4 Kingdoms

Chapter 15 - The Old Map


Wed 18 Jan 1590 : 16 Jan full moon

  • Extracts from Zarl Kruger's book

Sat 21 Jan 1590

  • Woden returns the dragon ring to Willan
  • Caspar asks if The Party can help find Lynn and a very old map

Sun 22 Jan 1590 : 16 Jan full moon

  • The Party depart for the consecration of the Farah Temple at Temnel

Tue 31 Jan 1590 : 30 Jan new moon

  • The consecration of the Farah Temple at Temnel is somewhat mind altering
  • Jarrys, Willan, Belthazar, Taran and Ralpere set off along the shimmering path
  • After a series of encounters, the group meet Farah, Ralpere is Beleglached
  • A whole lot of "Wishing" going on
  • Everyone goes home

Thur 2 Feb 1590

  • Arangements are made for an expedition to find Lynn and the very old map

Fri 3 Feb 1590

  • The group set off on the river journey to Tamtiris

Thur 9 Feb 1590

  • The group arrive at Tamtiris
  • and arrange to depart for Creanlan

Sat 11 Feb 1590

  • Horan The Entertainer

Tue 14 Feb 1590 full moon

  • The dogs of war
  • Nalin's axe is dispatched to Forin

Thur 16 Feb 1590

  • Isiil Om makes plans
  • The group arrive at Creanlan and arrange to depart for Paranis

Sun 19 Feb 1590

  • The barge convoy from Creanlan arrives at Fundein

Mon 20 Feb 1590

  • The hobgoblins of war

Wed 22 Feb 1590

  • The group arrive in Paranis and discover pubs
  • The layout of Paranis

Thur 23 Feb 1590

  • Enquiries in Paranis

Fri 24 Feb 1590

  • Enquiries continue
  • Woden travels to Fungherryd to meet the druid Znh

Sat 25 Feb 1590

  • More enquiries in Paranis may have revealed some leads
  • Karrak looks at the stars

Sun 26 Feb 1590

  • Karrak announces that Lynn is dead
  • Institutionalized enquiries
  • An almost concrete lead!

Mon 27 Feb 1590

  • Rafin returns his meal
  • Passage is booked with Liyan

Tue 28 Feb 1590 new moon

  • The group keep their heads down

Wed 1 Mar 1590

  • Captain Gayn secures the services of two crewmembers form Rafin's the ill-fated barge
  • Illyd/Lynn's location is revealed
  • C- The group journey to Fundein

Sun 5 Mar 1590

  • The group arrive in Fundein and hatch a cunning plan to see Illyd

Mon 6 Mar 1590

  • Belthazar goes to see the local Farah priestess
  • Woden seeks out druids
  • Horan, Guerin, Woden and Karrak go to see Tyrell, the sheriff
  • Playing "thief'

Tue 7 Mar 1590

  • A quiet night
  • Horan trails Tyrell
  • Belthazar goes to see the local Lodrell priests
  • Belthazar goes to see Lynn
  • The hunt is on
  • A plan that works - more or less!

Wed 8 Mar 1590

  • As the bandit hunt is about to start s fracas occurs outside the castle
  • The Party receives work from Taran that his path is no longer with the Party
  • The bandit hunters depart

Thur 9 Mar 1590

  • Tyrell leaves the bandit hunters to return to Fundein

Fri 10 Mar 1590

  • The bandit hunt continues in a better atmosphere
  • Polvyr flies back to Fundein to collect Bathezar

Sat 11 Mar 1590

  • Polyvr returns to the bandit hunt
  • The bandit hunt continues
  • Belthazar links up with Lynn
  • The bandit hunters find an encampment

Sun 12 Mar 1590

  • The group arrive at the ravine
  • The Plan
  • The Plan is executed, and goes off better than is some senior Party member had been involved!
  • Inside the cave
  • The loot is moved
  • A camp is made and the box that Lynn retrieved is opened

Mon 13 Mar 1590

  • A prisoner escapes

Tue 14 Mar 1590 full moon

  • Tyrell is fleeced

Wed 15 Mar 1590

  • Why Fergal became Sheriff of Fundein
  • The trial of Illyn

Thur 16 Mar 1590

  • Lynn goes to Paranis

Fri 17 Mar 1590

  • Lynn arrives in Paranis and writes to the Sheriff of Fundein

Sat 18 Mar 1590

  • Something salty going on

Mon 20 Mar 1590

  • The Sheriff receives Illyn's letter

Wed 22 Mar 1590

  • The salt is retrieved
  • The group set of for Paranis

Thur 23 Mar 1590

  • Woden and Guerin join the group on route to Paranis
  • The barge carrying to group to Paranis pases the barge carrying Woden, Guerin and the salt to Fundien. A transfer is affected and Woden and Guerin join the group on the barge to Paranis.

Sat 25 Mar 1590

  • The group arrive in Paranis and establish a plan to retrieve the scabbard
  • Horan searches the house of the Amnis priest
  • All action chase scene

Sat 25 Mar 1590

  • The group arrive in Paranis and establish a plan to retrieve the scabbard
  • Horan searches the house of the Amnis priest
  • All action chase scene

Sun 26 Mar 1590

  • Horan returns to the group and passes over the loot
  • The group leg it, sharpish

Mon 3 Apr 1590 : 28 Mar new moon

  • The group arrive in Salsorme and pass the items to Rustbulj
  • The group are rewarded by Caspar

Sun 23 Apr 1590 : 11 Apr full moon

  • Rustbulj imparts recent Quest related research to senior Party members
  • Isiil Om announces his engagement to Pallea



[March 2003]

Wed 18 Jan 1590 : 16 Jan full moon

A Extracts from Zarl Kruger's book

A Rustbulj has another extract from Zarl Krugers book. It includes the rhyme

  The hawks life rise, use

Death. Feed rod my five

Powers shall I will return

Heart for signal be after

Two mightier one black stag

A There is a key, which Temlin eventually realises form within a five by five grid. Overlaying this grid on the text and rotating by 90 degrees produced the following:

  After death I rise mightier

Two hawks signal my return

Stag heart will feed life

Use black rod for power

The five shall be one

Sat 21 Jan 1590

A Woden returns the dragon ring to Willan

B Caspar asks if The Party can help find Lynn and a very old map

[May 2003]

A Woden returns the gold and emerald Dragon ring to Willan, reporting that it is not druidic it is a bad item that allows the wearer to violate the sanctity of trees by "Melding" with them. Woden suggests that it should be destroyed.

[March 2003]

B Caspar has a small problem. He has recently found information about a very old map that he thinks is useful to the Party. He intended to obtain it as a gift in thanks for our help in assisting him obtaining the post of Archon (Ripeh). It was in the possession of Rolliyst Sourve Pellinchar a minor lord in the far south of Van Connel (in the region of the Lord of Laosin) colloquially known as Pellan, Caspar sent a friend called Lynn to go and fetch the map. He has not yet returned and is now overdue. He obtained the map and has communicated his return journey as far as Paranis when he fell silent. Caspar suggests that it is still possible that Lynn may turn up but that if he doesn't return by the end of January the Party might like to send some people down to investigate. Caspar warns the Lynn's mode of operation may not be something with which Lordships of the stature of the Party luminaries would want to be associated.

[May 2003]

B Caspar says that Lynn was staying in an Inn near the wharf and had mentioned the innkeepers twin daughters. Paranis is a complicated place at the moment with lots of factions feuding with each other. He advises the Party to be careful if making arrangements as everyone there is only looking out for themselves.

