4 Kingdoms

Chapter 11 - Erthelm


Thur 22 Dec 1588

  • Clatrina and Couron turn up at Nalin's factorship at Pelektorn
  • Nalin, Clatrina and Couron meet Huffi, Skelly and Heighdhon down the pub

Fri 23 Dec 1588

  • Nalin forms a group under the command of Bazron
  • To investigate the rumours about Ertlelm/Halpar

Sat 24 Dec 1588

  • The spys set off for Ertlelm/Halpar and question Fundor on the way
  • During the night Fundor spots the tall man and woman

Sun 25 Dec 1588 full moon

  • The group arrive at Ertlelm/Halpar
  • Investigations are started at the temple and pub

Mon 26 Dec 1588

  • Couron goes to Pelektorn to fetch Nalin
  • Bazron and Huffi go to investigate the mine cave in
  • The rest continue investigations in the village

Tue 27 Dec 1588

  • What Bazron and Huffi find at the mine
  • Clatrina and Heighdhon are ambushed in the woods
  • Skelly observes the church
  • Back in Ertlelm/Halpar a note is left for Nalin
  • Unfortunate events at the ruined keep which have nothing to do with Sharla, alegedly
  • Camping with Couron, Nalin sees Gruston

Wed 28 Dec 1588

  • Nalin, Couron, Huffi and Bazron arrive in Ertlelm/Halpar
  • At the debriefing Nalin dictates a plea to Farlas
  • Nalin visits the mayor
  • Nalin questions Falcon
  • A watch is kept from the inn

Thur 29 Dec 1588

  • Nalin and Clatrina continue their vigil
  • Plans are made over breakfast at Skelly's, Falcon turns up
  • Sharla is found
  • Sharla's body is returned to the village
  • Known longbow users are questioned
  • Skelly's condition fluctuates
  • Heighdhon and Huffi follow Freyda
  • Nalin's initial investigations
  • Questioning gathers pace
  • Bazron arrives in Pelek
  • In good investigator style, the group review information and list occupants of Ertlelm
  • And murder suspects
  • And unanswered questions
  • Clatrina and Heighdhon stake out Sharla's body at the temple
  • Nalin questions Falcon

Fri 30 Dec 1588

  • Fire at the Demathon temple
  • In the confusion Skelly turns over the private rooms in the inn
  • Events around the village after the fire
  • Discovery of a temple under the temple
  • Kurodoer comes clean and admits there is a Vehrghudain clique
  • Speculation about Norgraze and Tusula
  • The mayor dies again
  • In the mayor's house
  • The death of Alslar
  • The shadows
  • The death of Starron

Sat 31 Dec 1588

  • Starron's body is delivered to Kurodoer
  • Nalin, Clatrina, Couron and Heighdhon retrieve the giant's head
  • Huffi and Skelly go on shopping trip
  • Nalin does some detective work
  • Carwyn is detained for questioning
  • Bazron returns from Pelektorn
  • Carwyn escapes
  • Carwyn is tracked into the woods where Annoa is found
  • Gruston kills Carwyn
  • Gruston is tracked
  • The group return to Ertlelm
  • Arron is killed
  • Nalin brings the villagers up to speed, they think he's nuts
  • Huffi and Bazron interview Annoa's family
  • Falcon shows the group a doorway to a temple which has magically re-appeared after 100 years
  • The arcane symbols on the door are discussed with Kurodoer
  • Falcon comes clean
  • Belar recounts the "Legend of the Necklace of Tar'Khurt"
  • New year celebrations are muted

Sun 1 Jan 1589

  • Most of the group get "gifts" from Vehrghudain
  • Preparations are made to enter the old temple
  • The rings from Carwyn and the mayor's chest are investigated
  • The effect of the ring from the mayor's chest becomes clear
  • Huffi makes a hole in the old temple door
  • The group descend some stairs in to a cavern
  • There is a lot of fallen rubble around
  • The group find a room with a stream
  • The group find a temple and have a set to with Ferrano, Winch and some farmers
  • The group find a burial chamber
  • Bazron almost poisons himself
  • The group find the first sign that Norgraze, Tusula and Gruston are also down here
  • A statue of Essini and Lyrgard in combat, with a crap poem
  • Leather curtains
  • Wandering about in corridors
  • A key shaped room
  • Bed time
  • Chanting in the night

Mon 2 Jan 1589

  • The statue is clothed
  • Falcon's dream
  • What next?
  • Clatrina drifts off
  • Willan sets off from Goltorn to Hansol
  • Kelnal murders a prisoner
  • Back to the leather curtains
  • Nalin goes through the key shaped room
  • The multi-coloured floor
  • Willan and his travelling companions meet Modo and Calhassan
  • The magnetic obelisk in the temple complex
  • Bottles of blood
  • Willan and his entorage arrive in Hansol
  • Modo finds the cook
  • Ghouls under Ertlelm
  • Dragons under Hansol
  • A locked door is found under Hansol
  • A pair of very old locked doors are found under Ertlelm
  • The firey chasm
  • Kelnal becomes a ghoul and is dealt with by Skelly
  • The door under Hansol is unlocked and some wooden items are obtained
  • The mouldy room under Ertlelm
  • Huffi chucks everyone (almost) across the chasm in a bag of "Holding"
  • The group under Ertlelm encounter a zorn
  • Followed by a clay golem
  • A banquet in honour of Willan is held in Hansol
  • The nagaa guarding the necklace of Essini

Tue 3 Jan 1589

  • Conversation with the nagaa under Ertlelm
  • Conversation about the nagaa under Ertlelm
  • The group give up and start the return journey
  • Clatrina's embarrassing encounter with the "thing" in the mould room
  • Loot from the "thing"
  • Heighdhon accidentally "Teleports" himself
  • The group hurry back to the nagaa
  • One by one, the group disappear beyond the nagaa room
  • Where Heighdhon went
  • Seth
  • Heighdhon's murky past
  • Heighdhon and Huffi step through the black hole (actually Heighdhon crawls)
  • Skelly "Dispels" Seth
  • The group jump through the yellow hole to the statue room
  • Combat with Norgraze, Tusula and Gruston
  • Norgaze, Tusula and Gruston are all killed!
  • The necklace is returned to Essini
  • Checking the wounded
  • Tusula's body has gone, but another piece of the ansachat is recovered
  • The group struggle back to the surface and wait out the night

Wed 4 Jan 1589

  • The group return to Ertlelm
  • Kurodoer has died
  • Some of the magic items from Norgraze and Tusula are identified

Thur 5 Jan 1589

  • Bazron wakes up with the potental to be ambidextrous
  • The group are go back to get the treasure
  • Couron comes round
  • Inventory and distribution of treasure
  • Nalin appoints Thrim as mayor of Ertlelm

Fri 6 Jan 1589

  • The group set off back to Peleck

Sat 7 Jan 1589

  • The group arrive at Peleck in the evening

Sun 8 Jan 1589

  • Nalin has a party to celebrate his birthday

Mon 9 Jan 1589

  • Farlas arrives in Peleck and queries the tone of Nalin's note

Tue 10 Jan 1589

  • Willan and Isil Oome turn up in Pellek
  • Tarran arrives and all parts of the Ansachat key are re-united, with the exception of the shield
  • The luminaries disperse

Thur 12 Jan 1589

  • Two search parties scour the environs of Ertlelm
  • Nalin enlists the help of Annoa

Fri 13 Jan 1589

  • The searches around Ertlelm reveal nothing

Sat 14 Jan 1589

  • The searches around Ertlelm reveal a pendant

Sun 15 Jan 1589

  • The searches around Ertlelm reveal nothing more
  • The group decide to return to Peleck



Thur 22 Dec 1588

A Clatrina and Couron turn up at Nalin's factorship at Pelektorn

B Nalin, Clatrina and Couron meet Huffi, Skelly and Heighdhon down the pub


A During the preceeding month the new landed gentry among the Party have split up and moved to their respective fiefdoms.

A Clatrina, who is originally from Ur-hannar, over the sea, is travelling back from Salsorme to Kirk via her employer, Ub's, lands at Revdolin and she pays a call on Nalin in Pelektorn on her way through. She does not speak very good lagoin. Couron is doing the grand tour of those Party members recently come into land and she turns up at about the same time as Clatrina, having previously been to see Farlas who suggested she visit Nalin next.

B The dwarfen miners supplying the mint are very happy at the appointment of Nalin as Factor as the previous incumbent had not been particularly well disposed towards the dwarfen community. Word is out down the mines that Nalin is looking for volunteers to assist him in a venture and a dwarf called Huffi has received the nomination of the local mines by the usual method. The only difference being that on this occasion the price was exorbitant!

B On his way to present himself to Nalin Huffi meets Skelly, a priest of Dagur who hails from these parts. Huffi takes Skelly to a good dwarfen restaurant to sample some ethnic cooking. By a coincidence Nalin decides to do the same thing with his guests Couron and Clatrina and takes them to the same restaurant.

B Everyone is getting on well, beer is flowing, songs, including the dwarfen classics "Beer" and "Gold", are song and talk gets loud. Someone overhears Skelly asking about undead and joins the conversation. He is introduced by another dwarf as Heighdhon the Healer. Heighdhon has met Timothy the Paladin, aledgedly. Heighdhon is reticent about talking about his meeting with Timothy about six years ago however Nalin presses him and he provides a little more general information.

Fri 23 Dec 1588

A Nalin forms a group under the command of Bazron

B To investigate the rumours about Ertlelm/Halpar


A The next morning Heighdhon the Healer turns up at Nalins residence as arranged the night before. Nalin announces that a dwarf named Fundor has informed him that there is a problem in one of the outlying villages. Animal rustling, caravans set upon, some dwarfs killed in a cave in in a mine and a human was found mutilated in the forest. Nalin does not want to go in person as he does not want to appear to be high handed so he has decided to send Bazron and he would like some people with local knowledge to assist him. Skelly is local and volunteers to go and Huffi insists on going as he has laid out alot of cash to be here. Heighdhon is interested in going but requires that his baggage train be accomodated.

A Nalin does not want to send the group until after Christmas, but since none of the group know what Christmas is he decides to send them the next day. Heighdhon enquires about payment and Couron supports him so Nalin agrees to reasonable expenses.

B The mission is to find out what is going on at the village and report back. The group are to go to the village which is called Ertlelm by the dwarfs or Halpar in Lagoin and meet Belar the Stump, the blacksmith. He is called Stumpy as he only has one leg. Nalin suggests the group speak to Fundor first (he works for Belar). Fundor is suspicious of a man called Falcon who works at the Lanar Farm. He can be found at the Halpar Inn in the evenings. Nalin suspects that Fundor does not like Falcon as he is newly arrived in the area. There is also a strange rumour about a tall man and a tall woman who live in the hills and another giant man who wrestles the highland cattle to feed the three of them.

B In general Ertlelm is a quiet town a bit off the beaten track. Nalin instructs the group to send a message back for him if any of the rumours can be substantiated. Clatrina takes a strident attitude on the best way to nip the problem in the bud. Heighdhon thinks Clatrina's attitude is excessive and Nalin seems to agree with him. Nalin stresses that his authority is vested in Bazron and the rest of the group are to assist him. Nalin also points out that if he is going to come down hard he will have to come down hard and anyone who does anything stupid. It turns out that Clatrina is the captain of Ub's guard.

B A discussion develops about theological matters. Huffi thinks that if you can't bite it and break your teeth then its not really worth considering. In the ensuing discussion about gold and other things of value to dwarfs Huffi mentions that the Halpar Inn has a good reputation for its home brew. Huffi mentions that he has heard that there is a bit of an atmosphere in Ertlelm between the humans and dwarfs.

B The mutilated body was found three days ago by Kelnal the carpenter. Although Fundor did not see the body Belar has told him that the death was deafinitely not caused by an animal.

B Nalin wants the group to arrive incognito however there is some scepticism amongst the group that six people could arrive in a backwater village without raising some suspicions. The group decide to make sure that they take careful note of their route in case they have to make the return trip without assistance.

Sat 24 Dec 1588

A The spys set off for Ertlelm/Halpar and question Fundor on the way

B During the night Fundor spots the tall man and woman

A The day dawns cloudy with occasional showers. It is unusually warm for the time of year so it's not actually snowing. However Ertlelm is up in the hills so it probably will be snowing there. On the way the group question Fundor and find out that the mutilated human was an unidentified male. No one has gone missing from the town. The body was found in the woods outside the village, the body had been there for a while as the animals had been at it. Fundor has never seen the tall man and woman as he stays in the smithy. There is a temple to Demathon, the local dwarfen mountain god, in the village. Heighdhon thinks that Fundor is withholding something.

A The population of the village is twenty five to thirty so the incognitio idea looks even more shakey. The Innkeeper is called Starron Balfi, he is a dwarf married to a human wife named Sharrel. Their Half‑dwarfen daughters are called Sharla and Fellia. There are stables at the inn. There is a mill, a bakery, and a tannery in the village.

B After a short days travelling, camp is set and watches are worked out, 3 x 4 hours. Huffi and Clatrina take the first watch, Fundor and Couron the second and Bazron and Skelly take the third and last watch. Heighdhon gets to do the barby. There are alot of left overs as he has stir fried some raw kidney beans! The night passes uneventfully until Fundor sees the tall man and woman. He starts having kittens and Couron wakes Bazron who wakes the rest of the group. Bazron goes to investigate and Huffi accompanies him. The rest try to calm Fundor.

B Huffi spots some booted tracks and a little further on there is a much heavier single set. They are big but not giant sized. Huffi and Bazron cannot find anything else, in fact Huffi is so intent on looking at the ground that he walks into a tree! They return to the group to discover that not only can no one in the group cook, but no one can track either. The rest of night passes uneventfully except that Fundor is very jumpy and wakes the group up once or twice.

Sun 25 Dec 1588 full moon

A The group arrive at Ertlelm/Halpar

B Investigations are started at the temple and pub

A The group leave the main track which is heading westwards and head up a little track and arrive at the village about an hour later. Fundor is sent home and the group enter the Halpar Inn. Starron welcomes the group who hire three rooms together. Bazron, Skelly and Huffi take one room, Couron and Clatrina take another and Heighdhon hires a room for himself. It is late afternoon when a round of drinks are purchased, food aranged....... and Heighdhon and Couron order a bath!

B Skelly goes to the temple which is fairly new although rather overgrown. There are two Dwarfs wearing priestly garb inside. The aging dwarf introduces herself as Kurodoer and her assistant as Alslar. Skelly makes some small talk and volunteers to help. There is alot to be done so Skelly has no trouble finding things to do.

B During the evening the group settle in to the pub, Huffi and Clatrina are particularly popular and Skelly does a fantastic card trick of Penn and Teller proportions. It is easy to steer the conversation onto the mutilated body but not much concrete information is gained. The tanner, Balsbi, has seen the tall man and woman but her is considered a bit thick.

B Clatrina reckons a human sitting at the end of the group of farmers is Falcon. Skelly goes over and does a card trick for them, it is another good one. He introduces himself and establishes that one of the group is indeed Falcon. Falcon is wearing the symbol of the Essini church and Skelly asks him about it. He claims to be just a follower and in the ensuing conversation her gives very little away but asks alot of questions.

B Word has obviously got around about who we are as people start drifting up to Heighdhon with queries about their health.

Mon 26 Dec 1588

A Couron goes to Pelektorn to fetch Nalin

B Bazron and Huffi go to investigate the mine cave in

C The rest continue investigations in the village

A It is decided that there is sufficient evidence to fetch Nalin so Couron goes to get him.

B Bazron and Huffi head off for the mine where the three dwarfs were crushed. It will probably take until tomorrow to get back.

C Clatrina goes to the tannery to see Balsbi (human). He saw the three wild people last week in the hills in the daytime from his tanning shed. Clatrina starts to talk to Mrs Balsbi whose name is Slirin. Slirin is a bit wary of Clatrina who looks a bit outrageous for these parts and Clatrina thinks she is trying to keep her daughters out of the way. Clatrina thinks that there is a trace of elf in at least one of the daughters.

C Skelly starts gardening at the temple. He uses a "Flame blade" to clear the worst of the weeds. Kurodoer is not too keen about this but Alslar thinks its a brilliant idea. Skelly attends the service when the sun comes over the mountain. Fundor, Starron and six others are in the congregation.

C Heighdhon goes to the smithy to find Fundor. He sees a dwarf working at the smith [Thrim - Ed] assisted by Fundor. There is a second dwarf sitting in the shadows, he has only one leg. Heighdhon strolls in and greets Fundor and wanders over to the smith who introduces himself as Belar. Heighdhon thinks that Belar is aware of Fundor's mission. Heighdhon continues on to Kelnal the carpenter and discovers that the body had been diliberately cut up, although nothing had been removed. Kelnal estimates that the body had been there for a week or two before he found it.

C After lunch there is not much for the group in the village to do so Heighdhon goes to chat with Kurodoer. He finds out that the old temple was over to the west but that nobody goes there anymore. He cannot find out from Kurodoer exactly how far to the west it was so he collars Alslar and finds out that the church Kurodoer is talking about is probably one she used to work in in Valen! So for as Alslar knows there was no church before this one. Heighdhon enquires about ruins which are good spots for finding herbs and Alslar tells him that there is a ruined keep on a nearby knoll, about half an hour away.

C After a debriefing at the Inn Skelly, Heighdhon and Clatrina decide to head out west to see if they can find any old ruins. They don't.

A Couron arrives at Pelektorn and reports that all the rumours are true. Nalin decides to go himself and tells Blane what he is about to do.

B Bazron and Huffi arrive in the vicinity of the mines too late to go straight down so they camp outside the area with a double watch. Huffi takes the first six hours and Bazron the rest.


C When Skelly, Heighdhon and Clatrina return to the village they hit the bar at the Halpar Inn. Heighdhon is expecting to get a lot of free rounds as a result of his ministrations during the day. Starron Balfi's daughters are not in the Inn tonight, it is alot quieter than yesterday although Falcon and Belar are there.

C Heighdhon makes himself available and a few of the farmers drift over with minor ailments. Heighdhon steers the conversation on to ruins again but does not elicit much. Clatrina makes some non‑invasive enquiries about Balsbi's family. It appears that the girls may actually be their children. Skelly tackles Falcon on the subject of weeding the church but finds herself on a sticky wicket straight away. However she recovers quite well and is able to question Falcon about his job on the farm. It is a short lived success and Falcon starts getting information about the investigating group. Skelly introduces Falcon and the farmers to Clatrina. Falcon talks in a fashion that suggests there is more to him than a simple farm hand. He seems to be concerned that Skelly should be concerned about the lack of intrest in the upkeep of the church by the local populus, however Skelly seems to be having trouble picking up on the hints. Clatrina asks Falcon if he thinks that a visit from the Factor would be beneficial to the village. Falcon answers that he has no knowledge of the new Factor and is unaware of his alliegence. The previous Factor was called Phredd.

C Skelly withdraws from the conversation and the three of the group have a meal together. Heighdhon thinks that Alslar is worth investigating. It looks as if there may be an underground religion here. Clatrina thinks that Falcon is investigating the same occurances as the group. [Although some of them occured after he arrived ‑ Ed].

Tue 27 Dec 1588

A What Bazron and Huffi find at the mine

B Clatrina and Heighdhon are ambushed in the woods

C Skelly observes the church

D Back in Ertlelm/Halpar a note is left for Nalin

E Unfortunate events at the ruined keep which have nothing to do with Sharla, alegedly

F Camping with Couron, Nalin sees Gruston

A Bazron and Huffi stride purposefully into the mining settlement. They find out the Dorenlith is in charge. They enter his hut and present their particulars. Dorenlith, a human, does not appear overwhelmed but complies with the demand to see the collapsed mine. Bazron asked for someone to show them around and Dorenlith sends a dwarf to fetch Hanar. Whilst they wait Dorenlith explains that the mines are close to exhaustion. When Hanar turns up Dorenlith says that both he and Hanar are in charge. Bazron questions Hanar, the expert on the dwarfen parts of the mines, about the accident. Hanar seems very honest but is unable to offer an explaination as to why the collapse might have ocured.

B After breakfast Clatrina decides to go on another walk around the western side of the town. Now that there is light Clatrina would like to do a more thorough search if the lands to the west of the village. Both her and Heighdhon are unable to turn up any ruins although Clatrina notices something skulking in the woods. A largeish man moves off to the north, Clatrina looses sight of him but spots a clearing ahead and moves towards it. She cannot see anyone when she gets there however someone throws something at her from the south west. She dives out of the way so the dagger whistles harmlessly past her ear. Heighdhon was searching the edge of the clearing at the time. Clatrina belts off in a south westerly direction, Heighdhon follows her. Clatrina realises that there are at least two other people in the woods and neither of them are the person she saw originally. From a fleeting glance it would appear that one of the three people Clatrina has seen is not consistent with the tall man and woman or the highland cattle wrestler.

B Clatrina moves to the left of the most lefterly peorson she has seen. Heighdhon is trying to follow but is having trouble keeping track of Clatrina. Heighdhon does however manage to see the dagger that embeds itself in him just before it impails him. Clatrina hears someones shout "Ouch! Clatrina" but cannot see Heighdhon. She presses on right in to an arrow. Heighdhon hears the tell tale thunk and sees Clatrina. He moves and joins her. A slingshot whistles over their heads, it came from the south west. Clatrina sees what appears to be two dwarfs running off in the direction of the village. Clatrina tries to follow them whilst keeping cover, Heighdhon follows. When they get to the edge of the woods there is no sign of the dwarfs so they go back to the village.

C Skelly goes to closely monitor the service at the temple. Kurodoer is being assisted by both Alslar and Neir. It as a fairly ordinary service attended by a sprinkling of locals, farmers and miners. Skelly keeps an eye on everyone when they leave but they all appear to be doing what you would expect them to.

D Clatrina and Heighdhon meet up with Skelly. Heighdhon wants to make a report to the mayor but Skelly suggests leaving a sealed message for Couron. It reads as follows:


Went to the west of town in the woods [best description of locations etc.].

Spotted someone in the woods and walked towards them (not threateningly). Came to a clearing and was looking around when had dagger thrown at me.

Were at least four or five of them altogether - hit by arrow and fired at by sling and another dagger.

Best guess - two dwarfs, one small human and two normal sized humans.

Went back to town - going to re-investigate


B They go back to the clearing where the ambush started and try to retrace their steps so that Heighdhon can try to pick up a trail. Clatrina points out a spot but Heighdhon can't find anything. He also investigates the area where the dagger was thrown at him but finds nothing there either. The dagger that missed Clatrina in the clearing has gone. Clatrina notices that Heighdhon has an unusual method of searching, he acts like a dog. [I don't know what this means but it's what was said ‑ Ed] Heighdhon manages to find the cache of stones that were used for the slingshot, this seems to confirm it was a deliberate ambush. However, try as he might ‑ and he really does try, Heighdhon cannot find any tracks. They decide to move on to the keep.


E The keep is on a raised knoll of land. It is about half a mile from the village but you can't see it because of the trees. The keep is completely ruined, just a pile of rocks. The undergrowth is taking over. Heighdhon, Skelly and Clatrina search the area but don't find anything. However on carefully searching through the ruins they still find nothing. From the top of the knoll they can see hearth fires from the village and many surrounding farms.

E At this point dusk is falling and a bunch of snakes appear as if from nowhere and start biting. Skelly is bitten but this is just a nip compared to the mouthful taken out of Clatrina. There are alot of snakes all around. Skelly turns on his "Flame blade" but he finds it difficult to control. The snakes get more bites on Clatrina and Skelly whilst sustaining an occasional hit themselves. Even though Skelly could have moved towards the edge of the snakes he chose to stay with Clatrina, Clatrina moves away at the first opportunity. Heighdhon whispers something about "Getting the man in the cloak off to the left".

E Clatrina moves to the left and Skelly follows her. Clatrina gets out of the snakes and lurches towards the retreating character that Heighdhon pointed out. Skelly eventually struggles out of the snakes, he has been bitten alot and is suffering badly from poison. Luckily [or not - Ed] Heighdhon the Healer gets out of the snakes at the same time and starts to assist Skelly. Clatrina is getting ever further away whilst chasing the spell caster.

E The spell caster trips and falls. Clatrina is on him in a flash, she places her scimitar roughly on his neck and says "Surrender or I'll have your head off". A female voice blubbers "Mercy, mercy. Please don't kill me". Clatrina is not impressed and ties the womans hands together and throws her over her sholder and returns to Heighdhon and Skelly. Clatrina dumps her on the ground and reveals that she is one of the inn‑keepers daughters. She claims to know nothing of spells, that she was just watching. She says she has been following since lunch time to find out what the group are doing in the village. Astoundingly they believe her and appologise if they have frightened her but point out that Skelly is very badly effected by poison. It is at this point that Skelly falls unconcious.

