4 Kingdoms

Chapter 14 - Return to Talvarran


Tue 20 Sept 1589

  • Willan calls a Quest meeting

Wed 21 Sept 1589

  • The Quest meeting
  • Oaths to the Quest are sworn and reaffirmed - except for Lucius
  • Willan announces that the ansachat items are recovered
  • Lucius recounts a dream he had about the silver void
  • Arrangements are made for the trip to Talvaran
  • Overseen by Rustbulj, the Azilharin interpreter sets to work

Thur 22 Sept 1589 new moon

  • The expedition to Talvaran departs from Salsorme

Sun 25 Sept 1589

  • Taran arrives at the Farah temple site
  • Names are explained
  • The foundation of AA (Association Er Anendil)

Tue 27 Sept 1589

  • The expedition arrives at Zeim Illonsor

Wed 28 Sept 1589

  • The ansachat skull is examined

Thur 29 Sept 1589

  • The expedition to Talvaran sets off for Zeim Falc

Sun 2 Oct 1589: 6 Oct full moon

  • The gods are confused

Mon 10 Oct 1589

  • The expedition arrives at Zeim Falc

Tue 11 Oct 1589

  • The expedition leaves Zeim Falc for Talvaran

Wed 12 Oct 1589

  • The expedition arrives at Talvaran. H'Spir Salit is slimed almost to death
  • The expedition uses the ansachat items to move to the silver void
  • Burbalangs are foght
  • The rescue expedition sets off in to the silver void
  • Gilthon, Coffchomi, Temlin and Polvyr set off to destroy the githianki blocking mechanism
  • The rescue expedition win a game of Ardeniss (annex version with Riparlef's) against a quickling
  • Gilthon's group are attacked by frogs
  • The groups are reunited and go in search of the githianki blocking mechanism
  • The black dragon
  • In the castle dungeon
  • The commando raid
  • The group find Lar
  • Back along the ledge, the death of Gilthon
  • Back across the silver void

Fri 14 Oct 1589

  • Return to Talvaran
  • The recovery of Dreagh
  • Revalations about the ansachat
  • Return to Ziem Falc, funerals
  • Larn departs for Meresvale
  • Loot is distributed

Sat 15 Oct 1589

  • Taran, Corcarin and Lomion meet Gilla in Salsorme

Fri 21 Oct 1589 new moon

  • RnR at Zeim Falc
  • Efforts to end the power of the old hanging tree

Sat 22 Oct 1589

  • Efforts to end the power of the burned tower
  • The warg hunt

Sun 23 Oct 1589

  • Ralpere sabotages a good nights sleep
  • The warg hunt reveals Trosahn!
  • Melee inevitably ensues and Trosahn makes her usual quick get away!
  • The group set off for Zeim Falc with the body of Gunnar

Tue 25 Oct 1589

  • The group arrive at Zeim Falc

Wed 26 Oct 1589

  • Gunnar is cremated and everyone is patched up

Thur 27 Oct 1589

  • An expedition sets off to take out the circle altar at the orc caves

Sat 29 Oct 1589

  • The group arrive at the orc caves

Sun 30 Oct 1589

  • The group sneak in through the back entrance like a bunch of agitated howler monkeys
  • Fighting orcs
  • Dealing with the circle altar
  • The group depart for the burial grounds

Mon 31 Oct 1589

  • The group arrive at the burial ground with Willan leading from the back
  • Combat is joined with the undead
  • Willan runs away
  • A flagstone is identified as a source of magic

Tue 1 Nov 1589

  • After a false start, the pentacle is identified on the flagstone

Wed 2 Nov 1589

  • The magic of the flagstone pentacle is "Dispelled'

Fri 4 Nov 1589

  • The group arrive back in Zeim Falc again

Sat 5 Nov 1589 full moon

  • The group travel to Talvaran

Sun 6 Nov 1589

  • The group check the power of the ansachat items
  • The group set off to the forest

Mon 7 Nov 1589

  • The Pelarn shrine has been restored in the forest cave

Late November 1589
: 19 Nov, 18 Dec new moon, 4 Dec full moon

  • The documents retrieved by Willan's expedition are returned to Salsorme
  • Investigation of some of the items carried by Willan

Sun 1 Jan 1590 : 2 Jan new moon

  • Temlin reports the power of the pearls - two of them
  • The grand opening of Questors
  • Luicus is overcome with poem
  • More research of items

Sun 22 Jan 1590 : 16 Jan full moon

  • The Party depart for the consecration of the Farah Temple at Temnel

Tue 31 Jan 1590 : 30 Jan new moon

  • The consecration of the Farah Temple at Temnel is somewhat mind altering
  • Jarrys, Willan, Belthazar, Taran and Ralpere set off along the shimmering path
  • After a series of encounters, the group meet Farah, Ralpere is Beleglached
  • A whole lot of "Wishing" going on
  • Everyone goes home



[May 2002]

Tue 20 Sept 1589

A Willan calls a Quest meeting

A Much to the delight of Jarrys, Willan calls a meeting of Quest types at Rustbulj's church for Friday 21 September.

Wed 21 Sept 1589

A The Quest meeting

B Oaths to the Quest are sworn and reaffirmed - except for Lucius

C Willan announces that the ansachat items are recovered

D Lucius recounts a dream he had about the silver void

E Arrangements are made for the trip to Talvaran

F Overseen by Rustbulj, the Azilharin interpreter sets to work

A Lucius, Jarrys, Calhassan, H'Spir Salit, Vesquer, Ralpere, Guerin, Taran, Rustbulj and Willan meet at the church.

B H'Spir Salit kneels in front of the sword and swears the oath, he does not get zapped but feels guilty about all the drinking and womanizing that he has been doing, seeing this Vesquer looks hesitant and Rusbulj points out that he is under no obligation to take the oath and that he should only take this step if he feel prepared to do so as Tarsober will know if he is untrue. Vesquer seems serene and takes the oath, Jarrys takes the oath. Guerin, Rustbulj and Calhassan re-affirm their oaths. Ralpere swears on the sword. Taran Er Anendil makes a very reverend and very formal re-affirmation. Lucius has another go and gets zapped across the room again. This is a bit of a surprise, not least to Lucius who thought that he had changed.

A Modo arrives and complains about the short notice of the meeting. Willan offers Tarsober to Modo who tells him to go hell. Modo says that he has passed the test and does not need to remind the sword whose boss.

B Lucius is given a magical and spiritual once over. He passes a load of stuff to Jarrys who confirms that no evil is eminating from it. And Jarrys can find nothing wrong with Lucius. Willan enquires of Tarsober why he keeps rejecting Lucius, but the sword ignores him.

C Willan announces that all the components of the ansachat are back in possession of the Party. Willan suggests that now would be a good time to recover Gilthon and his colleagues from the silver void.

D Lucius says that he had a dream about Gilthon, Coffchomi, Temlin and someone else. They were at a door that wouldn't move because there was a demon stopping them from getting out. Some githianki warriors were guarding the door. Lucius describes the fourth person who sounds like Polvir. The four went away from the door on to a plane where Lucius travelled whilst he was dead. Willan and Taran seem to think that it sounds like the silver void. One of the people in the dream was carrying something to show them where they were going. Luicus tells of how he was following a path that a quickling (a small elflike character) showed him. The quickling hit him if he did the wrong thing, like look back or leave the path. There were multi-coloured pools and people who were recently dead, including Pirfeltenke, who was on a silver "life" thread that Lucius accidentally cut, Drasmar, Snorri and Kalsket (who was damned in to hell by sucubus). There were life threads all over the plane. Lucius had a jewelled dagger which he has subsequently given away (a strange look crosses Modo's face). Lucius mentions that he has a strange feeling that he is the quickling, H'Spir Salit wonders if it may be an aspect of his concience. In his dream there was repetitive chanting and a thing with large wings that he could not see.

E The group to go to Talvaran will be Willan, Jarrys, Calhassan, H'Spir Salit, Vesquer, Fabius (who is moaning profusely bout all his aches and pains), Ralpere and Lucius. Nalin will also be asked if he is able to come.

