions resolve on two forces:


Force One

Will go to the tower, reconnoitre and possibly attack then move on and reconnoitre the orc caves. The force will include:

Force Two

Will go to the nasty wood and burial area. The force will include:

D Temlin and Yossilana will stay at Zeim Falc.

D Essel and the knights, Farlas and Willan agree to reconvene at 7pm tomorrow evening, tonight is party night. Farlas mentions to Essel that the tower may well include extensive underground workings.

B A party is had.

Sun 16 Oct 1588

(W/R 291)

A A quiet day

A Hortense consults the stars which indicate that our path to resolve the current situation will take us through the nasty wood. Hortense and Willan talk to Burana and Perial about the woods.

Mon 17 Oct 1588 new moon

(W/R 292 - 294 + 291)

A A group goes to the Urek tower

B A group goes to the evil wood and have trouble getting in

C Trouble with spiders

D The altar in the clearing, the death of Maurice

E Leaving the wood, the death of Hortense

A The groups set off for the Urek tower and the evil wood.

B The nasty wood party draw near to the woods and make camp. One knight volunteers to look after the horses. The rest find the animal track Taran and Willan found before. They can only move along in single file. The marching order is:

B There are spooky noises in the wood. The path soon disappears as the trees are extremely dense. Willan manages to find an easier route, he is hoping to find the river.

B There is a flurry of activity at the back. Hortense gets her light out but its not very good. One of the knights is struggling and obviously in pain. There is a sticky substance on him. A second knight is hit [red coats - Ed] The group try to hide behind trees. Willan decides to get a closer look and disappears into the undergrowth. Willan finds pale grey stuff dropping on him, it is a web and Willan sees a large hairy spider scuttling towards him. He is attacked and draws Tarsober and hits the spider, however the spider gets him first! Everyone goes towards Willan's cries except Coffchomi and the knights [so "everyone" = less than half! - Ed]. Willan is bitten again. Maurice hits the spider and Holmir finishes it off. The sticky substance on the two knights seems to be very acidic and is burning them. We do our best to first aid them and cover them up. Willan is marking a path with nicks in the trees.

B A large spiky animal is seen and then small "slugs" are found crawling on Hortense's clothes. In fact, it turns out that everyone has slugs on their backs. Holmir and Hortense have them under their clothes. They can be cut off with a knife. It is a nasty business but all the slugs are got off and the wounds examined. Some people are getting tired.

B Willan says that the ground is rising slightly. The group stop for lunch and notice that Morrison Lyn Falc (one of the knights) has disappeared. Willan and Brenan fan out in a spiral round the immediate area to look for him. They are only able to go about ten yards away. Hortense ties herself to Willan and casts a "Levitate" spell. They disappear into the foliage! The rest have lunch.

B There are loads of webs and spiders in the canopy. Hortense and Willan try to rise further but get webs attached to them. Willan cuts them off with his knife but another web shoots out and wraps around Hortense. When a second web entangles them they try to go down but are stuck! Hortense casts "Burning Hands". Jets of flame shoot out to about five feet away.

C Both strands of web are severed and Hortense is released. Willan cuts himself free. They spot a glowing cocoon, it contains the dead body of Morrison. Willan and Hortense crash back to earth, clean themselves off, move over to the area under where they saw Morrison and Hortense "Levitates" back up holding Willan. Despite attempting to rise with caution, Willan fails to see a spider which gets him. They are webbed both from the side and above. Willan and the spider continue to fight and Willan gets got again. Hortense hits a spider with a spell. Hortense has a spider crawling on her leg, she hits herself! Willan frees them from the webs and they descend only to get webbed again.

C Coffchomi uses his lasso but catches Maurice, which was not his intention!

C Hortense gets badly bitten. A spider lands on Coffchomi, he is bitten and realises he has been poisoned. Hortense's spider is now on her neck. Brenan and the knights move across to the area under Hortense and Willan. Hortense casts "Burning Hands" again and severs the last web. She and Willan make it to the ground just as Maurice hits a spider.

C The group attack the big spider whilst Willan helps Hortense look for the spider that is on her. Coffchomi uses a spell to slow the spread of poison. One of the knights hits himself! They find the spider on Hortense but Willan fails to get it. Coffchomi hits the big spider but is hit himself, Brenan kills the big spider. Hortense takes her blouse off exposing......the spider, Willan hits it off with his fist. Maurice casts "Slow Poison" on Hortense.

D The group decide to get out of the wood, however Tarsober tells Willan that they should continue to find the centre of the evil. Both Coffchomi and Hortense are poisoned and they and Maurice want to turn back. Brenan supports going on. Willan and the sword decide to go on. They re-order.

D Holmir gets squirted with caustic. They continue on keeping in cover. Willan is bitten by a centipede and he slices it off. Eventually the group find a clearing with a stream running through it. They see a small cliff.

D Willan moves in to the clearing, everything goes quiet. Everyone follows Willan in to the clearing which is about fifty yards by thirty yards. The tracks of booted feet can be seen. The group have a careful look around. There are creatures in the stream. The stream stinks. They wonder if it can be jumped, it is shallow by murky.

D Holmir jumps across then tries to climb a tree, but he falls down. Willan tries to jump the stream but falls in. Holmir hauls him out.

D One of the knights is shaking. He has a growth on his neck.

D Two knights are affected. Maurice pours holy water on the growth on the knight who is less affected. He is cured but it takes half the vial of holy water. Maurice pours the rest of the holy water on the more seriously affected knight but the fungus remains. The knight is first aided by one of the other knights. Someone suggests using a torch or heated dagger. Maurice tries a heated dagger. The fungus is cut off but it is no good. Hortense has worked out that the fungus is highly alkaline. The juice from an orange that someone was carrying is squeezed on the fungus on the knight and Holmir (who is now affected as well). The remains of the orange are bound on to the fungus and Holmir seems to recover.

D A rope is eventually attached to the tree on the other side of the stream. Hortense gets across. The unconscious knight is thrown over [! - Ed] but lands partially in the stream and has to be pulled out. Everyone gets across but some people get wet in the process. Brown mouldy stuff is clinging to the areas of clothing that got wet. The group decide to keep a close eye on this.

D They check the area on the far side of the stream. They discover a way across the stream which would have avoided jumping, Holmir finds an artificially constructed cave, it has a narrow entrance. Willan and the knights clear away the moss and gunk covering the entrance, one of the soldiers is grabbed by a plant. He screams but is shredded and he goes quiet. Hortense chucks a torch at it and it is totally burnt away. There are spiky bits at the edge.

D The knights withdraw, the flame is slow to act. Willan looks around the mouth of the cave for other similar plants then peers inside at the cave entrance. Willan wants to go back but the sword wants to go in.....so Willan goes in, all the Party members follow. There is a simple rectangular altar covered with many blood stains and carvings. There twigs and bones on the floor. The carvings are of humans and other creatures both sacrificing and being sacrificed. The altar is made of stone. The central carving on the front is of intricate symbols surrounding a letter "P". Maurice speculates that this may be an altar to Pelarn - an evil religion. There is a newer straight line on top of the altar. It is thought that the straight line is one of the five symbols.

D The group discuss ways of destroying or neutralising the sign. The line on top of the altar points from the mouth to the back of the cave. The altar room is searched but nothing turns up. Maurice wants to attack the altar with his staff of striking. Holmir is the first to leave the cave, as he walks out he is attacked and screams in pain. There is a man sized creature flying around his head. Brenan attacks the flying thing and hits it. A smoky ball surrounds Holmir and he is blinded.

D Holmir tries to retreat in to the cave and he is hit again. A ball of smoke surrounds Brenan and he is blinded. Brenan is hurt and confused. A smoking ball hits Hortense, Willan too is in pain. Hortense crumples to the ground and Coffchomi dives to the ground. A knight goes to help Hortense and Willan is blinded by the smoke ball effect. Willan hits a flying thing (there is more than one now) and it disappears. Holmir can see again. Maurice reads a scroll. Maurice and Holmir come out of the cave. Maurice is in pain and two balls of smoke hit them. Holmir is physically hit. Willan his another one which disappears and Hortense can see them. Brenan can see as well. Maurice hit one and it disappears. Willan dispatches a third and all the blindness has worn off.

D Maurice hits the altar with his staff of striking and a "Dispel Evil" still on the go. The cave walls react, the entrance collapses and entombs Maurice. The ground shakes and the cliff crumbles. Coffchomi heads towards the stream. Willan heads towards the cliff! Holmir uses his shield to try to protect Willan from chunks of falling cliff as Willan tries to dig out Maurice. Willan makes some headway with the digging but the rock fall gets worse. Holmir is being hit by rocks although the rock fall begins to slacken off a little. Willan shouts out but Brenan does not see the new fall of rocks and Holmir is hit again. Eventually the shaking and falling rocks die away. Brenan goes to help but Holmir beats him to it. Inside the cave is only about two feet wide and getting smaller!

D A continual light pebble is put into the cave entrance and Maurice can be seen, he is not moving, bleeding and squashed. Holmir and Willan push against the walls but they cannot do much. the walls have stopped moving in though. Willan reaches in with Qhivon. The cave is still evil. The cave is about eight inches wide. Willan believes that Maurice is dead. Coffchomi lasso's Maurice and he is pulled out. Willan was right, Maurice is beyond help.

D Barft tries to get the staff of striking back. There is also Maurice's neck chain and the lasso which are retrieved with Holmir's help. Maurice also has some of the incense which increases spell power. Barft is in the cave for a few minutes with stones falling around him but he cannot retrieve the staff. Coffchomi is pulling on the rope. It is no good and they eventually have to give up.

E Whilst the attempts to rescue Maurice were going on the knight who was worst affected by the fungus has died! There are only two knights left with Brenan - Robinson Lyn Falc and Henderson Lyn Falc, and one of them is wounded! There is a check for brown mould whilst Barft flies up to take a look around. It is sunset. Barft tells Hortense that the canyon is close by.

E The group decides to return to the stream. Willan leads the way (as usual). There is a web across the stream but Willan cannot see a spider. Willan hacks the web apart and Coffchomi spots the spider moving towards Willan. The spider attacks Willan who manages to hit it and after a bit it scuttles off. Brenan gets caught in the web and the spider comes back. Willan kills the spider and everyone else gets safely through the web.

E Four hours have elapsed since steps were taken against the poison in Coffchomi and Hortense. Although Coffchomi will not come clean it is thought that the spell he cast on himself will last longer than the one Maurice cast on Hortense.

E One of the knights falls in the stream, he has things stuck to him when they pull him out. They hold a torch up and the knight is hurt. Holmir and Brenan help Hortense who is very weak. Willan is carrying Maurice's body in front, followed by Coffchomi, Holmir and Brenan helping Hortense then Robinson and Henderson carrying the dead knight, Williamson Lyn Falc.

E After five hours Hortense has lapsed in to semi consciousness and is being carried. She soon looses consciousness all together. Barft is moping around. It is very dark. Robinson falls unconscious. This creates an insurmountable porterage problem. After a lot of deliberation it is decided that Maurice and Williamson will have to be left in the wood. Willan will carry Hortense.

E Williamson is buried and a rude cross is erected over the spot. Brenan says a few words. The remaining members of the group dump all unnecessary weight.

E After a bit Willan has to carry Robinson as he is the heaviest. Coffchomi and Holmir carry Hortense. Brenan and Henderson are carrying Maurice, who was not left behind after all.

E Willan finds that he has gluey stuff on him. he drags Robinson into the water. Robinson is not dead but he is covered in the gluey stuff. Robinson is hanging on to life for grim death [nice one - Ed]. Six hours have elapsed and we now know the duration of Maurice's spell as Hortense has died. Barft cowers and Holmir employs his falconry skills to calms him.

E Willan has oranges applies to the gluey bits. After about thirty minutes the group reach the edge of the wood. Willan leads them out of the marshy area and discovers that all but two of the horses are gone. Unfortunately the two that are left are dead. A decision is made to light a fire and make camp. Willan, Brenan and Holmir mount a watch through the remainder of the night. Coffchomi finds a "Slow Poison" scroll in his pack which he had forgotten about. He casts it on himself.

E Willan hears something in the middle of his watch. It sounds like some kind of clinking animal. A burning brand is chucked in the direction of the sound and illuminates an unpleasant looking biped wearing a metal skirt. It does not attack and the group remain unmolested until morning.

A The tower group make camp in the foothills.

Tue 18 Oct 1588

(W/R 294)

A The group at the Urek tower

B The nasty wood group walk back

A The tower group make their way into the hills. Taran is scouting ahead. Taran sees evidence of Uruk tracks, they are a few days old and have been travelling in small groups. They move down into a clear area and see the tower in the distance. They slow down to work out the best cover and route.

A They move to within a couple of miles and find a horrible place to camp. Farlas and Nalin try to move to a position where they can see the entrance to the tower. farlas sees four Urek leave the tower and move off to the north east.

A During Nobla's watch at the camp there are signs of something sneaking around in the nearby woods. Harit is shot by an arrow but instructs Nobla to hold off on return fire.

A At the tower, Nalin sees four Urek return hastily from the east.

A Taran looks around and finds a crossbow bolt in a badger, the bolt is from Nobla's crossbow.

B The remains of the decimated nasty wood group decide to walk back to Zeim Falc. Before they set off they send smoke signals to ask for help. This is a standard communication procedure from knightly patrols.

B They walk the five or six miles back to the road and make camp, light a fire and rest. They see a column of smoke in the distance. A tack of knights arrive in the evening. It takes a while to get back to Zeim Falc in the middle of the night. Brenan makes a brief report before falling asleep. Willan talks to Essel.

Wed 19 Oct 1588

(W/R 294 + 291 - 292 + 295)

A Research

B The group capture the Urek tower

C The group at the tower search, find a ring and move on

D Plans at Zeim Falc, three groups are formed

E Other events

A In the library at Zeim Falc, Temlin thinks that "Ansachat" is a Quenya word meaning something like "part of a key". He also finds out that and escaped prisoner who was a worshipper of Pelarn was chased to the nasty wood but never recaptured.

A Willan tells Temlin the story. He draws attention to the line on top of the altar being one of the "Five" signs, he suggests putting triangles around the signs - mentioning Temlin's triangle. He also particularly mentions the black circles on the orcs and the possibility of the "P" on the altar standing for "Pelarn"

E The dead knights from the nasty wood trip are buried. Maurice and Hortense are laid out. Willan wants to warn the other party.

B Speaking of whom, The plan to take the tower is a bit hazy, [That's more like it! - Ed] Farlas will open the door, we might have a battering ram.

B The enemy guard falls over a bit then Farlas waves his arm as appropriate, as we approach the tower we are hit by crossbow fire from behind! Gilthon is particularly badly hit.

B Farlas is attacked by a Waug on the stairs. he strains his chest but gets the to the door. While Nalin hacks the door from outside, Juleau gets hit a couple of times by more crossbow fire.

B Urek have run across the clearing to attack us, Q'Sharl and Bazron get a bit hacked up. Nobla is with drum and hangs around Nalin.

B The door still isn't open, Q'Sharl splats an Uruk. Farlas gets the door open as Nalin blats it. The waug bites Farlas again and Nobla gets damaged. Burana has polished of some opponents. Nalin attacks the waug that was biting Farlas. Gilthon cops a massive hit then Q'Sharl is also hit. General melee is well under way, Gilthon is receiving a series of unusually severe hits. Hits are being made and received with alacrity, Nalin even gets hit by a dead Uruk! The knights are being decimated 'coz they are not big hero's like us! The waug is giving Nalin trouble whilst Gilthon is somehow clinging to life. Nalin finally gets his waug to go away and he moves to help Farlas. Taran has to go to help the knights. Bazron gets a kill and the Urek flee.

B Q'Sharl, Taran and Burana charge after them to try to capture one. After a slow start Taran grapples an Uruk to the floor.

C Farlas finds a chest that has previously been broken open.

C The chest contains some coins and semi valuable bits and pieces, metal plates and a candelabra. Farlas realises that the room is five sided. There is a kitchen area and a chimney but no obvious cellar entrance. Farlas searches for secret compartments, he finds one in a bed, it contains a ring that looks as if it has been there for some time and some vellum. There is writing on the vellum, it says "IL YIRCH TSECH". One of the bed covers is a tapestry.

C Two of the knights are dead, the other four may live. We have capture two prisoners.

C Not wanting to break with tradition, the Party stops for an argument - this one is about splitting up into groups.

C Farlas and Belthazar search around but find nothing. Belthazar looks for five sided thingys on the ceiling - the beams are oddly patterned. There seems to be a funny sign.

This bit is the beams in the top. they are in a different wood (red). It points north east.

tower beams

C The sign seems to by symbolic and not to scale. Farlas announces that the tower is significant. It is Nagual's tower.

C Taran finds signs of an old track recently used by the Urek, going in a south westerly direction.

C Gilthon, Nobla, Belthazar and the knights are to retire back to Zeim Falc, Farlas, Burana and the others continue.

D Back in Zeim Falc Willan and Holmir see Essel and Brenan. They all consult maps and surmise that there is a five sided "Sign of Signs". They agree to try to organise more groups by early evening. Essel suggests that Willan and Brenan go to the burial ground.