E Heighdhon pointedly asks Clatrina when they are expecting Nalin. Clatrina interrogates the girl, Sharla, but finds out very little. It's getting dark, Heighdhon is concerned about the condition that his ineptitude has left Skelly. He thinks they should all get back to the village quickly to get aid for Skelly and allow Nalin to question Sharla. They untie Sharla whilst searching her for weapons. They find a dagger, which is only to be expected and a black tear shaped obsidian pendant. She says that her mother gave it to her.

E Sharla helps Clatrina carry Skelly back to the village. They deposit him with Kurodour and Sharla runs off home. Heighdhon shouts after her that Nalin the Factor might want a word with her tomorrow. It is dark now. Kurodour waves her arms over Skelly and mutters something. Nothing obvious happens. In response to Heighdhon's question Kurodour says that Skelly should not be troubled by the poison anymore but will need rest. He suggests that a donation to the temple would be in order. Heighdhon frets about this and eventually pays 100 crowns, half of which he got from Clatrina.

E Back in the inn, Clatrina immediately appologises to Starron, he is defensive but accepts the apology. Clatrina makes a quick exit upstairs as the locals are not well disposed to the group.


A It takes Bazron, Huffi and Hanar a couple of hours to get to the mine which is in the high tops. Bazron asks about the three wild people. Hanar has heard the rumours but not seen them although apparently a few dwarfs claim to have seen them. Hanar is pleased that the new Factor is a dwarf as the previous incumbent had been putting humans into all the important positions. Hanar had not heard of the mutilated body near the village.

A They get to the mine and go down. It takes a long time to get to the collapsed shaft. Huffi is concerned that the collapse is in an old shaft well away from the working face and that it occured at the precise moment that three dwarfs were passing through. He makes a quick inspection but can find nothing untoward. As it has taken so long to get here it is not possible to get out of the mine in daylight so Huffi and Bazron decide to stay until the following morning and Huffi will do a more thorough survey.

A Huffi finds that a point where one of the props had been looks a bit suspicious. There is a mark that looks like a rope burn and markings on the back of the pit prop that suggest that it might have been removed before the wall caved in. There are also some tool marks that look older than the digging out work. Huffi shows these to Hanar but he is not convinced. Huffi admits that the assessment is subjective. The three dwarfs killed were the experienced Tazzi and two young dwarfs Fili and Kili. Huffi asks Hanar if he knew Tazzi, Hanar did and says that he was a well liked, steady dwarf who had no enemies. Hanar seems very eager to gloss over any idea that there may have been anything untoward at all. Huffi does not trust Hanar and both he and Bazron do not sleep during the night.


F Nalin and Couron make camp on the way to Ertlelm/Halpar. During the night Nalin thinks he sees Gruston!! Nalin gives Couron a brief resume of some of the events surrounding the return of Norgraze, although he does not mention the loss of the Orb of Torlich. It strikes him that Norgraze and Tusula are tall!!!

F Nalin takes his dog to where he saw Gruston. The dog picks up a scent but Nalin does not want it to go off by itself so he goes back to Couron at the fire. Nothing else happens during the night.

Wed 28 Dec 1588

A Nalin, Couron, Huffi and Bazron arrive in Ertlelm/Halpar

B At the debriefing Nalin dictates a plea to Farlas

C Nalin visits the mayor

D Nalin questions Falcon

E A watch is kept from the inn

A In the morning Skelly is still unconcious.

A At the mine Huffi asks if anything else unusual has happened but is told that everything is normal. Huffi and Bazron set off on the journey back.

A Just after lunch Nalin and Couron arrive and shortly after that Bazron and Huffi get back. Nalin is calling himself "Sturm". Couron mentions to Heighdhon that the tall man and woman and the large man are very evil characters that Nalin and Farlas have had dealings with in the past.

B Everyone gathers in Skelly's bedroom and debrief each other. [I'm sure there is a rude joke here! - Ed] Nalin reconsiders his idea of being Sturm and decides to go and see the mayor and Falcon.


B Nalin is crapping himself and wants Bazron to go to Pelek and send someone with a message for Farlas. Clatrina suggests that Nalin arrest some of the villagers and interrogate them. Heighdhon reckons this is a bit heavy handed as it may turn potential friends against us. Heighdhon and Couron have a disagreemant over Sharla, Heighdhon thinks she is an innocent young girl. Half‑dwarfs are quite uncommon and Clatrina blames the parents!

B Nalin instructs Couron to take a message, this is what she writes:

"Hello Farlas I hope you're feeling well. Sorry to trouble you Farlas but I think I've found something you should know. We are having a spot of trouble in a village called Ertlelm. Whilst I was travelling Shut Up! to Ertlelm I camped out overnight I saw this large person who I immediately recognised as Gruston. I was very frightened. Judging by um Bazron's encounter on the way over when he saw three large people I guess Gruston is here with his friends. If you havn't got much on at the moment perhaps you wouldn't mind popping over.

Lots of love, Nalin

and kisses, Couron.

PS. Perhaps you should bring some other people with you, and when you get to Pelek it might be worth talking to my advisor Blane.

N "

B Nalin asks if anyone noticed if the snakes dissapeared when Sharla was aprehended but no one looked. Nalin asks Huffi for his theories about the mine and Hanar, Huffi gives a couple of options and suspects the Hanar is covering up for something either because he does not want any hassle but more likely that he knows something.

C Nalin goes to the Mayoral manor with Couron, Clatrina, Heighdhon and Huffi. Skelly is too ill to go so Bazron stays with her. There is no response to Nalin's knocking on the door. Couron goes and looks around but the building is surrounded by a large stone wall. Nalin asks Clatrina to ask the innkeeper where he is. Clatrina marches in to the inn and announces "The Factor of Pelektorn wishes to know the whereabouts of the Mayor". The Starron does not know where he is, he has not seen him for a few days.

C Nalin gives Clatrina the authority to climb over the wall and knock at the back door. She is not to break anything. Clatrina climbs the wall, she can hear the sound of dogs but nothing comes over. She drops down and goes round the back and shouts "Is anyone there". There is no response. A dog chained up at the rear of the house is barking loudly. The back door in not locked so Clatrina goes in and keeps calling "Is anyone at home". She moves through the house to the front door but sees no one. She gets to the front door which is barred and locked but there is no key. Clatrina goes to find a window whilst Heighdhon looks at the lock from the outside. Clatrina sees someone about to hit her she dodges out of the way and says "I am here on behalf of the Factor of Pelektorn". The attacker stops his attack and says "Who are you". Clatrina Dun Ressig introduces herself and explains what has happened. The Mayor gives the appearance of being a bit dim. He unlocks the front door and welcomes Nalin. The Mayor is a human.

C Nalin asks about the worrying stories that have been eminating from the area. He asks about the mutilated body, the mayor says that no local people have dissapeared but the are always strangers around. He has not seen the three people on the hillside. Nalin asks if he lives alone, he says that he has no family but there are servants. When Nalin asks about temples other than the sparsely attended one in the village the mayor is so adamant that there is nowhere else he is obviously not telling the truth. The mayor thinks that the animals have been taken by bandits. Nalin asks about the mines but the mayor knows nothing about them. It becomes increasingly obvious that the mayor is out of his depth. One the way back the group speculate that he may be under the control of Norgraze or that his "spirit" may be being tapped in to to power spells or something similar.

C Nalin goes to see Fundor and asks him about the mayor. Fundor says he has been a bit strange lately. Since the last three or four times Fundor has seen him, a few weeks. Huffi asks if the tanner has always been a bit dim, Fundor says he has. Fundor is not aware of any other place of worship.

D Nalin wants to speak to Falcon. Huffi, Skelly and Clatrina think we should detain him. Heighdhon is not keen on this and suggests various other courses of action. One idea that Clatrina finds acceptable is questining a number of patrons of the Halpar Inn, one of which is coincedentally to be Falcon. Despite some pressure from the group Nalin would like to speak to him surropticiously.

D In the inn Nalin announces that he wants to interview people about the strange goings on he has heard about. He goes up to his room and Haden picks the first victim. The rest of the group are guarding the exits. Nalin works his way through the clientel, none of whome attempt to leave. The ninth person is Falcon. He greets Nalin politely and Nalin asks him who he really is. He says he is really called Falcon. He has been here for three weeks or so, he knows nothing about the body which was killed about the same time as he himself arrived. He is investigating the same things that we are, it looks as though he may be working for the Essini church or someone associated with it. Nalin tells Falcon the circumstances surrounding the escape of Gruston and his colleagues from Zeim Falc although he does not name names or go into details. Falcon asks if Nalin has heard of any reference to the "Lyre" God who is associated with these parts. Nalin says that he has not. Falcon has heard the name but has found out no further information. Nalin and Falcon arrange to have a regular piss together then Nalin sends him away to avoid arousing suspicion. He interviews another three punters then chucks it in.

E The windows of our rooms look out over the main street and the back of the inn. There is endless speculation on what is going on especially the coincedence of the mutilated body occuring at about the same time the mayor seems to have gone squiffy, which coincidentally is about the time Falcon arrived. Nalin decides that he, Bazron and Huffi should watch from the inn overnight. Bazron goes first followed by Nalin then Huffi. The humans Couron, then Clatrina and Heighdhon decide to look out the front overnight as there is more light there.

E During the night Clatrina comes to tell Nalin that she saw a small figure skulking outside moving north. By the time they get back to the window there is no one to be seen. Nalin asks Clatrina to come and show him the spot and he picks up his dog on the way. They cannot find a trail so they move north out of town towards some storage sheds and the mill. Nalin hears a door open and close somewhere in the direction they are heading. Nalin and Clatrina decide to watch and wait.

Thur 29 Dec 1588

A Nalin and Clatrina continue their vigil

B Plans are made over breakfast at Skelly's, Falcon turns up

C Sharla is found

D Sharla's body is returned to the village

E Known longbow users are questioned

F Skelly's condition fluctuates

G Heighdhon and Huffi follow Freyda

H Nalin's initial investigations

I Questioning gathers pace

J Bazron arrives in Pelek

K In good investigator style, the group review information and list occupants of Ertlelm

L And murder suspects

M And unanswered questions

N Clatrina and Heighdhon stake out Sharla's body at the temple

O Nalin questions Falcon

A Heighdhon wakes up and finds the room empty. He gets up, listens at the door but hears nothing, carefully opens the door and slips down to the mens room. There are three bodies asleep in the room. Heighdhon wakes up Bazron and Huffi and they argue about the possible fates of Nalin and Clatrina. This wakes up Skelly who has had a dream about the "Lyre" God also being the "Fire" God called Lyrgard. This makes the positive reaction of Alslar to Skelly's use of the "Fire Blade" spell compared to the abreaction of Kurodoer quite interesting.

A Bazron decides that Huffi and Heighdhon should watch until dawn. Huffi sees Nalin but he does not appear to be in need of assistance so Huffi does not tell anyone but carries on watching him. At dawn Nalin and Clatrina return to the inn.


B The group breakfast in Skellys room. Nalin and Clatrina report that they say followed someone who Clatrina saw. They could not establish where the person went so they hung around for the rest of the night but to no avail. Nalin thinks that the group should go back to the temple where the snakes appeared. Clatrina speculates that it's a bit of a hotbed around here what with Lyrgard and Norgraze, Tusula and Gruston. Nalin wonders if we can "Detect" the Orb of Torlich.

B Falcon knocks on the door and enters when invited. Falcon says that he has been asking around and has found out that no one ever goes to the west of the town. No one gathers wood, feeds chickens or does any rural activities at all. The group tell Falcon about the ambush and ask him about Lyrgard. The name means nothing to Falcon. Falcon has been to the tower but he had no trouble there.

B Thinking back Clatrina thinks that she was deliberately drawn into the clearing to be ambushed. There is speculation as to the possible whereabouts of Gruston, Tusula and Norgraze as Nalin thinks that the sighting he made was near the spot where the rest of us saw them when we came to the village.

C After breakfast Skelly moves to another bed just in case he is attacked. He moves to a position where he can see what is going on outside the window. The rest of the group go west.... only we go off southwesterly towards the tower and cut round after we are out of sight of the village. The area does indeed seem unusually neglected for somewhere so close to a settlement. Huffi sees some disturbed snow over to the east nearer the town. Heighdhon goes to investigate but he can find out nothing. Nalin lets his dog investigate and it moves off towards the village but looses the scent. Back at the disturbed snow the dog is unable to find another direction. Huffi spots a dwarfen boot print. The group are able to obtain a visual record of it.

C Heighdhon tracks again and is able to follow a trail. The trail has been moving southwards and slightly west. At it's current direction it will just miss the village. At this point Couron sees something in the snow. Clatrina tries to sneak up on it but falls flat on her face. The resultant cacophony of abuse does not cause a reaction from the thing in the snow which turns out to be a dead body. Before approaching the body Heighdhon checks around it for tracks and is firly sure that someone else has been there within the last few hours but he cannot tell which way they came or went.

C Everyone is concentrating on the body but Huffi notices an arrow sticking in a tree nearby. It is not deeply embedded in the tree. Nalin takes the arrow and gives it to Couron. It is a long bow arrow which makes it unusual. Over at the body Heighdhon gets close enough to identify the dead body of Sharla complete with arrow wounds (but no arrows) and sword cuts. The mace she is carrying is covered with blood which suggests she fought back and that someone is injured. The boot print we found is obviously hers.

C Huffi searches Sharla's body and finds a shield and helmet and the pendant with the symbol. She is wearing black robes embroidered with a red flame. Heighdhon tries various tracking ploys with other members of the group. Huffi finds that a tree has been nicked but it leads to nothing.

C Heighdhon sets up a series of marks so that we can find our way back to this place and identify the direction Sharla was going. Then the group take the body back to the village and consider the murder investigation we are about to initiate. We decide to take the body to the temple rather than the inn.

F Back in town Skelly has a nasty feeling that the meal he has just eaten, which was brought up by Fellia, was poisoned. He makes himself sick but has already been weakened again.


D Clatrina considers that Nalin should arrest everyone in the village and check for mace wounds or anyone who is not there. Huffi suggests that a few people position themselves around the village to see if anything happens Huffi, and Heighdhon will do the watching. Heighdhon will watch the west of the village from outside. Huffi tells goes to see Skelly in the inn and tells him to keep an eye on comings and going because we have found Sharla's body. Skelly is iller and needs Huffi to help him to the window. Huffi goes downstairs and rather insensitively tells Starron that his daughter is dead. Starron goes rushing off and Huffi follows him out of the inn mentioning to all and sundry that Sharla's body has been found. Huffi then goes to his position in the village.

D Nalin, Couron and Clatrina take the body to Kurodour in the temple. She immediately says that the robes must be removed from Sharla before Starron arrives as it will be distressing for him. There is no time at the moment to ask questions. Clatrina goes with the accolite who removes the robes to make sure they are not destroyed.

D Starron arrives at the temple and Couron tries to detain him but makes the wrong choice of words and only serves to distress him more. He arrives at the room with the body and immediately suggests that we killed her. However it is obvious that we didn't. Nalin and Clatrina explain that it is now a serious legal matter and Nalin whilst very sorry about what has happen has no choice but to investigate. Kurodour comforts Starron and we can here him muttering about Demathon.

E Several people leave the inn and go across to the temple. Skelly recognises Belar and some of the farmers. Couron stops them from going inside and manages to stir things up no end. Clatrina comes out and gets them to move away. They don't go very far so Clatrina starts taking statements from them. Clatrina soon finds out that Falcon uses a longbow as does Winch the millers son and Annoa the tanners daughter and the storekeeper servant and bodyguard Arron (who is in his thirtys).

E After about twenty minutes Heighdhon decides to return to town. In the temple Nalin gets to see Kurodour. He asks about the robes on Sharla but Kurodour will not talk about it in the temple. Nalin arranges to meet her in her private rooms in a couple of hours. Nalin mentions to Kurodour that we think at least one person will be sporting a mace wound. Kurodour says that nobody has come for healing. Nalin takes Sharla's possesions with him. Kurodour declines a guard.

E Nalin comes out of the temple and Clatrina reports on her longbow discoveries and suggests that Nalin round up all the suspects. Huffi comes over and reports that he is following someone going to the north of the village and that Starron's other daughter, Fellia, came over to the temple with the original group but then dissapeared. Heighdhon joins Huffi in following the person going north towards the storehouses and the mill. This is the area where Couron saw someone go during the night. Heighdhon and Huffi get to the last point where Huffi saw the person. They take up position so they can observe.

E Clatrina makes it known that she wants to question the longbow users. Clatrina and Couron also go north and start asking for Winch.

F Nalin goes to see Skelly who has improved a little. After getting her a bread roll he asks Skelly about the robes. She says that they are clearly Lyrgard robes. Skelly is fairly sure that it would be within the ability af a Lyrgard cleric to cast the "Snakes" spell. She also mentions that Lyrgard is not evil but it is an unusual god which is on the fringe of the panteon. His followers are a bit cult like and wierd. Skelly thinks that only humans follow Lyrgard. Skelly didn't see anything of note from the window.

E Clatrina and Couron arrive at the mill where two big men are working. Looks like a father and son combo. Clatrina says that there has been a murder, the miller, Ferrano, immediately assumes it is a new murder. Clatrina confirma that the stiff is Sharla. She explains that we are trying to eliminate longbow users from our enquiries. Ferrano answers all the questions about their whereabouts but is fairly offhand. The longbow belonging to Winch is produced and Clatrina confirms that the arrows do not match. Winch's alibi is that he was with his father in the mill all night.

E Clatrina and Couron move on to the tannery. When Balsbi is told of the death of Sharla he seems shocked and worried. Balsbi is unable to tell Clatrina where Annoa is. He has not seen her since she went to bed last night and assumes that she went into the woods during the night, as she often does, and is worried that she might be in trouble. He says that Slirin was the last person to see Annoa before she went. Couron causes yet another missunderstanding as a result of unwise choice of words.

E Clatrina and Couron see Slirin who doesn't even know that Annoa had gone. Annoa was in the house when Slirin went to bed last night. Clatrina tells Slirin that we are concerned for Annoa's safety as Sharla was murdered last night. Slirin thinks that Annoa confides in Freyda but is not happy about Clatrina and Couron talking to her. However she goes to get her.

E Clatrina tells Freyda that there is concern about Annoa being in the woods. Freyda says that Annoa can look after herself. Freyda is not very helpful. She last saw Annoa last night when they went to bed. Clatrina asks Balsbi and Slirin whether they want the Factor to instigate a search. Balsbi seems concerned that Annoa is in the woods by herself but there is no request for a search.

E After a few minutes Heighdhon and Huffi see no unusual activity at the mill so the head north to the woods. Heighdhon does not see any recent tracks leaving the village this way.

E Clatrina dispatches Couron to get Heighdhon and Huffi to stake out the tannery as it looks like a better lead. It is not an easy place to keep an eye on as it is offset from the village. Couron cannot find them.

H Nalin goes down to the inn and is asked by many people what is going on. After about five people have questioned him he stands up and makes an announcement about the investigation into the death of Sharla and includes a request for information.

E Couron comes back to the tannery calling for Clatrina and completely destroying her cover [GPN ‑ double critical fail on Stealth]. Clatrina decides that there is clearly no point remaining in her exposed condition and to move on to the store to question Arron.

E At the store Clatrina goes through the standard intro. Arron is completely unmoved and unresponsive. The shopkeepers wife [Sheba - Ed] says that Arron was in the shop and back room for the whole of the time. Arron confirms that he has not been in the woods recently. When he produces his bow and arrows the arrows are similar (though not necessarily the same as) the one found in the tree. Couron checks all the arrows but cannot identify any recent use. Arron does not seem to react other than to very direct instructions.

E Huffi is becoming impatient with Heighdhon's searching.

E Clatrina and Couron go to the inn to ask after the whereabouts of Falcon. No one has seen him since yesterday even though he was in town this morning. Clatrina, Couron and Nalin go up to Skelly's room for a debriefing. Heighdhon and Huffi turn up and are immediately dispatched to stake out the tannery.

G Huffi unexpectedly gets into a good position and watches the tannery whilst Heighdhon goes looking for tracks. After a bit Heighdhon finds some tracks and goes back to get Huffi. Huffi is concerned about moving but Heighdhon talks him into it. Whilst moving away from the tannery Heighdhon breaks a twig and Huffi happily berates him for sounding like a heard of elephants. They move round to the recent tracks that Heighdhon has found.

F Nalin has left Sharla's stuff with Skelly. Examining the pendant, Skelly realises the the tear shape is in fact a flame.

H Nalin goes to see Kurodour. He is met by Alslar who takes him to Kurodour. Alslar remains in the room whilst Nalin questions Kurodour. She confirms that the other religeon is Lyrgard, she is sure that Starron Balfi is not a follower but cannot vouch for the rest of the family. She says that many of the villagers have become followers. The fire religeon creates mischief. There is a legend that the gods are angry with Lyrgard for giving the gift of fire to mankind. His followers believe that Lyrgard is spurned by the rest of the gods and his followers take revenge on the rest of mankind. Nalin asks how long worship of Lyrgard has been going on here. Kurodour says there are stories of conflict between Demathon and Lyrgard in this area going back hundreds of years. There are stories of the destruction of the temple of Demathon and powers being buried under the ground. Kurodour has terrible dreams. Nalin asks if a conflict is building up and Kurodour confirms that this seems to be the case. But there are more forces at work than Demathon and Lyrgard. Nalin admits that he has previous experience of the three figures seen in the area and they are very evil. Kurodour says she will give whatever help she can and Nalin points out that we were creamed the last time we were in conflict with them. Nalin asks about the west of town, the story is there is a temple to Demathon that is now destroyed and buried and cursed by Lyrgard. Although reticent to talk about it Kurodour is prepared to admit that Slirin is not Annoa's mother. Nalin asks about Falcon and Kurodour says that although he is full of questions he appears to be harmless. Alslar and Neir are being trained to take over on her death. There is a problem over the remains of Sharla. She cannot have a Demathon ceremony as her father expects. There is speculation about whether or not followers of Lyrgard will try to remove the body.

E Clatrina and Couron get to Lanar's farm and are not suprised to find that Falcon is not there. They ask to examine his bow and arrows but they are not there either. They return to Ertlelm.

G Heighdhon and Huffi continue to follow the tracks through the wood.

H Nalin goes to speak to Fundor but he is unable to help much except that he points out that Kelnor the carpenter does small metalwork jobs, by which he means arrow heads however Nalin also thinks about obsidian flame pendants!

G In the woods Huffi falls flat on his face over a tree stump. Up ahead someone reveals themselves momentarily. Huffi stays put while Heighdhon goes on. Heighdhon makes a noise and shouts something about tracking deer to Huffi. Huffi says he will be right over. Some snow falls off a branch where the person Huffi saw was. Huffi moves to Heighdhon, not making any particular attempt at stealth. When they are back together plans are made to move in to the tree but they soon go astray. However they make it too the tree unscathed and find no one there until Heighdhon looks up and sees Freyda. The initial exchange of views is forthright and not entirely complimentary. Huffi suggests that he and Heighdhon go back to the village. It looks as if Freyda is more likely to find Annoa than Heighdhon and Huffi so they go back to the village after Heighdhon has saved face by carrying on for anthother few hundred yards.

I After everyone reconviens in Skelly's room it is decided to go and see the Kelnal the carpenter. Clatrina discovers that he does make arrowheads. He is unable to identify the arrow but confirms that it is one of his arrowheads. He has sold arrowheads to Winch, Arron, Annoa and Carwyn the storekeeper. He has never sold arrowheads dirctly to Falcon although he could have bought some from Carwyn. The arrow head on this arrow is a heavy duty arrow for large game, self defence or light armour piercing.

I The group move on the the mayors house to see if he is more lucid today. On the way we pop into the store to see if they have sold any heavy duty arrowheads recently but they can't remember anyone specific. At the mayor's it is difficult to get in and the mayor is still muddled.

I Back once again at Skelly's room Heighdhon examines Sharla's items.

J Bazron arrives back at Pelek and passes Nalin's message to Blane and asks if someone could take it to Farlas. Though it is not a good time of year for passing messages Blane thinks that a trusted retainer could be found if reasonable renumeration were available. Bazron is sure this will be no problem.

K The group review the situation and compile the following list of people.