E It is decided to collect the ansachat items from Issil Oome in Ilonsor. Guerin goes to ask Nalin if he will bring the skull and join the expedition. Karrak and his bodyguard take a message to Farlas asking for the ansachat bracelet to be sent to Illonsor to be picked up by the expedition to Talvaran. A message is sent to Issil Oome to say that we are coming.

F The Azilharin interpreter is set up at Questors and is under the supervision of Rustbulj in iterpreting the book, which is kept at the church. Compte is also using the interpreter to assist with aspects of the merchanting arrangements.

Thur 22 Sept 1589 new moon

A The expedition to Talvaran departs from Salsorme

A A year to the day since the last expedition to Talvarin set off, the recovery expedition leaves Salsorme. Taran travels with the expedition to get back to his lands, Compte travels for the first mile or two before returning to Salsorme.

[Oct 2002]

Sun 25 Sept 1589

A Taran arrives at the Farah temple site

B Names are explained

C The foundation of AA (Association Er Anendil)

A Taran discoves that work on the Farah temple has progressed remarkably well. On visiting the site Taran is greeted by a man and and elf whom he doesn't know, who seem to be running the operation. The man is very friendly and introduces himeself as Corcarin Form Anendil and the elf as Lomion Hyarm Anendil. Corcarin looks at Taran and says "It is a pleasure to finally meet you Taurč-rana". He excuses Lomion's silence and explains that he can speak only Quenya.

A The group are given a tour of the construction site and meet Dolgol Tyr Thrune, the cleric who is overseeing the correct proceedures to avoid desecrating the battle site on which the Farah temple is being built.

B Corcarin explains that he and Lomion had dreams that they should come here and oversee the construction of the temple. And that the three of them will journey to visit Gilla before the construction of the temple is finished. Corcarin translates Lorion's occasional comments. Corcarin is asked what the names mean. Lorion explains that our attempts at speaking Quenya are somewhat limited, so it is difficult to translate properly. Roughly Taurč-rana Ir AnEndil means "Forest wanderer, the One friend in need". Lomion means "Child of Dusk" Hyarm means "The left hand" AnEndil "of the friend in need" Corcarin means "Temple bulider" Form means "The right hand" Mac'Arrar means "Noble swordsman". Archamon means "Bessed Swordsman".

C Corcarin suggests that the three of them are the first three members of an organisation who help people through self-sacrifice. Ralpere's other name is Beleglach "Great leaping flame"

[May 2002]

Tue 27 Sept 1589

A The expedition arrives at Zeim Illonsor

A The group ride into Zeim Illonsor ancestral home of the Oome's for the past few months. The smell of roast boar and Farlas greet the weary travellers. Nalin has not yet arrived. Issil Oome has arranged a fine banquet at which Lucius sings. Willan presents Farlas with a gold cuckoo clock that chimes "Kneel before the Winged Arrow" on the hour.

Wed 28 Sept 1589

A The ansachat skull is examined

A Nalin, Guerin and Gunnar Ragnarsson arrive. Nalin is a bit stuffy that everyone has hangovers. There is a feeling that looking through the eyes of the ansachet skull will provide a useful insight for the group. Willan nomiates H'Spir Salit todo it. H'Spir Salat casts an "Augury" to see if he will be harmed, he then looks through the eyes of the skull and sees - bone, of the back of the skull. He thinks of the last campsite on the journey to Illonsor but sees nothing different. He thinks of Pallea, but sees nothing more than he usually does when he thinks of Pallea. Nalin bleeds on the skull but it does no good.

Thur 29 Sept 1589

A The expedition to Talvaran sets off for Zeim Falc

A Issil Oome and Gunner (who is the bard of Fenris) are coming on the expedition as well, so they and Willan, Jarrys, Calhassan, H'Spir Salit, Vesquer, Ralpere, Nalin and Lucius set off for Zeim Falc near the Van Connel, Ruistor border. Guerin sets off for some well earned RnR in Salsorme.

Sun 2 Oct 1589 : 6 Oct full moon

A The gods are confused

A H'Spir Salit announces that his god is confused. Ralpere admits that his god is confused as well, but he has an idea that Gemini will lead the way to find Gilthon and the rest.

Mon 10 Oct 1589

A The expedition arrives at Zeim Falc

A The expedition arrives at Zeim Falc. Willan introduces the group to Essel, who is still the Warden of the castle. Willan explains the mission to rescue Gilthon, Burana and others and that Norgraze is dead and Tusula has been returned to her plane. The knights are pleased to hear about the demise of Tusula and are happy to look after the horses.

Tue 11 Oct 1589

A The expedition leaves Zeim Falc for Talvaran

A The expedition sets off on foot for Talvaran.

Wed 12 Oct 1589

A The expedition arrives at Talvaran. H'Spir Salit is slimed almost to death

B The expedition uses the ansachat items to move to the silver void

C Burbalangs are foght

D The rescue expedition sets off in to the silver void

E Gilthon, Coffchomi, Temlin and Polvyr set off to destroy the githianki blocking mechanism

F The rescue expedition win a game of Ardeniss (annex version with Riparlef's) against a quickling

G Gilthon's group are attacked by frogs

H The groups are reunited and go in search of the githianki blocking mechanism

I The black dragon

J In the castle dungeon

K The commando raid

L The group find Lar

M Back along the ledge, the death of Gilthon

N Back across the silver void

A The expedition arrives at Talvarran. During a quick search of the village there is a scream and H'Spir Salit disappears. Issil Oome and Willan spot the hole down which H'Spir Salit fell in to a cellar. Ralpere calls down to see if he is allright. H'Spir Salit has some green slime on him. Willan throws some rope and H'Spir Salit is pulled up. Issil Oome is trying to burn off the green slime from H'Spir Salit but gets some on himself. Willan gets a torch to assist with the buring of the slime. However H'Spir Salit is now on fire so Willan tries to grab him with a blanket but misses him by miles.

A H'Spir Salit falls to the ground apparently unconcious. The fire is quickly put out, but H'Spir's arm is green. Calhassan "Cures Disease" and the green slime quicly disappears. Issil Oome "Cures Light Wounds" and H'Spir Salit comes round. He is very ill and there is little option other than to send him back to Zeim Falc, although Willan seems inclined to force him to come. Eventually it is decided that Issil Oome will accompany H'Spir Salit back to the castle. The ansachat shield is passed to Ralpere and the belt goes to Vesquer.

B H'Spir Salit and Issil Oome set off for the castle and the rest of the group hang up the bracelet. The expected changes occur. The belt is hung next followed by the shield and the atmosphere gets very arctic, only worse. Gunner spots a flag outside the pentagram but Willan hangs up the helmet and the silver void appears. It is, as before, very insubstantial and very disconcerting.

C Following Lucius's advice each person tries to step off of the pentacle in each direction but no path appears. Willan and Lucius go to the beekeepers house and are attacked by the leathery winged creatures, burbalangs. Willan and Lucius have a miserable time and Nalin fires crossbow bolts at them. Eventually Vesquer fires a "Magic missile" at the burbalangs which fly off. Vesquer is confused that his spell seemed to have underperformed.

C Willan moves off in the direction that the burbalangs flew off. Ralpere is very very reticent to go on but Willan puts his foot down (so to speak). Willan stops and everyone ropes up as Nalin checks out the beekepers. There is nothing to see other than the burbalangs living areas. Nalin has a quick look around and finds a leather bag containing 5,000 gold pieces, some bracers, a set of chain mail and a potion bottle containing liquidised Branston pickle.

D The group move off - Willan, Lucius, Jarrys, Vesquer, Ralpere, Calhassan, Gunnar and Nalin.

E Gilthon, Coffchomi, Temlin and Polvyr have been staying with Ja'hi-nur and her patron Hz'hor-byn. Hz'hor-byn has been doing research in to how to unblock the return path for the group. He has discovered that the githianki have set up some mechanism to block specifically our return to our source point. Hz'hor-byn gives Polvyr a jewel that is set to guide to the githiaki blocking mechansm. He says that he can research and produce aguide back to the pentacle as well. However after discussion it is decided to destroy the blocking mechanism and come back here as Hz'hor-byn thinks that he could find a way to get us back to our plane once the blocking mechanism is removed.