D Yossilana is briefed. Three groups gather in the early evening.

Group One - The burial ground

Group Two - To Farlas

Group Three - The crossroads

Thur 20 Oct 1588

(W/R 295)

A Group One go to the burial ground

B Group Two head off after Farlas and meet some of the Farlas group coming back

C Group Three find a dud crossroad

D The Farlas group arrive at the orc cave from the Urek tower

Group Two

B At midday Yossilana and the knights meet Gilthon, Belthazar, Nobla, Harit and the knights (except Burana) on their way back to the castle. Belthazar cures two knights. Nobla, the wounded knights and the captive Urek are to continue to Zeim Falc to form.....

Group Four (!) - Security [A joke of my own!! - Ed]

B The rest return with Yossilana. At the edge of the mountains Yossilana tells Gilthon and Belthazar the edited highlights of the nasty wood trip and other events. They want to catch up with Farlas' group at the orc caves. They make camp at the end of the day.

Group Three

C Find a crossroads in the afternoon. It does not seem to be the place. Temlin casts a "Detect Evil" spell but there is none. The group return to Zeim Falc.

Group One

A Spend the day in uneventful travel.

Farlas Group

D Farlas, Bazron, Nalin, Taran, Q'Sharl, Juleau, Bolger, Dreagh and Burana.

D Taran scouts out some Urek Hai. The group go towards the caves but have to make camp before they get there.

Fri 21 Oct 1588

(W/R 295 - 296)

A Group Three find another dud crossroad

B Group Three think they have arrived at the burial ground

C The Farlas plan scout the orc camp and make a plan!

D Other events

Group Four

D Get back to Zeim Falc.

Group Three

A Essel and Temlin head out again. They find a fork in the road at the base of a hill. Temlin still cannot "Detect Evil". They are sure this is not the place either.

Group One

B Towards the end of the day they arrive close to the suspected location of the burial ground. They make camp near a stream.

Farlas Group

C They arrive at the orc encampment mid morning and scout out the area. About a mile away they see a hill with caves. A large cave entrance has a stockade and buildings around it. It is clear ground in front, it would be possible to move round behind but there is a watch tower on top of the hill.

C Farlas and Willan both consider the construction to be better than is normal for orcs. The buildings are made of wood, the stockade is about 150 yards across. The area is big enough to hold hundreds of orcs. Whilst they watch a group of about a dozen orcs come out of the stockade and head off towards the forest

C Farlas goes up the hill and around the back whilst Taran goes off to scout the orcs trail. Taran sees another group of orcs coming back to the stockade. Taran follows the out bound orcs. Farlas moves to the side of the hill, he stumbles and causes a rock slide. Farlas finds a ladder up to the entrance to the watch tower. There are probably about six to eight orcs in there.

C Inside the stockade Farlas sees a path, there are orcs on the wall. There are eight towers, One orc in each tower. By the time he reaches the path Farlas has attracted attention. Farlas scouts out some buildings, many of which are unoccupied. There are however, orcish voices coming from some of the buildings. There is a bow on the main gate. Farlas goes to look in the caves. There is a large cave entrance, some storage space and two passages leading off. There is a well worn track in to the cave mouth.

C The left hand of the two passages does not appear to be used so Farlas checks out the right. There is also a third, blocked, entrance between the two. The right passage opens in to a big cavern containing about thirty sleeping orcs. [It should be noted that Farlas is invisible whilst doing all of this - Ed] There are other passages leading off. Farlas leaves the caves, climbs over the stockade and returns to camp by the most direct route.

C Taran has followed the orcs. Once he is sure it is just an ordinary petrol he too heads back to camp.

C Everyone gathers together at the camp to make plans and talk about numbers. They decide it is too late to attack today and that they will go at dawn tomorrow. The plan covers "Sleeping" the orcs in the tower; get all other watching ones; "Stinking Cloud" and "Web"; make a Juleau invisible to open the bar on the gate of the stockade; Nalin also to be invisible; the three to go to the edge of the forest opposite the gate; Farlas and Juleau to move in; Farlas to take the watch tower, Juleau to lift the bar on the gate; Nalin to come in to support; gate opening to be a signal for the rest to move in.

C The plan in order is as follows:

  1. Farlas, Juleau and Nalin invisibly move as close to the gate as possible.
  2. Farlas to climb stockade, with help if necessary.
  3. Farlas and Nalin to help Juleau on to stockade.
  4. Nalin goes to outside of gate.
  5. Juleau and Farlas move close to landmark point near gate.
  6. Farlas heads to watch tower.
  7. Farlas attempts to take out watch tower.
  8. IF alarm goes off Juleau to open gate bar.
    OR Farlas returns to landmark and contacts Juleau.
  9. Try to take out orcs in both gate towers.
  10. Juleau opens gate (if not done already)
  11. Farlas runs to cave entrance and "Webs" inner entrance.
  12. Nalin joins Juleau - fight orcs.
  13. Others run to join in.

In order to conserve magic for the following day, "Invisibility" is cast before going to bed.

Group Two

D The group trying to catch up with Farlas stop when it gets dark and make camp. It is a windy but clear night.

Sat 22 Oct 1588

(W/R 296 - 303)

A Group Three find the real thing and have trouble with a rock and a tree

B Group One finds a cemetery and has trouble with dead bodies

C Farlas Group has trouble with orcs and find a scroll, wand, and loadsamoney

Group Three

A Essel, Temlin and the two knights go up the minor fork in the road. It is difficult to follow the road. It runs through a valley between two mountains. the valley floor is flat. The approach another crossroads with a tree and a rock. The area is deafeningly evil - could this be the one? There is a diamond carved on to the rock. Temlin feels the talisman, he scratches a triangle around the diamond on the rock using the talisman.

A Everything goes dark and Temlin drops the talisman because it is very hot. Plants and grass grow up and entangle Temlin but brute force and ignorance enable Temlin to escape. Essel is

entangles. the knights are free but one is injured. Essel has a vine round his neck.

A The area of darkness is round the rock and the entangled area is round the tree. The wounded knight tries with little success to free Essel. The horses bolt. Voices can be heard. The other knight vacillates. Essel is lifted free of the vegetation by the tree so Temlin levitates him to stop his immediate strangulation. He is still chocking quite vociferously however.

A The first knight has fought to the middle of the entangled area. Essel is pulled up and over the tree by the vine. The second knight kneels on the floor covering his ears. The first knight is over powered by the entanglement. Temlin enlarges the vine which lengthens and lifts Essel higher, it then lets him go. Essel remains levitated and Temlin lifts him higher. The first knight is not looking too good now. Temlin attempts to lead the second knight from the area but is assaulted for his trouble. temlin has a dead arm. The second knight then bolts in to the entangled area and is dragged down.

A Essel seems to be drifting off! The entangle dies down after a while. The two knights look a bit dodge. Temlin lowers Essel. the darkness still surrounds the stone. The voices are still to be heard, they are the voices of the dead.

A Essel is still alive but rather mashed up and not at all coherent. Temlin levitates Essel out of the area until the voices stop. Essel calms down and slips in to unconsciousness. Temlin has a rest, Essel remain unconscious so Temlin rests up for the afternoon and night.

Group One

B The battle was recorded as taking place somewhere near the hills and a river (the rolling Gonjol Hills, the river is the Nystel Kirklas which they are camped by). The group are searching for a stone or something similar but find nothing by lunch time.

B Willan finds a ruined farmstead about fifty to one hundred years old. Willan carefully pops his head inside but can see nothing obvious. There are two rooms and a trap door leading to a cellar. Willan is on his own. He tries something outside, he opens the cellar door. He hears rats and sees two skeletons. Someone has tried to dig up the cellar floor. Willan looks at the hole first. The bodies are of a man and a woman. The cellar walls are earth but the floor is made of flagstones. There is a faded pentacle on the floor - bingo! The pentacle has just been drawn on. The digging has not affected the shape of the pentacle. Tarsober is getting excited.

B Willan leaves the cellar, takes his sign and returns to the main group. Holmir wants to check it out. The pentacle is fairly recently drawn. It is five pointed NOT five sided. The skeletons have broken bones, an obvious sign of a struggle. The skeleton, pentacle and hole are in three distinct areas in the cellar.

B Abubaca pokes around the hole with a dagger. The knights are watching outside, Holmir is upstairs. Brenan is with Willan in the cellar. Willan digs in the hole with a bowl, it's been dug up before. There is strong evil pervading the entire place. Two or three of the knights are got down to carry on with the digging.

B Brenan digs up a small skull, it clatters across the room into the middle of the pentacle! Something starts to happen, misty shapes are appearing. The knights try to scramble up the rope. There are five shadowy shapes in the room. The room is small and there is no room to fight. The shapes solidify and attack, there is a stench of rotting flesh.

B Brenan hits one of the shapes, it is the corpse of an orc. Cannan Lyn Falc is facing the skeleton of a wolf, Dannan Lyn Falc hits the wolf skeleton in front of him whilst Bannan Lyn Falc climbs out up the rope. Bannan is hit on the way up, when he gets to the top he sees that there are more of them upstairs and they are coming in from outside as well!

B Willan faces a hobgoblin, there is also a zombie hobgoblin in the cellar. Even more creatures have materialised in the cellar now. The undead seem to be focusing their efforts on Willan. A major fight ensues.

B Dannan is doing quite well, Brenan smashes the skull in the pentacle with his sword. Unusually, Willan his having a lot of success. Fannan Lyn Falc is dead whilst Gannan Lyn Falc is down. Rez leaps through a hazy outline body to make it to the door. Dannan Lyn Falc is acting like a true hero, heedless of personal safety he leaps down into the cellar. Holmir has chopped a leg off a skeleton, it is hopping mad and keeps coming at him. Dannan's heroism gets the better of him, he is killed but not without having a hand in taking out three opponents in double quick time. Bannan has also fallen.

[The writer of the written record changes at this point, the new style is a little enigmatic (it must be Jon) so what follows is a verbatim transcription - Ed]

B Braving the garish light the sturdy defenders [Them - Ed] continue to slaughter the desecrators [Us - Ed].

Desecrators 9,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,

Defenders 4,1 + human flees

B An enraged ghoul scratches at the wall where the Azhill Kharian entered [Abubaca used his "talent" to ingress into the wall, he is a native of Azilha and is therefore an Azilharin - Ed] and the last ordinary mortal is splattered in the cellar. The lead falcon stands back to back with the chief desecrator in the cellar. One fighter remains in the hut - the genderly challenged one - and a falcon still fight outside and a valiant ghoul falls to the lead falcon. Hannan flees, his arm in tatters and a zombie is ended upstairs and another valiantly goes hopalong. [The] last combatant in the room falls but the ghoul who broke through the wall returns to the fray.

B In the cellar a mischanced blow leads to a shattered sword for the skeleton, the fleeing falcon stands and uses the feared HXXXXX skill [that's what it says - Ed], confusing both blows but still bleeds. Again using the healing power the fled falcon stops bleeding. A nother ghost falls in the cellar, the fled falcon has discomoded both opponents and spoilt their aim. A skeleton falls in the cellar. The genderly challenged one has hit half a dozen times but still not killed.

B The last grot flees again. The pincushioned zombie falls to the eighth hit from the genderly challenged one and a ghoul falls to the warrior in the room. The fleeing falcon almost grows wings and the last ghoul falls. In the cellar the skeleton can't touch the chief desecrator who moves in on the lead falcon's opponent, and the skeleton goes for the lead falcon, the last zombie in the cellar falls. An unarmed skeleton [is that "without weapons" or "without arms"! - Ed] now stands against (briefly) the lead falcon and the chief desecrator who moves in the cellar. A ghoul faces the fighter in the room and another the genderly challenged one. two defender return from the fleeing falcon. The ghoul in the room falls, then the one outside.

B The ghost now faces the chief desecrator and a skeleton the genderly challenged one.

B Rez [the genderly challenged one - Ed] is finally hit, and again, the last ghost falls and Rez is down but the skeleton falls.

B Five dead knights, Brenan, Rez, Holmir, Willan, Hannan scarcely stand and Abubaca comes out of hiding.

[An interesting account! Tone (?) takes over again (briefly before Caroline's scrawl re-engages) so it's back to my slightly interpretive effort - Ed]

B Hannan comes back in the end and says "Don't do anything rash". We take our bodies out of the cellar. Willan spots the tracks of the horses and goes after them. Willan rounds up the horses in an impressively quick three hours and returns at dusk. The group make camp about half a mile away from the burial ground, by the stream. The watch is Abubaca, he watches all night!

Farlas group

C Juleau looks, Farlas firks. Not only do we have a plan, but also a contingency. [We are guaranteed to fail - Ed] Farlas clatters invisibly up the hill. He climbs the ladder to the watch tower, there are eight orcs inside grunting a bit. Farlas thinks about bells [because he sees a warning bell ? - Ed] and checks his wind, which is light to moderate ie. breezy. It starts to smell cloudy. Some coughing happens. WE ARE DOOMED AS FARLAS MAY HAVE TO THINK ON HIS FEET.

C One of the baddies falls over the edge, one comes down the ladder. Farlas gets nasty, hits the one that fell off and then the other one, but he's a bit wimpy and another orc heads down the ladder. The bell is rung. Farlas casts a "Sleep" spell and the bell stops.

C Juleau firks around at the gate.

C One of the orcs is killed by Farlas who frightens the other into climbing the ladder.

C Juleau lifts the bar and chucks it at the orcs who have spotted her. Nalin trips over Juleau, who gets hit. Nalin hits an orc and becomes visible.

C Farlas is still trying to shut up the bell.

C Juleau runs away. The others are still running up to the stockade. Juleau has run away and now turns to encourage her colleagues. Taran and Q'Sharl are in the lead. Lots of other things happen. [Typical melee situation - Ed]

C Farlas misses an orc. Nalin gets hit a couple of time, one is particularly nasty. Nalin gets miffed and hits an orc so severely that he is chopped in to thirty seven separate pieces! The orcs are attempting to replace the gate bar. Taran forms a line, at the moment there is only him in it! Taran hits an orc and the orc hits Taran. The orcs drop the gate bar. Our reinforcements arrive.

C Q'Sharl announces his arrival by killing an orc outright with his first blow. Nalin, Dreagh and Burana [it says "Carmen" in the W/R - I had to think about it - Ed] all hit successfully. Dead orcs are piling up at a rapid rate, Nalin's pile seems to be marginally higher. There is much confusion and carving of orcs.

C Eventually even Farlas hits one, which obligingly crumples to the ground. We now come under crossbow fire. An orc runs away from Nalin who, yelling, steams after it towards another group of orcs. Juleau pushes the gate open.

C The baddies all run away. Farlas finally realises what's going on. Nalin gets hit a bit and seems fairly ineffective [must have been the exertion of running - Ed] but Bazron helps out. Someone sees a group of orcs lurking about and casts a successful "Sleep" spell on them. Juleau wedges the gate open. Taran seems to be up a wall and gets shot at. Burana is fighting an orc, Bolger is watching and looking around. Dreagh attacks some orcs who are still awake. Burana kills an orc. Nalin and Bazron have been hit, Dreagh would have been if he hadn't dodged out of the way.

C It is getting very busy. Taran gets engaged to a crossbow, one is in front and one behind. The horn has stopped blowing [what horn is this, no one mentioned a horn! - Ed] Bazron fends off crossbow fire on him and Nalin. Bolger is attacked.

C The women and children orcs are rushing into the caves. It is possible that things are massing to come out.

C Nalin gets skewered by another crossbow bolt, Burana gets hit. The orcs seem skilled at parrying. Dreagh is looking as if he is in trouble. Farlas is creeping around as a force masses in the cave. The orcs are armed. Taran sees to one of the gate houses and goes for the other. Nalin starts to burn things down. There is more general scuffling. Nalin is shot at but the orcs doing the shooting run away. Taran parries bow fire.

C The orcs have all run off, except for one still fighting Taran. Taran receives a massive blow. Bazron goes for cover and Farlas spots him. Farlas casts a spell on the cave. Juleau stones the wall. Burana gets hit by five, yes five, crossbow bolts - he now looks like a pin cushion.

C A pattern appears in the air above the orcs, they are fascinated by it. Burana also seems to be affected by the spell. Nalin rushes in crab wise, not looking at the pattern, Nalin tells Bazron to turn Burana's head round. Nalin starts hacking up the orcs whilst they are bemused.

C Juleau finally hits Taran's opponent with a chucked rock. Taran nips off to the fight. Nalin is so industrious that he seems to have killed every orc and bad guy in the encampment (a slight over estimate). Dreagh, Juleau and Q'Sharl are near the gate. Nalin tries to hit something however his opponents are back on form now and he is having a harder time. Dreagh checks the sleeping orcs and kills them. More opponents rush Nalin, Bazron may arrive soon.

C Taran is mesmerised as is Burana. farlas spots them and stops concentrating on the spell. Nalin and Bazron are being crowded in. Bazron notices that Burana is not with him. Some of Bolger's armour falls off. Bazron kills an orc. Farlas kills an orc in style shouting "Kneel before the Winged Arrow".

