4 Kingdoms

Chapter 13 - In the Shadow of Strangers


Mon 24 April 1589

  • Information from Mercselm
  • Preparations for the Azilhar trip
  • Comte du Plat, representing Salsorme and his "scribe" Vesquer join the Azilhar trip

Mon 1 May 1589

  • The "Quest" Fund is set up, many Party members are not short of a few groats!
  • Paying for DATE, this is more expensive than anticipated!
  • Taran starts building a Farah temple on a sacred Thrune battlefield in Temnel!
  • The Party hire the Rilotar from the League, at cost

Tue 2 May 1589

  • R'aad and Sh'alita are granted passage to Azilhar
  • Roles are established for the mission
  • Passengers embark

Wed 3 May 1589 new moon

  • The journey to Azilhar is spent in training, not planning

Wed 17 May 1589 full moon

  • Lyn Farrin undertakes one of his duties for the League of Los Nystel
  • Lyn Farrin has sent letters and messages announcing that he is the new Aldermaster of Dyestuffs for the Tyris Valley and that existing arrangements will continue.

Fri 2 June 1589 : 1 June new moon

  • The Rilotar arrives at the port of Aziban in Azilhar
  • R'aad disembarks at a pace that belies his age and recent health
  • Passes are issued
  • Initial contacts are made
  • Abubacâ and Rez meet Badr and Tourne in Aziban
  • Lucius performes, although death has left him a bit out of practice

Sat 3 June 1589

  • Morning arrangements, a discovery is made concerning Badr
  • The visit of Tourne and Badr
  • An invitation arrives to luncheon with the Kaliph
  • Contacts are made, some closer than others
  • Achxmilys party

Sun 4 June 1589

  • Who's going where
  • Fabius tourists the Hramin temples in Aziban
  • Rez gets more than she bargained for whilst asking after Buuna Bhutros
  • Herra goes to Grunters to meet Nabi Saiyer
  • Luncheon with the Kaliph
  • Investigations in to the whereabouts of Rez
  • A message arrives from Barrida
  • Tannios makes himself known to Lucius
  • The evening review
  • Hramin origins
  • Abubacâ flambés

Mon 5 June 1589

  • Abubacâ, Rez and their unharmonious relationship with the Hramin church
  • Information from Sh'alita
  • Willan, Guerin and Comte go to meet Hatim
  • Negotiations with Nabi Saiyer
  • Rustbulj forms a clerical triumvirate

Tue 6 June 1589

  • Rez is expelled from the group
  • Information gathering for Tannios
  • Plans for a secluded meeting with Achet quickly turn into a Millennium Dome like experience
  • Sha'lita reports his findings to Willan
  • Harry the Hawk does an arial survey of the town
  • Herra meets Nabi Saiyer again
  • The group review what they know - nothing!
  • Lucius theorises about Tannios

Wed 7 June 1589

  • Investigations into Jaran
  • A construction kit that alegedly builds into Abubacâ is returned via N'Kir
  • Fabius tries to find Abu Ali
  • Lucius and Elbrane get to the point with Tannios
  • Willan tries to make Lucius drop his trousers
  • The raid on Ibn's place

Thur 8 June 1589

  • Following his solo exertions at Ibn's, Fabius is somewhat soft in the head
  • Elbrane continues investigating Ibn
  • Abubacâ comes round
  • Ralpere astrols

Fri 9 June 1589

  • Speculation about Fabius
  • Pansal gets nowhere with Abu Ali
  • Concerns about Abubacâ
  • Rustbulj leaves Salsorme with the clerical triumvirate

Sat 10 June 1589

  • Success with Abu
  • Abubacâ's health improves, if not his temper
  • Fabius meets Buuna in a coffee shop
  • Guerin spends the night with Fabius

Sun 11 June 1589

  • Plans to discredit Saloom
  • Herra firks around inside Saloom's residence and liberates a bunch of documents
  • Fabius gets information from Buuna in return for an installment of Saloom's documents
  • Lucius sings to Yourdis

Mon 12 June 1589

  • Pansal is assigned to trail Gherrios
  • The party
  • A warehouse of the Lagoin merchants is raided

Tue 13 June 1589

  • News about the warehouse job
  • The plan to discredit Saloom

Wed 14 June 1589

  • Pallea passes the book with Zarl Kruger on the cover to Issil Oome - who opens it!

Thur 15 June 1589 full moon

  • Side effects of the plan to discredit Saloom

Fri 16 June 1589

  • Lucius is moved to Barrida
  • The group take on a mission from Gherrios to a temple to Achkresh

Sat 17 June 1589

  • Ellias caught a flyer whilst Nabi has disappeared
  • Red jackets are taken on for the temple gig

Tue 20 June 1589

  • Willan is overcome with honesty
  • Vesquer shows his worth and bails Willan out

Wed 21 June 1589

  • The journey to the temple continues

Thur 22 June 1589

  • The group ambush a small cat

Fri 23 June 1589

  • The group arrive at an oasis

Sat 24 June 1589

  • An uneventful day spent travelling

Sun 25 June 1589

  • The group arrive at some cliffs

Mon 26 June 1589

  • Climbing the cliffs, the group are attacked by scorpions, Ralpere shows his worth

Tue 27 June 1589

  • The group continue to head west

Wed 28 June 1589

  • The group continue to head west

Thur 29 June 1589 new moon

  • The group reach the temple
  • Vesquer is almost fatally overcome with enthusiasm

Fri 30 June 1589

  • The group pass the old man and in to the temple
  • The first rooms are investigated
  • The old man proves surprisingly able to defend himself
  • The group find a load of hot shit just lying about
  • Things are going well, so the group back track and try to blow themselves up!
  • The corridor of statues
  • The groups suicidal tendencies are to the fore once again
  • The passage under the sarcophagus
  • Most of the group are shocked to see Willan smoking
  • The group wimp back to camp

Sat 1 July 1589

  • The group get ready to return to the temple, Pansal stays behind
  • The group return to the room with the plinth that the scaredy cats hid in yesterday
  • The corridor of mirrors
  • Revelations of the mirror of truth
  • Resume of the creatures kicking about in the temple
  • Lucius aquires some posh kit
  • The serpent room
  • The hall of bones
  • Lucius demonstrates true heroism
  • Vesquer and the portcullis
  • Willan and the stalker
  • The final resting place of G'thron, at last
  • G'thron, who has only been kidding about finally resting, is dispatched
  • The group get ready to leave the temple
  • Allah E and the statue have disappeared
  • Back at camp

Sun 2 July 1589

  • Lucius has a dream
  • Treasure is distributed
  • The group return to the temple and investigate the arches
  • Greedy group members almost cause calamity
  • The natives are getting restless
  • Summary and distribution of items from the temple

Fri 14 July 1589 : Thur 13 July full moon

  • The group arrive at Barrida's house

Sat 15 July 1589

  • The group arrive at Barrida's house
  • Plans are discussed and, as promised, the slaves are freed.

Sun 16 July 1589

  • The group arrive at Dig'hradhan

Sun 16 July 1589

  • The group arrive at Dig'hradhan

Mon 17 July 1589

  • Departure arrangements are confirmed

Tue 18 July 1589

  • Taran debriefs Gherrios

Wed 19 July 1589

  • Arrangements to meet Buuna
  • A thief is caught

Thur 20 July 1589

  • Fabius meets Buuna - and Sahran G'bia
  • The "Moon of Kohe"
  • The identity of the thief is revealed
  • Negotiations with Sahran
  • Ralpere fixes Ellias

Fri 21 July 1589

  • Arrangements are made to depart for the new temple
  • Rustbulj turns up with a clerical triumvirate
  • Vesquer reports some headway with the book
  • Ellias personally takes over negotiations
  • The clerical triumvirate armour the feebles
  • Herra exposes his snake
  • Rustbulj gets all evil

Sat 22 July 1589

  • Negotiations continue
  • Rustbulj identifies some items, including the "Moon of Kohe"

Sun 23 July 1589

  • A cornucopia of magic items is redistributed
  • Tasks in Dig'hradhan
  • To the oasis of the White Palm

Thur 27 July 1589 : Wed 26 July new moon

  • The Dig'hradhan Guard turn up at base camp asking questions concerning the murder of Ellias
  • Fabius sees Buuna who reveals that the body of Ellias had a pentacle carved on his forehead

Fri 28 July 1589

  • Fabius attempts to locate the jewelled dagger and Guerin is not followed

Sat 29 July 1589

  • Camp is set at the Oasis
  • Willan goes scouting
  • It becomes evident why the group did not originally bring clerics
  • Taran er Enendil rescues Willan and beats up a defenceless old man
  • Sahran explains how to get through the temple

Sat 29 July 1589

  • Camp is set at the Oasis
  • Willan goes scouting
  • It becomes evident why the group did not originally bring clerics
  • Taran er Enendil rescues Willan and beats up a defenceless old man
  • Sahran explains how to get through the temple

Sun 30 July 1589

  • The discovery of Happy Hogan's Dessert Igloo
  • Another chaotic attempt to get to the temple
  • The group make good time to the coridoor of four doors
  • Behind the doors
  • Hours of futile plans
  • "The Three" are revealed
  • The fifth door
  • The group depart the temple and oasis
  • Information pertaining to the murder of Ellias

Mon 1 Aug 1589

  • The group busy themselves in Dig'hradhan
  • Fabius is a wraith
  • The group returning from the oasis interrogate their prisoners

Tue 2 Aug 1589

  • Fabius speaks to Buuna
  • The group busy themselves in Dig'hradhan
  • Fabius pitches a tent
  • Nader's message network is rumbled
  • Issil Oome takes the Ansachat shield to Farlas

Wed 3 Aug 1589

  • Fabius and Pansal find a chest
  • Investigations in to the death of Ellias continue
  • Nader's communications network is observed
  • The ghost of Ellias is seen

Thur 4 Aug 1589

  • Fabius joins the throng hiding out on the Rilotar
  • Nader's communication network is disrupted
  • Ellias is buried
  • Guerin meets Buuna

Fri 5 Aug 1589

  • Plans are made to find out about Mahmood Buuras
  • Herra - cat burgler
  • Unfruitful following
  • Willan's group return from the White Palm Oasis
  • Willan's group are banged up
  • A variety of accounts of the White Palm trip are given to Sergeant Musaffah

Sat 6 Aug 1589

  • Willan and co. are released together with Jai and Sahran
  • Negotiations collapse
  • Jai and Sahran depart with more of the group's possessions than the group usually supply to themselves!
  • A decision is taken to return to Salsorme
  • Attempts to find a translator
  • The return of magic items on loan

Sun 7 Aug 1589

  • Relations between the two three's

Mon 8 Aug 1589

  • Triangles are formed and magical items are tested

Tue 9 Aug 1589 full moon

  • The first boat departs Aziban for Salsorme

Wed 10 Aug 1589

  • A History lesson, sort of -
  • The Ansachat helmet is confirmed as NahamMerch's "Helm of Sound".
  • Martek's gifts are distributed amongst the clerical triumvirate.

Wed 24 Aug 1589 new moon

  • The Rilotar departs Aziban for Salsorme

Fri 26 Aug 1589

  • Calhassan tests the ring from Martek

Mon 30 Aug 1589

  • The Illonsor and Revdirin DATE Irregulars complete basic training

Sun 4 Sept 1589

  • The ship returning to Salsorme is set upon by sahuagin and a sea dragon

Fri 9 Sept 1589 : 7 Sept new moon

  • The first ship arrives in Salsorme from Aziban

Mon 19 Sept 1589

  • The Rilotar reaches Salsorme after an uneventful trip



Mon 24 April 1589

A Information from Mercselm

B Preparations for the Azilhar trip

C Comte du Plat, representing Salsorme and his "scribe" Vesquer join the Azilhar trip

A Mercselm lets Farlas and Willan know about the wooden headband and the goblet. He will arrange the magic armour as soon as he can.


B The Party wonder about how much weight the introduction from the King of Van Lies might have in Azilhar. Abubacâ says that most people in Azilhar have no more knowledge of the Four Kingdoms than we have of Azilhar, so the letter will have as much weight as as the Party give the impression that it has. Farlas mentions that Caspar has recently been elected as Aarchon Ripe - The Aarchon for Foreign Affairs. Farlas has a word with Caspar who is very keen that the mission be used to set up new diplomatic links between the Free City of Salsorme and Azilhar. Currently the bulk of trade from Azilhar goes through Connelberg.

B Abubacâ lives some superficial background information on the rigid and hierarchical nature of Azilhar culture. Abubacâ also mentions that there is no point in sending a woman in an official capacity.

B At Caspar's suggestion Farlas informs the League about the forthcoming trip, through Modo. Modo mentions that he is aware that Caspar had become involved with a diplomatic and trade mission to Azilhar - Farlas only spoke to Caspar three hours earlier! It looks as if the Party may be able to hire the Rilotar at an advantageous rate. It may still need additional funding to foot the bill in the short term, Ub may be able to provide this. It may be that the mission to Azilhar will include representitives of Caspar on behalf of the City, Ub and the League.

C The mission to Azilhar gets mentioned at the Riparlef. Caspar inroduces to the Party a very tall, old, overdressed gentleman with a long silver beard who seems very sereene, called Comte du Plat who is Caspar's (the Free City of Salsorme) representitive. He is a citizen of Salsorme, but he is not a Lagoin native, although no one can work out exactly where he seems to come from. He has a scribe called Vesquer Mac Vesquer, although he has all the trappings of a scribe, he has an air of unscribeliess. He is young enough to be Comte's grandson.

Mon 1 May 1589

A The "Quest" Fund is set up, many Party members are not short of a few groats!

B Paying for DATE, this is more expensive than anticipated!

C Taran starts building a Farah temple on a sacred Thrune battlefield in Temnel!

D The Party hire the Rilotar from the League, at cost

A Although the Party is renting the Rilotar from the League as a discount, it is a big prestige ship and costs a few groats (25,000 silver pieces (50% discount on commercial rates)). Even though Ub has agreed to arrange the consortium of merchants that will cover some of the costs.

A It is decided to set up a "Quest" fund. Nalin will ask for contributions and in future 10% of all returns after expenses will be paid in to the fund. Hopefully the contributions given now can one day be repaid, and the Party fund can be self-sustaining.

A In addition to the lands we hold Farlas gets 40,000 marks from the Baronetcy of Arinor, lands granted to him by the Thegn of Neiblus, plus 30,000 marks as Gallis Tiris (from the Thane of Tiris). As special advisor to the court of morals Farlas gets a monthly retainer of 1,000 silver pieces plus 50 silver pieces a day when he sits. Wilan gets 20,000 silver pieces a year and a residence as Wailward of the Salurtef. Lyn Farrin as Aldermaster of dyestuffs in the Tiris valley derives income from tarrifs, this should be between 10,000 and 20,000 marks a year.

B DATE is quite expensive. Isiil Oômé can only afford 2,000 silver pieces, Lyn Farrin will contribute 35,000, Nalin goes for 10,000 and Willan is good for 15,000. Taran is tied up with his temple but wants to contribute and so gives 2,000. Farlas contributes 10,000 on behalf of Gilthon makes it up to 125,000 silver pieces by contributing 51,000 silver pieces. This gives enough for two taks, 30 men in Illonsor and 30 men in Revdirin.

C The temple in Temnel is costing 40,000 a year for two years (80,000). This will be funded as 22,000 loan from Farlas and 18,000 from Taran for each year. The temple will be big enough for 20 clerics with guards and staff. This will be a noticable temple for the area, especially as it is on a sacred Thrune battlefield!

A Nalin sets up the "Quest" Fund. Farlas contributes 50,000 silver pieces, Willan 15,000, Nalin puts in 50,000, Ralpere contributes 500, Lyn Farrin 5,000 and Abubacâ comes forward and gives 5,000. After finding out how much Willan contributed, Modo gives 20,000. So the Party, which is usually skint, is able to obtain 145,500 marks at the drop of a hat!

D 25,000 marks are paid for the hire of the Rilotar and Abubacâ offers to provide Azilharin currency for incidental expences (bribes, up to a nominal amount of the equivalent of 10,000 marks) to be consolidated at the end of the trip.

E An Azilharin man is brought to see Abubacâ by the Captain of the Rilotar. He says that his master R'aad would like to book passage to Azilhar. Abubacâ expresses surprise that someone wishing to go to Azilhar would be looking for passage from Salsorme. The man explains that R'aad was taken ill and is unable to travel very far. He is anxious to return to his homeland. Abubacâ explains that due to the unusual nature of this mission and the salubriousness of the vessel, passage will be no less than 5,000 marks in advance. The servant agrees and Abubacâ asks him to return tomorrow.

E Willan asks Modo is he can find out anything about R'aad, who he thinks is staying in the dock area. Modo makes contact with Horan who finds out that the old man came in through the Salradin gate to the west about three weeks ago, alone, he was old and tired and walked with a stick. Horan gives the address, an inn just off the middle docks, and says that they have been together since they moved in a little over two weeks ago.

Tue 2 May 1589

A R'aad and Sh'alita are granted passage to Azilhar

B Roles are established for the mission

C Passengers embark

A Sh'alita (the servant) comes back to see Abubacâ and agrees to take him to see R'aad. R'aad is prostrate on the ground and is clearly unwell and is obviously a Hramin priest. However he seems to be exhausted as part of his age rather than "ill". He clearly presents no physical threat and, despite his aversion to all things Hramin, Abubacâ thinks that on balance he provides no threat to the mission.

A Willan is of similar mind.

B It is important that each person has a clearly defined role. Lucius is mission bard, Ralpere will be part of the honour guard, Fabius is a paying traveller, Willan is a noble and senior figurehead, Herra will be mission servant, Guerin is an honour guard, Pansal is mission interpreter, Taran is the substitute noble, Abubacâ is cultural advisor and mission controler with the assistance of Rez. Comte is the Representative of the Salsorme Government and there are representatives from the League, Elbrane MacIlbarak, and Ub.

C There are five merchants, Saroc MacMellon, Trallina MacIz (Ub's represntative), Falbek MacFin, Partol Mac Torr, Kaltain Mac Ornen with entourage. Each merchant specialises in a different area. Sh'alita and R'aad arrive with containers with what looks like about a ton of earth! They seem quite content with their quarters.

Wed 3 May 1589 new moon

A The journey to Azilhar is spent in training, not planning

A A bundle of training is sorted for the journey. Fabius tries to make friends with Sh'alita and pick up facts about Hramin in particular.

[March 2002]

Wed 17 May 1589 full moon

A Lyn Farrin undertakes one of his duties for the League of Los Nystel

Lyn Farrin has sent letters and messages announcing that he is the new Aldermaster of Dyestuffs for the Tyris Valley and that existing arrangements will continue.


Fri 2 June 1589: 1 June new moon

A The Rilotar arrives at the port of Aziban in Azilhar

B R'aad disembarks at a pace that belies his age and recent health

C Passes are issued

D Initial contacts are made

E Abubacâ and Rez meet Badr and Tourne in Aziban

F Lucius performes, although death has left him a bit out of practice

A After just over four weeks at sea the Rilotar reaches Aziban on the coast of Azilhar. It is a strange looking place. There is no grass, just sand, and no trees, other than a few palms. Abubacâ haggles with the harbour master and gets the docking fee halved. Abubacâ gives the other half back as a bribe to get a good spot on the quay. Some small ships are moved. Abubacâ explains why we are here and the harbour master sends runners to the Kaliph and another merchant that were mentioned in the letter from the King of Van Lies.

B R'aad emerges and almost sprints down the gang plank, prostrating himself on the ground. Sh'alita thanks us and explains that he will arrange for the removal of the dirt.

C Passes are issued to everyone on the ship, we are not allowed to leave the merchant compound unless invited elsewhere. A special pass is required to get in to the city or to go anywhere else. These are obtained.


D A representitive of Lord Achxmilys arrives and welcomes everyone to the Fair of Dig'hradhan. Achxmilys is a Westron lord who now resides in Aziban and who runs the Fair. The merchants waste no time in setting up and the Azilharin merchants seem enthusiastic to get involved.

B The earth is removed from the ship. Herra follows to see where it is taken. It is not removed from the foriegners compound but spread on the ground and mixed in with the local dirt near a small Hramin shrine. Herra has been watching this and when everyone has gone he wanders over to have a look but he can see nothing special. There is a new stone temple in the fair area. It was not there the last time Herra was. Many people do not wear footware although they are a minority. Non-Azilharins are not encouraged to enter the temple although they are not stopped from entering.

D The contacts from the King of Van Lies are a merchant called Barrida and the Kaliph Altân. Abubacâ says he is a local noble. The town does not encourage contact with the fair.

D Fabius arranges a daily rendezvous after dark to exchange information. He goes off round the fair offering his services as a multi-lingual scribe. Elbrane makes contact with the fair authorities on behalf of the League. Herra susses out where the fair guards are based, down by the dock.

C There is nothing physically stopping people from walking out of the area of the fair, however passes are not valid and if you were stopped you would probably have some explaining to do.

E Abubacâ and Rez go into town before nightfall. Making himself known in some of the inns Abubacâ is approached by an exuberant foreigner who turns out to be Tourne the Chef, who is working for Badr-al-Dujja, who is also there. Abubacâ mentions the Hramin moon cult and asks if they can find anything out. Tourne says that sadly they are due to leave tomorrow, but he will drop by the ship before they leave. Abubacâ says that he would appreciate the name of anyone who Tourne and Badr think might make a reliable contact to find out where this moon cult might be opperating.

D Herra has been scouting the fair to try to find out if there is any neferious dealing going on.

F In the evening Lucius sings an epic about the death of the hero Lucius at the Battle of Berem. He rounds off his performance with a basic "round" song in Azilharin. His singing is a bit ropey and his Azilharin is poor but the plays a mean lute.

D Comte du Plat chairs the evening debriefing which reviews the first steps made. Tomorrow Comte will speak as Willan's representitive to the representitive of Achxmilys. Investigation will be made into Achxmilys background. A thorough investigation will be made through non-Azilharins about the parameters of being a foreigner in Azilhar. Comte takes his leave and leaves the meeting in the hands of Vesquer. The Party need to make inroads into the whereabouts of the Hramin moon cult who worship Na'hamam Nyea/NahamMerch. Lucius and Elbrane, the League rep, will go round the merchants looking for items with moon symbols.

Sat 3 June 1589

A Morning arrangements, a discovery is made concerning Badr

B The visit of Tourne and Badr

C An invitation arrives to luncheon with the Kaliph

D Contacts are made, some closer than others

E Achxmilys party

A Abubacâ arrives back early and tells Herra that he has met Tourne and Badr and they will be dropping by to see him and his new colleagues before they leave town today. Abubacâ is hopeful that they might be able to supply some information. Vesquer sets up a meeting between Comte and Westron colleagues and Achxmilys. Elbrane and Lucius go round the merchants, Elbrane gets nowhere but Lucius, whose skill in this area is not noted, gets a range of information about the significance of the moon to the Hramin religion. Badr means "moon"! Lucius is warned to be careful about using the moon symbol in the Azilhar lands as there has been some problems with the Hramin church. Lucius is warned not to wear the moon symbol over his heart.