E Hz'hor-byn identifies the potions, the black liquorice one is "Undead control", the blue clear sour milk on was poison, the bright red smoky one was "Fire resistance", the transparent flourescent one is "Invisibility". The horn is a horn of evil and is destroyed. The githiaki spell book contains a variety of spells but Temlin has become quite attached to it.

E In the end Gilthon gets the wand and the potion of "Invisibility", Polvyr got a poison, a "Fire resistance" potion and the directional gem, Temlin has the spell book, the githianki armour and the "Control undead" potion and Coffchomi has the scroll of "Protection against dragon breath" and a poison.

E Hz'hor-byn opes a portal and Gilthon, Coffchomi, Temlin and Polvyr step through back into the silver void and det off in the direction indicated by the red dot.

F Willan and the rest of the group are accosted by Lucius's quickling who says that they are going in the wrong direction, but he does not know which direction is right. He thinks that we should change direction but has no justification for this. Nalin can still see the pillar of colour but not the pentacle or the beekeepers cottage. The quickling is enthusiastic to play a game but the group feel sure that he will always win. Apparently the penalty for loosing is to be drained of personal attributes.

F Vesquer suggests the anex version of Ardennis and Calhasan suggests that we allow Riparefs. Willan says that we will give the quickling 100 moves to guess the rules and he eventually agrees. At the end he gueses some rules and is distraught to discover that the whole thing was spontaneously made up.

G Elsewhere in the void Coffchomi and Polvyr see five large frog like red skinned things pounding towards them. Gilthon fires some arrows at them and although he breaks a strap on his armour Coffchomi is able to use them as a rangefinder to toss the small petal of the fireball neclace. It goes off in the right place and injures the frogs who keep on coming although clearly aggrivated and slightly more spread out.

G Some more arrows are fired and Coffchomi fails to lasso one as they arrive. Polvyr casts a spell and one of the frogs stops and stands motionless. Temlin casts a "Light" spell and effectively blinds another of the frogs. Combat is joined and progresses fairly evenly until three of the frogs leg it. The stupid one and the blinded one remain as the group walk off. When the stupid one comes round it follows its colleagues and the group take ten minutes rest.

F The quickling stays in a temper tantrum for some time and then leads the rescue expedition to Gilthon's group. Willan and Lucius give the quickling a token of thanks and point out that he should be able to beat all the other quickling with the game.

H The joint group go back to the pentacle and remove the helmet. The plane flickers to cold but then flicks back to the silver void. The joint groups decide that they must head off to the githianki blocking mechanism. The coloured piller by the pentacle falls out of sight and eventually pass through one of the coloured pools.

H The group come out on to a ledge on a massive cliff in a dark wet lightening straked scene with a black castle flowing down the side of the cliff and a black dragon flying around.

[June 2002]

H It is decided to ignore the dragon until it is unavoidable. The group set off in a castlewardly direction. Willan, Nalin, Ralpere, Jarrys, Polvyr, Coffchomi, Temlin, Calhassan,Vesquer, Gunnar, Lucius and Gilthon.

I The dragon flies towards the group who spread out a bit. Coffchomi starts reading a scroll and Gilthon lets loose an arrow. Vesquer "Lightening Bolts" the dragon as Ralpere "Akrakra's' Mengros. The dragon keeps on coming and seems to be heading for Vesquer, Gunnar and Lucius. Lucius tries to push past Gilthon but fails. Gunnar throws an axe at the dragon and goes mental. He tries to get past Lucius who tries to stop him from endangering himself. Vesquer scuttles off up the cliff face using his "Spider Climb" gloves. Gunnar grapples with Lucius and manages to get past him, almost falling off of the ledge.

I The dragon banks round for a second strike. Gunnar turns around and moves back past. Coffchomi moves past Polvyr. The dragon is heading for Polvyr, Temlin and Calhassan. Calhassan swigs a potion and disappears. Willan continues along the ledge. Vesquer is searching the cliff face. Polvyr is replaced by an Eagle, who flies off. Temlin appears to have jumped off the cliff. With no one left to breathe on the dragon veers towards Ralpere, Jarrys and Coffchomi. Gunnar runs up and lets off another throwing axe. Ralpere and Jarrys try to hide behind shields.

I Willan continues along the ledge. Eagle Polvyr flies up towards the castle. Vesquer finds a cave entrance not far above Willans head. He shouts but is not sure if Willan heard. The dragon seems to be moving along the line of the cliff towards the back of the group. Gunner turns round and runs towards the dragon. As it flies past Gilthon hits it with his long sword.

I Jarrys and others notice that the dragon is coming in much lower than before. Willan helps Ralpere up to the cave but he gets stuck. Temlin finds a place to hide, and the dragon disappears.

H Everybody except Willan, Nalin and Calhassan (who has still disappeared) climb in to the cave. Gunner rushes off into the cave and can be heard occasionally falling over. Ralpere explores and reports that the cave is clear, but he cannot find the back. Ten minutes of rest are taken and Willan says that the group must get on because the dragon is probably recharging its breath weapon.

H Willan decides to go through the cave and as he and Nalin move to climb in Calhassan comes to join them.

J Nalin*, Willan, Ralpere, Jarrys, Polvyr, Coffchomi, Temlin, Calhassan, Vesquer*, Lucius and Gilthon* move off into the cave [* denotes a light source - Ed]. Although it is difficult terrain the cave is gradually moving up and to the left, towards the castle. Willan looks for tracks and confirms that Gunner has been this way. Willan leads the way following Gunner's tracks for 10 nanoseconds before losing the trail. Willan bluffs that he still has the trail and that it leads towards the castle. A little further on Coffchomi spots signs of other beings.

J After a while of scrambling and clambering the group arrive at the edge of a large chamber. Voices can be heard. Pebbles are stashed. Nalin goes on ahead and finds some slave pens including 2 dwarves. Nalin talks to a dwarven prisoner who wants to help. Polvyr gets the red dot marker stone out and it appears to be still working and directing the group, presumably to the blocking mechanism. The group take no notice and Lucius scouts out the rest of the cave.

J There is an adjoining cave with a couple of githianki guard types playing a game. Willan comes up with a hare-brained plan for dealing with the githianki. After a token (and not surprisingly unsuccessful) attempt at sneaking we rush them. At first they are a bit slow off the mark but become rapidly alert at the sight of Nalin, Willan, Ralpere and Gilthon bearing down on them. Lucius fails to take advantage of a successful sneak and engages one. Nalin dispatches the other with a single (critical) blow. Lucius avoids a blow, posing unnecessarily but flashily. The remaining githianki, surrounded and outnumbered, is whacked by Gilthon. It tries to surrender, but an unimpressed Willan runs it through showing evil no mercy.

J Nalin and the dwarven prisoners find an exit. It is a door with a mechanism with two points, one at head level and one at foot level. After a few combinations, Nalin suggests touching the top with hand and the bottom with foot. The door opens into blackness, which is not made light by a continual light pebble (or even two).

J The group releases all the prisoners. Coffchomi alleviates fatigue on the two freed dwarves. Nalin goes into the darkened room and gropes his way to another door. After much deliberation Nalin and Lucius go into the dark room with Temlin who "Knocks" the second door. It seems to work - the rest of the group come along and go through in standard marching order.

K As soon as Nalin goes through he discovers a circle of a least eight githianki waiting or him swords drawn and bows at the ready. Nalin charges forward followed immediately by Willan. Ralpere and Coffchomi follow, but Coffchomi's imitation of a pin cushion means his spell is spoiled. Lucius and Gilthon join in, with every one else lurking in the dark. The two freed dwarves are told to guard the rear.