C An orc is suffering from impaired vision. The one facing Nalin has a great deal of trouble and is soon facing the floor. The patterns "switch off" and Juleau arrives. Orc bashing steps up a gear as Taran, Burana and Bolger come back into action. One of Nalin's opponents has a disaster and twists his ankle. Juleau kills one. Orcs move in on Bolger. Juleau gets hit herself. They seem to be running out of and into the cave. Some leg armour falls from an orc fighting Farlas who also can't seem to see what he is doing. Taran kills an orc, there are not many left now. Juleau runs off.

C Juleau is ambushed by some orcs. She is overpowered and carries away. Dreagh hits one of the ambushers with an arrow, Q'Sharl entangles the legs of another with his bolas.

C Farlas, Bolger, Taran and Burana retreat. All fighting has been broken off. The group is split, Farlas looks for people back at the gatehouse. Dreagh and Q'Sharl are still watching the ambushers carry off Juleau. Dreagh hits another with an arrow. Farlas sees Dreagh. Burana is hit by a crossbow bolt.

C Nalin retreats to near the cave entrance. Juleau has been dropped by the orc carrying her. Q'Sharl disappears into the buildings, Farlas follows. Q'Sharl reaches Juleau. Bolger receives first aid from Burana. Taran tries to help Burana's arm. Farlas looks at Juleau, she has been hit on the back of the head and is unconscious.

C The group retreats and regroups. Taran nearly rips Burana's arm off while trying to mend it! In the gatehouse Q'Sharl is guarding Juleau. Taran is having no luck with his first aid on Burana's arm.

C An orc chucks something flaming at us. A grenade lands next to Nalin. Burana's arm is blown off. Nalin tries to put himself out.

C In the caves, Farlas sees fire. The second cave seems to be empty.

C Dreagh torches the town. Burana first aids himself, putting out his flaming arm with the bandages! (Previous reports of his arm being blown off were exaggerated for effect.) Bolger is on fire, Nalin tries to smother him. Nalin has found a cloak to put out Bolger's head.

C Farlas tells Bolger that he's going in to the caves. Farlas goes down the middle. There are about a dozen important looking orcs who are arguing. There are two exits to the right and left. Although he is invisible some of the orcs seem to be able to smell Farlas. Farlas tries to cast a "Sleep" spell on some of the smaller orcs - three go down. The others whip out their swords. Farlas wands the big guy shouting "Kneel before the Winged Arrow". Something goes bang and there is illumination.

C Bolger is extinguished.

C The orcs seem to be shaken up. Two big ones are left, some of the others are waking up. Farlas starts cutting up the sleeping orcs. He is engaged in combat but still manages to kill a sleeper.

C Other members of the group move slowly into the caves. Nalin goes down the wrong corridor. Nalin follows the lights.

C Farlas hit an orc. Orcs are pouring in to the cave.

C Nalin finds himself in a cave with lots of orcs but no Farlas. Taran can see where Nalin went. Nalin and Bazron get hit but manage to avoid trouble.

C Farlas tries to disengage into the tunnel.

C Taran arrives in the big cave of orcs. Bazron and Nalin both deliver hits.

C Farlas is being pursued. He fires his bow at the pursuers. Burana blocks the entrance, Farlas gets a nice hit with his arrow.

C There are orcs in the other corridor, Nalin is hit. Taran hits one. More fighting ensues. Farlas is using his bow. Bolger gets a hit, fortunes are mixed. The group retreat a bit. Some people including Taran are hit. There are lots and lots and lots of orcs. They are now rushing past the group and out of the cave. Why?

C An orc is shouting orders to someone, Farlas looks behind himself just in case. Luckily this gives him time to dodge, unluckily he makes a complete pigs ear of it. Burana also mucks up badly. Bazron and Bolger are totally plastered. Bolger looks particularly ill.

C Crisis, panic - surrender is considered. The group is on the defensive big time. Farlas parries, the little wand is broken and goes phutt. Farlas and Taran are both hit, Taran more than once. Farlas tries to dodge through the orcs. An orc drops his shield. Confusion reigns - even Nalin is hit! Taran is hit yet again. Bolger passes out while trying to bind his wounds. Taran hops whilst bandaging his foot, he cocks it up. Burana hits an orc. They retreat. Taran continues trying to bind his wounds but is getting nowhere. As the orcs back off Burana first aids Bolger. Taran finally manages to cure his foot.

C Nalin kills something, Bazron has a go. Dreagh keeps seeing smoke. Nalin draws back and listens at the corridor. He hears fighting in the middle one, something hits him - Nalin kills it! Nalin thinks that Farlas is close by. Farlas wants to withdraw, Nalin agrees. Dreagh sees orcs in the smoke.

C The group retreats and try to hold the mouth of the cave with arrow fire. Someone is throwing rocks from the hill. They try to crossbow them. Nalin can see a lot of orcs on the hill, there must be a back exit from the caves. farlas is going to talk to Q'Sharl and Juleau. there are some orcs skulking around the buildings. farlas wants to burn the watch tower but cannot figure out how to do it without being seen. Nalin, Bazron, Q'Sharl and Farlas consider going to finish off the orcs.

C In the end they decide that it would be best to do it without torches so Q'Sharl will stay behind whilst those with infravision, Nalin, Bazron and Farlas do the deed. They plan to scout out the centre passage way and head back to the cave.

C They get there and look around. Bells are ringing in the tower. Shield up is the order. They decide to take out the tower, then realise how far away it is! There are now orcs firing crossbows in the mouth of the cave. Nalin, Bazron and Farlas run at them in a zig zag pattern. By the time they get to the mouth of the cave, the orcs have gone.

C Q'Sharl climbs a tree, he is turbo charged. He announces that some armed adult orcs are sneaking up on the gate house.

C Nalin, Bazron and Farlas continue to be shot at in the entrance to the next cave. They are hit by crossbow bolts.

C Taran is still limping from the injury to his foot. Burana wants to mount the horses.

C Nalin, Bazron and Farlas go down the middle entrance. Farlas listens at the exits, hears a conversation and heads left.

C Taran and Burana argue about the comparative merits of mounting horses against hiding in bushes etc.

C Farlas. Nalin and Bazron make a plan. Some orcs, including some beefy ones have set an ambush in a room. There is another exit from the room. Farlas goes to sneak in to the room, he wants to flash at them. The orcs shoot at Farlas and hit him. Nalin and Bazron rush in, Nalin goes for the biggest one. farlas can't seem to decide who to hit. Nalin kills the big orc he was fighting. Farlas gets going with a hit, Bazron is looking shafted. Farlas kills one and Bazron doesn't fall over 'coz he's a real tough guy. The orcs flee.

C Behind the wood - they check, its a common or dining room with manacles [continuity is a bit lacking - Ed] There is a raised stone plinth with a circle painted on it, carved in to the stone. Nalin says the rock is very old. Sounds of conflict are percolating through from the entrance or thereabouts. Farlas says the orcs are fighting each other in a very upper class cave, he can't see any blood.

C Rifling of orc by orc is going on, the orcs jump up - some run towards them, others away. Farlas follows those that are fleeing. There seems to be another fight going on.

C The ones that are now facing Nalin and Bazron throw down their weapons. Nalin and Bazron kill them. Farlas kills an orc as he returns to Nalin and Bazron. They search the room but find nothing except some furs. They move on and search the next chamber, Nalin finds a safe in the wall. There is an oily rainbow potion, a staff, a scroll and four hundred and fifty gold pieces in the safe!! Nalin purloins the gold and the potion. Farlas checks out the scroll, it contains spells of "Permanency", "Vision", "Mislead", "Sending" and "Curse". The staff is wooden and shows no immediate sign of exploding. Farlas says his staff has gone flat. The staff seems to be a wand, Farlas takes it, both ends are quartz. There is also a stash of clothes and emergency rations.

C They decide to carry on down the long corridor. However they decide it must be an exit and turn around.

C Burana orders the group to open fire on the oncoming orcs. Taran decides to go off alone.

C Bazron, Nalin and Farlas have lost their sense of purpose. Nalin is enjoying himself counting money. They are now in sole possession of the cave complex and feel a bit better for having had a short rest. They make there way unhurriedly back to the cave mouth.

C Suddenly Gilthon turns up with Yossilana. Yossilana tells them that there should be a circle sign here somewhere. There is a message from Temlin:

Nalin says he has taken this before but he still doesn't know what it does.

C Farlas mentions the ring he found and the message on the vellum. farlas decides they must go back in to the cave as the altar has a circle on it. farlas wants to draw a triangle round the circle.

C They discuss the map with the knights. There is a big argument about the "Sign of Signs" and various plans and even whether to go to bed or not and which month it is! Someone suggest pouring holy water on the altar, can't do it because no one has any and it takes a temple ceremony to make the stuff.

C Suddenly Taran sees everything including a small group of orcs by a warehouse. They decide to burn it down. The group is split. Seven riders head for the cave about ten orcs run at them and yet another fight ensues. The alarm bell goes off again. The fight is a bit of a damp squib for us but the orcs do well. Fortunately orcs are orcs and we are better so on we go, rucking as we go along. Dreagh has to retire hurt as he almost looses his arm, Gilthon is doing well.

C Two groups of orcs run towards our group of injured people. This could be a problem. Taran leads a charge at the orcs. A quick discussion takes place with Haddon, leader of the knights. Taran is supported by three knights, Belthazar, Juleau, Q'Sharl, Yossilana and Bolger. Farlas, Nalin, Bazron, Gilthon, Burana, Dreagh and Haddon will be at the cave. [There seems to be some continuity and numeric discrepancies here - Ed]

C The orcs charge us, we are surrounded - there are about ten orcs per group. They attack us, we are crap. Two of them grab Belthazar and two try to grab Yossilana but one cocks up. Taran orders a dismount [I didn't know we were mounted - Ed]. The orcs save Yossilana some time by pulling her horse over and her off the horse. Yossilana screams for help and the orc holding her runs off towards the woods. Juleau lifts an orc that was after Yossilana and Q'Sharl kills one. Belthazar is flattened.

C Taran dismount whilst Juleau helps Yossilana's horse to its feet. Yossilana commands the orc carrying her to drop her and it does. Taran can't get his rhythm but Q'Sharl has killed another. Bolger skewers one but a knight goes down.

C Farlas fights a retreat, turns invisible and legs it. Nalin is hit but is splattering orcs everywhere. More general melee. Nalin is livid with the orc that hit him and chucks an axe at it. Farlas shouts that more orcs are moving in. Dreagh, Gilthon and a knight follow Burana's shout and go to engage the new orcs.

C The group all break for the gate to the stockade. They have to engage in a fighting retreat, Farlas spots Yossilana being chased. Nalin and Bazron fight back to back as orcs flood in through the gate. Farlas (invisible) blocks an orc that runs straight in to him.

C Bolger hits something, Nalin vaporises something [not many beings can do that with an axe! - Ed] an orc is dead. Belthazar struggles womanfully. At this point Q'Sharl's tally is hit four, killed four. Juleau grabs an orc and chucks it on to another one. More general rucky type stuff is going on all over. Burana gets hit, Haddon is there and Gilthon gets blatted. Bolger gets a massive hit and his orc dies instantly, Bolger wants to save a knight. Nalin slices and orc into seven pieces [probably with one hit - Ed] Yossilana seems to notice that the orc chasing her is now otherwise engaged, she slows to have a better look. Belthazar gets punched and grabbed, Farlas kills something, Burana is damaged and Dreagh is blatted. More orcs fall after Dreagh waves at them. [This is a colloquial expression meaning "Dreagh casts a "Sleep" spell"! - Ed]

C Farlas appraises things, some injuries are apparent. Farlas tries to intercept to orc carrying Belthazar. Belthazar gets punched again. There is more fighting and eventually most of the orcs run off. The orc carrying Belthazar throws her to the ground and legs it straight into Taran.

C Someone thinks of interrogating an orc however someone else has already cut most of their throats! We decide to retreat a bit. Yossilana is a bit mentally fluffy, more so when Juleau frightens her with a dead orc. There is an inappropriately long discussion on the various merits of running away, fighting or destroying the altar. We decide to split the group.

C Nalin, Farlas and Bazron will go in, the rest will stay out with four riders. Farlas is going to the altar room, he finds a female orc in there. She is angry as she is chained to the altar! She smells Farlas, Nalin hears them and they both release her and knock her out. It is very quite, all that can be heard are some drips. Nalin and Farlas want to do something to the altar. farlas considers using the "Divination" scroll for guidance, however he decides against it. The alter room is searched but nothing is found. Nalin pulls the chains out of the stone. The stone is much older than the chains.

C The long exit corridor leads to a secret exit. Nalin carries the unconscious female orc outside.... and kills her. Nalin, Farlas and Bazron go the other way, it goes down and smells bad. A short way down the tunnel is blocked by a rough stone wall. Nalin removes some of the stone but can only see a little way further, the passage continues to descend. It is quite cold and Farlas is worried that something lives down the hole to which the orcs sacrifice their victims. It is decided to wait until morning so they return to the main group and spend an uneventful night at camp.

Group Three

A Temlin finds some cover to hide Essel. Everyone can see him! Temlin leaves his symbol behind. Temlin decides to keep watch all night but he falls asleep. He is soon woken by Essel who tells Temlin to light a signal fire.

Sun 23 Oct 1588

(W/R 303 - 305)

A Group Three is rescued

B Farlas Group have trouble with green slime, brown slime, cold mould, black pudding and semi transparent jelly

C Group One has more trouble with dead bodies

A The knights see the fire and arrive at about midday, they escort Temlin and Essel safely back to Zeim Falc.

Farlas Group

B Next morning they decide to investigate the blocked up hole. The four knights, Yossilana and Juleau will stay in camp, the rest are going down in the following marching order.

  1. Nalin
  2. Farlas
  3. Q'Sharl
  4. Gilthon
  5. Bolger
  6. Belthazar
  7. Bazron
  8. Dreagh
  9. Taran

B Nalin knocks a passage through the wall and goes down, it is more like a pothole. It is dark and drippy but opens up a bit - there is a suspicious green slimy growth. Taran fires a flaming arrow at the slime, the arrow hits, not a difficult task as the slimy thing is huge. There is another exit, someone suggests prodding the pools of slime. Nalin falls in to a pool and green lumps start to fall from the ceiling. Farlas tries to flame out his jellies. They carry on, Nalin gets through and finds there is an up exit and a down exit. Farlas, with a bit of ballet dancing, also manages to get to the end. Q'Sharl employs some pivotal manoeuvring to make it across. Gilthon and Bolger then Belthazar, Bazron, Dreagh and Taran just march across.

B They check the up exit, it is another narrow, twisty and yucky wotsit. It opens into a largish, low ceilinged cave. There is loads of green slime gunk and lots of things blocking the view. Bazron moves forward and he and Nalin go for the ceiling (they are Dwarfs so have no problem with the height of the ceiling). They don't notice the brown slimy nasty thing that falls on to Nalin. Nalin returns to the group and Farlas wants to burn the slime off. Nalin's shoulder has gone numb. The up exit has not been very successful, wasted effort - saw nothing, achieved nothing except a couple of chewed up shoulders! It is decided to go down instead.

B The down exit is a bit wider (better accommodation for bigger monsters!). It continues sloping down, Farlas gets splotted by brown slime. Farlas tells everyone to go on and they carefully look for brown gunk. There are more blobs and also a small crack to the left. Farlas, Nalin and Bolger squeeze into the fissure, they fall a bit and the fissure gets smaller. Farlas and Dreagh slip through and Belthazar is able to follow.

B There is mould on the wall, it is brown and cold. They torch the mould which doubles in size and continues growing rapidly!

B Farlas' body is frozen, they pull him out and his legs are covered with brown mould. "Resist Cold" is cast on his and causes an improvement, Farlas is now shivering. Q'Sharl and Taran scrape more of the mould off. Farlas wants the rest to continue while he waits for his legs to start working again. Belthazar and Bazron stay with him.

B Further on Nalin sees a black pudding oozing towards them on the floor. Taran fires a flaming arrow at and it backs off. It seems to have hidden in a crack in the wall. We move through the crack which opens on to a big irregular cave full of water [not entirely full I assume - Ed]. Q'Sharl and Nalin can see nothing offensive in it. It shelves away quickly, they tie a rope around Nalin who is going in to the water. There is a semi transparent jelly like thing coming towards Nalin. It flows over the rocks towards us.

B We retreat but it follows, torches and flaming arrows just go out on contact with it. We get back to Farlas and the jelly is still after us. taran carries Farlas and gets hit by the green slime on the return journey. At least fire does the trick on that! We all get back out.

B Nalin, Q'Sharl, Gilthon, Bolger, Dreagh and Bazron go to look at the altar.