KurodourPriestess of DemathonDwarfFemale(D)
AlslarAcolyte of DemathonDwarfMale(L/D)
NeirAcolyte of demathonDwarfMale(D?)
SlirinBalsbi's wifeHumanFemale(D)
AnnoaBalsbi's daughterHalf elfFemale 
FreydaBalsbi's daughterHumanFemale(D)
ShebaCarwyn's wifeHumanFemale 
ArronServant / BodyguardHumanMale 
StarronBalfi InnkeeperDwarfMale(D)
SharrelStarron's wifeHumanFemale(L?)
SharlaStarron's daughterHalf dwarfFemale(L)
FelliaStarron's daughterHalf dwarfFemale(L?)
ThrimAssistant smithDwarfMale(D)
FundorGeneral assistantDwarfMale(D)
WinchFerrano's sonHumanMale 
SilwarStable masterHumanMale 

We have not yet been to the butchers

L Murder Suspects

Longbow, not seen today, apparently in woods, half‑elf
long bow, north of village (wrong arrows/no injury)
long bow, advance knowledge of murder, stranger (wrong arrows/no injury)
long bow (no injury, no free thought)
Gruston, Tusula, Norgraze!!!!

M Questions

N Nalin, Clatrina and Heighdhon go to the temple to look at the body and get to the room with the body without meeting anyone. It is a small room with three exits and no hiding places. Heighdhon opens one of the doors. Behind it is a store room with a door on the other side. The other door from Sharla's room goes back into the main body of the temple as does the door through which we entered.

N Heighdhon loostens the bolts on a side door and then they all go back to the inn. After eating Heighdhon and Clatrina return to the temple and let themselves through the pre‑prepared side door. Heighdhon locks it behind them and they move to the side vestment room, leaving the door to the room with Sharla's body open they hide and prepare to listen all night.

O Nalin goes down to the inn room to have a meal with Couron and Huffi. Couron and Huffi soon return to Skelly with some of their food whilst Nalin stays at the bar in order to question Falcon if he comes in and to allow the villagers a chance to impart information. A bit later Falcon comes in. Nalin goes over to question him. Nalin takes him up to his room where he tells him that he has to be seen to be doing the right things. Falcons arrows are clearly different from the arrow from the scene. Falcon suggests that the death may have been self defense rather than murder although Nalin thinks that his reasoning is spurious. Nalin asks him what he has been doing today. He says that he was in the woods to the west but saw nothing unusual. Nalin asks Falcon about Annoa but as usual he alludes to knowledge whilst imparting very little. Nalin asks Falcon for his opinion about suspects to which Falcon replies there are factions within factions at work. Nalin asks him about Alslar but he seems not to know much. Falcon says he has been contemplating the events of the last few weeks and he thinks that events will come to a head the day after tomorrow. Nalin asks him about the factions and Falcon says that there is himself, Us, Demathon, Lyrgard, Norgraze and co., the murderers of Sharla and who knows who else [though this doesn't provide an insight into his earlier comment about factions within factions - Ed]. Nalin thanks Falcon and goes back down to the inn for about half an hour.

N Skelly is keeping watch for a signal from Heighdhon and Clatrina but so far has seen nothing. But then a female leaves the inn and goes over to the temple.

N In the temple Clatrina hears a door open where there is no door! Clatrina hears someone come in to the room with the body and Heighdhon hears weeping. After a while the outer door opens again and someone else enters, there is a whispered conversation and Heighdhon reckons it is one of the two acolytes comforting the weeping person and closing the door to the room in which they are hiding.

N Clatrina moves to the door and listens but initially can't hear anything, however the occupants appear to start chanting. The suspicion is that a Lyrgard ceremony is underway. Clatrina looks under the door and can see a dwarf and a human. The dwarf is an acolyte and the human is a female. After a bit they leave, the body is still there.

Fri 30 Dec 1588

A Fire at the Demathon temple

B In the confusion Skelly turns over the private rooms in the inn

C Events around the village after the fire

D Discovery of a temple under the temple

E Kurodoer comes clean and admits there is a Vehrghudain clique

F Speculation about Norgraze and Tusula

G The mayor dies again

H In the mayor's house

I The death of Alslar

J The shadows

K The death of Starron

A At about midnight the door to the room with Sharla's body opens. Clatrina and Heighdhon can hear chanting and Clatrina gets to the door in time to see the fire begin to take hold of the room which contained Sharla's body. Heighdhon opens the door and sees that something on the table is on fire. They shut the door and go the other way into the main temple.

A In the inn Couron has woken everyone up. Nalin and Huffi have put their enforcer gear on.


A Clatrina decides that it is safe to let the temple burn down and goes to see if she can find the mystery door that she heard earlier. She goes to where the door might be and searches. Meanwhile Heighdhon blocks the draught under the doors with some robes to try to stop the fire. Clatrina calls him over because she has found a secret door. Heighdhon starts investigating the door. At this point Nalin bursts through the door with Huffi not far behind.

A Over at the inn Couron dashes out shouting "I'll be back" to Skelly. Skelly maneouvres himself to a position where he can see comings and goings from the family rooms in the inn.

A Clatrina thinks that the fire is taking hold and shouts this across to Nalin who is not very pleased to hear that it is Sharla's body on fire. Clatrina grabs the handle to open the door but it is very hot and she quickly lets go. There is a quick conversation about the best way to put out the fire and Clatrina, Nalin and Huffi move to the door.

A On approaching the temple Couron shouts to Nalin, Huffi and Clatrina that she saw Neir leave the temple towards the north carrying a small bag. Nalin instructs Couron to come with him after Neir and gives Clatina his ioun stone so that she doesn't have to breathe in the smoky atmospere. Clatrina finds it difficult to master the technique.

A Nalin and Couron run off and Clatrina and Huffi head round to the locked side door and Clatrina tries to smash it in.

A Inside the flaming temple Heighdhon gets the secret door open sees some stairs and hears chanting. He realises that everyone else has left and quietly shuts the door and heads out. He gets out the front, sees no one and starts shouting "Fire! Fire!"

A Nalin can't see anything to the north so he searches for tracks but he can't find any that he can be sure are fresh. Nalin and Couron continue moving towards the mill.

A People start to emerge from houses in response to Heighdhon's appeals and Heighdhon starts to organise a bucket chain.

A Clatrina bursts through the side door as Nalin arrives back. Huffi heads round to the front of the church to check out who is there. He immediately sees Neir leading Kurodoer out! Alslar rushes out of the church shortly afterwards and goes to assist Kurodoer shooing Neir away in the process. Nalin and Clatrina take over the organisation of the bucket chain.

A Nalin goes to the front of the line to tackle the fire and Clatrina takes sole charge of the fire brigade. Further up the line Huffi sees a bottleneck which he later discribes as diliberate, and starts organising. The water is having some effect but not much. Clatrina finds a horse blanket and soaks it in water and throws it on the conflagration ingnoring the injuries she is sustaining from the fire. It seems to have helped. However the roof is now catching fire as well.

A Nalin and Clatrina go and ask Kurodoer if there is a way up to the roof. Kurodoer sends Neir to show the way up and Neir and Clatrina emerge on to the flat roof. They start shovelling snow on to the affected part of the roof. Neir is enthusiastic and rushes off to get some real shovels.

A All the combined efforts save the church but not Sharla's body.

C Inside the church Heighdhon catches Nalin's attention and tells him about the secret door. Couron sees that Kurodoer is comforting Starron whilst Alslar is lurking nearby.

B Skelly struggles out of the inn and gets Huffi to come back inside. Some of the locals have come back in now and it is not possible to do what Skelly wanted now so Skelly tells Huffi that he has found a trapped secret compartment in a chest in the family rooms and that Sharla's robes have been removed from our rooms. They cannot decide if they should go into Starron's rooms in an official capacity so Huffi decides to tell Nalin. On his way out of the inn he meets Couron and tells her to go up to Skelly.

C Heighdhon starts organising healing and Neir comes over to help. Clatrina is keeping an eye on Neir.

B Huffi tells Nalin what Skelly told him. Nalin decides to keep watching Kurodoer for the time being. At the same time Skelly is telling Couron that he discovered that Fellia and Sharrel were not in their rooms, and he found some Lyrgard robes in a booby trapped chest. He got some potions and papers from the chest which had a false bottom which Skelly was unable to open. Skelly thinks it is disgraceful that the Lyrgard robes were stolen from our room whilst he was out!

B The potions are a clear blue and green liquid which separete with the blue above the green when left still, one is irredescent silvery colour with pungent smell [Some effect on poison? - Ed], one is orange and fuming, one is Amber with orangy smell [Speed? - Ed] and the last is red with an oil texture and a fruity smell [Love filter? - Ed]. Skelly keeps hold of them.

C Huffi returns to the inn and tells Couron that Nalin did not seem unduly concerned about Skelly's discoveries. Clatrina and Heighdhon return to the inn and there is a debriefing. Skelly says what he did. Huffi mentions that he saw some farmers and a dwarf who he had never seen before being deliberately clumsy in the bucket chain so he jollied them along. Huffi also does not recall seeing the mayor although he was paying particular attention to who was there. Heighdhon describes opening the secret door and Couron says that she saw Neir go to the temple with a bag then come out and go north and then come out of the temple soon after with Kurodoer. The person who appeared to be Neir almost certainly started the fire. Clatrina speculates that although Neir went in to the temple it may not have been Neir who came out. After heading north and doing some staking out Nalin returns to the inn. Nalin reports that he found a second skull under Sharla's remains. It was part of a key to get to another dimension [GPN ‑ The Ansachat].

C Although it is about five oclock in the morning some villagers have obviously decided to make a night of it and are still in the bar. This makes it impossible for Clatrina and Heighdhon to leave the inn unnoticed. There is a lot of discussion about Neir then Heighdhon causes all the people in the inn to fall asleep.


D On the way to the secret door Clatrina mentions that when she was up on the roof of the temple she spotted some foot prints in the snow. They were not very big, possibly a dwarf or a woman. They were going into the area where the snow melted in the heat, more surprising they started in the middle of the roof! The group speculate that it must have been Norgraze or Tusula.

C Skelly would like someone else to stay with him but everyone wants to go down the hole. Nalin goes to get his dog and tries persuades it to stay with Skelly. Luckily Nalin is strong enough to restrain it as it leaps for Skelly's throat. It does not understand what Nalin wants so he takes it back to the barn. He crashes into something on the way back making a very loud noise, however it looks as if no one has been alerted.

D Nalin leads the way to the temple. Clatrina is very quiet, unlike everyone else. Huffi agrees to keep a look out as Heighdhon opens the door. It is very dark and Nalin bemoans the fact that he no longer has his "Continual light" pebble. Huffi asks if he wants one, Nalin thinks he is joking but Huffi drums up "Continual light" rock (small) as a gift for Nalin but Heighdhon carries it for the time being. Nalin, Couron, Huffi, Heighdhon and Clatrina go down about 100 steps to a small narrow corridor which is high enough for humans and proceeds in a westerly direction.

D Heighdhon seems to think tht we should have found a room by now so he gets everyone to look carefully in different directions. After about fifty feet the corridor opens out into a carved chamber. Nalin thinks it is dwarfen work and Huffi confirms this. Nalin has a listen but can't hear anything. The rock illuminates the chapel containing an alter, a big statue and two side chambers. The statue is a very large dwarf which no one recognises. Heighdhon has a look around but can only establish that there have been people here recently. Brown and yellow dwarfen sized robes are found in the side rooms. This would appear to be a religion of which we are not aware.

D Huffi finds a dwarfen inscription on the alter. It says "Trick or treat". It looks as if the chapel is to Lyregard, but the robes are a different colour. We speculate that there may be two opposing groups within the Lyregard religion.

D Huffi speculates that a dwarfen god would want gold as a treat. Nalin is persuaded to part with a handful of coins which he places on the alter whilst saying various permutations of "Trick or treat" in dwarfen. Nothing happens. A careful search is made for secret compartments and doors but none are found. The alter is about three feet high and seems to be carved from solid rock as does the statue.

D The group decide that we are not going to find anything so we leave. Nalin listens at the secret door from the underground temple, he hears nothing so he opens the door and steps out. He sees Neir going about his business and quickly ducks back inside the door. The group decide to bring the temple to Neir's attention so Nalin steps out again and immediately says "Neir, what do you know about this". Neir is clearly stunned and is unable to answer Nalin's questions. Nalin suggests that he go to see Kurodoer, Neir says he will go and get her but Nalin insists that we go with him. Huffi decides that now the investigation is official, he will stand guard at the secret door to prevent it's use.

E Nalin is taken to see Kurodoer who is with Alslar. Nalin asks to speak with her on her own. Kurodoer asks if something is troubling him (whilst Alslar and Neir are still there). Nalin replies that he has found a little something. Nalin notices that Neir is frantically signalling to Kurodoer. Kurodoer says that Nalin should come to her private chapel. Alslar is clearly reluctant to leave but eventually does so.

E When they are alone Nalin tells her that we have found the Lyrgard temple under the Demathon temple. However Kurodour is surprised that Nalin did not recognise that it was Vehrghudain the Dwarfen god of mischief. Kurodoer explains that the temple is hidden because Vehrghudain is not a god that is openly worshipped. Kurodoer says that Alslar does not know about the secret temple as Kurodoer does not trust him sufficiently. It was Kurodoer and Neir who were down there last night and Kurodoer says that there is no other entrance to the lower temple. Kurodoer asks Nalin what he knows of Lyrgard. Nalin admits that he does not know much but the he thought Lyrgard was involved with trickery and fire. Kurodoer confirms that Sharla was a follower of Lyrgard and that the fire was her funeral pyre. It is unlikely that it was a deliberate attempt to burn down the temple. Kurodoer says that all the followers of Vehrghudain are also followers of Demathon but not vica versa. Kurodoer implies that there might not be a temple to Lyrgard as he does not need one.

E Nalin goes back and tells the rest what Kurodoer said. Huffi is taken off door guard and agrees to take the names of everyone who comes to the service. Huffi has heard of Vehrghadain. People who worship him are regarded within dwarfen circles as pretty dodgy so they tend to keep it quiet. Vehrghudain is the dwarfen god of treasure and michief.

E When the rest get back to Skelly he adds that Vehrghudain is only worshiped by dwarfs. In addition to what we already know Skelly adds that Vehrghudain is known for poetry.

C Huffi reports that Belar, Thrim, Fundor, Starron, Kurodoer, Neir, Alslar, Slirin, Kelnal, a guy he has seen before but doesn't know who he is and a couple of dwarfs who are passing through the village were at the service. After the service Huffi aproaches the dwarf he doesn't know and asks who he is. He says he is Tarataff the tailor. His shop is past the inn to the east. He lives there with his son, Boffin, and Bow, his daughter.

F Most of the group have a kip for the rest of the morning. Nalin goes down to have breakfast before he goes for his sleep to see if he can pick up any gossip. Fundor comes over after the ceremony and reports that Belar claimed that he saw a huge winged creature flying over the town and over the temple just before the fire last night, however he was somewhat the worse for drink at the time.

F Later, Nalin reports what Belar saw and says that it sounds like what he has heard of Tusula. This would also be consistent with the size of the footprints.


G Clatrina wonders if the baddies might use a "Locate objects" spell to keep track of us but some of the others are sceptical about the range. The group decide that it is unlikely that we will find Annoa so we decide to head back to the west towards the clearing. Nalin, Clatrina, Huffi and Couron decide to go without Heighdhon and Skelly who are still asleep.

G The group decide to go straight to the clearing and Clatrina watches out to see if we are being followed. We are being followed by the mayor! We go into the woods and set an ambush. Clatrina tries to sneak up and grab the mayor, he notices her so she yells to the others as she leaps towards the mayor and grabs him by the right arm. The mayor changes into something substantially bigger with black skin and red hair....... it's a fire giant!

G Clatrina gets flung aside and the fire giant attacks her with it's sword. Clatrina parries this and hits the giant twice, she then parries a particularly good swipe from the giant. The rest of the group arrive and Huffi whacks him with his flail. The fire giant hits Clatrina but Nalin gets it back. The fire giant smashes Clatrina again and she is forced to withdraw. The giant goes for Couron, who is the next tallest and bashes her very hard, twice. Nalin gets in a hit, followed by a lesser one from Huffi. Nalin clobbers it at the same time as it smashes Huffi. Couron has withdrawn and is trying to stop herself from bleeding. The fire giant incapacitates Huffi's leg and he collapses on the ground. Clatrina is hitting the giant with arrows. Nalin is now facing it alone. He aquits himself well and the giant starts looking concerned. Just when things are starting to look a bit better the giant clobbers Nalin again. Blows continue to be exchanged and Clatrina gets a series of stunning arrow hits. The fire giant eventually injures Nalin's leg. The combined effect of Clatrina's arrows and Nalin's sword cause the giant to favour it's left leg. After a great deal of effort Nalin, who is almost completely knackered, finally fells the giant.

G Between them Nalin and Clatrina realise that the fire giant had killed the mayor, who was the unidentifed mutilated body, and magically taken on the mayor's persona. The fire giant is wearing a golden necklace with a fire symbol which might be Lyrgard although it is not the same as the symbol worn by Sharla. It also has a key to the mayor's house.

G Huffi is very seriously hurt, his leg is so bad that he cannot be moved. Couron decides to go back to get Heighdhon. She wakes him up and takes him to the scene of the carnage. Heighdhon fixes Huffi so that he can at lest be stretchered about without causing more damage.

G Nalin cuts off the fire giants head and will take it back with him. He also wants to take the sword. Couron says that we should not publicise the deed as we do not want the fire giant's acomplices to know until we have searched the mayor's house.

G Clatrina wonders if the necklace causes shapeshifting. She puts it on and discovers that Couron was right and it is a necklace of strangulation. Clatrina is in difficulties but she manages to gesticulate to Nalin that she needs the ioun stone. It helps with the lack of breath but has no effect on the cut off blood supply. Heighdhon tries code words and suggests someone searches the body of the giant for a code word. Huffi screams at someone to help him to touch the necklace. This is done and as Huffi touches the necklace it snaps in two. Clatrina collapses unconcious on the ground, her neck partially crushed. Heighdhon ministers to her. Nalin confiscates the broken necklace and puts it in his belt pouch.

G There is a logistical difficulty in getting Huffi, who can't walk, and the unconcious Clatrina back to Ertlelm/Halpar. Eventually Nalin conceeds that it will not be possible to take the two of them back at the same time as bringing back the giant's sword and head. A stretcher is made for Huffi and Nalin and Heighdhon are to carry it whilst Couron carries Clatrina. However Heighdhon cannot lift his end of the stretcher so Clatrina is taken back by Couron and Nalin whilst Heighdhon waits with Huffi for them to come back.

G The return to the village does not go unnoticed but everyone keeps their distance. Clatrina is dumped in the inn with the still sleeping Skelly and they take the stretcher back into the forest. Huffi is helped on to the stretcher, the dog carries the head and Heighdhon drags the giant's sword. Part of the way back the head and sword are hidden. Huffi is deposited in the inn and Couron, Nalin and Heighdhon go and have dinner. Nalin takes something up for Huffi to eat. Shortly afterwards Clatrina comes round.

H Night has fallen.


H Nalin, Couron, Heighdhon and Skelly go to the mayor's house. Nalin knocks on the door and surrepticiously opens it with the key when no one answers. Everyone goes in, it is dark inside so Nalin gets out the "Continual light" rock and gives it to Skelly. The entrance hall has three doorways. Heighdhon searches the hall but finds nothing. Nalin goes through a door into the room that the mayor took the group to when we visited him before. Nalin searches around the fire place whilst the rest search the room. Nalin finds what looks like a bag of money. He opens it, it's full of money so Nalin tips it out to check there is nothing nasty in there. The cash is mainly silver but there is some gold.

H The group enter another door and find a messed up room with a damaged ceiling. Heighdhon manages to find some giant footprints, the furniture has been pushed to one side and straw has been brought in. Couron searches through the papers exposed in the smashed up furniture. They seem to be documents relating to the running of the town, there are too many to easily remove so Nalin instructs Couron to leave them for now. Heighdhon finds a small chest which seems incongruous in the surroundings. Nalin looks to open the chest so Couron and Heighdhon scarper. A good idea as the chest goes "Bang!". Unfortunately Couron scarpered behind Nalin and gets as badly burned as he does.

H The chest contains a little leather pouch, an opaque potion bottle and a mace. Heighdhon comes in and administers a salve to Courons burns. Heighdhon gives the mace a visual examination, there are no obvious designs on the mace. He goes over to listen at the door but does not hear anything. The light is covered and Nalin opens the shutters over a window and looks outside but he does not see anything. He comes back to the chest and takes out the mace and gives it to Skelly. Heighdhon gets the potion then Nalin tips out the contents of the bag. There are two rings, one is plain and made of a black metal, the other is gold with a word in Quenya engraved on it. Nalin takes the black ring which he thinks is an amalgum of iron, copper and at least one other unidentified metal and Couron gets the gold elven ring. Heighdhon checks the potion, it is black with a sour smell.

H Everyone goes back to the hall, Nalin locks the front door while a brief rest is taken then goes through the third and final door. It's the kitchen. A search reveals nothing. We go back to the hall and Heighdhon searches the space under the stairs and finds a secret compartment. The door is opened without an explosion to reveal some papers, a round silver medallion and a wand. Skelly looks at the symbol on the medallion and is confident that it has nothing to do with any of the religions we have come across so far in the village. The wand is made of black wood and tipped with a crystal. The papers include a scroll with one spell, the mayor's will which is addressed to Kurodoer ‑ Nalin takes possession of it, and a peice of paper listing the names Kurodoer, Thrim, Starron, Slirin and Annoa on the left and Carwyn, Winch, Sharla and Balsbi on the right. Heighdhon thinks the spell on the scroll is an extremely powerful healing type spell [GPN - "Raise dead"].

H The group move upstairs, it doesn't look as if anyone has been upstairs for weeks (probably since the mayor died) There is nothing of interest upstairs so the group leave and go to see Kurodoer.

H Once Nalin has Kurodoer alone he explains the days events and gets Kurodoer to read the will. Skelly questions Kurodoer about the potions. She says that the blue liquid over the green liquid is "Levitation", the black sour one we have found at the mayor's might be an "Alteration" spell or something similar for the giant. She does not know what the rest are but she is very tired. Skelly speculates that the orange and red potions may be related to fire. Nalin returns the scroll which Heighdhon thinks is "Raise dead" to the keeping of Kurodoer. Couron asks if Kurodoer can read the word on the ring. However she does not recognise it.

I The group head back to the inn where Heighdhon ministrates to the wounded. Nalin and Couron go down to the bar and everyone keeps away from them although Falcon comes over and talks. Falcon says that he was in the wood just now and he found the body of Alslar, it had met a violent death from a blunt instrument. Nalin says that we saw him with Kurodoer only and hour or so ago. Nalin goes to the loo and Falcon follows. Nalin fills him in with the details about the mayor.


I Huffi is feeling weak but much improved and agrees to accompany Nalin and his dog into the forest to attempt to recover Alslar's body. Heighdhon ministers to the rest of the group as they settle down for the night.

I Nalin and Huffi find Alslar's body he has been blugeoned to death with a blunt instrument as Falcon had said. Nalin searches the body and finds a sling and a pouch of well crafted specially made sling shot. There is also a staff and he is wearing leather armour. Huffi finds some tracks leading to the body and then away towards the village. Nalin carries the body and they follow the tracks back to the village and go straight to see Kurodoer in case she wants to use the "Raise dead" scroll.

I Kurodoer is a bit distraught and very tired. Nalin appoligises for bringing Alslar in at this time but thought that if Kurodoer had any intention of using the "Raise dead" scroll the sooner we got the body here the better. Nalin hands over the possessions we found on the body and asks if anything he usually carries is missing. Neir comes in and does not seem to react to the sight of Alslar's body. Nalin and Huffi are ushered out and as it is not yet midnight Nalin decides there is time to go and get the giants head and the sword. Huffi is not keen but follows along.

J As Nalin and Huffi enter the woods Nalin sees a human sized shadowy figure ahead of us in the trees. It is stationary. Nalin hears muttering, he instructs Huffi to stay behind with the dog whilst he moves in to see what is going on. As he moves in Nalin notices that the muttering has stopped and the shadowy human figure is now a shadowy dwarfen figure! The figure moves off towards the village and Nalin follows it. Once out of the woods Nalin can see that the figure is Thrim, the second blacksmith. He is heading towards the inn.

J Huffi sees a dwarf emerge from the forest followed by another dwarf. Huffi stays put. Nalin follows Thrim to the village and then looses sight of him so he runs to catch up. Huffi sees the second dwarf break in to a run so he moves to follow and tells the dog to "Find Nalin". The dog bounds off much faster than Huffi can go.

J Nalin sees Thrim go round a corner ahead of him, he is about 20 yards ahead. Nalin slows down but continues the pursuit. At this point Nalin notices the dog bounding towards him. Nalin quickly gesticulates that the dog should not make a sound. The dog runs up to him and sits down at his heel without making a sound. Nalin turns the corner to the side of the inn but he can no longer see Thrim so Nalin runs up the side of the inn.