A Abubacâ goes to see the harbour master with the gift of a linen shirt. He asks about Achxmilys. He set up the fair years ago and although he has a house in the city he usually lives at the fair. He does not go back to the Westron lands. He port is not directly under his control it is an extension of the city dock. Achxmilys is quite accessible, the harbour master has met him. Abubacâ thinks that it is unusual for important people to be so accessible in these parts. Then he puts his foot in it by referring to the harbour masters own position in the social hierarchy in somewhat disparaging terms.

E After tortured negotiations and re-negotiations Comte arranges for Willan, Lucius, Elbrane and the five merchants to go to the meeting with Achxmilys.

B Badr and Tourne turn up in the middle of the day. Tourne passes over some paperwork that might come in handy. Herra asks Tourne about Hramin moon sects. He says that Buuna Bhutros might help but he does not know where he is at the moment. He is a Hramin priest who lives in the city who can be helpful to the right kind of people.

B Herra asks about Achxmilys, Barrida and the Kaliph Altân. Tourne explains the Achxmilys owns a lot of land and is probably not deeply into Hramin. Herra gets a bit sidetracked reminiscing about old times until Taran reminds him to ask about Barrida, whom Tourne has never heard of, and the Kaliph whom he says seems to be an okay guy. Herra asks if hes been here long to which Tourne replies that he has been around for a long time as being Kaliph is a family business. Tourne says to watch out, that there are some very dubious characters around. Tourne says that a contact for the theives guild in the town of Aziban is Nabi Saiyer, he can be contacted at Grunter's, the place Herra was at the last time he was here.

B Herra offers to send over some supplies when we get back to Salsorme. Badr does a farewell gig with Lucius on lute. It is not one of Lucius's most inspired performances but it doesn't matter because everyone is captivated by Badr's singing.

B After the inspirational performance Herra asks Badr if the ansachat hat means anything to her. She says that the hat is not of any particular artistic merit or quality but it has survived surprisingly well for its age. She does not know anything about NahamMerch, the a Azilharin translation is "Badr Ajjân". Badr says that Buuna Bhutros has a reputation for being for sale and that she would not trust him although she has never met him herself.

C An important looking man turns up on horseback with flunkies asking to see Wilan. Vequar sees him into an antiroom and rushes off to get Comte du Plat. Comte does everything right and really impresses N'kir Achmad who is a messaenger of the Kaliph.

C N'kir is admitted to the presence of Willan and Comte translates and advises Willan on proceedure and ettiquette. Willan makes an enexpectedly good impression. An invitation is extended to welcome Willan and his party to Aziban at a reception luncheon starting in the later morning [It probably looses something in translation - Ed].

D Comte discovers that there are clerics from some Lagoin religions in the fair, so in the evening Taran goes to meet the local Farah priestess. He gives her his full title which produces an overwhelmingly defferential reaction. Vesquer is impressed as well. Her name is Mirella Tyr Farah, a Lagoin in her mid thirties who looks like she has been in Azilharin lands for a long time. Vesquer attends the short service and leaves Mirella and Taran together.

D Taran tells Mirella about why he is here. Mirella does not know much but she is aware that within the last year there has been an issue within the Hramin church concerning a sect that believes that there was a second prophet. She believes that near here there was a ceremony by the Hramin sect that was violently put down by the main church. She does not know anything else. Mirella thinks that Achxmilys is okay. He is a wealthy land owner who finances his activities through tithes from the fair. He is not popular with the town hierarchy but the Azilharin merchants are not against him. She does not know much about Altân because he is a devout Hramin worshipper.

D Pansal makes contact with some of the local nose tappers however the guy claims that Pansal is mistaken and he cannot be of any help. Pansal is aware that the guy follows him when he leaves. Pansal finds Herra and lets him know what happened. They find Guerin and go back to where Pansal saw the guy. He is there so Herra buys him a drink and speaks to him. He says that his name is Munkhar and he seems to have an inflated sense of his own importance. Herra buys him another drink but realsies that he is not going to get any useful information from him. Pansal and Guerin hang about outside to see where Munkhar is going however the get moved on by the night watch. They find a place to hide.

B Abubacâ finishes his astonishingly accurate copies of the paperwork that Tourne dropped off.

E The oversize group turns up at Achxmilys pad, it is big. It has fountains. Lucius mentions about trying only to have only a few drinks which reminds Willan about his capacity, the lack thereof. He mentions this to Comte who suggests to the servants that Lucius's drinks should be watered. Lucius has been presented as our musician. Lucius is treated as a servant and shown off elsewhere. The rest of the group are invited to remove their shoes and are offered slippers but Elbrane and Willan decide to go barefoot. Comte decides to do the same, but four of the five merchants wear slippers. The group are shown in to a main room where a man who is clearly Achxmilys ceremonially washes their feet.

E Everyone is formally introduced and the group and merchants hand over gifts. We are seated at the table. With Achxmilys are merchants called Ibn Al Darak and Hakim Mustafa, a young man who is introduced as Marid, he is an extremely likable fellow, a chap called Jaffar who seems to be Achxmilys right hand man. There is a woman called Allepa who is Hakim Mustafa's wife, Hanna who is Achxmilys Azilharin wife and Zubeeda who is Achxmilys daughter.

E The banquet is very sumptuous. The entertainment is provided by musicians and dancing girls. Lucius comes on and does a Westron song in its native language. This went down well and he is expected to do an encore so Lucius recounts a heroic song about Willan. He is given a drink as he comes off. Everyone else is being plied with drinks on regular basis. Elbrane arranges a meeting with Achxmilys in a couple of days time.

E Jaffar has a duff leg and is lame. He walks with a stick. He seems a nice fellow. Achxmilys has said that he relies on Jaffar and he is a good administrator. Jaffar says that Achxmilys has been trading here for about twenty years. Jaffar agrees to set up Elbrane's meeting with Achxmilys.

E Willan talks to Marid, he is the youngest son of a military family. He is staying with Achxmilys who has some family relationship that Willan cannot work out. Comte steps in to translate. Marid is keen to talk about Willan's military experiences. Marid clearly has a lot of military experience.

E Lucius is invited to sing again and some people are getting a bit worse for wear, one of the Lagoin merchants in particular. Lucius puts in a spectacular performance that leaves some of the audience in tears. Hakim, the talkative merchant, is getting even more so whilst Ibn is becoming morose. Willan and Comte talk to Ibn whilst Elbrane tackles Hakim he is joined by Willan. He is asked some question about trading conditions and is told about the liberation of Salsorme.

E Elbrane asks Marid what he intends to do with his life. He says that he has not decided yet, there is plenty of time. Willan speaks to Jaffar then returns to Marid and gets stories of battles that involve his family.


E Comte establishes from Achxmilys that he is on good diplomatic terms with the Kaliph, although their relationship is limited to formal occasions. Comte also finds out that Achxmilys is fond of gambling games, such as cards and chess. Achxmilys tells Comte that the Kaliph has a very traditional Azilharin attitude.

E Elbrane suggests the Comte have a word with Jaffar about setting up reciprocal arrangements.

D Back at the fair Munkhar staggers out of the inn. Pansal and Guerin ineptly follow him, luckily Munkhar is so slaughtered that he does not notice them. Pansal and Guerin almost stumble in to a guard, they follow Munkhar through the tents and he stops to speak to a guard. The guard sees Pansal and Guerin and calls to them in Azilharin, they leg it! A couple of guards come in to view, they are looking at a tent and Pansal and Guerin take the opportunity to sneak off, as an altercation develops when the guards find someone in the tent.

E In the early hours of the morning the group and the merchants leave the party, a couple of people need assistance. Ibn leaves at about the same time. The journey back is uneventful, which is just as well because it will soon be time to get ready for the Kaliph's luncheon.

Sun 4 June 1589

A Who's going where

B Fabius tourists the Hramin temples in Aziban

C Rez gets more than she bargained for whilst asking after Buuna Bhutros

D Herra goes to Grunters to meet Nabi Saiyer

E Luncheon with the Kaliph

F Investigations in to the whereabouts of Rez

G A message arrives from Barrida

H Tannios makes himself known to Lucius

I The evening review

J Hramin origins

K Abubacâ flambés

A Everyone gets up earlier than they would like. Guerin gives an optimistic report back on the previous evenings following events.

A Willan and Taran (the nobles), Abubacâ (Advisor), Comte (Salsorem Government Rep.), Pansal (Translator) and Ralpere and Guerin (Honour guard) and Lucius (Minstrel) are going to the Kaliph. Herra is going to meet Nabi Saiyer at Grunter's, Rez is going to try to find Buuna Bhutros and report this to Fabius - who will be touring the Hramin temples as a tourist after he has established the location of Grunter's.

B Fabius has no trouble getting in the public areas of the main temple but has some difficulty in gaining access to most of the five smaller temples in town.

C Rez goes to find Buuna but clearly asks the wrong person and is soon arrested. Not surprisingly she does not turn up at her lunchtime meeting with Fabius. Eventually Fabius reports to Vesquer that Rez has not turned up. Fabius returns to the

D Herra turns up at Grunter's and finds out that Nabi is expected that evening. He decides to stay for a drink and is quickly propositioned.

E Willan's party arrive in town and are escourted to the Kaliph's palace where they are weighted on. N'kir arrives and welcoms the group to the Palace of Byrzite. N'kir tells the group that they can expect a formal reception and lunch with some of the main familes of the area. Comte asks about previous visits by people from overseas and N'kir recounts some polite stories.

E After a fairly short wait the party ure ushered through the palace into the presence of Kaliph Altân. There is an audible intake of breath as Abubacâ walks in. N'kir introduces Willan, Taran, Comte and Abubacâ. The Kaliph speaks in Azilharin, Willan tries to reply in Azilharin but he bogs it up, Comte tries to rescue the situation but the Kaliph doesn't like this, so the overall impression is poor

E N'kir introduces the group to the other nobles amongst whom are Ain Aphshamz, Kharouff, Kan-Phuchait and Bhadiat Al Jamal. Abubacâ notices that Kharouff is clearly not well disposed towards him. Conversation is entirelly in Azilharin, no Westron is spoken. After a while everyone is show in to a large eating room, polite Azilharin conversation is exchanged. The group are sat near the Kaliph, who makes polite conversation to Willan and Comte.

E Abubacâ notices that Kharouff and Bhadiat Al Jamal seem to be in deep conversation and glance often in his direction. Ain makes convesation with Willan about his military exploits, Willan starts using table implements to illustrate strategy, but it does not go all that well. Ain responds with some stories about the wars between he tribes. Azilharin's have not develped close combat cavalry tactics and they do not use archery very much. Ain's personal interests lie in discovering the theory of strategy and battle tactics. He mentions that he finds the nuances of the game of "Guerrit" very inspirational for devising battle tactics. He clains to be good at chess although he does not think that it has the tactical nuances of guerrit.

E Abubacâ speaks to a number of minor people about developments in the political situation over the past year or so, since he left town. He hopes to build up a fairly accurate composite picture of the current situation.

E Taran talks about horses. Kharouff is interested but is clearly irritated by Taran's language difficulties.

E Comte asks N'kir about how the group might retrieve the situation. N'kir expresses regret that things have not gone better but suggests that it would not be appropriate to try to rescue things at this time.

E Taran explains his links to the Farah church and asks if there is a sect of the Hramin church dedicated to healing. Kharouff says that there is no comparison between the Hramin church and the specialised heathen religions that most foreigners choose to follow. Some Hramin priests have aptitudes in particular areas but there is no structural division within the church, it maintains a holistic view. Kharouff seems content to answer questions in this area so Taran says that it is a subject that interests him but as he finds the language difficult he may return to it later when he has had a chance to think about what to say. Kharouff is sure that Taran could find priests who could explain the truth at the Hramin church.

E Abubacâ engages Kan in conversation and discovers that he is a trading noble, he does not have a presence in the fair as he deals mainly within Azilhar. Kan gives the impression that his life is wound up with official duties and trading, he is married and has children.

E Bhadiat is not keen to speak to the group. He engages in polite conversation but quickly makes excuses to withdraw to other conversations.

E Late in the afternoon the engagement is brought to a close. The group return to the fair compound.

F Vesquer greets the group on their return and asks for a quiet word with Abubacâ. Vesquer tells Abubacâ that Fabius has reported that Rez did not meet him at lunchtime as agreed. Abubacâ is not sure that it is yet a cause for concern and they decide to leave it until the evening. If Rez does not return Abubacâ and Vesquer will officially report her as missing in the morning.

G A messenger arrives from Barrida and appologises profusely about the delay in responding. Apparently the message did not get passed to the right person! Barrida's son Hatim would be pleased to see us at our convinience. Barrida lives about three hours journey away from town. The messenger, Yousef, is invited to stay overnight, an invitation that he is happy to accept.

H Lucius tells Willan and Taran that he is puzzled. He has been approached by a young chap whose father is a merchant called Achet-Leff-Achet. He was friends with Ibn but fell out a few years ago. The son, Tannios, still retains a friendship with Ibn (although his father doesn't know). Tannios has been unable to find out why Ibn fell out with his father and is hopeful that the Party may be able to find out information that he cannot.

I At the evening meeting a review of events throws up the following action points. Tonight we are talking to Yousef about Barrida and Hakim. We intend to invite Ain for a game of tactics, probably chess (Achxmilys can be invited as well). We are meeting with Sh'alita tomorrow morning. We need to organise a meeting with Tannios to arrange a meeting with Ibn. Keep in with the Kaliph - probably through N'kir. Rez is now seriously overdue so official enquiries will be made in the morning.

D Nabi Saiyer finally arrives at Grunter's where Herra is a bit shagged out. Herra trades his personal stash of desmond for some local "stuff". He plies Nabi for some information on NahamMerch and the Hramin sect.

J The Farah priestess tells Comte that about 600 years ago Hramin took over unter the leadership of one person. All the religions of the prior pantheon were cast out, all priests and unconverted worshipers (including the wife and children of the leader) were killed, temples were raised and libraries were burned. She has no knowledge of the existance of any of the pre-Hramin pantheon.

G The Party talk to Yousef about Barrida. He had trading links with Lagoin, he had close links with a colleague of Earpollin. Now trades cloth with Connel and ships dyestuffs, oils and plants back to Azilhar. Barrida is not expected back for about a week, his son is 15 years old. Yousef is not barefoot and avoids questions about religion.

F Rez has not returned and the town gates will soon close so Abubacâ and Pansal sprint in to town. Abubacâ finds out that Buuna was detained by the Hramin examiners and is presumed to be dead. Abubacâ tells Pansal that he guesses that Rez has probably been detained and he hopes that it was not by the examiners. He needs to change in to his posh keks so they rent a room for the night.

F Abubacâ changes and storms in to the guardhouse and demands that Rez is released. The guardsman says that they have not detained her. An accomodation is reached and the guard etches a Hramin symbol in some water on the counter. He quickly rubs it off. Abubacâ leaves and tells Pansal that the worst has happened. They walk back to their room and scout the guard house attached to the Hramin temple on the way. It is a single story and the walls seem to be very robust. It is obvious that the main complex is underground.


K Back in the lodging Abubacâ prepares to enter the Hramin complex. Discussing options, Pansal suggests that Abubacâ could break in and find Rez, then sleep during the day to get his power back, and break out the next morning. Abubacâ makes himself invisible and sets off. He has no trouble moving past the two guards and through (literally) the door. Inside there is an ante-room with two more gaurds and a second closed door. Abubacâ mutters something that the guards do not hear and passes through this second door. There is a staircase leading down, which Abubacâ descends.

K At the bottom of the stairs there are two guards standing in an open area at a junction of the stairs with two corridoors. Abubacâ sneaks past and moves down a corridor containing about twenty cell doors. Many of the occupants are in need of repair. About two thirds of the way down the corridoor Abubacâ finds Rez, she is beaten up and not moving, but appears to be sleeping rather than unconcious. Abubacâ is careful about when he moves as the sand that is liberally strewn on the floor to soak up a variety of body fluids, also serves to expose foot prints.

K Abubacâ decides to unbolt some doors at the end of the corridoor and spring Rez when the guards go past to investigate. In the event, the guards seem to be well trained and when the doors are opened only one comes down to check it out, whilst the other guards the end of the corridoor and calls for back up.

K The guard coming down the corridoor is unintentionally blocking the corridoor with his spear but Abubacâ deflty manages to slip past. He waits until the guard reaches the open doors at the far end and slips the bolts on Rez's door. Abubacâ dashes in and drages Rez to her feet. Although she cannot see him, she quickly understands what is going on. Abubacâ thrusts a dagger in to her hand [take that any way you like - Ed] and they dash out of the cell and head towards the guard in front of the stairs - there are three!

K One guard is advancing down the corridoor whilst the other two take position at the end. Abubacâ, who is still invisible, stabs at the oncoming guard and pushes past, still invisible, towards the other two leaving Rez to make her own way down the corridoor. Abubacâ chucks vials of acid at the faces of the two guards. One is hit in the face and immediately drops his weapon and grabs his agonised face. The second vial is not such a good hit but is corroding clothing on its way to flesh. Melees develop between Abubacâ and the second guard and Rez and the guard who came down the corridoor. The guard who went to close the doors at the end is locking the last bolt.

K Rez is quickly knocked unconcious by the guard and the guard from the end comes back to assist him in pulling Rez back in to her cell. Abubacâ eventually overcomes his opponent who falls back. Needing to clear their escape route, Abubacâ lunges at him with his dagger and inflicts a killing blow. Abubacâ will not entertain the idea of leaving without his sister and moves back down the corridoor despite the odds stacking up against success.

K He chucks another vial of acid at the first guard, but he deftly dodges out of the way and the vial hits the armour of the guard behind. There is fizzing but no immediate damage, this guard hangs back though. Abubacâ's maneouverability is restricted in the corridoor and he is hit a couple of times by the spear of the guard in front. Abubacâ flees back down the corridoor and dodges down the other corridoor to the "examination" area.

K The decour in the extensive examination suite is imaginative, but functional. There are two more guards, two "examiners" and most of two examinees. Abubacâ stands to one side of the entrance but no one comes in after him. He can hear orders beng give back down the corridoor and realises that they are regrouping.

K Abubacâ realises that there is no hope of escape. He has failed to release his sister and has undoubtedly made her situation worse. Abubacâ has no love for Hramin and will never give them the satisfaction of capturing him or getting information from him. He takes two vials of oil from his backpack, pours them over himself and uses a tourch to set himself alight.

K As he slips in to unconcousness, Abubacâ has a strange sensation of space becoming fluid.

Mon 5 June 1589

A Abubacâ, Rez and their unharmonious relationship with the Hramin church

B Information from Sh'alita

C Willan, Guerin and Comte go to meet Hatim

D Negotiations with Nabi Saiyer

E Rustbulj forms a clerical triumvirate

A Pansal leaves Aziban as soon as the gates open and reports back to the group at the Fair that Abubacâ is attempting to free his sister and has presumably decided to recoup his powers until this evening

B Sh'alita comes to meet Willan and expresses his personal thanks at the assistance of the group in returning R'aad. Fabius mentions to Sh'alita that a misunderstanding concerning Rez seems to have occurred. The group understand that she was detained in the course of trying to find some merchanting contacts. Sh'alita recommends asking at the guard house in town. Willan says that we have already asked at the guard house and think that Rez may be detained by the Hramin guards. Sh'alita says that he would be happy to help, but that the internal workings of the Hramin can be obscure, he promises to find out what he can. Willan thanks him profusely for any assistance he can give. Sh'atila implies that he would be happy to act as a contact with the Hramin Church.

A Herra, Pansal and Fabius individually go to scout out the Hramin temple in town. They do not spot anything unusual so Herra takes a seat in a café and listens. He hears snatches of a conversation concerning a funeral later today one of the temple guards. Herra almost chokes on his tea, he drinks up quickly - but not obviously, and leaves to report this to Pansal.

A Pansal attends the funeral in the early afternoon. The temple is sufficiently large that other activities continue whilst the funeral of Wardah takes place. He died in the course of his duty, the ceremony is unexceptional, although there seems to be a senior Hraman figure in attendance, although he takes no direct part in the service. He seems more soldierly than priestly, although he is dressed in robes.

A Comte suggests that the disappearence of the native guide hired by the group to inerpret the language and customs, and his sister, should be reported. Theyhave disappeared in the course of making some merchanting enquiries. It is decided that it would be most advantageous to report this to the Kaliph. Vesquer will report this at dusk.

C Willan, Guerin and Comte have gone with Youseff back to Hatim.

A In the evening Rez staggers into the Fair. She is in a bad way. She is moaning almost incoherently about "them" having her brother. Taran runs and gets the Farah priestess. Rez is made safe. She moans endlessly about mistreatment and Abubacâ being surrounded by guards. She is asked if she came straight here, she says that she did - straight here, very obviously.

A Vesquer and Taran call on N'Kir with a gift. After appropriate fawning Vesquer mentions the slight problems with the hired help. It appears that the Azlharin has disappeared. Rez has reappeared showing signs of vigerous interrogation but her brother has subsequently disappeared and Rez is rambling that she was at the Hramin temple and saw Abubacâ there. She has been discharged but is very distressed. N'Kir seems concerned for our situation and suggest that she is clearly of dubious moral character and should be discharged immediately. N'Kir is troubled by our concern for this person. He will make enquiries with the examiners office to ascertain the facts of the matter.

B Sh'alita turns up and asks to speak to Willan. Taran says that he is not here and so Sh'alita will have to speak to him. Sh'alita politely declines and it is agreed that he will meet Willan on his return.

C Willan, Comte and Guerin arrive at Barrida's. Despite his youth Hatim is clearly a practiced host. He is not wearing any shoes. Small talk is polite, Hatim is very engaging. It transpires that theirs is a noble household, which is why they know the King of Van Lies. They are of higher status than most merchants. Hatim is fascinated to hear of the seaborne return of R'aad as it meant that he would have to leave the soil. It is mentioned that R'aad brought his own soil with him.

C During a conversation about merchanting and Achxmilys, Guerin mumbles that he is Westron. On hearing this Hatim breaks into Westron and asks Guerin about his background. It is clear as the conversation develops that, whilst Hatim accepts the group on face value, he does not understand the meritocratic system that allows people to become Lords, other than being born to it.

D In Aziban Fabius makes himself look completely different and books in to a room in an inn opposite Grunter's. That way he is in range of his toad, Prince, if it is in Herra's pocket and Herra is in Grunter's talking to Nabi Saiyer. That way Fabius can be knowledgeble if he meets Nabi. The plan is put in to action and Herra meets Nabi in the evening. Herra enquires about the Hramin sect that was put down, with a very convoluted story that involves the name Buuna Bhutros and the need for information. There is extreme confusion about who is what and what is torturing whom! Nabi proposes an exchange of information concerning the where abouts of the samples of the merchants from the four kingdoms and the situation pertaining to guards. They agree to meet again tomorrow.

D Herra reports back to Fabius. Fabius mentions that it is important for the mission to get this information and so there is no need to let the likes of Willan and Comte know about this turn of events.