Group One

C Willan goes down the cellar with a rope round him. He scrubs out the pentacle then he realises the broken flagstone was broken from below! We put the flagstone back and Abubaca magically "Melds" the flagstones together. As soon as he starts creatures appear from the rocks. Abubaca legs it before anyone can do anything. Willan attacks the creature but gets a severe hit himself. Brenan and Hannan try to drag Willan out by the rope but the fight continues and Willan kills one. Rez holds the horses outside where the creatures are also amassing. Abubaca comes rushing out of the building and they both ride away with all the horses.

C Willan dangles on the end of the rope and is whacked again and again. The armour falls off of his right leg.

C Creatures arrive in the building and attack Hannan and Brenan who decide to lower Willan.

C Rez and Abubaca are still galloping away.

C Willan grabs hold of the ladder and scampers up holding his leg armour. Brenan hammers a ghost whilst a ghoul misses Hannan. There are now six creatures in the room. Hannan has his left leg smashed to pieces by a ghoul, he falls to the ground.

C Rez and Abubaca stop their horses.

C Brenan and Willan attempt to protect Hannan from the eleven creatures that are now in the room. Hannan somehow manages to stop the remnants of his leg from bleeding. Brenan kills a ghost but Willan is taking a bit of stick. Willan manages to tie Hannan on to his back but gets whacked again. Willan (and Hannan) and Brenan make a break for the door fighting as they go. They make it outside, Willan killing a skeleton on the way. They run off but cannot find the horses as they were moved to safety by Abubaca and Rez!

C Unfortunately there are loads of creatures outside. Brenan is whacked by a ghost. Willan spots the horses and legs it towards them. The group re-groups and ride off into the sunset on their way back to the castle.

Mon 24 Oct 1588

(W/R 305)

A A quiet day travelling

A All groups are heading back to the castle at Zeim Falc. At the castle Temlin is passing the time with astronomy and library research.

Tue 25 Oct 1588

(W/R 305)

A Willan's group returns to Zeim Falc

B Farlas' group burns down the Uruk tower

A Willan's group arrives back at Zeim Falc, Willan reports to Essel who fills him in on other details.

B In the evening Farlas' group returns to the Uruk tower. Farlas thinks that this contains the greater sign so he sets fire to the tower which burns.

Wed 26 Oct 1588

(W/R 305 - 306)

A Research

B Plans are made

C Grim Grimson the Grim and Carl Berg arrive

D Other events

D The Uruk tower is now a smoking ruin. The sign, which is red, is all that remains of the tower and appears unscathed.

D Essel sends out some riders.

D Farlas' group head back to the castle, they ride hard and meet Willan and crew on the way.

B Back at Zeim Falc the Party want to divvy up Hortense's magic items. They decide to send the bodies of Maurice and Hortense back to Salsorme escorted by Juleau and Yossilana, in the outside hope that Gilla may be able to raise them. The Incense blocks are also sent so that they may be used to enhance any spell that may be required in the process. Farlas will mention the incense in his letter. We hire some locals to escort the entourage in the first part of it's journey - to Lehr Sorm.

B Farlas sends the following note to Gilla:

We have arrived at Zeim Falc and much of the church's prophesy appears to hold. We have encountered many fell creatures of evil, on our quest to defeat the demonist. There has been much fighting and death which hangs ever heavier upon me - How I long for your uplifting and peaceful company again.

I feel great foreboding in the days to come - we still have many questions to answer and so little time.

It is with great sadness that in addition to the fall of many good knights our long time companions, Hortense and Maurice fell at an evil temple at one of the points of the pentacle. Our colleagues have returned with their bodies in case there is anything you can do to revive them (but please not in exchange for yet another life) - I fear that it is too late even for your powers.

I am still fixed on the purpose of which we spoke before I left - it is still my consolation and hope through the long dark nights of this winter wilderness.

I am and will be

Truly yours


B What about going back to the big tree and burning it down?

A The researchers find an old personal diary from about 120 years ago which informs us that Nagraz had a beautiful companion called Tusula. Nagraz was a foreign lord, the knight Caraban met him at a social event in a Thanedom that is now part of Van Connel. There is some speculation that Nagraz might be one of the five statues we saw in Nessemnar.

A Farlas asks Temlin if he can translate some words he has found - "Ilyirch tcech", Temlin speculates that it may mean "Dead" or "Kill".

B There is also a scroll that enables the caster to cast a "Vision" and commune with the Gods. The spell enables supernatural guidance. Farlas says the ring means "Finger of Death". Farlas wants to know what happens to the orcs and what should we auger.

B We decide to use a bog ordinary "Augury" to try to find the location of Nagala's Gate. There is a delay whilst the usual Party bickering goes on over whether or not an "Augury" is the appropriate level of spell for the job.

A Eventually Coffchomi asks the question of Amnis " Is Nagala's Gate in the centre of the pentacle whose corners are at the five locations approximately described on Yossilana's map?" The answer Coffchomi passes on to the Party is "Danger awaits you where evil's power is concentrated. Seize your opportunities at the destined time."

C Unexpectedly a northlander turns up at Zeim Falc. He turns out to be Grim Grimson the Grim, Thorgrim Tyr Thunar, he is travelling with his squire Carl Berg they are trying to find Snorri Sturlusson. Grim Grimson notices that Nalin is wearing the Fenris. A nasty incident is avoided by recounting the tale of Snorri and our visit to the Northlands.

B We talk to Essel about the situation, someone needs to retrieve the bodies of the knights Smith and Jones from the wood. Gilthon goes on at great length before Willan gets a chance to ask Essel about Caraban. What is the Ansachat? Is the tower the greater sign? We tell Essel everything (more or less).

A The ring is made of copper and is NOT evil.

B Farlas reckons Temlin's map is a heap of crap and his directions are all wrong, it seems that all our directions may be out by 90 degrees. We decide that we must get through the gate and catch the baddy on the other side in Nessemnar. Does Burana want to volunteer to come? Essel observes that these things have all been defended.

A We meet Rahad Tyr Thrune the cleric.

Thur 27 Oct 1588

(W/R 306)

A The knights are to watch the tower

B We go to the tree

A Temlin leaves the library and goes with us. We ask Essel to get some of his men to keep watch on the tower. Can we communicate via bird signals? Can Hortense's owl do it? In order for it to work we must give the knight something significant. After an inordinately long and protracted period of tortuous consideration, Gilthon decides that he should give his continual light pebble to Gillinaran.

B We set off to burn down the tree at one of the points of the pentacle. Everyone goes other than those that went with the bodies of Hortense and Maurice (Yossilana and Juleau).

B When we arrive at the tree it looks big and the vegetation is lush. We make camp near the tree.

Fri 28 Oct 1588

(W/R 307)

A At the tree, Willan finds the brooch and Abubaca burns the tree down

B We attempt to reduce the power of evil

C We set off for the forest

A The next morning Willan borrows the Ring of Free Action and goes to retrieve Temlin's brooch. He finds the bodies of the dead knights and notices that one of the soldiers has injured himself on the brooch he fell on. Temlin directs Willan to the spot and Willan finds the brooch unharmed.

A The brooch is made from interlocked circles, Burana says it belonged to the dead soldier - Burana seems to have been affected by the heat. Temlin's thing is made from silvery coloured metal.

A We whoosh burn the tree. [This is where Abubaca levitates the flaming wagon and drops it on the tree - Ed]

C It is decided to split the Party and keep the fast riders behind. Farlas, Burana, Willan, Gilthon, Dreagh and Holmir will stay.

C Taran's group reaches the edge of the woods and decide to walk round to see if they can find the road. Taran needs to go south and is looking for where we went before.

B When the heat from the tree has died down those that stayed behind shovel away the undergrowth embers to make a path to the rock. Willan draws a second triangle, the talisman gets very hot and he has to drop it. Willan then cools it down and makes a triangle of triangles, however it does not seem to make much difference.

B The evil is now greatly reduced, but not completely gone. The tortured souls are still crying out but we cannot work out how to release them and eventually have to move on. Farlas notices that the rock has traces of fool's gold in it.

C The fast riders catch up with the advance guard of the Party and make camp on the old road at the edge of the forest. We set a watch rota for the night and Farlas, Coffchomi and Temlin consult their Gods as to the appropriate course of action.

Sat 29 Oct 1588

(W/R 307 - 310)

A We arrive at Talvaran

B Initial investigations

C We find a poem

D The house with the door which is not a door

E In the pub we find a belt

F Further investigations

G Rat attack

H The blacksmith has a pentacle

I The bakery has a hat (which Burana puts on)

J The hunters shack contains an untouchable shield

K Night falls

A We head into the forest following the path of the old road. Taran keeps losing the trail which is very difficult to see, however Willan is up to the task (shame he's not such a good fighter!). Taran smelled smoke. Farlas' cat climbs a tree and sees some buildings. Temlin suggests it could be the village of Talvaran. Taran thinks we have lost the trail yet again but Willan can still see the road and it is going in the right direction. Willan and Taran go off to scout and they come back with a wild boar for lunch.

A Willan shows the way to the village. As we reach a clearing in the forest the old road becomes clear again. We see an overgrown area containing thirty or so dilapidated stone and wood buildings and a wooden tower. The place looks as if it has been unoccupied for centuries.

B We carefully continue past some buildings, one is more of a shelter than a house. Farlas, Willan, Taran and Nalin go in to what seems to be a meeting house but they find nothing out of the ordinary. We move on and come to a T-junction. There is a cluster of buildings around the junction. An Inn and a round stone building, some barns or warehouses and a square wooden watch tower off to the left.

B Taran smells smoke again off to the north. Farlas climbs the watch tower, when he gets to the top the floor gives way, he falls and is hurt. We go and check the round building. Nalin spots that the walls are bulging out slightly. It turns out to be a single shrine with an earthen floor, stone walls and a roof made from slate, it has an altar on the north side. There are scorch marks on the benches. we can find nothing written on the rectangular altar however Abubaca spots a scrap of parchment protruding from a crack in it. Abubaca touches the parchment and two of his fingers break. Belthazar splints them up for him.

C Tarsober is indicating that this is a really nasty place. Everyone moves outside and Farlas casts "Unseen servant", it goes in to the shrine and returns with the parchment. There is a poem on the parchment which reads:

 Over Nought My Bracelet Hang

In Time The Brewers Cincture (Belt)

Butcher's Shield And Bakers Helm

Last The Candle Makers Skull

The Five Shall Be One.

[there is a strong view that the statues we encountered on our previous jaunt into Hell are important. (A description appears W/R Page 195) - Ed]

D We follow Taran to find the source of the smoke he has been smelling. There is a house in good nick to the west of the pub, the smoke is coming from the chimney. There are signs that the area in front of the door have been cleared. we can see the glow of light from a fire. There is nothing obvious round the back of the house, all the windows are shuttered. There is something carved in the lintel above the door, it reads:

When Is A Door Not A Door

E Taran takes up watch outside the house, the rest of us troop back to the pub. Nalin goes in, he sees a second room and some stairs. There are some barrels. Farlas, Nalin and Rez have a look around. There is a curtained off area containing the remains of a bed. Farlas searches the fire place. There are rats under the bed. Nothing is found in the fire place or in the brew house. Farlas gets got by a centipede and gets a tingling sensation. Rez goes upstairs and finds nothing. Nalin gets pissed off by the lack of success and sets about destroying some of the barrels as a vent for his frustration. He finds a silver belt at the bottom of one of the barrels!

F The Party splits in to four groups:





each group explores a different quartile to find the items in the aforementioned poem.

G We consider splitting up the horses, however before anything can be done we are over run by rats and some of the horses scatter. We grab those that we can but the horses of Rez, Temlin and Belthazar get away. Bazron has to let his pony go, Gilthon manages to hold his horse still whilst Nobla is dragged off by one - he has to let go. Carl and Dreagh are struggling with their horses. Five have escaped so far. We try to torch the rats away. Belthazar collapses and Dreagh has to let his horse go. Grim sets about the rats with his warhammer! There are piles of dead rats. Taran picks up Belthazar, it looks like arranging a circle of flaming torches would be a good idea. Carl Berg is suffering from the rat bites and Rez is bleeding from a head wound!

F "Healing" spells are required, even after they are cast most people are totally shagged. Belthazar will have to stay put, Q'Sharl and Nobla will guard her. Nalin's group sets off north whilst Farlas' group goes to the watch tower. Grim is fed up with the tower [So? - Ed] .

F The meeting house has a wooden floor.

F Taran goes in to the stable. There are horses in there, they are dead but attack him anyway! Five dead horses are attacking. Willan is unable to hit them. Reinforcements arrive and Willan is so shocked by Bolger shouting at the horses that he misses again. Burana, Farlas and Dreagh all hit and Nalin squashes one. Bolger gets one of the injured ones to run away. Willan is putting in extra effort but is crap. Burana and Farlas are doing well and Farlas' opponent goes down. Taran accidentally hits Gilthon, Gilthon squashes a horse and there are only two left. Willan and Nalin both miss their strikes because the one they were going for was one of the ones that just fell over! [How did it end? - Ed]

H We go back to our groups again. Willan's group move from the stables to the blacksmith next door. They get the feeling that someone has been there recently. Coffchomi sees that Willan is standing on a silver line. The line runs north/south and fades slowly behind him. Taran follows the line which goes under the anvil, in the point is a circle. Gilthon and his horse are clearing crap out the back.Taran finds the three pointed "pin" shape in the point of what we now assume is a pentacle, at the other side of the door in the smithy - he was expecting a five pointed star.

I Holmir's west group search a barn come warehouse, it is huge. Abubaca thinks that something, probably a big mammal, has lived there. They search some more warehouses and move on. The next building contains the ruins of a windmill, it is a bakery. The floors have collapsed. As they move the rubble about a huge spider leaps out onto Holmir. He attacks it.

F Meanwhile in the north, Nalin decides whether to go left or right. Nalin goes in first and the group follow. It looks like an ordinary house, there is a trap door. Nalin can't see anything from the top so he gets himself lowered down. He is in a wine cellar full of nasty crap. Nastier still is the worm that has fallen on to his arm and is rapidly chewing it's way in to it. A torch gets rid of the worms around him but Nalin burns himself. Nalin tries to dig out the worms in his arm, he goes to see Belthazar to be made better. Q'Sharl swaps places with Nalin.

J The group with Farlas find what looks like a hunting shack. They check for traps and find that there was a trap on the door but it has disintegrated. Dreagh accidentally sets off another trap but is uninjured. Farlas finds a secret compartment and thinks about opening it. he doesn't get an opportunity because Grim hits it with his warhammer. The door is pulled off, luckily no one is hit by the crossbow bolt that flies out! There is a space containing a shield. No one can touch it as it is insubstantial. Farlas checks the area very carefully.

H Back with Willan's group, Willan gives up Tarsober. The Orb of Torlich turns out to be the catalyst for the line as it fades when the Orb is removed. The lines make up a pentacle, the building is about 25 feet square.

I There is clothing on the floor amongst the rubble in the bakery. Burana picks up a leather hat and puts it on.

F Nalin's northern group doesn't find anything.

J The group at the hunter's shack keep on searching. The shield had a circle on it, and is held up by five supports arranged like an easel.

I The official diagnosis is that only the second hat is not magic. The belt, potion and Burana's hat are all magic.

K Three watches are organised:

  1. Nobla, Burana, Gilthon and Q'Sharl
  2. Willan, Taran, Bazron and Holmir
  3. Nalin, Dreagh, Bolger and either Farlas or Rez.

Noise alarms are set up at the hunter's shack to warn us if anything tries to get in.

K The night passes uneventfully until Nalin spots two very tall creatures rushing up from the south, crossbows are fired. They don't look like giants, they are big blue skinned hags. One goes for Nalin, the other goes for the middle. Farlas hits one with a magic missile. General confusion ensues - the joys of waking up in mid-ruck! (Becoming coherent, putting armour on.....or not, moving about, etc.) We establish that the hags are evil. Eventually Willan hits one and there are magic missiles flying about. The giant hags go for the horses, there are more magic missiles. One of the hags trips as Nalin hits "her" so Nalin hits her again. Willan brings one down. Everyone goes for the other hag however she runs off as we are engulfed by a cloud. Burana's horse looks shafted. Coffchomi mentions he has a healing potion. Nalin cuts the head off the giant hag. There is a pressing need to give some attention to wounds.

Sun 30 Oct 1588

(W/R 310 - 313)

A We continue searching Talvaran, the bee keepers - we find a skull

B We enter the house

C Events during the first watch

D Some confusion surrounding butterflies

A The Party splits in to four groups to check out the village. One group drafts a map. What's left of Holmir and Bolger wait at a central point. Holmir's leg improves surprisingly quickly and Nalin's arm is a lot better as well.

A There is speculation that the nought in the poem is the circle symbol of The Five. Coffchomi says the shield in the hunter's hut is in another dimension - we can see but we cannot touch. He also says that Burana's hat will look more like a helmet in another dimension. Nalin is sceptical which upsets Coffchomi and, despite pleading from Farlas, he will not impart any more information.

A Burana goes off for a look about, Grim goes after him. Temlin rambles on about symbols, Nobla thinks the ansachat is a cat.

A We send off another party of Taran, Willan, Bazron, Nalin, Dreagh, Belthazar, Nobla, Abubaca, Rez and Gilthon. The pub cellar is a last resort.