K Back at the front mayhem ensues. Mengros is hungry for blood as Ralpere totally slices an opponent with an immense [double critical 54pt - Ed] blow. This leaves just ten opponents of which Nalin (eventually) dispatches one. Ralpere is blinded and has to retreat. Calhassan comes forward to help Ralpere. The githianki are proving tough opponents, but Lucius is on form critically dodging a critical hit.

K The fighters take a tighter formation closer to the door. This proves more effective as first Willan and then Nalin each down one in short order. Willan knocks the sword out of the hand of an opponent, who runs away to retreve it. Gilthon is hit by a "Magic Missile" from the darkness and retreats. Willan dispatches another. Gilthon swigs a "Healing" potion given to him by Jarrys to great effect and rejoins the fray.

K There are now six githianki left. Or at least there were until Willan dispatched another. Lucius gets "Magic Missiled'. He spots the mage and utilising boots of speed to great effect goes for him in record time, despite being hit on the way on the right arm where he has already lost his armour. The mage is trying to swig a potion. Lucius hits the mage preventing him from taking it. Two githianki collapse through blood loss and then a third. Then Lucius finishes the mage with a mighty blow, and caps it all off by catching the falling potion an inch from breaking on the cave's stone floor. Gilthon finally puts one away. Willan and Nalin finish off the last one standing and leave the remainder to bleed to death.

K The group find three potions on the mage, a red with gold specks and blue marbling (Jarrys), an oily metallic (Gilthon) and a cloudy grey smoky texture (Lucius). The group take some desperately needed rest and recuperation.

L The group hear voices and head off in the only forward direction to go. The floor is now smoother. A search of the dungeon reveals, amongst other prisoners, Larn, the King of Meresvale's berserker investigator who is still trying to discover and prove who was the murderer of princess Juliana. He is in a bad way, but a lay on hands from Calhassan improves things considerably. He agrees to join forces with the party as he too is trying to return home, but not before he retrieves the special githianki sword that he had become rather attached to and that led to his capture. The rest of the captives are let down and given drinks and first aid.

L Larn explains that he must retrieve the sword as it is meant for him. Willan insists that the group help Larn retrieve his sword despite Nalins protestations that the group should find Gunnar, Larn leads to a hole in the ground. Nalin passes a scroll to Calhassan and volunteers to go with Larn.

I The group to go down the hole is Larn, Nalin, Willan, Calhassan, Jarrys, Ralpere, Lucius and Gilthon. They lower themselves down the hole. The hole leads down to the dragon's lair and on the other side of the (thankfully slumbering) dragon is the sword reclining in a kind of "come and get me you fool" pose in an alcove.

I Coffchomi casts a silence spell on Lucius's boots of "Speed" which are handed to Larn. He runs over to the sword, but as he grabs it the spell wears off and the sound of metal on metal wakes the dragon. The dragon looks at Larn and the rest of the group and heads towards the group.

I Larn runs back towards the main party. Calhassan hides. As Larn speeds back past the dragon a mighty tail sideswipes him. An out of practice Larn is caught off balance and goes down in a heap, seemingly out for the count. Gilthon waves a wand of "Magic missiles" at the dragon. Lucius immediately feels uncomfortable without his boots and tries to get to the prone Larn to retrieve them.

I The group attack the dragon to little effect, except for Nalin who shows his class with a massive swipe (shrugged off at this early stage). Another "Magic missile" is cast and more fighting ensues, with some good hits from Willan and Nalin. Lucius gets to Larn and finds he is actually okay, but has a very bad case of gold dust in his eyes. Lucius takes his boots back and heads back to the fight.

I Jarrys tries to go back up the rope but struggles. As the dragon rears up Willan gets a fabulous hit on its exposed chest, which annoys it. It uses the breath weapon on Nalin and Willan to great effect, but they are both still standing. Melee continues.

I Having had another bad hit from the dragon Gilthon retreats. The dragon turns to retreat, but still swats Willan with its tail. Larn rises up in a berserk fury and attacks the dragon on its way back. He hits it once, but it manages to swipe him with its tail knocking him down before he can hit it again. A final "Magic Missile" from the wand is still not enough and the dragon escapes. Calhassan administers to Larn who then goes back up the rope. The group rests whilst grabbing as many trinkets as possible, before going back up the rope.

K The group press on in the direction of Polvyr's red dot and get to a locked door, the exit to the dungeon. Lucius listens at the door and someone is banging on it. The group hide in a cell and wait for the githianki to go past, and then head for the door. Unfortunately there are three githianki in the way. Willan, Lucius, Nalin, Ralpere and Gilthon wade in.

K Willan hits one who runs away. Lucius goes after him. Nalin hits one. Lucius catches up with the runner, hits him and he falls. A red shirt dwarf gets a hit drawing blood. Ralpere is also hit. Lucius finishes off his opponent, so does Nalin. The last githianki puts up a bit of resistance but soon falls.

K The group head through the door and lock it shut behind them. Then go down the corridor in the direction of the red dot. The group head towards the temple. However at an open courtyard the group have to double back to avoid being spotted. Moving down a small side corridor the group arrive at a locked door and listen. Willan bashes it down to reveal the temple complex.

K The group dash to the left and come to a guarded door. Coffchomi blasts the guards with the "Fireball" necklace. BANG! As the smoke clears it seems that the githianki guards are still alive, so the commandos wade in. Willan and Ralpere attack and hit, but the githianki are still up. But not for long - they are hit and die.

K Rampant with careless abandon Willan tries to smash the door down and gets "Glyphed'. Jarrys dispels magic on the door and Willan tries smashing it down again. This time he fails so Nalin has a go. They try together and still fail. Then Nalin axes the door and a chanting demon is revealed standing in the middle of a pentathingy made of silver dust with a blue gem at each vertex. (5 pointed star with a circle around the points)

K We decide that we can use a dispel evil scroll to eliminate the demon, but for this to work Jarrys has to get a hit on the demon as he can't cast it on someone else (Oh and we think a magical weapon is required). So, Jarrys gets blessed by Coffchomi, takes Tarsober, reads the "Dispel Evil" scroll and then tries to attack, with the help of Ralpere, Nalin and Lucius. Polvyr tries to "Stick" the demon to the floor and succeeds whilst Vesquar "Magic Missiles" the creature. Jarrys thinks he has hit, but a force stops the blow. We think this force is emanating from the pentathingy, so Willan starts scuffing away the dust - the chanting stops. Immediately (coincidentally?) Jarrys hits the demon and it disappears. Hurray!!

K The group then try to run away - back the way we came in following order

[August 2002]

Nalin*, Willan, Ralpere, Larn, Vesquer, Jarrys, Polvyr, Coffchomi, Temlin, Calhassan, Gilthon and Lucius*

K As the group go through one of the rooms there is arrowfire. Ralpere and Coffchomi are hit as are Vesquar and Gilthon. Nalin spots Githianki waiting in the room ahead. Willan accurately lobs the last (big) fireball jewel into the room. There is a massive bang and a huge ball of fire washes back down the corridor burning he front five. The group charge through the room past charred Githianki bodies coughing and spluttering on the fumes of burning flesh.

K Lucius hears footsteps behind us and together with Gilthon, turns to face the githianki opponents in a fighting retreat. Lucius misses and is missed. With delightful symmetry, Gilthon hits and is hit. Lucius spots spell casting and Willan makes his way to the back (front?). Lucius is blinded by the light. Vesquar takes the red with gold specs potion. Willan replaces Lucius to immediate effect with a hit and a critical parry and Nalin moves towards the back to try to replace Gilthon. Gilthon is now held fast. Vesquar feels stronger but is otherwise feels unaffected.

K The front ot the group reach the door that Willan smashed down only to find it crudely back in position. Polvyr suggests caution and a keen eyed Ralpere spots a magical shimmer that suggests a "Glyph'. Meanwhile at the back Willan receives a mighty blow to his right leg which gives way immediately, but is still attached as he goes down in a bloody heap. Jarrys rushes forward "Extra healing" potion in hand.