J Huffi jogs into town and can see Nalin and the dog standing very still outside the inn. As Huffi moves towards them the dog turns and growls menacingly at him. Huffi skirts round to the door of the inn where he can see Nalin's face. Huffi calls to Nalin but there is no response. Huffi tries to move towards Nalin but the dog is having none of it. Huffi retreats and goes into the inn. He heads upstairs and wakes up Heighdhon. Huffi says that there is something wrong with Nalin. Heighdhon is not very happy at being woken up but comes down to check out the situation.

J Heighdhon looks at Nalin but can't get close because the dog is protecting him. Heighdhon assesses the situation. He tells Huffi to guard Nalin whilst he goes and gets Couron. Heighdhon wakes up Couron and explains that Nalin has been taken out and needs help. Couron comes down with Heighdhon, all the comings and goings are beginning to attract the attention of the locals in the inn.

J Outside Nalin suddenly leaps into action and shouts at Huffi to come with him. Nalin legs it round the side of the inn and finds the body of a dwarf. It's not Thrim. Back at the door of the inn Heighdhon and Couron come out and see nothing. Heighdhon is perplexed and Couron is pissed off.

K Round the side of the inn Nalin tells the dog to find Thrim and instructs Huffi to guard the body. Nalin rushes off after the dog. In front of the inn Heighdhon sniffs the ground and announces that Nalin went round the back. Round the back Heighdhon and Couron find Huffi over the body of a dwarf. Couron thinks that Huffi killed Nalin but Huffi tells her not to be such a plonker. Heighdhon asks who it is and Huffi says that it's not Thrim. Heighdhon turns the body over. It's Starron the innkeeper!

J Nalin follows the dog to the forge. He notices someone from the store next door is peering through a window at him. Nalin moves into the forge and a dwarfen voice says "Whose there?" Nalin immediately says "The Factor". This defuses the situation and Thrim puts down his axe and steps forward. Fundor is there as well but there is no sign of Belar. Nalin tells the dog to "take him to the one", but the dog has become confused and is sniffing round the door. Nalin asks if they have both been there all night. They both assure him very defferentially that they have both been there all night and neither of them have left at any occasion. They offer Nalin any assistance he requires. They say that Belar will be in the inn. Nalin looks at Thrim's axe, it is clean and the edge is sharp. Thrim offers to sharpen Nalin's axe as it looks well used. Nalin apologises for waking them up and goes back to the inn.

K Heighdhon establishes that Starron died from a cut throat. The voice of Sharrel can be heard from inside the inn calling for Starron. Heighdhon announces that he must go back to bed. Nalin returns and goes in to see Sharrel. She is abrupt with him as she is rushed off her feet. Nalin has no option than to tell her directly that her husband is dead. Outside Nalin tells Couron and Huffi that he was "Held" so the person who did the murder is quite powerful and can do magic.

K Fellia is comforting her mother whilst the body is carried in to the inn. Nalin does not want the body taken to the temple as he does not want Kurodoer woken up. Nalin clears the clientel from the inn although he is met with sterling resistance. Belar is left sleeping in the corner.

F Nalin instructs Huffi and Couron to come upstairs. Couron asks who killed Starron. Nalin explains his actions since going into the wood, most particularly the apparent transition of the human to the dwarf Thrim, although Nalin is alsmost certain that it was not really Thrim. The general opinion is that the killer was Norgraze or Tusula and they are taking over the Lyrgard religion, although Nalin is sure that the human he saw was too small to be them.

C Everyone is shafted. There seems to be little point in doing any more tonight so everyone finally hits the sack.

Sat 31 Dec 1588

A Starron's body is delivered to Kurodoer

B Nalin, Clatrina, Couron and Heighdhon retrieve the giant's head

C Huffi and Skelly go on shopping trip

D Nalin does some detective work

E Carwyn is detained for questioning

F Bazron returns from Pelektorn

G Carwyn escapes

H Carwyn is tracked into the woods where Annoa is found

I Gruston kills Carwyn

J Gruston is tracked

K The group return to Ertlelm

L Arron is killed

M Nalin brings the villagers up to speed, they think he's nuts

N Huffi and Bazron interview Annoa's family

O Falcon shows the group a doorway to a temple which has magically re-appeared after 100 years

P The arcane symbols on the door are discussed with Kurodoer

Q Falcon comes clean

R Belar recounts the "Legend of the Necklace of Tar'Khurt"

S New year celebrations are muted

A The next morning there is no breakfast. Nalin explains to the sleepers what happened last night and there is some more speculation about what might have happened. Nalin and Couron take the body of Starron over to the Demathon temple. Kurodoer is clearly knackered as she has had little sleep overnight. Nalin explains the events of the night and Kurodoer tells him that Thrim is the chief worshipper of Vehrghudain under herself. Kurodoer tells Nalin that after a lot of soul searching she has decided not to use the "Raise dead" scroll on Alslar.

B Nalin, Clatrina, Couron and Heighdhon go to get the giant's head whilst Huffi and Skelly keep an eye on the town. The head and sword are where they were left. Nalin puts the head on a stake and carries it into the centre of Ertlelm for public display.

C Huffi and Skelly go on shopping trip. Carwyn and Sheba in the store are very brusque and seem to blame the Factor for the trouble. Huffi points out that ther would undoubtedly have been many more deaths by now if the Factor was not protecting the village in person. Huffi goes into detective mode and asks some questions about religion, he also asks where Arron is and is told that he is out the back.

C Huffi and Skelly go next door to the bakery. Morran is hung over from the wake of the previous night. He has burnt the bread and Huffi negotiates a discount. They head over to the butcher. He is a dwarf named Marcos, he seems a cheery bloke and offers some sausages. He was looking out last night and saw all the action involving Nalin and Thrim but does not add anything we do not already know.

B Whilst Huffi and Skelly are eating their sausage sandwiches the head group return and Nalin has the head erected in the village square. The villagers do not appear to be overcome with joy by the idea of a decapitated fire giants head being set up in the centre of the village.

A Everyone goes back in to the inn and Belar wakes up. He asks for beer and starts slagging off Starron's poor service. Nalin shuts him up and tells him about the events of last night and Belar sits down with a stunned thump.

D Nalin goes to the store to asks questions whilst Heighdhon takes Huffi and firks around outside looking for tracks. Heighdhon finds nothing significant. When Nalin questions Carwyn and Sheba he gets no better response than Huffi and Skelly. Answers to questions are monosylabic but they claim to have seen Thrim go in to the smithy a few minutes before Nalin turned up. Nalin asks to see Arron, he is there but gives no useful information. Nalin makes a point of mentioning the fire giant head but this does not elicit a particularly different response from normal.

D Nalin goes into the smithy and speaks to Thrim in dwarfen. Thrim answers in dwarf and Nalin tells him that he thinks someone was impersonating him last night. Nalin tells him that he knows about Vehrghudain and asks him if anyone holds particularly anti Vehrghudain views. Thrim cannot think of anyone.


E The Party decides that it might be worth doing something pro‑active. There is a suggestion that the people on the right hand side of the mayor's list should be taken into custody. The trouble is where to keep them. There are no cellars under the inn. Upstairs at the mayors house might be a suitable place.

D Nalin goes to see Belar and Thrim and finds out that Carwyn was in the pub last night but not Arron. Arron only leaves the shop when Carwyn or Sheba leave, he has been there for years and has always been uncommunicative. Skelly speculates that Carwyn, Sheba and Arron may be Norgraze, Tusula and Gruston. This is a long shot but who knows!

E Nalin decides to call in Carwyn and Arron for questioning in connection with what they witnessed last night. Two rooms and some decent rope are prepared in the mayors house to hold the "witnesses". Couron and Clatrina are sent to get Carwyn and Heighdhon is watching in case they don't come out of the store.

E Clatrina goes to the store and informs Carwyn that the Factor requires him to make a statement about last night. Carwyn seems unimpressed but is not openly hostile. He exchanges a look with his wife which Couron thinks means that Carwyn has won some kind of bet. Carwyn accompanys Clatrina as requested. At the mayors house Nalin grabs Carwyn and they fall over. Nalin looses hold but Huffi sits on Carwyn. Clatrina gets Carwyn in and arm lock and Huffi leaps off to tie up Carwyn's arms. Unfortunately Carwyn gets away, Couron threatens him with her sword and Carwyn draws a knife and backs away. Nalin orders Couron to put her sword down but she refuses so Nalin grabs her sword arm and forces Couron to put her sword away. Huffi covers the door whilst Clatrina covers the window.

E Carwyn cannot believe what he is seeing, he is standing with his back to the wall looking very wary. Nalin instructs Carwyn to put the knife down. After a logical discorse with Nalin Carwyn puts the knife down, sits in a chair and allows Huffi to tie him to to it. Nalin gets Carwyn to tell him about the events of last night. Nalin asks Carwyn how long Arron has worked for him. Carwyn says six or seven years. Nalin asks Carwyn about the fire god, he replies that he thinks there are Lyrgard worshipers around but that he is not one. Nalin tells Carwyn that he has two lists of people and that Carwyn's name is at the top of one of the lists. Nalin says that Sharla is on the same list as him and that she was associated with Lyrgard and is now dead. He asks Carwyn what his connection with Sharla is but Carwyn says there was none. Clatrina asks to search the prisoner but does not find anything except another dagger and some small change. Carwyn is also wearing a plain gold ring. Nalin asks Carwyn about the mayor, Carwyn is not really interested but says that he had stopped taking his tobacco and his diet had become more meaty. Nalin leaves Huffi guarding Carwyn.

F Skelly goes to ask Marcos the butcher about recent changes to eating habits. Marcos says that the mayors consumption of meat had gone up dramatically but otherwise nothing much has changed. Skelly comes back with some sausages for lunch. Unfortunately he is one short as Bazron returns from Pelektorn. He reports that he has arranged for the dispatch of the message to Farlas.

G Carwyn engages Huffi in conversation but Huffi acts the model bobby and is polite but overtly formal. After a bit Carwyn suggests that the best way for Carwyn to prove his innocence would be for Huffi to untie him so that he could get the evidence. Huffi feels that this is an excelent idea and unties him. Huffi finds he is unable to move. Carwyn says "I'll be back" and goes!

G It is decided to bring in Winch for questioning. Bazron will go to get him with Clatrina. Nalin, Bazron and Clatrina go to move Carwyn and Huffi into the giants sleeping room. When they open the door, which is not fully shut, they find Huffi standing statuesque and no sign of Carwyn.

H Heighdhon uses his skills to track Carwyn, he follows the trail off to the north skirting round the back of the village. The trail does not go into the mill but Heighdhon thinks that in the viscinity of the mill he stopped and did something before carrying on. Nalin sends Clatrina back to get everyone. A short way into the woods Heighdhon looses the trail but both Heighdhon and Clatrina hear the sound of fighting. The whole group go charging in the direction of the sound. Clatrina sees two people fighting in the woods about 100 yards in front of her. As she closes in she can see that the fight is between Annoa and Carwyn. Clatrina dives in to grapple Carwyn. Annoa has been blinded by a "Light" spell. Carwyn dodges Clatrina and legs it.

H Annoa takes a swing as Clatrina moves past her. Clatrina and Couron belt after Carwyn with Bazron and Skelly chugging along behind, Nalin gets his crossbow out and Huffi pulls up short. Heighdhon tries to put Annoa at ease but it is not easy. A branch unexpectedly falls from a tree behind Clatrina and Couron they suspect a trap and shout out.

H Nalin fires his crossbow and misses. Carwyn is getting away and there are now seven of him!!! The seven are sticking together in a group though. Nalin charges off after the rest. Carwyn is gradually pulling away, way behind Nalin tells Bazron to turn back. Nalin can see that Carwyn is increasing the gap so he shouts for Clatrina and Couron to stop before they get lost in the woods. Clatrina marks a point which they are sure that Carwyn passed and they go back to Annoa.

H Annoa is still threatening with her sword, she still can't see. Nalin introduces himself as the Factor of Pelektorn and the group start to explain what has happened. Annoa slowly lightens up a bit and eventually lets on that Alslar was on both sides of the conflict. Annoa says that Falcon was his own man and she knows nothing of the three tall people although she has seen them in the woods.

H A suggestion is made that we all go to the point where we lost Carwyn but Annoa wont move whilst the "Light" spell is active. Afler a short while it ends and the group moves on and Heighdhon picks up the trail. Whilst following the trail the group talk to Annoa, Nalin shows her the mayors lists and mentions that he knows about Vehrghudain. Clatrina tells her that the three outsiders were invoved with the fire at the Demathon temple. Annoa is shown the Ansachat skull and Nalin attempts to explain the use of the skull and how important it is to find the three as the are exceptionally evil. Clatrina says that Carwyn is aiding these people without realising what he is getting himself into.

H Heighdhon asks Annoa who she thinks are Lyrgard supporters. Annoa says that the power of Lyrgard has extended recently and who knows who might now be corrupted. Something had to be done and she has played her part. Annoa admits that she killed Sharla, she surprised Sharla and tried to talk her round. Sharla would not listen and there was a fight which Annoa won.


H Annoa believes that Sharla had been subverting her father, Balsbi, amongst others. Clatrina asks Annoa who the Lyrgard followers are. Annoa says Sharla then Nalin says something which surprises Annoa. Nalin asks in Quenya if there are anymore elves in the area and Annoa replies, also in Quenya, that some elves come but no elves live in this area. Nalin has to admit that he did not understand the answer but fortunately Couron and Heighdhon understood. Annoa says that the elves have no interest in the petty bickering between a human and dwarfen religion.

H Annoa is somewhat sceptical of our assesment of Carwyn's position in the Lyrgard hierarchy. Nalin tells her that he is able to change his appearance so he could be anyone. Couron points out that she said that we should have taken Carwyn's ring away as she suggested as the spells are obviously contained in it.

H Annoa suddenly runs off and the group hear sounds of combat. Clatrina and Couron rush off in a slightly different direction to Annoa. Clatrina is shouting "To the combat, to the combat!" whilst Couron is shouting "It's a trap, it's a trap!". Heighdhon decides to follow Annoa who is running in a generally similar direction. However the group soon loose sight of Annoa so we all follow Clatrina and Couron.

I Clatrina sees movement up ahead. She runs towards it until she can see Carwyn fighting a bloody great big bastard with a huge sword. The big guy sees Clatrina but Carywn doesn't because the big guy has just killed him. Clatrina thinks the big guy is about to come after her so she takes up a stance of readiness. She does not want to engage him as he has just killed the bad guy. Clatrina hails the big guy saying that she is the representative of the Factor of Pelektorn. At this point Couron arrives and as Clatrina has had no response she asks the big guy who he is and what his business is. The big guy bows and runs off. Clatrina thinks he noticed something in the woods other than herself and Couron. Clatrina pays attention to the direction the big guy left in and then goes over to Carwyn's body. She cuts the ring finger off and retrieves the ring.

J Nalin and the rest of the gang arrive and Nalin congratulates Clatrina on killing Carwyn. Clatrina has to admit that it was not her, she arrived at the end of the fight when the big guy, who Nalin thinks is Gruston, killed Carwyn. Clatrina explains why she thinks Gruston ran off. Heighdhon finds his trail. As the group follow Gruston's trail Clatrina suggests that we are being led into a trap. The theory about Carwyn's death is that now we have found him out he is of no more use to Norgraze so he has been dealt with.

K Nalin decides we should return to the village. Heighdhon is confident that he can follow our trail back to the village but he points out that it is far from the most direct route and we would be pushing it to get back to the village before dark. Almost immediately the group come across and arrow of sticks on our path but pointing in a different direction. Nalin decides to follow it. After a while Huffi points out that if the supposition is that Annoa left the arrow and Annoa is thought to be a Vehrghudain worshipper why on earth are we following it.

K Before nightfall the group come to the edge of the woods to the north west of the village. Heighdhon and Couron scout around but find nothing. The group decide that Nalin, Clatrina and Huffi should go in to the mill and interview Winch whilst Heighdhon, Couron and Skelly check the spot where Heighdhon thought Carwyn stopped on his way out of the village.

K There is no answer to a knock on the door so Nalin opens the door and goes inside. He hands the "Continual light" rock to Huffi and Nalin and Clatrina have a seach. The mill is devoid of life but normal clothes and household goods are in evidence, however it is obvious that other items have been removed. The group join up and go to the store. The door is locked from the inside. Huffi is sent to ask Thrim if he has seen todays comings and goings.

L The rest of the group go round to the back door. It is also barred from the inside. Nalin announces that he is the Factor and he wants the door opened otherwise he will knock it down. Huffi finds Thrim in the smithy. He says he hasn't seen Carwyn since we dragged him off. Apart from Sheba pottering around the store he has not seen Arron, Balsbi or Winch today, but he would not have expected to. Huffi decides to go and speak to Marcos.

L The door to the store is battered down and Nalin moves inside only to be attacked by Arron. Nalin tells him to put his axe down but Arron obviously is not going to stop so Nalin wades in. Clatrina is shouting "You've been betrayed!" Arron is standing in the doorway preventing Nalin from getting in. Clatrina goes round to the front door and starts to smash it down. Nalin pushes Arron back as Clatrina, followed by Couron rush through the remains of the front door. Clatrina shouts "Arron, you're surrounded, give up" Arron continues his combat against Nalin and moves to a very good defensive position. Nalin and Clatrina are fighting Arron with support from Bazron whilst Couron searches for Sheba and Heighdhon blocks the front door. Skelly is spreading lard around the place!

L Arron turns out to be an impressive opponent and after some time he deals a nasty head wound to Clatrina who withdraws from combat leaving Nalin and Bazron. After a lengthy combat at the end of which Arron slices Nalin's abdomen, Arron is finally killed by Bazron. Heighdhon and Couron find nothing in their search of the store. Bazron checks Arron's chainmail armour, it seems to have stood up unusually well to the onslaught. A search of Arron's body reveals a little money but nothing else. His axe is also very good. Heighdhon, Skelly and Couron search the shop area and store room. They find Arron's bow and arrows.

L Marcos is not at home so Huffi heads back to the store. Clatrina tries on the armour, it shrinks to fit and is presumably magical. The group take the good looking axe as well. At Heighdhon's suggestion Nalin's dog is given some of Sheba's clothes to sniff. Unfortunately the dog cannot find anything. Skelly tidies up the body and the group nail some sacks over the doorway and Huffi and Clatrina announce to the populous milling arround that anyone interfearing with the sacks will see the sharp side of Nalin's axe from very close up.

M The group go to the inn. Belar is there as is Morran, Marcos, Sharrel, Falcon, Kelnal, and a few others. Nalin buys a round of drinks for everyone and makes a public that Carwyn, the murderer of Starron, is dead. The locals seem a bit incredulous about this. Nalin goes on to say that the mutilated body found in the forest some weeks ago was the mayor and that someone has been magically altered to look like the mayor. Nalin has some of the audience with him at this point but then he tells them that the impersonator was the fire giant whose head is on the pole in the middle of the village. This is very difficult for the villagers to take seriously. Nalin then says that he wants any information about where Sheba and Winch and his father are. Nalin calls Falcon upstairs for a chat.

N Huffi and Bazron go to see if they can find Balsbi. Nalin questions Falcon. Falcon thinks that the feud between the religions has little to do with the bigger picture. Nalin explains the demise of Carwyn in the woods. Falcon says that he thinks there are alot of people in the village who seem to hide their tallents under a bushel. Nalin informs Falcon that we rescued Annoa from Carwyn. Nalin asks Falcon what is going to happen, Falcon says he has found a visual lead and it is in the woods to the west.

N Huffi and Bazron get to the tannery. There are lights on, Huffi gains admission and drops Balsbi right in it by saying in front of Slirin that the group had met Annoa in the woods and she had expressed concern that Sharla had been leading him astray. After some questioning that reveals nothing Huffi and Bazron return to the inn.

O Nalin decides to bring Kurodoer up to speed with events before we go into the woods. Huffi expresses some reservations about siding to closely with Vehrghudain as they are as unreliable as Lyrgard. Nalin tells Kurodoer that we are going into the woods to the west. Kurodoer suggests that we return after we have seen whatever is there before we take any further action.

O The group do not get very far into the trees before Falcon stops and directs our attention to a patch of ground covered in snow. He says there is a large trap door with markings of some kind. Falcon did not want to touch it. Heighdhon sees one set of human tracks going in and out which were made today. The snow is moved away to reveal a pair of stone doors (which the dwarfs think are probably no more than 100 years old and are partially dwarfen work) with symbols which are overgrown round the edge and have obviously not been opened for a long time. Bazron goes to get a brush so the snow can be properly cleared.

O The doors undoubtedly have arcane symbols on them they look a bit fiery but do not appear to be those associated with "The Five". Some of the symbols are transcribed and taken back to Kurodoer for examination.


P The group show the drawings to Kurodoer. She says some of the symbols are ancient symbols of Demathon and Vehrghudain, others she does not recognise. Nalin asks if she recognises any of the symbols as traps. Kurodoer says that opening the doors without understanding the meaning of the symbols will undoubtedly be disadvantageous to our health.

P Skelly recognises some of the symbols in the middle, they are necromantic. Skelly thinks that there are undead under the doors. Clatrina is sure that we should not open the doors although Nalin finds this very frustrating. Heighdhon wonders if Norgraze will be wanting to get in there. There is speculation that it might be unfortunate that most of the Lyregard worshipers are dead as you probably need a combination of religious leaders to open the door.

P In response to questioning Kurodoer says that about 100 years ago the entrance to the the old Demathon temple was sealed by a combination of religions who came together in an attempt to resist a greater threat. At that time the town was considered cursed, many people like ourselves came and disturbed things causing trouble for the villagers. There are five sets of symbols Demathon, Vehrghudain, probably Lyregard, the necromantic symbols and an unidentified set. Falcon speculates that they might be druidic. Clatrina and Skelly wonder if it might relate to the elves.

P Heighdhon realises that some of the necromantic symbols relate to the raising of ghouls. The group think that that there is something evil down there but Falcon is adamant that the reason Norgraze would want to get in there is to destroy a power for good.

P Demathon is a spirit religion so it does not have the same view of "good" and "evil" as many of the major religions. Vehrghudain and Lyregard are respectively the dwarfen and human trickster gods, they are secretive and would probably not want outsiders coming in to the area, so they would be in favour of sealing away an artifact that drew people to the area.

Q Kurodoer says that she would rather that the temple was left alone but if someone was going to get in there she would prefer us rather than Norgraze to find the necklace of Tar'Khurt. It would appear that Kurodoer remembers more than she admits. Heighdhon suggests that Falcon knows something about it. Kurodoer says it was held by the Demathon temple but it was not a Demathon artifact. Falcon says "No. I is an Essini artifact". It gave great power to the Essini church but went missing hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Nalin queries Falcons ultimate motive and Couron chucks into the conversation that Nalin knows Rallink (the high priest of Essini for this area). In response to pressure from Nalin, Falcon admits that he worships Essini outside the factions of the four Kingdoms. Clatrina says that Falcon is a paladin.

Q Skelly thinks it will be important to find Annoa and suggests that we go to her family and persuade them to find her. Huffi and Heighdhon will go to see Belar to see if his dwarfen memory is not too pickled to remember 100 years back. Falcon is going to try to find Annoa, he is puzzled why we are in such a hurry. The group say that Falcon had said that something would happen tonight. Falcon points out that something has happened ‑ the door has appeared!!

D Nalin and Skelly go and wake up Balsbi and Slirin and ask to speak to Freyda. Freyda insists that she does not know where Annoa is so Skelly and Nalin stress that it is urgent and to the advantage of the village that the group speak to Annoa as soon as possible. They ask Freyda to be sure and to Annoa that when they next meet.

R Huffi and Heighdhon go to see Belar in the Halpar Inn. He is quite merry but not plastered, Huffi and Heighdhon buy him a pint and he waffles on about how he lost his leg. At a natural break Huffi asks him about the old temple and the necklace. Belar is astonished that we know about them. Huffi explains that we have spoken to Kurodoer and it looks as if things are coming to a head again. Belar is very vague about what he knows until Huffi arranges for a supply of beer. The following tale takes an hour or so to recount.

"250 years ago a shrine was built in Ertlelm to worship Demathon. People came from miles around and the town grew up and a high priest was appointed and accolytes came. A retired warrior built a keep on the helmet like hill nearby to protect the town (which is where the name Ertlelm springs from).