[Sept 2001]

E From his church in Salsorme Rustbulj contacts Jarrys, Calhassan and H'Spir Salit to inform them that he feels it was a serious oversight for the mission to Azilhar to have no clerics. He asks them to form the triumvirate in response to a dream he has experienced more than once. In overview, three clerics, one each from Farah, Christos and Essini are needed to act as "armour" for three brothers. Jarrys suggests that these are Willan (Christos - him), Taran Er Enendil (Farah - Calhassan) and Ralpere (Essini - H'Spir Salit). Rustbulj will arrange transport on a suitable merchant vessel. Under the circumstances Jarrys will take the lead on this occasion.


Tue 6 June 1589

A Rez is expelled from the group

B Information gathering for Tannios

C Plans for a secluded meeting with Achet quickly turn into a Millennium Dome like experience

D Sha'lita reports his findings to Willan

E Harry the Hawk does an arial survey of the town

F Herra meets Nabi Saiyer again

G The group review what they know - nothing!

H Lucius theorises about Tannios

A In Dig'hradhan in the morning Rez is able to move about so Comte tells her she is chucked out! She is to be looked out for by Fabius. A tent will be hired through an intermediary for Rez to stay in. In the short term Rez may serepticiously make her way back to the Rilotar. Fabius has a quiet word with Rez and asks if she would be able to get hold of the guard movements on the ship.

A Rez is dumped outside with her remaining kit. As agreed, she shouts abuse at the group and sets off into the Fair. Herra follows her to see if she is being followed but he does not see anyone. After a bit, Rez tries to lose Herra but she is not working at full capacity and he realises what she is trying to do. Eventually Rez stops at a coffee shop.

B Lucius speaks to Tannios and asks for more information about Ibn. Tannios points out that the group has already met Ibn, so they can drop in for a social call. When Lucius asks, Tannios says that his mother, Chak'zaal, returned to her family in the country some time ago, he has no contact with her now. Lucius mentions the services of a powerful seer that might be able to help if his father, Achet, can be persuaded to see him. Tannios is a bit sceptical but thinks that it might work, he would like to meet the seer first. It is important that his Achet must not think that anyone is trying to effect a reconcilliation. It might be possible to get people to see the seer as part of a group. Lucius might be able to persuade one or more of the Ruistor merchants to go.

C The plan gains its own momentum and before long a large party is being arranged by Comte, to include just about everyone who we have met so far.

B Elbaine is set to work on Hakim. He finds out that Ibn and Achet used to be good friends but a merchant called Heos-Al-San is profiting from their dispute, as their success was due to their co-operation and Heos has taken up the slack, so to speak.

A Rez tries to slip out of the back of the coffee shop but when she slips round the tent flap - there's Herra. Eventually Herra wanders of to do other things and Rez makes her way back to the Rilotar.

D Sha'lita reports to Willan that Rez was arrested for taking part in a street robery, or for spreading heretical lies about the Hramin church, depending on who you believe. Sha'lita is a bit concerned about both stories. Willan tells Sha'lita that Rez has been released from service and that it is a shame that she proved to be unreliable. Now her brother has also disappeared. Sha'lita mentions that he had heard that there was a disturbance at the Office of the Examiners whilst she was there but he assumes that it had nothing to do with either of them.

B Elbrane introduces himself to Heos and explains that he is getting to know the more important local merchants. Heos keeps the conversation purely formal. He seems studious, if not especialy likable. Elbrane gets a similar impression when he canvasses his other merchant contacts. Heos is a general trader, preferring to kep his options open, however he is known to have large interests in livestock and oils. He has a family and at least one son who helps with the business.

E Harry the Hawk does an arial survey of the town.

C At the evening meeting Vesquer lobbies to have the big do put back for about five days until the 12th.

F Herra goes back to see Nabi Saiyer at Grunter's, with Prince the toad in his pocket and Fabius in the room opposite. Herra is unwilling to impart any information before getting something from Nabi. Nabi says that the Hraman religion is based on the single prophed Adilah. The followers of the moon heart believe in a second prophet, however this is an anathema to the established religion. Until about a year and a half ago when the mainstrean religion took out a temple full of the leaders of the cult. Herra gives some details of stores and guards. He goes through a protracted rigmarole of gaining more information from elsewhere and comes back and gives Nabi more details.

F Nabi says that there is a rumour that Buuna Bhutros has been captured by the examiners and may be dead but this is false, he is lying low and may be contacted through Abu Ali, who works as an attendant at the temple. Nabi cannot act as introducer, contact must be made direct.

F Herra thanks Nabi and leaves. He notices that he is being followed but the pursuit quickly seems to end.


[This next bit was worked up from the contemporary efforts of my apprentices - Ed]

G The evening is spent swapping conflicting rumours gathered about of Ibn and Achet. For example:

H The group want to confront Tannios with the marriage theory. Lucius is put forward to do the confronting! Lucius is reticent about laying the theory on Tannios but eventually gets to the point - AND HE'S RIGHT !! [A first time for everything - Ed's lackey] He goes even further but can't quite manage to spit out the Ibn/Chak'zaal affair theory

H Lucius reports back to the group and there are various discussions concerning the least offensive way to tell Tannios about the affair theory. Rez says that "Leaving to join her family in the country" is probably a euphemism - but what for is anyone's guess - it is in neither parties interest for an affair to come to public attention & is probably being hushed up by both parties. A decision is made [Not in this game! - Ed (Real)] to ask merchants when Jaran switched allegiances.

Wed 7 June 1589

A Investigations into Jaran

B A construction kit that alegedly builds into Abubacâ is returned via N'Kir

C Fabius tries to find Abu Ali

D Lucius and Elbrane get to the point with Tannios

E Willan tries to make Lucius drop his trousers

F The raid on Ibn's place

A Herra and Pansal (the correct spelling) follow Jaran around. Herra thinks that he has probably been spotted so he leaves and Pansal carries on. Pansal is thwacked on the head and the next thing he remembers is waking up in an alley a few hours later minus money and dagger. Herra realises that he is being followed, so he tries to lose the follower then follow him but he really loses him . . .

A Elbrane is showing ethnic Hulon leather work to Hakim Mustafa. Elbrane discusses trade opportunities and tries to get info on Jaran's switch between Ibn and Achet. Hakim claims that he never worked for Ibn, but wanted to work for him a couple of years ago. He hints that Jaran is a bit too effective (if you know what I mean "arry).

B Comte takes Willan off to see the Kaliph. [Actually he was summoned to see his rep. - Ed's lackey]. N'kir is not happy and very abrupt. He has a couple of people with him in Hramin togs... and a body under a sheet. The blancmange under the sheet is apparently Abubacâ who has been found after being done in by some local ruffians (more than once, using an industrial steam press, something very sharp and pincery, something else blunt and heavy, and yet another thing that looks as if it could not be put out, by the look of things). N'kir suggests that Abubacâ is not dead (quite), however the evidence in not overwhelming. N'Kir says some people here don't like him and he should take a quieter profile. Comte is far too important to carry Abubacâ back and won't let Willan either [who's in charge here - Ed's lackey] so he sends for some men including Uspin who rustles up the Farah priestess, Mirella. Mirella says Abubacâ is in a very bad way and is in fact being kept alive (someone with particular skills has prevented him from dying, putting him in some discomfort -probably caused by the Hramin). He is transported to the Rilotar. It will take some time for him to recover (although he is badly burned and has definitely been tortured Abubacâ should really be conscious by now, so something else may be at work).

B Comte is concerned that Abubacâ will have spilled the beans, so to speak, during his interrogation and wonders whether we should go back. The group decide to stay. Someone says Nalin and Farlas have turned up, unfortunately [depends on you point of view - Ed's lackey] it turns out to be a wicked rumour.

B THE REAL REASON ABUBACÂ AND REZAHARAAMAM LEFT AZILHAR - They come from a high caste family but have publicly criticised the establishment, particularly Abubacâ as he's a man. He has a particular animosity against the H'ramin church and is very impulsive in any actions against them. Rez is surprised he has been returned, she thinks the group must have great influence.

B Willan is in with Abubacâ on his own for a while. What he has done is anyone's guess? He looks the same to me [? - Ed].

C Fabius goes looking for Abu Ali to ask about Buuna Bhutros. He does the tourist bit around the temple, listening out for the name Abu Ali, but without success. Plan B is to send a note from the alias (Drasmar) he is using for the rented room, to Abu Ali asking him to meet him, Drasmar, in his room. Fabius will leave his toad in the room whilst looking out over the entrance to the Inn. No one turns up that night so he will try again tomorrow.

D In the evening, Lucius and Elbrane go to see Tannios. The key questions that need to be answered are about his Mum's affair with Ibn; When did Achet find out and what was his reaction?; Is Jaran the key?; Does Tannios know what really happened to his Mum? Possibly not in that order.

D They ask Tannios if Jaran could assist with the reconciliation. Tannios says not as he thinks Jaran would do Achet's will. Elbrane raises the possibility of an affair between Ibn and Tannios' mother. Tannios goes totally off the handle, claiming that the group are unworthy to believe such malicious and unfounded rumours and it takes considerable skill by Elbrane to calm him down. Elbrane tactfully pushes very hard on the subject but Tannios persists in his assertion that this had nothing to do the situation between Ibn and Achet.

E Willan tries to make Lucius drop his trousers but Lucius resists.

F Harry the hawk gets a general layout of Ibn and Achet's place.

F Pansal, Herra and Fabius suss out Ibn's place. Herra climbs the wall then lets in Pansal and Fabius, who is invisible. They sneak up to the back door. A guard hears something, but doesn't spot them. Herra opens the door and hears snoring whilst Pansal fails to notice an approaching guard. Luckily Fabius sleeps him, but this alerts the other guard who Fabius also has to sleep, but not before he calls out and alerts two others who Fabius also sleeps.

F After a nervous bit of listening no one else appears and they continue through the public areas and through a door where a guard attacks Herra and then falls asleep. There are several rooms off of this corridor, at least one of which has a bloke talking in Azilharin on the other side. He opens the door sees a slumbering guard, doesn't fall asleep, whips a dagger out and yells.

F Herra and Pansal bog off noisily leaving Fabius trapped and going further into the house, he gets through to an internal courtyard with fountains but he is being pursued. Fabius floats up to the roof, but needs to cross the garden to get to the outside. Sitting on the roof, Fabius sees two guys run out of the back gate calling for guards.

F Town guards approach and Herra and Pansal bog off. A well disciplined search is moving from the back to the front of the house. Fabius waits for ages contemplating running across the garden and climbing over the wall but, as well as the back gate guard, there could be someone in those bushes. Eventually Fabius floats down the side of the building and charges noisily to the wall. He reaches it just ahead of the bloke who wouldn't sleep earlier. Fabius fails to climb the wall and the bloke starts searching for him, fortunately he is still invisible. Fabius keeps trying to climb and the guards form an arc and converge on the noise with their leader calling on him to surrender.

F Fabius leaps over the wall to freedom, and strolls back to his hotel room - forgetting to become visible until he's in his room. Herra and Pansal find him there later, but he doesn't think they should be there. He tells them to bog off and they do so.

Thur 8 June 1589

A Following his solo exertions at Ibn's, Fabius is somewhat soft in the head

B Elbrane continues investigating Ibn

C Abubacâ comes round

D Ralpere astrols

A Fabius stays in bed. During the afternoon the group at the fair have some doubt as to what to do if the Hramin turn up at Fabius's room as invited. Various people are suggested to move in to the same hotel. In the absence of a suitable candidate Lucius gets the job. Before it is too late the group remember that Guerin is available and send him to drink for the party instead. Before he sets off Guerin is told the word for "room" as his only Azilharian is "1 beer please".

B Elbrane chats up Ibn and Achet's people in the fair and asks them about their sources, Ibn's guy reveals some details as to their changed sources of supply and has some plausible explanations. Elbrane susses out that Heos has taken over the source of fine wool. Heos seems very experienced at moving in to fresh markets.

C During the afternoon Rez says Abubacâ has woke at noon but is ignoring her.

A Vesquer drops the softheaded soothsayer and hires a sword swallower for the party.

A Guerin visits Fabius in the evening. He has been visited by Buuna who gave him something to drink and will give loads of info in return for something valuable. Fabius insists that only he can be the intermediary, and yes he's told him everything, but he's not sure whether Buuna will contact him or vice versa.

C The party speculates as to appropriate get well soon gifts for Abubacâ - nail varnish, manicure sets, a mirror and suntan lotion are all suggested.

D Ralpere susses out from the stars that the next big day for the moon cult is the full moon in a weeks time

Fri 9 June 1589

A Speculation about Fabius

B Pansal gets nowhere with Abu Ali

C Concerns about Abubacâ

D Rustbulj leaves Salsorme with the clerical triumvirate

A Early in the morning the group speculate as to whether Fabius or the toad are currently more compus mentis.

B Guerin visits Fabius at breakfast and Fabius remembers that Abu Ali is a deaf mason, Guerin offers to visit him but then remembers he can't speak Azilharin. The group decide to send Pansal dressed as an Azilharin. Pansal finds Abu in the temple's stone mason's yard and tries to have a surruptitious conversation with him, but has to shout because he's deaf. Abu Ali denies seeing anyone yesterday. Pansal apologises for getting the wrong person and departs.

C Rez reports at lunchtime that Abubacâ hasn't opened his mouth to eat drink or speak in 24 hours. Mirella consults and confirms that he isn't undead, but she can't tell if he's cursed. Vesquer offers to magically influence him to drink, but the group decide to let Rez use the headband to compel Abubacâ to drink. The group are of the opinion that he is either being tortured or has lost the will to live. If it is the latter he might eventually want to kill the compeller and he's least likely to kill his sister... that's the theory anyway! Rez is successful in compelling Abubacâ to drink, however he is heard to whisper "bog off you bastards". Taran replies "The best way for you to fight Hramin is to get strong again".

B Fabius and Guerin have a discussion as to the misunderstanding about Abu Ali and Buuna Bhutros. Fabius asks if Willan and the others have decided what information they can offer Buuna.

[Sept 2001]

D Departure day arrives in Salsorme and Rustbulj turns up at the ship with two guards and says that as a result of a strong compulsion, he is coming as well. However he is not part of the clerical triumverate.


Sat 10 June 1589

A Success with Abu

B Abubacâ's health improves, if not his temper

C Fabius meets Buuna in a coffee shop

D Guerin spends the night with Fabius

A Guerin returns to the stone mason in Aziban and tells him that Fabius wants to see Buuna again. A rendezvous in a coffee house is organised. Lucius is sent to the coffee house as well with a couple of gems.

B Abubacâ is eating, drinking and whinging. Tarran asks him how much he said under torture and he doesn't think he said anything, literally, - and at least one charm spell failed on him. The Hramin scum had emphasised physical means of interrogation and were obviously keen to know why we were interested in Buuna Bhutros. There is one particular torturer who will burn for weeks when Abubacâ gets hold of him.

C Fabius agrees to be donkeyed to the coffee shop, but is a bit miffed that he's expected to hand over the jewels that Lucius just gave him. Guerin leads Fabius through the streets on a donkey whilst Lucius trips over carpet shops behind and gets lost. Guerin can see someone following them, but at least Lucius is so surruptitious that he can't see him. They stop and whisper "get that bloke" to Lucius when he eventually wanders past. Lucius picks out the follower and stops him and asks for directions, both speak louder and ruder in their respective languages until the exchange degenerates into a brawl. There is much betting in the crowd as Lucius dodges a kick and they circle like a pair of pansies. Lucius kicks the guy in the leg, spots the guards approaching, rolls under an orange cart and breaks free.

C Lucius gets to the coffee shop and successfully hides but can't spot the donkey, or indeed Guerin. Buuna arrives after an hour or so, points out Guerin and Lucius in their skulking places and complements Lucius on his speed. Negotiatons drag slightly as Fabius is painfully slow to talk. Buuna says that he can offer valuable information, and wants a service performed in return. He wants the Hramin chief examiner Saloom discredited or discomforted. Buuna would be quite happy for him to die in disreputable circumstances but would ideally like to have something over him. Fabius forgets to give Buuna the jewels, but swears to Guerin that he did.

B It turns out that Saloom is the guy who Abubacâ intends to do strange and perverted stuff to.

D Guerin spends the night with Fabius.


Sun 11 June 1589

A Plans to discredit Saloom

B Herra firks around inside Saloom's residence and liberates a bunch of documents

C Fabius gets information from Buuna in return for an installment of Saloom's documents

D Lucius sings to Yourdis

A The group discuss options about discrediting of Saloom. It is decided that more information is required about the Hramin church and the inquisition of which Saloom is the head. It will be difficult to obtain surreptitious information about Saloom since he is the head of the inquisition! A meeting is arranged with Buuna, who says that Saloom has been Chief Examiner for years and that the major assistants, Dawood As'Samak and Jakub Al Hadahd, are not necessarily expected to take on the position of Chief Examiner, so they would have nothing obvious to gain from discrediting Saloom. Saloom is a devout Hramin and Buuna is not aware of anything that could be held against him. As no official apparently has anything to gain from discrediting Saloom, the options of revealing information against him seem very limited.

A The plan develops to include having someone appear as Saloom in compromising locations together with the forging of incriminating documents. It is eventually decided that Herra should break in to Saloom's house to get a signature, or signatures, and any incriminating evidence that he might find. Rez points out that most prominent Azilharins do not use wax seals to identify themselves, they use a stamp together with specially made ink that is made to individual specifications and, in more important cases, magical. If the seal and special ink can be obtained then these could be passed on to Buuna to do with as he pleased.

B A bit later Pansal turns up at Saloom's house with a large rug. When the door opens an invisible Herra sneaks in. Pansal delivers the rug and leaves. Herra watches the door being bolted and barred and watches the servants go off across the outer courtyard. He has a look around, the house seems to be single story. The main part seems to be at the front with the servants quarters at the back. The shuttered windows seem to auger interesting rooms as all the unshuttered windows are to waiting areas or servants quarters.

B Herra tries to slip in to a servants area, however his presence is detected by a servant who calls out. Herra freezes and after some cursory investigation the servant seems satisfied that she was mistaken and returns to her task of embroidering. After a while Herra moves on though some arches and lets himself through a door. He negotiates the woman on the other side and finds himeslf in the main living quarters, probably in a reception room. Herra checks the shuttered windows in order to confirm his escape. There is also a locked door leading outside. Herra moves on through an archway into a dining area. Herra notices that all the floors are well swept bare earth, he takes off his shoes and checks that he has not left footprints.

B Herra moves to another door, it is locked so he picks it. He sneaks in to a dark internal room, he hears nothing. He shuts the door, finds a candle and lights it. Herra seems to have stumbled on an appropriate room as there are various papers and inks on a well equipped writing desk. Herra finds some papers with signatures and copies one using Abubaca's pen. Herra finds a red ink that does not appear on any paper so he takes a sample in case it is Saloom's signature ink. Herra finds a door with a trapped locked, after about five minutes of firking Herra decides that it seems to be a poisoned needle lock. Herra dubries the trap and sets about opening the lock. After an hour of effort Herra breaks in to - the wine pantry! He moves some of the bottles out of the way but he is sure that there are no secret compartments in there. Herra leaves the wine pantry, relocking the door, but not resetting the trap.

B He leaves the room after two hours occupation, there are a couple of servants outside working under the direction of a overseer. After about ten minutes the servants move off and Herra tries to lock the door. Although it is a simple lock Herra cannot get it to relock. He leaves it and opens the other door that leads into a corridor. In one direction Herra can hear kitchen noises. He mves down the corridor and sees three doors with locks.

B The first door is unlocked and leads in to a bedroom. He soon leaves as it is unexciting. Herra moves down the corridor and tries another room that turns out to be another similar bedroom. Herra retraces his steps quite a long way to find an area that he has not investigated and finds himself in another corridor, with doors on both sides. Herra unlocks one of the doors, he seems to be looking in to room with religeous connections. He relocks the door and moves on. The next door has a complex lock, Herra does well to get through it in forty minutes.

B Inside is a study, Herra shuts the door and lights a candle. There is a profusion of documents amongst which Herra finds a number of documents containing seals. There are two locked drawers in the desk and a locked door out of the room (which looks a bit like the drinks pantry door from the other room). Herra finds the trap on the first locked drawer, it seems to involve the application of a needle. He disarms that trap and eventually breaks the lock, so he graunches it with his dagger. The drawer noisily pops open, it contains a variety of papers with a selection of different seals. Herra hears some voices in the corridor so he grabs the papers and hides behind the door. As the door opens Herra realises that he has not snuffed out the candle. Two people come in and Herra nips out of the door. He clips the frame with his toe but they don't seem to have heard the noise over their exclamations of alarm at finding the broken drawer.

B Herra legs it back to the first main room that he was in, it is empty. He unbolts the shutter and looks in to the courtyard. There are a couple of people out in the courtyard who quickly move off. Herra clambers out of the window in time to see the front gate being opened. It is clear that one of the people is about to close it again so Herra bursts into action. He runs towards the open door, leaping benches and dodging round fountains. Sadly it is too tall an order and Herra gets to the door just as it is shut. He yanks it open which surprises the person shutting it, however it does not open far enough to get through. Herra shouts "Let me in" in Azilharin. His language is not that good and in the excitement he does not get the words quite right but the guy does have a look out of the door. Herra still cannot get past so he steps back as the person shuts, bolts and bars the door. Herra climbs the wall nearby, crosses the roof and jumps down the other side. He moves away from the building and carefully makes his way back to the fair.

B Herra is a bit miffed and claims that he had to use a "Jump" potion to escape. He is given a "Continual light" pebble as compensation. Rez looks at the documents. They are an interesting selection of Saloom's private affairs and Hramin business. The drinks list that Herra transcribed turn out to be rare and expensive varieties from around the world. There is also the red ink. The documents are not incriminating. However there are sufficient examples to work out Salooms seal.

B Rez finds a document relating to her and Abubaca. It relates their early history and talks about Abubaca taking up with a new group. The writier (Saloom?) clearly expects Abubaca to reveal more about the group soon. Rez shows the note to Abubaca and he has another lapse. Rez comes back and tells the group what has been found. Care must be taken in the near future.

C Fabius meets with Buuna who is very interested in the documentation. He is happy to reveal his information. Buuna says that the sect is about 200 years old, they attach significance to the moon due to its effect on the war between the earth and the sea. They worship NahamMerch as that second prophet of Hramin. Whilst the sect are devoted Hramin this two prophet idea is an anathema to the mainstream Hramin religion. The sect use a pentagram symbol and their ceremonies are based on the phases of the moon. The main religion did not encourage the sect but turned a blind eye to it. About a year and a half age Saloom led an attak that wiped out a gathering of NahamMerch worshipers at a full moon gathering. The sect now worships underground. Existing followers (of which there are still many) spend their time researching into NahamMerch. In Aziban a senior priest named Gherrios is a prominent researcher, however he believes that no one other than other NahamMerch worshipers knows about his interests.