K A "Held" Gilthon is hit again in the right arm by the merciless githianki. Nalin joins the fray to good effect with an immediate hit. Calhassan belatedly remembers that "Darkness" is the opposite of "Light" and clears the light blinding Lucius. Vesquar gets to Gilthon and begins to carry him away fortuitously at the same time as Lucius returns to the fray. Polvyr prepares to deal with the door, but waits until everyone is prepared.

K Gilthon is removed to safety. Nalin hits and effortlessly parries as more githianki are spotted joining the fight. Jarrys administers the potion of "Extra healing" to Willan. Willan somersaults to his feet shouting "Die you githianki scum" as the potion turns out to be super effective. It is now four githianki against Willan, Nalin and Lucius - no contest in a normal state of affairs, but the three are still sorely weakened.

K Polvyr tries to deal with the door but can't work it out as the fight rages on. Nalin feels his armour heating up. Vesquar uses the wand to magic missile one of the fighting githianki which falls to the ground. Willan hits as does Nalin. Vesquar tries to missile the githianki he thinks is the spell caster, but the wand doesn't go off. The room which was on fire is now billowing with smoke which is pouring down the corridor towards the group, who hear curses suggesting that the effect was not entirely as intended. Polvyr still can't seem to get his spell exactly right, but continues trying. Nalin hits but the heat from his armour starts to take effect. Calhassan administers "Resist heat" to mitigate the effects.

K Lucius receives a massive blow on the head, which wakes him up - his head is wounded. Polvyr finally works his spell out and he door lurches open. Fire spouts forth from it but no one is hurt. An annoyed Lucius hits his opponent and Nalin is also successful which is enough to down his opponent. Willan also hits as the smoke engulfs the combatants, effectively blinding them.

K There are three githianki on the other side of the door - two fighters and a spell caster. At the back, Willan continues fighting in the smoke, Lucius tries to get cured by Calhassan whilst defending himself and Nalin tries to get back to the front. At the front, Ralpere moves forward to engage one githianki, the other stays back to defend the mage. Polvyr fails to cast his spell again. Larn is immobilised. Willan dispatches one at the back and Ralpere uses Mengros to good effect. Lucius gets in a good parry and is healed. Coffchomi shuts the mage at the front up. Lucius gets hit again. Polvyr is forgetful again - smoke must be affecting his concentration. Simultaneously Ralpere is critically hit as Nalin brings a smashing blow down on his opponent, but not enough to down either, although Ralpere is bleeding. The githianki mage and his defender run away, leaving just one left facing Nalin, as Ralpere disengages to get attention. Nalin is hit but downs the githianki like a sack of potatoes. The group pound down the corridor, with Willan carrying Larn and Vesquar carrying Gilthon. Gilthon regains his mobility, fortunately just before Vesquar loses his strength gain. The heat in Nalin's armour is subsiding as the group make it to the T junction.

K There are many githianki in the direction of the square, but none in the direction of the dungeon where the group are headed. Gilthon now takes over Larn carrying duty. Lucius runs to the door to open it with the rest following on. Willan is at the back carrying the shield. Vesquar casts a "Web" spell to trap the persuers and block the corridor, spoiling their plan to rain down arrowfire. Lucius reaches the door, which is locked. He unlocks the door with the keys we got from the guards and then the group go through the door. The door is locked and the key bent in the lock. The shout at prisoners to follow, but don't stop to round them up. Ditto in the slave pens. A search is mounted for Gunnar. Willan tries a speculative track, and amazingly finds a footprint. Gunnar is located in short order and Larn comes out of his immobility. Gilthon carries Gunnar as the group head back to the cave entrance and look out. The dragon is out there flying around.

M Polvyr turns Calhassan into a bird, tries to do the same for Jarrys but fails then "Polymorphs" himself into an eagle. Then Temlin casts a "Fog cloud" and Gunnar is lowered on the rope. Vesquer "Spider climbs" along the ledge and Coffchomi is "Flying'. Nalin is first down to the ledge and guides Gunnar. Polvyr flies out spots the two dwarves climbing up from a lower cave towards where the group are heading. The order following as quickly as possible is Ralpere, Larn, Jarrys, Temlin, Gilthon, Lucius* and Willan with the shield.

M Vesquar spots that there is a githianki on the tower looking like it is casting a spell. Just after Willan gets down the dragon, which has flown up above the fog, flies down and breathes on the cave exit, frying a number of escaping prisoners and the rope. The wash from the breath catches Lucius and Willan. Gilthon looses an arrow at the dragon which takes a sideswipe at him. The arrow hits the dragon and it crashes into the wall and falls down out of view. Coffchomi, Calhassan, Gunnar and Nalin are out although Nalin returns as soon as he has accompanied Gunnar out. Vesquar is out followed by Ralpere and Larn.

M Lucius spots the githianki on the tower about to call lightning and shouts "Take cover - Lightning!" Nalin dives back through and everyone else takes cover as best they can. As the "Lightning" comes down Temlin jumps off the cliff. As the "Lightning" hits Gilthon disappears. As he is falling Temlin casts "Feather fall" and Polvyr in eagle form swoops down, catches him and flies him through the exit.

M Only Jarrys, Lucius and Willan remain as the dragon swoops down for another attack. It tries to land and manages to get between Lucius and Willan. Jarrys gets through this time and Nalin comes back. Lucius is firing arows at it and Willan is trying to hit it. Nalin cranks his crossbow. Willan is bitten in the leg, but gets in a hit and makes progress towards the exit. Nalin and Lucius get out, but Willan stumbles. The dragon bites him again in the arm. A final hit from Willan and then he manages to scramble through.

M The group wait for 10 minutes and then Nalin goes back to look for Gilthon. He spots the dwarves still climbing up the cliff face. He tries to help them by throwing them a rope, but the dragon swoops in again. He dives back through the exit, waits another 10 minutes and then goes through again. By now the dwarves have almost made it to the top. Nalin has crossbow readied and hits the dragon. This is enough to put the dragon's attack off and buys the dwarves time to get through. They are grateful to Nalin for his help. Even though Willan is adamant that Gilthon must be dead, the group are reluctant to leave as some people think that the total absence of remains means that Gilthon might still be alive.

N Whilst the group are debating the fate of Gilthon Nalin pops back through the rainbow pool and sees prisoners coming down the ledge. He helps nine through the exit and goes back, this time to see the prisoners fried before they make it. Nalin then tries again. This time the dragon is waiting for him, and bites him although he gets a crossbow bolt off at it. Nalin retreats. Against Willan's instructions the group decide to rest and have a meal. After waiting for an hour so the group finally make preparations to move on and move out following Polvyr's direction indicator. There are now 2 blue lights which alternate in 2 different directions.

N Willan suggests following the left hand dot. The group return to Hz'hor-byn's place. The group figure that the other dot leads back to the ansachat gate and we should have worked this out. Hz'hor-byn will have to set up the portals again, which he is happy to do. Sleep.

Fri 14 Oct 1589

A Return to Talvaran

B The recovery of Dreagh

C Revalations about the ansachat

D Return to Ziem Falc, funerals

E Larn departs for Meresvale

F Loot is distributed

A The group set off for the ansachat gate with those that set out, plus the following recovered chaps - Temlin, Coffchomi, Polvyr, Larn, two dwarves and six human ex-prisoners (three men, three women) - not a bad haul, almost the full set. The group get to the ansachat pentacle and Vesquar takes down the helm and gives it to Nalin. It gets very cold. The group take all the items down in turn and return to Talvaran.

B Then Willan, Calhassan, Jarrys and Ralpere go back to have a look for Dreagh. They spot the flag again and go to it. They see another flag! They go to it and look for another and find one. However they are getting fatigued. Jarrys is whingeing so gets replaced by Nalin. After two and a half hours they find an igloo containing Dreagh's frozen remains. They bring these back (takes half an hour) and return to Talvaran [again, spot the theme - Ed].