One midsummers night the high priest dreamt that a castle was attacked by giants led by a golden haired warrior. There was a great fight and many heros were killed. The giants were opposed by a woman surrounded by a radiant light from whose hands blasts of fire swept through the giants. The golden haired man clad in red and black was able to create terrible illusions and eventually the giants overcame the defenders until only a few were left.

The priest noticed that the woman was wearing a blue necklace which glowed brighter and brighter until in a blinding flash she and the rest of the defenders dissapeared and the woman flew off in the shape of a hawk. In the priest's dream the woman return as a hawk and told the priest to hide the necklace so that the red and black clad man would not find it. So the priest hid it in a hole in the ground where only he knew where it was.

Things returned to normal until one day a huge army of nasties turned up and threw down the keep. But just before he died the old priest summoned a great earthquake which caused everything to be covered including the village. The land was made uninhabitable and the villagers left allive had to leave.

After a while the area was resettled. Some people searched after the treasure buried in the ground but found nothing until 100 years ago two men came and claimed to have found the old temple. They went below ground and never returned. At about this time people started dissapearing and animals were killed and the people of the village were sufficiently affraid that they put aside their feuding and sealed the temple entrance that the two men had found and caused it to disappear and be forgotten by all but a few."

R One of the two men was from the woods the other was a dark man in dark clothes with a dark personality. Belar cannot remember their names or religions. Belar lived here 250 years ago and left with everyone else. He returned about 150 years ago. As far as he knows the door was the only way in. Nalin asks Belar about Tazzi the dead dwarfen miner. Belar knew him but says that Tazzi was not in the village at that time.


S There is a discussion about the best way of setting a watch an the door of the old temple without drawing attention to it. Heighdhon patches up some of Clatrina's gashes, Couron and Bazron will keep watch overnight. There is a brief new year celebration and then it's bed time.

Sun 1 Jan 1589

A Most of the group get "gifts" from Vehrghudain

B Preparations are made to enter the old temple

C The rings from Carwyn and the mayor's chest are investigated

D The effect of the ring from the mayor's chest becomes clear

E Huffi makes a hole in the old temple door

F The group descend some stairs in to a cavern

G There is a lot of fallen rubble around

H The group find a room with a stream

I The group find a temple and have a set to with Ferrano, Winch and some farmers

J The group find a burial chamber

K Bazron almost poisons himself

L The group find the first sign that Norgraze, Tusula and Gruston are also down here

M A statue of Essini and Lyrgard in combat, with a crap poem

N Leather curtains

O Wandering about in corridors

P A key shaped room

Q Bed time

R Chanting in the night

A Everyone has a hearty breakfast and the group go to see Kurodoer. She thinks that she could do something to counter the Vehrghudain section and maybe also the Demathon. But she cannot help with the three other religions. Kurodoer has been communing with Vehrghudain and tells us that she believes he will assist us if we individually perform the appropriate ceremony. However she warns us that assistance from Vehrghudain is not always as it seems.

A Huffi point blank refuses to undertake a Vehrghudain ceremony and Couron decides that she does not trust Vehrghudain. Clatrina says that Nalin should force them to do the ceremony but Nalin points out that he cannot force people to do religious ceremonies.

B The group go to the old temple door. The area appears undisturbed. Skelly goes for a wee to provide an excuse for why we stopped then the group move on and mark a couple of trees to make it look as if we were looking at other areas.

C The group go back to the village after an hour or so. There is still no sign of Falcon or Annoa. Heighdhon has a look at Carwyn's ring, it's still plain an unadorned and gets hot if you hold it in a candle flame. Heighdhon says that he thinks it's worth a couple of gold pieces. Nalin thinks that it might be a ring of "Spell storing". Clatrina says that Heighdhon can use it if he wants to so Heighdhon puts it on. He feels that it might be of assistance with some of his existing abilities.

C Couron puts on the ring from the giants chest in the mayors house. Nothing happens, she thinks it needs the Quenya command word to make it work. Skelly suggests that Annoa might be able to help. Huffi suggests that he might be able to mine in to the temple from the edge. He goes off to do some test bores. He returns over an hour later and announces that he has discovered nothing.

B After lunch the group go to see Thrim. He is with Belar and Fundor. Nalin explains about the discovery of the door with the religious symbols including those of Vehrghudain and Lyregard. They say that they do not fully understand what Nalin is talking about but will try to help in any way they can. After a generic explanation of the danger we might face Thrim and Fundor go to get kitted up. Thrim says that Kelnal might help. Nalin goes to see him and he does. Heighdhon establishes that there has been no sign of Annoa or Falcon yet.

A It is early afternoon so the group go to see Kurodoer. Everyone including Thrim and Kelnal but excluding Huffi decide to go for the "blessing". Kurodoer explains the proceedure and Nalin goes first, he seems unscathed. Heighdhon is desperate to have a go so gets in second. Clatrina, Skelly, and Couron (a bit half heartedly) all have a go with no obvious effect. Bazron finds that his missing left hand has returned, but his right hand is gone. Bazron is not very happy about this. Kelnal finds himself holding an empty sack and Thrim is looking puzzled. He says he was told a riddle. "What's got no ears but hears, no eyes but sees and no lips but speaks".

A Bazron tries swinging his axe left handed. It feels more comfortable than he was expecting.

D As the group set off for the door Huffi remembers to tell everyone that he met Falcon at the door earlier. He said he would wait there with Annoa. Heighdhon arranges for the snow to be swept off the door so that Kurodoer can get a better look. Annoa is asked about some of the symbols, she confirms that they are druidic. She says that the word on Couron's new ring is "Lint'ara" meaning Jump or Leap. Couron attempts to make a controlled jump after saying the word, she dissapears and reappears some distance away in a different direction from she was facing. Skelly says the word and Couron dissapears again. She reappears about ten feet away. Heighdhon says Lint'ara but Couron has got the ring off. However Couron dissapears and reappears another three times. Heighdhon says Lint'ara again but Couron does not disappear again.

E Kurodoer mutters a few things over the door and collapses. She looks very unwell, Kelnal, Neir and Fundor are very concerned.


E Whilst the group speculate on the meaning of the riddle told to Thrim and on the possible powers of the necklace Huffi gently ushers everyone back to a distance of more than 60 feet from the door. Just before Huffi tries to open the door the group decide the answer to the riddle might be "A lich", if this is correct we are buggered.

E Huffi says that he is going to try to open a hole in the door and suggests they get into an action posture. Nalin decides to go first, Clatrina will go second followed by Falcon, Skelly, Huffi, Annoa, Heighdhon, Kelnal, Couron, Thrim and Bazron. Nalin and Clatrina cower behind trees about 20 yards behind Huffi. The rest cower a further 20 to 30 yards further away except for Couron who cowers behind the church in town! Fundor and Neir have led Kurodoer into the church.

E Huffi does his stuff and there is a big bang. Skelly starts running in from the church. Nalin and Clatrina move forward to Huffi who is sitting panting on the ground. Heighdhon asks if a big bang is normally associated with this spell. Huffi gasps that it is not but that he has never done a spell this big before. Clatrina can see a hole in the doorway there is no other obvious effect so Nalin goes forward and lowers himself through the door into a narrow fissure in the rock. It is like a pot hole but a crude stairway has been cut. Everyone follows Nalin in the order decided.

F Clatrina soon falls into Nalin and Huffi stumbles but everyone gets down the stairs okay until two bolts of lightning go off either side of Couron hitting Kelnal and Thrim [The red shirts! ‑ Ed] Kelnal and Thrim are not at all happy about this and Thrim looks quite pale. Bazron gives Thrim a drink of something medicinal for which he is grateful. Bazron looks at the wall and sees a symbol.

F Nalin continues down keeping an eye out for more symbols. He gets to the bottom of the fissure quite quickly without seeing any more symbols. Nalin emerges into a small natural cavern. It is egg shaped, about 60 feet long and dank and musty. The floor is loose soil strewn with bone, wood and detritus. The ceiling is about 15 feet high and there is a water trough covered in crap against one wall and in the south east corner is a square shaped artificial construction with a sloping top. There is no obvious exit to the cavern.

F Skelly gets the continual light rock out. Heighdhon checks for tracks the rest of the group get their weapons out. Nalin checks out the water trough but sees nothing unusual. Nalin, Clatrina and Couron go over to the artificial construction. It is about ten feet high and partially buried in the wall. There is an opening like a window through which a bell can be seen. Huffi speculates that it is the top of a bell tower. Skelly goes over to the trough and shines the light on it but cannot see anything. Ignoring Huffi's remonstrations that he should leave it alone, Heighdhon brushes some of the dirt aside to reveal that the trough and pump are made of gold. The dwarfs decide that it is not pure gold but has a high gold content.

F Huffi suggests that the trough is moved as there seems to be concealed entrance behind it. It is decided that the pump may act as a sort of door handle. The trough if cleaned our, there is no outlet at the bottom. Nalin pumps the handle and there is a loud crashing noise as something falls from the roof. Two undead corpses are climbing to their feet and look as is they are going to attack Annoa and Kelnal. Skelly uses his particular tallents in this field and destroys them which is good as another four fall from the roof. Another intervention by Skelly causes two of the undead run away, the other two attack Nalin and Clatrina. They are very unpleasent looking with putrid green flesh and worms crawling in and out of them. The yuk fighting Clatrina hits her hard and a fat green wormy thing leaps on to Heighdhon's left leg.

F Two more creatures fall from the ceiling. They are mummies. Clatrina shout "Burn them!". Huffi chucks oil on a mummy as Nalin fells the yuk he is fighting. Skelly causes the yuk fighting Clatrina to disintigrate and the two mummies start cowering. Heighdhon is calling for assistance with the worm on his leg. Bazron goes over and flicks the worm off with his hook, then he stamps on it. The mummies and yukki are cremated. Clatrina finds an unplesant looking hole in her leg. Heighdhon finds the worm that caused it and dugs into the leg. The worm shrivels on contact with the metal but Heighdhon cleans it out as best he can. He is fairly sure that there is some infection left. Clartina can no longer use her leg, Heighdhon casts a "Treat wound" and Clatrina's leg regainst some functionallity but only just. Kelnal and Thrim are looking a bit stunned.

F The junk falling from the ceiling continues unabated and the entry behing the trough seems a little more open. Nalin pumps again and the trough opens a bit more. No undead fall from the ceiling although it looks like the whole roof to the cavern is collapsing. Nalin pumps furiously and opens the trough sufficiently that everyone can leap through before we are buried by the roof. The corridor we are now in is artificial about five feet wide and 30 feet long with a door at the other end.

G Nalin looks at the door. It has a handle and looks as if it will open outwards. Nalin opens the door to reveal a wider corridor which is blocked by rubble. Huffi and Nalin examine the rubble it is not clear if the rock fall is natural or deliberate and there is no obvious way through. Nalin and Huffi start digging through the blockage. It is soon apparent that the rubble has been deliberately placed to block the passage.

G As the long task of clearing the passage progresses Skelly asks Annoa and Falcon if they can identify any of the potions but they can't. When the noise from behind subsides Heighdhon has a look and sees that the room has not filled with rubbish but there is a lot more around than there was.

H Nalin goes through the rubble first and finds a crossroads. To the right the corridoor goes as fas as can be seen. To the left the corridoor opens out after about 20 feet. Ahead the corridoor goes on as far as can be seen (about 60 feet). There is a door on either side about 20 feet down the ahead corridor.

H Nalin creeps down the left corridor and sees a natural cavern with a stream with a sand bed running through it. The stream flows from east to west. The cavern is a 60 foot diamond and we are entering from the south end. There is a bridge over the stream and some doors on the other side. Huffi, displaying the positive attude for which he is becoming known, suggests that anyone who sets foot on the bridge is dead meat.


I There is discussion at the crossroads as to what to do next. It is quite noisy because of the stream and the stiff wind blowing in the diamond room. Heighdhon goes down the east passage and finds recent tracks of booted feet, probably human and dwarfen going in both directions. Heighdhon tries to see if any of the tracks go in or out of the doors and spots that they go into the door on the right. Listening at the door Heighdhon can hear movement.

I The left hand door is locked but the right hand room does not appear to be locked however there is no handle and no sign of an opening mechanism even though Huffi is sure it is of dwarfen construction. Whilst the group are trying to get through the door Couron carries on along the easterly passage. Near the room at the end she sees something, she is almost our of range of the light so she starts to come back but gets completely splatted. Bazron sees this and rushes off down the corridor followed by Falcon and a limping Clatrina. Bazron thinks he sees a person move across the entrance to the room. Nalin goes up the corridor and everyone follows him with Huffi covering the rear.

I Bazron goes to stand over Couron and can see a temple ahead. It is about 40 feet across and 80 feet long with a curved wall to the south. There are pews, a statue at the curvy end and a small fire. There is no sign of anyone in the temple.

I Clatrina pulls Couron back she is not unconcious but seems unable to move. Nalin says we should all go straight in to the temple and heads inside. He immediately sees Ferrano, and Winch firing an arrow at him. Nalin tries to leap out of the way but is hit anyway and rushes towards Winch. Bazron, and Falcon enter the temple followed by Clatrina. Winch throws down his bow and draws his sword as Nalin closes on him. They engage in combat. Falcon taps Clatrina on the sholder and points out Ferrano skulking in the shadows apparently casting a spell. Clatrina sets off towards him brandishing her scimitar. Falcon goes that way as well whilst Bazron has gone to Nalin. Ferrano seems to have completed his spell and pulls out his mace. Skelly, Heighdhon and Huffi enter the temple.

I Winch hits Nalin but is walloped by Bazron. Ferrano hits Clatrina and then leaps out of the way of Falcons blow. Down the corridor Kelnal and Thrim see the door burst open and people rush out. Kelnal moves into position in the corridor with Thrim backing him up. Skelly spots the commotion in the corridor. A second attacker is trying to get passed Kalnal to Thrim but Kelnal blocks his way. Falcon hits Ferrano with his socking great bastard sword

I Skelly moves behind the door and polishes his mace. Ferrano has managed to move beside Winch and seems to be trying to get to the doors behind Winch. A combatant gets past Kelnal and fights Thrim. Huffi hits Winch and forces him back to try to block Ferrano's route out. Heighdhon "Sleeps" three of the attackers in the corridor who Annoa has pointed out are farmers. Thrim whacks one of them. Kelnal has been hit. Annoa pulls Couron out of the way. Huffi hits Winch and expects to force him back however Winch stands his ground which gives Huffi the opportunity of another hit. This unexpected maneouvre so phases Huffi that he accidentally hits Nalin quite heftily. Ferrano leaps behind Winch. Nalin (who was blinded some time ago and so did not know it was Huffi that hit him) is angered by this and hits Winch. Heighdhon "Sleeps" another of the farmers and Thrim hits his opponent.

I Ferrano rushes out the door behind Winch who immediately hits Bazron as he tries to follow Ferrano. Kelnal moves backwards and calls out for Thrim to fall back into the temple, Thrim does so. Kelnal and Thrim fall back into the temple and Annoa takes the place of Kelnal in the combat.

I Chanting can be heard from the corridor where Ferrano dissapeared. Then a second chant starts in unison from the statue end of the room. Huffi tries to push Winch back into the door but he resists. Skelly nips round the back but is not strong enough to close the door. Nalin bashes Winch and Thrim hits his farmer again. Winch has stopped attacking and is trying to get out of the door. Falcon goes to help Thrim. Huffi shouts "Get through the door after Winch" but Skelly continues to try to close the door. The chanting stops and Huffi yells "Run away!". The farmers are already legging it.

I Nalin is livid and fells Winch with a massive blow to the abdomen. The air becomes fetid with the smell off rotten eggs as yards of Winch's intestines spill out on to the floor like strings of badly made sausages drowned in too much tomato ketchup. Unfortunately as Nalin is subject to a "Blindness" spell he is imagining this. The reality whilst quite impressive is not as spectacular as Nalin imagines.


I Winch is now blocking the door and bleeding profusely. Nalin indicates that he can't see so Bazron tries to guide him out. Nalin is being jostled by Huffi and Skelly. Winch is trying to hack at Bazron and Nalin and amazingly manages to hit Bazron despite fighting from prone with a nasty gash in his stomach.

I At the other door Thrim and Kelnal are chasing after the farmers with Clatrina hobbling behind and Heighdhon following whilst Annoa and Falcon pick up Skelly and follow in the rear. When they reach the "Slept" farmers in the corridor Clatrina starts to tie them up but quickly moves into the lighted room to the left. Thrim and Kelnal have followed the farmers on down the corridor.

I Winch gets a much more serious hit on Bazron and is also dragging himself back into the corridor. Huffi sees that it might be possible to get the other one of the double doors open.

I The farmers break right towards the room with the stream and the bridge. Thrim and Kelnal are following as quickly as they can. In the lit room Clatrina sees a second door in an antichamber. Heighdhon has sussed out that he will be able to re‑open the first door from the inside if it is shut. Annoa and Falcon carrying Couron followed by Skelly enter the room and Heighdhon closes the door until only a crack remains.

I Bazron finally bursts past Winch into the corridor, he can see Ferrano backing away quickly. He is about 20 feet away so Bazron chases after him. Huffi cannot open the second door but as Bazron is now out of the way Huffi takes his chance with Winch.

I Clatrina has opened the inner door revealing a bog standard guards room. It is "L" shaped and about 40 feet long with a 10 to 15 foot "toe". Heighdhon shuts the outer door.

I The fleeing farmers are trooping over the bridge. Kelnal and Thrim attack them. The farmers get over the bridge, they have to cling on to avoid being blow away by the very strong wind. Kelnal and Thrim watch them go then they retrace their steps.

I Huffi smashes Winch with his flail on the way past. He reaches back and grabs Nalin and yanks him through the door. Nalin falls over Winch who tries to hit him but fails. Huffi tries to drag Nalin through but he is heavy. Bazron comes back to help.

I Couron finds that she is able to move, she starts complaining. Falcon, Annoa, Couron, Skelly and Clatrina are in the guard room whilst Heighdhon is out at the main door listening. Skelly finds a peep hole in the wall which looks on to the temple. She stuffs something in the hole. Clatrina goes back out into the outer room but Heighdhon tells him to hold back because he is listening.

I As Huffi is about to smash Winch with his flail, Winch weakly says "Father" and dies. The Corridor that Bazron, Huffi and Nalin are in curves away to the right. Bazron and Huffi drag Winches body into the corridor and search his body. In addition to his sword and armour Winch has two potion vials and an ornate dagger. Bazron takes possesion of one potion and Huffi takes the other potion and the dagger. Having established that the door can be reopened Huffi shuts the door and the three dwarfs move up the corridor about 30 feet to have a rest. Huffi lights a torch.

I Heighdhon lets Clatrina out to examine the "Sleeping" farmers. They are dragged into the room and restrained. All this movement causes the farmers to wake up, they are shitting themselves. Falcon recognises a few but they are no one special. Thrim and Kelnal return as the last farmer is being dragged in. The group realise that Nalin, Bazron and Huffi are not with them.

I Clatrina attempts to interrogate the farmers but they do not want to talk. Couron starts ordering Skelly to search a piece of wall then she muffs her first aid on Kelnal. Skelly looks through the peep hole and realises that the door at the other end of temple is closed.

I Clatrina stops interogating and wanders over to look at Kelnal. Clatrina first aids him but Couron tries to take the credit. Clatrina takes control of the situation and says that the group should try to link back to Nalin. Clatrina grabs the wimpiest looking farmer and thrusts him down the corridor towards the temple, Skelly, Falcon and Annoa go with Clatrina. Clatrina thrusts the farmer in to the temple and notices that the door at the other end of the temple is opening.

I Nothing seems to have happened in the temple so Bazron thinks Nalin, Huffi and himself should try to rejoin the others. They go back to the door and open it. Bazron looks through and hears Clatrina shouting over. They discuss options.

I At Nalin's request Clatrina goes to look at the statue. The statue in the temple is about twice the size of a normal human. It is golden haired, clad in red and black sitting leaning forward with his hands cupped as if to receive a gift. There is a fire pit in front of the statue and steps leading up to a ledge behind the seat of the throne. Searching around the statue reveals nothing.

I Heighdhon is trying to open the locked door opposite the guard room. The group go back to the guard room and find Heighdhon working on the locks. When Nalin is told this his makes his dipleasure known. Nalin asks Heighdhon what he can do about blindness, Heighdhon says he does a nice line in white sticks!

I The group reconviens and Nalin decides to follow Ferrano. Clatrina gets everyone toghter except for Kelnal who has volunteered to stay with the prisoners. Skelly offers to lead Nalin and Clatrina is going to stick close to Nalin so she can grass up anyone who does not follow his orders. The group march off across the temple and along the tunnel which Ferrano ran down. After quite a long distance the passage opens in to a small chamber with a ladder of iron rungs in the wall, some bags and barrels and another exit on the left.

I Heighdhon is brought up to look for tracks, Heighdhon finds some going up and down the ladder. There are tracks going left as well but the stairs look more used. Couron goes up the ladder and after twenty feet or so she comes to a trap door. The speculation is that the trap door will come up in to the mill in the village. Nalin says that Couron should open the door. It opens downwards and has been blocked from above. Couron spikes the trapdoor shut and comes back down.

J Clatrina searches the contents of the room but finds nothing of interest except two rats which he throws and Heighdhon and Couron. Couron screams loadly and Nalin is forced to interviene. The group go up the corridor with Heighdhon in the lead. After quite a long way again the group come to a side door with the corridor streatching away in front. Neighdhon cannot see the mechanism on the door but he reckons that it is trapped. The group decide to continue along the corridor, Heighdhon can find no recent tracks in this piece of corridor which opens out in to another chamber. It is about 30 feet square with a four foot high marble pedestal on which is a dome of glass containing a red glowing object. At this point Nalin mumbles the amazing admission that he wished he had a magic user like Hortense along!!

J The group have entered from the east and there is a much larger exit in the north wall. On closer inspection the glowing object under the dome is a pulsing human heart on a red cushion. There is an inscription underneath which says "Here lies the life blood of Arun‑al‑Cossak, servant of Lyrgard. In which rests his soul for all eternity, forever living but never alive."

J The group decide to leave the heart alone for now and check out the next room. There is a short wide corridor opening on to a lage circular room at least 60 feet in diameter. In the centre of the room is and intricately crafted sarcophagus sitting in the middle of a four pointed flame mozaic. At each point of the flame is a stone coffin. The whole room smells very strongly of death and decay. It's like Dagursday come early for Skelly. Nalin asks Falcon if he thinks the Amnis relic may be here but Falcon has no idea.

K Whilst the group are deciding what to to Bazron investigates his potion, it is odorless, clear and viscous. It tastes of.........


..... something nasty. Bazron is glad that he only touched his tongue to a tiny drop on his finger as he feels like shit. Couron goes and takes a look at the sarcophagus and coffins. She can see nothing written on any of them. As Nalin can't see, Clatrina describes where we have been so far.

I The group return to the trapped door and slip a piece of parchment under the door. The group then retrace our steps back to the trap door. For some reason Huffi has volunteered to go at the back, part way down the corridoor he is smashed from behind. Huffi swings round to bring his ball and chain flail down on whatever hit him and is astonished to see Winch. Luckily Skelly thinks that he must be undead and succeeds in turning him to dust. The group nip back to the door but it is still locked and probably trapped.

H The group return to the trap door and Couron climbs up the ladder and confirms that the trap door is still spiked. The group return through the temple and give the special signal to Kelnal. He opens the door and confirms that nothing has happened. Kelnal stays with the hostages and the rest continue to the bridge and rope ourselves together before crossing the wind swept bridge. Bazron steps on the the bridge and is able to confirm that the smooth black surface is a slippery as it looks. Bazron gets to the middle and the wind gusts up and knocks him off the bridge into the water.

H The stream flows very quickly and Bazron is sucked under. The rest of the group struggle to pull him out but a major effort pulls Bazron clear of the water although he is not unscathed. Heighdhon and Couron serch the cavern whilst Clatrina goes to interrogate the captive farmers to find out the way to get across the bridge. Heighdhon goes back to the door and has another go at the lock. Eventually the farmer that Clatrina is interrogating spits out some more teeth and stares hatefully at Clatrina through his remaining good eye and mumbles "Just say "Lyregard"".

H Couron volunteers to go across the bridge. She says "Lyrgard" and walks across the bridge. She is blown by the wind and despite saying "Lyrgard" again she is blown into the water and gasps down some water. Luckily (or not!) she is roped on but ubfortunately (or not) the group trying to pull her out make a complete hash of it and Nalin falls and knocks Bazron off of the rope. Couron feels a number of small nibbles on her bum. After what seems to be an age the group on the rope pull Couron out of the water. She has some phirana fish attached to her.

H Clatrina goes back and gets the farmer who she interrogated earlier. He is asked what the password is but refuses to speak so Clatrina throws him into the stream and the phirana's do their thing quite quickly.