B Paranis, Willans home town, is the centre of the local salt trade and there are several large salt mines nearby. When the Party was there in 1585 there were three major power bases, the Theign, the Merchants Guild of Nystel Tavron and Hinlen. They deal in salt, the competition was fierce and there was much fighting between the three groups. The Theign held sole control until the King took over. Hinlen is not from this area. Salt caravans were frequently attacked by monsters including orcs, cyclops and stone giants.

[Feb 2003]

Sun 22 Jan 1590 : 16 Jan full moon

A The Party depart for the consecration of the Farah Temple at Temnel

A The Party depart for the consecration of the Farah temple at Temnel. It will be in memory of Fianna, the woman who sacrificed her life for Taran.

Tue 31 Jan 1590 : 30 Jan new moon

A The consecration of the Farah Temple at Temnel is somewhat mind altering

B Jarrys, Willan, Belthazar, Taran and Ralpere set off along the shimmering path

C After a series of encounters, the group meet Farah, Ralpere is Beleglached

D A whole lot of "Wishing" going on

E Everyone goes home

A The temple is consecrated. As the ceremony concludes it goes very quiet and the attendent masses notice a wood where there wasn't a wood before. The new trees aren't very wintery looking either.

B Willan, Taran, Belthazar, Jarrys and Ralpere approach the wood with caution, with many others sidling up behind them. The woods have an etherial shimmery quality and a path can be seen moving between the trees. Jarrys, Willan, Belthazar, Taran and Ralpere set off along the path.

C The group reach a glade and, as Ralpere walks in to it, the glade seems to be cut off from outside, the path disappears and those outside can no longer see the trees. The five draw up in two triangles, Taran and Willan and Jarrys and Belthazar with Ralpere in the middle, all hold hands but nothing happens. The usual range of shit ideas are attempted, with no effect. The group walk out of the clearing following Balthazar. As soon as she leaves the glade, she seems to know where she is going. She leads the group on to a broad pathway and walks along it to the left.

C The wood remains very pleasant and springlike, animals can now bee seen. Further down the path it is noticable that the temperature is cooling down even though the sun is shining. It becomes so cold that the group are frostbitten but they carry on behind Balthazar who is sure that they are going in the right direction. Belthazar "Blesses" the group and the journey continues. It gets colder and colder and Balthazar in particular is feeling the effects.

C The group pick some berries, which are very very nice and not cold. Jarrys "Blesses" the food which, when eaten, warms everyone up and the effects of the cold dissapear as does the cold. Eventually the path is blocked by a group of eight hefty looking centars armed with quarterstffs. The group walk up to the centars who greet us. Belthazar returns their greeting. They say that they are the guardians here. Taran asks if we may pass but they say that we cannot. We ask if we can go with them to which they reply "Gladly" and set off down the path to a clearing with a big stone pillar. The centars move away in to the trees.

C The pillar is carved with a firey pentagram, which is very hot. The usual range of shit ideas are attempted, with no effect. Suddenly Taran remembers the triangular metal symbol that Gilla gave him. The triangle slots in to the grooves and as Taran turns it round the firey points go out until all points are extinguished and the pentagram fades. An attractive woman steps out of the column who Taran recognises as the Goddes Farah. Farah touches Taran on the forehead and tells Belthazar that she can close her mouth. She turns to Ralpere and addresses him as Beleglach.

C "Although you follow another it is your role to bear the shield of Farah in the coming strife. Do you do this freely?" to which Ralpere says Yes. Farah waves her hand and the sheild merges in to Ralpere. The glade fades away and the group are back outside the Farah Temple of Temnel. Gilla rushes up and asks what happened. Belthazar tells her.

D As everyone gives thanks in the temple each of the five except Willan receives a wish. On leaving the temple Willan has a funny turn.

E The Party dispurses with those who have lands returning to them and the rest making their way to Salsorme.

[May 2003]

Thur 2 Feb 1590

A Arangements are made for an expedition to find Lynn and the very old map

A No word is heard from Lynn, so Horan, Woden, Brutzch, Fabius, Guerin, Polvyr, Karrak and Belthazar are deputised. A story is composed to justify being in Van Connel and some supporting documentation is forged.

A Caspar has a contact in Tamcord called Lethell Mac Gann to which he would like a letter delivered and six silver goblets which are made from silver from Achtherel and are a wedding gift to him. None of this is true, although six goblets are produced, but it adds an extra layer of cover.

A Fabius somehow manages to prize 100 crowns from Nalin AND an additional 500 silver peices from Caspar, who chuckles and says that we can keep the silver goblets

Fri 3 Feb 1590

A The group set off on the river journey to Tamtiris

A Despite Horan's vigorous protests the group set off on the river journey to Tamtiris.

Thur 9 Feb 1590

A The group arrive at Tamtiris

B and arrange to depart for Creanlan

A The group arrive at Tamtiris, are grilled by the guards and have to pay a tarrif to enter the town. Horan negotiates with the guards and an amount is obtained from Belthazar through Fabius and passed over.

B The group try to find out if a caravan is departing for Creanlan however there is nothing at this time of year, however a group of Connel soldiers are making the journey the day after tomorrow.

B Woden and Belthazar are introduced to the Halonafen of the soldiers and negotiate passage with them for a small fee. A donkey and some wilderness supplies are obtained.

Sat 11 Feb 1590

A Horan The Entertainer

A The soldiers and hangers on depart for Creanlan. During the journey the soldiers are more entertained than they were expecting as Horan has some abilities in street performance [On a boat, on a river! - Ed] and the necessary equipment to boot.

Tue 14 Feb 1590 full moon

A The dogs of war

B Nalin's axe is dispatched to Forin

A The night time encampment is attacked by wild dogs. Polvyr casts a spell and Woden manages to "Entangle" some of the dogs without arousing the concern of the soldiers. Fabius is "Invisible" and "Summons a swarm of rats" in the middle of the dog pack. Guerin draws his sword.

A The soldiers are getting themselves together, but they are clearly not up to the standards of the Party. Brutzch and Polvyr are attacked by dogs. The confusion amongst the soldiers incrases. Belthazar "Sleeps" seven of the dogs as half of the group are attacked. The group manage to dispatch the same number of dogs as the sixty troops! The dogs adjacent to the rat attack have disbursed. Just as the troops begin to get their act together the dogs have had enough of being pounded by the group and run off.

B The smiths in Willan's lands, Lethel and Galis, being mere humans, are incapable of repairing Nalin's axe. Fortunately they introduce Nalin to Bardnyr, one of his tenants who has some smithing skills. He knows of a dwarven master-smith named Forin who lives as a recluse in the mountains north west of Lehrbahn. He offers to take the axe to him. A group consisting of Bazron, Bardnyr, the two dwarves from the Githianki Plane and Narlon the younger's younger brother and the dwarven cleric Khori Tyr Thrune from Nalin's lands sets off.

Thur 16 Feb 1590

A Isiil Om makes plans

B The group arrive at Creanlan and arrange to depart for Paranis

A On a boar hunt in his landsIsiil Om asks Willan to be the best man at his wedding to Pallea

B On arrival at Creanlan the troops put in a good word about the group travelling to Paranis and tariffs are waived. The Theign of Creanlan is the husband of Connel's sister. The next step is to travel down the Nystel Vielan through Fundein to Paranis. A convoy of empty salt barges is due to leave for Paranis tomorrow. Passage is secured for a small fee.