C The group realise that the igloo is sited on the same spot as the bakery where the helm was discovered. The group deduce that there should be somewhere on the first plane corresponding to where the old woman's house was in Talvaran (where the bracelet was found). This time the group find a hole, which wasn't seen last time, but had been found in a different time/plane. However it looks the same. There is torture room - this time the group look after the bodies of the two knights (proper burial etc). Then there is the book room - following Rustbulj's instructions the appropriate year is said for each almanac so it doesn't "Strength drain" - this works. The group have the almanacs for 1022, 1072, 1124, 1206, 1284 and 1356 and two other books (untitled) - loose bound sheaf of paintings and drawings and another densely written in Quenya.

D The group journey back to Zeim Falc and bring the knights up to speed (partying etc) with tales of Burana and Gilthon. Dreagh is buried, as are the two knights one of whom is of historical reknown - Kirin lyn Falc - wounded in the battle of Carasc pass 1202, took refuge in Talvaran - never to be heard of again.

[Sept 2002]

E After thanking the group profusely Larn takes his leave and departs for Meresvale.

F The loot from the expedition is divvied up between the survivors, other than Ralpere who forgoes his share. There are ten shares of 9,430 silver pieces, one for Party funds. Lucis finds that he yet again has a jewelled dagger, it is the fourth of its kind. Other magic items are

gold chain with red jewelled pendant - Lucius
Bag made of mithril metal mesh
Platinum cygnet ring
Finely etched (celtic design) silver armband
Gold ring with emerald stone
Potion - dark brown fruity smell thick texture
Bracer of Brachiation (Monkey Climb) [From Burbalangs]
Potion of Fire Resistance
[Feb 2003]

Sat 15 Oct 1589

A Taran, Corcarin and Lomion meet Gilla in Salsorme

A Taran, Corcarin and Lomion turn up in Salsorme to see Gilla. A semi-formal ritualised feast is held where Gilla welcomes the AnEndilė. She is able to converse with Lomion in Quenya, Farlas is able to join in. Gilla is almost reverential towards Taran. Gilla will be personally consecrating the new temple with Balthazar in assistence. Gilla presents each of the AnEndilė with a metal triangular symbol that has been blessed.

[Sept 2002]

Fri 21 Oct 1589 new moon

A RnR at Zeim Falc

B Efforts to end the power of the old hanging tree

A The group at Zeim Falc take a week's rest to get back to strength. Lucius is recommended by Farlas for Gilthon's lands.

B Nalin*, Willan, Ralpere, Vesquer, Jarrys, Polvyr, Coffchomi, Temlin, Calhassan, Gilthon and Lucius*, Issil Oome, Gunnar, and H'Spir Salit set off from Zeim Falc towards the tower destroyed by fire to see if the wargs reported by the Knights can be eradecated.

B At the old hanging tree there was nothing to see except for Warg tracks heading off in a north westerly direction towards the ruined tower. Calhassan organises an attempt to dispel the evil magic from the diamond shaped symbol on the rock near the tree. Coffchomi will cast the spell whilst the triuvirate of "shield" clerics, Calhassan, Jarrys and H'Spir Salit "Combine" to boost the "Dispel Magic" spell.

B Everyone stations themselves fifty yards beyond the clerics, who are fifty yards from the rock. Jarry muffs the first "Combine', but on the second attempt the spell is cast and Coffchomi is confident he has pumped off a quality spell. However on moving towards the rock the voices of the dead now can be heard. Temlin runs off screaming and Lucius runs to catch him up and try to settle him. The rock and symbol are not magical.

B H'Spir Salit suggests that the Dagur religion is informed of this as it is beyond out powers to resolve. This seems to be the best course of action so the group move back to Zeim Falc to lay up over night and go to the tower tomorrow.

Sat 22 Oct 1589

A Efforts to end the power of the burned tower

B The warg hunt

A The group go the tower. "Arry doesn't see anything exciting from the air. Wilan finds the spot where the combat seems to have occurred between the Knights and the wargs. Willan finds tracks leading to the east.

A The group move to the tower, it is evil and magical. Willan draws Tarsober on the advice of Jarrys and feels that it is right to be wielding the sword here. Calhassan "Detects Magic" and confirms that there is protection magic present. The clerical triumvirate "Combine" in support of Coffchomi who once again "Dispels Magic'.

A The group moves away as Ralpere stands in the doorway of the tower with Willan and Nalin and "Akrakra's' the red beams. The beam splits and the tower starts to fall. Nalin, Willan and Ralpere leg it. Willan and Ralpere suffer some damage from falling masonry as the tower collapses.

B The group set off to find the wargs. Willan follows the trail for an hour or so then Issil Oome takes over and looses the trail. The group continue in an easterly direction. "Arry the Hawk finds a good camp site but Vesquer fails to realize what he is seeing. Vesquer leads the group to a really crap (but picturesque) camp site in the middle of a range of ant hills. A better camp site is found.

Sun 23 Oct 1589

A Ralpere sabotages a good nights sleep

B The warg hunt reveals Trosahn!

C Melee inevitably ensues and Trosahn makes her usual quick get away!

D The group set off for Zeim Falc with the body of Gunnar

A During the middle watch Ralpere is certain that some wargs are surrounding the campsite and wakes everyone up. He was totally wrong so he woke up everyone for nothing, thus ruining the nights sleep for the spellcasters.

A Willan ranges around the camp and finds no sign of anything firking around overnight. There are no sign of warg tracks either so the group continue in an easterly direction. Jarrys "Speaks" to a Jackdaw who tells him that the wargs went towards the last rising sun. The group continue east for much of the day until a group of villagers is seen.

B On closer investigation it seems that they are about to burn a witch. The group ride up and ask what is going on. There is some mumbling about burning the witch. Lucius approaches the woman tied to the stake and pulls back her hair to see her. As he does this the woman spits "I am a witch", she says "Pirole Nims" and as the wood around him bursts in to flames Lucius recognises Trosahn. The illusion of "villagers" dissolves in to wargs and urek hai as the hill giant "rocks" lumber to their feet.

C Lucius runs and big time melee ensues. Lucius shouts "It's Trosahn!". Trosahn rises directly upwards protected by two harpies. Ralpere manages to fire the "Lightening bolt" from Mengros at Trosahn. Willan grows very big and looks strangely like a Djinni. The melee continues, things are not going well. Djinni Willan booms "Trosahn, move to the ground, stand still and take no offensive action. Harpies, be as canaries and sit on Trosahn's sholders." Nothing happens, so Djinni Willan cleaves an Uruk with Tarsober. The fight continues. Nalin shouts "Djinni's are air creatures, blow on someone you idiot!". Djinni Willan blows on the Uruk in front of him, suddenly its lying in a crumpled heap a very long way away. Polvyr is surrounded by wargs and Urek but none of them seem able to hurt him. Some of the group are getting some better hits on he enemy, and a certain amount of regrouping has been achieved but things are still looking grim. Ralpere has received an enormous blow from a giant and Calhassan moves to stop the bleeding. Vesquer casts a horizontal "Lightening Bolt" that nastily singes a giant and three wargs. Temlin "Lights" a giant - just to the side of his head!. Ralpere is having a nightmare, he's dropped his sword three times so far!

C Djinni Willan shouts "To infinity and beyond" and launches himself in to the air. Trosahn flies away whilst the harpies move to intercept Djinni Willan. Djinni Willan blows them away, but they are made of sterner stuf than the urek and they are able to attack him. Djinni Willan breaks off and strafes Ralperes side of the combat as Ralpere looks like a pin cushion and Issil Oome has K.O.ed one of the giants. Djinni Willan appears to become some kind of whirlwind.

C The combat continues with the group, although badly hacked up, slowly gaining the upper hand and Djinni Willan harrassing the side of the combat. Sadly, the urek will not give up the loosing cause, and one kills Gunnar. The urek hai are eventually dispatched. The group is badly hacked up and Trosahn is long gone. The harpies can be seen as specks flying off towards the east.

C A search of the dead giants and Urek turns up about 1,000 silver pieces but no valuable items.

[Oct 2002]

D The set off for Zeim Falc with the body of Gunnar.