C Fabius asks Buuna if he knows anything about Ibn and Achet. He does not as he concerns himself with the affairs of the church. Buuna counters by asking why Abubaca and Rez were released. Fabius says that the group think that Abubaca may be under some kind of charm. Buuna thinks that this is the power of the sight of the earth which compels the victim to do the bidding of the spellcaster.

D Willan goes to see Ibn's wife Yourdis. He says that his bard Lucius has expessed a desire to have her opinion on a love song that he is writing. Yourdis is sceptical about this but allows Lucius to sing his song which replicates the history of Tannios and Asma. Yourdis thinks that the woman should take poison and that the lover should find her and kill himself. When Lucius protests Yourdis admits that she understands what Lucius is driving at and that Asma is grounded for life. Lucius protests on her behalf. Yourdis says that she will not stand in Asma's way but she does not know what she can do. Lucius presses her on her relationsip with Chak'zaal. It is slow going but Yourdis mentions that Ibn takes less lovers since he fell out with Achet. Lucius leaves but is thrust back in by Willan. Eventually Lucius asks if Ibn had an affair with Chak'zaal. Yourdis assures Lucius that although Ibn is a known womaniser, he never had an affair with Chak'zaal as she remained faithful to Achet.

Mon 12 June 1589

A Pansal is assigned to trail Gherrios

B The party

C A warehouse of the Lagoin merchants is raided

A Sh'alita points out Gherrios so Pansal is assigned to trail him.

B The party is a networking opportunity for the merchants. Barrida is expected to be there. Willan speaks to Ibn who is very chirpy. Willan moves on to talk to Barrida and appropriate introductions and small talk are exchanged. Barrida is unable to offer any insight into the NahamMerch issue and his only take on the falling out between Ibn and Achet is that Ibn was rumoured to be having an affair with Chak'zaal. He is helpful in extending trade links however.

B Lucius does some ripping singing which enchants the audience. A plan to get Ibn and Achet plastered doesn't get off the starting block as Achet is being very sensible about what he drinks. Ibn is happy to get ratted. Taran speaks to Ibn and uses his most unsublte approach coming straight out with the gossip about him and Chak'zaal. Comte quickly steps in and apologises however it is too late as Ibn callenges Taran to repeat what he has just said. Comte excels himself and calms Ibn down whilst leading him away from Taran.

B Willan talks to Achet about trade issues and tactfully slips the incident about Ibn into the conversation but Achet will not be drawn on this subject. Willan perseveres and Achet changes the subject.

C Late in the evening some messengers turn up to report that there has been a raid on one of the warehouses near the dock and a great quantity of merchandise has been stolen. The Lagoin merchants make a break for the door. Taran follows the merchants and establishes that the raid was well organised and only the most valuable items were taken.

A Pansal follows Gherrios and finds out where he lives.

Tue 13 June 1589

A News about the warehouse job

B The plan to discredit Saloom

A Taran tells Herra about the warehouse job and gets the impression that this might not be new news to him. Taran asks him to ask around and see what he can find out. Taran in unsublte so Herra susses out that Taran has rumbled him.


B A complex plan is developed to forge a variety of incriminating documents to be slipped in to the documents that Herra liberated from Saloom's house. These could then be filtered in to the public domain. It is decided to ask Buuna who he would like to be incriminated by this. If Buuna supplies the names and a copy of each persons handwriting we can do the rest. If Buuna can get hold of some sealing ink for any of these characters, we can provide that much more credible a case. Unfortunately it is Fabius who must explain this plan to Buuna.

B Fabius meets Buuna and does a good job of explaining the plan. Buuna thinks that this is a good idea. He favours a political dimension perhaps involving the Sultan of Hyngr Parhlan, who is known to be in conflict with the Kaliph. Buuna makes some suggestions concerning the most advantageous way to release these documents in to the public domain.

B Buuna mentions that Gherrios has discovered the existence of a long lost temple, it is not a Hramin temple. Buuna knows nothing more than this.

B The group hone the plan and a selection of documents are produced. Elbrane provides some names of individuals who might be involved in the plan. He matches up groups who would gain, or loose from some of the documents coming out and mentions that Hassan As Saraj is a noble merchant who is keen to suck up to the Kaliph, probably through N'Kir.

B A three pronged attack is developed. Herra will sell some documents to fences. Other documents will be suppled to interested parties who can make commercial gain from them. An anonymous package will be delivered to the household of Hassan As Saraj containing incriminating documentation about Saloom. Some of these will be general background documents liberated from Saloom's house and others are Abubaca's incriminating forgeries.

A Vesquer talks to the Lagoin mechants and confirms that the warehouse raid has severely curtailed their profits and they are very unhappy. There is a lot of interaction between them and the dock authorities as they try to find out who done it and get their stuff back. Sadly for the merchants, this kind of occurance is not uncommon so there is a certain amount of stoic resignation.

B Following the dispersal of the documents Herra and Lucius are lying low. Lucius claims that he has a cold and cannot sing.

[March 2002]

Wed 14 June 1589

A Pallea passes the book with Zarl Kruger on the cover to Issil Oome - who opens it!

A Pallea has obtained the book mentioned by Caspar, with Zarl Kruger on the cover. She passes the book to Issil Oome who tries to open it [Crazy fool - Ed]. The book won't open but there is a loud bang and a horrible smell behind him. Issil Oome is badly hurt and the room is plunged into a nightmarish inky blackness. Issil Oome is hit again as he fumbles around for his weapon. He struggles to get to the door whilst also shouting for help. He hears some footsteps running outside the room.

A There is an exclamation and footsteps can be heard running away. Giganticus can be heard coming down the coridoor, he sees some local retainers standing outside the door shaking there is something inside Issil Oome's room which is not natural. Giganticus tries to hit it. It goes dark around Giganticus as Issil Oome gets to the door and "Cures" one of his wounds. Issil Oome then manages to "Cure' his other bleeding wound as the fight seems to have moved in to the coridoor. Giganticus is hit and then the light returns as the dark area retreats down the coridoor surrounding Issil Oome who is sneaking off to hide. An extremely unpleasant looking creature can now be seen in the coridoor. Giganticus and a very brave servant move in to finish the creature off. The creature vanishes but the darkness remains around Issil Oome who realises that something is now between him and the room to which he was sneaking. Issil Oome hits it. Giganticus runs in and tells Issil Oome to go. Giganticus continues to battle the horrid demon with his turbo dagger until he kills it in a puff of sulphur. The darkness disppears revealing an extremely battered Issil Oome. Issil Oome asks the brave servant his name, he says that he is called Darrius macTorrog. Issil Oome shakes his hand.


Thur 15 June 1589 full moon

A Side effects of the plan to discredit Saloom

A It has become apparent that there are ructions amongst the merchants. The town police have recovered some of the Lagoin merchants items. The ructions between the local merchants led to one being shopped for having possession of the goods, arrests have been made. N'Kir has become surprisingly busy.

A The Rilotar sailors report that they are being asked if they know the whereabouts of Lucius. Herra has spotted at least two people watching the ship. The group decide to move him to Barrida. Lucius asks, a little unconvincingly, about forthcoming ship departures and then disappears from the Rilotar. The sailors are instructed not to withhold what they know if they think it will get them in to trouble.

Fri 16 June 1589

A Lucius is moved to Barrida

B The group take on a mission from Gherrios to a temple to Achkresh

A Elbrane leaves on a trading mission to Barrida on behalf of the League and the Lagoin merchants. Lucius is an invisible passenger. Elbrane will ask Barrida to put Lucius up for a little while.

B Fabius sees Buuna who tells him that the discovery of the temple by Gherrios is recent. The temple appear to be pre-Hramin so it is a very difficult subject to talk about because of its connection to the pre-Hramin pantheon. Nader is a junior priest who is a follower of NahamMerch. He is over zealous and can be quite unpleasent. He has also found out about the temple but Buuna cannot find his source of information, which is frustratingly unusual for him. Nader has contacted Buuna to ask if he can find some people to do a job. Buuna put him in contact with a man called Ellias who has formed a group and left town. Buuna thinks that Nader is involved in this for his own ends and Buuna would not put it past him to have Ellias killed when the mission is complete. Ellias is a bog standard adventurer who will do anything for money. Ellias seemed very capable to Buuna, his party is about half a dozen strong. Buuna says that Ellias was a regular at the "Steaming Bean" coffee shop.

B The group decide to confront Gherrios in an attempt to be taken on to undertake a mission to the temple. A message is sent to Gherrios dated yesterday announcing the visit of Taran in half an hour. Taran goes to see Gherrios with Pansal as translator and Vesquer as acquiry.

B Taran and company are shown in and Gherrios turns up only mildly flustered and apologises for his lack of preparation. He exchanges courteous small talk. Through his translator Pansal, Taran tells Gherrios that he is in fact an adventurer on the look out for a mission. He tells Gherrios that it has come to his attention that Gherrios is part of a Hramin cult. Taran says that his group are not concerned by this, but we have heard that he has recently discovered a temple however we know that a colleague called Nader has also found out about the temple and has hired a man called Ellias who has already set of on a mission to the temple. To say that Gherrios is nonplussed by all these revelations would be one of the understatements of all time. Taran tells him that he seems to have lost the plot a bit and that he clearly needs the help of our group to get things straightened out. The group of adventurers that Taran represents would be happy to assist in obtaining a result for Gherrios subject to the normal rules of remuneration for adventurers. Clearly it would help if Gherrios could be as up front as possible about what he knows and hopefully when it is all over Gherrios will have regained control of the whole situation. Taran has to repeat himself a couple of times for it to sink in to Gherrios. It becomes apparent that this is a bit beyond Gherrios's usual remit but he seems to be up for it once the lay of the land is carefully explained. Gherrios seems to be a devout Hramin priest who just happens to believe something that is not within the mainstream of belief. He is not in any way subversive, he believes that he is discovering new truths about Hrama which will one day be accepted in to mainstream belief.

B The temple has recently been uncovered by the shifting sands of the desert. It is to one of the old Pantheon of gods, in this case, Achkresh. It was build by the High Priest G'thron who was a direct decendent of NahamMerch, an earlier prohet of Hramin than Adilah, who is the prophet recognised by mainstream Hramin. Gherrios is able to supply the location of the temple. Gherrios believes that G'thron lived about a thousand years ago and that this was some hundreds of years after NahamMerch.


[Following months of intensive training this bit was drafted by a lackey. I have restricted myself merely to editing the grossest errors to avoid embarrassment - Ed]

B It is understood that the journey to the temple will take between a week and 10 days to complete. Taran arranges for the Farah Cleric to care for Abubaca in the Tent City. This enables Rez to join those going to the temple.

B The full Temple group is - Herra, Willan, Taran, Fabius, Lucius, Ralpere, Vesquer, Rez, Guerin and Pansal. Elbrane, Compte and Abubaca will remain in Azibahn.

B Pansal asks after Ellias in the Steaming Bean Coffee Shop, but he isn't there. Likewise, Nabi Saiyer isn't around when Herra goes to claim his favour!

Sat 17 June 1589

A Ellias caught a flyer whilst Nabi has disappeared

B Red jackets are taken on for the temple gig

A Pansal and Herra attempt to locate Ellias and Nabi again. It turns out that Nabi Saiyer has not been seen since the afternoon of the 14th [isn't that co-incidental - Ed's lackey]. Ellias left the city 8 days ago with a party of 6 people plus guards (11-12 in all). He is reported to be a well-respected adventurer/trusted mercenary type. Cross him at your peril Herra is told!

B It is decided to hire a guide and a camel team plus drovers etc for the journey. Vesquer makes the arrangements. The group is due to leave on the morrow. Vesquer hires the following: -

A The group are informed that Ellias' party set off in a Southerly direction. This is rather strange as the temple is to the west. The general consensus is that they are either trying to set a false trail... or that they don't really know where the temple is! [Seems unlikely to me - Ed's Lackey].

Sun 18 to Mon 19 June 1589

A The temple group sets off

A The group sets off, initially pretending to head for a city to the north-west. For some unknown reason, Ralpere decides to predict the weather [it's been hot and sunny every day since we've been here - Ed's Lackey]. Amazingly he fails !!!

A Harry the hawk checks for followers but none are seen. The party leaves the City environs after the first day. The terrain is rocky and sandy. Kurun Fulah and Hasam Emile have a slight disagreement regards the treatment of the camels on the 19th. Kurun seems to be very good with the camels.

Tue 20 June 1589

A Willan is overcome with honesty

B Vesquer shows his worth and bails Willan out

A Willan decides it is time to tell everyone the true destination. He [rather foolishly - Ed's lackey] promises riches, fortune & glory (plus the odd camel or two) for all and freedom for the slaves [why do some members of the Party have this obsession with spreading confusion in peoples lives? - Ed (real)]. Allah E reacts very favourably to this. Hasam wants to renegotiate his contract. Both Kurun Fulah and Ashaq want to know exactly where we are heading.

B Vesquer then takes over the negotiation and tells the hired help a spurious tale about buried treasure. He gives directions to the temple although he avoids actually mentioning it. Vesquer renegotiates very favourable terms with/for Hasam [I knew there was a good reason for bringing him along - Ed's lackey]. Allah and Kurun recommend altering the route we had originally planned otherwise there would not be sufficient opportunities to restock on water and food. The revised route takes in an Oasis, then goes through the cliffs and into Open Desert for 3 days. It will add approximately 3-4 days to the journey.

Wed 21 June 1589

A The journey to the temple continues

A The group begin revised route. Harry is back on foraging/searching for followers.

Thur 22 June 1589

A The group ambush a small cat

A A "big" cat is spotted by Harry in a group of rocks ahead. We decide to group up and skirt the rocks. A small cat spooks the camels but there is no sign of a big cat anywhere ! The cook tries to attack the cat but Kurun Fulah smacks him one to stop him. Allah E grabs the cat under instruction from Kurun whilst Kurun settles the camels. Hasam, Allah and Kurun then discuss what to do with the cat. Hasam wants it killed but Kurun refuses point blank to let this happen. Allah E offers to look after the cat as a compromise. This appears to placate all parties. It turns out that no one is exactly sure where the oasis is [and we haven't found it yet - Ed's lackey].

Fri 23 June 1589

A The group arrive at an oasis

A The group finally make it to the Oasis. Willan identifies that between 6 and 8 people visited the oasis during the last 3-4 days. They arrived from the south west and departed to the north east. Taran and Willan follow the trail for a few hours but don't [or can't - Ed's lackey] find anything interesting. The rest of the day is spent resting.

Sat 24 June 1589

A An uneventful day spent travelling

A An uneventful day spent travelling.

Sun 25 June 1589

A The group arrive at some cliffs

A The cliffs come into view at last! The group arrive at the foothills that evening, where there are caves. Taran discovers that wild dogs have been using the caves so the party pitch tents a few hundred yards away from the caves. An Uneventful night passes.

Mon 26 June 1589

A Climbing the cliffs, the group are attacked by scorpions, Ralpere shows his worth

A It will take the whole day the climb the cliffs. Halfway up the group are attacked by a couple of giant scorpions. Lucius and Ralpere take the initial attack. Lucius is stung and Ralpere gets badly mauled. One of the slave girls is also badly hit. Fabius "scares" one of the scorpions allowing Lucius to retreat. For some reason, Ralpere decides the situation is not sufficiently serious to warrant using the Mengros lightening bolt [either that or he's a complete idiot - Ed's lackey]. It looks as if Ralpere has not spent enough time practicing cliff face combat as he completely arses up a parry and drops Mengros! The scorpion is all over him and hits and stings him. Another scorpion (the third) attacks Taran. Vesquer tries to "Sleep" a scorpion, but this has no effect, but his subsequent "Web" spell catches both of the original scorpions plus the injured slave girl. Allah E is really enjoying himself and slices the claw off a webbed scorpion. Guerin also hits it. Allah then finishes it off. Lucius' scared scorpion scuttles back into its cave. Taran hits his scorpion and Vesquer "Webs" it. Guerin rescues Mengros and then uses it to zap the scorpion [a true hero! - Ed's lackey]. This scorpion breaks free of the web and also scuttles back into the cave. The slave girl is rescued - she is still alive. Guerin returns Mengros to its rightful wielder. The group nurse wounds. Amazingly, no one seems to have been poisoned!

A It takes some time to get the camels and equipment together. One of the tents is badly ripped. By the time the group reach the top of the cliffs it is early evening.

Tue 27 June 1589

A The group continue to head west

A The group continue to head west. Vesquer "mends" the tent.

Wed 28 June 1589

A The group continue to head west

A The group continue west until the next landmark is reached. [whatever that is - Ed's lackey]

Thur 29 June 1589 new moon

A The group reach the temple

B Vesquer is almost fatally overcome with enthusiasm

A In the late afternoon the group reach the final landmark, a paved road. This leads to a temple, most of which is buried in a large sand dune. An enormous stone head peers out of the sand at us. The head is a human female with striking blue eyes. There are also some ruined buildings and a ruined colonnade. The group set up camp for the night.

A There is sufficient water to allow two days at the temple and still have to enough to get back to the oasis. The group decide to investigate the head and buildings before nightfall. Everyone walks along the paved road which is 60 feet wide[human or halfling? - Ed's lackey]. The statue rises 50 feet above the sand, the buildings are to the right of the road. To the left is a stagnant pond, or small lake.

B Vesquer is very keen [more about that later - Ed's lackey] and tries to climb the sand dune to the head but falls, hurting himself slightly. Lucius successfully climbs up to the head and discovers that the eyes are two large gems. He leaves the gems alone [clearly his period of death has caused him to forget his training, unless he intends to sneak back later - Ed (real)] and discovers nothing else significant.

B The group move on to the buildings. The entrance opens into a 40ft by 20ft open area. There are footprints in the sand, both human and cloven. Taran calls out "hello" and a man appears from an opening at the end. He is questioned for a while but seems to take an obtuse pleasure in answering with riddles or "clever" answers such that the group are really none the wiser. Vesquer offers him some water. The man replies that he would really like some water from the pond outside. Keen [but stupid - Ed's lackey] Vesquer rushes innocently out to the pond to get some water. As he bends down to get some water, he is grabbed by black tentacles [what a surprise - Ed's lackey]. Vesquer shouts out and manages to grab hold of a nearby palm tree as the tentacles try to drag him into the water. Everyone else rushes out towards the commotion. Willan and Lucius arrive first and manage to prize Vesquer away with the help of Tarsober [Fearno to you and me - Ed's Lackey] who seems to be enjoying itself immensely. Vesquer is in a very bad way [AND WE HAVE NO CLERICS - Ed's Lackey]. Amazingly, it turns out that Ralpere has the Paladin ability to "Lay-on-hands' [so he does have his uses - Ed's lackey] and he cures Vesquer's injured leg. The group return with some water and give it to the man who drinks it and expresses his thanks.

A On the way back to camp, Allah E comments that the temple is pre-Hramen and advises us to keep this fact from the rest of the hired help otherwise we would be likely to have a riot on our hands.

[May 2001]

B Back at the camp a quiet night is spent recouping.

Fri 30 June 1589

A The group pass the old man and in to the temple

B The first rooms are investigated

C The old man proves surprisingly able to defend himself

D The group find a load of hot shit just lying about

E Things are going well, so the group back track and try to blow themselves up!

F The corridor of statues

G The groups suicidal tendencies are to the fore once again

H The passage under the sarcophagus

I Most of the group are shocked to see Willan smoking

J The group wimp back to camp

A Vesquer has improved as a result of ministrations by Ralpere but is still carrying a leg injury.

A Willan obtains another cup of water much more uneventfully than Vesquer. Willan gives this to the old man. He is thankful and expresses surprise at seeing us again. Willan asks him who the statue is. The old man replies "Her up there", without gesticulating. He says that he is here because it is quiet and that he had no water before we came. He repeatedly says that he is all alone and suggests that he is "guarding" this bit of the temple because he lives here. He says that he can't get to the rest of the temple because it is blocked up.

A The group move on, Willan followed by Taran, Lucius, Fabius, Allah E, Vesquer, Pansal, Herra, Rez, Guerin and Ralpere. But as the group set off the old man asks what we are doing. He is not happy about the group moving in to the temple but his options are limited. The group move through the gap on the opposite side of his room and enter into a much larger area about 20 feet across which itself leads into a much larger room about 60 feet across by about 100 feet long with a high ceiling, over 20 feet high. There is a double door at each end, they look like they are bronze. There is a dry pool bed in the room, some pillars in the a Π shape - there are 13 pillars in a 5x5x5 arrangement. Enclosed by the pillars is an empty plinth. In the wall through which the group entered are three wooden doors.

B There are no sign of footprints, and the room is surprisingly devoid of decoration. The old man has come in to the room and is wandering around mumbling. Fabius keeps an eye on him and tries to make peace with him. Herra checks out the three wooden doors. Herra tries to listen at the door but only hears Lucius go "Shh". Rez checks out another door and opens it whilst Lucius checks out the middle one. Herra opens his door but the old man blocks Lucius from opening his door.

B Behind Rez's door is an empty room about 20 feet by 10 feet. Herra finds the same behind his door. Lucius tries to brush aside the old man and catches a glimpse of the sword swinging towards him. Luckily this is enough for Lucius to dodge out of the way. Lucius moves back and the old man settles. The odd thing is that no one noticed the sword before.

B Pansal has a look around in Herra's room but can find nothing beyond a lot of sand. Lucius has a look in Rez's room but finds nothing. The group move to the collonade except for Fabius, who remains with the old man. Rez and Herra each check out a set of bronze doors. The southerly door is embossed with some runes, the north door has a swirling pattern of unplesant looking creatures.

C Ralpere uses his inate ability and realises that the old man is a source of evil. Ralpere mentions this and Willan draws Tarsober. Willan is not resolute so Ralpere draws Mengros. Willan challenges the man. The old man moves his sword to defensive position. Willan and Ralpere move in to attack and the old man turns in to a nasty demon like creature. The creature breathes fire on Ralpere who dodges right in to it. Ralpere falls back slightly so Willan tries to cover for him. Willan is also breathed on but parries the flame with his shield, which catches fire. Ralpere is flamed again and a piece of his arm armour falls off. Ralpere shout "Akrakra" and a blot of lightening hits the demon, who is not happy - not that it ever was. Willan and Ralpere are heartened by this and both manage to hit the demon. Ralpere is hit by flame again and again.

C Willans shield breaks and Taran passes his over. Ralpere becomes disoriented and Lucius pushes him out of the way. Lucius hits thin air as the demon was distracted by his arrival and Willan clobbered him in to oblivion. The sword and shield clatter to the ground.

C When he has had time to recover Ralpere confirms that the sword and shield are not evil. Willan takes the small shield to cover for his loss.