A Farlas reckons the fire ball may be important, he suggests we may be doing ourselves a favour by arranging "Protection from Fire".

A Nalin, Nobla, Abubaca and Rez head north east. Willan, Taran, Bazron, Gilthon, Belthazar and Dreagh go south east. Burana (and Grim) went off south.

A Burana looks at a building. Grim goes up and looks through a hole in the wall, he sees a lot of rats. Grim looks at more rats in a hole, there are lots of peasant dwellings.

A Burana decides to go in to the next building. He gets someone to hold his horse and strides in with a great deal less circumspection than the situation seems to warrant! Burana spots a movement in the roof. Burana gets someone to pass him a torch and advances towards the area of concern with a great deal less circumspection than the situation seems to warrant. At this point Burana encounters a problem, it lands on him and gives him an impressive bite. He hits it, it is a humungous spider. He hits it again. Grim calls for an audience. The spider bites Burana and buggers off towards a hole in the wall. Grim thinks this is unsporting and lobs his warhammer at it.

A Burana gets his poison sucked out, while Grim and some others carefully check out the building. A trap door is located and opened. Belthazar cures Burana. There is green slime on the ceiling of the cellar. Grim torches the slime a bit then throws the torch at some sacking and retreats out of the cellar.

A The group who headed north east with Nalin find a building surrounded by wild flowers with some bee hives. Someone finds some honey and mead but they are well past their "best before" dates. There is also some candle making equipment, and a locked box under the bed. There are two black candles wrapped in a cloth and some skeletons under the floor. They find a privy / tool shed and tools and search the bee hives.

A Bazron and the group that went south east are investigating the smithy. Farlas detects magic there. The floor is magical. Is there anything over the zero? Bazron lifts up Farlas [Impressive with one hand - Ed/AL] who goes on to the roof but there is nothing exciting to be seen. Farlas wants to go for "WHEN IS A DOOR NOT A DOOR".

A Only one building here is out of the main group, it looks like a shed. There is also a giant barbecue with lots of very old coals and ash. Willan opens the door to the shed, it falls off. Inside is some firewood and shelves. This seems to be a sort of crematorium area.

A We venture into the forest where Willan and Taran raid the trees. [We accept anyone into this Party! - Ed].

A Rez has a veil that someone can borrow to tackle the bees. Abubaca and Rez do it. Inside the beehive looks like the inside of a bee hive. Abubaca stabs the hive, there is no resistance to the probe but he gets a couple of stings. The roof is replaced on the hive. Nobla looks in a hive, he wants to lift them all and look for one different to the rest. He is a bit clumsy and gives up after a while.

A At lunch we all give up!

A Some people go to the bee keepers place to look for magic. Temlin sweeps for magic, he finds nothing magical in the room, however the ground under a hive is giving a reading. Some careful consideration is given to the most effective method of moving a hive without getting stung to death. Abubaca is asked to use his talents to feel around in the ground. In preparation debris is cleared away by Nalin, however Abubaca causes the hive to rise into the air and float to one side. The ground where the hive stood is dug up and Nalin finds a wooden cover. Nalin lifts it exposing a hole containing a box. The box contains a blood stained skull.

A We realise we have seen no wells in the village and wonder about a water supply. We go to the room with the green slime. The building has burnt down as a result of Nalin's attempts to save himself.

A Nalin goes into the cellar of the pub and gets the belt

A We all try on Beleglach's shield but it does not fit anyone. We decide to search along the approximate line joining the bakery to the candle makers. Temlin selects a search party which find nothing. We carry on.

B It is night time, we eat a hearty meal then go to the house. There is a discussion over whether to cast an "Augury" spell or even if Farlas should use the "Vision" spell on the scroll. Farlas does not know what the "Vision" does as he has not had the opportunity to use such a powerful spell before. The discussion evolves in to an argument. Coffchomi casts an "Augury" but is unhappy with the reply and has another go. He eventually announces that Amnis says "Get on with it"!

B Eventually Willan opens the door to the house, the anticipated calamity does not materialise. Inside it is an ordinary two room house, there is a fire crackling in the fire place (this is a little disconcerting in some quarters). The main room is a bit cluttered but otherwise in good condition. We have a firk around and Nalin finds a chest carved with what looks like the chest of a man! It contains women's clothes. Nalin also finds a rope with seven knots in it, someone jokingly suggests that someone must be trying not to forget seven things! [God later confirms that that is precisely what it was - Ed.]

B The second room contains an altar complete with old bloodstains. There are odd and unpleasant paintings of people being killed and sacrificed on the wall.

B We look at the fire place. There is also a ladder to an upstairs area. Willan climbs upstairs and sees a bed with some spare blankets. Farlas tries a "Detect Magic" spell. Writing on the cooking pot says 'RON', some Quenya on a bench translates as "Settle down". Farlas sits on the bench.

C It is time for bed. Belthazar thinks about curing things like, for example, Farlas and Temlin. The watches are set as Taran, Nobla and Grim followed by Gilthon, Bazron and Carl then Willan, Nalin and Rez.

C Shortly after midnight Bazron feels something very cold touch him, he gets a bit weaker. The cold thing touches him again but Bazron cannot see anything. The cold thing then gets Carl Berg. Bazron tries to wake people up. Willan sees a person coming down the road 'shouting' near Bazron. Willan also sees a tall knight staggering up the road.

C This is a complete shambles! Willan wanders off to help a blue knight that turns out to be a hag! Farlas cannot get his ring to work. Grim is getting splattered and almost looses one of his legs. Bazron is not well and misses so badly that Farlas says the words and casts "Finger of Death" (see W/R Page 312 for humungous DMCU temporarily resulting in the death of four party members) and kills the hag. Bazron can't get up with his armour on as he is so weak.

D The second watch, Burana, Gilthon and Carl Berg are taking over when something happens to Carl who says nothing. Willan, Taran, Farlas, Coffchomi, Temlin, Bolger, Belthazar, and Abubaca are sleeping in the house. Gilthon goes to wake up Willan. Burana wakes up Rez then hits her (something fishy is happening) so Rez grapples Burana. Rez tries to punch Burana but misses and he laughs. Loud laughter wakes up the people outside and some of those inside.

D Temlin looks outside, Nalin looks for the noise, Rez looks for trouble and hits Holmir as Nalin watches. Nalin goes to help Holmir but fails to get a hold. Everyone is awake now. Gilthon spots whatever it is and goes all peculiar as well. Bazron hits Dreagh as Burana wanders off. Farlas sees something and wanders off himself. Things are looking dodgy (again). Dreagh hits Bazron. Willan doesn't see anything and Holmir gives Rez a good thump.

D Taran says "There's a butterfly attacking Carl". Willan tells people to attack the enemy, not each other.

D Rez's stomach is falling out as she has been slashed through the guts. Gilthon attacks someone, it's Willan, but he misses. More of us attack each other! Willan can't find anyone to hit. Taran spots something....he notices the lovely moon! Holmir hits someone. Willan rattles and slaps Holmir to wake him up. Farlas wakes up and Burana sees something black and silver flying away. Nalin spots......people lying down - someone goes [? - Ed]

D Carl Berg is only just alive. He has serious wounds caused by claws and what look like they might have been mandibles. Carl looked in serious shit, however then we noticed the eggs that had been laid in him and things looked worse! Those who know suggest that it would be ill advised to try to remove them at this stage as it would almost certainly kill him! Bolger cures Carl berg's arm and identifies the eggs as those of the butterfly!

D Nalin and Willan outside with Holmir inside do the third watch without further incident.

Mon 31 Oct full moon to Tue 1 Nov 1588

(W/R 313 - 325 + 666)

Part One - Talvaran

Part Two - The Bracelet Plane

Part Three - The Belt Plane

Part Four - The Shield Plane

Part Five - The Helmet Plane

Part Six - The Skull Plane

Part Seven - Talvaran

1 Talvaran

A Farlas' Vision

B Entering the fire place

C The torture chamber

D The room at the end of the corridor

E The secret room

F Events in Talvaran, the arrival of Polvyr

F Over breakfast there is a discussion about where the gate is, who needs a cure spell and who is worth curing! There are certainly a lot of candidates! We still cannot get the shield in the hunter's lodge.

A Farlas decides to cast the "Vision" spell from the scroll. He is not sure what it does so, knowing his track record with scrolls and magic items, everyone clears the immediate area! Farlas casts the spell from the centre of the pentacle in the blacksmith's. Willan, Temlin, Coffchomi and Abubaca all stand in the pentacle with him.

A Farlas casts "SHOW ME HOW TO PASS THROUGH NAGALA'S GATE TO MEET NAGRAZ IN NESSEMNAR". Willan chants "Ohm". The answer is "BE AS DARK, DARE DARK WITHIN DARK HEART'S CENTRE" Farlas also receives a vision. He sees the inside of the fiery house and we came up in to the fire place but it was just a hole. Farlas was carrying a bracelet. He also saw the smithy and a small room about forty feet square, containing a painting of Nessemnar, which he did not recognise. The pentacle did not become active when Farlas cast the spell but it was visible in the Vision.

B Burana finds nothing in the smithy. Farlas and others search the ashes and chimney of the fire place in the house. There is nothing in the floor of the fire place but there is something strange about the spit, it seems to fit in to a hole in the wall. Do we need the bracelet? The bracelet in the vision looked like it was made of a silvery metal that was darker than normal silver, it was set with many black stones. A further search of the fire place reveals nothing.

F Farlas casts a "Locate Object" spell and is able to use it to cover the whole village but does not detect the bracelet.

B For reasons of sickness, severe injury or general weediness Rez, Grim, Carl Berg, Nobla, Bolger and Abubaca are staying put. Dreagh, Belthazar, Temlin, Farlas, Taran, Willan, Gilthon, Burana, Nalin, Bazron, Holmir, Q'Sharl and Coffchomi are going to risk the fire place.

B Farlas turns the spit in the "key" hole. He is able to winch up the entire fire place exposing a hole and a steep, narrow staircase. We are blasted by cold dank air. Holmir will guard the top. Nalin goes down the stairs followed by Willan, Taran and Farlas. The steep stairs go down for about thirty feet, the air is cool and musty. Coffchomi and Q'Sharl are next to go down. Nalin gets to the bottom there is a short corridor to the right. Nalin looks at the left hand wall which turns left after about twenty feet.

C On the left there is an entrance to a room which is about fifteen by twenty feet. There are two skeletons chained to the wall, a brazier and implements of torture. About fifty to sixty feet further down the corridor is another opening. Nalin says the ceiling is okay. The skeletons are decomposed bodies. There are Knight insignia on the floor, it looks as if the two chained to the wall were Knights of the Golden Falcon. Farlas finds a secret door which he opens to reveal a tall, narrow wall compartment, it contains both armour and swords, typical knightly gear - they are very old. There are two swords and three daggers, one sword has the initials "P.K.". Does the armour fit anyone?

C Willan thinks he sees a trap door however Coffchomi barges down the corridor and goes into the next room.

C Could the knight be Kirin, Injured in 1202?

D Coffchomi asks for quiet, Farlas goes to see Coffchomi but Temlin shouts and cocks things up. They both hear something. Farlas and some of the others hear a poem,[POEM - Ed] Nalin hears nothing. Belthazar comes in to the woman rhyme room which has a bench and table to the left, another one on the far wall and a symbol on the floor. Belthazar boldly goes in to the room and firks around. Willan thinks it is a five sided room although it is irregularly shaped.

D Belthazar is able to make a closer inspection of the room. On the left is a work bench with equipment, it looks a bit like a writing table. In the middle is a blood splattered altar and towards the far side is a butchers block and tools. There is a symbol on the floor. Belthazar searches the bench, there is a flea ridden mattress under the desk. She also sees a grill in the floor, it smells a bit whiffy. She searches around and finds nothing.

D Farlas and Willan go in to the room which is quite large. There is a big flash of flame and two fiery creatures fly at them. They run back out to the corridor.

E Q'Sharl finds a secret door in the wall of the corridor.

D Willan crashes to the ground, his leg is knackered. Farlas manages to hit one of the flaming creatures. Willan tries to crawl out of the way. Belthazar casts a spell on Farlas to protect him from the fire. Nalin attacks one that flew over Willan and Farlas. Although Willan is grovelling on the floor he is still being attached, he falls unconscious. Nalin attacks whilst Taran tries to position himself between Willan and the fiery beasts. Belthazar tries to cure Willan. Farlas is blazing away [metaphorically or literally? - Ed] Taran has splatted on to Willan face down. Farlas keeps hitting. The other one flies over Farlas and forces him back, Farlas disappears and gets a whopping hit on the flying thing which disappears in a puff of thing. Nalin also gets a big hit and his opponent puffs into nothingness. Burana charges in to attack but there is suddenly nothing left to fight!

E Willan recovers consciousness for no apparent reason. Temlin suggest a "Locate Object" spell might be of some assistance. We look for the thing Q'Sharl saw in the hall. Q'Sharl tries to open the secret door. On the other side is a rectangular room about thirty by twenty five feet. In the room are some shelves and a writing desk. Nalin looks around, on the shelves are books, scroll cases, bottles and jars and a casket.

E The casket is on a low shelf, it is locked. It rattles when it is shaken. The casket has a carving of a man holding a barrel in his arms. The books are a row of numbered volumes (diaries?) The apparent dates run in order and are as follows: 1022, 1072, 1124, 1206, 1284, 1356, 1413. In addition there are five other books, Three have no title on the spine, one looks like it contains loose bound papers. The other two are "Combatting the Undead" by Essen the Just and "Setting Bones and Breaks" by Shinob. There are three scroll cases which are made from human bone and twelve bottly type things. The contents of the bottly type things seem to have dried up.

E The writing table has nothing exciting only parchment, a candle stick and a dried up ink well, etc.

E When Temlin touches one of the numbered books, he feels very ill and gets weaker. Nalin takes the casket and scrolls whilst Gilthon lifts the shelf of books then picks up a few books, with no adverse effects. We need to find out how many of the books are going to cause an effect similar to that which got Temlin. We guess that the numbered books are unsafe. We have "Combatting the Undead" and "Setting Bones and Breaks" and a third which Gilthon discovers contains torture techniques. We also have the casket and bottles. Belthazar gets "Setting Bones and Breaks".

B Everyone heads back out through the fire place

F Gilthon want's to destroy the book about torture. Abubaca opens the casket which contains money and gems! The money is old currency, gold and silver worth about 40-50 gold pieces. There are five gems, one purple, one red, two blue and one green. Nalin arranges for it all to be transcribed. Farlas takes a scroll out from one of the cases. The scroll contains the spells, Cause Blindness, Summon Shadow, Restoration, Contagion and Negative Plane Protection. (Restoration restores level drain).

D Farlas want's to look around the room at the end of the corridor some more. Belthazar looks at the fifth corner, is it the centre of the pentacle? Nalin draws a map! Farlas' cat looks at the room but forgets to tell us about it, Belthazar takes the mattress out. The cat inspects the altar then looks at the pentacle, it looks as if it has been laid with white paint. Two points go to the right hand wall, one to the back wall, one to the far wall and one to the doorway.

B Farlas looks for more secret doors in the corridor.

F Meanwhile on the surface Abubaca says "Ewe who are not a sheep should know that I have some kind of spell cast on me, I think it has something to do with the box." It is difficult to communicate with Abubaca as every time he tries to speak a load of guff comes out of his mouth.

F A chap appears from the woods and asks to see Maurice. He says his name is Polvyr Mac Friel he has a message for Maurice. Farlas tells him that Maurice has perished and describes the death of Maurice. Finally we name drop Rallink and this does the trick. Polvyr says that Rallink says that tomorrow is the day. Rallink gave him assistance in locating this place. Polvyr has brought boons with him - four potions, two blue with silver specs and two blue with gold specs. He also has an enigmatic message. THE STATUES THAT YOU SAW IN NESSEMNAR AND THE NAMES OF THE PEOPLE ARE SIGNIFICANT IN THIS PLACE. [That doesn't seem very enigmatic - Ed] Polvyr thinks we are being watched, he looks experienced.

F Polvyr wants to heal Taran, Rez and Grim but says that his healing will not help Carl Berg. Coffchomi says he will help. Polvyr starts mending Taran and Grim and Coffchomi administers to Rez. Farlas' cat has a last look at everything. Rez looks quite a lot better after Coffchomi uses his needle. [Is this just an expression or did I do something I can't remember? - Ed] Taran's leg feels a bit better after Polvyr works on it, Grim is also seen to.

D Now we are ready for Rez to go in and look around. Rez cannot see or find anything useful. Farlas tries to locate the bracelet, it seems to be the hole in the corner of the room. Belthazar tries to get the grating off, she needs gloves. The stench is terrible. A light pebble is lowered down the hole on a string. There is a handy protuberance. Belthazar drops the grating she finds a bracelet behind it made of iron and black stones. We talk about an early night.

F Abubaca seems to be loony, he thinks he can only talk if he makes some kind of joke.