Tue 25 Oct 1589

A The group arrive at Zeim Falc

A The group arrive at Zeim Falc.

Wed 26 Oct 1589

A Gunnar is cremated and everyone is patched up

A Gunnar is cremated and everyone is patched up.

Thur 27 Oct 1589

A An expedition sets off to take out the circle altar at the orc caves

A An expedition is mounted to take out the circle altar at the orc caves. Nalin*, Willan, Ralpere, Jarrys, Polvyr, Coffchomi, Temlin, Calhassan, Lucius* and Fabius (who is feeling less fatigued) are going. They leave with everything they need to complete the mission.

Sat 29 Oct 1589

A The group arrive at the orc caves

A The group arrive at the orc caves, it is very chilly. It is late in the day so camp is set whilst Willan scouts around and finds some recent orc tracks. Willan returns and asks Nalin to go and see if he can see any orcs in the stockade. Nalin says "No" and heads off to look. He reports back that he has seen movement within the stocked.

A A watch is set. A quiet night passes.

Sun 30 Oct 1589

A The group sneak in through the back entrance like a bunch of agitated howler monkeys

B Fighting orcs

C Dealing with the circle altar

D The group depart for the burial grounds

A Willan scouts the back entrance to the cave complex, he finds it, it does not seem to be in use. The group go in to the caves Nalin, Willan, Ralpere, Jarrys, Polvyr, Fabius, H'spir Salat, Coffchomi, Temlin, Calhassan and Lucius. The group are not very quiet, not even a little bit.

B Nalin spots some orcs, Nalin and Willan leg it towards them as others whip their lights out. Nalin quickly creams one as the other orc legs it. Willan leaps over Nalin but trips and the orc gets away, shouting loudly. Nalin leads the group towards the altar room. The group pass into a cave with a bunch of scared orcs and quicky blatter them, although a couple escape.

B Nalin and Willan notice that they are about to be shot by crossbow bolts, However they carry on regardless. Willan sustains one hit before the crossbow orcs have to make a run for it. Lucius is hit twice in the back by bolts. Lucius wheels round and heads back to attack the crossbow orcs behind him. Nalin and Willan burst into the altar room and take on 6 orcs. Nalin dispatches one straight away. Lucius toys with the 3 orcs at first. Willan takes his time for a measured blow to down an orc. Willan takes a scratch as Ralpere joins the fray. Nalin loses concentration completely and suffers the embarrassment of leaving himself wide open to an orc hit. Ralpere's hit is pathetic and his opponent stays standing as, up the tunnel, Lucius is still toying with his opponents. Ralpere is warming up and now kills his opponent. Lucius drops his guard and takes a nick. Willan is wounded on the left leg by a lucky blow. Lucius should have stopped poncing around by now, but can't get out of the habit. Willan dispatches another. Lucius takes a crossbow bolt, but so does one of his opponents, who breaks off the attack. Nalin takes another blow. Lucius finally hits an opponent. Nalin finishes off the last of the six.

B Lucius hits again but fails to kill and receives a vicious blow in the chest for his pains. The crossbow bolts hit Lucius and an orc again. What's threatening to be embarrassing fight of the decade is still going on - Lucius downs the second of his 3 opponents and hits the last, but he is still standing. Lucius takes another bolt, hits pathetically again and his opponent is still up. Lucius is put out of his misery in what definitely is the most embarrassing fight of the decade, by Nalin joining the fray and wiping the orc out with the first swing of his axe. The crossbowers run away and Lucius dispatches one as they retreat but the other gets away.

C Nalin and Lucius return to the altar where the rest of the group are pondering what to do. Jarrys, Calhassan and H'Spir Salat combine to aid Coffchomi's "Dispel Magic" on the black circle on the altar, which Ralpere has detected as evil. The spell goes off and the ground begins to shake. Nalin can't be sure that the whole complex is coming down but he doesn't wait to find out. He leads the group towards the main gate, most get out however Polvyr and Fabius trip blocking the way out for those behind them. Taking some damge from falling masonary everyone eventually gets out of the cave. Ralpere gets out last, a bit dented.

D The group take damage from crossbow bolts fired by orcs skulking in the shadows. Resisting the urge to attack the orcs the group make their way roman tortoise style to the main gate, which is open. The group leave the area and set off towards the burial grounds.

D A camp is set and everyone rests up for the night.

Mon 31 Oct 1589

A The group arrive at the burial ground with Willan leading from the back

B Combat is joined with the undead

C Willan runs away

D A flagstone is identified as a source of magic

A As the group home in on the burial ground Willan seems to be increasingly leading from the back. Recalling that the whereabouts of the evil symbol was not established the last time Willan sends Ralpere, Nalin, Calhassan, Jarrys, H'Spir Salit and Coffchomi to "Detect evil" and possibly "Dispel Magic'.

B Ralpere reports that the evil is eminating from the cellar of the house, so Willan brings the Command and Control group over and everyone heads in to the building as Ralpere leaps down into the cellar. Ralpere sees a shadowy shape in the room and "Cessates" it. However many more creatures are materialising.

B Ralpere climbs up the rope but is hit by more undead as he ascends. Polvyr casts "Damage Resistance" as a Fabius dissapears, a wraith-like form appears in the middle of the group. Calhassan, H'Spir Salit and Jarrys combine to support a "Cessation" from Jarrys. Coffchomi is hit which is going to affect the ultimate "Dispel Magic" spell. Jarrys "Cessates" again and an encouragingly large number of skeletons and zombies fall to dust. Ralpere "Akrakra's down the hole to the cellar but gets hit on the head at the same time. The hit is so hard that Ralpere crumples to the group. By an amazing stroke of luck he does not fall down the hole.

C Willan says "Right, we're leaving" and scoops up Ralpere as Nalin joins combat. Willan leaves with Ralpere's body encouraging the rest to follow him. Nalin and Lucius are making a fighting retreat with Jarrys hanging about because a number of undead are cowering from him. Temlin points out that blood is dripping from Ralpere, so Calhassan "Lays on Hands'. Nalin polishes off the cowering undead.

D In his wraith form Fabius trickles down to the cellar to "Detect Magic'. He is able to identify a particular flagstone from which the magic is eminating, it is from the shere of conjouration and summoning. He then casts "Detect Evil" but can only pick up general eminations.

D The group fall back to camp for the night in preparation for "Dispelling" the magic on the flagstone and revealing the symbol in the morning.

Tue 1 Nov 1589

A After a false start, the pentacle is identified on the flagstone

A Wilan, Nalin, Lucius, Coffchomi, Jarrys, Calhassan and H'spir Salit return to the building and "Combine" to cast a "Dispel Magic" on the offending flagstone. Coffchomi then casts "Detect Magic" on the flagstone but it appears to be still magic. Fabius agrees to wraith-form down in to the cellar to take a closer look at the flagstone. As far as he can tell the flagstone is indeed still magical.

A The group decide to "Enlarge" the flagstone to try to shatter it. Temlin is far from convinced that it will work but he does the deed (with Willan, Nalin, Lucius and Jarrys in attendence) and the flagstone grows by about 40% and shatters the flagstones around it. After about half an hour the flagstone shrinks back to its normal size. It is now mostly stand alone. No creatures have materialised so Temlin tries to "Levitate" the flagstone. After learning the spell he raises the flagstone to the roof. Willan is lowered in to the cellar and he sees the pentacle symbol on the underside of the flagstone. No unded are conjoured so it is decided to "Levitate" the flagstone again the next day and attempt to "Dispel Magic" from the cellar floor.

Wed 2 Nov 1589

A The magic of the flagstone pentacle is "Dispelled"

A The clerics together with Willan and buiNalin go down in to the cellar. Temlin "Levitates" the flagstone and Coffchomi casts the "Combined" "Dispel Magic'. When Temlin subsequently "Detects Magic" he can find none, so we all packup and go home!

Fri 4 Nov 1589

A The group arrive back in Zeim Falc again

A The group arrive back at Zeim Falc to report that they have dispelled magic at all the five points of pentagram.