B Willan checks the rooms and finds that one of them now contains a skeleton with decomposing robes. Taran checks out the bones and finds the remains of a knapsack including a sealed bone scrollcase. Willan opens it and takes out a piece of very old velum. Allah E, Rez and Fabius try to decipher the scroll whilst Lucius opens the door to the middle room in which there are two more recent bodies, who were wearing boots, showing signs of slash marks and burning. Lucius finds some old Azilharin coins, some short swords, javelins and shields. Scratched on the wall is some writing that Allah E translates as "To find that which you desire seek out misfortune"

D Rez checks the door with the swirly pattern for locks and traps, there are none. Lucius searches the sand in the pool area and finds a backpack contains some clothes wrapped round a set of pan pipes, a dagger, a couple of vials and another scroll case. The clothes look like they would have belonged to the two dead people in the middle room. Lucius gives the dagger to Rez who notices that there is a picture etched on the blade. The potions are in a two part container, one is pale yellow oil with a woody smell, the other is orange and fuming [possibly "Restore Constitution or Fatigue" - Ed]. Willan takes charge of the potions. Lucius examines the pan pipes but sees nothing exceptional. Fabius checks out the scroll case inside are the spells "Magic Jar", "Incendiary Cloud" and "Time Stop"! Lucius tries out the pipes, some of the group stand drooling stupidly the rest hear sounds that do not seem to eminate precisely from the pipes. Allah E suggests that Lucius stop. When he does the stupids return to normal, with no recolection of the music having been played.

B Rez checks the statue plinth finding nothing whilst Fabius casts a spell to try to read the runes on the south door. They are the runes of "Death" and "Void". Checking around the bronze doors fails to reveal any opening mechanism. Willan pushes the north door open easily to reveal a corridor heading away as far as can be seen. There is a narrow opening forty feet up on the left. There is dust on the floor (but no sand) with no obvious signs of distrurbance. Moving up to the first opening reveals a series of openings on the left at about 20 feet intervals. About 15 feet down the first narrow corridor is a bearlike statue. It looks like one of the creatures on the door.

E Fabius re-introduces the idea of getting through the south door. Willan decides to have a go so the group go back to the large room and Guerin traces the "Void" rune then the "Death" rune. There is a terrible crash of lightening from the doors straight in to Guerin blowing him most of the way back across the rune. After just over ten minutes recouping time Guerin asks Allah E to hit him, he does, it hurts, his cloak is not working!

E Taran divests himself of his magical items [item actually - Ed] and Willan gives him the wrapped up "Strength draining" book as he traces the image of the "Void" rune over the "Death" rune. Nothing happens so Taran pushes the doors - and gets zapped. Against the advice of many in the group Willan decides to make a third attempt however he is eventually persuaded to go back the other way.

F Moving back down the corridor on the other side of the big room the group move past the bearlike statue and as nothing happens they carry on to the next opening. After some vigerous debate the group move on to the third entrance without disturbing either of the first two. Having got this far the group can see that there are five openings in total. No sixth opening has come in to view. At the forth opening the end of the main passage can be seen containing a large statue of a warrior. Willan checks out the fifth opening, there is another statue.

F The group retreats to the first and second opening whilst Allah E checks the statue. He moves down the corridor until he can see the statue is of a warrior with a hammer standing over a body. There is a sign " The Lord G'thron of the House of NahamMerch". After Allah E reports back Lucius goes up and checks out the area of the statue but finds nothing.

F There is a great deal of disagreement over which opening to go down. In the end Willan decides to go down the fourth opening. He goes down to the statue and can see that the corridor widens out a bit to encompas the statue and then carries on behind the statue. The corridor carries on for about twenty feet and appears to open out. Willan eases past the statue and carries on. Nothing happens. Willan gets to a point where the corridor opens in to a wider corridor. Despite dissent from Allah E (who wants to go down the fifth opening), the group all go down the forth opening. Everyone passes the statue and continues into the wider corridor. After fifty feet it can be seen that the corridor turns left in another sixty feet. Round the corner the corridor continues for twenty feet to a "T" junction. A search of the corner reveals nothing. At the "T" junction the right hand corridor goes twenty feet to a left turn. To the left the corridor runs fifty feet to a right turn. At the far wall of both turns are sarcophagus. Willan decides to go to the right, at the turning the corridor runs for at least sixty feet and thirty feet down is another sarcophagus. There are some broken phails on the floor. The group carry on round a large rectangular corridor and end up back where they started. Vesquer searches a skeleton on the floor which is presumed to be Koram, one of the main builders of the temple, but nothing significant can be found. There are eight alcoves containing sarcophagus, each is searched but nothing is found. Willan and Ralpere move one but there is no secret passage underneath.

F The group return to the starting corridor and go down corridor five. Passing the inanimate statue Willan reaches a small room containing a plinth supporting a variety of precious metals. Willan liberates the metal and everyone leaves.

F Down corridor one beyond the statue is a gold figurine of a panther. Corridor two reveals a mozaic skull and corridor three has a flute made from human bone. After much discussion the group return to the end of corridor four and search some more. Rez finds a secret door leading in to the centre of the rectangle. Inside is a small entry way with another secret door, inside that is a room containing a basalt sarcophagus with one body with its throat cut, holding a jewelled dagger and a broken phail. There is an unbroken phail in the floor. Ralpere identifies the body in the sarcophagus as evil.

G Willan attempts to strike the body, which animates and flies at Pansal knocking off some leg armour and seriously injuring him. A melee ensues involving about four group members. Ralpere failed to turn the shadow which is unfortunate because it is a wraith and it is slaughtering the group - together with Taran who seriously hits Willan. Willan, Taran, Ralpere, Lucius and Guerin melee away, it is eventually wiped out by Ralpere. The contents of the sarcophagus is no longer evil, it has a false bottom. Guerin is in a bad mood.

H The group take a break to recuperate. A number of people check to find a way through the bottom of the sarcophagus but nothing turns up, and the sarcophagus won't move In the end Fabius "Shrinks" the bottom which crashes down underneath. Vesquer climbs down and sees a corridor sloping down. A rope is spiked into the door to the room and the group climb down.

H The walls are reliefed with a vast funeral procession and a variety of procedures being done to a body by purple robed figures. Over the body is a grotesque squatting figure surrounded by thunderbolts and dark clouds holding a mountain to in each hand. The corridor ends after about 200 feet in an offset crossroads, to the left the corridor goes off as far as can be seen with another crossroads about thirty feet away. To the right the corridor opens out after about ten feet in to a "T" junction. The cross pieces end about thirty feet in each direction and down the far side are four arched entrances.

I Willan moves through the second arch and Taran sees some grey translucent hands desend from the ceiling into Willan's head. Everyone hears a terrible shriek and most of the group run away. Willan's head is smoking as he lurches out of the room. Ralpere ran away along the corridor, Herra ran away into the wall and injured himself, Tarans whereabouts are unknown, Fabius, Guerin, Vesquer, Pansal and ran off in generally the same direction with two of the light pebbles. Lucius runs after the group of four down a very long corridor past loads of arched entrances. Lucius catches up with them in a big room where they are cowering in the corner. There is a faint light in the room and Lucius can see a plinth.

J By the time they have recovered and followed Lucius back, everyone else has come back and is recovered. As a result of this latest set back the group decide to head back to camp and take a decent nights sleep. Back at camp a variety of "Mending" and "Laying" is undertaken.

[July 2001]

Sat 1 July 1589

A The group get ready to return to the temple, Pansal stays behind

B The group return to the room with the plinth that the scaredy cats hid in yesterday

C The corridor of mirrors

D Revelations of the mirror of truth

E Resume of the creatures kicking about in the temple

F Lucius aquires some posh kit

G The serpent room

H The hall of bones

I Lucius demonstrates true heroism

J Vesquer and the portcullis

K Willan and the stalker

L The final resting place of G'thron, at last

M G'thron, who has only been kidding about finally resting, is dispatched

N The group get ready to leave the temple

O Allah E and the statue have disappeared

P Back at camp

A The next morning it is clear that Pansal is too ill to go back into the temple. Lucius looks like a waffle, but is able to continue. Rez has taken a close look at the picture on the blade of the dagger from the backpack in sand, it is some kind of wraithlike figure.

B On re-entering the temple complex Guerin picks up the broadsword that was weilded by the old man demon which is still there from yesterday! The group spike the rope back below the sarcophagus and make their way back to a room with a plinth near where Wilan was smoking. Taking a different route the group notice a jewel encrusted throne through an arch. Continuing on past candles, longbows, gold rods, a shield, a silver pryamid and some other corridors, the group reach the room with the plinth. The room is about 50 by 20 feet. The oblong marble plinth (12x10 by about 3 feet high) supports a brass bell with sun symbols and is surrounded by a pentagram. Willan realised that the red light permeating the room is shining through the ruby eye of the statue. [Very clever, as the statues eyes are blue! (see 29/6/89) - Ed].

B The pentacle is chalked and Herra notices that there is gold in the dust on the floor. The pentagram is old as it is covered in dust, however it has been a bit scuffed by the frightened people who were in the room yesterday. Ralpere senses no evil from the pentacle. The corridor exiting from the far side of the room gos further than can be seen and is lined with mirrors, clearly the "place of mirrors" in the letter found yesterday.

C Taran steps in to the corridor of mirrors. He sees reflected images of himself becoming increasingly distorted. Taran steps back in to the room. Taran points out that as nothing has happened to him the group should go down the corridor of mirrors and find out if the far end is blocked. Taran talks Wilan in to leading the way down the corridor.

C The light from the pebbles reflects in an uneasy fashion so Vesquer puts his away leaving just the light from Fabius's pebble casting dim illumination. After over 100 feet something not at all nice, with claws, lunges out of the darkness at Willan [It's the bear like thing on the first plinth - Ed]. Tarsober seems to be in control of the situation and the not nice thing is soon dead. This seems a bit odd as the thing looks very unplesant and capable of much more destruction than it caused.

D The group see a closed wooden door at the far end end of the corridor with a mirror in the lintle overhead. Soon Allah E stops and points at the mirror and says "Look". There is a reflection of an eleventh group member, a skeletal being between Lucius and Fabius. As soon as it realises it has been rumbled it tries to break back up the corridor. Lucius recognises it as a bad luck gremlin. All the light goes out, Allah E shouts "I'll get it!". Vesquer is stabbed, Rez feels that she has parried a blow. There is a lot of pushing and shoving followed by the sound of running footsteps fading up the corridor.

D About a quarter of an hour later the light coms on. There is no gremlin and no Allah E. The group head back down the corridor past the body of the demon, through the plinth room where it looks as if Allah E ran round the plinth a couple of times and headed up the corridor to the area with the arches. The group soon find him beside the body of the dead gremlin, he seems quite worn out but claims that he is okay. Allah E declines his claim to the gremlin's dagger so it is given to Vesquer. There is a picture on the dagger, it is like serpents. Rez shows that the dagger she acquired has a picture of a wraith. It looks as if the two are part of the same set.

D The group go back down the mirrored corridor. Just as Allah E is about to step in to the reflection of the mirror he stops and announces that the group are about to see his true self. He explains that he has worked against the forces of evil for many years and they do not take kindly to him. As a result he changes his appearance from time to time. He steps forward and the group can see an unusually tall pale skinned humanoid man with a kind of etherial ageless beauty. Taran asks Allah E his real name, but he declines suggesting that it would be in nobodys interest as the forces of evil could obtain the name from unsuspecting victims and this would act against the interests of the group. The mirror also reveals hidden gems on Herra and Fabius. The gems Fabius has were those he was given to have passed on to Buuna Bhutros in payment. The mirror also reveals a hidden compartment in the hilt of the dagger just acquired by Vesquer, it is clearly for poison. Guerin takes possession of the gems on behalf of the Party although a brief argument ensues concerning the two gems that Herra had.

E Allah E points out that the gremlin he killed was similar to the fourth statue in the corridor of five. The creature killed earlier was like the first statue. Willan knows that the third satue is a stalker. There has been no sign of the nasty insect like figure of the second statue. Lucius realises that the squat figure on the fifth plinth is "Thunder in the mountain" who appears in the relief funerial picture below the sarcophagus.

F In the "magic" mirror, Willan notices that one of the side mirrors is a secret door. Behind the secret door is room with a pool of mist. On the far side is an outragoeusly posh suit of black armour with cobalt blue decoration and a saphire encrusted three pointed star on the chest. Vesquer is reticent to climb over but after Herra volunteers to have a go, Vesquer spontaneously sets off and successfully gets to the armour. He starts to take his clothes off and Allah E shouts to be careful as he thinks that it was G'thron's armour. Vesquer leaves some of his stuff with Guerin, including a wand and some books, goes back over and puts on the armour. He climbs back wearing the armour.

G The group go back in to the mirrored corridor and Herra finds a movable button thingy on the wooden door in the corridor. Those with the appropriate skill cannot work out if the button is trapped. Lucius is volunteered to push the button with a staff whilst everyone hides in the smoke room. There is a click and the serpentlike swirls on the door change slightly.

F Allah E says that the writing on the door is in an ancient Azilhrin language and says "The last resting place of Gutheron, last of the house of Nachamerch, and Thunder-in-the-Mountain." Allah E suggests that the location of G'thron's armour in a secret room next to the entrance to this chamber is of significance and that the person wearing it should be in the lead. Vesquer does not want to be first so Lucius changes in to the armour.

G Opening the door reveals a 40 feet square room with a slightly sunken floor and two steps down. There is a large granite sarcophagus in the middle of the room. The high ceiling is loosley rafted with cedarwood, large areas of the rafters are visible. The roof is supported by eight cedarwood pillars. Thousands of hissing snakes cover every available space except the sarcophagus. At the top of the far stairs is a wall painting of a man with his back to us holding the sun in his right hand and a fine tracery of fire is streaching over his head to his left hand. In the corner is a pile of smashed up wood.

G The snakes start moving towards the door so Lucius back out and shuts it. The group consider the options. Lucius re-opens the door. Vesquar "Webs" part of the roof and Lucius enters the room with two flaming torches. He uses the tourches to get over to the pile of wood and sets light to some of it. He then creates a path through the snakes using two rows of burning wood.

G Herra starts searching the painted wall, then the sarcophagus but doesn't find anything secret or hidden. Lucius is dropped on by a snake and Herra attacks him with a torch. The snake is quickly disposed of and Lucius, Rez and Herra retreat back under the web. The right hand wall is searched and nothing is found.

G In desperation the group push the lid off the sarcophagus where they find desicated corpse wearing robes and a wooden statue of a squat rotund figure. Allah E becomes mildly distressed and anounces that this room is fake. The body is not that of G'thron and the carving is cheap rubbish. At this point Lucius realises that the pile of wood was a ladder so attention moves to higher up the wall in that area.

G Vesquer "Spider climbs" up the wall and eventually finds a granite block about 20 feet up the wall that will move. He gives it a push and it swings inwards to reveal a corridor that slopes upwards. A rope is dropped and Rez climbs up. Gradually everyone else gets in to the opening.

H The group come to a huge room extending beyond sight. The entance is at the top of four steps down into the room which extend along the wall. The floor of the room is carpeted in bones and skulls. The north and south walls have carvings that are probably of the old Gods.

H Willan "Flies" across the room carrying Taran. After 200 feet they come across a throne on a platform raised above the carpet of bones. The raised area is 80x20 feet. They land and Willan flies back (with the light) to get Herra, who has another light pebble. Taran has an uncomfortable feeling about the carpet of bones. Lucius and Allah E are brought across, but when Willan is bringing Fabius across they are attacked by the thing from the second statue. At the same time skeletons animate at both ends. Rez dodges an attack and slips behid Guerin and Ralpere, with Vesquer. On the throne dais Herra is searching being protected by Lucius and Taran. Allah E calls for one to cover him whilst he casts a spell.

H The Rolt (for the flying thing is thus) attacks Willan and Fabius who hang on. "Akrakra" rings out across the room and the Rolt is hit by a lightening bolt. Frantic defending is being undertaken as nine more skeletons raise up. Willan lands on the dais with Fabius, who is invisible, and lands one of the Rolt. The nine new skeletons set about the four old ones, taking out two of them. On the other side Ralpere and Guerin are defending the doorway against four skeletons. The Rolt flys away but Willan flies after it, killing it in one blow. Allah E and Lucius are trying to attack the skeletons they have hit before, but when the Rolt crashes in to the bones on the floor, all but seven skeletons crumple to the ground. The seven hang around sheepishly and then take up a defensive position on the edge of the dais in front of the throne.

H Willan is able to ferry the rest of the group across. Eventually Fabius becomes visible. Rez, Lucius and Vesquer search around. Allah E finds an inscription on the throne "Let no-one sit here but G'thron, who judges the People, Death will come to the userper". Willan communes with Qhivon who says "Take the throne, take the pain, take the way."

I Lucius puts the Ansachat hat moon symbol over his heart and it turns into the helmet. Allah E reads the lettering which is in ornate script, it says "Naham Merch". Lucius bravely puts on the helmet and sits on the throne. As he sits down the throne turns around, there are multiple twanging and thudding sounds. The group rush forward and find Lucius deftly positioned between six javelins, none of which have hit him! Two have taken glancing blows off the armour, but he is unscathed.

J There is an opening behind the throne and the group set off down the corridor. At the corner is the heavy duty firing mechanism for the javelins. [No one notices the manufacturers mark hidden away in the corner, it says "Acme" - Ed] After going round a corner Lucius spots a dodgy looking granite block in the ceiling. Allah E then spots what looks like a portcullis further down the corridor. Vesquer "Spider climbs" along the wall and spots a mechanism about five feet beyond the portcullis. After some shouted arangements the group gather to rush up the corridor and Vesquer pulls the lever. The portcullis crashes to the floor. Oops! The block is still up and the rest of the group are looking a tad embarrased. After a few moments Vesquer points out that he can hear movement. Taran "Shrinks" the portcullis and Vesquer scuttles back along the wall.

K The "Shrink" will only last about half and hour so the group decide to take the plunge and carefully walk up the corridor searching as we go. Nothing is found and the block does not fall. The end of the corridor opens out into a rough hewn chamber about 40 feet round with another opening dircetly oposite. The floor of the room seems to be sand.

K Taran pushes his staff into the sand, it's quick. Vesquer gives his Willan gloves and light pebble and he climbs round with some rope and a bag. As he steps on to the other side he is accosted by the demon from the third plinth. The demon runs way when its surprise attack is not a surprise. Willan puts the gloves in the bag and they are pulled back by the rope. Willan goes in search of the stalker (for it is thus), however he sees a minor avalanche coming down the corridor! Willan climbs up the wall and out of the way. The avalance completely blocks the corridor.

L The group go back to the block beyond the portculis. Herra "Spider climbs" up to the block and finds a mechanism. He operates it and the block tilts up to reveal a passage going up very steeply. Gradualy everyone climbs up. Willan sees a relief of a jaguar, a few moments later he feels weaker, however Ralpere comes up and confirms that they are not evil. As people climb up Ralpere feels a bit odd as well.

L The pictures are a jaguar [GPN - STR], snake [GPN - CON], spider [GPN - INT], eagle [GPN - WIS], scorpion [GPN - DEX] and as each person moves up the passage they feel increasingly drained. As the passage is traversed the pictures repeat themselves. The top is blocked but Ralpere reckons that it is a false wall. Willan sets about it with his dagger and it starts to come away. As Lucius arrives he says that it looks like the wall is moving, it is soon clear that a granite block the size of the corridor is moving down the passage. Everyone evacutes the corridor Ralpare trips at the bottom and is yanked out by Lucius and Allah E. Taran also falls but Fabius "Enlarges" the block. Lucius and Allah E grab Willan but are covered in rubble from the shattered rock. Lucius and Allah E get out of the way of most of it but Willan is brained by falling masonry although he is quickly gragged clear.

L When the dust settles Willan starts up again and looses strength. Allah E suggests once again that he cast "Dispel magic". Although the group are sceptical they let him have a go. Willan stays in the corridor and takes all his magic items off. The "Dispel magic" works! The group go up en masse and enter into a square room with a sarcophagus in the centre. In the centre of each wall is a twelve foot square opening that slopes steeply upwards. The sarcophagus is open and at its head is a small statue of the squat figure of "Thunder-in-the-mountain" facing away from the group.

L Willan moves in to he room and finds a skeleton in the sarcophagus wearing the helmet to the armour Lucius is wearing and holding a jade sceptre in its right hand. Around its neck is a quarter moon hung on a necklace with the signs of the first three of "the Five" on it.

L On the sarcophagus Allah E reads "Stand firm even in the grip of death, O servitor of Achkresh". There is some indecision, then there are multiple attacks and attempted removals from the skeleton, Allah E is watching the idol and those not engaged in attacking or removing are watching the shafts. Lucius grabs for the sceptre but is struck in the face as the skeleton animates. Willan misses it with his sword, Taran is unable to get the helmet but as the head jerks away Herra gets the book its head was laying on. Lucius looks as if he is about to get down on all fours.

L Combat with G'thron's skeleton is engaged, with Lucius fighting something strange in the vicinity of the south wall. Soon G'thron starts moving towards the exit and Lucius moves that way as well. Four enormous cylindrical blocks are about to spill out of the shafts and converge on the sarcophagus. The skeleton screams in rage and moves back towards the sarcophagus as is Lucius. Realising that he will be crushed Ralpare tries to push Lucius out of the way. The four cylinders smash into the room leaving a space in the middle containing the sarcophagus in which is the skeleton. Willan is clipped, Lucius cannot be seen but everyone else has reached the exit.

L Vesquer is "Spider climbing" around the walls. He reaches one of the openings and sees a large river of sand starting to flow down. The skeleton leaps over the cylindars and moves towards the group. Lucius can be seen again but he is fighting an invisible foe and not trying to move. Some of the group start to move down the exit. Taran hits the skeleton, to little effect. The skeleton continues to move towards the exit but is blocked by the group. Sand is starting to pile up below the openings.

L G'thron's skeleton is still enraged but parrying all attempted blows. Vesquer tarts and feathers the skeleton but no effect is apparent. Ralpere is trying to shove Lucius towards the exit, combat with the skeleton continues. Following his failure Vesquer falls back on an old standard and "Magic missiles" the skeleton. Willan and Guerin do some damage to it by more corporeal means.

M Willan realises that Lucius is matching the movements of G'thron. The melee continues as Vesquer shouts that he will look after Lucius. Vesquer leaps at Lucius as G'thron does some sizable damage to Guerin. The group are chipping away at G'thron until Guerin, obviously miffed by the recent hit, smashes G'thron into oblivion.

N The sand peters out and sunlight flows in to the room. G'thron's possessions are checked and the sceptre and necklace are found to be evil. Herra has the book whilst Willan has the helmet, the sceptre and the necklace. Harry the Hawk flies around outside and confirms the location of the holes in the sand.

O Guerin calls the rest up from the throne dais, he is weakened by his return journey as is Rez, Herra and Fabius. There is no sign of Allah E and the small fat statue. The group leave through one of the new openings but nip back to get the treasure they stashed the previous night.

P Back in camp Ralpere lays hands on himself. A watch is set.