Sun 19 Feb 1590

A The barge convoy from Creanlan arrives at Fundein

A The barge convoy arrives at Fundein where a couple of extra guards are employed.

Mon 20 Feb 1590

A The hobgoblins of war

A During the night the barges are attacked at mooring by goblins and hobgoblins. The alarm is raised and fighting breaks out on the deck. The barge guards are outnumbered by their opponents so Guerin joins them followed by other members of the group. Some spells are cast and a halon of Connel soldiers charge out of the undergrowth. The gobins and hobgoblins seem unnerved by the turn of events. A couple of goblins move towards a hatch in the middle barge. Horan kills the rearmost of them with a backstab.

A The nerve of the goblins and hobgoblins breaks and they head for the bank to run away. The halon of Connel troops runs after some of the scattering goblins and disappears over a ridge never to be seen again. A guard thanks the group members for helping out. [The halon of Connel troops were a cleverly organised "Illusion" - Ed]

Wed 22 Feb 1590

A The group arrive in Paranis and discover pubs

B The layout of Paranis

A The barge convoy arrives in Paranis with no further event. A plan is formed - go on a pub crawl. The group rent rooms in the fairly well appointed "Vielen" Inn then work their way through a bunch of others. All the inns are fairly quiet because of the time of year.

B One the south bank of the Tavron is perched the castle, overlooking the junction of the two rivers. To both sides of the castle, all to the south of the Tavron are the salt mines. Most of the town is on the east bank of the Vielen. The richest part of town is behind the castle. Belthazar and Woden head off towards there. Horan and Polvyr check local pubs for the twins, and information about Lynn. Guerin and Brutzch head off looking for action whilst Fabius and Karrak make cartographic enquiries.

B The main temple in Paranis is dedicated to Tavron with undertones of his son Vielen. It is well supported by the Theign. There is an Amnis temple and a Thrune temple in which are shrines to most of the other gods.

A Guerin and Brutzch find that the best action is in the larger dock area, at the other end to where the group are staying. They are advised to stay away from the west side of the Vielen unless you like it really rough. They drop in to one at the "wrong" end of the dock on the way back to the Vielen.

Thur 23 Feb 1590

A Enquiries in Paranis

A After a breakfast of ale, bread and porridge Fabius and Karrak go off in search of general antiques. Belthazar and Woden go to their respective temples. Woden pops the question about the twins to the Tavron priest, but to no avail. Horan looks around the wharf area for signs of the local underworld - he spots nothing.

Fri 24 Feb 1590

A Enquiries continue

B Woden travels to Fungherryd to meet the druid Znh

A After the disaster of the previous day investigations continue. Balthezar and Woden try a more honest line of questioning at the temples, suggesting that we are worried about our friend and fear the worst and wonder if they have done any business with foreigners recently. Belthazar is unable to furnish Avo Tyr Thrune with much concrete information so he cannot give much help.

B Woden travels to the environs of the village of Fungherryd, north of the Tavron, to meet an old druid named Znh [Pron. Ezz-no - Ed] Tyr Dell. Woden gives him the heads up and Znh tells him that the area has been bad lately, despite the efforts of the local soldiers. The area to the north is particularly unsavoury. Znh says that the townspeople are all squabbling amongst themselves, he thinks that all the religions are against each other and that the merchants are a further faction. Fabius and Karrak expand their questions to encompass history.

Sat 25 Feb 1590

A More enquiries in Paranis may have revealed some leads

B Karrak looks at the stars

A Horan and Guerin take the plunge and head off to the dodgy bit of town to check out the underworld. An expedition is mounted to clock the signs, names and general paraphinalia of the inns in case it provides a clue to "twin daughters'. Fabius hangs out in a likely looking pub with Karrak.

A Woden arrives back from his trip to Fungherryd. Fabius is helped in by Karrak. Brutzch is able to report back with a description of a guy who has been following him and suggests that someone follows him tomorrow. Polvyr reports that he was in a pub called "Steve Door's Hook" where the innkeeper has two large grey dogs that he almost treats as kids. Horan reports that he has been contacted by a thiefly gofer in "The Leg of Mutton" and he will receive more information tomorrow.

B It is a clear night so Karrak looks at the stars.

Sun 26 Feb 1590

A Karrak announces that Lynn is dead

B Institutionalized enquiries

C An almost concrete lead!

A Following his soire with the stars Karrak thinks that Lynn headed north and is now dead.

B Horan and Guerin return to the "Leg of Mutton". Polvyr goes back early to nurse a flaggon in "Steve Door's Hook", Woden will follow along later. Belthazar is going to do her Farah gig with Brutsch in attendence. Fabius goes to get blottoed somewhere else, Karrak keeps him company.

B Woden says hello to the dogs and complements them to the innkeeper. He asks about Lynn but the innkeeper doesn't recall anything. Woden leaves but Polyvr keeps his attention on the barman to see if he contacts anyone.

B In the "Leg of Mutton" Horan and Guerin are joined by a different man who asks what we are doing in Paranis. Horan explains about the map. The man, who claims to work on the wharfs, seems quite unimpressed. Horan explains some more as small amount of expenses changes hands and an open arrangement is made.

B Woden returns to "Steve Door's Hook" and tells Tal Mac Orrin the innkeper that he hs remembered a few extra things that might help. Woden uses the phrase "twin daughters" in case this is a password. However the innkeeper is not drawn, so Woden mentions the name Lynn, later followed by Caspar but to no avail. Woden asks if he can converse with the dogs, the innkeeper is happy to oblige, but the dogs have no particular memory of someone specific.

C With no obvious alternative Fabius "Suggests" to the innkeeper that he tells everything he knows about Lynn. A chap named Illyd stayed at the beginning of January. He stayed for only a couple of days whilst purchasing a few things from the market, and then left on a barge on 5th January with more things than he arrived with.

C Horan goes to see the Wharfmaster, Stellin Mac Farr, and asks about departures going north on 5th January. The harbourmaster says that the only barge that left on that day was the barge of Filjack Mac Son travelling to Fundein. It was captained by Rafin Mac Tep and attacked about half way by bandits with goblins in tow. It turns out that Rafin is in town at the moment, he works for Filjack who has about six barges currently docked, he points out where they are.

C Horan and Guerin head over to the appropriate part of the wharf and find out that Rafin is in the "Saltpot". At the Saltpot they ask for Rafin, the barman points out a bloke sitting by himself in the corner. Horan tells Guerin to get three drinks in and heads over to introduce himself. Horan says that he is anxious to find information about his friend Illyn, however Rafin is very drunk and in a very bad mood. On their way out they ask the barman why Rafin is so upset, it is because he lost a valuable cargo and is not getting any work at the moment.

C Guerin looses the toss and gets to follow him back to the doss house.

Mon 27 Feb 1590

A Rafin returns his meal

B Passage is booked with Liyan

A Horan goes to wait for Rafin to leave the doss house. Guerin is keeping an eye on who is following who. Horan takes Rafin for lunch, but when Rafin finds out that Horan is trying to find out about Illyd he becomes angry and accuses Illyd him of being in league with the bandits who attacked the barges. He throws his meal at Horan and storms off.

B Horan asks the harbourbourmaster when the next barge convoy to Fundein is. The wharfmaster's brother Liyan owns a salt barge leaving the day after tomorrow. Horan goes to the "Horse and Plough" and speaks to Liyan, who though somewhat incredulous, is very helpful. He agrees to provide passage and is flexible about dropping us off.