[Feb 2003]

Sat 5 Nov 1589 full moon

A The group travel to Talvaran

A The group travel to Talvaran to see what effect dispelling the magic at the five points of the pentagram has had.

Sun 6 Nov 1589

A The group check the power of the ansachat items

B The group set off to the forest

A Ralpere breaks wind very spectacularly and the leaves rustle on the surrounding trees. Ralpere establishes that the area is still very evil. The ansachat items are hung up and the group (except for Fabius who remains behind) move quickly through the plains.

A The group return as nothing as far as the top of the spiral staircase looks or acts any different. A discussion develops about the merits of travelling to the forest to check on the status of the collapsed cave.

B The group set off to the forest.

Mon 7 Nov 1589

A The Pelarn shrine has been restored in the forest cave

A The group arrive at the forest. Polvyr turns in to a hawk and flies off. He returns and reports that he has found a clearing with a caved in cave and a putrid stream. It seems that nothing has physically changed since a year ago. Polvyr hawk is sent back for a closer look and reports that the Pelarn shrine has been restored. Although it seems hopeless Willan insists that the shrine should be closed again. However he is eventually persuaded to return to Salsorme to pass on the information in order that a properly equipped expedition can be mounted to deal with all the evil in the Talvaran area. The group set off to Salsorme via Zeim Falc.

Late November 1589 : 19 Nov, 18 Dec new moon, 4 Dec full moon

A The documents retrieved by Willan's expedition are returned to Salsorme

B Investigation of some of the items carried by Willan

A Willan's group return to Salsorme from Zeim Falc and pass on the Almanacs and a book of loose papers and drawings, also gained from Talvaran, to Temlin.

B Before checking out the Talvaran papers Temlin spends two weeks investigating the pearls that Willan is carrying from G'thron's temple in Azilhar. Fabius spends four weeks looking in to a ring that Willan obtained from the black dragon hoard in the Githianki castle.

Sun 1 Jan 1590 : 2 Jan new moon

A Temlin reports the power of the pearls - two of them

B The grand opening of Questors

C Luicus is overcome with poem

D More research of items

A Temlin reports that he has found out what two of the three pearls do. The white pearl provides power to mages whilst the blue pearl enhances the wisdom of priests. There is also a black pearl that has not been investigated. Willan passes the blue pearl to his spiritual advisor, Jarrys and the white pearl to Vesquer.

A Fabius explains that Willan should take the ring to the Druids as the magic pertains to their speciality.

B The construction of Questors has been completed. The main tower is converted to Party offices whilst the guard tower becomes a research facility for mages. Abubaca has the cellar and a dwarfen facility has been constructed under the ground. Isiil Oōmé and Lucius have a room in the inn at their disposal. Nalin negotiates franchise terms for the running of Questors with Ub.

B Ub has organised a grand opening to which anyone who is anyone in Salsorme has been invited. No one declines! And although a few people are unable to attend they do so in a way to avoid offence. Much of the entertainment is provided by Party members, Lucius sings songs about the liberation of Salsorme and the Fehermes.

C Whilst Lucius is reciting an epic verse he breaks off and says:

  After thunder peace

Cross, sword, young dove, friend

Shield seeks destiny

Three and three are five

Inocence has clarity

Endure with faiths blessed sustinance

Proceed with accord

Three threes shall be five

Which causes some surprise amongst the audience!

C After pondering the word for some time, The Party decide that the five people are Ralpere, Belthazar, Taran, Willan and Jarrys and that the first verse relates to the consecration of the Farah temple on the Thrune battleground. There is however a lack of accord concerning the precise composition of the groups of three, whether Belthazar, Ralpere or even Taran is the pivotal person. A minority view is that Taran and Belthazar are equally important. The temple is to be consecrated on 31 January.

D Willan collars Woden and asks him to check out the gold and emarald Dragon ring. Temlin researches the jewelled dagger that keeps cropping up. After three weeks he is confident that he has cracked it, but his confidence was misplaced. Fabius checks Martek's broach and pronounces it useful to the Quest in a fashion that he can't ascertain.

D Hoho and the Azilharin researcher with help from Rustbulj check out the almanacs from Talvarrin. Rustbulj reports that information from Zarl Krugers book is very exciting. The book is a personal record kept by Zarl Kruger, much of the references are oblique but it seems to be a record of the costruction of the Tower at Gran Fordir 12 centuries ago. Amongst the inormation seems to be stuff to help to locate Torlich, A couple of magic items used by the Five are clearly identified and how they might be used is explained. Information about the glyph at the Tower of Gran Fordir and what's behind it. More about Farch Nohls (The green stag). Information about what happened to the other parts of the star. [Exerts from Zarl Kruger's book are available elsewhere - Ed]

Sun 22 Jan 1590 : 16 Jan full moon

A The Party depart for the consecration of the Farah Temple at Temnel

A The Party depart for the consecration of the Farah temple at Temnel. It will be in memory of Fianna, the woman who sacrificed her life for Taran.

Tue 31 Jan 1590 : 30 Jan new moon

A The consecration of the Farah Temple at Temnel is somewhat mind altering

B Jarrys, Willan, Belthazar, Taran and Ralpere set off along the shimmering path

C After a series of encounters, the group meet Farah, Ralpere is Beleglached

D A whole lot of "Wishing" going on

E Everyone goes home

A The temple is consecrated. As the ceremony concludes it goes very quiet and the attendent masses notice a wood where there wasn't a wood before. The new trees aren't very wintery looking either.

B Willan, Taran, Belthazar, Jarrys and Ralpere approach the wood with caution, with many others sidling up behind them. The woods have an etherial shimmery quality and a path can be seen moving between the trees. Jarrys, Willan, Belthazar, Taran and Ralpere set off along the path.

C The group reach a glade and, as Ralpere walks in to it, the glade seems to be cut off from outside, the path disappears and those outside can no longer see the trees. The five draw up in two triangles, Taran and Willan and Jarrys and Belthazar with Ralpere in the middle, all hold hands but nothing happens. The usual range of shit ideas are attempted, with no effect. The group walk out of the clearing following Balthazar. As soon as she leaves the glade, she seems to know where she is going. She leads the group on to a broad pathway and walks along it to the left.

C The wood remains very pleasant and springlike, animals can now bee seen. Further down the path it is noticable that the temperature is cooling down even though the sun is shining. It becomes so cold that the group are frostbitten but they carry on behind Balthazar who is sure that they are going in the right direction. Belthazar "Blesses" the group and the journey continues. It gets colder and colder and Balthazar in particular is feeling the effects.

C The group pick some berries, which are very very nice and not cold. Jarrys "Blesses" the food which, when eaten, warms everyone up and the effects of the cold dissapear as does the cold. Eventually the path is blocked by a group of eight hefty looking centars armed with quarterstffs. The group walk up to the centars who greet us. Belthazar returns their greeting. They say that they are the guardians here. Taran asks if we may pass but they say that we cannot. We ask if we can go with them to which they reply "Gladly" and set off down the path to a clearing with a big stone pillar. The centars move away in to the trees.

C The pillar is carved with a firey pentagram, which is very hot. The usual range of shit ideas are attempted, with no effect. Suddenly Taran remembers the triangular metal symbol that Gilla gave him. The triangle slots in to the grooves and as Taran turns it round the firey points go out until all points are extinguished and the pentagram fades. An attractive woman steps out of the column who Taran recognises as the Goddes Farah. Farah touches Taran on the forehead and tells Belthazar that she can close her mouth. She turns to Ralpere and addresses him as Beleglach.

C "Although you follow another it is your role to bear the shield of Farah in the coming strife. Do you do this freely?" to which Ralpere says Yes. Farah waves her hand and the sheild merges in to Ralpere. The glade fades away and the group are back outside the Farah Temple of Temnel. Gilla rushes up and asks what happened. Belthazar tells her.

D As everyone gives thanks in the temple each of the five except Willan receives a wish. On leaving the temple Willan has a funny turn.

E The Party dispurses with those who have lands returning to them and the rest making their way to Salsorme.