[Sept 2001]

[Another section drafted by a trainee. This has been heavily edited - Ed]

Sun 2 July 1589

A Lucius has a dream

B Treasure is distributed

C The group return to the temple and investigate the arches

D Greedy group members almost cause calamity

E The natives are getting restless

F Summary and distribution of items from the temple

A At breakfast the group start to talk about how to distribute the items retrieved from the temple. However Lucius pipes up that he had a dream and sings -

  Where our adventures begun

With Thunder and Sun

I've seen it before

It's the long corridor

And there I saw Willan

We see arches four

But no, there's one more

That's where we find

He changes his mind

Choice two becomes four

From darkness as night

A flash of blue light

I alone see

When he passes arch three

As he moves to the right

I let out a shout

He seems to have doubt

So he turns to face me

And in some reverie

I turn about

Running after a snake

I can hardly mistake

More flashes blue

Arch right, and left two

To the left it does make

A After much uneasy shuffling of feet and downward glances at the backs of hands the obvious decision to go back in is made.

B But first the treasure is distributed. Lucius retains G'thron's armour & helm. As G'thron's book is not evil Vesquar looks at it. It starts in Quenya but then moves to some other language. There seems to be information that would be useful to the Hramin church as well as some that is Quest related. Vesquar looks after the book on behalf of the Party in order to study it on the return journey. Willan takes poison blade that was obtained from the gremlin to look after pending destruction. The sceptre and necklace are evil so are deemed Quest related and are retained by Willan. The ccroll of "Magic jar", "Incendiary cloud" and "Time stop" goes to Fabius. Guerin keeps the magic sword from the old man demon. Taran claims the pan pipes and passes them to Lucius as a rebirthday gift. Herra claims jewelled dagger. Vesquar gets double potion container with theOrange fumer and the woody yellow oil. Rez takes the dagger with the picture on the blade of what might be a demon or a sliced up goblin, it looks like a pair with the poison dagger. That leaves a shield that goes to Guerin.

B Pansal claimed nothing as he had stayed outside and Willan took nothing for himself as he intends to destroy the poison dagger. Half the coinge is given to Hasam, Kurun, Ashaq and the cook to keep them happy for the day.

C Ralpere and Pansal stay with the camels and the hired help whilst the rest of the group go and fill water into skins and mark them P for poison. Kurun the camel driver confirms they are poisonous and now the skins are ruined too. Oops. [I don't remember this bit - Ed]

C The group go down the hole via the body and the empty pool. Herra searches the arch corridor but finds no secret arches. Two of the arches contain statues and one contais something jewelled. The arch on the left has a broken down wall at the back. The arch on the other side of the corridor has a sceptre. An "Unseen servant" cast by Fabius retireves the alabaster sceptre without incident.

C There is the body of a stalker in the corridor. It seems most likely that it would have been killed by Allah E. Herra searches the body and Taran asks if he found anything. Herra says are we going past that mirror again, Taran says "Yes", so Herra says "I got ths ring". Herra looks after it in his pocket for now. The "Unseen servant" gets a longbow and quiver of 10 arrows from another arch that featured in Lucises dream. It then retrieves a shield on which is cast the "Void" rune.

C Flush with success the group persuade Fabius to send the "Unseen servant" to get the jewelly things. As it passes into the archway yukky hands descend from the ceiling. The "Unseen servant" is dispelled but the screaming does not cause any of the group to run away.

C After a bit of consideration Taran goes through the arch with the broken wall in the back and it links up with the avalanche that the stalker caused. As he does not get in to any head trauma the group set off in standard arching order. Taran turns right and a big statue animates and hits him with big spikey clubs that it has instead of hands. Willan steps in to the fray whilst the others swap round a bit so Vesquar can cast spells and Fabius can retreat. Willan gets in for a bit of bashing but the thing hits Taran very hard. Willan gets hit, but hits back very hard as Taran retreats. The status deanimates as the group pull back.

C The group check out the other corridor back in standard arching order. The corridor snakes away to a room at the end. The group are looking at the back of a black statue. It is quite a long room so Willan leads the way inside. Herra says that it's not a good idea for Lucius to search as he'll only nick anything he finds. However a search reveals nothing and the statue is too heavy to move cannot move the statue. Rez grumps something about Azilharin values rubbing off on the group as she is a good searcher and yet no one seems to want her to be involved. The group insist that this was not the case and ask her to search the statue. It turns out that Herra was probably right about Lucius as Rez finds a secret compartment that Lucius was probably saving for later. In the secret compartment she finds a wooden box carved with animals, some of which are those in the draining corridor. Herra searches the box for traps, finds one and eventually disarms it. Fabius "Knocks" the box open to reveal two pottery potion containers, an old bit of paper and a small leather bag. The paper disintegrates as soon as it is disturbed, the bag contains three pearls (which a couple of live wires jokingly suggest are "Pearls of Wisdom" [Who knows? - Ed]). The potions are sealed so the group don't check what they are.

C Through the offices of Harry the hawk Vesquer mentions that one of the natives is restless on the surface and seems to be investigating the outside of the temple. The group disagree about looting or going. Willan, Herra, Taran and Fabius leave whilst Vesquer, Rez, Lucius and Guerin stay in to get the gold.

D Lucius goes through the arch to the gold bars with the "Void" shied above his head. The hands shoot down through the shield and clamp the toast grip in his head. Vesquer, Rez and Gurin all run away - straight in to other arches! In a scene the likes of which the Party can seldom afford, there are flashes and hands going off all over the place. Lucius retains conciousness, which is more than can be said for Vesquer or Rez. Lucius eventually finds Guerin cowering at the back of a used arch lucky, relatively, that his arch did not go off but scared whitless nonetheless. Lucius tries to comfort him by telling him that they will have to carry out their two unconscious colleagues!!

D Outside Willan and Taran get the packing sorted. Then Taran and Ralpere head back to the temple to see where the rest have got to. They end up helping with the carrying of unconcious bodies.

E Hasam, Kurun and Ashaq are restless and ask where Allah E is. Willan and Taran give an honest account of how he has bogged off with a stutue but Hasam in particular seems unconvinced.

D Vesqar looks like he's getting worse, so Herra offers up his healing potion on condition that he gets a choice of treasure. The group rummage through Vesquar's gear and find the yellow restorative potion. However there is some concern about administering it as the group are not sure exactly what it does. Ralpere lays hands on Vesquar then the potion is administered. The response is underwhelming.

F Fabius checks magic on everything. The alabaster sceptre is magic, and the bow. The arrows are good but not magic. The pearls and pan pipes are magical, as is Rez's dagger, however the jewelled dagger isn't magical. The necklace is evil and magic, as is the other sceptre. The box is not magic, the poison dagger is magic, as are Guthrons armour and helmet. The demon shield is not magic. The longbow is magic as is Herra's ring.

F Summary and distribution of Items:

magical dagger, and the magical dagger with poison compartment for Abubaca
void runes shield
magic ring
3 pearls, 2 potions in stone container, alabaster sceptre, evil sceptre, G'thron's pendant and ansachat hat
scroll, 3 spells
2 potions - 1 used potion of vitality (orange) and book (Party item)
G'thron's armour and helmet and the pan pipes
nothing (but he has got Mengros)
longbow and spare and a broad sword for Compte
Jewelled dagger, ½ plate of precious metal chips and 4 gems

Mon 3 July to Wed 5 July 1589

A The journey to the escarpment

A It is 2½ days travel to the escarpment. Fabius "Charms" Hasam Emile and it seems to work. Eventually Vesquar wakes up and is no longer blinded. The escarpment is negotiated without incident.

Fri 14 July 1589 : Thur 13 July full moon

A The group arrive at Barrida's house

A The group arrive at Barrida's house and stop to catch up on gossip. Barrida is welcoming and says that he has heard of very little incident locally. He is not aware of anything happening to Saloom.

A The group take R&R, have baths and drink alot.

Sat 15 July 1589

A The group arrive at Barrida's house

Plans are discussed and, as promised, the slaves are freed.

Sun 16 July 1589

A The group arrive at Dig'hradhan

A The group head back into tent city at Dig'hradhan. Lucis, Herra and Rez invisibly and go straight to the boat. The merchants are dismayed at the prospect of an immediate departure andpoint out that they would not expect to be leaving until the end of August. When pressed they suggest that they could get their affairs in order in a few weeks.

Mon 17 July 1589

A Departure arrangements are confirmed

A It is agreed through Comte and N'kir that the merchanting mission will leave on 31st July. The aim is for the Rilotar to come back before the Winter with a further shipment. Comte and Elbraine will remain, and a ship with Aziharian goods prepared for a trip to Salsorme with a representative (emissary) from the Kaliph to leave in six weeks. The group will prepare the way in Salsorme.

Tue 18 July 1589

A Taran debriefs Gherrios

A Taran goes to see Gherrios and tells him about the trip. Taran doesn't mention the final chamber or the items recovered, but otherwise gives a fairly accurate description of the temple complex and what we encountered and killed.

Wed 19 July 1589

A Arrangements to meet Buuna

B A thief is caught

A Fabius meets Buuna who says he has interesting information. Fabius arranges a meeting tomorrow so he can clear what he can say first. They will meet at the Steaming Bean, which is where Ellias and his crew of adventurers hang out. In the evening Guerin catches someone rifling through the groups stuff in the tents of Dig'hradhan. Guerin roughs him up a bit and Vesquar asks him questions, but he won't say anything. Guerin has a look but can't spot any accomplices.

[October 2001]

B A search of the thief reveals a couple of personal items of members of the group, suggesting that he is a good thief. Further questioning reveals nothing so Vesquer "Sleeps" him and a search of his person by Herra also reveals nothing. The thief is taken to the boat and questioned further. Vesquer assumes that he has been sent by Ellias but can descern no outward reaction to this suggestion. Eventually the thief is told that he will be taken from Azilhar if he does not come clean. Abubacâ suggests that he has abilities beyond thievery, it seems likely that he has some magical ability.

B The thief is carefully secured and those who are unable to leave the Rilotar (of which there are many!) agree to keep a watch on him. Vesquer speculates that the thief may be an opperative of the Hramin moon sect, perhaps checking us out.

Thur 20 July 1589

A Fabius meets Buuna - and Sahran G'bia

B The "Moon of Kohe"

C The identity of the thief is revealed

D Negotiations with Sahran

E Ralpere fixes Ellias

A Fabius goes to meet Buuna Bhutros. He gives a description of the captive thief but Buuna says that he does not know who he is. Fabius tells Buuna most of what happened at the temple and what information was passed to Gherrios. In return Buuna says that Elliases group went to a different temple! They have returned and seem to have failed in their mission. Buuna can cast no light on Allah E.

A In a flash of inspiration Fabius tells Buuna what we know about Ibn and Achet, Buuna is satisfied and calls over a man who introdues himself as Sahran G'bia and looks very serious and drained. Sahran talks in Azilharin so Buuna chips in with some of the complicated bits. Sahran asks if Fabius represents Willan's group, to which Fabus replies in the affirmative. Sahran suggests that the two groups can opperate to their mutual advantage. Fabius asks about Nader and Sahran reports that he is their employer. Sahran tactfully explains that he wishes to talk with Willan directly. Fabius asks if he is alone and agrees to take him to Willan directly. On leaving the Steaming Bean Fabius introduces Ralpere and Guerin and they set off for Dig'hradhan. Pansal is convinced that Sahran is genuinely alone.

B Fabius introduces Sahran to Willan, who is accompanied by Vesquer and Taran. Vesquer arranges the audience with correct formality. Sahran tells his story. He believes the two groups have common interests. Elliases group, under employment by Nader, undertook to travel to an oasis a few days journey away, to retrieve an item. The item remains unretrieved. They believe that our group has an item that they need in order to recover their item. In return they are prepared to provide information and possibly other items that may be of interest to us. Willan asks if Nader is aware of this turn of events. Sahran says that he is not, but is reticent to reveal Nader's ultimate objective. With a little prompting Sahran admits that the item was specifically described by Nader as the "Moon of Kohe", a crescent moon with holes in it, as being in a temple at the oasis. They couldn't get to it as they could not obtain the appropriate key. Sahran brings out a small wooden carving of a jaguar. He says that this opened a door, and they have two other wooden animals that opened two other doors, one of which containes a pentacle with a red ball in the middle another contained a eye carved out of red stone, a third one had a red circlet. The doors were very hard to open. The "Moon of Kohe" must be behind the fourth door and they need to get it as they do not want to countinence failing a job for a Hramin priest. They think that our group has the key for the fourth door.

B Willan withdraws with Taran, who points out that we already have one of these "Moon of Kohe" crescents from around the neck of G'thron [Ed - the necklace or pendent]. The dull silver crescent (completely untarnished and unscratched) contains three "holes" one point has a circle, the other a triangle whilst at the middle of the outside curve is a line or elongated rectangle.

B Willan and Taran return and ask Sahran what led him to believe that we have the animal key. Sahran explains that they were attacked whilst trying to get through the door. They were already in a bad way as Ellias was injured and their cleric was dead. The temple is in use by followers of the Hramin moon sect. The cleric was trying to work what the penticles meant when he was zapped in to a grease spot. Another of their party was dead. They withdrew and in an attempt to decide what to do they communed with Hrama, asking "Where can we find what we need to get in to the fourth room and retrieve the "Moon of Kohe"?"

B Hrama replied

  In the sands of family

in the shadow of strangers

in the camp of arrival

in the hand of a friend

C Sahran explains that Azibahn is the sand of our families. So we came back. Sadly Ellias collapsed on the return journey and is now unconcious. The only remaining members of his group are Jai and Dawood Hassal and we have Jai in our possession.

D In conversation Willan lets slip that he knows the phrase "Moon Heart". Sahran picks up on this and asks Willan what he knows. Willan says he has heard the name so Sahran explains that it is the name of a sub-sect of Hramin, one that is unfavoured by the mainstream Hramin religion. Willan decides to return Jai.

D The deal is that they want they key in return for information. Taran says that we may like to tag along but this distresses Sahran as the mission will become uneconomic for them. Taran says that we will not require a cut of their agreement with Nader, we are interested in some of the other symbols he discribed which gain their force from another source.

D Vesquer retrieves Jai. Willan tells Jai that he is being handed over to the custody of Sahran on the understanding that he does not go through out stuff, as after all, we may now be working together. Jai looks like he has been electrocuted and launches into a tirade of abuse against Sahran. A flaming row ensues. Eventually Jai breaks off and says questioningly that the fool Sahran says we can help Ellias. Taran replies that we may be able to assist. Jai says that we had better get on with it then. He returns to shouting a Sahran.

E Willan, Vesquer and Ralpere go to the tent of Ellias and Ralpere does his thing. Dawood Hasal is surprised by the apperance of Jai and Sahran with three infidels and the conversation becomes heated when Dawood finds out the nature of the visit. Eventually Dawood has to be wrestled out of the tent. During the commotion Ralpere checks out sources of evil and realises that something is buried under the tent.

E Jai overrides Sahran's reservations and allows Ralpere to do his thing. Ellias comes round but is very woozy. Jai is greatly relieved and has a conversation with him. Willan, a great leader, makes his good faith, work together for mutual advantage speech.

E Pansal keeps an eye on them.

Fri 21 July 1589

A Arrangements are made to depart for the new temple

B Rustbulj turns up with a clerical triumvirate

C Vesquer reports some headway with the book

D Ellias personally takes over negotiations

E The clerical triumvirate armour the feebles

F Herra exposes his snake

G Rustbulj gets all evil

A Taran goes off to see the Farah priestess and let her know that she might be required to assist Ellias. Arrangements are made for imminent departure. Some of the camel drivers are approached.

B At about lunch time Rustbulj turns up with a clerical triumvirate of Calhassan (who is moaning), Jarrys and H'Spir Salit. Willan fills them in on occurances since arrival. Calhassan checks out Abubacâ and lends some assistance. Calhassan asks where the Farah envoy is, it turns out that she is with the group at this very moment.

C Vesquer says that he has gleaned some information from G'thron's book. He has information about a skull that can be used to spy on people and there is a reference to the "Diamond of Time". It also looks as if the temple we ransacked was not the only one so it is more than likely that this other temple is significant.

D Further negotiations are undertaken with Elliases group. Ellias point blank refuses any further treatment and the group is very unhappy at the idea that a bunch of infidels might muscle in on their gig.

E Jarrys calls Willan, Ralpere and Taran to a meeting of the four clerics. Jarrys fills them in on Rustbuj's dream concerning the Christian fable of Shadrahymn. Willan, as head of the group, represents Shadrahymn and his two brothers are Taran and Ralpere. Jarrys represents the armour of Willan whilst Taran and Ralpere are covered by Calhassan and H'Spir Salit. Taran and Calhassan mutter mutterings to themselves.

F Members of the group have a heated exchange concerning the basis of future interaction with Elliases group. Also there is the issue that Herra has possesion of the box that is presumed to be the key to the fourth door. Herra demonstates how, with a bit of prestidigitation a small wooden snake, which is clearly part of the same set as the jaguar, comes off of the box. Herra fiddles with the box to see if he can produce another animal. Sadly, despite a very good try, Herra is convinced that there is no other concealed detachable animal.

G The evil items, G'thron's moon pendent (of Kohe) and the sceptre, are passed to Rustbulj. He is also given the alabaster sceptre to see if he can find out what it does.

D Willan,Taran and Ralpere go to see Ellias and his group. Willan delivers a pre-prepared speech about mutual co-operation and benefits, although he is not comfortable in a diplomatic role. Eventually Taran takes over. Taran puts forward the proposal that the two groups join forces. Ellias counters with a proposal that we give him our key, which they use to retrieve the "Moon of Kohe" and then return and pass over all four keys to us to do with as we choose.

D Willan, Taran and Ralpere step outside to discuss the proposal. It has possibilities but will have to be carefully honed.

Sat 22 July 1589

A Negotiations continue

B Rustbulj identifies some items, including the "Moon of Kohe"

A Willan, Taran and Ralpere return to the tent of Ellias armed with the group negotiating position. Firstly an exchange for the evil items already possessed by Ellias is arranged. They have a semi-human skull with three short horns, carved with runes, which is evil. It is traded for the jewelled dagger and four other gems.

A Somehow Taran magages to negotiate that six members of our group will enter the temple with two of their group (Jai and Sahran). We will assist them in gaining entry to the fourth room whilst they will forgo any claim to any item identified by Ralpere as evil. They will get any other tresure that is found. There is an underlying assumption that they will retain the "Moon of Kohe" even if it is evil.

B The skull is given to Rustbulj who looks at it pulls a face and comments that it is ugly before hitting it with the alabaster sceptre and shattering the skull into a large number of non-evil pieces. Rustbulj has established that the sceptre is magical but not in a religeous way. The evil mace is quite powerful and is beyond Rustbulj's powers to dispel. G'thron's necklace is almost certainly the "Moon of Kohe" and is at least as evil as the Orb of Torlich. Rustbulj will look after it.

Sun 23 July 1589

A A cornucopia of magic items is redistributed

B Tasks in Dig'hradhan

C To the oasis of the White Palm

A In preparation for the mission Abubacâ offers some vials of acid and other vials of alkalie, a potion of "Ingression" and a "Strength" balm. Vesquer offers "Timothy the Palanquin" and gloves of "Spider Climb", Herra reluctantly offers a potion of "Polymorph" and a potion of "Healing". Elbrane offers a "Healing" potion and a bag of "Holding". Lucius offers his boots of "Speed" and rings of "Protection" and "Night Sight". Lucius swaps his sword with H'Spir Salit.

A The items are redistributed

3 vials of acid & 3 vials of alkali
1 of each to each cleric
Potion of "Ingression"
"Strength" balm
"Timothy the Palanquin"
H'Spir Salit
"Spider Climb" Gloves
"Polymorph" potion
3 "Healing" Potions
Willan, Ralpere & Taran
Bag of "Holding"
Boots of "Speed"
Ring of "Protection"
Calhassan declines so H'Spir Salit gets it
Ring of "Night sight"

B Whilst the group are at the temple Comte is rearranging the departure activities, Abubacâ is copying the temple map. Rustbulj and Vesquer are examining the book from G'thron, Guerin is helping with Rustbulj's guard duties. Pansal is keeping an eye on Nader and Ellias.

C The group travel light with only three camel people, including the cook. On the journey Jai and Sahran fill in the details of the previous mission. The oasis of the White Palm is an important meeting place for traders and the base for Sheikh Karseem Arslahm and his two sons Hassam Arslahm and Khorus Y'Koff. Also at the oasis is a compound run by the merchants guild. It is well established and has some large buildings, like a small town. Part of the compound has been taken over by a group of slave traders. There was a ploy going on involving the kidnapping of Hassam's wife Shadallha. In the oasis some people had discovered a temple to the old gods. A number of the Sheikh's followers decided to follow the old gods and populated the temple. By a stroke of good fortune Ellias was able to descover the identity of the high priest and kill him, and relieved him of one of the wooden animal keys to add to the key from Nader. Ellias found out how to get in to the temple from the high priest before he killed him. They entered the temple and recovered a third wooden animal key (a spider) from a creature living in a cave. Having worked through the temple complex they found a coridoor with four doors one one side and a mural on the other side that indicated how the keys worked. Opening three doors reveiled rooms with pedastals surrounding by pentacles Spider (1)- red ball, Eagle (2) - red eye, [Snake] (3) - unopened, Panther (4) - red circlet. Whilst trying to open the fourth door the cleric was investigating the second room and was exploded. The noise brought the worshipers down and the group had to flee.

[November 2001]

Thur 27 July 1589 : Wed 26 July new moon

A The Dig'hradhan Guard turn up at base camp asking questions concerning the murder of Ellias

B Fabius sees Buuna who reveals that the body of Ellias had a pentacle carved on his forehead

A In Azibahn Comte du Plat receives visit from the Dig'hradhan guard and a Hramin cleric. They want to know where Willan is and Comte explains that he is on a trading mission. He gives the correct departure dates. Responding to questions, Comte says that he is not aware of Ellias and is informed that he has been murdered. The guard ask to interview all the members of the group and Vesquer makes the appropriate arrangements.

A Vesquer comes forward to report that he knows Ellias. He explains that the group had helped Ellias to recover from serious illness and then Willan and some companions had accompanied two colleagues of Ellias, Jai and another man, on a journey to the south. Vesquer is open and honest about the minor administrative details of the dealings with Ellias and his group. Vesquar mentions that the dealings with Ellias started when someone from their group was caught apparently steeling from our group. However he explains it away as a misunderstanding.

A Comte informs Guerin of the investigation but says almost nothing to help him. Guerin does not speak Azilharin and the guards are happy to conduct the interview in Westron. But Guerin knows nothing. Pansal is also questioned. He says that Willan had dealings with Ellias. We did some trading with him for an antique skull. Willan subsequently agreed to take two of Elliases men on a trip that he was making. Lucius and Herra know that Willan is gone but little more.

A The captain of the guard apologises for the inconvinience that this incident has caused and asks that the group do not leave Dig'hradhan until this is resolved.

B The group discover that themurder took place last night. A variety of options are considered but nothing seems particularly viable. Fabius sees Buuna but he can't cast any light on the matter and is being a bit evasive. Fabius lets Buuna in on some additional details about Ellias and Willan. In response Buuna tells Willan that Nader could not have done a job like this especially as he was busy on Hramin church business. Buuna does Fabius a favour and gives him a freebie. Ellias had a pentacle carved in his forehead and some of his body parts were missing.