B Captain Gayn will be taking the barges. Liyan gives us a note to pass on to him about obtaining a crew member who can identify the spot where the attack took place. Horan gives him funds to secure the help of a person.

Tue 28 Feb 1590 new moon

A The group keep their heads down

A The group keep their heads down

Wed 1 Mar 1590

A Captain Gayn secures the services of two crewmembers form Rafin's the ill-fated barge

B Illyd/Lynn's location is revealed

C The group journey to Fundein

A Captain Gayn reports that he has secured the services of Tendow Mac Und and Iyk Mac Vertin who have just returned from Saralolgin but who were on the ill-fated trip.

B Tendow and Iyk are sure that Illyd was involved otherwise he would not be banged up in Fundein jail awaiting trail for the crime. They graphically describe the attack in which the guards fought off the attack but at the expense of much of the cargo and some of the barges. After the attack Illyd was mising and had obviously left with the bandits. Illyd had been arrested for stealing a chicken and Tendow was able to identify him as the man who was involved in the bandit attack. Apparently he claims that he doesn't know who he is, but that's just to try to get himself off. Tendow is exasperated that because the Lodrell church is conducting proceedings it will take forever for the case to be resolved, but he is confident that justice will be done - eventually.

[July 2003]

C Based on this information the group decide to travel to Fundein, and arrange to have the point of the attack shown to Woden as the barge travels past. Woden thinks that the group should get off and hunt the hobgoblins, but he is outvoted.

C Woden interrogates a flycatcher and eventully discovers that "walking men come from sunrise', which, as the river runs north-south at this point, does not narrow the field that much. Some hills can be seen in the east.

Sun 5 Mar 1590

A The group arrive in Fundein and hatch a cunning plan to see Illyd

A After an uneventful trip the group arrive at Fundein in the evening and book in to a lively inn called the "Iron Band'. Fundein is a medium size town (about 3,500 - smaller than Paranis) whose lord is called Mendal. A plan is formed to go to the jail and ask to see Illyd and say that he was transporting a valuable item for a Salsorme merchant and we have been engaged to find out what has happened to him.

Mon 6 Mar 1590

A Belthazar goes to see the local Farah priestess

B Woden seeks out druids

C Horan, Guerin, Woden and Karrak go to see Tyrell, the sheriff

D Playing "thief'

A The group, trying not to put their feet in it, send Belthazar is sent so see the Farah prietsess, who is a new girl called Menwhyn, to find out about the local political situation. Belthazar wonders if Menwhyn is on YTS, apparently she has just taken over from Larraine, who was sent to a new temple near Salorme. Belthazar modestly lets it drop that she met Farah herself at the consecration of that very temple. Menwhyn is putty in her hands. She tells Belthazar that Farah gets on well with Lodrell but there is some tension between Lodrell and the local sheriff, Tyrell Mac Valyn, who is not a very nice man (tends to beat people up) and likes to get on with dispensing his own brand of justice. She keeps out of his way. There is a Neilen temple and a Thrune temple in Fundein.

B Woden speaks to a farmer called Old Jylz Mac Donyld and finds out the a druid called Hessek north of a village called Ham. At 15 miles it is quite a trek so Woden asks around and finds out that some druids are opperating to the south east. They are called aAmtorr and Caprus but he does not know exactly where they are. Woden decides that he won't get any useful information from a druid that far out of town.

C Horan, Guerin, Woden and Karrak, as the most fighterly looking are deputized to go the castle to see Tyrell about forming a posse to take out the goblins as they seem likely to have taken a valuable item from Illyd. The group climb the street to the promenary on which the castle stands. Across the square is a small side entrance to the castle that is open but guarded. The main gates are shut.

C Woden announces himself to a guard and asks to see the sheriff. A more senior soldier is fetched and asks Woden what we want. Woden says that we have been sent to find Illyd. The soldier says that the sheriff would probably like to see us and instructs a soldier to escourt us to the "Knucklebones" inn. Horan whispers to Woden that he had heard that the "Knucklebones" was a place to be avoided, unless you were looking for trouble.

C On the way, a number of the civillians dodge out of the way, and give us funny looks. The "Knucklebones" is not tucked out of the way or in a seedy location. Horan checks out a variety of alternative exits from the inn, which is clearly a gambling den. [No kidding - Ed] The group are beckoned over to a table to meet Tyrell. He asks what the group know. Woden explains our version of events but Tyrell disagrees. He seems interested in the idea of going after the goblins, but is quite cagey about it. He says that someone can see the prisoner, but when Guerin points out that the group don't know what he looks like Tyrell changes his mind. In the end it is agreed that Tyrell will speak to Illyd and get back to the group.

C A soldier follows the group back to the "Iron Band'. There is some concern over Tyrell's motivation so a night time guard is set.

D A local teaches the group how to play a dice game called "Thief', Horan, Brutzch and Karrak all get thouroughly drunk, but they keep out of trouble. However Brutzch and Karrak are questionable for their night time guard duties.

Tue 7 Mar 1590

A A quiet night

B Horan trails Tyrell

C Belthazar goes to see the local Lodrell priests

D Belthazar goes to see Lynn

E The hunt is on

F A plan that works - more or less!

A Guerin is going to do all the watches but Woden, who has not cast any spells, volunteers to take the first one. Nothing happens overnight.

B Karrak makes Horan "Invisible" and he goes to trail Tyrell. Belthazar goes to see Menwhyn to find out about Lodrell proceedures, with a view of getting the date of the trial. Guerin gets some sleep whilst Brutzch nurses his hangover.

B Horan makes his way through the throng to the "Knucklebones" and gets there at the same time as Tyrell. Tyrell takes his normal seat and Horan installs himself nearby. Horan picks up a few titbits about town policing and the local protection racket but nothing to do with Illyd. After a couple of hours Tyrell sets off in the direction of the castle. A civillian falls in step beside him so Horan speeds up and overhears the civillian report to Tyrell the movements of the group. Tyrell seems disturbed that the civillian cannot find Horan. The civillian drifts away, Horan will know him again if he sees him.

B Tyrell goes in to the castle, Horan is not sure that he can slip past the guard so he quickly heads back to the "Iron Band', too quickly as there is a slight commotion when Horan bumps in to a passer by.

B At the inn Horan reports what he has overheard. It is unclear what to give the Lodrell church in order to postpone the trial, as the group realise that Caspars name should not have been drawn in to this affair, so there is no one to put forward as a witness. Also, the group recall that Lynn will not want the case to come to trial in any case.

C Belthazar goes back to the Lodrell church with the still "Invisible" Horan to see what can be sorted out. Menwhyn introduces Belthazar to a Lodrell cleric, who, after a conversation suggests that she speak to the high priest Gallenier. Horan (still invisible) spots a man who he has seen before, sitting in the church.

C Belthazar has a difficult interview with Gallenier and is passed on to Innes the defence counsel. The man sitting in the church departs and Horan follows him. He goes to a dockside pub and passes some information to another man who Horan follows as he departs. He goes to the "Knucklebones" and tells a guard that the Farah cleric has spoken to Lodrell, and he wouldn't want to be in his shoes when he tells Tyrell. This is too good to miss so Horan stays until Tyrell turns up and is told. Tyrell slumps to the table with his head in his hands. He leaves the inn, but Horan cannot get through the throng to follow him.