L The group go back to the room with the captives and Heighdhon and Skelly work some more on the locks. Heighdhon gets one open, three to go. After about 40 minutes the group get fed up and head down the south corridoor and find a fork. The group go to the right had fork and find a door across the corridoor. Heighdhon cannot hear anything on the other side. The door has a handle but does not have an obvious lock. Some of the group search one wall of the coridoor for secret doors whilst Bazron tries to open the door but it will not move. Nalin is positioned in front of the door and sets about it with his axe. Nalin thinks that there is more to the door than just wood. He pulls back and lets Bazron have a look but Bazron cannot see anything unusual.

L Clatrina searches the other wall and finds a secret door. Heighdhon finds a straightforward mechanism. Bazron opens the mechanism and the group set off along a corridoor which gradually turns south and opens out into a room. There are five or six bodies lying on the floor, one is bigger than human. Clatrina starts shooting arrows at the big creature but the first one just bounces off. Despite some reservations about being turned to stone Bazron, Nalin and Falcon move in to the room they see another opening to the right. Bazron, Nalin and Falcon are able to move about in the room with no ill effects. The small cratures are winged and red and black in colour. The big one is a big muscle bound humanoid which seems to be made of stone. Bazron, Nalin and Thrim go down the right hand opening and find a short corridoor with some doors at the end. The other opening leads to a corridoor going on as far as can be seen.

L The whole group enter the room and Skelly is sure that the bodies are dead. They still have some residual heat and do not appear to be long dead. There is a line of thought that Norgraze, Tusula and Gruston may have been here recently. The group go to the doors off to the right, Skelly listens and hears female singing. The doors do not appear to be locked or barred, so the singing one is pushed open a crack and Annoa looks in to see two statues of a man and a woman apparently fighting each other in the middle of the room (the two people from the dream), a door in the south wall and there was a woman in the room but she disappeared as soon as Annoa opened the door. It sounds like Tusula. Falcon says that he thinks this area is protected by the power of Essini.

M Bazron and Nalin lead the group in to the room. There is an inscription near the statues which says,

  Mere mortals take your fill,

and gaze at us so entwined,

in a ceaselass battle to overthrow,

one another in this wretched place,

and when the time arrives as it will,

one of us will make the sign,

which will clearly show,

who must at last gain the necklace.

M Falcon says that the woman is a representation of Essini, she is entwined in a physical combat with the red and black man who is assumed to be a representation of Lyrgard. The Essini woman has her hand open behind her, it looks as if she is waiting to grasp a weapon.. Skelly tries to put the mace from the mayors house in Essini's hand but there is no grip. However Skelly realises that it's a "Detect magic" mace. The statues are magic but no "Invisible" person is identified.


M Heighdhon has a cryptic conversation with Nalin about the ethics of borrowing something off of Bazron. Nalin us unsure of the ethics and the chances of success. Heighdhon goes and ties a sack over the head of the male figure in the statue. There is also a suggestion that a few drips of the poison potion be applied to the lips of the male in the statue as it might produce an interesting convulsing or foaming at the mouth effect if the staue was to animate. However no one actually does it.

N Nalin decides to go on through the door ahead. Bazron bursts through aggresively with his axe drawn and finds himself in an empty southerly corridor going on as far as can be seen. After 50 to 60 feet it makes a right angled turn to the left. The wall to the right round the corner is made of a number of dark brown plain leather curtains. Nalin calls Skelly up towards the front with the mace to "Detect magic" and "Detect undead". He confirms that there is magic down there. Bazron has a look round the corner. The corridor goes on as far as can be seen and the curtains cover the first 40 or 50 feet of the right of the corridor.

N The group go back down the corridor a bit and Clatrina fires an arrow at the leather curtain. The arrow penetrates the curtain and is left dangling. A bit of dust is displaced but nothing else happens. Despite a decision to leave Bazron goes and draws back the curtain with his hook. As he does so a creature attacks him from the other side of the curtain and hits him with a morning star flail. Skelly has tried to turn the undead but it must be alive.

N The group start to back down the corridor. Bazron's attacker follows and a second individual steps from behind the curtain. Initially they attack however as the group back down the corridor they stop following and return behind the curtains. The group enter a room with a statue of two people one with a sack over its head. The group track back through the dead room and go down the other corridor. It turns right and further down the corridor leather curtains can be seen on the left.

O Clatrina seaches a bit of wall and finds a gap in the wall which looks exactly like a piece of wall. The group go through in to a rough hewn passageway heading north east. Heighdhon checks the ground and finds tracks of booted feet. Heighdhon is tracking ahead but after 40 feet it becomes apparent thet the corridor is about to open in to a cavern so Heighdhon drops back.

O The group arrive at a junction with a passage running left and right. To the left there is a rock fall about 20 feet away. To the right the corridor slopes upwards and curves to the left. Heighdhon sees tracks, the most recent of which lead in the direction we are travelling. After a couple of hundred yards some steps are found going up. These go to a closed trap door. There are tracks leading out. Bazron tries to open the trap door but it is quite solid and won't budge. Skelly goose greases the steps and some sharp objects are placed at the bottom.

P The group retrace our steps again all the way back to the "Y" junction. The group head down the other leg which soon opens out in to a room which is hot and wet and Bazron can see movement in the air. Skelly goes up and has a look. He sees a long thin room shaped like a key hole, we are entering from the circle end. There is a ledge about five feet wide surrounding a pool of bubbling hot water. Water is spouting in from a little waterfall at the far end of the circular section. The water level is about five feet below the ledge and Skelly "Detects magic" in the room but cannot work out specifically what it is.

D Bazron is fairly sure that he saw more than steam. Clatrina volunteers to enter the room in "Gaseous form" but Nalin thinks it is not a good use for the spell. Couron rashly says "Lint'ara" and disappears. She reappears further down the corridor and shortly afterwards disappears again. Clatrina realises that this might be a way to get over the bridge however Couron is not at all keen on this idea. Clatrina pushes her up the corridor and when Couron disappears again she reappears further up the corridor. She starts running back but Clatrina stops her and forces her back up the corridor. She blinks out again and reappears in the cavern where the bridge is. Couron tries to dodge past Clatrina but Clatrina propels Couron to the edge of the bridge where she blinks out and reappears in the water.

H Couron struggles a bit but then is able to grab a rope thrown by Clatrina. Clatrina pulls Couron out of the stream and she has has four pirhanas attached to her bum again! Nalin puts on the ring found with the mayors stuff. Nothing happens but a few tests indicate that it is probably a ring of "Fire (or heat) resistance".

D Clatrina volunteers to try the "Lint'ara" experiment to get over the bridge. Couron gives her the ring . Clatrina runs on to the bridge and says "Lint'ara" she blinks out and reappears on the other side of the river she runs on and opens the door on to a corridor. Clatrina moves five feet into the corridor and blinks back in to the cavern. She rushes back in to the corridor and goes a little further down the corridor. This time she blinks further down the corridor so she comes back and blinks into the cavern twice. After five blinks the effect ends with Clatrina on the far side of the bridge.

H Clatrina is chucked a rope which can be used as support when crossing the bridge. Skelly belts on to the rope and walks on to the bridge. She makes it across. Heighdhon crawls across, Annoa walks over followed by Thrim and Huffi. Nalin posts Falcon to keep watch on the door behind.

O Clatrina, Skelly, Heighdhon, Annoa, Thrim and Huffi set off down the corridor and find a door with a piece of paper slipped under it. It is easy to open the door from this side and the group set off to return to the cavern the long way round. Part of the way back a knife whistles out of the darkness and hits Clatrina. She runs forwards, Skelly follows and Heighdhon steps to one side to allow Annoa and Thrim to pass. However much to Heighdhon's chagrin Huffi nips past as well leaving Heighdhon bringing up the rear. As Huffi passes Heighdhon he notices him freeze.

O Huffi calls forward and the group pull up. Thrim carries Heighdhon whilst Huffi guards the rear. The group make it to the temple which seems empty. The group head across to the far door and go down the corridor. They look in on Kelnal who is okay. After a bit Heighdhon comes round. Couron asks Clatrina for the ring back but Clatrina is playing hard to get and does not return it. Couron gets upset and tries to invoke Nalin but he refuses to get involved with a petty dispute between women.

Q It is decided to bed down for the night in order to recoup some energy. It is decided to go to the statue room as this is protected by Essini and in the viscinity of the way we think Norgraze, Tusula and Gruston will return to the complex.


Q Heighdhon sets about healing the fish bites on Couron's bum, there seems to be some further deterioration. However he improves Clatrina's leg wound. Skelley manages to remove the blindness affecting Nalin.

Q Everyone is now shagged out and the group decant to the statue room. Nalin and Clatrina go to get Kelnal and the three remaining prisoners. Nalin returns and organises a watch rota, Couron should probably do one but she whimps out despite Heighdhon confirming that she is probably well enough. Clatrina is thoroughly pissed off with Couron and goes over and chucks the magic ring at her feet. Nalin manages to stitch up the watches so that Couron and Clatrina are on the last watch together.

R Early in the first watch Kelnal hears some voices, probably from the way the group came in. Kelnal alerts Falcon and moves to an ambush position. The murmuring does not seem to be getting any closer. Kelnal suggests that Nalin is woken however Falcon points out that our group appears to be safe. Kelnal wakes up Nalin anyway.

R Nalin goes to the secret door to have a listen and instructs Kelnal to get everone to come and rescue him if he is not back in ten minutes. Kelnal volunteers to go with Nalin and Falcon agrees to stay on watch. Nalin and Kelnal move to the secret door and Kelnal can now distinguish that the chanting is rhythmic. Nalin opens the secret door but it still not possible to hear what the chanters are chanting. Nalin decides that it is time to return so that Falcon does not have to wake everyone up.

R Nalin talks to Falcon but Falcon cannot be specific as to the likely religeon involved with the chanting, if it is a religeous thing at all. Kelnal speculates that it might be a funeral for Winch. Nalin decides to go back to sleep as the group are not in a position to have an effect on whoever the chanters are.

R When Annoa is woken up for her watch she starts to sing quietly to herself in an unfamiliar language. The night is otherwise uneventful.

Mon 2 Jan 1589

A The statue is clothed

B Falcon's dream

C What next?

D Clatrina drifts off

E Willan sets off from Goltorn to Hansol

F Kelnal murders a prisoner

G Back to the leather curtains

H Nalin goes through the key shaped room

I The multi-coloured floor

J Willan and his travelling companions meet Modo and Calhassan

K The magnetic obelisk in the temple complex

L Bottles of blood

M Willan and his entorage arrive in Hansol

N Modo finds the cook

O Ghouls under Ertlelm

P Dragons under Hansol

Q A locked door is found under Hansol

R A pair of very old locked doors are found under Ertlelm

S The firey chasm

T Kelnal becomes a ghoul and is dealt with by Skelly

U The door under Hansol is unlocked and some wooden items are obtained

V The mouldy room under Ertlelm

W Huffi chucks everyone (almost) across the chasm in a bag of "Holding"

X The group under Ertlelm encounter a zorn

Y Followed by a clay golem

Z A banquet in honour of Willan is held in Hansol

AA The nagaa guarding the necklace of Essini

A In the morning Couron's chest has improved and Clatrina's leg is better. Annoa is still singing to herself. Once eveyone is awake Clatrina suggests that Falcon put his Essini religeous symbol in the hand of the statue. This is done and nothing happens. Heighdhon checks the sack over the head of the male statue and serrupticiously drips a few drops of the poison onto the lips of the statue. Heighdhon finds a scabbard on one of the prisoners and fits it over the dagger of the male statue.

B The group are about to leave for the temple when Falcon says that he has had a dream. He drempt that he was floating in the air, rising straight up in to a clear blue sky over a bright green field that streatched to the horizon. He noticed that he was wearing a robe of flowing silver but even though he rose in to cool damp blowing clouds his clothes and himself stayed warm and dry and untouched by the wind. He broke through the clouds and an orange sun shone down upon him and he suddenly felt refreshed and fully awake. The clouds turned in to a mist on the solid ground and he was walking through a clean sweet stream dappled with petals from an orange grove. The stream led to a statue of a small but very muscular man of black stone holding aloft a massive red stone ring. Then Falcon woke up. Nalin asks how small the man was and Falcon says that he was small but he was a man and not a dwarf. The ring was massive, larger than the man. Falcon says that Essini inspired visions are rarely about the future. Heighdhon gets every one to link hands in a circle around the statues but this does no good.

C Clatrina decides to use the ability to turn to gaseous form which was granted by Vehrghudain before it runs out. Clatrina wants to check out the stream, Huffi suggests the key shaped room would be worth investigating and Couron thinks we should find out what is behind the curtains. On the way to the stream room Heighdhon finds tracks showing that someone walked from the temple to the secret door and back again during the night.

D In the stream room Clatrina calls upon Vehrghudain to vapourise her and she vanishes. Nalin says that the dissapearance of Clatrina did not look like any transformation in to gaseous form that he has ever seen. Unconcerned the group get the cards out and start a game of "Cripple Mrs Onion" whilst waiting for Clatrina to return.

[July 1998]

E Reeka Mac Sorell rides in to Willan's residence in Goltorn to deliver a message to Willan saying that his house has been destroyed and his family are in peril. Reeka has ridden from Hansol in the south east of the Baronetcy. He says that a dragon flew down on his house and a man called Dannal was killed. Radinor, another man in the village, says he has seen a dragon before.

E Willan decides that he cannot have rougue dragons annoying his tennants so he invites Taran Er Enendil, Pansal and Lejak to join him and they set off with Reeka back to Hansol.


D After about half an hour Clatrina returns to the stream room and says that Tusula is around and was in the same form a Clatrina. Clatrina went down the stream but could not see anything, then she went in to the key shaped room. There are four creatures lurking in amongst the air. At the other end of the room is a door with a corridor into a room containing red yellow blue and green squares on the floor. Clatrina left the room to the right and went back to the curtains. Tusula attacked her out of the wall. Clatrina found some stairs going down but it was too dark to check out. There is loads of money behind the door the Heighdhon has been trying to get through.

D Clatrina was able to fight with her scimitar and seemed to be causing damage to Tusula as normal. Tusula fought with a dagger and then resorted to spells. Clatrina hit Tusula for a second time despite having problems with the concept of moving up and down. At this point Tusula disappeared upwards. Clatrina stayed at the same level and headed back. On the way back through the key hole shaped room it suddenly went dark which Clatrina assumes is Tusula casting some form of "Darkness" spell. Clatrina was attacked but was able to fend off the attacks (thanks to magnificent training by Dran). Unfortunately Clatrina was rather disoriented she could distinguish between rock and "not rock" (which was not all that obvious in this state) but having lost contact with the wall, in the darkness and in three dimensions Clatrina was buggered. In the end she wandered about to find the edge of the air but found herself in a room with a small amount of light which turned out to be the peep hole from the guard house into the temple. Clatrina moved through in to the temple which is lit and could see again.


B The group ponder the meaning of Falcon's dream but, as usual, have absolutely no idea what it might be. After a lot of contemplation during which Falcon chipped in with a lot of useful generic information about the nature of Essini dreams, Heighdhon suddenly realises that the dream is a description of the effects of the potions we have found recently. The blue over green potion seems to be "Levitation", the irridescent silvery potion with the pungent smell is "Protection form November or other cold wet things". The orange and fuming potion is possible "Restore Constitution or Fatigue" or it might mean that you can go without sleep. The amber potion with the orangy smell could be something like a potion of "Healing" or as a long shot "Gaseous form". The black potion seems to be a potion of "Diminution" for a giant. The red oily potion is a subject of debate, various theories are "Enlarge", "Love filter" or "Something to do with Essini".

C Heighdhon points out, not for the first time, that if the group had had this discussion outside the locked door he would have been through it by now. Nalin says "It doesn't matter, it's only money"!

F The group decide to go to the leather curtains. The imprisoned farmers are to be returned to the guard room with Kelnal however Kelnal pushes one in to the water. As the farmer is tied up and blindfolded he has no chance. Nalin determins to jump in to save the farmer as Couron tries to lasso the farmer with her whip and Skelly tries to help him with her mace. Heighdhon tries to assist by holding out his staff. Nobody reacts to Nalin's request for a rope and the farmer is washed away by the current.

F Nalin makes himself feel better by going over and bashing Kelnal in the face, hard. Nalin orders Kelnal not to do it again. Making the best of a questionable situation Clatrina decides to question the two remaining prisoners. Nalin is unhappy about leaving Kelnal with the prisoners so Thrim volunteers to guard the two remaining prisoners.

G Clatrina remembers that the secret door is at the left hand end of the leather curtains. The plan is for Nalin and others to fend off the opponents whilst Clatrina tries to find the secret door. Nalin moves the curtain back with his axe and an armoured man appears from behind the curtain. Nalin lunges in and pushes the fighter back. Nalin was unable to pull back the curtain very far so Clatrina has to pull it further. This causes another fighter to appear. This means that Clatrina must be in combat until Falcon gets past Heighdhon to help out.

G Nalin is making great strides now that he can see again and Clatrina continues the combat whilst Falcon moves to look for the door however as he moves in a third opponent appears even though he has not touched the curtain. It is decided to make a fighting retreat. As soon as the group move back the fighters withdraw. Couron tries to "turn" them, she feels that she made a particularly competent effort but it seems to have no effect. However once the fighters seem satisfied that the group have gone they go back behind the curtain and the curtain is redrawn.

G A huddle is formed to decide the best course of action. Couron is talked in to using the "Relocation" ring to jump behind the curtain and in to the hidden corridor. Couron puts on the ring, takes up position and says "Lint'ara". She turns up somewhere dark and something hits her. There is a leather curtain to Couron's right. Couron turns round and blinks back to where she started. Heighdhon tosses her the continual light rock and Couron blinks back behind the curtain. This time she is able to see her opponent as he fails to hit her. Couron's attempt to blink through the wall in to the secret corridor only results in her moving along the the wall. Couron blinks even further down the corridor on the wrong side of the curtain. Having blinked out Couron steps back through the curtain, fortunately the fighters stay on the other side.


H Clatrina suggests that Nalin take a potion and go through the keyhole room and open the door behind the curtain from the other side. A rope is tied round Nalin and he swigs the potion that we hope is "Levitate" and sets off round the right hand side of the key shaped room with the hot steamy water and four flying gargoyles. Nalin moves a short distance down the wall and something coalesces from the steam and attacks him. Nalin moves along fending off the creatures who now number three. Although he is hit a few times he makes it to the door he is to open. The rest of the group make their way to the spot where they expect Nalin to appear.

H Nalin opens the door and moves down a corridor to the room with the multi coloured floor. Nalin is worried by the floor and "Levitates" across the floor. Nalin goes up another corridor to a dead end and opens a badly conceiled door. Nalin can see a leather curtain on the far side of a gap. He can hear muttering which he assumes is the group. Nalin says "The door is over here".

G The group decide to run through and Nalin will try to fend off combat from the guardians of the curtain. People run through in marching order, Falcon, Heighdhon and Bazron are hit. The group move down the corridor to the room and examine the combination of red, blue, green and yellow tiles whilst Nalin "Levitates" over to a third exit and moves down until he sees some stairs going down. Nalin moves down a little but the stairs curve round so he goes back to the room. Nalin's "Levitation" wears off with him at the other door from the rest of the group.

I The group toss a pebble on to the red area in front of the door. Nothing happens so Clatrina steps on to the red area and gets blasted by a geyser of steam. Clatrina tries the blue area next to it and gets blasted again.

I Skelly shouts "Lint'ara" and Couron disapppears and blinks back on the red area in front of the door and gets steamed. Couron runs up the corridor and manages to keep her blinking in the corridor. Couron takes off the ring.

I Clatrina steps on the green area on the other side of the red area and nothing happens. Some more consideration results in a step on to a yellow then a blue and a yellow without effect before getting blasted on a green. Another plan causes Clatrina to move to a red area by the door that the group are not heading for. It doesn't respond and she moves on to the next yellow which blows.

I Clatrina successfully retraces her steps and Couron tries her theory and gets blasted when she steps on a green. Couron comes back and tries a red advised by Clatrina which blows. Couron comes out and Kelnal tries out an idea which depends on which foot you step on to an area with. As Kelnal steps on to a new blue area he gets geysered so he comes back. Huffi is confident that he knows the next area and he moves round the route and steps on to a red area which is safe. Huffi moves on to another red area and is safe. Huffi gets blasted on the next green area that he steps on but then steps on to a safe green.

[July 1998]

J On the journey to Hansol Willan, Taran, Pansol, Lejak and Reeka see two figures wrapped up against the cold coming the other way. It looks like a father and his son but as the groups close on each other the "son" throws bach his hood and says "Willan, you old bastard! It's good of you to come to meet us, but how the fuck did you know we were coming?" Willan rolls his eyes and passes a hand across his brow and explains that he did not know that Modo and Calhassan were in the area. Willan says that he is off to investigate a minor incident in one of his villages and asks if they would like to join the group. Modo says that it would make a pleasing distraction - or words to the effect - and he joins goes to join Lejak whilst Calhassan mounts up with Taran. Modo is about to sit behind Lejak when Willan interviens and suggests that Modo sit in front for his own safety. Modo says that it is no problem and Lejak naively seems unconcerned but Willan insists that Modo sit in front.


I Eventually the group in the coloured tile room realise that if blue and yellow squares and red and green squares are avoided in alternate rows, explosions can be avoided. The group subsequently arrive at the door where Nalin went.

K There is a short corridor ending in a descending stairwell which the group go down and follow a long corridor until it opens in to a room. Heighdohn goes forward to check the room and quickly tells Nalin to pull him back. Heighdohn explains that it felt as if he was being pulled forward into the room. Couron exclaims "Like a vacuum cleaner!" and everyone looks blankly at her.

K Nalin skims a copper coin down the corridor, it picks up speed and clatters heavily against some far wall. A non metallic rope is fed down the corridor, it is not attracted in to the room. The room appears to be magnetic so the group retrace our steps and go down a branch corridor which ends in a door.

L Nalin pushes the door open to reveal a room which was once nicely furnished but has obviously been disused for some time. Couron looks at the tapestries on the wall. Nalin sees a second room through an opening. There is a chest in the room and some shelves with wine bottles on them.

L There is the head of a staff head in the shape of a bat containing five rubies in a small cloth bag. Whilst Skelly tries to open the lock to the chest Nalin, Clatina and Huffi move in to the bedroom. The group search around the bedroom and Huffi finds a very nicely bejewelled golden brooch down the side of the bed frame.

L In the first room the wine bottles are all corked up. There are 80 to 100 bottles which are taken off the shelves. Huffi opens one and gives it a sniff. He is sure that the contents of the bottles are not wine but blood. Half a dozen bottles are checked and all seem to contain blood. Towards the back a few of the bottles have lables with handwritten dates, all about 300 years ago, and words which could be names.

[July 1998]

M Willan and his entorage arrive in Hansol and Willan meets the head of the household, Reeka's father, Sorell Mac Berg whilst Calhassan tends to the local wounded. Radinor is questioned but has nothing useful to say. Modo enquires as to the cause of the wrecked house and sarcastically berates Willan for understating the mission. Modo then goes off and scouts the wreckage.

M The house is just outside the village and the dragon is still there. It appears to employ some kind of cold attack. Modo goes down the hole until he encounters the dragon's tail. Modo decides the odds are too uneven and reports back to Willan. Willan goes down the hole and asks the dragon what business it has here. The dragon is uncooperative and says it is seeking that which is his.

M Willan can get no further details and issues some veiled threats before he returns to the village. Taran asks Sorell if he knows what the dragon might be after. Sorell assures Taran that he has no idea but Taran is unconvinced.

N The villagers say that the family cook is missing so Modo goes to look for her in the ruined building. As he is firking around Modo appropriates some small valuable items as a down payment on services being rendered in order to avoid the need for embarrasing negotiations over payment later on. Modo disovers the cook is hidden under an upturned cauldron. It is too heavy for Modo to lift so he bangs hard on the cauldron with the hilt of a dagger causing a loud booming which no doubt is deafening on the inside of the cauldron and shouts not to worry, help is on the way! Modo fetches Willan, but Willan is clumbsy and his efforts to reach the cauldron cause more of the house to start collapsing. Despite the falling masonry Willan makes his way to the cauldron and releases the cook. She seems to have recently fallen unconcious. Willan heroically makes his way out protecting the cook from the falling stone. Modo was with him the whole time and suroptitiously grabs a couple more valuable items as danger money.


L In the caverns under Ertlelm Skelly eventually unlocks and opens the chest to reveal loads of money. The coin is old and of a variety of metals. The group get the money out of the chest and bag it up. There are some emeralds which Nalin looks after. There are no secret compartments or anything under the chest.