B The group reel in Rustbulj and discuss why Ellias might have been killed. A breathless Fabius bursts in and says that Ellias had a pentacle cut in to his forehead.

Fri 28 July 1589

A - Fabius attempts to locate the jewelled dagger and Guerin is not followed

Fabius attempts to "Locate" the jewelled dagger but he cannot find any sign of it. Guerin goes out for a scout and Pansal follows Guerin. They are fairly sure that Guerin has not been followed.

[October 2001]

Sat 29 July 1589

A Camp is set at the Oasis

B Willan goes scouting

C It becomes evident why the group did not originally bring clerics

D Taran er Enendil rescues Willan and beats up a defenceless old man

E Sahran explains how to get through the temple

A There are only two ways into the temple at the Oasis of the White Palm, through the worshipers entrance or through the slavers entrance. The group set up camp near the edge of the oasis. After a bit someone turns up and asks to see the groups papers.

B Willan goes scouting and finds the secret worshipers entrance to the temple. Willan has received instruction on getting through the outer door. He goes down a flight of stairs and comes to another door which he knows requires password access. He lurks at the bottom until someone comes down and says "Open in the name of Seht". Willan waits for another person to give the password and tries to follow them in to through the door. He makes it through unnoticed in to a long room hung with tapestries. A zombie is manning [zombieing? - Ed] the wheel to open and close the door, Willan resists the compulsion to hack it to pieces. The man who Willan is following exchanges his clothes for some robes and moves through a door in the south wall (there is another door in the west wall), through an arch with three shallow wading pools before exiting through an easterly door. Willan follows him, avoiding the wading pools, into an anti-room with a door at the end. The man says "Seht" and something that Willan didn't catch and the door opens. Willan waits for an hour but no-one else comes through. He puts his foot in it as he leaves but manages to cover his tracks. He goes into the first room and through the door in the west wall where he finds a rough hewn chamber containing a bunch of spare zombies. Willan watchs for the first person to go in or out but no one comes past.

C Willan has been gone for three hours, providing stirrings of concern amongst the rest of the group in the camp. Everyone sets off towards the secret worshipers entrance but make so much noise that two guards are soon attracted. Taran, H'Spir Salit and Jai manage to hide whilst Calhassan and Ralpere pretend to be drunk and Sahran talks the guards out of doing anything with them. All those who did not hide head back to the tents. Taran continues on and it is soon apparent that H'Spir's successful attempt to hide was just a fluke. Jai volunteers to guide H'Spir back to the tents so Taran carries on alone.

D Fortunately someone comes almost straight away so Taran hides and follows at a respectable distance. Having waited for hours Willan follows the new guy and this time hears "Seht" and a word that sounds like "Minion" and another word that he still doesn't catch. Taran goes out and grabs the guy who comes along a few moments later. He says "What words or you dead" with his knife at the throat of the victim. The guy says "Open in the name of Seht" in Azilharin then Taran beats him up and makes sure he's alright. Taran heads down the stairs and says the password. The door open and Taran sees the zombie door operator. He makes his way past the robes towards the second door but Willan accosts him and after a brief altercation they leave. They get to the top and find the old man that Taran assaulted. They have to hide as another person goes down through the secret door, then ask the grandad about the second set of passwords, but he is too groggy to help.

E Taran and Willan carry the old man back to the tent but he is in no fit state to help. So Calhassan makes him fit. The old man quickly says that the second set of passwords are "Seht""Minion""Knoll Anchor". Sahran confirms that there are no other passwords, but to get through the secret doors you have to press the left eye of statue on an alter, then ignore all the rooms on the left. Another secret door is at the end of the coridoor that looks like a dead end, there is a catch low down but they left it wedged open (which was a mistake as the worshippers were able to get through it quickly, not previously knowing it was there).

C Eventully the group decide to chuck it in for the night.

Sun 30 July 1589

A The discovery of Happy Hogan's Dessert Igloo

B Another chaotic attempt to get to the temple

C The group make good time to the coridoor of four doors

D Behind the doors

E Hours of futile plans

F "The Three" are revealed

G The fifth door

H The group depart the temple and oasis

I Information pertaining to the murder of Ellias

A Willan keeps an eye on the exit and counts about 25 people out at around dawn. The group sleep until midday and then suss out the merchants compound. At the end of the merchants compount is "Happy Hogan's Dessert Igloo" bar, although it is debatable that anyone around here knows what an igloo is!

B In the evening the group set off crocodile like but almost everyone falls over, mostly tripping over the feet of the person in front. Luckily Jarrys has cast a "Silence" so there is no noise. The group make it to the entrance but the exercise has not been a confidence builder. Ralpere spikes the door behind him. Down the bottom of stairs Taran says "Open in the name of Seht" and everyone piles through. It is decided to take off boots and put on robes and to wade through the foot baths. Taran says "Seht""Minion""Knoll anchor" at the second door and the group pass through the door. At least until Willan goes through behind Taran. As Wilan goes through there is a loud big and Willan is flame grilled.

B Zombies can be heard approaching from behind and alert voices are heard from in front. Ralpere "Cessates" the zombies which turn into dust. Two guys are running towards Taran but they are momentarily phased by the sight of a flaming Willan running towards them Tarsober at the ready. Taran sees his chance and stabs one, then Willan also gets the other one. A melee ensues which is even to start with, but when Willan drops Tarsober and Ralpere steps in the battle is soon won.

C Everybody gets through the door into a temple with an unfeasably high ceiling. There is a massive statue of a jackal headed being with a pit containing pulsating red light in front of it. Jai and Sahran indicate that the group should go the other way. Following their lead the group get to the idol and pass through the secret door and on through the second secret door leading to the four door coridoor. All the doors are closed.

D The mural is an elborate series of pictograms showing many representations of snakes and animals. Sahran shows that two of the spider shapes are set over little circles and setting the spiders in a parricular way causes the spider door to open. Inside is pedistal about four feet high with a pentagram (five pointed star) drawn on the top. In one corner (the right hand one) is a triangle and in the centre is a red representation of the Orb of Torlich. Ralpere reports that there is no evil in the room.

D The eagle room reveals the crispy body of the companion of Jai and Sahran. The pentagram on this pedistal contains a circle in its bottom left point and a red eye at its centre.

D The snake room reveals a pentagram on a pedistal containing a red crescent moon at its centre and a pentagon in the bottom right point (in the 4th position) Jai and Sahran are agitated that the crescent moon is merely a red representation and it takes a while to get the panther from them.

D The panther room reveals a circlet (crown) with a pentacle containing a line in the top point (not where we were expecting). Closing the doors and re-opening them in the order of the sapping symbols in G'thron's temple achieves nothing.

D The group slip in to quest lore mode and may be getting nowhere (who can tell). Calhassan is asked to examine the body in the second room. It was zapped by lightening.

Deep thought ensues -

[November 2001]

E Ralpare speculates that the symbols shoud be paired starting in room 1 (Bael), pin and circle, second room circle to rod (Zarl Kruger), follow pentacle to bottom right room 4 (Chor Fel) - circlet, rod to pentagram go back up to door 3 (NahamMerch) - snake, pentagram to diamond, The missing door is the scorpion-skull (Neslam), diamond to pin.

E Ralpere suggests that two vertices should be pressed in the room order 1,2,4,3. He also points out that the symbol holes in the "Moon of Kohe" are the pin, circle and rod, the three symbols prceeding NahamMerch's diamond.

E Taran suggests tracing the missing symbol in each room.

E It is decided to seek divine guidence. The clerics conference and Calhassan admits that he can do a "Divination" if required. Jarrys thinks that this is very important. However it is decided that a simple question would be best at this stage and it is agreed that H'Spir Salit will "Augary". The question asked is "Will Ralpere's plan set off any traps?" Ralpere's plan is to trace the linked symbol on the appropriate point of the pentacle in ech room in the order 1,2,4,3.

F Essini answers H'Spir Salt "You will be safe, but not enlightened. Look to the clarity in your clouded minds. The Protector leads to the Drogher and Follower." Taran recalls that Rustbulj once sent a letter to Farlas saying that the Drogher, the Carrier and the Bearer are the same person, although the rolls are different. There is speculation that the Protector, Drogher and Bearer are members of "The Five" although they could be Ralpere, Willan and Taran.

E Willan has been looking at the mural and he has noticed an extra circle with a picture of a man with a sword being protected by the circle that is surrounding him. Ralpere points out that the man is slightly clearer than the rest of the mural.

E Willan "ohms" Tarsober about the plan to trace the visible symbol in each room but it ignores him.

E After a bit of debate it the group decide to "Augary" Farah through Calhassan "Will Ralpere's plan to press two points in each room set off any traps?" Farah replies "You will be safe but are misled. Your enemy may appear as your friend."

E It is agreed that Ralpere will undertake his pressing plan but not react to anything that happens until the final (3rd) room. Willan watches the man in the mural. H'Spir Salit will watch Ralpere. Calhassan, Taran and Jarrys watch the other rooms but nothing happens. As nothing happens Taran undertakes the symbol tracing idea, but to no avail. Taran traces the pin, circle, rod, pentagon and diamond on the pentacle in the third room, but nothing happens.

E A variety of permutations are tried.

E After an age, attention turns to the red items in the middle of the pentangles. Jai and Sahran confirm that the red items would not move, but the whole are radiates magic. The reason that they thought that the "Moon of Kohe" was behind the door to room three was that a "Locate object" spell confirmed that it was there. After another bout of cogitation Willan and Jarrys are shut in the various rooms whilst the doors are shut. Nothing happens.

E Calhassan casts "Detect Magic" and carefully checks each room in turn. There is a lot of magic around, the things in the middle are eminating Guardian magic, the symbols and pentagram shapes are magic with Elemantal magic and there are three specific places of "Divination" on the generally magical mural, low left, the man in the circle, high middle, a running man and low right, a walking man the last two are doing nothing outstanding.

F As nothing happens with Ralpere, Wilan and Taran fondling the men on the mural Calhassan, H'Spir Salit and Jarrys do some fondling. When H'Spir Salit fondles the man with the sword in the ring, the ring glows blue briefly. A few attempts are made to retrieve the circlet and the Orb, then Ralpere touches the circle on the mural the whole image glows blue and a blue line shoots from the upraised sword to the carving in the middle at the top. This carving changes to a clear image of a man with a sword and a spear who is hunting. This is presumed to equate to Willan who touches it. The figure glows blue and shoots a blue line to the third spot where the man changes to a walking man with a sword following a floating sword.

F Taran touches the image and a tringle of blue lines is complete with the line shooting to the first image. The wall behind the glowing blue triangle remains solid. Ralpere, Willan and Taran are still touching the three points. The clerics check to rooms but nothing seems to have changed so they search the space beteen the second and third door but find nothing. Jai and Sahran are asked to search the space but they find nothing. Everyone searches the area of the glowing triangle but it reveals nothing.

E Around the pentacles in the four rooms the clerics burn equilateral triangles with acid and pour holy water, of which Jarrys has exactly four vials. However there is no obvious effect.

G Willans arm is aching so the three move in to room one and form a triangle with their swords. There is a blue flash, the pentacle fades and the Orb disintegrates. The process is successfully completed in each subsequent room. Jai tries to stop the group entering the third room but he cannot prevail. On exiting the third room a fifth door is now apparent. Following the form of an equilateral triangle, it has a picture of a sun at the top, an oasis on the right and a hand (left) on the right. Jai and Sahran are distraught at the disintgration of the red moon. The mural is still as it was.

F Ralpere, Willan and Taran touch the oasis, sun and hand and the door opens to reveal a staircase going down. It is now obvious that Ralpere is the protector, Willan is the Drogher and Taran is the Follower.

F Ralpere, H'Spir Salit, Willan, Jarrys, Calhassan and Taran followed by Jai and Sahran descend the stairs. At the bottom there is small room containing a plinth with some objects on the top, a bed, a body on the bed - dead, and a small chest.

F Ralpere enters the room and identifies a scroll case, a rod, a ring and an unidentifiable piece of gold jewellery. Nothing in the room is evil. The dead body has clearly been there for a considerable time, it has been mummified by the ages in this rarified atmosphere. A search reveals nothing secret which Jai confirms unequivically. Jai opens the chest to reveal gold and jewels and precious things. Jarrys checks out the room for magic, there is a general background aura and all the items on the plinth are magical. Jarrys asks Jai to check the scroll case, he can't find any traps so Jarrys opens the scroll case and looks at the scroll, it is a history of very relevent information. Jai has a look and confirms that it is not a spell scroll. Jarrys reads the scroll, the life of NahamMerch. It can be read in any language. The document is signed by M'hartek and dated in an unknown calender.

Nahammerch, Badr Ajjân, the Moon Heart appeared in our lands 250-300 years ago. He was a man of great power, who ruled as a Prince but whose subjects suffered cruelly at his hands. He had somehow subverted the worship of the true Gods and operated a perverted and cruel unnatural worship of other forces, in secret.

Although he and his followers had operated in secret, his ideas have infiltrated, and had an insidious effect upon, the worship of the true gods. Faithful worship has become corrupted, by the observance of unnatural practises and deviant ceremonies, which have become accepted part of worship for many priests and also many people.

This tainting of the religious observances naturally angered the gods, who became less willing to aid their followers and more likely to exact apparently capricious revenge.

In collaboration with several senior priests, including the High Priest of Set at the time, I attempted, with much success, to root out this perversion, to reverse these influences and purify the Azilharian sacraments.

At the same time I researched the history of NahamMerch and discovered more behind him than anyone realized. I was drawn to the conclusion that although he had died centuries previously, that his was a great evil power which would rise again. However the gods also show me the coming of other forces, three armoured brothers, who will combat him, and it is these three true warriors I seek to aid here.

In my research I uncovered an old Nahammerch temple at Zahlbarehn, which I raided and destroyed. In that place I discovered more about a Nahammerch and his allies, a group I came to know as "the five".

Nahammerch had created deadly traps and strange demons to protect his unholy temple, making use of the pentagram sign and small arcane symbols apparently relating to this group. The meaning of these signs is not clear to me, although I have fathomed some of their secret use.

In this place I have stored the results of my life's work to aid those who come after and left guidance to help you, for I know it is you that read this. Knowing that your enemy would also likely seek this knowledge, I prepared traps in their style to foil them. The orb, circlet, eye and moon are artefacts these demons treasure and, after many years of study and work, I devised those copies to destroy them. Only you three brothers could have avoided my tests and passed the door to read my words now.

Whether you be followers of Set, Lethis, Osiris, Balamak, Huro or Taskali, the gods be with you in your Quest.

Of Nahammerch and his 4 Jahamaran I know these things

There are five symbols, each associated with one name and one colour.

diamond - Gold
Chor Fel
pentagon - Green
a strange distorted triangle I have come to know as the Pin - Red
ring - Black
an unknown name
rod - Silver

Nahammerch owned a powerful helmet - The Helm of Sound

This made him impervious to attacks or subversions caused by sound and it allowed his hearing to be especially acute. This item appeared to have remained in another land for reasons I am unable to discover.

Each of the group had an item somehow associated with this helm - a shield impervious to damage, a bracelet that enhanced arcane powers, a skull that sensed, a belt affording demonic protection on command.

There may be other groups of five objects and patterns of five appear significant.

As well as himself coming here, apparently from the west (although I know not where), his ally Chor Fel had travelled to a place further west and Neslahm had journeyed south.

Nahammerch's ceremonies are associated with the destruction of true artefacts or honest people. Death by hanging was particularly favoured as a punishment and a ceremony. His followers referred to this as someone being "suspended".

He uses a special icon or rune for ultimate protection - the normal method of passing this rune is to perform a perverted ceremony involving the destruction or desecration of something pure.

Nahammerch had many places of worship hidden in Azilhâ. One of these I destroyed at Zahlbarehn. Others were uncovered and destroyed by my allies and predecessors. However, his high temple remains hidden from us. It is told that this temple was hidden in a green valley nourished by the waters of the Athis. When he died he cursed the valley by the power of "The Diamond of Time" and the valley dried up and died with him. However, no-one has been able to find this temple or the valley and none of the many searches along the Athis have revealed any trace of it. Strangely it is said that the waters of the Athis rose rather than dried in the years following his death.

My only further indication of the location of this place is that it was said to be "beyond the city of the beggars", although this vague description could apply to every city and has helped me nought.

Of the "Diamond of Time" I can also find no trace or reference, except one reference in a folk song of the Ghrasik plains, which talks "The dark spaces of the Crescent Moon leading to Time's Diamond, a meteorite fragment of unearthly power"."

H There is a small alterction between Sahran and Calhssan concerning the legal status of the ring, rod and jewelery but Willan interjects and the debate is postponed. The group leave by the way we came in shutting all doors as we go. Willan "Invisibly" moves ahead, as he leaves the temple he sees movment off to one side so he check it out and finds someone hiding, watching the entrance. Willan moves back to the entrance to the temple and warns the group that the exit is being watched. He is sent back to "deal" with the watcher and moves around towards the camp. Willan finds a second watcher looking at the entrance plus two people watching the camp. Willan comes back down and Taran gives him a ring to help him see in the dark.

H Wilan goes back and totally muffs taking out the first watch but he recovers his composure, knocks out the watcher and goes to the spot where the other watcher was, but he isn't and Willan realises that he has run into the temple. He runs in to discover that he was wrong and the guy did not run in to the temple. The group galvanize in to action, Willan and Taran go to take out the two watching the camp. The rest move within a "Silence" spell cast by H'Spir Salit. Willan and Taran do not make a good start at silencing the watcher and a fight ensues. The watchers draw their scimitars. Willan and Taran do not wish to bring down the wrath of the local law so they keep their weapons shiethed. A grapple develops.

H Eventually the rest of the group turn up and H'Spir Salit guides Ralpere toards the melee whilst the rest move to strike camp. The sound of combat ceases (as H'Spir's "Silence" takes over). Taran's opponent uses his sword at every opportunity. Willan and Taran knock out the watchers go to the partly struck camp.

H The group leave the oasis in the dead of night.

I In Dig'hradhan Fabius does not "Locate" the dagger at the guardhouse or the Hramin Examiners building in Azibahn. Guerin hears a rumour in the bar to the effect that Willan is behind the murder of Ellias.

[Dec 2001]

Mon 1 Aug 1589

A The group busy themselves in Dig'hradhan

B Fabius is a wraith

C The group returning from the oasis interrogate their prisoners

A Vesquer sends Arry the Hawk to scout around for the returning group. Fabius does not "Locate" the dagger at Saloom's or Gherrioses place. Lucius is following Nader "Invisibly" all day and establishes that he does not seem to be doing anything unusual, until he goes to a coffee shop on his way from the temple and orders a coffee, which he leaves undrunk when he departs about a quarter of an hour later. Lucius spots Sh'alita in a nearby coffee shop. Herra has been watching coffee shops but to no avail.

A Comte goes to see Achxmilys, who is concerned about the possible involvement of the group in the death of an unsavoury character like Ellias, a mercinary "sword for hire". Comte realises that Achxmilys is aware that there is more to the "trading mission" than trading, and that he is suggesting that we be careful in our dealings elsewhere. Achxmilys also suggests that the bodies had been tortured. Comte chats with Achxmilys about chatty stuff concerning Achxmilys past in the Westron lands. Achxmilys expresses his wish that that the matter of Elliases murder is resolved as soon as possible, before Willan returns.

A Comte sends Vesquer to offer assistance to the Dig'hradhan guard. Elbrane is is authorised to release 1,000 silver pieces of Party funds to be put up as a reward by the Dig'hradhan guard in return for information leading to the succesful aprehension of the murderer of Ellias. Sergeant Yukub Musaffah deals with Vesquer and it is arranged that the money will be deposited with the guard. Vesquer finds out that there were fingers missing from the bodies although he is not allowed to see them [The fingers? - Ed].

B Fabius attempts to find the body of Ellias by turning himself in to "Wraith form" and entering the guard house. He is able to establish that the cells are below the ground floor and below that is another level. It is cool and there are two bodies down there. Fabius is out of time and as he leaves he startles one of the prisoners.

C In the desert, the two guys who were brought away from the oasis are questioned. They are working for an associate of the Sheikh and do not admit to being anything other than mainstream Hramin, although this seems quite unlikely. Now that the group are a day's journey away from the oasis the prisoners are released.

Tue 2 Aug 1589

A Fabius speaks to Buuna

B The group busy themselves in Dig'hradhan

C Fabius pitches a tent

D Nader's message network is rumbled

E Issil Oome takes the Ansachat shield to Farlas

A Fabius goes to see Buuna after a good breakfast of hearts so that he can excerpt the utmost influence on him. Buuna tells him that the guards have information about people other than ouselves hanging about Elliases tent. Buuna thinks that it is suprising just how much the guards know about Ellias considering his apparently unimportant status. Buuna is sure that Nader had nothing to do with it, he is not convinced however that Nader is working alone. Fabius passes on the information about Luciuses coffee shop observaions and also the location of the bodies and missing fingers.

B Pansal Azilhar's himself up and makes enquiries in the tents around the murder but finds out little that is useful.

B Comte and Elbrane both put the word out amongst the merchants that favoured trading status will be given to anyone who is able to supply information that assists in excluding Willan from suspicion in the murder of Ellias.

B Herra sets off in disguise.

B Lucius follows Nader without his "Invisibility". Lucius is aware that Nader has seen him, but not rumbled the fact that Lucius is following him.

B Everyone is at the pre-arranged lunch time meeting, except Herra. Pansal reports that Elliases tent has been removed but he is sure that there is still stuff buried in the ground. Fabius will arrange to pitch a tent on that spot. Fabius reports back on his meeting with Buuna and makes Lucius "Invisible".

C Fabius "Charms" information out of the tent allocation man who recounts outrageous tales of extreme torture by spirits. Pansal ensures that the tent is in the right spot.

B Vesquer secures an introduction to Ibun Al Sahroof, one of the merchants who is pitched near the murder spot. Vesquer is warned that Ibun is a bit of a pompus Hramin fanatic. When Vesquer gets to meet him the guy is quite rude and Vesquer couldn't get anywhere with his servants either.

D Lucius follows Nader past the coffee shop again. This is odd as it is out of his way to go there. Lucius spots Herra and makes himself known. Herra reports that he has seen Sh'alita make contact with one of the servers this morning. Lucius takes over and Herra goes away for a slash.

D Herra reports back to the rest of the group in the evening, then goes back to relieve himself on Lucius. At closing time the servant is followed home.

C Pansal and Fabius dig up the ground in the tent. Pansal is certain that the ground has been dug up and there are traces of blood, but nothing buried. Pansal "Locates" the object over to the side of the tent. They dig again but still cannot find anything.

[May 2002]

E Issil Oome arrives at the castle of Farles in possession of the Ansachat shield that he has recovered from Nylas, who was captured by Abrogan sourve Faskin to the north west of Ruistor as a result of Issil Oome putting the word around. Issil Oome transported Nylas to Farlas in a very secure, very uncomfortable fashion. Farlas confirms that it is definitely the Ansachat shield. Nylas is given an opportunity to spill the beans on Norgraze and Tusula in return for clemency. Nylas has no truck with anything and is finally executed by behedding.