2 The Bracelet Plane

A First impressions

B Events at what was the pub

A It is time to hang up the bracelet - we are really going in! Grim, Carl Berg, Bazron, Abubaca and Belthazar stay behind. Polvyr, Dreagh, Temlin, Coffchomi, Farlas, Willan, Nalin, Gilthon and Burana go in, the rest stay behind at the stables except the sick.

A The bracelet is hooked up in the smithy, the lines start to glow and spread outwards.

A Q'Sharl is asked to look at the shield, Bazron and Nobla are about to go to check the shield in the hunting lodge, when Rez and Holmir go to check the fireplace but report that ...... the house is no longer there! We try to remove the bracelet from the hook but it will not come off! The ground where the house stood is overgrown as if the house had never been there.

A The belt will be taken back to the pub because the pub now looks different. Willan, Bolger and Taran go off to the hunting lodge whilst Farlas, Nalin, Coffchomi, Nobla, Dreagh, Temlin, Q'Sharl, Gilthon and Burana head off to the pub. Belthazar stays with the wounded, Grim, Carl Berg, Abubaca, Rez and Bazron.

B The pub has lost its walls. There is a table surrounded by ten chairs. Is this another dimension? The chairs are examined, each chair has a carving on the central backrest. Temlin wants to know the names of the statues in Nessemnar. The chairs contain alternate carvings of the five symbols and five people. The order is as follows:

table at talvaran

B Chair 4 should be the chap with the belt (in old place). We think about asking Nalin to wear the belt. (See H\W Page 195 too!) We think that the carvings on the chairs represent the same characters as the statues we saw in Nessemnar. The tallest figure (chair 2) is dressed in a tunic with a red orb, red staff and a red bracelet in his left hand. The next figure (chair 4) has a black wand in his left hand, his left eye is red and pulsating and he is wearing a belt.

B We tie things on chair, Nalin puts on the belt and we make him sit on the chair marked with the line and then on another one. We get Dreagh to get some people to go and look at the bracelet in the smithy. Polvyr and Dreagh go. The pentacle is glowing nicely, you can see it from the stables.

B Temlin or Q'Sharl are to put on the belt now. Gilthon puts it on instead and moves round a chair. Willan wants to put the shield in but this doesn't do a lot.

3 The Belt Plane

A First impressions

B Abubaca, Rez, Grim, Carl, Bazron and Belthazar are left behind

C Events at what was the hunting lodge

D Resumés and realisations

E The hole in the ground

A We take the belt over a line in the smithy we are now down to two groups, in the smithy and at the shield. Something happens when Farlas hangs the belt over the line. The building that Willan, Taran and Bolger were in disappears. There is a structure of five small trees joined at the top. Inside are a stand like a chalk board easel and a nasty looking tendrilly creature up in the canopy.The surrounding area looks weird and fuzzy. In the smithy they hang the belt on the hook and the walls disappear.

B In the stable door was Bazron he sees lots of buildings disappear.

A The outskirts of the village look odd to the people in the smithy. The inn has gone and lots of the buildings are hazy. [WHO? -Ed] wants to talk to the hazy figure (Bazron) in the stable doorway. However they don't seem to hear or see him. It looks as if some of the party has been left behind.

B Abubaca, Rez, Grim Grimson, Carl Berg, Bazron and Belthazar are no longer with the bulk of the party.

A Those in the stable can see them pale and hazy but can hear nothing and know that they can't be seen themselves.

D Temlin has the skull.

C The beast in the trees is floating. Coffchomi moves round to look at the other side of the shield, he says the man on the shield is the same as the man on the chair. Farlas looks at the shield. Farlas plans to grab the shield whilst protected from the silvery floating beast by the shields of Willan and Taran. He intends to throw it out to Holmir. Farlas rushes in and grabs the shield which will not budge. He is unable to dodge an energy bolt fired by the silver creature. We try to get a closer look at the creature.

C Something in Farlas' backpack is burning and his armour is getting hot, as is one of his rings and something else. Farlas tries to get out from under the trees Holmir tries to put out the flames. Burana goes for the shield, despite a clumsy dodging manoeuvre the energy bolt misses him. Farlas is a bit hot. Willan goes for the shield and the creature descends. Farlas passes out.

C Taran shouts at Willan to get out. Willan tries to retreat, rolling out the Orb of Torlich. Nalin takes his armour off as Willan retreats footballing the Orb. Taran pushes Willan out from under the trees.

C Temlin, or Dreagh, refuses to get the Orb. More stripping occurs, Gilthon is now naked. Willan and Taran argue as farlas goes to get the Orb and kicks it. Fenris starts smoking (Rothmans king size filters). Burana takes his clothes off. Taran gets the Orb and Farlas miskicks.

C Nalin keeps fighting and Dreagh dodges an energy bolt. Nalin hits the creature a bit, but blows up the monster and gets undressed. Dreagh feels ill after the explosion and his armour starts to heat up. Dreagh is given the rest of Farlas' gold potion as he looks a bit peaky.

C Farlas thinks that names are important. CHOR FEL'S KNIFE LIFTS STONE. Rustbulj tried to find out about Chor Fel's knife. It was in the belt of one of the statues we saw on our first visit to Nessemnar. We go and look for a knife but we've blow it. (See H/W Page 192 ish). We did take a knife from the warrior statues belt. We argue about knives, where do we get one?

D The bakery, four warehouses, the smithy, hunters shack (turned in to something else), the meeting place, watchtower, shrine (now undamaged) and the beekeepers house are still visible. Burana goes to the shrine. Temlin, Polvyr, Nobla, Coffchomi, Holmir, Bolger, Gilthon and Farlas go to the bakery, Q'Sharl and Nalin follow. Dreagh, Taran and Willan go to look at the shield. Willan is using Burana's backpack.

D Farlas realises that you have to be inside the pentacle to move to the next plane. The corners are at the butchers, the beekeepers, the first house, the bakers and the smithy. Put one at each point, we are still confused. How does this relate to the large pentagon?

D Maybe the helmet (which Coffchomi says is Burana's hat) is next. We consider Esmell and Chor Fel's knives (See H/W Page 189) We search the beekeepers which turns out to be a candle maker who keeps bees for wax.

E Temlin suggests we look around the area where the house was. We find a hole in the ground! Nalin goes down the hole first. Willan tries to pick up the book with the most recent date, he gets a nasty shock but holds on to the book. The shock has weakened him.

[There seems to be something missing - AL]

C Nalin hacks down the tree structure surrounding the shield but the shield stands firm. Nalin hacks the easel, Farlas tries to set off his wand but it won't work. After a considerable amount of time Temlin says "Chor Fel" and the shield comes off.

D Temlin faints. Coffchomi mentions that he has a scroll case from Kimba's house, he also has a green peppery potion and a brown one in a vial marked ventriloquism. There is a scroll in the scroll case. Coffchomi reads the scroll which is a wish spell with a one minute duration - the clock is running. Coffchomi goes for the jugular and wishes everybody to be fully restored in every way.

4 The Shield Plane

A First impressions

B Events in the blizzard

C Events at what used to be the bakery

A We decide to get a move on and hang up the recently acquired shield at the smithy. The shield is hung, it gets very cold. The vista (such as it is) becomes arctic, there is a very, very strong gale blowing and visibility is no more than four feet.

B It is an icy blizzard. There are no walls any more however there is still a pentacle in the ice. Farlas can see pillars. Unpleasant noises can be heard in the wind. Everyone ropes together except Gilthon and Burana. The pillar near us looks like a giant canine tooth. We could tie the rope to the tooth and work out where we are going. We head off to find Temlin, Burana and the correct tooth. Polvyr wants us to go the other way. Burana and Gilthon are fighting each other Taran also grapples Burana, Willan grabs the hat and the four of them suddenly go still. Because the visibility is so bad only Coffchomi, Nalin and Nobla can see what's going on. Coffchomi tries to lift the hat but cannot. We rope up properly. Polvyr, Nalin and Coffchomi set off into the blizzard. Polvyr casts a spell that helps him see in the blizzard.

B The remaining people decide that lots of rope is needed. Nothing is being achieved despite the pressing need to get out of the snow. Temlin farts around about magically enlarging rope. The discussion moves on to the digging of snow holes. Q'Sharl moves off with a rope attached.

B Polvyr is lost so he casts his seeing spell again.

B Temlin want's to clear snow.

C Polvyr sees a structure over there. (!) Polvyr, Nalin and Coffchomi struggle and slog to a wall. There are four legged animals inside the structure.The building is providing shelter from the blizzard for some silvery foxes. Polvyr saw warehouses and guesses they are near the village bakery. Nalin thinks that some of the bones strewn around the place are human and he finds a spear point. Nalin want's to go back so they do.

B Taran and Willan move off using arrows stuck in the snow every few feet a markers. They also find the foxes who seem to be sheltering as one has an injured leg They have a look around and go back to the centre. Farlas looks at the hat, there is some stitching round the band which says "Naham Merch" in amongst various other symbols.

B Temlin puts the moon on the hat over his heart and it turns into a helmet. The helmet is silver with golden tracery which looks like lettering. We decide to hang it up and get going We retrieve about six of the arrows and hang up the hat.

5 The Helmet Plane

A First impressions

B Into the nothingness

C Events at the bee keepers

A The temperature changes and the surrounding now look very odd. We are standing on a flat pentagon of swirling colours outside of which is nothing. No ground, no sky, nothing! We can see some blobs of rainbow. There are no teeth now but the bracelet, belt, shield and helmet are still in place (in mid air).

A There is a building where we think the beekeepers place should be and, where we would expect the shrine, there is a column of light shining up. Silver lines cross the area. Anything we throw outside the pentacle drifts away oddly.

A How about hanging the skull on the invisible thing.

B Nobla is tied to a rope and walks off. There is something to walk on but it feels odd.

A There is a lot of discussion about what to do about the skull and the non existent place to hang it. A pillar of rainbow light comes out of the shrine area. We light a candle, it lights and burns with a green flame.

B A decision is made to investigate the 'nothingness'. Some people will rope themselves together and set off to see what happens. Gilthon threatens to go with Farlas if he goes. Farlas, Burana, Coffchomi and Temlin are roped together and go. Farlas soon panics. The people in the pentacle try to haul him in but Farlas tries to untie himself. Coffchomi hits Farlas in an attempt to subdue him whilst Gilthon moves out to try to help. Everyone seems to be lost. Farlas and Gilthon get back after a struggle. Burana, Coffchomi and Temlin are now at a funny angle to the pentacle, they appear to be going downwards. They decide to come back and turn around. Willan attempts to get Temlin, he leaves the skull behind. Temlin works out that there are invisible but firm lines through the nothingness adjoining the points of the large pentacle, he finds and follows a line which is level.

C Burana, Farlas, Coffchomi and Temlin are at the beekeepers place at one point of the large pentacle. Despite being out in the 'nothingness' the beekeepers place looks like an ordinary building. There is something inside.

B Gilthon, Taran and Willan, who is sulking because Temlin as leader of the Party correctly decided to split the Party in to groups against Willan's advice, go along one of the invisible paths. Gilthon drifts off and a rope has to be got to pull him back.

C Burana dashes in to the beekeepers and starts fighting something that sounds vicious inside. There seem to be two humany leathery winged things. Willan gives one a good whack and it is not well. Nalin and some others rush to help in the fight but it is over before they get there. The winged things fly off. The room seems familiar, could it be the back room of the beekeepers house. There is no mead or honey now, just candle making equipment. Everyone returns to the pentacle.

6 The Skull Plane (The Silver Void)

A First impressions

B We go down the stair well

C The Helmet Plane, brief return

D Down the stair well again, problems with doors and holding hands

E Through the fifth door

F The final gateway to Nessemnar, a ruck

G The Orb of Torlich is removed

H The ruck on the stairs

I Back at the top of the stairs, the return of Mig

J A "lid" appears......and disappears!

K The return....for some

L Temlin, Polvyr, Coffchomi, Burana, Gilthon are left behind, Q'Sharl is dead

M Mig is left behind

A Nalin is volunteered to bleed on the skull. He does and, lifted by Taran and Willan, he hangs the skull which finally stays put! The pentacle goes completely black except for the lines and the signs which are silver. The central pentacle is now just a hole with a descending spiral staircase. Outside the pentacle is still swirling colours but the beekeepers has disappeared.

B The stairs in the middle descend as far as the eye can see. A very lengthy debate ensues about what to do next. no consensus can be reached so a vote is held! Farlas and some others wimp out. Although there are fourteen of us the final vote is recorded for posterity as eight against four with one abstention! We go down the stairs at last.

B The order is as follows:

  1. Willan
  2. Taran
  3. Nalin
  4. Farlas
  5. Dreagh
  6. Temlin
  7. Coffchomi
  8. Gilthon
  9. Burana
  10. Q'Sharl
  11. Bolger
  12. Nobla
  13. Polvyr
  14. Holmir

B The pentagonal stairwell is constructed of five flights of steps about two feet wide to descend one complete revolution. There is a three foot wide hole down the centre. The air is very cold but there is no draught at all. At the bottom of the very first flight of stairs is a poem:

 Though One Gate, Many Doors

Let Be The Portals Signed

Death Shall Reach There Before

Unbroken Five Turns Mortal Hands

Soon The Five Shall Join

B Whilst we puzzle over the correct reading of the poem someone chucks a coin down the hole. We wonder if "The Five" hold hands when they come down here! Farlas wants to stand on the fifth doorstep. However we decide Nalin will do instead.

B We carry on down..... At the end of the fifth flight of stairs there is an opening on the left side. In the ceiling above the door there is a three sided pin shape in silver. The forth line of the poem suggests that we should hold hands. After more consideration of the poem we think if you read upwards you get...

 The Five Shall Be One

Five Turns Reach The Gate

Join Hands Before Signed Doors.

B Willan walks past the door and gets zapped by a sheet of flame. There is a room through the door (Willan can see as he has borrowed Nalin's continual light pebble), a pale light originally came from the room, there is some kind of clothing hanging on the wall.

B Taran gets his hands on the floor without being hurt, we don't understand. Nalin gets zapped on the bottom step. Holmir walks down and is zapped. How do you supplicate?

C We all go back up to the top of the stairs. Nalin takes the skull off and we move back to the previous plane. Nalin bleeds again and puts the skull back on and we are back at the top of the stairs again! We try to work out which order to take the items off. Farlas explains that we should do something that we shouldn't do !!?? We decide to follow Temlin's idea to get the bracelet down. Farlas goes to take it down but Willan shouts "NO!" so Farlas leaves it alone.

D After lengthy discussions and God like interventions Nalin leads the Party back down the stairs. Nalin bleeds on the step in front of the doorway, then holds his hands together and walks forward. He gets zapped. Through the doorway Nalin can see a room about twenty feet square with an opening at the opposite end. There are some black robes with silver markings hanging on the wall.

D Despite Coffchomi telling him not to (a very unusual thing for Coffchomi to do) Nalin ties a rope round himself and walks in to the room. He disappears and the rope goes slack. There is a terrible blood curdling screech which sounds very much like Nalin plummeting to his death. Bolger says, unconcernedly, "Are you alright Nalin?" After a few seconds there is a crash and Nalin's voice can be heard saying "It's Nalin, I'm alright, I'm down here, up here." Temlin shouts "You're talking in riddles Nalin." Nalin replies that he is on the stairs somewhere but due to the twisted reality of this plane he is not sure if he has fallen up or down, he decides to walk up the stairs. He climbs ten revolutions passing a door on each one until he reaches one with a circle symbol above it.

D Farlas tries to go down. He holds his hands in prayer mode and walks on to the step in front of the door. He gets zapped. Farlas descends to the next door, it has a diamond sign over it.

D Polvyr is successfully lowered down one level by rope. Burana is then lowered to the stairs between the second and third doors. Farlas volunteers to do something so he is lowered down to Burana. Gilthon is lowered to the stairs between the first and second doors and Q'Sharl is lowered down to him. Unfortunately Q'Sharl falls trying to land on the stairs. Luckily Burana catches him.

D Farlas is lowered down to the fifth door and tries to squeeze through whilst continuously describing what he is doing so they everyone else knows that he is still there and what to copy if he is successful. He gets zapped.

E Farlas stands in the doorway. In front of him is a room about twenty feet square. There is an opening on the far side with a pale illumination. There are five black robes with silver pentangular markings hanging on the left hand wall. Farlas looks towards the pale illumination, the door looks like the one he just came through.

E Willan wants to go down and so does Taran. They get to the door, Gilthon follows them down and Temlin zaps down. Nalin and Willan go through the door, Willan waves as he goes through. Taran (who must have gone through the door unrecorded) puts on one of the black robes, it is not nice.

F The room through the illuminated doorway is about twice as big as the last room. The right wall has a weird aspect. It would look like there was a film being projected on to it if such technology existed. It reminds Farlas of his vision. The life sized image is of a campsite with tents, in the foreground is a sacrifice of a young female. She seems to have been raped by a demon who itself has been killed at the same time by a human figure who can obviously see us. There is also an armoured fighter and a very attractive woman of unearthly appearance, she is hooded. On one side is an awning with more people under it. The tall robed human who can see us is armed with a sword. This does not look very encouraging.