K Skelly divests himself of all his metal items, is roped up and heads in to the magnetic room and is able to walk freely in the circular room which is about 25 feet across. There is another corridor on the far side of the room and between the two is a huge recess which falls back a long way. In the middle of the room is a black obilisk about ten feet tall and has sharp metal protrusions which one might more simple discribe as "spikes", and a copper piece stuck to it. Some blood is poored over a copper coin but it still magnetises to the obelisk in the middle of the room. Skelly notices some stains on the obilisk which might possibly be old blood.

[25/8/98 at Babur's Indian restaurant]

K Skelly goes back in to the room holding a coin and finds that a force of attraction starts abruptly at a distance of about eight feet from the obilisk. Skelly comes out and goes back in to the room with two coins. The attraction starts further away and is strong enough to jerk Skelly off his feet although he is able to get back out of the room.


K Huffi speculates that the stains on the obelisk are from the bottled blood. Religious practitioners tend to wear little or no metal so it may be that someone with no metal about their person can go up to the obilisk and apply the blood in some fashion in order to turn off the megnetic attraction. Alternatively the application of the blood may be as simple as chucking a bottle at the obilisk from a distance causing the bottle to break and the blood to run over the obilisk.

K Huffi asks Skelly which of these two options the blood stains seem to support, do they look generalised as if the blood has trickled down does it look more specifically applied. Huffi also asks if there are any pottery shards on the floor of the room.

K Skelly checks the blood stains but cannot tell anything from them. Couron suggests looking for a mechanism to cause the spikes to retract but Skelly can find nothing. Couron wants to go and have a look for herself. She goes up the corridor into the dark so she can change out of her metal items without being seen by the rest of the Party. She returns wearing her robes with her chainmail under her arm.

K Couron moves carefully in to the room and can get to the obilisk but can find no more than Skelly. Nalin suggests that there might be a mechanism in the coridoor on the far side of the room. Couron and Skelly search the room for mechanisms and then the far coridoor but find nothing. In the meantime Clatrina searches for secret doors in the coridoor but finds none. Couron and Skelly search the cavern whilst Kelnal and Clatrina do more experiments with coins. All that is established is that Heighdhon has gotten poorer.

O As Couron and Skelly are searching the cavern the crumbly wall becomes very crumbly as two extremely unpleasent rotting foul creatures lurch forward. Skelly does her "begone foul fiend" stunt and the rotting foul fiends explode in to a trillion specs of dust. Couron and Skelly check the wall where the foul fiends emerged, there is a gap but they are not prepared to have a close investigation. Couron and Skelly go up the far corridor untill they see a pair of closed double doors which open outwards.

K Huffi and Nalin go and retrieve some of the bottles of blood and Couron pours one over the obilisk but to no avail. Kelnal approaches the obilisk holding a gold coin in front of him and a copper coin further back but both coins are whipped away at the same time. Clatrina, Huffi, Bazron, Skelly, Heighdhon and Kelnal divest themselves of their metal items creating a number of large piles. Nalin, Falcon, Annoa and Couron stay to guard the piles.

[July 1998]

P The residents of Hansol collect enough wood to create a big fire whilst Modo goes back down the hole and discovers that there is a big cavern beyond the dragon, which is mumbling to itself. Modo returns to the surface and most of the group go back down the hole. Willan talks to the dragon who is still disparaging about the use of humans. Eventually it says that Iren has created a barrier that it cannot breach. A limited conversation is joined during which the dragon expresses regret over the death of the human from the village. The dragon is very insistant that it must retrieve what is it's own and eventually grudgingly allows Willan to assist.

Q In front of the dragon is a large door about 12 feet tall and 10 feet wide. In the top half is a carving depicting a woman and a tree. There is an inscription in Quenya which apparently reads,

 The dragon and the dragon's man,

The woman and her master

There are various configurations of holes in each corner of the door. Willan suggests that Iren may have been a druid. The group go and ask about druidic connections in the village.


R The lightly equipped group under Ertletm go down to the double doors and pull them but they don't open. Clatrina establishes that the rock of the tunnel and the rock of the door surround are different. Huffi can throw no further light on this. However Huffi works out that the tunnel that the group are in was dug up to the door which was there before. Bazron quickly realises that this must be the entrance to the original temple and Huffi confirms that the door is directly below the bell tower we found on entering the underground system.

S Huffi goes and investigates the obilisk. Although it seems to be made of obsidian the join with the floor is invisible. The spikes appear to be part of the obilisk. The lightly dressed group go in to the cavern and see the six ghouls rush out from the walls before Skelly makes them all run away. The ghoul at the farthest end of the cavern has left a hole in the wall in it's frantic efforts to escape. The group look through the hole and see a coridoor running east. The group move down the coridoor and come across a red illumination and increasing warmth. After over 100 foot the group can see a room without a floor. The coridoor floor becomes a bridge and half way across there is a junction with a bridge going off to the east. The bridge to the north has collapsed near to the north wall entrance. There are two sets of steps going down from the bridge to the chasm of fire below.

T Clatrina runs about five feet on to the bridge and back and sustains minor burns. The lightly equipped group head back to the heavily equipped group. Kelnal throws a stone at one of the cowering ghouls which attacks him. The group run away and realise that Kelnal is paralysed. The ghoul is ripping Kelnal to shreds and the group can do nothing about it. Luckily Kelnals paralysis means that he cannot scream his dying agonies so the group do not feel quite so bad.

T The lightly equipped group return to the heavily equipped group and report that Kelnal is now a ghoul. Nalin is not impressed. Looking a Kelnal's pile Heighdhon wonders where the sack of "Holding" he got from Vehrghudain is. Clatrina and Nalin look sharply at Heighdhon and say "Sack of Holding!" in unison. It turns out that Kelnal has been strolling about with a sack of "Holding" which would probably have been able to transport the metal past the obilisk but had failed to mention that he had it. Unfortunately he is now a ghoul and on the far side of the obilisk!!!!! Plans are made to get the sack back.

T Skelly is cut up with grief over Kelnal's position and is desperate to dispel him. Skelly casts "Protection from Undead" on himself and moves in and explodes Kelnal. Skelly says a quick prayer for him whilst gathering up all of Kelnal's posessions from the powdery pile. Skelly returns with the bag and a copper piece is placed in to the bag. The copper piece is not attracted to the obilisk. Skelly shoves his mace into the bag and goes to kill the remaining ghouls.

[July 1998]

U The group at Hansol have found a druidic woman named Elin and think of asking Qhivon about the door. It says "Tooth and nail, Hand and spirit, Each for all." After the usual tortuous and protracted brainwork the group suggest that the dragon extract a tooth and use it to create a dragon warrior. The dragon warrior be lifted by the dragon and put his fingers in the holes at the top left of the door. The dradon can insert its claws in to the holes at the top right whilst the druidess Elin inserts her fingers in the bottom left. The holes in the bottom right are to be left free.

U Everyone has to clear out whilst the dragon creates a dragon warrior - names are power after all. Following the plan causes the door to open! [Bugger me! - Ed]


S When Skelly returns from killing the ghouls all metal items are placed in to the sack a few at a time and many trips are made to get it across to the cavern. A search of the cavern reveals nothing so the now fully armoured and equipped group move down to the flaming chasm room. After a bit Nalin remembers that he has a ring of "Fire resistance" from the fire giant who was the mayor.

S An elabourate but workable plan is quickly developed to move the ring back on a "Tensers floating disk" after each person has used it to get across the bridge. After Skelly and Nalin have got across a nasty looking half human half snake creature is seen climbing up the stairs from the chasm.

[July 1998]

U Under Hansol, Modo warns everyone that there is a trap (but fails to explain what it is) and follows the dragon warrior through the door and disappears down some stairs. He comes back fairly quickly and points out a rhyme on the back of the door.

  No one may enter

But those without faith

Fall before my glory

Receive by your right.

U The group follow Modo down the stairs to a room where the dragon warrior is standing motionless before a great chasm. The corridor is too small for the dragon itself. On the other side of the chasm is an altar in front of a statue of a woman. On the altar are four objects.

U Modo is convinced that the chasm is an illusion and is referred to in the middle two lines of the poem on the door. In the absence of any sensible alternative Modo soon looses patience and strolls towards the altar. He doesn't fall and the dragon warrior follows him. Willan and Taran "go over" as well.

U Modo picks up the wooden goblet, the right hand most of the objects as we look at them. The dragon warrior takes a wooden ring which has become the right hand object. Willan takes a wooden headband and Taran picks up a wooden dagger. Everyone returns, the dragon warrior gives the ring to the dragon and they both disappear.

U The group are able to confirm that the three wooden objects are magical then leave the underground cavern and return to the amazement of the locals. Willan is freated as a hero [Even though, as usual, Modo has done most of the work - just like Farlas all over again. - Ed]


S In the firey chasm under Ertlelm the snakey, humany, nasty looking thing ‑ with a spear, is slithering purposefully towards Nalin and Skelly. The corridor behind them turns to the left about 20 feet behind them. Nalin and Skelly fall back and the snakey, humany nasty looking thing moves towards them. A second snakey, humany, nasty looking thing comes up the stairs on the side of the rest of the group. Clatrina tries to get across to Nalin and Skelly but is cut off so she comes back.

S It is obvious that the snakey, humany nasty looking thing is going to attack Nalin so Nalin sets about it. On the other side of the chasm Falcon steps forward purpousefully and blocks the snakey, humany nasty looking thing. However Clatrina gets a massive smash on the salamander which starts squealing but is still fighting. Back on the far side of the chasm Nalin is hit but on the near side Falcon misses again and gets a bit hacked up himself but is dodging arround manfully. The salamander on Falcon's side is doing well as it hits Clatrina. Skelly goes back and has a look round the corner, it looks a bit more rough hewn round there. Clatrina gets a second massive hit on the salamander but it is still standing although bleeding profusely.

S On the other side Nalin is backing away slowly and the combat is getting nowhere. The salamander gets past Nalin and goes after Skelly. Clatrina drops back and Couron takes over whilst Falcon presses home an advantage but the Salamander is still fighting. Couron suggests that the group fall back. Nalin addresses the salamander gets in a good hit and pushes it back towards Skelly who reverses round the corner. Falcon stumbles and hurts his ankle and Annoa steps in to the frey. Nalin bops his salamander and pushes it back again. The attempt to get the salamanders cold by moving back down the corridors is met with only limited success as the corridors are warm and muggy.

S Fighting continues to ebb and flow with Huffi joining enthusiastically wearing his first ever magic ring, borrowed from Nalin (via a few others). Huffi fells the salamander with one blow and sets off over the bridge to help Nalin. Luckily it is the ring of "Fire protection" that he is wearing. Huffi notices one more salamander coming up each set of stairs. The one on Nalins side reaches the top and cuts Huffi off. Fortunately Nalin kills the first salamander as Huffi joins combat with the new salamander. Huffi is fighting on the bridge and becomes sandwiched between the salamanders when the fourth one reaches the top.

S The fourth salamander is closing on Huffi as Falcon leaps on to the bridge and hits it. Huffi is gradually pushing the salamander back towards Nalin and Falcon stays on the bridge and gets a second hit. Huffi pushes the salamander within range of Nalin. Clatrina calls to Falcon to back off slowly. Falcon is falling back slowly and is looking a bit unwell. Huffi and Nalin get a hit on the third salamander and Huffi rushes back to help Falcon just before Nalin kills it. Falcon gets back to the side and is clearly suffering from burns. Huffi presses his attack and Bazron and Annoa move in to replace Falcon. The fourth salamander is eventually disposed of which is good news for Bazron who was close to his limit.

S Huffi sets off down the stairs to investigate but it is clearly going to be too hot so he returns and crosses the bridge sending the ring back on the "Tenser's floating disk". The rest of the group come over the bridge and have a rest.

V The group continues down the passageway which quickly becomes and dank cavern with growths mould and weeds as far as the eye can see. The floor is swimming with a sickly yellow liquid. A search for secret doors proves fruitless but Couron is disgusted by some of the creepy crawlies and squidgy things that she finds. A decision is made that Nalin, Clatrina and Huffi will enter the cavern to cut a path through the growth. After only a few paces it is apparent that the floor is very stick and forward progress is going to be very difficult indeed.

[22/11/98] The English Channel between Oostende and Dover

S Nalin, Clatrina and Huffi retire and it is decided that it might be better to go back to the fiery cavern and jump across to the third entrance. The jump is just far enough that it would be touch and go for a good jumper. There is also the problem of the heat to contend with. This later problem might be resolved by using the skins from the salamanders as a kind of heat shield. Heighdhon sets about flaying the two salamanders stored down the corridor on this side of the chasm whilst the rest of the group turn their attention to the problem of getting across the gap to the third entrance.


S Heighdhon remembers that Carwyn's ring has a "Change Self" spell in it. However this is just an illusion. An idea develops to transport people across in a "Bag of holding" using a "Spectral Hand" spell. However the "Bag of holding" weighs 15lbs so the "Spectral hand" won't cope. Eventually it is decided to chuck the "Bag of holding" across the gap with people in it. A throwing competition is set up which Huffi wins from Falcon with everyone else trailing somewhat behind. The group decide to put two dead salamanders and a bag of silver into the bag to see if it will take Falcon's weight when Falcon announces that he has no intention of going in the sack! Two salamanders are put in to the sack which does not disappear. Nalin gets in to the sack but does not seem to be trying to get out. Clatrina puts her hand in and pulls him out however Nalin found the experience so disorienting that he has no recollection of being in the sack and is feeling very ill when he comes out.

W Huffi points out that if we use the sack idea someone will have to go over first to pull people out. Falcon says he will get people out. The group ask how he proposes to get over there and Falcon says he will jump over as it is not far! Heighdhon wonders if people could get into the "Bag of holding" up to their necks with their heads protruding. Unfortunately to bag probably won't work like this.

V Couron takes a flayed salamander corpse and dumps it in to the slimey mould room.

W Falcon runs up and jumps across the gap. Nalin puts his stuff in the bag and Huffi throws it over. The first throw is a bit astray but Huffi gets it over on the second attempt. Huffi chucks Nalin over in the sack... just. Heighdhon and his equipment are thrown over and splats in to the wall, Huffi pulls the bag back up using the rope to which it was thoughtfully attached. The bag and rope are singed but Huffi chucks it straight back over and it falls off the bridge again. Huffi pulls it up again and runs back off the bridge and lets Heighdhon out. Heighdhon is not well, but not much worse than Nalin was. Clatrina's stuff goes in the sack and Huffi successfully throws it across followed by Clatrina. Huffi gets some equipment across and then fails again with Heighdhon but this time gets him across at the second attempt. Annoa's stuff is got across at the second attempt then Annoa runs across on the rope which has been anchored by Huffi and Falcon. Bazron's stuff is across but Huffi takes two goes to get Bazron over.

V Nalin, Heighdhon, Bazron and Clatrina do a recce down the corridor and find a junction to the right after about sixty feet. The main corridor opens into a cavern after about another 20 feet. The passage to the right becomes rough hewn and wiggles round to the right. The whole group become entangled in something round their feet and Clatrina and Bazron are hit by some large vegetal creature with tendrils. Nalin and Clatrina break free. Nalin rushes back up the corridor and grabs Heighdhon on his way past. Clatrina helps Bazron cut himself free and the four of them retreat speedily down the corridor away from what probably was the far end of the slimy mould room. The four of them return to the fiery chasm.

W Huffi throws Skelly and her stuff across. Thrim is thrown across with his stuff. Faced with the prospect of being left alone Couron decides to go across in the sack. Although Huffi took two attempts to get Couron's equipment across the first time. Huffi takes a jump and is pulled in by the people on to the rope on the other side of the chasm.

X After a rest the group go down to the cavern where Heighdhon spots the tracks of something that has moved across the path of the group. When Heighdhon points this out to Nalin he sees that a creature has tunnelled in through a big hole on the wall and appears to have moved away round the corner of the cavern. Heighdhon gets everyone to shut up and hears that there is movement behind a nearby rock. Clatrina lobs a rock over the boulder, there is a strange shrieking noise and a very strange looking three legged, three armed and probably three eyed rock beast comes out. It says "Give me metal" and Clatrina and Huffi give 600 silver pieces and a spare broadsword and it eventually withdraws.

X The group hurry past conceiling as much metal as possible. The rock beast is sitting chomping the last of the silver pieces. The group continue round the cavern until we reach the top of a flight of rough hewn stairs. The stairs descend for about 40 feet to a rough hewn corridor which opens in to a large completely empty cavern. On the opposite side is a staircase going down fronted by a large statue standing as if to defend the stairs. It's left eye is some kind of gem. Falcon thinks it might be a golem.


Y The group mill about and discuss ways of getting past the eight foot tall golem. Huffi unexpectedly rushes in brandishing his warhammer and shouting battle chants. He tries to stop about 20 feet away but his momentum takes him about five feet further. The golem retains a stoney faced air of indifference so the rest of the group enter the room. On closer inspection the golem appears to be made of clay (this might make it easier to defeat - or not).

Y After a lot more discussion a tug of war is arranged between the dwarfs and the rest. The middle of the rope surrounds the golem and it is hoped that it will be trapped or even topple over. The dwarfs are outpulled on the first attempt and the second attempt is chaotic. The group get themselves together and pull so hard on the third attempt that the rope snaps!

Y Huffi ties a bag over the statues head and then ties the rope round and round it. Heighdhon hits the golem with a crystal tipped wand. Huffi wades in behind him and gets pummelled by the now animated golem. The group fall back and the golem stands still again after divesting itself of sundry ropes and bags. The group leave the room and go straight back in. Couron reluctantly gives the Lint'ara ring to Clatrina to put on the finger of the golem. Although the ring is too small it goes on. Everyone stands close to the golem and discuss the order to go down the corridor until Huffi mentions the word "Lint'ara" in conversation.

Y The golem blinks out of the way. Annoa moves forward followed by Huffi, Heighdhon and Bazron. Nalin is organising and Clatrina is bracing herself for the attack of the golem which is now standing right behind her. The golem delivers a massive blow to Clatrina's leg. Skelly dodges past everyone left in the room and gets through the door, followed by Clatrina as the golem blinks further away. Everyone else gets through the opening with Nalin and Falcon bringing up the rear.

Y The group rush headlong down the stairs behind Annoa. Heighdhon stops briefly to assist Clatrina and does something wrong in all the excitement causing Clatrina to collapse screaming. Skelly tries a little drop of the orange fuming potion and feels better in an undefined sort of way. Clatrina is now imobilised so the group come to a halt. Heighdhon prestidigitates and Clatrina is able to stand again, but only just.

Z A banquet is hastily prepared in Hansol in honour of Willan. During the celebrations some members of the group catch a fleeting glimpse of a thin pale chap on the edge of the shadows. He salutes and is gone. Sorell complains that the soldiers have looted his house and Willan offers to make sure that he is not out of pocket. Otherwise everyone is very happy and thinks that Willan is a wonderful chap.

AAThe stairs curve down and end in a door. Nalin opens the door and enters a rectangular room about 60 feet by 40 feet with a large pair of golden doors at the far end. There are tapestries on the walls and carpets on the floor. There are coins fallen from a pile of moneybags and there is a nagaa sitting on a pile of cushions by the door. The nagaa says "Hello" quite pleasantly so Nalin says "Hello" back. The nagaa says it is a long time since it has seen anyone down here and asks why we have come. Falcon says that we have come for the necklace of Tar'Khurt. The nagaa apologises and says that she is unable to let us take it as she has been paid to guard it. Nalin asks who it was who commissioned the nagaa to guard the necklace. It was the priest who originally hid the necklace.

AAThe tapestries are in good condition. Heighdhon asks the nagaa if they depict her life. The nagaa says that they do not and tells the stories depicted on them. The nagaa points out that if out aim is to protect the necklace from evil it seems likely that we are going to do a better job than she. The issue of returning it to the rightful owner is a matter of indifference to the nagaa who will continue guarding the door to the necklace room until the priest (who has been dead for centuries) tells her otherwise. A few of the group sit on the floor and the nagaa proffers some of her cushions.


AAAfter a period of indecision the group make excuses and leave the room. Nalin then returns to the room and finds out from the nagaa that the priest who contracted her was called Seth. The nagaa is not open to a higher offer. Nalin reports back to the group who become dispondant and rationalise chucking the whole expedition in and going back to the surface. Couron goes in and establishes that the nagaa has never heard of Arun-al-Cossak. The group get permission from the nagaa to rest in the room on the cushions and bed down for the night. Heighdhon does some curing on Clatrina and Couron before he goes to sleep. Watches are set but the night passes uneventfully.

Tue 3 Jan 1589

A Conversation with the nagaa under Ertlelm

B Conversation about the nagaa under Ertlelm

C The group give up and start the return journey

D Clatrina's embarrassing encounter with the "thing" in the mould room

E Loot from the "thing"

F Heighdhon accidentally "Teleports" himself

G The group hurry back to the nagaa

H One by one, the group disappear beyond the nagaa room

I Where Heighdhon went

J Seth

K Heighdhon's murky past

L Heighdhon and Huffi step through the black hole (actually Heighdhon crawls)

M Skelly "Dispels" Seth

N The group jump through the yellow hole to the statue room

O Combat with Norgraze, Tusula and Gruston

P Norgaze, Tusula and Gruston are all killed!

Q The necklace is returned to Essini

R Checking the wounded

S Tusula's body has gone, but another piece of the ansachat is recovered

T The group struggle back to the surface and wait out the night

A Heighdhon asks the nagaa if it knows anything about the crystal topped wand, it does not. Clatrina takes her ornamented staff head out of the bag and holds it up towards the nagaa and says "Sleep" nothing happens and Clatrina very quickly says " well did you?" The nagaa is not taken in and points out that it is not an artifact of command!

B After much discussion (outside the nagaa's room) about giving up and going back, Heighdhon comes up with the idea of projecting the illusion of the room but slightly smaller. The group could then slip along behind the illusion. It's a good idea but not enough spell power to pull it off (assuming the nagaa could be fooled). There is a discussion about names during which Falcon points out that the woman in Belar's story was the Goddess Essini and presumably the man was Lyrgard. Couron goes to retreve the ring from the golem with Nalin and Clatrina for moral support. Couron can't get it off so Heighdhon does, and gives it to her.


A Nalin asks the nagaa the riddle told to Thrim by Vehrghudain. The nagaa ponders for a minute or two and says "A camcorder". Nalin returns to the group and says that the nagaa gave him an answer in a language that he could not understand. Nalin wonders where the silver medallion that we found at the mayor's residence has gone. No one claims to have it so Nalin gets everyone to empty out their backpacks. Eventually it turns up at the bottom of Clatrina's pack. Clatrina puts it on and Huffi speaks to her in dwarf, Clatrina does not understand. She goes off down the corridor a bit and Nalin whispers "Couron is a prat", Clatrina hears him! Nalin experiences laughter although physically he hears nothing. When Clatrina comes back it appears that she was amused by what Nalin said.

B Clatrina tries to contact Kurodoer. She focuses her thoughts on Kurodoer in the direction that Huffi suggests is where she should be. Clatrina listens buy can hear nothing and there is no response when she tries to speak. Clatrina tries to listen to the nagaa from outside the room. Clatrina hears the nagaa thinking about the riddle but is worried that the nagaa may have realised that she was being probed because of the two way nature of the connection through the medallion.

A Huffi suggests that we ask the nagaa what needs to be done to get her to get to the necklace. The nagaa says it is not possible as she is guarding the necklace. Nalin asks some subsidiary questions until the nagaa looses patience and says that our puny efforts at mind reading will not work and that our questions are purile. Nalin comes out of the room and Clatrina says that she picked up no more thoughs. It seems the nagaa realised she was being probed the first time Clatrina tried and has got her defences up.

C The group think and think and think... and, under Nalin's leadership, give up. The group stroll back up the corridor and have a funny feeling that they missed something. Nalin squeezes past the golem and walks away. No one is daft enough to walk towards it so the whole group gets past without incident. The zorn is nowhere to be found and a new indentation can be seen in the wall. At the front of the line Clatrina and Nalin have a whispered conversation about the likelyhood of Falcon having been "Charmed" by the nagaa as Falcon was very opposed to the idea of attacking the nagaa.

C Discussion moves to how to get back to the other side of the cavern. Heighdhon can get most of the group through the mouldy cavern on a "Tensers floating disc". Falcon volunteers to jump back on to the bridge in the firey cavern and assist Heighdhon getting over after he has finished transport duties. Huffi agrees to lend Falcon the ring of "Fire protection".