D Innes seems quite laid back for a Lodrell cleric and is enthusiastic to take Belthazar to minister to Illyd's injuries. They pass through the castle unmolested by the various guards and are allowed in to a cell holding a tall badraggled man. Innes makes a show of not listening and Belthaar is able to confirm that the prisoner is indeed Lynn, and that he can recall his past, and that Belthazar should say no more. It is agreed that Belthazar should return the next day with a poultice for the nasty wound on Illyd's head.

E A soldier arrives at the "Iron Belt" and announces that Tyrell has received permission from the lord to hunt the goblins and bandits and that the group is to be in the castle square ready for departure at dawn the next morning. Woden and Brutzch go and get supplies.

F Everyone returns to the inn in the evening and it is decided that Woden, Brutzch, Karrak, Guerin and Polvyr will go on the expedition whilst Horan and Belthazar will stay in town in case an attempt must be made to spring Lynn.

F Eventually it is decided to spring Lynn straight away. Horan can disguise himself as Tyrell. He will attempt to enter the castle and get to Lynn's cell. Lynn will be bound and hooded and Horan will lead him to an alleyway near the "Knucklebones" inn where an "Invisible" Karrak is stationed. Karrak will make Lynn and Horan "Invisible" and they will all return to the "Iron Band'. Woden, Brutzch, Guerin, Karrak and Polvyr will turn up for the goblin hunt as if nothing has happened and hopefully leave town with the real Tyrell and his tak of men. Horan and Lynn will follow Invisibly for the day, and then follow at a distance once they become visible. Belthazar will stay in town as she is meant to minister to Lynn and must act as if he is still there.

F The plan works like a dream until the three "Invisible" people get to the back yard of the "Iron Belt" inn where Lynn trips over some rubbish and the inn keeper comes out and calls the guards. Lynn, Karrak and Horan slip inside the inn and Karrak makes more noise going up the stairs. Horan wakes Woden and tells him to go downstairs to see what is happening to cover for the noise that Karrak is making. Eventually the commotion subsides and everyone goes to bed.

Wed 8 Mar 1590

A As the bandit hunt is about to start s fracas occurs outside the castle

B The Party receives work from Taran that his path is no longer with the Party

C The bandit hunters depart

A Everyone gets up and sets off for the rendezvous with Tyrell and his men in the castle square. A guard patrol acts as escort. The tak of men is ready but there is no sign of Tyrell. Eventually he turns up about a quarter of an hour late, from the direction of the town. Woden introduces everyone and Tyrell asks where Horan is. Woden says that they don't know, he didn't come back last night. Tyrell is angry and gives the group fifteen minutes to find him whilst he gets his horse, he sets off towards the castle and Brutzch and Woden go down the hill. Horan tells Lynn that he's on his own and runs off behind Woden and Brutzch to become visible in some quiet location.

A As Tyrell gets the the castle door a guard crashes in to him and he falls to the ground. The "Invisible" Lynn grabs Polvyr and says "You mustn't let him enter the castle' -

[Aug 2003]

B Taran sends word that he has realized that his path is with the "friends in need" rather than as protector of Willan, so he will be unable to travel with the Party. This has major implications for the continuation of "the three'.

A "Why?" says Polvyr. Lynn is sure that a guard in the castle will tell Tyrell what has happened. Tyrell is near the gate shouting at the guard who fell in to him.

A Polvyr does something. Tyrell goes to the castle gate, which is opened by a guard. Horan finds a spot and becomes visible and heads back up the street. Polyvr is able to hear the guard tell Tyrell that his horse is just coming as it has already been called. Polyvr smiles inwardly. Brutzch and Woden see Horan legging it towards the square and turn back themselves, shouting at Horan as they go.

A Tyrell waits at the gate and the three return to the castle square. Woden makes jokes about Horan's night-time activities to which Horan responds in kind. Tyrell's horse is brought out and a new guard rushes out to replace the one who bumped in to Tyrell, who is sent for twelve lashes.

C The group leave the town and head south. Woden gets his bearings and suggests a route. In the evening Woden attracts the attention of a bird however little useful information is gleaned. Lynn makes contact and has his "Invisibility" renewed by Karrak. He is stunned that the group were so cool about the prospect of Tyrell going in to the castle.

C The night passes uneventfully, although the guards are fairly cool towards the group.

Thur 9 Mar 1590

A Tyrell leaves the bandit hunters to return to Fundein

A The group follow Woden down the river but cannoy find the spot pointed out on the barge journey to Fundein.

A Evening watches continue as per the previous night. It's raining. During the last watch Tyrell gets up and saddles his horse. He tells Polvyr that the he is going back to Fundein as he has business to attend to. He is sure that everyone here can take care of events. He gallops off and Polvyr send his Raven to keep an eye on him.

Fri 10 Mar 1590

A The bandit hunt continues in a better atmosphere

B Polvyr flies back to Fundein to collect Bathezar

A The troops seem a bit more approachable and Polvyr expresses his surprise that Tyrell would head back to town after two days. The troops say that he can get back in a day and that he must have gone back for the trial.

A Woden climbs a tree, but can't work out exactly where the bandit attack occurred, however we are nearby.

B Woden and Karrak move away with Polvyr. Polvyr turns in to a bird and Karrak makes him "Invisible" Polvyr flies back to Fundein. Woden returns to the group with Karrak and tells the Tak commander that Polvyr has gone off to reconoitre the area.

A Various parties search the area but turn up nothing. The Tak commander suggests moving to the hills, so the camp is struck and the group move off.

B In the early afternoon Polvyr gets back to Fundein. He turns back into an invisible person and finds Belthazar exactly where he expected. She explains that the Lord has sent riders out to find Tyrell and that she is assisting the Lodrell church in their enquiries so she cannot leave. Polvyr says that she should come with him, but it is up to her.

B There are no barges leaving so Belthazar leaves a message that she has been urgently called away and arranges for Polvyr to turn her in to a dove in a public place, and she flies off to great amazement. Polvyr turns back into a hawk and "Invisibly" flies after her. Once outside of town Polvyr becomes visible and flies with Belthazar back towards the rest of the group. It gets dark well before they get back to the group and they have to land. Polvyr turns them back into human form and they make camp for the night.

A The group spends the afternoon walking about aimlessly although Woden finds a good camp at the end of the day. Woden does his daily "Speak with Animals" and collars a stoat. The stoat is of the opinion that there are no other big people in the forest at the moment, but there sometimes are. Karrak makes Lynn "Invisible" again. Lynn is becoming impatent. When Woden returns to camp he appraises the Tak commander of his concerns over the continuing absence of Polyvr.

Sat 11 Mar 1590

A Polyvr returns to the bandit hunt

B The bandit hunt continues

C Belthazar links up with Lynn

D The bandit hunters find an encampment

A Polvyr and Belthazar turn into hawks and set off to return to the group, taking a slightly circuitous route in order to check for soldiers searching for the group.

B Woden climbs a tree to look for camp smoke but cannot get high enough to see over the trees of the wood.

C A disembodied voice says "That's a neat trick with the falcons.' Polvyr is unphased and explains that it would be helpful if Lynn could look after Belthazar for the time being. Polvyr sets off back to the group.

A Polyvr returns to the group looking a bit dishevelled and apologises that he went further than he intended the previous day. The group continues towards the hills.

B In the afternoon Polvyr once again "Hawks" and flies around. He sees smoke in the forest a couple of hours ahead of the group, but he can't see who is making the smoke. Polvyr flies in a Fundeinwardly direction but does not see anyone. He returns to the group. The group set off to halve the distance to the smoke.

C Lynn and Belthazar have decided not to be invisible.