F Farlas gives Temlin a scroll to use if he wants to.

D Dreagh and Coffchomi are still at the top of the stairs and Coffchomi wants to come down. Coffchomi goes down, Dreagh falls off but Coffchomi catches him. Holmir goes down another two doors. Coffchomi drops off [.....and - Ed]

F We decide that Willan should go for the big fighter, Nalin should go for the woman and Temlin will cast a scroll at a fighter. Farlas has the scroll. Taran and Gilthon are to share a fighter. The trouble is we cannot get through the 'film', it is as solid as a wall. Those on the other side of the 'film' laugh at our efforts to get them. Another person moves into view, it is a young boy who appears to be singing.

F A tall creature steps through the wall accompanied by two fighters. We speedily devise a plan, we will hit them! Before we get going Willan is hit, falls over and takes a potion. Farlas tries his ring and it doesn't work! Taran parries a blow whilst Holmir gets a critical hit on one of the fighters but does little damage. Enraged, the fighter hits Holmir critically and does much more impressive damage! The tall creature flies over the melee to attack Temlin. Holmir, still up, gets a hit. Things are sufficiently desperate that even Coffchomi goes on the attack with his staff, and gets a hit! Farlas manages to avoid being hit as does Nalin. Holmir is not so fortunate and is hit by an insubstantial thingy (shadow), one of a number that have recently appeared.

F The insubstantials are difficult to hit. There seems to be a wolf in the room. The wimpy guy flies off. Gilthon avoids being hit and Farlas magic missiles a flier. Nalin hits something very hard and Willan gets hit in the gut. Coffchomi shouts at Farlas. Willan can't seem to hit a thing but some others seem to achieve some stuff. One of the bad thingys goes down and Gilthon withdraws to recover. Willan goes down again, his leg is just about off. Taran gives Willan a potion and he is able to get up again. The wolf is unhappy. It bites at it's opponent. Everything goes dark as Nalin's continual light pebble is yanked from his neck and chucked in to Nessemnar. Taran falls on top of Willan. Holmir hits something. Temlin fires off two scroll spells in quick succession. First he blinds the big fighter then he causes a shadow to appear. and it works.

H A man on the stairs shouts.

F Farlas missiles the hover-bug. Willan administers a potion to Taran. Gilthon lights up events. Q'Sharl runs towards the door, Willan sees that he has the Orb of Torlich. Temlin announces that he is controlling a shadow. One of the bad guys is blind. Q'Sharl is engulfed by flame as he goes through the door. Willan shouts after Q'Sharl " What are you doing?". "Saving you" is his reply.

H Near the top of the stairs someone else flies at Bolger. Two bad guys fly off.

F Willan attempts to follow Q'Sharl but is forced to defend the doorway against some bad guys.

G Q'Sharl goes up the stairs and a door flashes as he passes.

F A flaming cloak is thrust at a bad guy. Farlas is thinking. Willan gets a hit at last!

G Q'Sharl continues running up the stairs past another door which zaps him. There are still things going on out there.

F Gilthon tries to mend Polvyr. The shadow is frightened by fire. A sphere of darkness appears on Willan's head. The bad guy is facing into the room fighting something, None of the shadows are attacking us.

G Q'sharl continues rushing up the stairs.

F Lots of people try to attack the nasty one near Willan who can see again. Nalin manages to hit something. A woman appears. Temlin keeps on thinking about shadows.

G Someone on the stairs shouts "He's coming". There are people in front of Q'Sharl, Nobla ducks and Q'Sharl leaps over him towards his opponent with the Orb held out in front of him as a weapon.

Everywhere is in chaos.

F Gilthon thinks of hitting the woman. She vanishes with the fallen body.

H One of the bad guys is flying

G Q'Sharl tries to go round the outside of Bolger. Someone else has flown off.

H Willan is knocked over by a bad guy who is fighting.

H What is going on? Willan stands up, Temlin acts.

G Q'Sharl runs quickly up the stairs.

H The big fighter is legging it, someone is flying, people have disappeared, a spear is thrust at a flier by Bolger.

G Having got out of the stairwell Q'Sharl runs away.

H Nalin has spotted how the big fighter held his hands to prevent the door zapping him. He shows Taran and Willan.

H A baddy runs through flames from the door, he is obviously in pain. Another guy flies past Bolger hitting him in the process.

H What next? The baddy doesn't run on to the spear. Taran shows them all the sign which stops you getting zapped by the door, and calls them through the door. Bolger gets bopped on the head and Temlin's shadow has gone. Willan and Nalin run up the stairs. Burana gets hit and fails to hit the bad guy back. Nobla hurtles up the last of the stairs and out the top.Gilthon and Temlin look at Farlas. An arrow stops in mid air and dangles there, Farlas shouts "#*!!#?" and then the arrow rises. Polvyr feels a bit better. One baddy lifts another out of the hole but Nobla notices nothing. Farlas is flying around. Burana gets away with a moderate hit from the big fighter who can't use his two handed sword at full strength on the cramped stairwell. Temlin shoots another arrow. Willan misses his opponent but Burana is hit again and falls. The big fighter grabs Burana and uses him as a shield. Dreagh tries to go paper thin in order to push the big fighter off the stairs. The big fighter throws Burana at Willan who manages to parry him on to the stairs (and not down the hole in the middle).

H A lot of unpleasantness is occurring all over the stairs. Burana is gushing blood, Taran passes a potion up to Willan who is just below Burana on the stairs. The big fighter sheaths his sword and pulls out a dagger, this is too much for Dreagh who jumps...... Holmir grabs him but is only just holding on. Willan manages to pour Taran's potion into Burana's mouth, it seems to have improved him.

I At the top, one of the enemy casts a fear spell (apparently by rapping his staff on the ground) and the Dwarfs leg it. The big fighter rushes up the stairs and Willan runs after him whilst Holmir and Nalin manage to pull up Dreagh. Once Dreagh is back on the stairs the others are able to follow Willan up the stairs.

J The big fighter gets out of the top and suddenly everything goes dark. Willan discovers a solid 'lid' covering the top of the stairwell.

J There is a pentacle with a rhyme just underneath the lid.

 The Hands With One Ring

Can Make Five Joined Worlds

For Every Cursed Demon Shall

Over Crushed Foes With Bloody

Jaws Be Bael's Triumphant Horde

We think it means "Hands joined over Bael's ring". Willan joins his hands together in the right fashion and pushes the lid near the 'O' sign on the pentacle. It works!!! The lid opens and there is light again.

I Willan, Nalin, Farlas, Taran, Holmir and Dreagh pile out. There is still a fight in progress at the top. Willan sees someone who must be Mig wearing Essini robes. Mig is fighting the big guy who clobbers him. In total there are six of the enemy in view at the top including the big fighter and the woman. Farlas can be seen being administered to by the woman.

K For those on the top, Willan, Nalin, Holmir, Dreagh, Taran, Farlas and Mig, the environment changes to a snowy one. However those still on the stairs, Polvyr, Gilthon, Coffchomi, Temlin and Burana see the others vanish and the 'terrain' remains constant. They emerge on to the pentacle and can see a body out in the amorphus bit which may be Q'Sharl. Nobla, Bolger and Q'Sharl are missing.

K The fight continues in the snowy plane. Farlas attacks Holmir's opponent. Nalin drinks his oily rainbow potion. He expects it to be flaming breath and the burning sensation in his mouth seems to confirm this. He breaths at the big fighter, however it turns out to be a Cone of Cold and it gets four of the enemy...... Farlas and Mig. Luckily Farlas and Mig survive, unfortunately so does the big fighter.

K Nalin breaths again but it doesn't work a second time, he gets whacked for his pains. The fight continues and Willan gets a hit. One of the enemy goes down. Dreagh has been experimenting with moving about in the zero visibility of the blizzard.

L Polvyr changes into a bird and flies over to the body. It is Q'Sharl and he is dead. His pet iguana Polly however is very much alive. Polvyr's bird is sufficiently large that it can pick up Q'Sharl's body and fly back to the pentacle with it.

K The fight changes plane again but Dreagh is left behind on the snowy plane. Mig asks Farlas what is going on. In reply Farlas attacks him and forces him backwards, Mig does not notice he has moved outside the pentacle. Holmir forces his opponent outside the pentacle as well.

M The situation changes and Mig and Holmir's opponent are left behind. Holmir's opponent surrenders to Mig.

K The fight continues, Willan, Nalin, Farlas, Holmir and Taran together with the flying guy, the woman and the big fighter are back on the original plane. The flying guy shouts "The castle, bring Gruston" and flies away.

K Farlas turns his attack on Holmir and the fight continues. Willan manages to kill the guy with the dagger. The woman touches the big fighter (Gruston ?) and they disappear. They escape as does the flying guy.

7 Talvaran

A Reunions

B Some booty is acquired from the enemy

C The group stuck at the Nessemnar end of the gate have a kip

D Other events

D We have the Ansachat bracelet, they have the other four items. It has begun to get dark.

A Willan, Nalin, Farlas, Holmir and Taran meet Grim, Belthazar, Rez, Abubaca and Bazron. Grim's leg is better unfortunately Carl Berg died from the effects of giving birth. Grim killed all the caterpillars. Farlas has lost two rings, one of which belonged to Hortense.

B The bodies of the dead enemies are searched. A good looking staff is found on the robed one ( the staff was struck on the ground to cause the fear spell). As Grim is a cleric the staff is given to him. A good dagger and cloak are found. The evil priest has some things that are nasty. Holmir gets the cloak, it is a cloak of gliding. Abubaca gets the dagger.

D Farlas decides he will fly back to Zeim Falc. He sets off keeping low amongst the trees but then returns. He has the Ansachat bracelet.

C The group stuck at the far end of the gate, Temlin, Polvyr, Coffchomi, Burana, Gilthon and Bolger (who has returned), go back to the first room to rest and sleep. They set a single person watch.

D The flying guy flew off in a north easterly direction towards the Uruk tower. The other two just vanished. It is eventually decided to spend the night where we are although there are some serious reservations about this. A watch is set: Farlas and Holmir then Nalin and Taran and finally Willan and Bazron. Unexpectedly the night passes without incident.

Wed 2 Nov 1588

A An uneventful night, return to Zeim Falc via the tree

B Events in the gate

C Ja'hin-nur and T.R. arrive at the gate

D The journey to the githianki fort

E Getting in to the fort

F Searching the githianki fort

G The encounter with the githianki "high priest" featuring the death of Burana

H In the bowels of the castle, including barbies featuring Bolger and Nobla

I Escape from the fort and arriving in Ja'hin-nur's plane

A As Temlin is unavailable at the moment Nalin takes over as leader. Surmising that the enemies may be going to all the pentacle points in turn the Party set off to the tree as it is supposed that they will have left the tower by now.

A Farlas only has one useless ring left. He says that he has been a fool!

A The Party arrive at the tree which remains unchanged. However there is smoke rising from the area of Zeim Falc. The Party make haste to the castle.

A There is a great deal of confusion at Zeim Falc, part of the castle is on fire. Dead knights are scattered around. Harit is in charge. He reports that they were attacked by the three people who escaped from us. Some of the knights were fighting with them, it was these knights who set fire to the castle. Some of the surviving knights are particularly shocked by having to kill their friends and colleagues. The guy flew off to the east but no one Knows what happened to the other two.

A Harit confirms that a rider arrived from Essel yesterday as normal and that another is expected today. The messenger from Essel says that the tower was calm when he left.

A The castle is searched and the Ansachat belt turns up. This means that we can get back as far as Mig so it is decided to go back and get him. Willan, Taran and Rez will go taking four horses.

B Meanwhile back in the gate to Hell, Burana and Gilthon cross into Nessemnar to retrieve the body of the sacrificed woman. They bring her back however the smell is revolting so they take her down the stairs to one of the doors and chuck her through to fall eternally! There is some tension between Gilthon and Burana and Coffchomi and Polvyr over this.

B Polvyr gets the sign of the Clan Bharazracrh from Bolger in order to sign to Nobla if he can be found. Polvyr turns into a bird and flies off. He can't find Nobla but he can't fly too far from the pentacle as it is very disorienting. Bolger beats his drum but still there is no reply. Bolger continues drumming on and off for some time.

B Gilthon decides that he may be able to salvage some food from the camp in Nessemnar. The campsite is searched, some scraps of food are found but they look suspicious

[The following events occurred subsequent to the end of the hand written record - Ed]


D Nobla (who is elsewhere) knowing his hammer is magic (he inherited it from Strum), suspends the hammer from his wrist by the thong and calls on Thrune to guide him.

B The group heads back up to the top of the stairs and rests to the slightly annoying rhythm of Bolger's drum. There is a discussion about relative time - If we wait here to be rescued will the others have been making desperate attempts to get back to us for a few seconds when ten years have elapsed on our plane? After a brief discussion it is decided that they should go through Nessemnar and find another way out.

C Two characters are walking purposefully towards us through the nothingness. There is a tall woman in unusual armour and a shorter cloaked figure. Gilthon says "Greetings fair maiden". She says "Greetings" in Lagoin, then asks us what our purpose is. Gilthon explains that we came to fight baddies. She says she is travelling to complete a task then she will go home. She has not heard of Ruistor. Gilthon is suspicious that she can speak our language if she has newer heard of where we come from. Polvyr reckons there is no magic involved in the communication.

C We ask the woman about her companion. She says her companion is "T.R." She says the githianki have carried off her another of her companions and that they also have a dwarf (Nobla ?). She wants us to go with her. Her name is Ja'hin-nur. Gilthon introduces us all. Ja'hin-nur comes towards us but stays well out of reach still on the insubstantial nothingness.

C She offers to lead us through the silver void (this plane) We will rescue our companions and leave the plane. They are being held by the githianki in a fortress. Ja'hin-nur is a bit vague about numbers of githianki, there are too many for her to overcome but not too many for us to deal with now. She also has an injured companion resting in a cave near the githianki fortress.

C Ja'hin-nur explains fairly generally how to walk in the nothingness. Coffchomi seems to grasp the concept and explains it more fully to the rest. We practice walking in the nothingness, it is slow going but most people are improving noticeably. We have to concentrate on where we are going. Everyone gradually gets more proficient but Burana is finding it a bit tough. (His mind probably keeps wandering, as we have found it impossible to gauge the passing of time Burana has been unable to determine if the requisite five minutes have expired since he met Ja'hin-nur so that he can make a pass at her!)

C Ja'hin-nur is armed with an axe like a scythe, the haft has "handles". Burana gets his weapon out and shows it to Ja'hin-nur. She has never seen a sword before! Gilthon asks what the githianki fight with, Ja'hin-nur realises that she has seen swords before. She didn't equate our puny efforts with the big buggers the githianki use.

D We are moving slowly but have lost sight of the pentacle. We ask about the silver threads. She tells us that they connect peoples spirits with their bodies when they are not in the same place. We ask about the rainbow pools, loads of them appear. She tells us that they connect to another plane, but she does not know where you end up if you pass through one, she lost a colleague that way! - best avoided. We clear our minds of rainbow pools and carry on.

D A brown pool appears in front of us and four big birds rush out and attack us. Two of them attack Temlin and Ja'hin-nur, the other two skirt round the side. Ja'hin-nur receives a light wound. The birds are making a lot of noise. Burana gets a good hit and various spells go off. Good parrying by us. The birds have surrounded us and are going round in a circle so we are not necessarily fighting the same bird each time. Gilthon receives a nasty claw hit on his leg and falls to the ground. He crawls in to the middle of the group. Ja'hin-nur looks to be proficient. Coffchomi uses his lasso to rather spectacular effect, one of the birds comes crashing to the ground! Burana gets a hit in. Temlin "Magic Missiles" again. The birds circling pattern is totally buggered, Ja'hin-nur has moved outside the circle. Coffchomi, flushed with success .... misses miserably with his staff. Temlin hits it though with his staff, Ja'hin-nur kills one. Coffchomi hits the lassoed one, he and Temlin are doing impossibly large amounts of damage. Polvyr gets the lassoed bird with his hatchet. Gilthon has had his leg improved by Polvyr moves in to the birds that are still fighting. Burana kills one and Ja'hin-nur kills the other, only the clerics are around the lassoed one. Temlin eventually kills it. The clerics are jubilant - they can act like fighters (except they have bugger all armour).

E The group moves on. We arrive at the castle. It is a one story fortress about one hundred and fifty feet square built on a lump of "floating" rock. There are four towers, one in each corner. There is movement behind the crenellations.

E We go to the cave which is below the fortress, in the lump of rock. Ja'hin-nur goes in first, her friend is no longer there, there are signs of a struggle. There is a discussion about tactics. Coffchomi speculates that if you think that you will come to the top of the wall that may be where you end up because of the unusual properties of the insubstantial nothingness. Ja'hin-nur, lost in thought eventually agrees, the rest are unconvinced. Gilthon shoots an arrow out of the cave to see what happens. We think that missile weapons will work on this plane. Polvyr has a look around the fortress from the comfort of the cave - or at least he would have done if he could have got the spell to work in any of his four attempts.