E All the ansachat items are now in the possession of The Party. Sadly Willan has the helmet and he is in Azilhar so the way to the Silver Void cannot yet be opened.

[Dec 2001]

Wed 3 Aug 1589

A Fabius and Pansal find a chest

B Investigations in to the death of Ellias continue

C Nader's communications network is observed

D The ghost of Ellias is seen

A In the tent of Ellias in Dig'hradhan, Fabius and Pansal have another go at the hole. Pansal "Detects" the items and Fabius "Dispels" then Pansal "Detects" again and the magic eminates from the other side of the tent. They dig down in the new place and find a large locked chest. It is not too heavy so they get it taken back to the Rilotar. Before they leave they smooth over the ground and Fabius decides that he is no longer comfortable with his tent pitched on this murder site so they take down the tent and pack it over the chest.

A Fabius contracts Elbrane to remove the tent to another spot and a sub-contractor is employed to move the tent as Elbrane removes the chest to the Rilotar. Abubaca prestidigitates the chest open to reveal a rope net and two leather bags, one larger than the other. The big bag contains silver and in the small bag is a ring. Abubaca cannot find any secret compartments in the chest.

A Abubaca says that the ring is clearly safe and that Lucius should try it on. Lucius does so and all the usual tests are applied. The effect of the ring remains a mystery and the ring is returned to the bag and the contents of the chest are put back. Herra is unconvinced and wants to investigate for himself, but he is not permitted to re-open the chest.

B Vesquer goes to see Sergeant Musaffah who reports that the money has elicited some progress in getting discriptions of others in the viscinity on the night of the murder, but he won't say more than that. The Sergeant says that nobody nearby heard anything. Vesquer offers the assistance of the group. Vesquer tells the Sergeant that Willan had traded a jewelled dagger to Ellias and that one of his contacts has the ability to locate it if it is nearby. Vesquer gets a discription of the dagger and leaves.

C Herra is disguised and observing the coffee shop. Pansal is dispatched to follow Nader and Lucius is following Gherrios. Nader went into the coffee shop and aparently had a coffee shop.

B The merchants tell Elbrane that the guards have heard about four people who were in the viscinity of Elliases tent at the time, two large muscular types, one slight sneaky looking fellow and another one who seemed to be in charge. By implication they were Azilharin.

D In the evening Fabius "Wraiths" himself back into the guardhouse, cuts off Elliases ear and leaves the guardhouse. Ellias already had some missing fingers and ear and some cuts and bruises and the pentacle carved into his forehead. Dawood is just beaten up and knifed. Unfortunately someone comes in to the morgue just as Fabius is changing. The person raises that alarm so Fabius flies through him a couple of times to make the guy as scared and confused as possible and then flies out. Fabius changes back and delivers the ear to Rustbulj.

D Rustbulj asks the ear who killed him and what did they want to know? The spirit of Ellias replies Mahmood Burras and they wanted to know where the moon was. Fabius then admits that there was a slight problem in that someone saw him changing as he was about to leave.

Thur 4 Aug 1589

A Fabius joins the throng hiding out on the Rilotar

B Nader's communication network is disrupted

C Ellias is buried

D Guerin meets Buuna

A Fabius withdraws to the Rilotar and spends his time "Invisible". Fabius explains how to contact Buuna and it is agreed that Vesquer will make contact. There is a minor ruck about Herra's coffee shop gambling expenses, but these are eventually paid. Elbrane gives Herra a 30 silver pieces per day allowance and Lucius authorises the same for Guerin.

B Lucius follows Nader to the coffee shop where Herra observes Nader trying to attract the attention of the serving man who deliberately ignores him. Nader seems agitated and eventually gets up and bumps in to the serving man whilst thrusting a piece of paper into a pocket. Herra tries to attract the attention of the serving man but to no avail. When Nader leaves Lucius follows him. Nader goes about his usual tasks.

B Herra moves to go to the toilet and tries to pick the serving mans pocket however he is unsuccessful. Herra leaves the coffee shop and reports back. It is arranged that Abubaca will attempt to recover the note tonight.

C The word on the street is that there was a hooha at the guard house last night as the ghost of Ellias rose up and attacked a guard so he has been buried with all due ceremony as quickly as possible.

D Vesquer is unable to make contact with Buuna so Guerin has a go. He is passed through a variety of people until he eventually meets Buuna. Buuna explains that Mahmood Burras is a mythical person who is often attributed to things like this but no-one knows who he is. Guerin explains how we know and Buuna is astonished and re-considers his position, but can shed no light. Guerin also tells Buuna about the messaging system involving Nader, Sh'alita and the serving man. Buuna is impressed by the information gathering capabilities of the group.

B Vesquer is on coffee shop duty for the afternoon. Pansal is following Gherrios but he is not making a very good job of it.

B Abubaca leaves the Rilotar for the first time in almost two months and makes his way to the coffee shop. He notices the serving man signal to someone across the road. Abubaca can't see who was signalled to and it looks as if they have gone away so he turns his attention to the serving man. Abubaca and Vesquer both follow the serving man. Abubaca notices someone in an alley who is clearly watching. Vesquer soon breaks off and returns to the coffee shop. As Abubaca moves in "Invisibly" to pick his pocket the serving man moves to the right and has his knife ready. Abubaca makes the knife shoot out of the serving man's hand and then tries to trip him up, but he hasn't got his land legs yet and misses. The guy has started to run down the road in a weaving pattern so Abubaca runs down the road straight in to him, knocking him to the floor. He is able to pick the serving mans wallet from his pocket but there is no note. The serving man is running away and Abubaca gets his dagger out. A quick mental count reminds Abubaca that he will become visible on his next attack so he decides to give up on the serving man and follow the hand-off man in the alley. He follows the man back to what appears to be his local pub and then on home. Abubaca stays in town overnight as the gates are now locked.

[Jan 2002]

Fri 5 Aug 1589

A Plans are made to find out about Mahmood Buuras

B Herra - cat burgler

C Unfruitful following

D Willan's group return from the White Palm Oasis

E Willan's group are banged up

F A variety of accounts of the White Palm trip are given to Sergeant Musaffah

A At an early morning meting it was decided to speak to Achxmilys about the legend of Mahmood Buuras. Also someone should contact Nader to "put the heat on" now that he probably knows that we're on to him. We could threaten to shop him to Saloom, the Hramin Examiner. There is a suggestion that it might be helpful to break in to the houses of Nader and the guy who Abubaca followed last night.

A Herra is going to case Nader's whilst Abubaca will see what he can do to get into the messengers dwelling, likely to be a room within a multi-occupied building. Fabius will follow Sh'alita and watch the coffee bar. Elbrane will question the merchants about Mahmood Buuras whilst Comte will ask Achxmilys about him. Guerin will watch the coffee shop. Pansol is following Gherrios. "Arry the hawk will fly over Azibhan to check comings and goings a various locations.

B Herra decides to be a postman and takes a letter with him whilst he breaks in to the house next door to Nader's. [? - Ed] Herra hears someone singing in a leftwardly direction (towards Nader's house) as he gets in to the inner courtyard. Herra firks around the courtyard gets inside and heads up some stairs until he steps on a squeaky one and the singing stops and someone calls out in Azilharin. The singer has come in to the courtyard and has shouted again. A second voice answers. The first voice said "I'm sure I heard something" and the response was "Okay I'll check". Herra makes it upstairs and hears someone come in to the room downstairs and comes up the stairs. Herra swigs a "Polymorph self" potion that he has been carrying around for years and turns in to a cat! Herra runs downstairs into the courtyard and sees the lady who was presumably the singer. She strokes him until he decides it's time to move on. Herra finds his way over the roof into Nader's house.

B Nader's house is unexceptional as the houses of clerics go. Herra cases out the location of the private rooms although he cannot pass through closed doors. There are at least two servants in the house. Herra leaves in cat form and makes his way to the coffee shop. On his way he turns back in to Herra and the change is seen by three people. He decides to head back to the ship.

C Fabius goes back to the place where he saw Sh'alita but there is no sign of him. Pansol follows Gherrios but he does nothing noteworthy. Guerin watching the coffee shop notices that the serving person that we had been watchin has not turned up, the coffee shop seems quite ordinary.

D "Arry the Hawk spots the returning Oasis group. Vesquer slips out to meet them and brings them up to speed. Willan and the group are a bit nonplussed to discover they are prime murder suspects in the death of Ellias.

D As a result of the information of the death of Ellias Willan offers protection to Jai and Sahran. They have a heated discussion between themselves and thank Willan for his extremely generous offer, but they think that fleeing is safer. Willan asks if they will make a statement to the Dig'hradhan guard before they leave to the effect that they have been with us and heve been treated well. They are not enthusiastic about this but agree.

E Taran decides to go to Dig'hradhan with Vesquer to make arrangements. The annual fair is now in full swing so Achxmilys is rather busy. Vesquer puts the situation to Sargeant Musaffah who asks him to wait. About twenty minutes later he returns with Achxmilys who wants the whole story from Taran. Taran gives him an ultra sanitised, but not untrue vesion of events at the oasis, Achxmilys is a bit perturbed but agrees that Sargeant Musaffah will take some men to get statements. Achxmilys has a word with Sergeant Musaffah who leaves with Vesquer, gathers a tak of men and heads off out of Dig'hradhan. On the journey Vesquer is profuse in his thanks to Musaffah for involving Achxmilys. Taran is detained in the fair.

E The troop of soldiers turn up at Willans camp and are introduced by Vesquer. Sergeant Musaffah politely points out that Willan and the group are to be detained. Willan makes a passionate plea on behalf of Jai and Sahran. Musaffah and two guards take Jai and Sarhan to one side.

E Anticipating the forthcoming detention Willan gives his poitions, scroll of information, ansachat hat, headband, helmet, pearls and gems, a ring, a wrapped book entitled "1413", and bag of holding to Vesquer. H'Spir Salit puts a ring on Vesquer's finger. Jarrys puts a scroll in the bag along with three silver specked potions and a ring. Vesquer puts this ring on as well. Ralpere puts two potions in the bag. H'Spir Salit gives the dog blanket back to Vesquer who returns a book to him "101 interesting things about Hobbits". Calhassan puts a block of insense and a small packet into the bag.

E Sergeant Musaffah comes back to say that the testimony of Jai and Sarhan supports our contention that we had nothing to with the death of Ellias. However their testimony has revealed some additional depths about the relationship of the group to Ellias. Sergeant Musaffah suggests that he has no alternative than to detain everyone. He asks if Willan can do anything to reassure Jai and Sarhan, Willan explains that in order to do that certain arrangements will be required in detention. Musaffah cannot give such a guarantee so Willan's reasurance is limited. No one is disarmed.

E Vesquer returns to Rustbulj and hands over the loot and goes on to see Comte who immediately gets dolled up and sets off to see Achxmilys. The group return to Dig'hridhan with Sergeant Musaffah and his soldiers.

F Back in Dig'hridan Musaffah questions Willan who gives a more detailed account of events, including an admission of the existence of the temple. And he drops some information about Mahmood Buraas, which is awkward and he has to admit that Vesquer has updated him on events. Taran sticks to the story of a failed trading mission. Ralpere quickly admits that the group were investigating reports of an evil temple with a trading mission as a cover story. He admits that the group found some information and items that were actually good. Jarrys points out that he is the spiritual advisor to Willan and he believed that the mission was for trading although little trading was undertaken. Jarrys was general in his answers and stuck to his position that it is his job to keep Willan to the true religion. H'Spir Salit says that he went to the Oasis because Ralpere went. He gives detailed descriptions of trivia. Calhassan takes a very combatitive stance and makes it clear thet the mission was more religious than trading without imparting any details at all.

E Vesquer and Comte turn up to see Achxmilys but he is too busy to see them, so Comte leaves a note.

F Achxmilys and Sergeant Musaffah go to see Willan and accuse him and the group of obfuscation. Willan tells them that the mission related to a temple that pre-dated the Hramin religion and that Elliases group was employed by Nader to find a moon artifact which it turned out was not there. There was information and other artifacts that we allowed Jai and Sahran to keep even though we felt that the information would be of more use to our group and our interests in the Lagoin lands.

E Guerin keeps a look out in case Jai and Sarhan are released, they are not.

A Late in the evening there is a meeting of those members of the group who are still at liberty. Elbrane and Lucius report back on what they have found out. The legend of Mahmood Buraas arouse about 20 years ago and one story alleges that there was a threat to him from his children so he killed them to stop them from taking over from him. Apparently he is no respector of the Hramin church although the merchants, along with everyone else, think that no one could be that powerful and remain unknown. Abubaca speculates that Mahmood Buraas is the most recent descendent of Naham'Merch.

A Rustbulj reports that he has deciphered the glyph on the book from near Nagala's gate. It is a record of the town for that year.

A Comte reports to the group that he considers us to be a target and that we should take appropriate steps to defend ourselves. A watch is set.

B Herra climbs in to Azibahn and goes to Nader's house. He gets through a shutter quite easily and firks around the house until he hears banging on the door. The Hramin examiners have arrived to detain Nader. He is taken away and Herra takes advantage of the chaos to slip in to Nader's room. It's dark. Herra can't put on a light as it would be seen. In the end he puts a candle on by Nader's bed and waits outside the room to see if anyone notices. No one does so he goes back in to the room and finds some documents, although there are no secret compartments to be found. Herra firks around the rest of the house, as far as he can with distraught servants kicking about, and finds a room with a sophisticated lock.Luckily the servants move off and Herra spends about half an hour getting through the door in to a study private chapel combo. Herra find too many documents to remove and Herra cannot read them to make a selection, so he has to take a random sample.

B Herra investigates the altar but it seems quite straightforward. Herra hears more banging on the outer door, which the servants quickly answer. Herra hides behind the door and is able to slip out unnoticed when they rush in. Herra manages to leave by the front door. He follows one of the servants who left and went to what looks like his own hovel. Herra checks various strategic points in the town and at dawn the goes back to Dig'hradhan to report that Nader was arrested by the Examiners whilst he was there.

Sat 6 Aug 1589

A Willan and co. are released together with Jai and Sahran

B Negotiations collapse

C Jai and Sahran depart with more of the group's possessions than the group usually supply to themselves!

D A decision is taken to return to Salsorme

E Attempts to find a translator

F The return of magic items on loan

A All those who were detained are released because Nader has been arrested for the murder of Ellias. Jai and Sarhan are released in to the custody of Willan. They must leave Dig'hradhan within two days, they must not go to Aziban and they would be well advised to leave the country altogether. Willan offers our assistance and asks if a trade can be arranged over the items that we require. There is clearly a difference of view over the moral call concerning various items currently in the possession of both sides. Willan and Taran are exasperated with the position that Jai and Sahran are taking, a condition that is obviously mutual. A meeting between the three and their spiritual advisors is tense with H'Spir Salit arguing for moderation. Willan and Taran are set against any continuing negotiation with Jai and Sahran. Ralpere will not express a particular position although he suggests that we evaluate the items.

B As Willan and Taran will not negotiate with them, H'Spir Salit makes the final arrangements for the departure of Jai and Sahran. Willan is so annoyed that he is reticent to keep to the terms of protection that he had previously offered to Jai and Sahran, but he realises that he must.

B H'Spir Salit goes to see Elbrane and says that he is worried by the situation that has developed. Elbrane is cautious that interference could be counter-productive but agrees to speak to Willan and Taran. Elbrane speaks to Taran and Willan but they are unmoved and are not prepared to sanction further negotiation, so Elbrane retires.

C H'Spir Salit, Ralpere, Lucius and Guerin accompany Jai, Sahran, some camels that we provided, water and food that we provided, a tent that we provided, the chest that they did not know about that we have "returned" and the items that were willed to us and so are moraly ours to a distance of a few hours from Dig'hradhan and wave goodbye.

D A staff conference is convened where the necessity to investigate the temple near the Athis River is discussed. However there are limitations on what can curently be done. The most pressing priority is to dispatch the Rilotar to Salsorme with the various items and information we have so far acquired, in order that they can be dealt with as soon as possible. There is concern that anyone who remains in Azilhar will be too weak to take ay action against, or defend themselves from Mahmood Buraas. Azilhar based action is restricted by the zenophobia of the locals.

D It is going to be difficult to sort out G'thron's book. The language is such that it is unlikely to be deciphered in the Lagoin lands. However the relations of the group with Hramin is not at all promising and Vesquer and Ralpere (?) are not keen to remain in Azilhar as it is a dangerous place.

D There is concern that anyone who overwinters in Azilhar wil not be able to make best use of their time and will be in danger; whilst evacuating to Salsorme means a delay of half a year. The group are probably not strong enough to overcome anything directly concerned with one of The Five.

D A message to Marius Tellman must be sent directly on a boat from the Fair to Kirk. There is also an issue of the holdings of Willan, Ralpere and Taran in the Tyris Valley. Most members of the group seem to favour return, although Taran is commited to staying and Rapere supports this view.

E Taran is tense after his dealings with Jai and Sahran so he goes to shag his Farah chick and see if she knows anyone who might be able to help. Elbrane also may be able to find a commercial theological translator although he thinks it will be pricey even if he can pull it off.

F All unused magic items donated for the White Palm Oasis trip are returned to their donators.

D The ship that brought Rustbulj and the spiritual advisors will leave in a few days with some of the merchants, all of the important items that have been aquired and some of the group, most likely Rez, Abubaca, Guerin and Fabius. The rest wil return on the Rilotar towards the end of the Fair of Dig'hradhan.

E Comte makes contact with N'Kir and puts the idea to him that it would aid long-distance communication if an Azilharin scribe would be prepared to return with the group to Salsorme.

[Feb 2002]

E Kir reports that the Kaliph is not interested in sending a cultural exchange to the infidel. N'Kir suggests that whilst the group may find a scribe for hire, only someone totally unhinged would be prepared to take the job.

D Lucius has obtained a map of Azilhar.

Sun 7 Aug 1589

A Relations between the two three's

A Ralpere calls a meeting of the six. He suggests that the pearls might be significant to the three, either the three themselves or the three "shields". He also admits that following advice from H'Spir Salit he arranged for Lucius to negotiate a trade for the rod, the ring and the jewelery with Jai and Sarhan. There is a deep and meaningful discussion about the status of the members of the two triumvirates.

A There is general agreement that it is the right thing that the group have the items, but do the ends justify the means? There is some difficulty over the actions of H'Spir Salit and Ralpere being secretive and against the express instructions of Taran and Willan. It is pointed out that the final arbiters in the event of disagreement on Quest related matters are the clerical triumvirate, at the moment the "Shields". Willan calls a halt to the discussions saying that he must consider the situation and will not discuss it further until tomorrow.

A Willan speaks to Jarrys, his spiritual advisor about the conflict over the means and the ends. Calhassan has a similar word with Taran Er Enendil. Jarrys continues to try to convince Willan of the merits of Christianity. He thinks it is necessary for the success of the three.

Mon 8 Aug 1589

A Triangles are formed and magical items are tested

A The six make a pair of triangles with the clerics forming the front triangle. Jarrys and Willan are at the points with H'Spir Salit and Ralpere to the left and Calhassan and Taran to the right. The clerics cast a "Bless" spell. The clerics are holding the pearls, one is white, one is pale blue and one is black, this is the colour scheme of G'thron's armour, so the pearls may not be good. There seems to be no additional effect and the pearls are returned to Willan.

A Guerin tries out G'throns longbow and establishes that it has magical attributes.

Tue 9 Aug 1589 full moon

A The first boat departs Aziban for Salsorme

A The first boat departs with Rustbulj, Rez, Abubaca, Guerin and Fabius the majority of items gained in Azilhar, together with some of the merchants.

Wed 10 Aug 1589

A A History lesson, sort of -

B The Ansachat helmet is confirmed as NahamMerch's "Helm of Sound".

C Martek's gifts are distributed amongst the clerical triumvirate.

A Lucis reports that the quote from the song in Martek's document relates to the Ghrashik plains which is unusually isolated even for Azilhar. Their songs are often about good triumphing over evil. Although the accepted wisdom of the local bards was that the song was probably not a Ghrashik plains original as the content was a bit wimpy and the phraseology was odd.

A Taran recalls the "Claracon", the book about the life of Riasc (weilder of Mengros) and Nyal (weilder of Tarsober). Marius Tellman instructed the original Party to find it. It contains information which can now be identified as relating to "The Five"

B The attributes of the Ansachat Helmet are relevealed. It gives the wearer acute hearing and grants immunity from sound attacks [Can only be NahamMerch's "Helm of Sound" - Ed]. Lucius uses the pan pipes as a test, the music tends to give some people the "willies" although strong willed characters tend to be unaffected by it.

C Lucius gives Jarrys the brooch from Martek and Jarrys feels a surge of power. Vesquer is persuaded to give H'Spir Salit Martek's rod, H'Spir Salit feels a surge, as does Calhassan when he receives the ring from Lucius. There is a minor impass when Calhassan points out that he does not wear rings or other magic items as he trusts in the power of Farah. However because he felt the surge of power when he received it he is persuaded that this magic item is an exception. Willan gives Vesquer a ring of "Fire Resistance" in return for the rod that he gave to H'Spir Salit.

Wed 24 Aug 1589 new moon

A The Rilotar departs Aziban for Salsorme

A Having made appropriate goodbyes the Rilotar departs for Salsorme with all and sundry and an interpreter on board.

Fri 26 Aug 1589

A Calhassan tests the ring from Martek

A Calhassan experiments on wounds deliberately inflicted on Taran and discovers that Martek's ring enhances his power.

Mon 30 Aug 1589

A The Illonsor and Revdirin DATE Irregulars complete basic training

A Basic training of the taks of DATE Irregulars to be stationed in Illonsor and Revdirin has been completed.

Sun 4 Sept 1589

A The ship returning to Salsorme is set upon by sahuagin and a sea dragon

A The boat shipping Rustbulj, Rez, Abubaca, Fabius and Guerin back to Salsorme is attacked by a very large sea monster, Guerin sees sahuagin in the water approaching the boat. Some arrows are loosed but the sahuagin begin to climb on to the ship. Rustbulj arrives on deck and looks perturbed. Less so as three sea elves appear on deck. Combat is joined and the group make steady progress against the sahuagin as there is a disturbance in the water. The sahuagin soon flee and there is no sign of the sea dragon. A few sailors were lost but not so many as to inhibit the sailing of the ship. The two surviving sea elves soon disappear.

Fri 9 Sept 1589 : 7 Sept. new moon

A The first ship arrives in Salsorme from Aziban

A The ship arrives back in Salsorme. Abubaca stomps back to Questor's in a bad mood and finds that the building work has progressed well. He is underwhelmed and locks himself in his basement lab.

Mon 19 Sept 1589

A The Rilotar reaches Salsorme after an uneventful trip

A The Rilotar reaches Salsorme after an uneventful trip.