D Holmir volunteers to be "Wolfed" and goes off to check out the smoke site. He gets there quite quickly. There is a human encampment in a ravine with lookout positions on both sides of the western end. Horan works his way to the side of the ravine. It seems too steep for people to move down. Horan can hear several human voices but cannot make out what is being said. He works his way back to where he can see the sentry post and howls. The sentry appears to be armed with a crossbow, he looks like a competent fighter type. Horan howls twice more, but no-one comes out of the ravine, so Horan lopes back to camp.

Sun 12 Mar 1590

A The group arrive at the ravine

B The Plan

C The Plan is executed, and goes off better than is some senior Party member had been involved!

D Inside the cave

E The loot is moved

F A camp is made and the box that Lynn retrieved is opened

A Eary in the morning the group set off to cover the last hour and a half. The tak stops out of earshot of the ravine.


[Oct 2003]

C The group form up as the raven flies off. At a signal from Polvyr the group move towards the entrance to the ravine. There is no response from the sentry posts as the assault passes the entrance to the ravine. Brutzch soon peels off up the path to the left hand sentry post. A few moments later Horan heads up the right hand path, which is slightly further down the ravine.

C A cry is heard from further down the ravine and Karrak launches a "Sleep" spell in that direction. Melee soon ensues. Abramovic, the tak commander, is soon barking orders to his men. The enemy is a mixture of humans, goblins and hobgoblins. One of the soldiers, Hic, is hit by a crossbow bolt. Glic is the first soldier to land a blow soon follwed by Kic. Eventually Guerin joins the combat. Karrak fires a multiple "Magic Missile" and hits three opponents.

C Bandits and goblins are popping up all over the place. Horan reaches the sentry post and ties up the sentry, who is acting like a zombie. Woden receives a nasty blow whilst prestidigitating. Abramovic moves to cover him but is engaged on route. Brutzch slashes the neck of the other sentry, but does not kill him. The sentry becomes far more alert. Tic attacks the goblin who hit Woden.

C Brutzch stabs the sentry in the gut and he dies. Woden manoeuvres to a shady nook. Horan knocks out the sentry whom he has just bound up. The battle continues in the ravine. Stic's opponent misses him as he is impaled by a crossbow bolt in the act of attacking. Glic falls to the ground with a leg wound and Tic has his stomach sliced open but survives, holding in his own intestines. Karrak flies off another "Magic Missile'. Woden binds his wounds and looks for an appropriate target for his "Lightening Bolt'. Polvyr's raven starts to eat the dead sentry.

C Crossbow bolts seem to be taking out more of their own than of the group. Combatants are starting to fall on both sides. Guerin topples the hobgoblin. Horan gets to the ravine floor and sees two bandits fleeing, so he runs to intercept them. A "Lightening Bolt" zaps one of the crossbow men. Everyone is, to some extent, startled. Some new combatants appear and immediately crumple back to the ground. Polyvr patches up Tic, who is on the floor spouting blood. Brutzch lurks, attempting to catch the unwary. Glic's opponent starts acting peculiar and Polvyr says "Don't hit him Stic'. Stic doesn't hit him, instead he ties him up as Polyvr suggested

C All the bandits in the main combat throw down their weapons and surrender. A goblin continues fighting Lic, Brutzch sneaks up and decapitates it. A final count reveals twelve bandit prisoners, who are tied up. Woden gets the dead goblins and hobgoblins piled up and "Lightening Bolts" them. Everyone who needs healing is "Healed'. Brutzch and Horan look for hidden opponents but find none. Abramovic sends some soldiers to look around. They report that there is more accommodation here than could be acounted for by the bandits that were encountered. Two of the soldiers are sent up to the sentry posts. There are a couple of full salt wagons.

D Horan, Brutzch, Guerin, Karrak, Abramovic, Kic, Stic go to check out the caves. There is a narrow path up the side of slope. There is a platform in front of the curtained entrance to the cave. Lanterns are lit and Guerin sticks his head round the curtain. Inside there is a small cave fitted out as sleeping quarters, Something is lurking at the back. Horan holds the lantern and follows Guerin in to the cave. There is a big goblin at the back guarding the entrance to a passageway. It is much larger than usual and Guerin and others are convinced that there is something fishy about it. The group are reticent to attack, but, unable to think of anything else, the mega-goblin is attacked by Guerin and Brutzch. Brutzch receives a mighty blow and retires so Abramovic steps in. Karrak pumps it with a "Magic Missile'. Abramovic has his guts sliced open so he retires and Kic takes over. Unfortuntely it is the last thing that Kic ever does. No one moves to help so Guerin continues on his own. The mega-goblin eventually falls as Guerin hits it, it looks as if it has lost a lot of blood. Guerin searches it but finds nobody of note. Woden is called up and "Cures" Abramovic. The group go down the passageway into another small cave. Guerin sticks his head into the room, luckily the really big sword held by the very large goblin misses him. The group make a fighting retreat in to the cave, the mega-goblin stops at the passage mouth. Guerin fires an arrow at it and it falls back down the corridor. The group clear out the cave and pull down the curtain. There are plenty of crossbows in the camp. Zic and Tic can use crossbows so they take them and go to the sentry posts.

D A slap up meal is prepared and all the living accomodation searched, this reveals nothing of note. The prisoners are questioned. The leader of the bandits is called Skryos, he is not here at the moment as he is off doing a job in the direction of Paranis. They are due back any time now. The big goblins are (were) called Slash and Bash.

D When he is alone, Guerin hears a voice asking what is going on. Guerin explains the situation to Lynn. Guerin reports to the rest of the group, who realise that this must mean that Belthazar is alone in the woods! Lynn is instructed to go and bring her to the camp. Polvyr returns, he saw a small group of soldiers heading in our direction who might get to the ravine by the end of the day.

E Polvyr "Stupifies" Slash who is thoroughly tied up [more like mumified - Ed]. In the room are stacks of stash. A human chain is formed to move the stuff to the outer cave. There are several goat skins, a few dozen bolts of fine cloth, a small chest of cash and jewellery, a bunch of weapons and armour and seven small casks of very fine brandy. There is also a place in the wall where pile of rocks has been moved to reveal a small niche, which is now empty. Slash begins to come round so he is decapitated.

E Arrangements are made to remove the salt wagons from the ravine and hide the salt in the forest. The group then intend to take the rest of the stash back to Fundein with the prisoners and the body of Kic. It is assumed that Lynn somehow got in to the cave and removed the map from the niche.

F Everyone moves off and the wagons are stashed. A camp is made which is south-west of the ravine. Lynn makes contact with Guerin. It turns out that he did not get in to the cave, he ambushed a woman who was climbing up the slope having retrieved a box from the niche. Lynn thinks that she was one of the bandits who escaped from the fight. He has retrieved his dagger and four gems that are his from the box. There are another nine gems, a scroll and a strange cloth. The woman will not be leaving the slope above the cave. Lynn now remembers that he hid the map (which is drawn on velum) in the scabard of a very ornate and unweildy sword. Lynn notes that he saw his own armour and weapons in the stash. Guerin passes this information on to Horan who retrieves the armour from the stash, but cannot find the ornate sword.

F Woden checks out the scroll. It is "Protection from Cold'. The armour and sword are passed back to Lynn during the night. Guerin reports to Lynn that the ornate scabbard and sword is not there and asks how Lynn came upon it in the first place. Lynn says that he picked it up in a deal in Chaltymberyl. It was having the sword that gave him the idea of passing himself of as a Lord's lackey, as it is clearly and heirloom rather than a functioning sword.