E Ja'hin-nur tries to walk to the top of the wall, she warns Coffchomi that she will not be where she seems to be! She can do it! There are githianki on the roof.


E Ja'hin-nur returns without engaging. There is a discussion on what to do when we liberate the prisoners. The prisoners are Ja'hin-nur's two friends, Nobla and a woman. Not much is decided. Ja'hin-nur has a gem that goes red when she is near the woman who has been captured.

E Bolger stays in the cave, the rest of us attack! Coffchomi, over excited by his new found melee abilities, is first over the wall. He whacks a githianki with his staff and gets good damage! Gilthon gets a fantastic hit but does less damage than expected. Burana gets one down, or was it Temlin - as his magic missile hits at the same time. Ja'hin-nur splats one with one hit. The one remaining githianki looks a bit worried. Coffchomi misses but Gilthon kills it.

E Coffchomi shouts "Onwards". Polvyr checks the bodies, the swords are nice and the armour is ornate. We are on a roof with two [Four? - Ed] trap doors. Burana cannot hear anything through the trap door. Polvyr is concentrating, he is looking around inside. There are no obvious ways of opening the trap doors. Burana can hear something now. Polvyr says it is five githianki near a guard room containing another two githianki. Polvyr thinks the githianki were talking about us. One of the doors leads to a stable with horses, another has an empty bedroom the last is a corridor.

F Ja'hin-nur says the Githianki are talking about a weapon which will turn the tide of war. Burana attempts to lever open the bedroom trap door whilst Gilthon keeps an eye on the guard house trap door. Burana prises the trap door off and climbs down the ladder with Gilthon close behind.

F Inside there are two exits in adjacent walls. Burana tries to look down the corridors. The room is 20 ft by 60 ft. It is a bunk room for five people containing five beds and chests - a table and three chairs. Burana listens at the doors but hears nothing. Gilthon, Ja'hin-nur and Coffchomi are in the room. Temlin was in the room but has gone back on the roof to draw a map with Polvyr.

F Burana opens a door. He gets a githianki sword in the guts! The githianki holding the sword draws breath and steps in to the doorway and points a wand at Burana. Burana gets Magic Missiled. Burana goes through the door and Gilthon follows him. The githianki hits Burana. Gilthon and Burana hit the githianki. More mutual hits are exchanged until the githianki accidentally drops his weapon and Gilthon drops the githianki. The githianki wands Gilthon for a bit of a blast. They kill the githianki and look around the room. There is a book on a table and three exits including the one we came in. We put the body in bed. Gilthon can read the spell book. Coffchomi has the wand.

F Gilthon opens a door to a store room. It contains some potion bottles, scroll paper and loads of other stuff. The potions are checked. One is red bright and smokey - Coffchomi gets it, one is black thick and liquorice (invisibility ?) - Burana gets it, one is transparent and florescent (invisibility) - Gilthon gets it, two are clear deep blue and smell of sour milk (clare audience ?) - Temlin and Burana gat one each.

F Gilthon opens a door to another bedroom, we have found fifteen beds now. We find two long corridors. We send for Polvyr who shuts the trap door. Gilthon goes back to the cave to get Bolger. Burana is watching. Temlin and Coffchomi are checking chests. Coffchomi finds a blue potion with silver specks, a couple of hundred gold pieces and a scroll - Protection against Dragon Breath, Temlin finds a couple of hundred gold pieces.

E On his way back to the cave Gilthon sees three githianki moving in on the cave. Gilthon attacks them as they attack Bolger. Gilthon sneaks up on them and a ruck occurs, usual rucky type things happen - Bolger falls due to constant attention by the githianki to one of his legs. Gilthon fells all three githianki. Gilthon helps Bolger back into the castle.


F Gilthon returns with Bolger, who is unable to stand. We discuss the use of potions whilst Polvyr considers trying to cure Bolger. Polvyr does his thing and Bolger feels his leg start to improve. Coffchomi gets a bit gung ho and wonders if he can use a sword. He gets one from a dead githianki and gives it some practice swings. Gilthon is concerned and recommends that Coffchomi uses his staff. Coffchomi is itching to use the wand.

F We set off down the corridor towards the middle of the castle. Temlin thinks we should go another way. Temlin leads the way to a door and listens. He hears a low voice. Burana rushes through the door, Coffchomi shouts "Die scum!".

G The room is a shrine containing a large statue of a disgusting edifice of a skeletal figure with gold armour and baroque weaponry. It appears to be female but it is difficult to tell. The statue is currently inanimate. There is a githianki in rich clothes in front of the statue, we assume he is a priest.

G Burana, Coffchomi and Temlin attack the "priest" but make little impact. The priest makes TWO hits, one on Gilthon and one on Temlin. Both Gilthon and Temlin fumble their parries.

G Coffchomi realises he can't use a sword and chucks it at the githianki priest, then draws his staff. Ja'hin-nur joins the fray as Temlin leaves it. Combat continues and Polvyr joins in. It is four against one and we are not making much headway. Coffchomi speculates that if the clerical types in our group seem to be better fighters on this plane, then a githianki priest is going to be a bastard fighter! Burana goes down after getting hit for the third or fourth time. Ja'hin-nur scores a massive hit and wounds the priest. Coffchomi withdraws and gives the wand to Temlin. Coffchomi returns to the fight and gets his first hit - which is parried. Temlin can't make the wand work and gives it to T.R. who puts it in his pocket. Meleeing continues. A competition develops between Polvyr and Coffchomi as to who can hit most quickly. Polvyr goes down and Coffchomi is left facing the priest alone for a moment until Gilthon wades in to the combat. This turns out to be lucky for Coffchomi as Gilthon almost immediately sustains a massive hit! Ja'hin-nur rejoins the frey as T.R. attends to Polvyr. Ja'hin-nur fumbles and twists both of her ankles. She immediately stands up and hits the priest. Eventually Coffchomi (of all people) downs the priest.

G Burana is dead. Gilthon stops the bleeding in his arm, Bolger's leg is still up the creek, Temlin is pretty useless, Polvyr is unconscious from a massive wound in his abdomen, Ja'hin-nur, who is not too bad, tries to negotiate the return of the wand from T.R. There is a cultural difficulty over the status of gifts and T.R. is not inclined to give the wand back.

G We rest up in the altar room. Coffchomi pours a healing potion down Polvyr's throat. He feels a lot better. We interrogate Ja'hin-nur about T.R. but get absolutely nowhere. We find out that Ja'hin-nur has no concept of time. Gilthon obtains Burana's badge and two potions. He moves the body into the little corridor and lays it out.

F Ja'hin-nur and T.R. decide to go. We follow, Gilthon supporting Bolger. We find a room containing sleepers (Ja'hin-nur also appears to have difficulty with the concept of quantifying things). There is a brief debate about killing the occupants but we carry on to another door. Behind this door is an open area with animals.

F We decide to go through the room with the sleeping people.


F Temlin tries to "mind meld" with T.R.. Nothing happens. Temlin wants to go and get the armour and sword of the githianki priest.

F Due to a noticeable lack of volunteers Coffchomi sneaks into the room with the sleepers. They turn out to be six githianki. Coffchomi sneaks out and confers with the group. Gilthon favours killing them so they can't get us later, Coffchomi is disturbed by the idea of killing them in their beds. He favours getting on with finding whoever it is we are trying to find and leaving the castle before they wake up.

F Temlin goes back to look at the armour. It's nice armour though a bit weird. It is about Temlin's size so he puts it on.

F Ideas are drying up. Coffchomi asks Ja'hin-nur for ideas, she suggests taking one of the sleeping githianki hostage but Coffchomi is a bit wary.

F We think Temlin might be wearing cursed armour so Temlin takes it off and puts it back on again.

F We search the inner walls of the three corridors and find no secret doors. We decide to go through the stables to see if there is a way in to the middle from the fourth corridor. Ja'hin-nur is volunteered to go through the stables. She pokes her head round the door. There are some frightening looking horse type things. Polvyr has a look, he sees a horse charging at him. He shuts the door and the horse crashes in to it.

F Thoughts turn to leaving the castle and coming back in through the main gate. The trouble is that the main gate is big and sturdy and shut!

H Back in the altar room T.R. points at the floor. Polvyr and Temlin have a search and Polvyr realises that there is less blood now. Realisation dawn and Temlin and Coffchomi simultaneously mouth "There must be something hollow underneath". Polvyr finds that the altar moves. We push it back to reveal a blood soaked ladder. Polvyr cannot hear anything so Ja'hin-nur descends followed by Temlin.

H At the bottom is a rough hewn room with two columns and a bone covered floor. there are exits to the right and left. Temlin thinks that we should not go between the columns, but around them. He seems to think the columns offer some kind of threat. He's right. Stony looking tentacles come out and try to grab Ja'hin-nur. She makes it back to the ladder, Temlin has already gone back up.

H We decide to chuck the body of the priest down. We strip the body and chuck it down, it is gabbed by six tentacles and dragged back towards the column. We all rush past whilst it is preoccupied. We find ourselves in a cave like room (west). We search the room and find nothing.

H We nip back up and find more bodies. We throw one to the other column and head off down the east side. There is a door. There seems to be an empty cavern on the other side. However when we pile in to the room we are attacked by two great big nasty spiky creatures. Polvyr and Ja'hin-nur are the unlucky ones who get stomped on. Ja'hin-nur gets a big hit but Polvyr is hurt and goes down. Temlin and Coffchomi leap in and Coffchomi misses wildly. Ja'hin-nur attacks one which is cowering but it dodges. Coffchomi and Temlin are not making much headway hitting the stone monster with staffs. However it appears confused and stops attacking. Temlin and Coffchomi stop fighting. We wonder if they are affected by Temlin's armour.

H Temlin moves towards the double doors and the confused stone monster attacks him. Temlin unexpectedly parries the blow. Coffchomi whacks it round the back of the head. Temlin is hit again as Gilthon wades in and gets a hit.

H The double doors burst open and a number of githianki run out looking angry. Coffchomi tries to whack a githianki but misses. Ja'hin-nur and Gilthon dispatch the stone monsters. They move on and Ja'hin-nur blasts a githianki, it holds on, unlike the one that Gilthon kills with one blow. Meleeing is meleed. Our group does well. and the githianki seem to do particularly badly. Right at the end of the combat in which about eight githianki are killed, Coffchomi sustains his first hit on the Silver Void!

H Temlin tries to smash a dead githianki over the head and manages to break his staff on the floor! Eventually Coffchomi kills the last one. We notice the one with the necklace has disappeared.

H We move on into an "L" shaped room with a door at the far end. Gilthon hears low voices through the door. We are unable to open it 'cos it is locked. There is concern over what might be on the other side. Coffchomi however is unconcerned, as he strolls to the corner of the room to take a slash he says that someone should shout "Nobla" through the door. Polvyr shouts "Nobla through the door" through the door. The voices stop.


H Coffchomi asks Polvyr what Nobla replied. Temlin listens through the door, he can't hear anything. Coffchomi comes back over and asks Ja'hin-nur how her glowing red throbber is, it is throbbing more than before. Coffchomi shouts through the door again, but can hear nothing in reply.

H The door is extremely solid and would seem to be barred from the inside. This is a bit worrying as it suggests that someone official must be on the other side. Gilthon thinks there is a secret door in here somewhere. Temlin searches all over but can't find one.

H Ja'hin-nur sets about the door with an axe. Gilthon gets a dead githianki as a shield and Coffchomi gets into position with his staff. Temlin spots a live githianki behind us, it seems about to throw something. Temlin moves in, the githianki throws a missile to the side of the room. A sheet of flame lashes out and damages the party. Gilthon drops the githianki he was holding. Coffchomi leaps at the githianki whilst Temlin starts brawling with it and gets stabbed. Coffchomi and Temlin set about the githianki. Temlin bear hugs it and Coffchomi hits it on the arm. Ja'hin-nur moves in menacingly but Temlin and Coffchomi kill it with their bare hands! Ja'hin-nur chops its head off. Temlin notices a necklace in the space between the dead githianki and it's head. Temlin searches the body and finds a horn. The necklace appears to be a cheap medallion. Temlin puts it on and fiddles with it, he notices that two detachable things have been removed, there are five left.

H Polvyr goes and looks at Bolger, or at least his steaming flame grilled remains. Gilthon shouts over to Polvyr that there is a magic book in his backpack. There is no backpack and the book is badly burnt. Coffchomi thinks that any book should be saved and takes charge of "Combatting the Un" by "Essen the J".

H Ja'hin-nur goes back to hacking the door down. The door bursts a bit, Coffchomi shoves a dead githianki through the door. Coffchomi shouts "Nobla are you in there", there is no reply. Ja'hin-nur shouts out "Sen-riterid'n" there is still no reply however Ja'hin-nur can hear movement.

H Ja'hin-nur seems able to sense who is inside and their approximate location. Most of the enemy are in the middle of the room so we get Temlin to give her the necklace and she will "grenade" them. She chucks a middle sized one. There is a big bang and a ball of flame which Ja'hin-nur just manages to avoid. It looks as if we may have made a slight miscalculation of the size of grenade for the job - a very small one would have done!

H Ja'hin-nur tells us not to move. She rushes around in our room which causes a githianki in the other room to react. Ja'hin-nur shouts "T.R. catch". She mimes throwing something and the makes a running kick. A large multifaceted gem rolls out the door closely followed by two githianki.

H Coffchomi gives Gilthon a potion of healing and moves into the githianki smashing it hard. Temlin makes a grab for the gem but misses. The githianki drops its sword as the second githianki misses the gem. Gilthon chops the grabbing githianki. Temlin grabs the gem and runs away. Ja'hin-nur's arm spontaneously explodes., Temlin gets cut. Coffchomi and Gilthon continue meleeing whilst Temlin and Polvyr flee. Another fire ball goes off catching Coffchomi and a githianki goes down.

H Coffchomi legs it leaving Ja'hin-nur and T.R. behind. A smoking githianki staggers out of the room and sets about Ja'hin-nur. Gilthon polishes off the githianki which has just hit Temlin. Polvyr seems a bit agitated over the length of time it took Coffchomi to admit to having a healing potion. He chucks the githianki head to the column and rushes through the room however the column shoots out a tentacle and gabs him.

H Ja'hin-nur is in trouble and tells T.R. to attack the githianki. T.R. gets the wand out and blasts the githianki into oblivion.

H Gilthon chucks a githianki body to the column and Temlin chucks a rope in however Polvyr does not see it. Polvyr casts a spell and shouts "This will last for ten minutes". The column becomes motionless. Gilthon cuts Polvyr from the column and he falls to the ground. Gilthon speeds back to find Ja'hin-nur.

I Coffchomi first aids Polvyr. We regroup and move past the column whilst Polvyr's spell is still working. We make our way out of the castle without further incident.

I Ja'hin-nur is adamant that she had not come to rescue Sen-riterid'n but the gem, although she didn't know it until just now. We swap the gem for the necklace and wand although T.R. will not let on how it works. We move away from the castle and suddenly find ourselves on Ja'hin-nur's plane of existence. It is similar to our plane but subtly different. We notice that the joints of the hands of Ja'hin-nur's people are differently constructed which accounts for Ja'hin-nur's strange looking weapon.

I Ja'hin-nur goes to complete her mission and see if she can arrange to get us back to our own plane.


[Hand written record continues - Ed]

Thur 3 Nov 1588

A Willan, Taran and Rez travel back to gate to recover Mig and Nylas. Nylas is questioned.

B Farlas and Holmir travel to the tower to meet Essel.

A Willan, Taran and Rez and four horses go back to Talvaran with the belt and bracelet, whilst Farlas and Holmir set off for the tower.

A Willan, Taran and Rez reach the wood and waltz into the village. They put the belt and bracelet back in their correct positions and Mig appears with the other guy as a prisoner. Everyone returns and Mig is given the shield. When questioned Mig claims no longer to be Pirfeltenke.

A The prisoner is questioned. He says he is called Nylas, he cooperates with the questioning but is troubled by questions about his time with the enemy. He claims to have been under the control of the woman, who's name is Tusula, and that she was also controlling the two we killed, Girvash and Culderas, and the giant fighter, Gruston.

A Nylas continues his story on the ride back to Zeim Falc. Nylas and Gruston were mercenary companions who were captured and altered in strange and disgusting ways by Tusula and the demonist Norgraze. The aim of Norgraze at the gate to Nessemnar was to take the Orb of Torlich and trap the party. The Orb was previously theirs! Nylas was captured in 1582. He was surprised to discover he had been a prisoner for six years. Judging by his description it would appear that he was taken into Nessemnar by the same northern gate that the Party used the first time we popped in to Hell.

B Farlas and Holmir meet Essel who has been wasting his time at the tower! Farlas tells Essel a story about the adventures in the gate and how Burana is trapped with some of the Party. Essel is not surprisingly more than a little concerned by developments but takes the news rather well. He advises us not to make it common knowledge that Burana is indisposed.

A Willan, Taran, Rez, Mig and Nylas return to Zeim Falc by midnight.

Fri 4 Nov 1588

A A quiet day

A Farlas, Holmir, Essel and the knights arrive back at Zeim Falc in the evening.