C Skelly, quickly thinking of the need to get rid of all Falcon's magical items before casting a "Dispel magic" (to expel any possible "Charm"), suggests that she can cast a "Resist fire" spell which requires no other magic nearby. Couron, in a flash of overwhelming stupidity, says that Huffi's ring would be much better.

C There is speculation that Tusula, Gruston and Norgraze are tracking our position using the ansachat skull. The skull is put in the bag of holding. However as they might have cast a location spell on us Nalin instructs everyone to set aside all their magic items and prepare to have "Dispel magic" cast on them. This will also affect Falcon if he has been "Charmed". Those who have been before Vehrghdain but not sure of what they got, if anything, are excused from being "Dispelled". Once people realise that the spell may remove counter magic from items Clatrina is given a few items to hold as she is "Dispelled". The plan falls apart as a number of individuals, Heighdhon, Annoa, Couron and Huffi decline the offer. Falcon points out that it is likely that a "Charmed" person would find a legitimate sounding reason to avoid the spell.


D Nalin, Clatrina, Couron and Falcon are going to dispose of the being in the mould room. Clatrina takes a flask of Huffi's oil and tosses in to the mass of tendrils but misses. Couron passes forward a flaming torch and Clatrina throws it at the oil... but misses, although the torch lands quite close to the "thing". Huffi passes another torch to Clatrina but she over compensates and the torch goes flying off in the wrong direction. The mound of tendrils shambles over to the first torch and puts it out. In a fit of remorse Clatrina fires an exploding arrow at the "thing" but can't see through tears of embarasment and hits Couron squarely in the head. The resulting explosion causes damage to Clatrina and Falcon as well! Fortunately Couron turned her head just in time and her helmet shields her from debilitating damage. Having hit Couron Clatrina perks up and shoots a second exploding arrow. To everyones disappointment the arrow arches in to the "thing" and goes "phut". The tendril mound moves forward as Nalin, Clatrina and Falcon close to meet it. Couron goes back to be ministered to by Heighdhon.

D Falcon and Clatrina are useless in combat and Nalin soon realises that his axe is having little effect. Nalin shouts out that edged weapons are not much good. Huffi moves forward as Nalin shouts for Bazron to come to him. The armour clatters from Clatrina's left arm as Huffi arrives in the combat. Falcon goes down and twists his ankle. Huffi hits the "thing" but it gets him back and grabs hold. The fight continues as Huffi slowly disappears. Clatrina is wounded.

D After a while Huffi jets out of the "thing" and runs away. Skelly retires to be replaced by Bazron. Couron and Nalin are still fighting. Huffi throws a rock at it. Then Clatrina joins in. The rock throwing is fairly ineffectual (except that Clatrina accidentally breaks her helmet strap) and the fight continues until Heighdhon steps in and prestedigitates. Shortly afterwards the "thing" collapses to the ground. Victory notwithstanding, the combat was a total embarrassment. The group agree never to speak of it truthfully to anyone - ever.

E A search around the location reveals a human skeleton and a leather bag containing about 2,000 silver pieces worth of various coin and a bamboo scroll case. The skeleton has a silvery metal ring of tiny wires platted together. Skelly opens the case and looks at the scroll. There are three spells on the scroll Heighdhon identifies them as "Spider climb", "Haste" and "Teleport". After some testing Clatrina establishes that the ring is a "Ring of free action".

F Armed with the new spells the group decide to take another shot at the nagaa. Nalin, Falcon, Skelly and Annoa are to go back whilst the remainder have a rest. Heighdhon reads the "Teleport" spell to transport the four beyond the door that the nagaa is guarding and disappears! Clatrina tries to "Link" with Heighdhon but nothing comes through. However in the car on the way home Heighdhon is clearly stressed.


G Nalin decides that everyone should return to save Heighdhon (assuming that Heighdhon is where we think he is - behind the door beyond the nagaa). The group assume standard golem bypassing proceedure. Couron tries to slip the ring on to the golem's finger but it hits her. Couron is badly hurt and drops the ring in surprise. Everyone else has run backwards. Nalin shouts that whoever retrieves the ring can keep it and Clatrina leaps forward and grabs it, deftly avoiding a blow from the golem. Couron thanks Clatrina for getting the ring back but Nalin says that Clatrina can keep it. Couron winges profusely.

G Huffi shouts for everyone to leave the room. The golem is immobile but in a state of readyness. Clatrina finds that she is unable to "hear" the thoughts of anyone. Clatrina lends her ring to Nalin who takes off his ring of "Free action" in order to use the "Lint'ara" ring. He runs at the golem and shouts the command word. The golem strikes at Nalin just before he winks over to the left. Nalin rushes back at the golem who tries to hit him but Nalin blinks down the coridoor past the golem. Nalin blinks up and down the coridoor a couple of times until the ring calms down. Nalin swaps back to his ring of "Free action" and goes down to the nagaa's room.

H Nalin knocks on the door and walks in. He walks back out and up the coridoor and shouts out that there is no nagaa and no treasure.

H After a while there is no sign of Nalin but faint metalic combatty type noises can be heard. After a bit of discusion Skelly casts "Sanctuary" on Clatrina. Clatrina edges past the golem and runs off down the coridoor,

I Heighdhon finds himself in a well furnished bedroom containing a ghostly form lying on the bed and a blue necklace suspended in mid air. The necklaces immediately soars up to the ceiling, out of reach as the ghostly figure rises from the bed. Heighdhon takes up a defensive posture and backs off. The two figures circle each other until Heighdhon drops something which crunches underfoot. Heighdhon says "Oorgusta faithfull steed, perform one last service for thy master." A black armoured warrior appears in a puff of something unpleasantly pungent and does battle with the ghostly figure.

I The dragon warrior is strangely inept, failing to hit the ghost (not entirely surprising) and then twisting its ankle. The dragon warrior falls to the ground and the ghost mutters an incantation. Heighdhon can't move, at least not until the ghost smashes him with a mace. Heighdon finds he can move again, downwards in to a crumpled bloody mess on the floor!

I The black dragon warrior has gathered itself together and returns to the fray. Heighdhon, in a fit of desparation for someone his age, casts "Haste"! The dragon warrior has found its range and gets a stonking hit on the ghostly figure which starts to cast a spell but is still pummelled by the dragon warrior. However a moment later the dragon warrior is squeltched.

I The ghostly priest spends a little while trying to cast spells whilst Heighdhon whacks him at high speed. Eventually a spell goes off and Heighdhon slows down so that the ghost can bash him again with the mace.

H Nalin bursts into the room. The door he expected to see behind him (as he had just burst through them) are gone, to be replaced by a black sphere. The ghostly priest permanently flattens Heighdhon with another blow then lowers his mace towards Nalin. Nalin has the sense to lower his axe.

H The ghostly priest tells Nalin that he has released the nagaa as our group had passed all three tests - the zorn, the golem and the nagaa without killing them - and so proved that we are good [I don't follow that logic at all - Ed] with the exception of Heighdhon.

J Clatrina bursts through the door beyond the nagaa to see a well furnished bedroom containing the wounded body of Heighdhon, a smoldering pile of leather, a blue necklace floating near the ceiling, a shadowy figure of the priest Seth and Nalin, who shouts "Sheath your sword". Where the door was is a circular black void. Seth claims he is well aquainted with our band and is aware of the other three. Heighdhon starts to weep.

H Down the coridoor the ever decreasing band is beginning to smell a rat. Huffi agrees to go and get the "Lint'ara" ring back from Nalin.

J Back in the bedroom Nalin asks Seth who has the right to take the necklace. To which Seth responds "Right?". Nalin asks Seth who put the necklace up near the roof and Seth says that it was meant to go up there, anyone who has the power may take it.

H Huffi charges in and demands the ring. Nalin who is on the other side of the room tells him to stay where he is.

J Nalin asks how the necklace can be returned to Esinni. Seth says that all things are posible. The necklace is almost 25 feet up in the air. Falcon and Annoa arrive.

K Heighdhon admits that the black dragon tooth belonged to his steed which was killed by Timothy the Paladin. At that time he went under the monica Knodei the Vampire. However this was a misnoma as he was, in fact, a necromancer but it kept the locals in line! Knodei was converted by Timothy and has spent the last few years trying to redeam himself.

J Seth is asked a range of questions but he is very obscure with his answers,


L Couron persuades Skelly to re-enact the position of the statues. It does no good. Couron rifles through the bedclothes. Seth objects to Heighdhon because he has brought evil into his domain. Eventually Heighdhon realises that he is going to have to leave. He crawls towards the sphere and Huffi spontaneously volunteers to go with him. They both make quick verbal wills, Huffi wants his share to be given to the mine administrators to be passed to his family and Heighdhon asks that in the event tha he does not return, his two slave girls are freed and his share be given to them. They step through the black hole -

M Thrim is shocked that Seth bows his head and recites a Demathon prayer for the dead. Seth then looks expectantly at Skelly. Skelly causes Seth to be laid to rest at the expense of going a bit squiffy. The necklace falls to the floor and Falcon picks it up. The black hole is now flashing black and yellow. The black is encroaching on to the yellow.

N Everyone tries to jump through on a yellow flash. Clatrina, Skelly, Falcon, Annoa, Couron, Thrim, Bazron and finally Nalin go through. Clatrina finds herself in the statue room with Norgraze, Gruston and Tusula. Gruston attacks but misses so Clatrina has a drink. Skelly stumbles through and is attacked but Tusula misses him. Skelly also takes a swig of potion as Falcon and Annoa arrive. Norgraze attacks Clatrina as Gruston moves to defend the statue from Falcon. Skelly is felled by Tusula whilst drinking the orange fuming potion. Annoa goes totally berserk and attacks Gruston with abandon and no thought for her personal safety.

O Clatrina can no longer be seen. Norgraze breaks off from combat. Couron comes in to the room and sees Gruston fighting Annoa and Falcon, Norgraze flying across the room and Skelly is walking towards her from the left. Couron gets her kit out and moves to attack Gruston. Clatrina can see much the same as Couron. Couron feels a nasty stabbing pain in her kidneys. Clatrina sees Skelly knife Couron who falls to the floor like a bag of offal.

O Thrim bursts in just in time to see Skelly attack Couron. He moves to guard Couron from any further attack by Skelly. Clatrina had shouted that it wasn't Skelly but Tusula, however Thrim did not hear. Bazron arrives and almost bumps in to the crowd in front of him. He see's Norgraze on the other side of the room. Couron is seriously injured on the ground and Skelly is trying to tend her however Thrim seems intent on stopping him. Bazron hears someone shouting but cannot make out the words.

O Clatrina runs towards Falcon and becomes visible and says "Give me the necklace and I'll give it to Essini". However Falcon does not react as he is having to concentrate very hard on the fight with Gruston. Nalin enters the room, Clatrina shouts "It's not Skelly, it's Tusula", unfortunately Nalin hears "It's okay Skelly got Tusula". Bazron attacks Skelly but he deftly moves of of the way. Thrim joins the attack against Skelly who backs away. Clatrina is also backing away from the main combat in order to get a better look.

O Clatrina suddenly lunges at Norgraze and grapples him just after he finishes casting a spell. Norgraze takes off but Clatrina grabs his leg. Nalin is speeding over to Norgraze however a flaming mass appears between him and Norgraze. Nalin dives to one side. Norgraze gets his sword out. The flaming mass strikes at Nalin who parries. Skelly collapses on the ground and Bazron hits him. Thrim checks Skelly but he is dead!

O Norgraze slashes at Clatrina but misses. Clatrina manages to hang on. The fire elemental hits Nalin and Annoa hits Gruston. Gruston hits Falcon. Falcon breaks off the combat with Gruston and rushes round the statue to leap at the fire elemental. Nalin hits it. Bazron is feeling guilty and double checks Skelly, he's still dead. Thrim goes over and administers some fairly impressive first aid to Couron, who seems to be alive, but it is difficult to tell.

O Thrim feels a stabbing pain in his chest and falls to the ground unconcious. Falcon vents his spleen on the fire elemental. Clatrina has clung on to Nargraze despite being hit and manages to smash him in to the statue. Gruston hits Annoa with his enormous two-handed sword. Bazron leaps over to attack Gruston. Clatrina is hanging on to Norgraze and sees Tusula appear being her. Tusula stabs Clatrina who lets go of Norgraze who flies up to the ceiling a little quicker than would be comfortable. Tusula is nowhere to be seen. In fact, as far as Clatrina is concerned, nothing is anywhere to be seen. Falcon hits the fire elemental, which starts to flicker. Gruston hits Annoa and makes her left arm bleed.

O Nalin sees Norgraze descending on Clatrina whose head is enveloped by "Darkness". Nalin shouts to her to mind out. Gruston stumbles and falls to the ground. Annoa and Bazron are on him in a flash. Annoa gashes his leg open. Clatrina backs in to someone as she slashes wildly about. Clatrina hits Norgraze and Nalin shouts "You're playing a blinder there Clatrina!". Bazron hits Gruston on the left arm. Falcon hits the fire elemental yet again. Annoa follows up Bazron with a hit to Grustons left arm. After all the work Falcon has done Nalin extinguishes the fire elemental.


O Nalin shouts "Leave Gruston!" then runs over to Norgraze and wounds him! Nalin shouts "Watch my back!", Clatrina continues to whirl but hits nothing. Bazron moves to stand back to back with Nalin. Annoa hits Gruston again.

P Falcon moved to give the necklace to the statue of Essini but leaps back and starts to swing his sword around him. Annoa completely severs Grustons arm. Nalin hits Norgraze again and he colapses to the ground. Clatrina still cannot see. Annoa completely severs Grustons other arm!! Clatrina shouts "Shit!" as her scimitar flies out of her hand. She cannot see it go flying across the room and embed itself in the air just moments before Tusla becomes visible and collapses to the ground. Annoa has taken Grustons head off. Nalin hits Norgraze again just to be sure.

Q Nalin thinks about stopping Annoa, but there is no point in stopping people when they are in that sort of mood. Falcon places the necklace in Essini's hand. The statues start to move and a great surge of power infuses the woman. She strikes the male figure and the statue of the man is flung back against the far wall in a massive explosion. Unfortunately Clatrina can see none of this and she is standing right in the path of the statue man. The man struggles to regain his feet but his is hit again and again by blasts of power from the gem in the necklace. Essini chants something in an unknown language and both she and the man disappear leaving only crumbling statues.

R Clatrina is groggy but standing. Nalin checks Skelly but cannot work out if he's alive. Bazron sidles over and stabs the motionless Tusula, you can't be too careful. The remaining bodies are checked, Thrim and Couron are still alive but unconcious. Annoa has stopped hacking the pieces of Gruston and checks Skelly. Surprisingly his is actually still alive, although so close to death that you can see why he might be mistaken for a corpse.

S The bodies are searched. Norgraze has a nice looking short sword, some interesting bracers, a curious looking cloak, an interesting looking bracelet, in his back pack is the "Orb of Torlich". While the groups attention was elsewhere Tusula's body has disappeared however some clothes are left including a dagger and a ring. In amongst the bits of Gruston is his rather impressive sword and an old cap that Nalin recognises and one of the ansachat keys. The Party now have the hat, the belt, and the skull.

T Nalin chops off the head of Norgraze and the Party consider setting off to raid the treasure room however the fact that three are unconcious and only five remain animate is a bit of an inhibition. A carrying order is established and the group make it to the nearest trap door. Carefully avoiding the goose grease deposited earlier by Skelly Nalin opens the door on to a cold dark snowey night. Annoa checks out the outside at Nalins request - and does not come back. Nalin goes to see where she is but there is no sign of her. Nalin calls Falcon up and he suggests that the group are in the woods on the other side of the village.

T Since it is not possible to establish the position the group decide to shelter in the corridoor until first light.

Wed 4 Jan 1589

A The group return to Ertlelm

B Kurodoer has died

C Some of the magic items from Norgraze and Tusula are identified

A The group mark the location of the trapdoor and struggle back to Ertlelm to see Kurodoer. The villagers are interested in the return of the group who go straight to the temple of Demathon where they are met by Neir. Neir provides broth and blankets and puts the unconcious people to bed. Nalin asks to see Kurodoer but Neir informs him that Kurodoer died two days ago. Ferano, Sheba and Tarataff have disappeared.

A The group resist the temptation to go straight back to recover the treasure and spend a day and a night resting and sleeping.

B During the day Neir returns the scroll of "Raise dead". Kurodoer left it to Nalin in his capacity as Factor to decide what to do with it. Nalin burns the head of Norgraze and shatters the skull. Skelly comes round but is very groggy. 15 of the 27 inhabitants of Ertlelm of which we are aware are either dead or missing. The group move their stuff from the mayors house to the temple.

C Some experiments are conducted on some of the items recovered from Norgraze. The cloak seems to be some kind of cloak of "Flying" and the Bracers are assumed to be "Defence". The ring from Tusula is not "Invisibility".

Thur 5 Jan 1589

A Bazron wakes up with the potental to be ambidextrous

B The group are go back to get the treasure

C Couron comes round

D Inventory and distribution of treasure

E Nalin appoints Thrim as mayor of Ertlelm


A Bazron wakes up with the potental to be ambidextrous.

B The group (Nalin, Clatrina and Falcon) are going back to get the treasure whilst Bazron looks after Skelly and Couron with both of his hands. Nalin, Clatrina and Falcon take it in turns to mine through the door, under Nalin's overall direction. Nalin is more of a "bashy" dwarf than a "diggy" dwarf and after a considerable amount of time it seems that they are not going to get through the door. Nalin uses the "Lint'ara" ring and is able to wink into the room. There is a lot of wealth in the room but not as much as when Clatrina saw it. Nalin fills his rucksack up and winks back out. He changes rucksack and "Lint'ara"s back in again. He gets more stuff until he is down to the copper pieces. He gets out and the group leave the complex.

C During the day Couron comes round.

D Nalin, Clatrina and Falcon get back to Ertlelm about 4,000 silver pieces better off. Taking all the cash gained together there is the equivalent of 8,850 silver pieces. There are two green gems, Arrun's axe and Skelly has a mace. There are three potions left from Sharla's place - with Skelly, Clatrina has a gold bats head staff head, Arrun's chain armour and a silver medallion. Couron has Carwyns knife, Bazron has one of Winches poison potions, a ring of "Free action", a bag of "Holding" (containing the Orb of Torlich). Nalin has the "Lint'ara " ring, Norgraze's short sword, bracers of "Defence", bracelet and cloak. Tusula's ring of "Spell storing" and a dagger (doesn't appear to be magical), Gruston had a magical great sword and there was a scroll of raise dead. There was also the skull and the hat from the ansachat.

D Clatrina gets Arrun's chain mail, the silver medallion and a bag of 700 silver pieces to cover her outlay of 260 silver pieces.

D Skelly gets the "Detect magic" mace, the bracers of "Defence" and 700 silver pieces.

D Couron finally gets the "Lint'ara" ring back, and keeps Carwyn's knife and 700 silver pieces.

D Nalin gets Arrun's axe and the ring of "Free action", 700 silver pieces and keeps the bag of "Holding" on behalf of the Party as it contains the Orb and the Ansachat items.

D The great sword, Norgraze's short sword and bracelet, Tusula's dagger and the scroll of "Raise dead" will also be passed on to the Party. The ring of "Spell storing" was Hortense's so will be returned to her benificary, though to be Isiil Om.

D Bazron gets the poison potion700 silver pieces and carries the bats head for evaluation.

D Falcon is given the cloak of "Flying" and 700 silver pieces, Thrim gets the green gems and 700 silver pieces, and the Church is given the three potions with instructions to pass to Annoa the potion of her choice. Annoa also gets 700 silver pieces. The Church is given 1150 silver pieces with a suggestion to use it to pay for rebuilding in the village. Kelnal's family is given 700 silver pieces

E Neir does some jiggery pokery with a staff and, much to his surprise, completely cures Thrim.

E Nalin appoints Thrim as mayor of Ertlelm.

Fri 6 Jan 1589

A The group set off back to Peleck

A The group set off back to Peleck.

Sat 7 Jan 1589

A The group arrive at Peleck in the evening

A The group arrive at Peleck in the evening.

Sun 8 Jan 1589

A Nalin has a party to celebrate his birthday

A Nalin has a party to celebrate his birthday at his favoutite dwarfen nightspot.

Mon 9 Jan 1589

A Farlas arrives in Peleck and queries the tone of Nalin's note

A At about lunch time Farlas arrives and mentions that Isiil Om and Willan should be on their way. Farlas wonders about the style of Nalin's note but it was written by Couron. Nalin shows Farlas the Orb and various new Ansachat items and tells him that Norgraze and Gruston are dead and Tusla has been banished to her correct plane of existence. Nalin tells the whole story to Farlas who suggests that Marius Tellman and Rallink must be immediately informed of the recovery of the Orb and are invited to meet with Gilla at the Farah church in Salsorme. A message Farlas will give it to Gilla in person. Nalin suggests that we could use the favour from the wizzard of Salsorme passed on by Caspar to identify the magic items.

Tue 10 Jan 1589

A Willan and Isil Oome turn up in Pellek

B Tarran arrives and all parts of the Ansachat key are re-united, with the exception of the shield

C The luminaries disperse

A Willan and Isil Oome turn up from opposite directions at different times of day. Hortense's ring of "Spell storing" is returned to Isiil Om for disposal. Falcon is intrigued by Isil Oome's Essini robes and has a chat with him.

B Later Tarran Er Anendil turns up as well. Possibly the largest collection of luminaries ever gathered in Pelecktorn! Between them Nalin, Farlas and Isiil Om have four of the five pieces of the Ansachat. The shield is required to get to, and beyond the third level, the ice plane, in order to try to rescue those left behind.

C Nalin, Taran, Willan, Clatrina and Bazron will return to Ertlelm to search for the shield. Isiil Om will assist in Ertlelm then return to to his lands and bring the Ansachat belt to Willan's games later in the spring. Couron and Skelly must rest in Peleck. Farlas is on his way to Neiblus and may not delay.

C Farlas puts on the ring of "Spell storing" but it is currently empty.

Wed 11 Jan 1589

A Nalin, Taran, Willan, Clatrina, Bazron and Isiil Om set off for Ertlelm in search of the shield

A Nalin, Taran, Willan, Clatrina, Bazron and Isiil Om set off for Ertlelm in search of the Ansachat shield.

Thur 12 Jan 1589

A Two search parties scour the environs of Ertlelm

B Nalin enlists the help of Annoa

A Taran, Clatrina, Bazron and Isiil Om search the forest whilst Nalin and Willan continue to the village to question Annoa about the location of Tusula's camp. No sign of Norgraze, Tusula or Gruston can be found.

B Nalin goes to see Thrim who is surprised to see him. Thrim has not seen Annoa but when when Nalin goes over to Annoa's house she is there. Nalin carefully explains our need and Annoa agrees to take Nalin and Willan to the area where she thinks the camp might be.

B Nalin, Willan and Annoa arrive in the area of the forest where Annoa met Gruston. It is dusk so they make camp.

Fri 13 Jan 1589

A The searches around Ertlelm reveal nothing

A Taran, Clatrina, Bazron and Isiil Om continue to search the forest and are sure that there is nothing to be found in this area.

A Elsewhere, Nalin and Willan search in vain until Annoa shows them an old trail. Nalin and Willan soon realise that they are totally dependent on Annoa to find any signs. It is getting dark so they camp again.

Sat 14 Jan 1589

A The searches around Ertlelm reveal a pendant

A Taran, Clatrina, Bazron and Isiil Om go back to the area the searched on the 12th and search the forest again. By the endof the day they have isolted a track that was not made by the group on their first visit. It heads in an easterly direction.

A Some hours walk away, Nalin and Willan search until Willan finds an encampment. Nalin and Willan wallow around but Annoa finds a -..


pendant or necklace hanging at head height in a tree. The pendant is a leather thong with an oval attachment. Willan decides to climb the tree and struggles up but there is nothing there. Willan climbs down and hooks the necklace off with Tarsober. Willan looks closely at the pendant, it has a strange oval stone in a leather encasement. Willan puts it away. Nalin thinks that it is an early warning system for the camp. There is no need to worry, as they are all dead.

A The group following Taran are blundering across the forest as night falls so the stop and camp.

Sun 15 Jan 1589

A The searches around Ertlelm reveal nothing more

B The group decide to return to Peleck

A Taran is committed to finding out where the trail goes even though he has a prior engagement.

A At the camp Willan notices a second path heading off in a different direction. Willan, Nalin and Annoa follow it and, at about lunch time they meet Taran, Clatrina, Bazron and Isiil Om coming in the other direction. Nalin introduces Annoa and Isiil Om to those who have not met them. Wilan shows Taran the pendant but he can cast no light on it. Taran wonders if it might have been a homing beacon.

B The group decide to return to Peleck.