F The night passes uneventfully.

Mon 13 Mar 1590

A A prisoner escapes

A The bandit ravine is about eight to ten miles away. The group travel with the soldiers whilst "Hawk" Polvyr and his raven scout around. The raven reports to Polvyr that it could see signs of movement in the camp, but not very many people. There were two soldiers moving down the track away from the ravine.

A It is decided to try to obtain more information from the prisoners. One remembers the sword and denies that the group kidnapped anyone as this is too much trouble, he claims that he will say more if he is released. Guerin goes to see Lynn who confirms that he does not remember being kidnapped. All agree that it is best to arrange for the prisoner to escape.

A Woden presents a deal to the prisoner that if he spills the beans then he will be allowed to escape during the night. He refuses and insists that he be let go first. Woden talks to the horses, but they are no help so he agrees to allows the prisoner to escape after dark.

A Horan is dispatched to assist with the dastardly deed. It proves to be no problem. The prisoner says that the big sword was taken away some weeks ago to sell in Paranis and Skryos did not come back with it. He doesn't know who he sold it to, but there is a priest in Paranis who has a house on the west side who takes these kinds of things, no questions asked. Horan lets him go and the prisoner heads south towards Paranis. Horan goes back to bed. The raven keeps an eye on him [The prisoner I presume - Ed].

Tue 14 Mar 1590 full moon

A Tyrell is fleeced

A The missing prisoner is discovered in the early hours of the morning whan a soldier does a head count. The escape is reported to Karrak. They both wake up Abramovic who wakes up Woden. Woden asks if everyone is alive and it is confirmed that they are. There is agreement that nothing can be done in the night. However. the prisoners bonds are tightened.

A The group decide that, because the trail of the sword is already a few weeks old, the group might as well go to Fundein, be heroic an take a comfey barge to Paranis. Belthazar is very nervous at the thought of returning to Fundein and ponders her options. Polvyr scouts around and finds Tyrell. As usual Polvyr "Stupifies" him and brings him back to the group. It is decided that it would be impolitic to kill him, so his possessions are confiscated and he is sent on his way - only in a different direction. 232 silver pieces are obtained,but Tyrell's sword is discarded. as it will be identified if used.

Wed 15 Mar 1590

A Why Fergal became Sheriff of Fundein

B The trial of Illyn

A At about noon the group arrive at Fundein with the soldiers and prisoners. The prisoners are escorted to the castle and incarcerated. The group are treated to a meal by the Lord and are introduced to Fergal MacHoran the new sheriff of Fundien. Nendill found out about the disappearance of Illyn so a Sergeant was sent to find Tyrell. Tyrell arrived at Fundein and was summoned to Nendill, was unable to adequately explain what was going on and attempted to blame the group. He was confined to quarters whilst the Lodrill church was consulted.

B The trial of Illyn was set for 12th so it went ahead in abstentia. Tyrell disappeared on the evening of the 11th and the disappearence was discovered next morning by Nendill but he was unable to uncover how Tyrell had got away. A warrant was issued for Tyrell's arrest and Fergal was appointed as Sherrif.

B At Illyn's trial the counsel discovered that Captain Rafin had confiscated some of Illyn's possessions that remained after the raid. The evidence of Drell Mac Fargal, the messenger from the Court of Connel, also on the barge, cast further doubt on the guilt of Illyn when he testified that he had seen Illyn knocked down by a guard during the melee, and thought that Illyn had fallen overboard. Drell had told Captain Rafin of this. The charge of banditry was thrown out. Illyn was however convicted of chicken theft and vagrancy, fined twenty three silver pieces and banned from the lands of Nendill. As his current whereabout were unknown the order against him was posted at the sherrifs office. Illyn will not be charged with escaping from custody as he was apparently moved or released by the Sherrif of the time. Captain Rafin was arrested and charged with theft and perjury and a representitive of the court has been sent to Paranis to search his quarters for stolen property. Sergeant Porvil has not yet returned.

B Lynn's fine is paid by the group out of the money obtained from Tyrell. There is now a need for the group to look as if we want to find Lynn, for the sake of appearance. The problem is that the group actually want to go to Paranis.

Thur 16 Mar 1590

A Lynn goes to Paranis

A Guerin goes out of town to try to make contact with Lynn. The group make token enquiries around town. Guerin expains to Lynn what has happened. Lynn says that he gave Tyrell his sword back, but that it didn't do him any good. Lynn will go to Paranis to start tracking the artifact loving priest, and send a letter to the group in Fundien explaining where he is. Then the group can all go to Paranis. Polyvr is sent to turn Lynn in to a bird so that he can get to Paranis as quickly as possible.

Fri 17 Mar 1590

A Lynn arrives in Paranis and writes to the Sheriff of Fundein

A Polvyr flies to Paranis with Lynn, as it is a daylong journey and there may be a need for a top-up spell. They arrive at Parinis in late morning and Polvyr decides not to fly back until the following day. Lynn writes a note addressed to the sherrif of Fundien.

Dear Sheriff,

Have heard about court result

Messenger carries 23 silver piece fine

Now in Paranis

No thanks to Tyrell

Please advise interested parties


A The message is passed with 25 silver pieces to a messenger to take to Fundein as soon as possible.

Sat 18 Mar 1590

A Something salty going on

A Woden and Guerin depart with some soldiers and navies to retrieve the salt. The mission is expected to last for five or six days.

Mon 20 Mar 1590

A The Sheriff receives Illyn's letter

A The Sheriff advises the group that he has received a message from Illyn, who seems to be in Paranis. The Sherrif would appreciate an explanation from Illyn of how he ended up in Paranis as this may be used as evidence in Tyrell's trial. He also returns the 23 silver pieces as the fine has already been paid.

Wed 22 Mar 1590

A The salt is retrieved

B The group set of for Paranis

A Woden finds the salt, which is all still there. The salt is transported to the barge, which sets off on the return journey to Fundein.

B At Fundien the group secure passage to Paranis on a barge.

Thur 23 Mar 1590

A Woden and Guerin join the group on route to Paranis

A The barge carrying to group to Paranis pases the barge carrying Woden, Guerin and the salt to Fundien. A transfer is affected and Woden and Guerin join the group on the barge to Paranis.

Sat 25 Mar 1590

A The group arrive in Paranis and establish a plan to retrieve the scabbard

B Horan searches the house of the Amnis priest

C All action chase scene

A The group arrive in Paranis. Polvyr and Lynn have established that the senior Amnis priest has a large house on the west side of town and is a known collector of antique artifacts. Lynn cannot turn over the house due to an understanding that he has with the local unimportant people. Horan will attempt to borrow the scabbard in the evening in order that it can be opened and repaired overnight and returned in the morning.

[Nov 2003]

B Karrak makes Horan "Invisible" and about two hours before dusk he sets off to case the joint. He gets there without incident and has a look around. A couple of windows are unshuttered. Horan struggles over the low wall surrounding the house garden. He looks through the kitchen window, it looks as if a major meal is being prepared. The dog tied by the kitchen starts barking so Horan legs it round to the other side of the house where he had seen another unshuttered window. He climbs up and looks through, there is no one in the main bedroom so he climbs in and puts the shutters back as he found them. There is a door on the other side of the room, and no sword hanging on the wall, or under the bed. The door is locked so Horan investigates the room. At the bottom of a chest he finds a locked box, which he unlocks and pockets the jewellery that was inside.

B Horan unlocks the bedroom door and slips in to the the dark hallway outside. In the gloom, he relocks the bedroom door. As far as Horan can see there are three other doors upstairs, one of which looks like a large cupboard. Horan goes down the stairs, which are enclosed on both sides, and comes out in a dining room laid out for a meal for three. In the far corner of the room is a small religious area. Horan moves in to the room but does not hear the approaching servants and only just manages to get out of the way.

B Horan follows the servants right through the house to the kitchen at the other end. It sounds like there are four or five people in the kitchen, and a servant polishing silver is in the room that Horan has stopped in. Luckily all the doors are open so Horan goes back to a room that was partly curtained off and has a look behind the curtain. There is a cot and sleeping quarters. Horan goes over to a door that looks as if there will be stairs down to a basement, only to discover that the stairs go up. Horan moves on to the stairs but can't get the door to latch behind him. He nips back out and notices that the door fits badly. He goes back in and pulls the door as closed as he can and sets off up the stairs.

B Horan arrives in a room just as someone wearing priestly robes dissapears through a door on the other side. The room he is in looks like a guest bedroom and Horan thinks that the sword would not be held in a room that one has to go through a guest bedroom to enter, so he goes back down the stairs and hears the sound of raised voices. It sounds like someone is yelling at the servants. The master type voice seems to be approaching the door. As he gets closer Horan can hear the voice say "Lamb, Lamb, who's been up in the guest room, you know you're not supposed to go up there, this door's open!" To which the reply is heard "None of us been up there sir".

B The door opens and a priest comes up the stairs, Horan bolts up in front of him, it looks like the same priest that just went in to the room! The priest looks around upstairs, but can't see anything so he stumps back down the stairs and slams the door. Horan tries to open the door across the room but it is locked. Horan manages to unlock the door and enters what turns out to be another guest bedroom. Horan is sure that there must be a secret door on the other side of the room so he locks the door behind him and starts serching.

B Horan finds a secret door in the left hand wall. There is a long low room under the eves of the house. There is stuff in the darkness of the room. Horan gets his lantern out and looks around a bunch of religious artifacts, some of which are quite magical. There is another exit. Horan grabs fourteen of the twenty-one items, listens at the other door and hears faint kitchen noises. Horan carefully opens the door and illuminates the store room on the other side. It contains ordinary supplies but the door out is locked. Once again Horan unlocks it and exits in to a completely empty room with a decending staircase.

B As Horan walks across the room a floorboard creaks. He jumps across the room, but makes a worse noise on landing and someone shouts up "Whose there then?" Horan can hear whispering as he stands motionless. A middle aged woman dressed like a cook and armed with a cleaver creeps up the stairs, sees nothing and goes back down stairs, with Horan right behind her. As he gets down a servant picks up a tureen of soup and leaves so Horan falls in to step behind her. She transfers the soup a male servant so Horan nips back in to the servants quarters until she has gone back past him. Horan catches up with the male servant as he enters the dining room to serve to soup. There is no chance to get past the seating without drawing attention, so Horan retires to a reception room and waits. At some point one of the guests mentions how much he was looking forward to seeing the priests new acquisitions.

B Eventually they retire to the reception room and Horan sneaks out of the front door, and legs it back round to the side window that he first went through. He climbs back through the shutter in to the main bedroom. Horan lights his lantern and covers it with a cloth from low down in the chest. He unlocks the door and moves out onto the landing. The two other room doors both have complicted locks. One is also trapped whilst the other is on a door with the circle of Amnis on it.

B Horan spends ages disarming the trap and trying to open the lock. Unfortunately, just as Horan thinks that he's got it he hears voices coming up the stairs and the priest and his guests come up. Horan abandons his attempt and falls back to a safe position. The priest opens the door and the two guests follow him in and look around. There is no space for Horan to get in to the room, but he can see the sword hanging on the far wall. After about twenty minutes they come out and head back downstairs. As they go one of the guests whispers to the other, "Did you see that sword, what a piece of trash!"

B Horan goes back to trying to unlock the door. He gets through and as he enters the room a voice shouts "Alert, Alert, Thief, Thief!" so Horan grabs the sword and runs out of the room. The priest and his guests are coming up the stairs. As Horan bursts in to the bedroom someone grabs him from behind. Horan kicks back and the priest ends up writhing on the floor. Horan leaps through the window and runs across the grass. He can hear the dog, and one of the guests shouting for the guards.

C Horan gets over the wall, but unfortunately the guards were close by and are hot on his heels. Horan runs through the posh part of town with the gurds hot on his heels until he spies some tighter packed streets with some alleys, which he ducks in to. Three guards keep chasing as Horan exits from the alleys and comes into a market square.

C Horan knocks some baskets to try to slow up the pursuers. Only one guard is still giving chase as Horan leaves the market square. Horan pulls ahead and is able to duck in to a small courtyard and avoid the guard who goes pounding past. Horan realizes that the sword is both a serious encumberance and and obvious indication of who he is so he discards it and puts his cloak over the scabbard. The courtyard is not a good place to hide so Horan picks his way across town until he finds a deserted room near the docks and holes up for the rest of the night.

Sun 26 Mar 1590

A Horan returns to the group and passes over the loot

B The group leg it, sharpish

A Horan sidles back to the group and passes over the scabbard. The map is retrieved. Horan also passes over the other items that he picked up.

A Woden and Belthazar consider that they are a collection of diverse religious artifacts.

B Illyd turns up and reports that someone broke in to the home of the Amnis priest and legged it with a valuable sword. Woden exclaims that that means that we must now look for someone else! Illyd says that it is lucky that the group were all together last night, so the finger of suspicion does not fall on them. He pointedly speculates whoever did it would be best to get out of town soon, as he was seen and a description will be circulated.

B It is decided to take the evil items back to Rustbulj in Salorme so Horan and Polvyr fly to Chaltim Beryl and join the rest when they arrive by barge. The journey back to Salsorme through Connelburg is uneventful. Apart from Horan's seasickness.

Mon 3 Apr 1590 : 28 Mar new moon

A The group arrive in Salsorme and pass the items to Rustbulj

B The group are rewarded by Caspar

A The group arrive in Salsorme and pass the evil items to Rustbulj. He warns that the whole collection seems a bit dodgy. Horan looks a bit pensive and mentions that he has a metal amulet in the shape of a snake. Rustbulj looks at it and says that it is not magical nor evil, but there is something odd about it. Rustbulj is peased to receive the map, which he says will be very illuminating in conjunction with some of the other things that have recently been recovered.

B Caspar is very happy about the success of the mission and passes small rewards amongst the participants.

Sun 23 Apr 1590 : 11 Apr full moon

A Rustbulj imparts recent Quest related research to senior Party members

B Isiil Om announces his engagement to Pallea

A Rustbulj calls the senior Party members in from their lands and excitedly tells them that using the map (whose approximate age is - very old) he has worked out some of the diary of the construction of the tower at Gran Fordir. An obscured name on the map is the Hulon name for Red Palace, which translates as Ner Eminchar, mentioned in the diary. This seems to have been on the site that is now Chaltim Beryl. So Brashik stood where the old mountain town of Falmira also stood. So the Forknin is now the Nystel Stormwash, therefore Ronsin must be near the point where the Stormwash runs in to the sea. The Party should try to find the tower at Ronsin as this is where Riasc and Nyal faught Gamlich and destroyed Bael.

B Isiil Om announces his engagement to Pallea.